Film Producer Dana Brunetti and Bret Easton Ellis discuss the demise of the movie theater experience, Alec Baldwin, House of Cards and making The Social Network.
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00:03:27listen you listen to the Bret Easton Ellis podcast and I'm here the podcast one studios in Beverly Hills with my gas the producer Dana brunetti you recording this podcast on the Tuesday after Memorial Day after not posting a podcast since Walter kill about 3 weeks ago and sometimes I have my doubts about keeping the ruse of the charade up this is a podcast that start at about movies and movie culture where is it at where is it going let's discuss and I can barely get it up most weeks because American movie culture is done and I don't believe anything has replaced it in terms of what film does fast and in terms of you no excitement or Artistry and so sometimes I feel we're at a standstill since we started recording this podcast in November of 2013 what are first gas Kanye West the one to come on the podcast to talk about yes movies things were different than in the fact that there was still there
00:04:27American Film culture that was still part of the broad conversation about movies people were still seeing a certain kind of movie in a theater and TV had yet to fully surpass the quality level of the best American TV economics dictated what could and could not be done visually with the camera letting the camera be a character as it is most movies supplying mood and atmosphere and TV was all about the writing showrunner was the art or the TV show and not a director which is why he might not sound exactly the same but it pretty much look the same is definitely changing and I remember early in 2013 the Cinematic look of the first two episodes of House of Cards on Netflix directed by David Fincher one of the Americas why I spend most stylish at or filmmakers and thinking was just a one-off was Netflix Ashley going to emerge as the power player it has become in the last few years there were down to the time that Nelson foolish TV or TV content
00:05:27stuff made for TV consumption stuff not made for the theatrical cinematic experience is changing and you can see it and shows as diverse as season 1 of Atlanta to John Mark that leaves work on big little lies on HBO this last spring to yes now David Lynch who hasn't made a movie in 9 years let alone stuck in an actual movie theater or so he says what is 18 hour continuation of Twin Peaks and yet can I really tell the difference when some One Direction episode of the leftovers or girls know and that's what most of TV is still like the visual template is arranged in the pilot and in various director simply try to adhere to that for the rest of the shows run a gun for hire in TV Land and rarely is he considered an artist he's a technician just helps prove The Sopranos and the wire and Breaking Bad and on and on and on most a good TV still does not look as good as most good movies do there's nothing on TV that looks as good as la la land or moonlight
00:06:27or arrival but that will definitely be changing and it is changing movies and TV morphing into each other and simply becoming content 1 art form becoming indistinguishable from another to complain about this complaining about a lost art form seems so old school but we are where we are and I find it hard at times to get enthusiastic about the current state of the art how everything is just content it's all going to be shot the same and of you in the same way the combination of the dreaded democratization of the Arts anyone can do it anyone can make it we need more content or content more content a lot of people listen to this podcast and probably more would listen to it if I recorded it less erratically but sometimes I'm distracted since there isn't an interesting movie called work in the US I forget to do podcast it's different in other countries on the better movies I've seen in 2017 are mostly Forint in Europe this past weekend was a can film festival were filmed
00:07:27celebrated in a defiantly European fashion in other words no one talks about money over the art of film and what a crazy an Eclectic mix with spinning around that competition some of those movies I can't wait to see what does interest me now in American movies is spectacle something the TV cannot compete with in visual terms TV still reduces everything to the same common denominator and basically everything resembles everything else on that monitor in your bedroom there's very little granddaughter or visual scope in American television and I've noticed that my most pleasurable recent American movie going experience are ones that tilt toward massive spectacle on an almost Parada scale whether it was the fate of the Furious dumb and not great but the most surely enjoyable American movie I can remember seeing in the theater in years until lesser degree the trippy comic psychedelica of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 or the first three quarters of Logan or the dark of grandeur Ridley Scott brought the alien
00:08:27Covenant an old-school classicism that was sorely lacking in the overly fancy script and that little earlier this spring starring Jake Gyllenhaal innocently called life and that's the only innocent thing about this movie and which is no great shakes but the camera work is offensive desiccated opening with a remarkable floating tracking shot and the design of the movie is stunning and it has surprised me stayed with me for months it's CGI to death at time but it was genuinely scary the surprise ending that can leave you queasy with red and it stayed on topic in a way how do we get the fucking monster off the ship that made Ridley Scott's new alien movie scene ponderous by comparison space endless space the floating through the monster on the loose the scariest facts no sweat in the writers room trying to keep the damn thing alive for show after show after show at director using the camera to tell the story and the large enough budget to make sure the movie
