Singer "Chaplin the Kid" sits in with the gang, Don't let your obstructions become your excuses. Plus the importance of Time Management
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00:01:13emails awesome customer service check it out uh we have an amazing show freaks and i chaplain the kid is sitting in with the group ah patrick how we say your last name and liberator liberte nice nice you given the point you got you already got the name it
00:01:33was fuzzy logic and we'll go with that work that work and they decide to show up that's kind of cool you know what joey i'm just saying that and you know it's a busy life that we live okay it is it is how was new york good you
00:01:50know it's my second home now yeah right so we'll get our levels up and patrick get your manager around yes i am here you know we say ralph a lot on the show but usually never because somebody sitting in that chair it's it's usually we're just by the
00:02:11time we're done drinking were like how you know very very popular guy so it's i think it's really kind of cool that you brought your manager with you because we are behind the scenes show and it's it's nice i am i wasn't planning on having that interview but
00:02:27i think we're going toe i think since it's just us yeah why not that one and i have to sit in a cz well um next week uh guys he got a tune in we have hollywood talent manager wendy allen i'm i hope i'm saying this right wendy
00:02:44a lean right is going to be on the show um right now you're saying who and i'm going to tell you okay ah wendy is she's also an actress Okay she's been on family matters e r carrie show yeah that's a talent agent oh yeah so over the
00:03:03top guiding light ah potluck you name it she's i don't know i'm keeps rolling in the i m d b just keeps going further and further chicago hope um melrose place right She actually played a restaurant customer on melrose you get you guys want a new partner No
00:03:25So trying don'tyou small sorry Write to me next week way we can't wait for that interview it's going to be very exciting but she is now an awesome talent I'm belushi's in an agent um and she's an agent or a manager we're going to know when we talk
00:03:39to her but she's doing really good she's got several books written she's going to come in and give us some advice on how to start where to go what to do Excuse me And so it's Definitely a good time to teen in for that All right Absolutely So
00:03:56um i had a funny story but it but it just oh you know i happen to be what You guys watch road with patrick's lazy yeah right Ok i've seen it a hundred times You seeing that right Okay how do you watch in roadhouse is watch the credits
00:04:10at the end there is a there's a name i forget the actress's name i have to pull it up She is credited as woman with bodacious breasts like nice e want her job exactly is that way You know it's like dad Listen i was i was just a
00:04:32roadhouse honestly wanted men there was there was the set that i was on not that long ago and they wanted they constantly like we wanted up your part and change it to prostitute number two was like great like i don't really want to tell people that prostitute number
00:04:51two what did you play in the movies way you weren't even prostitute number the one i had to be number two i mean whatever oh my god that's bad in so many ways way yeah but that's what they do i mean to be honest a lot of the
00:05:08smaller parts for i mean not to say or not all girls but you know they just i don't know you're making a name for yourself it's all i can say the only thing i have always said is that i'll never do bob low budget horror films i have
00:05:21a friend of mine she actually was in a movie called teenage bloodsucking bimbos i think i saw t need blood sucking bimbos too i e o first one and i mean she went on to dio what was that tv show with john sena It was like the competition
00:05:41show oh yeah i thought sharknado was that bad she ended up winning that so it's pretty cool like she and you know she's doing good but is funny to start from that it's a little bit you know that's on your resume there hey yeah i never notice that
00:05:58all the movies with weird names go for sharknado has like six yes o'connell what well see that's our kids today don't understand i'm probably you're twenty seven you're you're you know it's a it's a colt film it's it's really that you know like um that'll suck in the
00:06:15theaters and then eh develops this little group of people that love it you know escape from new york was one of them trying to ralph's wraps close to my age i think fifty six you're fifty six will you look you look surprisingly younger than ideo thank you can't
00:06:34tell you i mean i gotta drive home with him thanks but yeah you got escape from new york was a colt movie you got there's a hole but there's a bunch of them out there that movie called the room that was so bad you know there's a movie
00:06:46about the making of the making of the movie so it's so ridiculously horrible that became kind of like a cold way once that we once had a guy come on this show and a dead serious interview and listen i love all our guests that come on because we
00:07:02got great information from him not making fun of all but he was the director no i'm sorry he was the l i remember that the assistant director that to a guy that made a documentary about friday the thirteenth part three thank you james james down he was our
00:07:26only correspondent that got us that gas and believe it or not it wasn't informative interview but you know i mean i don't know how deep you can go into the it's like saying you know my cousins brothers sisters mothers uncle you know once bumped into john travolta you
00:07:41know it's like uh anyway chaplain the kid Why Chap on the kid man maybe it was coming I knew it was coming and i was ready I was actually prepared for this question So chaplain are so charlie chaplin was a huge inspiration to make sure going through school
00:08:01we learn all in all art Um and charlie chaplin was a huge guy in show business He really took the silent films to a whole new level in my favorite movie was the kid Yeah and i mean now we can go watch that movie and say well ok
00:08:19i can feel what he's what he would say if there were words and i remember going out to hollywood and i could not find parking whatsoever i mean yeah it's great hollywood's fantastic And we find if we finally find something and as i turn the corner there's charlie
00:08:39chaplin star i knew it that was meant to bay so i was like shopping the kid and everybody else because they're like well hold on that does not fit it You sound like a post malone want toby i'm like no i promise i am not but i will
00:08:53show you thankfully i will show you exactly and every time i get a show they're like okay we'll get back to you and it takes about a week but we get it and we're good but chap on the kid was definitely near and dear because charlie chaplin had
00:09:09his ups and his downs but he clearly had a lot of downs as an artist and i mean twenties the roaring twenties thirties getting close the world war two there was i mean money was lost there wasn't much of it so he really had to create the up
00:09:27for him So that's what i'm doing being one of the on ly country artists in delaware is trying to find that up so i use that to my advantage So that's why chapel in the kid now like alive catches your interest you know And it does make people
00:09:45ask questions so i think it's good you know maybe the listen to it also because we'll be like what's that and then yeah he brought them into it and then you have great music so and there's a lot of people that will do that like old check up
00:09:56that name like oh man i'm ready like there's probably some tea and next in this all right and then damn it's a love song ah but i like it and i've gotten a lot of feedback where it's like wow man like i have i heard a singer like
00:10:08that do it and you don't have twang but i kind of dig it because you have that raspy low voice that kind of puts it into like the southern rock so that's why i created a southern alternative yeah i agree that i didn't know how to categorize your
00:10:25music and i was like man it's it's got like sort of this country sort of grungy feel to it i think your voice adds to that um uh that's all the heavy metal i did right And i like the stuff you did reckon ball in your in your
00:10:45bedroom on and i saw it on youtube and don't laugh man because i'll tell you it's the reason why you're on the show the's reason why you're on the show to tell you why in a second try to delay that video is quickly i know you got on
00:11:00you know you guys have to search for chaplain the kid music and listen to records trying to find it now yeah i have to tell you i was on my way sure it's out there oh it is it was okay yeah still won't let you go here oh
00:11:16yeah all right so i was young no listen you were you were and i can i know this isn't your i know this isn't your newest stuff right Okay but i want you i want you guys to listen to this i'm going i'm going to play this real
00:11:31quick um be advised just know i'm gonna play i'm actually going i'm actually going toe i just want to play the first part um where you get into it hold on as a matter of fact i might even now you know what i'm gonna look like weigh johns
00:12:00never asking why weakest i've learned yours good don't you ever say wait wait here we go yeah all right yeah okay i know but i had to have it and it had nothing there with the order to it and i know they for you up on facebook or
00:12:47youtube for oh yeah now they did you know because let me tell you every every singer has it it's just either they show it around it or they don't and you know a lot of people were telling me dude you can sing without it and then you had
00:13:02your haters that were like bro can you take your voice off the box and i'm decide short so but now it's it's a good memory you can hear your voice when you talk like that that's sort of raspy here you can talk you think if you if i
00:13:17was talking to you on the street i'm like this do the same like there's just i tell my parents so are you gonna are you gonna play anything else wait no no no i actually have him side i haven't set up for the break he's like that's the
