Malcolm Gladwell talks to three songwriters who helped transform country music in the 1970s. Gone were cowboy hats, train whistles and church suppers. In came songs about desperation, loss, changes, and regret that changed how Nashville made music and spoke to a new generation of audiences. Bobby Braddock, Don Schlitz and Don Henry talk about their influences, trade stories, and play acoustic versions of their classic hits.

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00:00:01this episode is brought to you by Glen fit firing came just like jazz and funk fused together to make hip hop firing Kane blends the flavors of smoky in suite creating a perfectly smooth and balanced flavor combination Glenfiddich firing Kane is the first peated whiskey to be finished
00:00:20in south American rum casks making it seductively rich and easy to drink stay tuned after the episode for more tasting notes and a conversation with Glen fed ex brand ambassador Alan Roth in the nineteen seventies and eighties there was a revolution in Nashville that was every bit as
00:00:41important to country music as the Beatles were to rock and roll a new generation of song writers came along who didn't just want to write about cowboys and pickup trucks they wanted to write about emotion and conflict to bare their souls menus Bobby Braddock and I'm I'm bald
00:01:01and I write songs and then and borderline mentally ill I'm done Henry and I've been very spoiled being able to enjoy what I love doing for the longest time and I I still continue to do it to this day I'm don Schlitz and I've with no particular talent
00:01:17at all I was twenty years old and %HESITATION eighty dollars and got off the bus and I was a national my name is Malcolm Gladwell you're listening to broken record this episode I went to Nashville and sat down with three of the leaders of that revolution don Schlitz
00:01:41who's written some of the greatest country music songs ever done Henry the junior member of the revolution and the great Bobby Braddock elder statesman does it do you listen to my other podcasts revisionist history know that I can set foot in Nashville without checking in with Bobby Braddock
00:02:00it would be like going to Iceland and not saying hi to Bjorke we all met thirty three studios on music row we talked for hours and could have talked for a lot longer in fact we could devote an entire season a broken record just to those crucial national
00:02:17years so consider this start chapter one in the oral history of the new Nashville I made sure there was a piano for Bobby into to don's brought their guitars I told them all they had to sing for their supper don Schlitz kick things off on a summer's evening
00:02:40on a train them to know where it up with the game we will do so we turn to stare and at the window the bottom all the two he can be I don't read people's faces and no and what their cards were by the way the head there
00:03:14I can see you're out of a for a taste of I give you some advice so I handed him of a the drag them out as well the name on the line the night get Faysal stone expression if you're going to play the game please write a close
00:03:43every camera no it's a secret to survive in no and what to throw away no N. what he does have a hand I can't really the issue the local you got to know No Way no no can you'll see a and it only took two years to get
00:04:33cut why because it was I it was too long is too linear melodically there's no a romantic situation of I there's it's it's it took too long ago the course %HESITATION I don't know I liked it a lot of people liked it and it finally nobody would cut
00:04:58it and my publisher put out the demos senator radio and they start playing a couple of a friend of mine and and he Moffett cut it and put it out and Conway Twitty son put it out Charlie tango and suddenly there were three cuts of it on the
00:05:14on the charts and then it was gone I was still working this computer operator or you just don't you still in %HESITATION yeah sure %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah yeah writers get writer's got to eat before I think is great about that song is full of life lessons like
00:05:32I will play poker not but I don't think there then I'm happy up played a lot of poker in I will always think about the lines in that song okay no one for you know and I use that and and that's like a metaphor for the real life
00:05:47lessons it matter more than poker and this is full of those and you can just you could write that down care it we can get that look at it when you're in a in a tight situation you know does that does that song change does the success of
00:05:59that song change what people consider to be acceptable in a country song I think it did I I know in with all humility I have what it change for me forced eventually okay Rogers cuts it with a great voice they make it up tempo they move the chorus
00:06:16up and that it is so I could write whatever I wanted to write the rest of my life and I one thing I did not want right was that song over and over again so I got to write different songs I got to emulate my pals who were
00:06:34also my heroes though you know you wouldn't tell that and you did this to you you write what you want to write in and you learn that you can %HESITATION amazingly enough you have good taste there's the NC thing to happen with with %HESITATION Braddock M. Harlan and
00:06:55a man named Bob McDill in this town %HESITATION there you can see a difference between national songs our songs are written music row %HESITATION debt stock bien warning stop being the you'd sit on a hay bale and saying or on a barstool and have to sing but you