00:09:27scraped and not like most TD hamper back in the mix that is the current sweet spot for me I'm increasingly at meetings or out with friends or a business dinner is where I've noticed no one talks about current movie and this isn't a loss because current American movies on that interesting okay I got it through the past two weeks I counted number current movies of people I was interacting with it seemed out of the dozens just two people the only two movies one person has seen in 2017 we're from in fact 2016 LOL and she didn't like and Moonlight she light and an entertainment reporter that was at a dinner I was at exchange thoughts with me on the new alien movie he didn't like it I'm starving for visual spectacle and on a certain level it delivered for me and yes I'm in the minority who actually like Prometheus conversations about Movies Anywhere TV definitely endlessly everywhere shows constantly mentioned that I've never even heard of but the movie conversation was always
00:10:27movies at the movies I told someone that Brad Pitt is starring in a Netflix movie that started streaming on Friday and they looked at me blankly I had no idea what I was talking about and I had no interest in seeing it even the one of America's biggest movie stars is in it and if you don't well known oscar-nominated actor we could go for peace I'm writing about the actor and he'll be king tongue-tied when I asked him what new movies he seen recently here at his brain or pretended to and realize that the last movie you saw in a theater was Moana and no he doesn't have kids my boyfriend the 30 year old Millennial. Coming with me to the movies a couple of years ago Valley after stack ring out of a bloated Marvel epic that this was the end for him no more and manchester-by-the-sea okay with that entertainment reporter that I just mentioned as well as seen Mal and thought it was okay but lately for him the video game is the new movie the new novel
00:11:27I'm playing Final Fantasy 15 has given him more entertainment pleasure that any new movie he's seen in the last 7 years or so and he's someone who loves 70s masterpieces ranging from The Last Picture Show to Barry Lyndon to taxi driver to McCabe and mrs. Miller to carry but new American movies now no way and what can I say how can I entice him when I can barely in time as myself come on let's go see Kong Skull Island at 3:15 let's check out Anne Hathaway in colossal don't you want to see snatched the loss and aimlessness some people feel about the end of the theatrical experience for certain kind of movie is a product of two things that's really dead American movie culture and the fact that the supposed golden age of Television is now over and it's been officially over for some time now if there is no longer a golden age just simply the age of Television this doesn't mean there aren't some good solid shows and some like Atlanta reaching some more higher than good but when
00:12:27what does massive Sia shows what seems like thousands of them everywhere available at any time where do you begin how do you locate once good or is everything just awesome as so many cheerleaders and social media and cysts and especially at the show dear is not to have a different Viewpoint rather than the smug group thing ideology of the moment dear white people has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes as everyone wants their mind I watch the episode Barry Jenkins directed and it's not his fault the show looks dead in airless that's just the template he's a friend of mine was in it the afternoon Funk and my boyfriend and I knew within 2 minutes that we need to escape the fake archness of the show complete with fake TV banner and over in phatic acting on my boyfriend flail of a TV and ask for Tots this way what's up just talk like this I suck it on to The Bitter End but talk about ideology Trump anesthetics yikes and guess what else is 100% of Rotten Tomatoes at the dystopian feminist drama the handmaid's
00:13:27tell and left side of the better and I don't want to rain on anyone's parade I know people involved with the show but the show is pure ideology run amok and its makers have encourage everyone to view it that way and of course she entertainment process drunk the Kool-Aid and keep normally Darkly that it's a show about Trump and his administration even though the majority of white college-educated females voted for Trump but I guess they're not going to be watching with the other 47% and the book was published in the early 1980s and they're not already been one very bad movie made from it in on my advice is to take a Xanax and I was by myself watching the first episode of many many shows that are either being recommended to me on social media or buy a friend or my mom or someone I know working on a show about 90% of the time the show is either okay or quite terrible and almost always always visually uninteresting which means yes a few good shows but mostly just okay shows flop
00:14:27around on the beach with an epic see a crap behind them let's face it there's nothing as great as The Sopranos or the wire or mad men being produced anywhere on TV that age is gone that in a nutshell was the very brief golden age of Television TV is now a giant system pack of hundreds upon hundreds and hundreds you haven't probably even heard of something like 500 scripted shows buying for our attention in this moment and maybe just maybe you've heard of some of them if you have been paying attention very close attention most people wander through the Wilderness secrete their own viewing bubble television and movies and movies increasingly are like television serialized 4 minutes of the Marvel and Star Wars movies movies I mentioned before are all part of the ongoing story line This is the 8th Fast and Furious movie this is maybe the 5th or 6 or 7 alien narrative Hugh Jackman
00:15:27teen years and God knows how many X-Men and Wolverine movies this is part 2 of the Guardians of the Galaxy other is going to be a third and how do you parody something that you've already become a writer director James Gunn cleverly finds a way more often than not and I laughed a lot with volume 2 and kingry convinced about Chris Pratt's which it done Mia in Jurassic world the passengers so in a way the movies have brought the TV experience to the cinema and as I said before the difference is that the only movies that offer the pleasures of the cinema going experience now mostly these big-budget extravaganzas and spectacles it is Logan until it's janky looking last quarter it is alien Covenant Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the feet of the Furious what you get from these movies you can't get on TV true you're not getting an entire season of okay well written expository dialogue moving the show forward in the sea
