On this edition of the Bulls Talk podcast, Hall of Fame writer Sam Smith discusses his new book with Derrick Rose, “I’ll Show You”.

1:35       On the perception that Rose was misunderstood by the media and that he didn’t want to play

10:45    On Rose being a quiet introvert and getting him to open up for the book

17:20    Was Sam surprised on how open Rose was for the book?

22:45    On Rose being socially aware and what Sam learned about him

30:15    On Rose saying he did not want to be drafted by the Bulls on draft night after hearing a conversation between Gar Forman and BJ Armstrong

38:55    On the narrative that Rose didn’t want to recruit other stars to come play for the Bulls, and why Rose was upset with the Bulls organization

45:37    On Rose’s relationship with Joakim Noah and their friendship

50:05    Should the Bulls retire #1? Does Rose belong in the Hall of Fame?

55:15    On Rose’s love for chess

59:40    Sam on why the Bulls will surprise people this season

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