00:07:17can sit by yourself quietly in a room and go like that songs about me this song is about real issues that I have it is not in an we well we have heroes from that era Randy Newman %HESITATION Bob McDill Bob ago sorry Bob Dylan and as you
00:07:41know %HESITATION gore life for this and great writers %HESITATION Joni Mitchell yeah I know you were all silent all both Paul Simon yeah up Paul McCartney and John Lennon he's Richardson imager who were writing songs that we love there's an awful lot of an holidays Holland do not
00:08:00leave out I noticed reading a %HESITATION Motown and stacks of that feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling and we're writing of a story I think Kristofferson had an awful lot to do in popularizing the athlete Braddock catalog due in part because it is if there is a
00:08:19sequence of events that happened as opposed to tell you I feel this way I feel this way we're saying this is what happened period and I think the only go beyond words that's why some of my it's me it's hard to differentiate between maybe if I say my
00:08:36favorite song it might be one of my favorite records lock up put go rest high on that mountain on my list because just what happened in that studio Ricky Skaggs and pay less risk same with vents on that thing I still get tears in my eyes and show
00:08:51much when I hear that and then you know it's a great story but they could be singing it in in Greek you know and and and I'm still of well you know %HESITATION we also had the advantage at least don and I did it of tuning in a
00:09:06country like having people like like Kristofferson or Tom T. hall who were writing stories and so a lot of times you that you had to sit in that chair and listen all the way to the end to get the pay off so you had people that is going
00:09:20on like today were you want to pay off in ten seconds people were willing to listen a little longer for something there's there's there's a collective ADHD now people don't want to I made a in our people the deal if if it takes too long what my son
00:09:40he start learning today which %HESITATION with current but much nobody would possibly cut that now because it takes too long to get the pay off the even there even more now the second verse to be just a little tiny verse you know where the second verse for us
00:09:54was you know we were told if we had a great first first that might be your second verse yes it has to be could you what's on the build up to give me what's what's a what's a a great example another great example of a a song with
00:10:09a delayed pay off well that that was one for sure with his lunch is long is longer avail well you you find out pretty quick that it's his best friends he was in the arms of his best friend's wife at kind of what yeah by the second and
00:10:26yet yeah yeah yeah so you know he can't he's got a decision to make and well then and you know that if the largest you guys know that I will have to play a non probably the most powerful part of that I think is when you say she
00:10:39walks these hills he %HESITATION the this is and we a noble see the and and the she she did not but some the only she is a woman she was bill and they do I think was primarily I heard they were now is is true or not the
00:11:45road on the way the sessions intrude on %HESITATION that's true or not but but add song called golden ring we were talking about where we should sue Conway Twitty when he had a local you down I said enough to my publisher actually but they do that then Danny
00:12:04deal and mayor John welcome may sue me for stay on the melody from long black veil and I told that story mayor John with and she said we came pretty damn close to do a lot my goodness range let well I like this team that we're on well
00:12:20of these kind of story that there is a lot of you guys are seem to be a have worked in that well I was a huge %HESITATION and still in huge Randy Newman fan and the thing that struck me about Bobbi when with before I even really got
00:12:35to know him was that he was basically the country music version of that and and I think the thing that really will be up to that was unfortunately when I heard he stopped loving her today I need the title of it before I heard the song I wish
00:12:50I'd heard it without knowing what the name of the song was because the first line is he said I'll love you till I die and I just started laughing so hard I took the record off of what is the title is he stopped loving her today and the
00:13:06first line is he said I'll love you till I die and I went all he's dead this guy's dead man instantly and I what I just started it and I I think what I loved about Bobbi what I loved about the Louvin brothers and Tom T. hall so
00:13:23much that is that a threat of irony that you wouldn't call it laugh out loud humor but it's it's just so ironic and to me that's what Randy Newman taps into constantly and so when I heard that song in in you know every verse of he stopped loving
00:13:39her today ends with a joke I mean you know %HESITATION you know we all want to see your wanna and at G. we all wondered if she would it kept running through my mind this time is over her for good and then the the thought thing about the
00:13:53small first time we've seen him smiling years lets a joke that isn't it is those original system and almost every one of them is with that but by the time you get the joke it doesn't make you laugh it makes you just get this biggest lump in your
00:14:07throat and you realize what a comedy tragedy life is not always love the juxtaposition between sept and that that new to that and and I have written songs that I thought were funny songs and people took very seriously and vice versa absolutely has happened to me over and