00:16:27the close of the medium shot but you are getting miles up on Miles a fantastic Hardware superbly edited action set pieces cut with brutal efficiency from Maximum Impact increasingly spectacular special effects that TV cannot even come close to accommodating and the question becomes who would want to see these sequences anyway on a small screen HBO's expensive sci fi reboot Westworld looks like an intimate drama compared to the climaxes of alien Covenant in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and especially the thrilling extended car chase really realize by F Gary Gray & Company that takes up what seems like the last third of the fate of the Furious pure kinetic movie making watching the pilot of Westworld I thought use the script so complicated already this is just so writer Rumi what happened the pleasures of visual narrative when we already as complicated place in the very first hour of the show the pilot of West
00:17:27I felt like what should have been episode 9 or 10 in season 2 it already become so overly concerned about story and plot and narrative and revealed all things connected to writing and show running and not directing that I became disinterested as we moved into episode 2 and on TV shows just keep going I know the leftovers third season is being lavishly over praise as the best show on television now and I like the first two seasons of the leftovers but while watching season 3 I'm getting the creeping suspicion that we could have ended the show satisfyingly on that final moment in season 2 a few times a leftovers as a standalone episode when it focuses on just one character and sometimes it's like an unusually and needlessly faithful Stephen King adaptation for a book King never wrote girls one of the very best shows and TV actually climax with his best season last year with season 5 that was a high water mark or any other show rise above girls introduced a new cinematic town in
00:18:27style never before seen on TV, and which will be endlessly copied actually sustain that this artistry for six seasons this season and won the extra mile with its series finale which should have been the brilliant wrap up in the bathroom at Shauna's party the moment it shows seem to be heading towards in season one of these young self preoccupied women we're never going to be the band of sisters other shows and the culture itself likes to encourage a kind of uncomplicated fantasy of Sisterhood a fantasy that girls always boldly rejected this penultimate episode of slap in the face that kind of thinking and had a hard I'd honestly that is a rarity in Millennial culture and that Lena Dunham has always trafficked in and there were very few scenes of stunning and TV last season as the one in the diner with a freshly reunited Hannah and Adam after spending the day together when I stop talking and the awful realization hits that they are not meant for each other just really think girls and such on his party
00:19:27Eli's wait there's one more episode and then we're up stayed at the campus Hannah is teaching out while raising her baby with Marnie and you're thinking why are we here as the episode 1 on I kept thinking I must Hannah is going to murder the baby and blame it on Marnie or her mother and I'm not sure how interested I am and seeing how this turns out this was a reminder that I began having while becoming Emerson TV for the best movies under standard format of movies from last year were movies by Moonlight lala land manchester-by-the-sea that work contained to our experiences and we're not going to benefit from 8 to 12 extra hours and yet sometimes the new TV format of the six or eight hour movie as me being patient with the theatrical experience because I realize sometimes that certain movies would have been much better as a miniseries and they are distracting to sit through because by comparison to what TV Canal allowed at the 8-hour movie they feel rushed to me and what a
00:20:27benefited from being longer more fleshed-out degressive last Springs most talked-about many series were HBO's big little lies and foxes Betty Davis Joan Crawford pitchfest Feud both of these were essentially 8 Hour movies has subjects that new movie studio with touching a million years based on a novel by LeAnn to tell big little lies story is a long movie is completely worth it and it benefits from taking its time and it's also more involved than your average TV mini-series because it has a sustained and unusually cinematic look so often Overstock to death with watery slow motion montages and get you couldn't help being aware that it didn't add up to much it always seem to hide to Camp Eeyore too aware of its suppose it important about domestic abuse which made the fun shallow soap opera aspects of it all seemed lopsided compared to how solemn in Endless Nicole Kidman's therapy seems work and it's ending the one I surprise
00:21:27also Ali weight listen to be resolved and a miniseries seem scared to go to the next uncomfortable episode which was a scene perhaps with the Nicole Kidman character and Shailene Woodley's character the show just ended with a fakie woman empowerment Vibe when the show was always at his most interesting and real when it was questioning that Vibe and maybe think about how Lena Dunham might have dealt with this material as well as noted that a man wrote the entire adaptation Adam and directed all eight hours of big little lies but regardless big little lies was a reminder that TV and movies are going to be interchangeable Ryan Murphy Feud doesn't have a cinematic looks but it was spellbinding even though it was selling fake camp and because it was 8 hours be could take its time and go places it could never have gone and it's shorter condensed the actual version the junk Crawford storyline culminated in one of the saddest most haunting and best directed sequences I saw on TV this year of Joan filming the Dismal horror movie trog in England at the end of the nineteen
00:22:27a long way down from where she wants was at as Jim Morrison sings the end over the Montage of Joe quietly drunkenly falling apart and set there is no way and things to do with Evergreen like the story about the feud between middle-aged actresses Betty Davis and Joan Crawford while making whatever happened to Baby Jane and I'm grateful that Ryan Murphy and fox but there's a tower movie together even though I know people who loads it because of his portrayal of director Robert Aldrich play by Alfred Molina as desperate hat and that Susan serandon was too lightweight as Betty Davis that was the reason my boyfriend stop watching the show after the end first episode as well as not being able to Bear the famous Ryan Murphy can't factor for some reason this time out it didn't bother me and I found the storytelling and the detours it took completely riveting and compelling Feud is another example of the possibilities of the new medium of the morphine of the TV on a cinematic experience I guess what I'm saying is