00:13:31only song saying there you guys you guys want to hear it tim tim mcgraw all cover do you like that Is that when you like i actually actually that song is what got me started well that song there the entertainment i'm with now log dog entertainment ok shout
00:13:45out to ron vickers he's the head of it he is the guy of so many golden tips and he's helped me so much that when i put that out i did it in a barn and it's crazy because there were a teacher and five young kids that wanted
00:14:02to do a project for their final project for school Sure so they did this music video and i was like sure why not They're like look we would love to have you and i'm like ok cool i'm a local artist and all of a sudden damn entertainment group
00:14:15hit me up and that's where chapel he can turn country ok i'm like you know what i tell you what Because i have you lined up i have three of the songs the three mp three's that you sent me to get that lined up for the break wholesome
00:14:26which is but it's too early for the break but i don't mind i mean since you're sitting here um let's play let's play to tim mcgraw cover man watch how much my voice has changed you know there's a lot that goes by that door don't forget the keys
00:15:02underthe way to church too it is a great change way yeah your voice is definitely changing e i like it definitely um yeah i mean versatile first of all i love this okay who's doing anybody that gets an opportunity to watch some of the music videos it's chaplain
00:18:18the kid music um it's how i found it you can come up with a lot of charlie chaplin stuff of course but there's you know there's going to be one oddball picture that you're going to come across in the search and that's our guy there's one color picture
00:18:34it is not black away when you search for chaplain the kid if you search for it all one word it comes right up um your video production what nice i know that it was james here that was like part of the show earlier That was like the number
00:19:00because you said that earlier like thank you james way ahead of that somebody played it on their phone It could have ended well whatever I'm wondering if we got a glitch Sure things is more nice So james this dear e sure you know what james I think i
00:19:21are sorry i brought him today Don't do that No i think it's ok And so anyway all right i don't know what the hell is the video production has this stuff where's that coming from So they're called hawks nest media group Her name is jennifer william hawkins she's
00:19:42a local lady out of the town that i'm from bear delaware And she has a group of kids over the summer that learn about media and a lot of these kids are doing plays in their local schools Great And so the kids are trying to learn how to
00:19:58be you know photographers videographers and i met up with them because i did a show for the police officers in our community Sure and they love raising the money And you know i love supporting military officers firefighters anything that is helping our community So i asked her i
00:20:15said hey do you mind You know maybe one day i'll get out with the kids and after the show she was like what they're doing a final project and i said awesome so we literally it was eighty degrees i was dumb i wore joggers and a long sleeved
00:20:29shirt because i wanted to look hot on literally i felt hot more than looking like it and that we did to music videos we did the humble and kind and we did it's you which is on my debut album welcome to the show and they did phenomenal and
00:20:44then we had eight thousand views i think right now and it was just like whoa like i didn't know that many people knew me because it was brain right And i mean just sometimes you know you got to let the young kids they have talent and you'd be
00:20:59very surprised yeah we're very surprised you know are the biggest crimes One of the reasons i started this show is because there is so many people that are talented out there that you know maybe we'll have the money to do production maybe don't know they don't have the
00:21:14resource is there's a you know how but there's a thousand people within five square miles of here that have amazing talent that nobody will ever find out about you know sadly and it's it's very sad and you were talking about it earlier when you first walked in the
00:21:29door you gotta work at it oh yeah that's what we preach on the show okay the title of the show folks is no excuses all right And what i mean by no excuses is and i've heard this plenty of times in the past but i happen to be
00:21:44watching a fan of casey neistat and everybody knows that we talked about him on the show all the time today he brought up no excuses and he basically says that between you and your dreams okay you're going to find a lot of obstructions and if you don't address
00:21:59those obstructions they're going to become excuses later on okay And we'll basically what he means is is you know you'll go back in your blame your lack of successful this happened to my life and that happened in my life and you know he goes on and he tells
00:22:14the story of you know actors that have ever come out of out of adversity on dh have become successfully jim carrey was homeless i didn't know that you know right yet and just keep fighting throw it in fighting throat so for you to have this level at this
00:22:31point in your career okay for you to have this level of production is awesome you know and the means that and the means to do and it's a blessing to i mean sure all the music that you guys here i actually produce myself in my home greg you
00:22:46know so i don't go to these high classy recording studios now i know a lot of them Zero by one sound studios jason jason roush james forbes he's out of florida Mike watts he's out of new york He just moved down to nashville I mean i know a
00:23:01lot of people I mean i got to meet a lot of people along the way by corey taylor and getting from slipknot and and you know for me tohave these guys actually speak to me I mean i was at nam this year and last year yeah for s
00:23:17j c because that's where i started i was a drummer and i was like yeah you know justin is like a assess with all the rigged run down and oh my god and it's great because you i had the opportunity I mean i was fan girl and when
00:23:29i got the the message on instagram out of all places so shout out the s j c you know there are huge family and i've always wanted to be a singer so i was like you know i'm gonna put the cans aside for a little bit and i
00:23:42want to try my voice could envy knows i've been doing this for a while singing drumming all at the same time and you know for young kids that are out there that want to do this it doesn't matter where you live if you want to be the best
00:23:55you gotta work harder than the rest and if you wake up in the morning you gotta wake up on the right side even if you wake up on the wrong side or got that can't you can smooth it out I mean look we got speed bombs just gotta
00:24:07slow down go over on the right way and you move forward but there's going to be a lot of people that are going to make fun of you they're going to bully you just like how we all were in school on and i have a lot of bullies
00:24:19now that follow my music that building me then you're going to get it Listen i know exactly what you're talking about everybody is going to deal with that The more successful envy is is a model is going to deal with people that are going to say well you're
00:24:31not pretty and you're not this and the more that this pod can't get successful there's people that are going to say oh you know you know this that and the other thing and it's not really that good you just happen to have a whole lot of friends and
00:24:43stuff like that that would be forty one thousand friends here by the way we'll let you know not too much because joey talks everybody time relentless i'm relentless which is what i like to preach i truly am relentless you know no it's good it's good but once you
00:25:02stop you're not making anything and that's and that's kind of the toughest part for young kids is they want tio they're like ok well today i'm gonna play my video games well what's so good about video games now twitch there's cameras there's microphones like we're talking into and
00:25:16they could talk to their fans and play their favorite game and those people can watch it and that's why youtube so successful nowadays i love i love that people have the ability i want to get i'm going to get back to friends and family and in a second
00:25:30but i love that people have the ability now that no matter what they love to d'oh they can turn it into some form of energy exact video games and stuff like that we just had we had a girl on the show the physics girl diane coward has a
00:25:46huge very successful youtube channel millions of viewers should basically loves physics and she found a creative entertaining way to do science experiments online doesn't help hurt that she's the physics girl which you know helps you get a little leg youtube it but she's very smart very intelligent and
00:26:05she found this amazing way to get stuff out on the air um i give you credit because you know as a musician until people hear your voice and and i'm a big fan by the way right now like i'm going to just continue to follow along with you
00:26:22as you go you know there's millions of singers out there there's millions of singers on the internet um but you've been you listening you say well there's something special there like you know you just you just like i can't wait to see what this kid does next and
00:26:38you have the production behind friends and family let me tell you something of all the people all over the country and i'd like to say even the world because we have canada now um e don't trust that they're too quiet they made good bacon and co great people
00:26:56say we're carrying my show and nobody told me i don't even know what you got If anybody's in canada and you're listening please message it's to six to five six three nine sixty seven corlin please and tell me what you're up to you're good at hockey yeah really