00:14:24over I love writing the song that it's it it it's really very serious but it's kinda taboo subject matter yeah so people laughed nervously over the edge and that's what happened to me when I heard he stopped loving her today and I use it to that to this
00:14:40day I I get to tour and teach in on some of these shows that I do and I I put that song up right away because like I should people you can do in such a short amount of time you can tell a huge story and it uses
00:14:52all the little technical things about %HESITATION about that little running joke of even the production of it which is brilliant Billy Cheryl on I I think to me I hold it up there with a song like we talked about earlier like sail away which you can almost used
00:15:08and show students or anybody who's interested how you can unfold the story he said I love you tele she told them you'll forget but as the years went smoothly she still prays is he kissed her picture crazy he still loves when she'd come back found some letters by
00:16:15in nineteen sixty every single the I went to see just see all dressed the I'm not seen and smile they play soon they can eleven you know she came to see him one last we'll you can't running through my mind this time is over he stopped soon then
00:18:16to do we'll be back with more of my conversation with Bobby Braddock don Schlitz and don Henry broken record is brought to you by so to speak the smart compact sound bar for your TV and newest addition to the easy to use sonos sound system Minnesota's fan for
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00:19:25through set up step by step check out sonos beam today we're back with Bobby in the two dons John Henry self described hippie from California wrote a hit record for Miranda Lambert with songwriter Phillip Coleman who's from West Tennessee song all kinds of kinds is an ode to
00:19:57diversity I asked John to play for us he also was in that that one well that the ratio of the wed need Barker's Clausen satchel family dog days on a how though would you as the tap to yeah the world is and you can Thomas was a congressman
00:20:47closets full of skeletons dresses that he wore on Friday night Phyllis was a pharmacist down at that at this and when the children were fiddling sheets %HESITATION somber Redlands and wait for Thomasina to arrive yeah this beginning the world's and now when the the this old guitar children
00:21:34shows to smoky bars I take a break and I think about hi everybody started when I stood in geometry and I lost my tend to I scratched off of mine number allowing June though bush Lee populations yeah some of they look in they Spain and that's not what
00:22:31we know we knew when we wrote that we had we had to kind of as as odd balls go we were ater than the people we were picking up the front so we had to put ourselves in there at the end to show you that it's it's that
00:22:44you know that we were there to otherwise it's just a you get on a soapbox in your point fingers and you really got to pay attention at pointing the finger at yourself a to make that kind of stuff work at least from my experience and and that that's
00:22:57how it finally came together at the end for us I love which she did she is she twisted around a little bit one of the things she said on that tag was %HESITATION sentence in a some point a finger she says some point the finger he says it
00:23:11which I think is great because she kinda owns that song it sounds like she wrote it and I like that she's a she's impish song for her she's a perfect assessed and that's what she told frankly Dale who produced that record she said %HESITATION it just sounds like
00:23:24something I would write and that made me feel good because else really could writers and it is yet we you thinking about her when you know we were in fact we wrote that it was it was probably probably ten years before she moved to tell she was probably
00:23:37fifteen years old do you guys do when you're when you're writing songs and and the %HESITATION if you're not writing with the artists but you're writing a song do you have in your head anybody see and other than yourself now I don't I mean I just I just
00:23:51want to sing at the bluebird %HESITATION if I'm trying to emulate one of my heroes like a Joni or something I'll say okay what would Joni do and I'll try to bring that out but it's not like I'm writing to pitch them you have Joni Mitchell in your
00:24:03head I'll virtually Mitchell when I'm looking to write a song and I can't really get into the groove I get up early in the morning get things going and put on Joni Mitchell while grainy Newman Paul Simon sometimes people like Van Morrison I really like because I just
00:24:19like the way he writes words the great usual input puppy UP make if your heart rate up there that if if you could only listen to one Joni Mitchell song in the morning to get you going what would it be wealth to writing for working on that it's
00:24:32it's a tough one but but for me it's it was on my list and it's both sides now count because I remember distinctly as a youngster here in that song and going %HESITATION see what she did there in all that kind of a thing and to that so
00:24:45that same anchor of a chorus that has a little bit of a twist each time it comes back around and I I think well that keeps the listener from being bored doesn't it and yet it's this is filled with life lessons written by such a young person at
00:24:59the time and I think by hearing something like that at an early age IT help make me wiser quicker %HESITATION you know as much as I loved bubble gum pop to hear Joni Mitchell saying that is like %HESITATION this is what you can do which is a very