00:23:27prefer the 8 hours it took to tell big little lies and Feud over condensed to our version of the story is this is increasingly happening and maybe this is why so many American Pie movies feel puny by comparison there so many shows available that when I often ask someone relatively tuned into the TV landscape what they think about a certain show that was recommended to me from someone else relatively tune into the TV landscape they often have not even heard of the show let alone watching episode the choices are overwhelming and it seems like everyone is watching something you haven't heard about how do you watch 13 Reasons Why have you seen fauda have he wants to Santa Clarita diet Will & Grace is coming back and still is Roseanne am I black or Ray Donovan or Black Mirror what's difficult people oh yeah I've been to watch that show last year I didn't recognize the title only drowning in content entertaining ourselves to death of Michael Crichton and David Foster
00:24:27prophesize this in their work in West world and Jurassic Park or about this as is Infinite Jest where destructive film call the entertainment Lowe's of you were into watching content that is so mesmerizing if you were can't stop watching until they die I feel that way sometimes when I bench want to show something I am training myself not to do anymore since I don't need to be reminded how close it to death I am the first season of that Glenn Close to go from few years back damages was available and it's a Sunday and been highly recommended to us that weekend by a group of friends and we thought we'd give it a shot early afternoon we'll watch one episode and then we'll go to the store and get some stuff for dinner I have work to do later tonight maybe watch a movie I have a meeting that's why I have to get up early cool okay sounds good I don't know how it happened the show wasn't that great but it was a machine designed to entrap you and I was almost
00:25:27what should be gripping and it was set up in a way in which the Mysteries were coming at you so convulsively that you had a primal physical need to get the answer the phone and find out what happened next it was an addiction we fail to take showers we still got out of bed we fail to answer emails or texts or the phone we failed to get to the market one of us distractedly order takeout we ate the takeout in bed disgusting and drag ourselves to the last episode of That season sometime in the middle of the night just laying there the dark like corpses completely still the only things animated in the room where our eyes reflecting the dark Madness of Damages plane out on the widescreen TV our faces Death Masks just staring staring endlessly staring
00:27:33what is the song have to do with a producer Dana brunetti burnetti was in 2012 one of the first people to prophesize this that the TV and Movie experience would become a woman and places like Netflix and Amazon and who would be actively making their own content in selling it in fact becoming their own Studios that this was the future and it was simply inevitable that web video will destroy the networks and conglomerates as we know it and she was talking about this at a time when others were not he is one of only a few producers we've had on this podcast including Jason Blum and I think it's a good idea to check in every now and then with a producer to see where everything is landing and even though Jason Blum talked at length about where we are as a business and where we're going this was two years ago and things seem to be happening so quickly that to the Lane and it might be hard to keep up for Nanny started out of Kevin Spacey's executive assistant in the 90s and eventually was running Spacey's production company trigger Street as well as becoming is producing partner and Stacy has often Pub
00:28:32he said how much he has appreciated Brunetti's common sense and bullshit radar as how pretty is David Fincher's The Social Network Captain Phillips the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy of the producers of the TV series House of Cards that put Netflix on a map in 20 13th and he has been nominated for to Oscars last year Vanity Fair posted a piece of a pernetti called Dean burnetti Hollywood's most openly this light and the secretly beloved executive and what is either a fan of his no bulshit approach in a town that is very full desperately full of bullshit and the fake pose where you're secretly or some I secretly trash him this is most apparent and public if you check out the message boards deadline or the rap or variety of The Hollywood Reporter whenever a piece of news about involving Brandy gets posted defended himself defending himself and calling people out and he's kind of somewhat controversial
00:29:32so quiet and answer 2017 which will let him talk about or not it's also believe her any always has been about a certain kind of movie wants to make mid-budget non Temple movies for adults as we know this is an increasingly difficult thing to achieve now theatrically the Africa Lee theatrically he has recently stepped out of the drama that is relativity media and is now on his own as an independent producer my first question before I want to get in what happened at can I was Netflix's why would an affair call you Hollywood's most openly dislike executive mean what have you done to deserve that title and are you also secretly beloved
00:30:14is Hollywood for one so I think anybody that has any success people don't like that's just the nature of our yes but I I think I'm only just like because as you know I don't I call it like I see it and it doesn't really rub a lot of people the right way in this town of of a lot of ass kissing which I try not to do I mean sometimes you have to but I try as much as possible to to not do that and I also I'm not I'm not ashamed to swap My Success. My talents or Flop my abilities and in a town that tries to act humble that's really not how I'm just blatant about Evan lot of ways and in reality I think a lot more humble than many would be particularly in in my position as far as being secretly the love I don't think that's necessarily a secret cuz I brought a lot of