00:27:14good i knew some people derek having cool yeah exactly see radio canada whatever that is i did to you just in the right way right Yeah called called us and i'd have to be bs so it's funny with all the people that listen you know i'll talk to
00:27:32my brother and i'll be like well did you listen to the show the things that matter i don't time it's always viewing your immediate family that never listens to the show which i i also admire e for you say yeah hold on first goes secret you're getting married
00:27:53oh no there's no secret i mean even when the girl's message me on instagram there's still no secret what way you had mentioned your fiance helps you a lot a ce faras as far as your production and stuff like that is necessary ralph you're manager is also your
00:28:09father so haven't and ralph i mean yes that's why haven't ah hole another part of your day like you get home from work a name you have to manage patrick's career which is probably getting very busy right now well it's it's all day like regular job all day
00:28:30so right you're right so i never stopped never stopped in fact the real job goes on i have to make you fly that plane sorry wow it really is not it has to be yeah but it's good but you're making progress and that's the league you know if
00:28:51it wasn't going anywhere it would be one thing you guys are actually making progress in tow have it all within the family um that's huge late that's that's a huge advantage we're like the jackson five lives like it's like team chaplain right now you know call the chat
00:29:06pack pack i love that it is so me yes i do i mean i manage his career i deal with the finances i worked with the booking agent sure courtney his fiancee is like my right hand person chill she did she drives the media um and as much
00:29:26as media is good and bad she still drives that media and she goes to meetings with me if necessary and you know so way have we have a team that's an amazing it's an amazing support system happy birthday to my fiancee who has a birthday turned twenty four
00:29:45today and love you honey she couldn't be here tonight because she's like a little old lady she likes to get a bit super early which i'm super lucky to have hope she's working on that website she actually just finished that she just told me i don't say i've
00:29:59never worked on her birthday he's really sweet and a really good person and it's awesome to see an artist she has that support you know and a family is sometimes sometimes you know it doesn't always work that way so it's cool to see that and she actually just
00:30:15texted me and said thank you don't you guys think it's funny like him don't you think it's funny how many shows we do that it always comes down to the people around you like every show we always end up talking about the support that we get but i
00:30:30think it's an essential thing now at this point i think i think like i mean i know you and i have the discussion and justin justin support to what you're doing and i have gone that allows us to make this a mess of this area you know Yeah
00:30:46right like she even said tonight she was she was like listen she's like you know i'll see you tomorrow you know have a great show and i said well i don't know why don't you come in You know you can sit in with us she's like man should
00:30:57things go ahead good do it and i was getting off see you i'll see you later on um which he's amazingly supportive and so have your family behind you i think is the lesson over the years that we're teaching on this show and i wouldn't want anything else
00:31:11i mean you know the biggest thing for me is is i've been doing this since i was sixteen yeah the country stuff i've been doing this just this past here and it kind of gets to the point where any of you or any young viewer you don't know
00:31:26what you have until you figure it out and it's going to take years and your parents are going to tell you get good grades and if you don't get good grades are going to take it away from me what my dad did but you know i mean i
00:31:39went through girlfriend after girlfriend after girlfriend then all of a sudden my parents were like you're going to find the one and i did yeah and now i'm getting married seven days before my birthday and then i'm going on you know we're going on a cruise and it's
00:31:52like oh my god so it's you know so i mean possibly she could tow me overboard so we don't know so two thousand and make it happen tio eighty could be a big bang like i told everybody know literally she couldn't make the executions have any things that
00:32:07is the excuse but when we're talking about excuses there's no excuse like excuses have to be away there should not that word shouldn't be in your dictionary and that's because when you want to be a musician it's not what if like we spoke about earlier it is you're
00:32:22going to do it but you have to have you have to like emphasize on yourself that i'm going to do that like ok so let me let me get and i'm sorry didn't mean to cut you off with something just hit me let's get past the easy part
00:32:36of the interview and let's ask the hard questions okay okay some put you on the spot here a little bit with this amazing support team the means to do this great production it looks like your video is it's right on point thank you and everything's good and you
00:32:53have the ball rolling how's that pressure i mean do you feel the pressure now to perform oh yeah up to it's up to a particular level so you don't disappoint people or you're taking it in stride and is it coming Is it you know it's taken a one
00:33:07step at a time for me it's baby steps because there's always going to be a mistake I mean i don't look at my like my showmanship on stage and i'm just like man i really could make that better but you know putting a band together right now but
00:33:22using backtracks right now and everybody always is like wow that band is so good but the one big thing is is that i've actually written the music i've really pieced it together myself I've had tons of friends you know help me out with it but then i produced
00:33:40it But you know there's a lot of people that have come to me and said you know exactly what you said how does that feel though to not have abandoned you're doing something that nobody else does you just have a d j i love it I love because
00:33:53i love to be different It reminds you have twenty one pilots Those guys were different because they had a drummer and a vocalists That was it and it's like where's the rest of the guys but the rest of the guys aaron that backtrack and that's what we're kind
00:34:05of doing but having that entertainment in law dog they have really pushed me and i think that it's taken a lot of those goose bumps and butterflies away so that when i step up on stage it's just like i'm hanging out with you guys It's it's just fine
00:34:21that's that's kind of cool it's really it's relaxing exactly stuff like that So i would be that to me I'd be more disappointed too that i would disappoint everyone you know I mean i am afraid that i would be disappointing everyone but it's i love your attitude about
00:34:35it and it's just like i like the baby steps attitude i think that's awesome you have to you just go with it and then like you said you get on stage and i know you just said this when i got to repeat it because i think it's important
00:34:46you know stage it's like having your family there oh yeah you know and it's just like it's just you and them and that confidence you exert an amazing amount of confidence and i think that's i think you have all the ingredients i appreciate it and you know one
00:35:02thing if you don't mind me saying it is that you know it's never bad don't be embarrassed to have your family on your team know its greatest thing in the world because you know the kids are like i'm mom dad i'm going out partying year but then they're
00:35:17like mom you got to drop me off but you got to drop me off at the corner where the stop sign it's none of my body see it because you never get a girl no i love it when my dad comes up and like my mom has a
00:35:28bleeding disorder which i never sell that my my fiance you know god bless her soul to she has endometriosis but you know the women that have been dimitriou sis don't don't worry about it it's a super power use that to your advantage if you can't have kids we
00:35:43have that system of adopting you know we have we have that be proud of what you are it doesn't matter if you're skinny you know medium bigger be love yourself just like us guys that's why like i'm not the greatest artist in the world i'm not the greatest
00:35:59singer in the world but the one thing i do have better than anybody is loving someone and that's why i love everyone and that's why the chat pack is what i came up with and that's why my media lady is my fiancee my manager is my father my
00:36:12mom is the one of the biggest supporters my little nephew is not even one and he dances to my music my little niese is almost ten and her favorite music his mind and we're about to do a music video this saturday for the song for one of my
00:36:27new singles crazy that's coming out on my new album dogs of war september seventeenth they're actually in the music video and i'm proud to say that i'm honored to be critical i want them to be a part of it because if i go big i'm telling everybody and
00:36:42i'm what i guarantee it it's like the eagles win in the super bowl i'm going to win a grammy i'm going to be on jimmy fallon i'm going to do this and why is that Because i have confidence and you have to have and your and your confidence
00:36:54isn't built on you know putting down somebody else or for me like that kind of confidence you have is like you have a really strong sense of identity you know it doesn't and your humble about it you know you know who you are that's my humble kind with
00:37:07that cover No no that is true but you know you know who you are and i feel like sometimes people don't take the time to know who they are and if they're coming into this industry and they don't have that sense of identity it's really hard for them