00:25:11cool chord changes and it's a pretty amazing yeah but the one man band by the quick lunch stand alone is playing real good for for you and me I mean what a great country song that he could yeah all right now can you guys do a little bit
00:25:28of that so all together that passed on that was good I don't know I love it from those from up and down and then give or take a look winter loses jam have it class %HESITATION class and you lose in that recall I really don't know class at
00:25:52all I really is funny because she originally did it in that case he yeah so I got a nose well I would I love I like about that thing is is it it's kind of it's it's very text book in its very technical but when it's when it's
00:26:06going down it seamless and it doesn't feel that way when you talk about how to hear that from someone so young it's a totally better song written sung by someone who's obviously really young right because it's not a longer the it's not the cliche of the older person
00:26:22yeah looking back it's this is right yeah we're fasting thing at the so super young person saying you're not gonna believe this amazement I have looked like both sides now right delighted that constantly you know looking at his I mean for the first time I heard the girl
00:26:38from the north country my dad used to sing that one all the time to me and I didn't even know who Bob was when he was my dad would sing it and then he had that free will an album and I remember thinking that this was completely different
00:26:51than anything I've heard of it because this guy was really young writing about such wise stuff it was really cool we'll be back with more broken record after this New Zealand has more sheep than people which I didn't leave until I went there and I was like do
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00:28:05on your list war for yourself do will runners are available in a variety of limited edition colors at all birds dot com I'm back with Bobby Braddock don Henry and don Schlitz turn back to you can you give us now I'm interested in a song that really teach
00:28:33not one of your own son it really kind of Trent thought it change the way transform the way you thought about songwriting and open the door for you fairly easy to %HESITATION to explain my of first company I went to a national when I was twenty was Pete
00:28:50Drake music because speed record played on John Wesley Harding and there was a young man named %HESITATION buzz raven was %HESITATION this you songs here and %HESITATION but I played you know as I walked in at here downs halfway down my back in those twenty years old and
00:29:06didn't look like a person that would be and and %HESITATION %HESITATION going to be a country singer as I went up and played a few songs for with the publishing company is a well I don't really know what we're doing here yeah what I'll do here yet but
00:29:22let me make a phone call for you gave me a number a person goes he says it can cause him a couple days he's respect you so go over this company this building walking I don't have a car of in this hot day in April yell heavy guitar
00:29:40case in a walk and back then you could walk in and I some sources see somebody my name is and %HESITATION survive yells back %HESITATION I know this is about he comes out and this guy with curly hair and wire rimmed glasses comes out to come back and
00:29:56play some songs are we back in a pool my guitar out and I played a couple songs in he says will play another and I'm pretty sure that I'm this guy's big break you know that I am it for him this is a and I'm going there I
00:30:09play about eight or nine songs and I'm thinking I'm being discovered this is Ashley amazing and wonderful and twenty years old this is how great for this this guy he's like that ten years older than me Handa he says let me show you what what are what I
00:30:25do and %HESITATION he's coming here text into the little record Roman as well as just a single and I knew that didn't mean it was very much because was on album and is a small label is a friend of mine is the B. side a puts on this
00:30:40song in the a and starts to play in the love held at all in the lord knows after a snowfall awake now okay all is well the song was Amanda keep going I wish I could but I can't do it justice because the singer was don Williams and
00:31:00the it was on Jay in my records it was up S. is twelve lines and it was a song called Amanda that he didn't tell me the truth about himself or that he also written the A. side which was come early morning which was the number one song
00:31:17in America the time %HESITATION and I'm sitting here listening or like %HESITATION %HESITATION you know I've got a long way to go N. I think that what it changed for me was realizing that I didn't know a whole lot Mr Bobbitt bill tell about Bobbi deal was the
00:31:33man he became my mentor basically the only person was seen me for a few years when I was first year annual person I would go in and take songs to and %HESITATION Dorsey passed on the gambler which was you know so he everybody makes mistakes but he went
00:31:46on to write %HESITATION of a large portion of the don Williams songs of that that %HESITATION that help change this town and %HESITATION I wrote %HESITATION good Ole boys like good Ole boys like me was is masterpiece get give us a taste I was a kid %HESITATION Corrine
00:32:08most food me to with the pictures still on well check the they came in general is brand tell the things I should know the staff I can still hear this %HESITATION so then when Tennessee yes we're all going to be do at all and we were we were
00:33:13we were lucky at least I was I had just come to town and seventy nine so all this stuff was happening %HESITATION the gal or just been a huge hit and and then a year later he stopped loving her today was of course a little boys like me