00:31:14Prophet Alarma Tyrael in a lot of lot of opportunities to a lot of people Beyond just myself everyone from Studios to other producers to town from directors to actors I would like to think that I'm the love for the same reasons that people dislike me as someone was made a certain kind of movie and from the gambling drama 21 to The Social Network the Captain Phillips to 50 Shades of Grey sophisticated mid-range movies made for adult what are you seeing playing out in the theatrical market for those kinds of American movies I mean is there a future for them or is it over I mean I've been thinking a lot about this for the last 5 or 6 years the notion that movies have. Where they played in giant movie palaces we waited in line to see you then let me watch the one giant screens and we ordered them and they had a huge cultural import for about 90 years and then that's over and that's okay you know I'm getting used to
00:32:14that idea and resigned myself to the fact that there are many many old movies I haven't seen yet and that seems to be taking up by far the bulk of my movie watching experience these days I can this past week there was a debate that opened up at the film festival and that debate revolves around the theatrical experience of a movie or the idea that you can watch it on TV on your phone whenever you want and the French as I'm sure you know or maybe the most intense cinephiles in the world and the theatrical experience for them is like going to a church or a museum to movies produced by Netflix both by pretty good directors Noah baumbach and Bong joon-ho were included in competition not so I can but in actual competition even though these two movies were not going to have a theatrical release French theater owners protested and the festival organisers backtrack and said any movie not released theatrically in France
00:33:14would not be allowed in competition at Future festivals this opened up the main debate for the duration of the festival would everyone chiming in from Ted around those to Alejandro in a Row 2 defending Netflix to Pedro Almodovar who was the head of the jury saying that the size of a film should not be smaller than the chair you're sitting on Will Smith who was one of the jurors did not agree with Pedro and said Netflix has had no effect and what my kids go to the movie theater to watch and that Netflix has brought in his children's Global cinematic comprehension and of course Will Smith has a deal with Netflix so if you don't leave of course you say that but junior said he didn't mind if people so I was filming a big screen or a small screen but more people than not wear siding with them all that are at can and argue that can competition should be about the theatrical titles only and final note Netflix plans maybe 50 films this year so the debate is about digital
00:34:14corruption and the industry's relationship to Silicon Valley the fate of the theatrical experience and what kind of screen content deserves to be included in the film festival awards ceremony this is an existential fight in a way you know it's essentially holding on to a past and Shara Sheen a reference for narrative that is ending the future is the disruptors and the destructors versus The Establishment and a tradition listen to set sounds familiar to anybody right now what do you think about this
00:34:49you know I'm a huge proponent for the demise of theaters to an extent I think the experience will never go away it's something that it's it's a it's a date night it's it's a it's a good time out it's going on this summer for air conditioning it's a variety of reasons to go out and do something and enjoy something particularly like a big movie like student studios are making now it's something you want to see on a big screen with the crazy sound but as technology advances both from what people can have their own theaters from a large 4K television for very little money and Surround Sound and everything can be stream bray to you I think our business is cannibalizing to self and I'm in a lot of ways and one of the there's a lot of different so I can go off on this but I'll try to keep it more focused on just me personally movies that
00:35:49summative mention by social networker Captain Phillips are 21 those movies I would not be able to get made today in the traditional Studio since Netflix in and all the others that will come and that's a big thing this is like when Steve Jobs holds up that iPhone 10 years ago and everyone holyshit touch the screen and it moves that's where we're at now has a screen that if you don't if you're touching it doesn't move there something wrong with it so we're only in infancy of where this is going to go and Netflix is the first and Amazon and Hulu and there's going to be many many more that are going to come
00:36:26what that does though for Creator like myself it gives me a lot more places to get the type of material that I known for making now with their Temple movies that's the only thing that that we can really you don't control the a piece of your kind of your kind of stuck in your sleep in 1 through the looking to get something that I like to make two to get that I don't give a shit a big blockbuster movies don't know whether that's that's not nothing against them for the business because business to the better chance I have to get my other phones made so streaming services in Netflix and Hulu and Amazon road to be the future of our business it's the same as additional shooting when a lot of filmmakers are like I will never shoot digital I would only ever shoot film
00:37:26I start to realize the advantages of it everybody starts going to end as the technology progress and got better everyone started going to digital the same thing is going to start to happen even more so than it is is now and you're going to see more more going that way because of the technology and the buildings and and an opportunity leaders but also do what he gives to the business but that's the mean she works where she watches hurt her content-type I'm she goes to the theater to see Cinderella or whatever the new animation movie Stand and that and that I have with the experience it's just not a good experience anymore you go and if somebody on their cell phone in front of you or you yeah there's
00:38:26are you talking or just people going in and out we also we live in this DVR just afraid you're going to miss a pivotal plot Point although I don't have to get up grab a beer if you want you have some friends over started at 7:06 as opposed to paying $20 for parking and $15 for popcorn and the night out that it cost definition for starting to realize now then for my content in the Box