00:37:18because then when they get a rejection or when they get it breaks them breaks pieces of them off and that's why inside and people exude the right kind of confidence not cockiness you just keep going and that's why that's why What sells more than anything nowadays fighting somebody
00:37:36and it's like if i can't sell i'm going to go get into a fight with somebody get the tabloids rolling on and get the magazine's role and the crazy part is and i'm proud to say it shout out to muddy beats magazine out of north carolina i'm gonna
00:37:50be on the front cover three and it's great because i'm going to have my own article inside and so on ly be i mean i don't know if their country artist but again i look at it a southern alternative to be one of the first delawareans to be
00:38:06on the front cover of a magazine is like what it's mind blowing but we don't stop there on and you have teo you have to look at it as that's one small you know lead and then you know the one giant leap for mankind and that's that saying
00:38:21that when we landed on the moon speed is way shaped in a movie with no place to go in I know Listen i'm so proud of myself because i look taller the gamers i played fortnight tonight and i battled you know if a knows because that was a
00:38:39new thing and i won so i'm proud no consider me your dot now fired You know what Spitting game So all right so let me let me All right So another hole I told you we're going to get to the hard questions of the interview for ralph manager
00:38:58father how we handle in um got naturally he he's doing a lot of things that there's a lot of things he's going to be accepted foreigners a lot of things he's going to be rejected for um how if there is a little something he gets rejected for how
00:39:14are you handling it You know is their separation is there Of course i mean i've always told pat you know what If you can take a positive from failure then you have learned something and and as long as you move forward with it you've got to take the
00:39:33step forward you can't take the step back right Look this is a business of failure let's let's be realistic Um you know i want to go back to something when patrick's onstage sure if you ever seen any live performance of him with this project what you're seeing is
00:39:54his personality You're hearing his personality when you see the live performance you're seeing his personality it's it's one in the same i mean him and i talk about these things all the time but as faras failure look we've had failure yeah i don't think that necessarily call it
00:40:10failure but rejection if you pull that microphone anywhere you want but it's fun i mean somebody called failure some may call it rejection um listen pacts minute in multiple john ra's to find who he is as an artist i mean yes he's credited for his drumming talent envy
00:40:32can attest to that she's been two shows a patas played as a drummer sure of and he's he is he's an exceptionally talented drummer However that personality was stuck behind the kit this here he's able to show who he is as a person right uh so we accept
00:40:52rejection um you don't find yourself playing that dad role and you don't know what the hell you're talking this's listen i may say that under my breath but not in the public okay All right yeah you'll never get that from me in a public forum i understand uh
00:41:10and i'm not getting into my my professional life outside of patrick's he's a tough man i'm looking at him if anybody's watching them have came you see what's behind me you know diesel way have been nasal and any shorter version of the rock Well donald come very small
00:41:29copy i am i'm not there i'm not a thin skin person writes the flock of god but this is like so so we we talk about the hard you know we talked about the hard topics um it's difficult to d'oh but we have the hard topics and i
00:41:51mean you know what ifs yeah and there's a lot of what ifs in this industry um however patrick has a way of getting around some of the what ifs right now i let patrick taking wheel patrick allows and i don't want to get into this too much but
00:42:10patrick will tell you he allows god to take the wheel sure um that's this thing yeah um this family believes in that and why listen it's the if it's meant to be attitude of it's in the plan attitude you know there's a reason why like i mean i
00:42:29firmly believe that that the universe has a plan that you know you say you want to get back to it but when so many things go a particular direction that you just have to ride that momentum absolutely they say ok something's happening here and i don't know why
00:42:45it's happening oh absolutely and you know i mean i'll be honest i share a little something with you guys you know and he'll tell you i was party and i was headed off i never did any drugs no you know we never listen i was drinking i was
00:43:03going out with with younger girls i was i was in nightclub four nights a week you know i found that clubs that were opened four nights a week way it is driving to them i was on a downwards i was on a downward spiral and i and i
00:43:19happened to meet somebody else that was at a very low point when they're away from we came up with a plan a couple years ago about four five years ago we came up with a plan with a step one in a step too in a step three in
00:43:32a step for what will we executed that plan Everything went so well right You know i mean if you would see the dump that i lived in and used to do this show from right okay this time two years ago you would shit yourself you'd be like nut
00:43:49away and now you know the whole world has changed because i just thought it was go with the flow i just went with the flow we didn't fight the flow so with you guys i can fully understand that with positive things are happening right along with him well
00:44:03and you know the good thing and and envy can attest to this because of what he said she's seen us away from this podcast she's seen us at the live venue sure the prep before the show um and really leaving what she does is not far off from
00:44:22what we're doing it's just not far off no it's not and she understands the rejection um some some we'll take it personal you kind of can't take this personally if you're if you're going to get personal you really need to get out yeah you know that's agreed because
00:44:41once you put it in and even for you with these podcast if you put yourself in this position of being within the public spotlight whether it's music uh the podcasting whatever he does will her modeling i mean you just cannot allow that entender where you want to get
00:45:00out of hard if there's no contradiction oh um even a zoo a photographer i mean it's get that guy's now it cracks me up and just to bring up the haters i have a little bit more fun with the show that we got all serious is there a
00:45:14way so sorry but no but you know you still get haters like here's here i'm a guy who you know i have ah nice resume i mean i really i feel like i did a very good job throughout my career as a photographer unpublished over two hundred sometimes
00:45:34and you know i've gotten to work with what i've got to work with where's the this's going or something that's weird nice like a replay yeah i don't think the mikes were picking it up um it could be from this computer down here i'll fix it later but
00:45:54which know what's funny you know i've gotten work with air force one and i've gotten a whole a whole bunch of really great things there's always you know every once in a while i go to the photography forums that i'll post some of my work right you know
00:46:06and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what Hagel ok here's hey guys look i got to be on air force one I got chosen as a photographer to shoot with air force one They're still guys out there that are going right back We're going to go Well it
00:46:17sucks the colors off they get up This is wrong That's wrong You're using auto tune you know patrick you yeah you're going to get you're going to get this Oh yeah You're going to get this every time Emily your hands were wrong in that picture You know your
00:46:33morning it's they're always going to be out there but at least they're watching love me or hate me Exactly You will know me and it's funny that you say that too because my photographer and i swear i'm probably going to get her name wrong She always gets mad
00:46:45at me But christina grosh okay photography She is my personal photographer and i remember hiring her and bringing her own to do my first ever photo shoot and i looked at her and i remember her like her Her exact eye contact with with me was literally like her
00:47:05eyes got super being like oh my god i'm about to do this guy's photo shoot this guy's music scrape up a block and i looked at him like you yeah but in my head i'm just like last were like you know confident but she's such a good for
00:47:21top and she's young and and i mean like i said go on to my web site www dot chaplin the kid dot com right when it pops up my fiance put it all together and christina did all the photos and it's just like you see this young guy
00:47:36smile and i'm just like well i'm actually good looking for once right We'll and it's funny but it's like people don't get it and this is where i want people to understand if you know me or if you dole i am not the typical artist if you know
00:47:53i was just talking to a young guy today you know he wants to record with me and i was like listen i i produced music to obviously i do my own but i'm like look all these people they say all these things about me give me five things
00:48:08that five facts you know about me and every time they're like i can't exactly because it's he said she said it's like my biggest thing is it's learn about me i'm up big god lover i am and i'll and i'll say that but do i put that worshipping
00:48:24in my music No because politics and religion are two things we don't want to talk about great right now my biggest thing with my fans are i love you if you hate me or a few bone but what happens is is why hasn't delaware had anybody other than
00:48:40bad to the bone that single that's ever come out of delaware because it's not a musical state but they're suman mindset in there exactly whatever but a lot of a lot of prescription medication you know i mean you a list and there's so much talent in delaware metal