00:33:28and stuff like that so that was the bar that I had to come in and I thought well that's impossible bar to reach but it it was glorious and it was fun to try now but it was a wonderful club showing it was and I and I I
00:33:41think that that's frustrating now is that a song that would say something like Hank in Tennessee were so he stopped loving her today or unfortunately he the gambler would not be recorded today how and that's frustrating feeling and so that bar that I held so high it's a
00:34:00different bar now I'm not saying that I don't know because I don't participate in that world like I did back then but what I want to say about Amanda being so simple is then we ended up going with a when up Paul Overstreet now writing songs and actually
00:34:19would find %HESITATION goodness gracious %HESITATION in the in the middle of %HESITATION find an idea and then right all on the other hand there's a gold tourism and media would not understand all but there we go is all it's just a real when that that's a twelve line
00:35:04song a twelve lines on there there we also wrote was like S. smile you the this is true you say it you said in a real simple that's your son era really have no idea if it was hit twice it's one of my favorite songs I will never
00:35:42heard the %HESITATION I think it's astounding song will give her the version by Allison Crowe Keith Whitley recorded version to Keith Whitley record it first and then he passed away Sam laser is one of our great singers and as a cash tragically no there was a a Hey
00:36:01he tribute album mated and Alison Krauss sing it and then there's this movie comes out and I my understanding is %HESITATION in the movie the the people ronin Keating is the guy's name from a group called boys out of calls Alison Krauss is office ask for permission to
00:36:24or to to sing the song at which point I think they said you know you really probably should talk to the publisher and the writer and they put in a movie called Notting hill it was a pop record all over the world actually at actually occurs at forty
00:36:38five and a half minutes into Notting hill so if you see it as I often do on television because it runs all the time and you could just time it nollie L. Stacey it's on it's all if there's ever ever if it was ever a perfect voices Alison
00:36:54Krauss an amazing yep the singer so I would love to sing when I sing a song rather than one of the hit my favorite thing and then two or three years and she had just changed aligned I knew that I needed to change that line to make make
00:37:10it fit today's market usually and I'll probably just make all kinds station blow the whole thing tries try to mind my man nine Moreno not grant see from the and D. in this I tried to be a good saying yes I live whiskey the G. two when I
00:38:11say I live true he this some he one so then I went see I'm an old take me to the country the we he this G. great thank you I don't I couldn't even hear all the words you know what what is it what is the line you
00:40:30change there's a lot of him using okay that's why I was wonder if I should take the top panel via what I had originally said I try to be a good man and everything I try to put myself in the character of this guy who's kind of a
00:40:44typical southerner in being a southerner in the wild really involved I mean I still have a lot of these things in here that that I don't like about the sale I was that way myself I mean wow is it as a teenager I was a hardcore sex segregation
00:40:59is I didn't think blacks and white people should go to school together I really believe that **** so the line a heavier was I try to be a good man and everything I do and the line I had was a you know I love Jesus and I love
00:41:17my country to and in the early two thousands you could do that you could do that when the the country demographic was very conservative and they're all these patriotic songs and Kutcher radio now if you had sent what god and country right together I think they would play
00:41:36because it would sound like it was political and they just don't want to go there because the demographic country demographic is let is like America itself which is split right down the middle inst controversial they don't controversial they don't somebody turned the now they don't wanna lose have
00:41:53for their audience so but you can still sing about Jesus occasionally you know you hear Jesus in a song and you sure sing about whiskey throttle what I'm gonna do there then is a yes I love my whiskey but I love Jesus to and I think that made
00:42:10it probably acceptable today can I can I point out the absurd the whole area Slee absurd irony of that yes that is what it is all now for us to talk about whiskey than country it huh yeah while you couldn't whiskey is fine with with his dad to
00:42:25visit the country is a %HESITATION finally a play and develop played live there forever ever he play that yeah we don't need anything else %HESITATION takes its toll they see on line and right I don't and they say as long the this song %HESITATION Lauren Hey he me
00:44:25a love that song so much me a little back up vocals and now yeah that's our union yeah all right Adam he's not union no card that was done John Henry and Bobby Braddock from SUNY tree studios on Nashville's music row broken record is produced by Justin Richmond
00:44:54and chasing Gambrell with help from Bruce Hedlund meal a bell to kilopascal Jacob Smith Julia pardon Jacob Weisberg and of course L. half a recruited special thanks to Adam angle hard who engineered the session in Nashville our broken record theme music is by Evan viola to hear the