00:39:26cylinders concessions for popcorn how much they're charging for that and with that and they require certain things for releases and do they have too much of a hold on her business they releasing releasing his money left on the table right now by the studio zoom in for our business I hardly ever go to theaters right now babe because I have a 4 year old daughter and I have to get a babysitter and everything I said before about the concessions and certain time but if I stay at home
00:40:18my 60 inch 4K television surround sound and it started when I wanted to start it pause it when I want to deposit have a few friends over for that 60 70 80 90. Determine what that that cost is
00:40:49let it go let it go away or is being blown away by a movie a kind of outdated American area that only applies to people the certain demo say that about controlling the film I wonder what's lost by that because I used to think the part of the power of going to a theater was that you can't control the film it controls you it starts when it wants to it's not going to stop for you it's on a bath screen the door few and you kind of have to give yourself over to it in many ways is very positive experience and so you let this thing wash over you giving up that control in a way of falling into the movie where I was when you were stopping to fill in your bedroom and I've noticed a lot of movies that I want to see of course but I noticed that
00:41:50does that minimize the power of what I'm watching to a point I think I think you're right however that if I'm not doing that that's how I know the movies good yes if a movie tonight uses when I used to be when I want you to stay there and I sat down and watch the movie then if I wasn't thinking about how to get that location on how much you pay that after I was if I wasn't thinking that that's why I just got lost in the boy sucked into an unfortunately I think it says something more about the quality of our phones as opposed to the material is good
00:42:39I'm going to really notice a television and there is so much good television when I said to sit down for theater you're sitting in your going for the ride that's what you done with your and we start and we go and it doesn't get interrupted every 2 hours let's see how good it is and in like a half hour 45 minutes and I'll be able to also I mean I do think that that brief moment of whatever was called the Golden Age of television is over it's just the age of television with a thousands it seems a scripted show a Content that we seem to be drowning and I talked with people every week about shows I never got that they love and they said that I've got to watch and I don't know if it's an age thing either be
00:43:39cuz my boyfriend who is 30 years old didn't go to movies for the reason I want to them I mean I was in the 70s so we got the deer hunter we got Apocalypse Now we got Taxi Driver film that you would want to go to a theater to see what he grew up in a different time and so as a kid in a teenager he went to have fun be entertained see whatever was popular let's see the number one movie and you know he was a little literature major in Iowa and appreciate the movie education that I gave him when he was showing him the Godfather in The Last Picture Show and there is a Palma movies but he's just not that interested in new movies and he sees video games like the latest Final Fantasy as the new movie that is his new movie and he made that Val couple of years ago after staggering out of a Marvel movie that he is done with new movies I want to see these many more if he's done with them but I was going to ask you what am I
00:44:39you said you really like lately and I realize I don't have an answer to that you must not have an answer that I mean something I really stands out and I don't even know if I can say that about the foreign movies get released here and or you know certain documentaries I mean it's really gone to the point where it is American movie making this hit in all all time low but I'm curious what TV shows are you watching regularly to keep up and how do you find out what you want to see I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY television with straws my girlfriend crazy for me to keep up with a lot of them like what you said before that you have to watch this because it's just I don't see it I don't type it into I can't get on the ride
00:45:39but there's some pleasant surprises actually I started watching Game of Thrones because there was nothing else on when Game of Thrones first start and I was never intermediate medieval war fantasy kind of stuff like that that suck me in and I'm now I'm now into I can't keep up with it for anything but I just learned it like to work in Glen together breaking bad I'm watching Better Call Saul Now I like with a going with and how come in Madden and seeing where I wasn't going to come back to these characters were originated from where they're going it's also being in the business part of my problem cuz I'm looking too far ahead of where this going to go and how they're going to connect this and how are they going to do this and so I'm watching that big little lies
00:46:39my girlfriend first episode I called The Twist at the end of the first freaking episode and all the way through there is no way that that's what it is and so much better all the way through
00:47:04cuz I wasn't really wrong it's hard for me to get into a lot of shows just like a lot of love Netflix shows are some really good stuff but it's hard for me to stay in like some of the greatest television I think was Sopranos in The Wire some of the some of the best TV ever I think I think that those shows are not being made I don't see them be made into those landscape are the thing that bothers me to a degree about this overpraising a television is that it's really only about storytelling the showrunner is the audit or not the director of the director The Hired Hand if it's really all about writing writing rights I see this kind of writer Rumi kind of structure and things going on a lot of TV shows the kind of drive me crazy at the big little lies one of the things are