00:49:00rock but there's no look there's not many country guys they might be acoustic show and that might be alternative like southern alternative like myself but the one thing i will say is is this i will not say i'm country if you go on itunes it lists as alternative
00:49:16why Because i want somebody to say that's country because jerry brew that's the one song for my fiance that i made was just going to ask you about that or if you could go right ahead because i want to finish it until you ask but older than that
00:49:30is if it comes down to the point that i love doing facebook lives and i want people to see one on one i don't care if it's one five five hundred five thousand whatever but one person will create ten ten will create one hundred hundred cases so on
00:49:44and so far it's like a domino effect but i want people to understand if i don't make it if i don't go listen to any of my songs i guarantee you and this is not cocky this is confidence if a big person listened to cherry brewer any of
00:49:59them i guarantee you it could be on top charts and why do i say that Because i wrote it from the heart not wrote it like everyone else and i'm a huge fan of thomas rhett chris stapleton cole swindell these three inspirations i had but i just did
00:50:15a cover called you should be here by cole swindell marry me by thomas rhett and everybody's went through that mary may the girl doesn't want to marry you she's marrying somebody else you should be here my grandparent's my great uncle they just passed away i'm about to play
00:50:31where i last saw my great uncle before he passed humble and kind the music video and people don't get this and hopefully they change it changes the perspective of of how i am as a person and if it doesn't it's ok but humble and kind i did for
00:50:45my great uncle well that music video i wanted him to say he never heard a song the day it was finished i ran to my dad and said tell uncle frank it's done my dad said pat hold on he just passed away oh wow and i said you've
00:51:01got to be kidding me and i'm in tears like and obviously that's a that's a tough time but i knew that his spirit was he saw he already saw you know he and we saw it and it wasn't enough so when i sing you should be here live
00:51:17i the first time i sang it i was crying and i had to hold it in because the crowd loved it she loved it more than i was so you're you're being really and that's like i said that like knowing who you are and what you believe in
00:51:30and you know i don't talk we don't really talk about our religion on here either Usually i don't talk about the most i believe in that too you know i believe in god and i try to do it the way you do I try to show through my
00:51:40actions your killer show through so show through this industry that can be very negative and you show kindness to people and loved to people in a way that they you know may or may not find that so i totally agree with that but i've i've seen you model
00:51:55like and i we've been we've done shows everybody that is seen her model knows there's a god yeah putting out their way i will second that because you've put shows on for vans and you've modeled it and all the girls they're so great they're beautiful and they have
00:52:16seventy careers but for you we have something in common we all dio we love what we d'oh yeah and i think the issue is are exactly that is so huge that makes such a huge difference because people aren't just buying your talent you are talented they're buying you
00:52:32exactly how do i put it You're not just selling what you could do your selling you but how many people are scared to say you're good now like it's it's how hard is it to say man that guy's a good singer or that girls are good people don't
00:52:47like to say that why is that Because they wish they were that but you can be that you can't anybody that can sing i socked back in the day i was terrible that's why i used auto tune but you know how hard it was for me to be
00:53:00like that guy is good and it but then it's now i'm like wow now you're more you're more professional cut you guys off because we're going to we're going to take a break real quick but when we come back i want to talk a little about that yeah
00:53:14ok and you know because it is important to recognize if you're going to be in this industry you have to recognize who's good and that and you know again that's something i want i don't want to get into it right now i want to get into it when
00:53:29we come back from the break um so this is cherry brew we're going to play right And this is and this is for your feet you wrote this for your fiancee I did so just a short synopsis of the song the song was writing how i first met
00:53:44her and how we are today and cherry brew was a drink that i would always drink it was whiskey and cherry coke pretty basic and every show i'm really good it is really good and kitchen drunk were quick to and i can't help you want one right now
00:53:58if you hey you have to while we're on the point that i'm your fiancee but i could use a cherry brew whenever i like you to the wedding help on the way but pretty much i wrote this song because it was the first drink i met her but
00:54:11i fell in love with her from the first day i met her and i know it sounds sappy but it's true because she inspired to write all of my music i wrote about her before i met her and i told her that i said all of my songs
00:54:25i've written was about you and i was trying to find you and now it's that's why i feel my career started taking one of these the way we're going to keep up this next break with cherry brew a couple other songs from chap on the kid pay attention
00:54:45will be back in a few minutes bts wait wait wait this way wait just wait wait yeah streaming bythe my way weii being is brought to you in part by textual if you're not using x two oh you're not vaping use promo code snaps at checkout for twenty
00:58:44percent off drew is no good a game with me way you wait wait way ugo way wait yemen a girl on the dance floor back insixty that's the only word your teeth because she's a little loose on she was on my dan jean so no no no no
01:03:19god wait over you all have a girl every day you know in a way no way this is my problem I'm always doing twenty thing Yeah i like and that's what that's what you got there all these delays and stuff on the air i am throwing the bluetooth
01:05:56set up in the trash because it keeps messing with the software for the show but anyway we have a special surprise for you guys by the way that music chaplain the kid patrick loving it man thank you you know e t do it all right e i'll send
01:06:13you all of my music for anybody can hear listen go that would be like totally cool if we have permission to play way yeah i would love it for our brakes and stuff like that really um so it's it's awesome to get to meet you hold on first
01:06:26it's an honor to meet you and like i said you know i will let you guys play all of it firsthand memory so you guys can have it you know and you guys can just have fun with i mean like i said we got some new stuff i
01:06:38have a brand new single coming out may fifteenth called take you one which was written about days in military school so that was cool we played it for the first time live and people loved it so uh yeah actually it comes out may fourteenth i just got they
01:06:53wanted to pump it one more day to get it out to everybody so we got a little surprise guests coming on the air okay i'm not sure if you know this person so big surprise big surprise oh courtney patrick's beyond today what's critiquing hears you have i can
01:07:10you know oh my god Everyone todo happy happy birthday congratulation you get married to what a so far as i could tell was an amazing person Um you all right Wear your little amazing you're a little amazing yourself i like you're doing a lot of the behind the
01:07:35scenes work Um you just finished his website i um i getting all this information correct you are Yeah i did i think i took i did a whole revamp yesterday took me about six hours and then i did some like a couple of things that needed to get
01:07:51edited today That's how my place i'm pat is a very like outgoing up front person and i'd rather like hang out in the back and like i'm priority knows that like i'm not ah i'm not like a talkative person so like i took four want him like that
01:08:08This happened i would be super awkward she's probably thinking love you know what i wanted to I wanted to get you on the line because you guys are it seems like we're not just interviewing patrick at as an individual artists were were interviewing a team that is all
01:08:30working together for a specific goal and i love that i love this whole thing this is something that we've never had on the show right Yeah not really you know like this not where everyone so connected and really committed to the vision together i mean that's pretty awesome
01:08:45see that and you're willing to work you guys are really willing to work hard together and there's just such positivity and it's really refreshing to see it actually a t end of the day at the end of the day you know i mean he's the front man but
01:09:00it's everybody and and i just e mean is that is that really the way if you feel that way right court yeah i'm really i mean in the four years that may have had have been together i mean i've watched him through a lot of different things you
01:09:14know We've played a lot of different styles of music i've watched pat go from coming and screaming in a metal band tio i'm drumming hick hop stuff tio just jumping in general on and i think that this is where he belongs pat is great up front he he
01:09:33has a talent and he's artistic on I've always told him that you know the support was there we do whatever we had to do to make it work so i mean this is a dream and if i had a dream and i was as talented as fatwas and
01:09:47i know that he wouldn't make he gave that up so uh but it's nice to be able tio take my time and invested into doing things like the website i mean that's a big thing for you know even for younger musicians who are just starting out that is
