On this edition of the Bulls Talk podcast, Mark Schanowski and Kevin Anderson are joined by Bulls superfan See Red Fred

0:45 - Fred compares Mark to Oprah

1:35 - Fred details his visit to the Advocate Center

2:45 - Fred’s pep talk to the Bulls sales staff and why the Bulls have the angriest fan base on twitter

5:20 - Fred goes over his reasons why the Bulls fan base is angry including ‘unfair’ media coverage

12:15 - Theories on why Bulls fan base could be angriest

14:10 - Fred explains what Ricardo Montalban syndrome is (editor’s note: he made it up)

16:05 - Mark thinks Fred and Jim Boylen would be good friends

19:00 - Why Fred believes 43-45 wins is realistic for the Bulls

22:45 - On the tiers in the Eastern Conference and Fred’s ‘rule of 7’

25:05 - Other predictions for the 2019-20 season

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