00:48:04struck me about that is that it was a tourist in a way John Marcelli directed all 8 hours and had a consistent look and feel to it that was unusual from anything else and he was using the camera in a way that he could use the camera in his previous feature so it was different from what you mostly see in television maybe because of TV I could pass TV where the camera was really never allowed the character you didn't have enough time to get mood and atmosphere money but honestly to compete with even okay movies looking great that's changing I think I think that whole attitude in terms of the cameras the director used in the camera and television is definitely coming into play that was one of the things that I notice it up a little shot really well but I think it was just pretty generic television when you when you're strip that away and the only times this past week there was an op-ed who's headline was
00:49:04Lori Hollywood China's not a threat the country's film industry is not successful artistically or financially this was written by John Pomfret investment has flooded into the industry in recent years and see the world's largest network of theaters is owned by the Wanda Group which also purchase legendary pictures 16 members of Congress signed a letter wary of the ramifications of Chinese Assault in Hollywood the writer goes on it has been 20 years since Hollywood made a movie in which Chinese authorities or China itself was painted in a somewhat negative light most recently China say than American astronaut in Ridley Scott's the Martian trying to save the planet in arrival and in Transformers Age of Extinction and both movies Paramount portrayed Chinese officials as more competent and their American counterparts Hollywood's Craven Karina Chinese favor in exchange of its vast Market Rivals only that of Mark Zuckerberg spoils to get Facebook unblocked in China
00:50:04Pomfret continues it's important remember two things trying to film industry remains abysmal artistically and has begun to flail financially in 2016 China's much of vaunted filmmaking industry 2000 movies clearly a case of quantity over quality and an average these movies made about 2 million apiece compared to the 70 million the average American movie made there every Chinese film company is facing financial difficulties and it's box office revenue is stagnant and let's not even talk about Matt Damon in the movie The Great Wall of monster Extravaganza co-production Universal on the Chinatown group among others that is going to lose around 75 million dollars because it is assumed to be so bad and Pomfret sums it up by saying that Chinese movies will continue to stink artistically as long as the government keeps his hands the business of making movies at the problem of China is that it can't make the Blockbuster movies of Americans make because of Chinese censorship issues so certain
00:51:04not acceptable weather is Ironman The Hunger Games Gravity the Fast and the Furious movies in The Lord of the Rings as an added note I know filmmakers have been trying to work with a Chinese and they say it is all Madness and lies what does initial fear of China Justified and what role is trying to going to be playing in the global film Market in 2017 and Beyond difficult one figure out because that's what everybody's been looking towards for the least the last few years for variety of reasons for the amount of money that they're putting into Hollywood some of it's been real some of it hasn't been I've heard more stories that the money really wasn't real and I know it is hard for them to get it out I'm trying to now to actually put it into us into these introductions the other is the their population amount of audience that stare into those are two things that everybody in our business wants
00:52:04each and they want money to make their films and China it seems to have that but that is right about the sensors it becomes a problem as to what you what you can and can't do 6:20 slots they have a year that you can the Foreigner us movies I can fall into those and they have to pass but you're right about it being very random Chinese movie for China wasn't very good release for our standards but I don't know how well in China but I was before this whole Chinese wave happened here but I saw it coming and what was it was it was called that Inseparable and it was basically Kevin played this superhero that was a figment of this guy's imagination Daniel Wu and
00:53:04he's just like his the superhero the devil exists but was running around with in solving crimes and fighting crime around we were gone to our God on Joe Orr Foundry say we were there like maybe seven years ago and the reason that I wanted to do it and it was a very low budget film but was to introduce Kevin into China rights and to get him there more so that many what does House of Cards I saw that there's definitely something there and it was weird though because that move some stuff things like critical of the Chinese government and things that was passed through wherever we were able to do it
00:54:00but it's I just spent a lot of time and and Hong Kong was there for about a week meet with a lot of different medication companies and networks and Thursday and I couldn't figure it out myself I don't know what they're looking for some say that they want just straight down the middle American movies that they want to get the distribution to because the film's may be a part of China like Matt Damon film don't work others want have some aspect of China involved in them before they they want to get involved or finance that more experience and really figure it out at least there's not one to do it it's it's spinning on who you're talking to from one day to the next very very start terms what makes a good producer compared to what makes a bad producer what is the one difference between the two or one of the main differences between the two
00:54:58goddess like describing what a producer does it varies project the project I've always said that a good producer is involved as much A lot of times I'll see producers that will come in and think that they need to stick their fingers and every pie that's involved at the script comes in and the writer has a great handle on it and they only need somebody doesn't need to weigh in just feel like I've been a part of it and start going down another tat or movies in production everything as I'm supposed to but I've seen pictures of go round in the Meadow in the costume Department to make a department head apartment just met on everything and again I think it's either for their own insecurities are there a justification that they're actually doing something
00:55:58and I are going for the material and their director writer actor and know what works that can be adapted to the screen or newspaper article when I finish this will it attract the ability be made now financing her to get into a studio and will keep them captive box and two other people receive for 2 hours and watch this and if it starts with B