01:10:01the first place that people go to look for you on a google you know they see they have a web site and check your facebook and it's it's a lot to deal yeah i mean we stopped them we didn't have any any trouble finding it We didn't have
01:10:14anything Well you know it's it's it's hard you are up against okay so let me give you guys i'm going to make you all laugh right now i picked up the name for our show it was bts right Right Beef Yes With philly step bts is actually a
01:10:29korean pop band Yes who knew And you know and hoops so what happened was whenever people google our show they come up with the korean pop pain So um you know what i did was i jumped on top of that and i started to take all their their
01:10:51clips You know like i got if you listen to beginning it shall have jimmy kimmel introducing pts and right and then we start our our credit you're up against the charlie chaplin thing and i know that that's your theme but are you finding that like i know it's
01:11:09a double edged sword because you love this and you're based on this but at the same time um do you have a little regret because of the fact that people are doing searches and they're coming up with childhood pictures off not only chaplain not at all because actually
01:11:26i mean if you're in show business you know charlie chaplin so if you're listening to chaplain the kid you know they tried to they were inspired by one of the greats or not the absolutely so if somebody like i typed it in and i was like oh look
01:11:41the guy in the boulder hatton you know the little mustache like but when people see that i mean you could see it all my hand i have a tattooed and you know it's that's the creative part and i wanted it to be where if people read chaplain are
01:11:55charlie chaplin then they know chaplain the kid is like he must be that close absolutely not Courtney on the other end of spectrum you're working on i'm assuming the social media aspect of all this and you're working on the websites that are you finding that a challenge I
01:12:13think that the on ly time that i find it a challenge it you know there's a lot of like behind the scenes stuff for website so ceo is really important how like get down on your search engine google is a huge by google everything so um as i'm
01:12:30sure everybody how does so that is not probably the only hiccup i find i don't see that anybody ever you know nobody's ever comes to new york pat and said you know i can't find the website or i can't find the music video doing a great job important
01:12:47so i knew sometimes with bands i mean this case it's you as an artist but they'll have a band that has the same name in like another country and then it's like a possible to find you have to put important the u k so it's it's good that
01:13:00you're branding is oh yeah that's really important yeah and i love the initials on it you know you see your yeah do you love your thank you can people can see thea c t k is checking my watch it tracks my steps but that it's when i came
01:13:19up with the idea we were sitting downstairs in the basement watching an eagles game go philly yeah on you know and it's i had all these ideas that you know with sticks or is being in the playoffs we wanted to do a chaplain t shirt of like the
01:13:36sixers jersey we're going to do ah t shirt with eagles phillies flyers on on a huge fan of the gold nights which is way across the other you know part of our country but we wanted to do some with them and with them being a brand new team
01:13:52we're trying to get together with actual sporting teams close to me is a team called the blue rocks so we're trying to hook up with them and hopefully one day we do hook up with them sure s o that we could possibly create delaware into something that's like
01:14:09a while music is going into sports so we're hoping one day we can do that but it's going to take time and we'll see how good things can i ask another tough question yes sir for all three of you yes ok not a question that i haven't asked
01:14:23on the show before but i want honest answers from all of you and i hope i don't start a family fight way so you're you're striving towards a goal and if you get what you want you're going to be very popular ok people are going to love your
01:14:43music and that's going to put more of a demand going you um what happens when you're in a situation where you've done all that you khun dio on this coast and maybe you got to go to the other coast to finish up maybe you got to go to
01:14:57new york to finish up like is everyone prepared two of course they're going to stick around everybody's going oh yeah but is everybody prepared to uproot their lives for the dream we'll ask everybody individually okay well i usually say ladies go first but i'll try to answer this
01:15:20really sure um the to me there's never an and ending because there's always something you could do better there's always something you could probably create mme or for the people you know going to nam on the west coast in anaheim was a different world going to hollywood different
01:15:40world like people are not the same like they are here but with country music i started to notice that now countries gravitating to different countries absolutely no and so cool so i feel like there's so many countries and there's so many bits and pieces that we can grab
01:15:59it tate i love to be the first like country artists to go to china let's go to italy you know and and may not be the first i may not be the first but you don't i don't think so yeah bright may the first with delaware yes yes
01:16:15and but my thing is is to create and an avenue for country artists that have never done it and you know hell if you know guys big guys that are out there now you know i want to be that inspiration just like florida georgia line and thomas rhett
01:16:32and chris stapleton was to me ah and chaplin the kid can be the next big name that i'm featuring on all of them but until then it's baby steps and i will always think of you that's his model based that courtney what about you Of course you're naturally
01:16:52you're looking to get marriage looking you're starting a family um you know you obviously have a day job i can tell and i bet it's a night um but bring some clothes so well what would be your situation if all of a sudden he takes off and you
01:17:11guys have to move are you are you prepared for that This is a funny because this has actually been a conversation in the impact of pat so on and actually not particularly about music i do work um for credit card company so way have six different centers and
01:17:30there is a possibility that could be offered a job hire a position that is another center anywhere new york utah phoenix the upward in conversation has happened before and and walk me that what i dio there is it who have a great work at home program so i
01:17:50would be able to if we had up listen roof away i could take my job with me pretty cool yeah yeah also i have a lot of flexibility or for a really great company um and i'd be willing to my parents have always been like if you have
01:18:05the opportunity to do it then go and do it ok either way if either one of you have to upper use the user young and you're still young and ready to rock and roll and life is prepared for ralph yes what what happens in that type of situation
01:18:23well what he's talking about you did you see his icy wind where else can i can i bring my couch way if this was a situation for him to go to wherever and you know if we're still talking about the team going the team would go ok simple
01:18:47the people the only thing on there's a team to follow i'm not you know again we're not getting the professional side but i am only about six and a half months from retirement gotcha so a very great position is well i'm in the perfect present yeah a puzzle
01:19:04in management you know as far as a management situation you could travel and travel back you are you would you would be able to do that now with the greatest technologies in a world with so great that we have well i mean you literally could skype any meeting
01:19:19that you needed this guy's like being there i mean it's it took him trust me it took him a long time to get that right oh yeah if i got my parents to travel with me i'm naming my son chaplain chata so they can continue the legacy but
01:19:33you guys don't mind i have a question on here on our facebook live from misty dawn stafford she asked who was my inspiration and music I'm going to say chris stapleton and leonard skinner um i mean who doesn't love leonard skinner But chris stapleton I mean if any
01:19:50of you have any of you guys heard of chris stapleton i mean this guy's voice is you can't ask for a better voice and when you say that you know my voice is good you need to listen to this guy because that's what i try to represent and
01:20:03then you know and shatters from avenge seven forward is you know who pay a lot of people are like dude you sound too much alike If i shaved my head and put aviators on we're good i could probably be the singer of avenge but that was a good
01:20:18question i mean i have a facebook live on and people were asking and and i have a shout out to my deejay ricky a k a deejay creek because it's not creek we don't go to the creek we go to the correct it's crazy so what's going on
01:20:33buddy monsieur all right before we go any further i know court according wants to go to sleep because she's no lady we don't You don't want to keep we don't want to keep your weight but it was it was such a pleasure talking to you and thank you
01:20:46so much for taking the time to come on the air with us I absolutely think for having me Thanks honey So sadly because we're a radio show i don't could say a proper good bye So you know again we appreciate the information and goodnight courtney or racing tonight
01:21:03Tonight good night guys Have a good one You tio all right so that was that was really nice of her to come on the air that she is that type of person in when we're out on the road and you know she can adapt everywhere we go I