00:45:17songs featured in today's episode sung by the artists who made them famous check out broken record podcasts dot com this show is brought to you by Pushkin industries I'm asking that this is Bruce hello I'm one of the hosts of broken record and today we welcome Alan Roth
00:45:44who's a brand ambassador for the legendary Scotch brand Glenfiddich so tell me about what we're drinking today which is called firing Kane firing Kane is the newest Glenfiddich expression from the experimental series so one of the nice things about being family owned and operated as we have been
00:46:01for the last hundred and thirty years is that the family is give in the the men and women to make one for that a lot of freedom to try new things we created this experimental series in order to give the mall master Brian kinsmen the opportunity to accelerate
00:46:15that pace of innovation so the first was an I. P. a cask finish the second was something called project twenty were re inverted the creative process and ambassadors like myself actually chose the casks that inspired that flavor profile the third was a twenty one year ice wine finish
00:46:30that was absolutely spectacular %HESITATION but I have to say the one I'm drinking most often is the firing came that we have here so this is %HESITATION peated Glenfiddich so it's gonna be Smokey then finished in Latin rum casks to give it a nice round sweetness to compliment
00:46:44that smoking is okay well let's try some other way you guys have the best titles you've got mold masters your brand ambassador to get your own plates can you park anywhere you like a regular ambassador more alcohol less immunity okay is is the way that I like that
00:46:59we're drinking this we have a slightly tapered glass which should you drink Scotch and you tell me I mean I just pick the nearest class is so yes this is Glenn Caron glass and it's why there at the base tapers up towards the top helps concentrate your room
00:47:13is coming off the glass I really put my nose right in there if that's a little bit early for you because put your nose and breathe in through your mouth you'll get almost all the flavor but very little the alcohol so I like that that's what's really interesting
00:47:25is he knows it and on the notes here I'm getting it for thing I get is that smoke maybe some the impression that sweetness there but really I'm getting a lot of you know kind of campfire and the smoke comes from so that smoke comes from the heat
00:47:37that is used to drive a the barley okay so how does that work yes so somewhere between a tree and coal is where Pete lives as as a substance that normally we don't use pizza dryer barley and so we have a non smoking expression in this case what's
00:47:51in the glass is actually a combination of Smokey and non smoking Glenfiddich married together finishing those those Latin rum casks but in the typical Glenn figure not getting a lot of smoke that's not what people expect from you guys that's correct this is this is a real innovation
00:48:04for us it's the first base side single malt that's peated and finished in rum casks so a doubling of the smoke on the nose maybe conversely impression some sweetness and then I just take a set you know if the the alcohol over one due at the beginning take
00:48:17a set and then give yourself a moment and take a second set and what that second set really be where you start to look for the the flavors that you're going to get from the whiskey and so he I get that I get that campfire smoking that's for
00:48:27sure %HESITATION I get a nice kind of almost like caramel sweetness and then sometimes if if the balance is just right I'll get the sensation of toasted marshmallow okay that's nice let's have another sip of this so we're nosing it I didn't know knows was over and actually
00:48:43if the whiskey tastes as it smells them out follows this movie like that should you you should have a whole line called the math follows the nose and completely work so what else do I need to know about firing came the most important thing that you're going to
00:48:56the you need to know is really just what your gal is telling you right now into the smoky you're getting the sweetness that you're getting in this is a whiskey that can really present two different ways to drinkers some days all get more of the smoking as some
00:49:09diesel get more of the sweetness but the important thing is that you know the flavors really meld together in a way that's balance I didn't expect the sweetness and that and I don't associate Scotch with sweetness I get the fire not the cane usually and people who don't
00:49:23like Scotch and I think that's they're not getting that sweetness firing came the sweetness here is really coming from both the sweetness that's with England for the X. spirit but then obviously essentially that through that lack and run cast which is seasoned with a really robust rom which
00:49:39is able to compete with that smoking is and and and still really come through I couldn't be happier about I was I was thrilled when I found out this was in development love tasting some of the early versions but like everything that I've tasted that's that's come before
00:49:52it the final version of Brian comes up with is incredible firing can is a permanent addition to the experimental series and it's continuing to roll out all over the world okay so what we're going to expect next after firing Cain who so we do have some exciting things
00:50:06in the pipeline for the next couple of years but those are closely guarded secrets that was broken records Bruce Hadeland with Ben fix Alan Roth thanks again to Glenfiddich buyer and came

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