01:21:21mean i've had to go to california like we said on a dime two weeks we had to try to set this thing up and you know i'm really hoping that chaplin the kid can start being a stepping stone for younger artists play it like i say i live
01:21:39off of it it's baby steps one step at a time But i do think the growth that we've had so far and like i said earlier social media is it's created the new the younger kids like we're always on our phones we always have to worry about what
01:21:54others say comedy likes to i get all my status crazy one thing we have to live by it i learned this from a military general he said if you wake up in the morning and you make your bed you've accomplished something and i remember my dad showing me
01:22:09that and what happens when you accomplish something you want to move on to a next accomplishment and what is that it's pouring ebola cereals pouring the milk and not putting a drop on the table not having away put up that's the next accomplishment putting it in the dishwasher
01:22:23as a musician if i don't have my coffee that's my accomplishment making the coffee without burning the house down is the big thing e i mess up some coffee before right when i moved from that it is go to my computer and empty connected with me and said
01:22:41i want you on the show i spoke to you joe and you were like bam i want that and i remember him email and he's saying listen i haven't i haven't forgotten and i'm like i know i know we're good you know it was it was a difficult
01:22:55thing is because an embryo tell you we get it week after week give the weekend we have new musicians and old positions and different things that we can't put everybody on it were not just a music show where i worked in entertainment show and it's like ok well
01:23:10we just had a musical artists or something and then i listen to your stuff and i was like not getting good skin and we had to get this guy appreciate it you know um hip hop artists i and i love you guys and i love hip hop but
01:23:24you also have the same right now like everybody is sending me the same mp three like i don't know if there's like some kind of track that use air using that is just the same track and everybody's singing to it but to me it all sounds the same
01:23:37i love hip hop you were something unique i love that country flavor and i love and i like to listen to acoustic i you know i like matchbox twenty and i like you know i like some like like that sort of what's funny that you talk about hip
01:23:53hop because i hooked up with a hip hop artist not too long ago and one of the songs on my album is with a rapper i ran his name is sketchy rue fists shouted out to him that he's such a good do we just played with upchurch ah
01:24:08which it was in front of twelve hundred plus fearful right and so to any hip hop artists come hook up with may yeah i love it i'm not saying i'm not down in hip hop music please these will be the bastard you know but you know the thing
01:24:26is i'm not down i'm not that hip hop ok I want to hear something unique i want to hear something groundbreaking um you know if you're going to highlight something you know regardless you know with music you wanted it to have that special thing about it you know
01:24:40whether whatever style of music it is you want to grab you and pull you in i mean that's what any art you know whether it's photograph whether it's a painting you know you want to have something about it and you have a personality to boot so it makes
01:24:50it a little easier to have a whole conversation with you and i'm you know i'm sometimes hard to work with and i'll valid myself Oh yeah are you saying that for really save a will Because there's not a day that goes by that you know i am a
01:25:06pessimist i mean i'm i'm terrible i'm terrible because each day i don't get a show i'm like i'm failing somebody else is getting that show you're getting at st you're pushing yourself okay but that's every i'm sorry don't wear it lecture now every artist everywhere oh yeah it's
01:25:30all of us if your entertainment got worse you doubt your yeah listen you got to fight through it no matter what we're going to bed they way have a lotto we have a lot of it don't get me wrong like people will see the good because that's all
01:25:46i want to put out me i actually that's why that's why i'm on facebook because i want everybody to see the downs like there are downs like don't get me wrong there are terrible downs to the point where i will sit and everybody's like dude you make gold
01:25:58every song not really because i'll sit in front of track and i'm like done ufc time like i got to go watch some girl beat up another girl or some guy you don't know that and then like yeah i'm gonna spit in this mike i'm going to do
01:26:10something that it's like you know and my dad calls me up he's like pat what attracted you get done today nothing and then he's like what happened i'm just like gold doesn't happen in a day you know it doesn't sometimes and i'm going to bring you in on
01:26:25this she stashes got hit that record that i just got hit by a human thing that just happened on i'm nervous now know whatever it's something i just don't feel creative and it's hard you know you know what i mean i have a day job in a lot
01:26:46of people in entertainment have day jobs unfortunately we have to eat um thanks mom and dad yeah very true because i'm moving out this year but i did that because my mom was six her good job hat but know everybody does have to eat and if i had
01:27:01my day job my day job is creative day job so and sometimes you'll feel like being creative but you've got a deadline and one of the other things in the description for the people are reading is time management oh yeah ok and setting a goal and you and
01:27:17i talked on the phone today right And i would talk about scripting your time in such a way where you set these little many goals for yourself Yep then we're going to finish off the project right And yeah i mean it's like i mean i let you go
01:27:34when you get to have a big day and you ever just get out yes you know we all dio and you know sometimes it could be external things sometimes it's not just your career could be other things they're going on your whatever it may be or you know
01:27:48family members that you know so it's getting back up though oh yeah and if you love if you love what you're doing that much you're going to you know get back up and you know i had some i had down movement not too long ago a few family
01:28:02members we're ill and some things were going on that i could not control and then me you know dealing with somebody and personal stuff and it was a little frustrating it's like you know some people just throw in the towel i would just give up and just todo
01:28:14how do i put it there's nothing wrong with having a normal life and doing nine to five and coming him there's nothing wrong that right but you know if you're a dreamer and you i want to be involved in something else it's like you know you have to
01:28:27really really want that and you know i had that down movement and then it's just like getting right back up and going forward because you know i don't want to live life for you you know there's those regrets like what if type stuff there's a there's a lot
01:28:40of you gotta keep exactly there's a lot of times on a tuesday night you know i mean i gotta take four trains to to to get to work and to to get from working in between that time i have to work eight hours right in a high stress
01:28:55job i'm in a high stress situation i come home and i have responsibilities around this house and dawn is amazing but i still can't let my responsibilities so you know there's a lot of times where i have to take her to think i'm trying to think about that
01:29:10show that we're going to tokyo we're at the city or a talk for two and a half hours and i got to go to shop rate it's trash day as well you know i got to take the trash out and you know and i'm exhausted and half phone
01:29:28asleep on the couch ands texted may listen i'm on my way and i'm you know i'm trying and down a cup of coffee which i know is going to commute up all fricking night after the ship and sometimes you don't feel like coming on the microphone and be
01:29:40a mr wonderful but you made a commitment to your passion yeah and that's what we do now is every wednesday we come out with a different cover i was never a covered right I didn't want to do it because i feel like you're selling yourself out for somebody
01:29:52else's product sure but i learned every show that we play every i have give me three steps for a bird i just covered freebird yes but now every time somebody screams out free bird i'm like i've got your free bird yeah never feel a patent hemorrhage emerges sleep
01:30:08have to perform but you had a bad day oh yeah i mean i've gotten into an argument with my fiance and sometimes i might or my dad that's daily oh yeah definitely i see that but then but then at the end of the night you watch your father
01:30:23smile and you watch your mom's mind you watch her fiance smiling and then that's it a lot of nowadays a lot of kids are drinking their feelings don't don't whatever exactly and you know it's like it's ok i just want to it's you know no but a lot
01:30:41of kids with you know school school is important yeah and my parents always drive you know they drove that on me so every wednesday i have a new cover on facebook story lovers dance my fiance i will not take credit for on thursday we have three songs that
01:30:58we choose out of a hat and the people can vote for which one they want next that's so that every show we have it would play out listeners are here on what's happening here's a an effort to constantly produce material okay on a regular basis that khun b
01:31:15depend upon ok then that's huge that's for any linus i don't care what you're doing he's producing material on a schedule that you can depend on the next thing that he's doing that i heard from that sentence that he just said is he is involving the people he
01:31:30is engaging with the people that are paying attention to what he's doing again huge got to do it you know and that's and that's something in the past you guys like really read a book on how to do this right You're meeting all the written that it's just
01:31:48no common sense no e here from ralphie it because because you know and we listen to all the good things they're going on here but what i think the listeners need to understand envy even yourself you can understand this you'd live this obree this every single day just
01:32:06like yourself and listen i go down to the den patrick will come down we argue about one point or another it might it might it's never really about music i'll say are you working well that working could be reaching out to a venues reached out to the booking
01:32:25agent and then it could that stuff but it could be something like hey i'm getting um i'm getting like these these big decals for the for the for the trailer because we've got to be ableto advertise this when we're not doing it so if we're just driving were
01:32:42advertising right So paddle tell you and i kind of wish courtney was still on because according will attest to this you know meetings every single day we don't we don't fight but we don't agree on a lot of things that's normal right It wouldn't be normal if you
01:33:03did every exactly could you can't wow we just said exactly on your son I love you but i mean it's it's it's everything from you know like it could be something to simple is like the website Like i saw something that i didn't like with the website Um
01:33:19or it could be anything um not gonna get the like i had issues with somebody today who And this is another thing we battle and this is huge with patrick's project as he's starting to get out there and people start to recognize him Now we've got a person
01:33:38out there who's claiming to be his manager People will ride the tale that that was terrible Use your name to get right on to something to something way so oppose You know we saw the post now that's that's bad Yeah um where he was claiming to this person
01:34:00was claiming to be someone but he had paced close to this for the world to see on social media right So we were able to get that removed However then this person by word of mouth is reaching out to someone who says hey i'm the assistant manager and
01:34:14that happened today so you stalk way really do it's like good and bad because it's good because the name gets out there but it's really bad because you watch her every move so so that guy i want tio so that consumed today so that took away from you
01:34:32know help from some other stuff we need to do but it's it is we're on board because we're doing this every single day it could be anything from the look too that's why i go to the gym what to say what not to say uh business cards it
01:34:52could be anything sure uh you know so yeah daily daily communication you've got to keep the lines open that's what we do collectively whether it's me and courtney and me and courtney have meetings on day i'll say this to you know with the drive that we have and
01:35:08i usually never do this but if you find my facebook and i was never going to put this on the on the actual ready but if you find it actually marry me the cover is on they're the only in video and the one thing is is that that
01:35:25was the latest song that just record and i remember he was on the phone and this was all happening all of this was happening but the one thing my dad said was don't let it bother you get back to the studio and you got this so what did
01:35:38i do I emphasized on that and used it to drive my voice even more on that song we sang it live one time and people are like whoa that's like and i know we only get to f bombs i'm not going to use one of like holy much
01:35:56way to bring up a historical moment way haven't use one f bomb you're right way used the g word that was god i think that's probably why way fudge you better be joking way didn't get mad because one minute can i play that Can i play the sergeant
01:36:21gunny that would cover all the way back out the f bombs for the rest of the year You know i gotta get out what you're made of I know it was funny we did a tribute We did a tribute when he when he passed away and i said
01:36:51you know i said he was an amazing actor he waas if if you remember before everybody remembers full metal jacket oh yes what i the way i introduced him on the show is from boys and company c o k place amazing movie we have a twenty year old
01:37:09upstairs and i'm going to get to watch it because him and i just watch movies is soon to be my stepson but we like to watch older movies i definitely all the time and i'm like dude next movie we're watching his boys and company c it's an essential
01:37:23if you're growing up and i played some clips from that it was f this f that f you you know you think it was bad in full metal jacket he was ten times where my dad i like that we will do old movies like back to the future
01:37:39you know jews my fiance i like do beetlejuice almost club if i was watching what wade all right you want we'll go ask it forces you to what what what what do you think i'm called the kid I believe this can come on out but now like going
01:37:58back to it like you know um the breakfast club i mean we all can relate to that i mean now i never went to detention i promise but we always had the jock the cheerleader the god that this and that and i remember having a group of friends
01:38:14that were like that and i'm like man the breakfast club sandwich right now everybody's like you going away to some with the pork this club l actually i am it's called brunch totally awesome so listen we're running about ten minutes over pregnant in trouble for that one mp
01:38:32pardo room quick wake me time that's okay you know they don't all have to be about me but real quick what do you involved in what's going on what can we follow along with you can just go to new york and for and then come back and then
01:38:51not have a story well i always have a story of some sort of you know you know it's spring so things are picking up and yeah i have you know i'm so involved in crete to this filming in philadelphia so be on set for that again really scenes
01:39:04that's great you know just booking photo shoots and different things nothing like gigantic that i can reveal at this moment okay i will also be at the carlyle import nationals with is a big car show the eighteenth through the twentieth this's you know my fifth year working that
01:39:22it's a lot of funds to come out and see me if you want to go out and see me well trying to go out you know travel this summer i have some stuff booked in miami too so i'm excited about that all over the love that people are
01:39:36working you and i talked about that super car she is going to happen something s e s and that's going to get you on some high end cars and see what happens you know you know i don't know i don't know how you can go wrong with that
01:39:50um patrick chaplain the kidman what's next for you where's the next place you're playing we find you on social media what's going on so we're playing a plug ugly in baltimore this friday definitely a really awesome place to be up close and personal with with us you could
01:40:08go on my website at www dot chaplin the kid dot com you can find me on instagram chapel in the kid official you go on facebook chaplain the kid um you guys are catching there you catching it all and um then you know we're going to be doing
01:40:24a music video this saturday for the single crazy that you guys heard that's going to be on my second album called dogs of war ah which is all based on military and i mean we're not you got ocean city dates coming up yeah we got cowboy coast ways
01:40:44you're working way we're working well actually ralph is working are you teo flightless we're going there july seventh and the way we have like three different dates with them and then there's other days i can't explain right now but i will say ah fireproof at the seattle ten
01:41:01fire hall we're going to be playing with some amazing people there on august twenty fifth i know the person that was running it was very excited for us to play it but i mean there's amazing artists that are going to be there uh country a country by night
01:41:15for say can we got a lot of guys that are going to be there S o i'm stupid excited for that but the most important thing guys is i'd be more excited if you all can come out and if you guys you know call into envy or joey
01:41:29or anybody let them know where you guys want me to play and i know they'll contact me and hopefully if we have enough viewers on this september seventeenth is the new album so hopefully we'll you know we'll contact you guys well connected well do would love this show
01:41:44with we will allow along everybody we ever have on the show we want to follow along with you oh yeah so if you can't make it here i know it's a little bit of it this is coal into this man you know we love that just calling anyway
01:41:56in them show and give us updates its mostly dry i love that it's worth the drive that's why tony have you got the drive Oh yeah so we'll come in any time you know guys thank you guys so much for tuning in thank you guys so much for
01:42:09allowing us on the show and you know we'll have to get everybody out to a show soon and we'll get everybody some gear but guys we love you to death check us out Chaplain The kid Our first debut album welcome to the show is on itunes spotify pandora
01:42:22google play et cetera And again dogs of war will be out september seventeenth and take you on our new single will be out may fourteenth Nice I have you guys didn't get all that um just listen to show again right for ah from that phase on uh who
01:42:42was on vacation I'm not sure for usto or not now could a con or something like that You know i think the solo where the water isn't drinkable well i know that it's obviously a nice place You see that you can see the bottom not like in jersey
01:43:01That's like trash lit minds obviously a nice place were forced to drink bottled water So every games donahue james donahue he's out of the country too wouldn't square little Now we'll know he's our l a correspondent And then he went further he's in filming in mexico or something
01:43:19that animals nowhere rallies and hawaii whatever wherever But they will move you returning next week and bts wait

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