00:56:58mattress but I don't want to sit in the theater and pay twenty bucks and go through everything that there is to do that at the end
00:57:06suggest and it's something generally pursue
00:57:14he wants to dream like a young man
00:57:19with the wisdom of an old man
00:57:23do you want this home man security
00:57:27Boston beer
00:57:35where are you going
00:57:48Pedro distended best friend
00:57:52if you need him to be there again he's always willing to be second-best a perfectly imperfect
00:58:14just can't have it
00:58:18just can't have
00:58:25so you grew up in Covington Virginia it which is a paper mill town and Uncle dirt poor in the seventies and eighties before you join the Coast Guard is that correct that was in 1992 I guess you don't know what was your childhood as well as your teenage years in Virginia like thanks to Facebook and Twitter I get people from that I've never even heard of her know that contact me it's it's a small New Jersey and my brothers and sisters were born in New Jersey and my father was a bit of a hippie Saturday want to I'll probably get in trouble for saying that
00:59:25transfer to the small town in about 6 acres of land to build a log cabin self remember that as a kid and I was the only child born in Virginia and I remember him cursing like how is he was building a log cabin in the news and it was a small then big movie Watcher the kids did you like movies I know you like Star Wars but overall fandom of Star Wars of Star Wars is a little over exaggerated and it's because of the movie Fanboys that I did that's right you made that movie them was witches
01:00:25well documented and it was just a bit of a nightmare all the way around the production and release the movie is good for what it is and and for the constraints that we were put under however I then became labeled as is Die Hard sellers not as die hard as people make me out to be and it's a lot because I have in my office and at my house props from the movie Frozen the movie that people song I just it just snowballed into something original question where I grew up there was the visulite theater one screen and it was usually films that were two three months old if you want to see the new releases you had to drive to run out if there's an hour and a half drive at the time I'm going to Roanoke to see a movie that was like that was a big night as you're leaving early if still daylight as you're driving through the mountains to get there and it was an event it was like know what I was
01:01:25and that's where you could see the the the newer releases and that's also was a different arrows film so I love going to the theater then and that was the movies were just give him the toy Richard Pryor and coming out of that and make my dad open the back door for me cuz I was like the little rich kid movies were a way to escape and but it was very difficult to see a lot of films that you can afford that but be there was a limited number in a limited access to to see if I release it so you can see maybe one a week but they would keep it for a while and it would play for a couple weeks there and before another movie came in so it was not not as easy to see films so after the military you're in New York did you briefly to New York University
01:02:25for a very short straight 6 weeks as far as I know what I wanted to do I tried to write I sucked at it and just kind of gave up a lot of things but never really pursued it to complete anything and then that's what I wanted to do all that I'm producing was something that I really like never pursuing producing it wasn't until after I launch the website that can I create a controversy. As far as buying filmmakers and screenwriters that stuff really started getting submitted to us that way once I was up and going to run in a documentary that needed some finishing funds in
01:03:25help to complete it that I got involved in that and it being the first thing that I was involved in as a producer and that's when I really started to get my feet wet and it wasn't until 21 that that's what I wanted to be a produced when I found the article that was ultimately to the book and taking 6 years ago to me but that was the first thing that I grab to start to work on as a producer of produce a couple smaller films including the one with Alec Baldwin minis first time that was actually the first film ever produced working at a startup digital wireless network company you know early 90s what dinner party where you at when you randomly meet Kevin Spacey or as some people online question did you just sell him a phone and that's how you met him
01:04:25call Don omnipoint venice's when everything was first going digital analog phones were still 10 numbers and there's no caller ID or anything like me all the features we have now so it was a little random which ultimately become a T-Mobile was bought out by voice Raymond and Fortune became T-Mobile in the Northeast in Miami in a few other pockets and there was a guy that work around the corner he was interested in stock and so he would always come around and talk to me about what we were doing what we were up to and turned out he was friends with Kevin I didn't really know who Kevin was at the time and a couple times and then he's always coming to this dinner that we're having it was at Blue Ribbon sushi in New York and we went to his dinner dinner for five of us there and that's where we originally met and then he was in New York for a while I was right after he did LA Confidential and
01:05:25Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and then we're just friends hanging out going to different clubs and groups New York to and then I was maybe a month later he was going to London area planning to go to London Iceman Cometh it asked me which I thought I can wait for me at the time and the company that I was doing really well when I was in the military and I really liked it and never really traveled anywhere else other than you and I just take off myself take my dry cleaning up his dry cleaning and it was a 3 month and I ask for a leave of absence job said no because at a time
01:06:25there was a Sprint PCS was launching there was still it was merging with T-Mobile need it so they said they said no And I said Okay initially and then I was sitting in my all the way it is so hold off that was our office at the hit on Broadway at the end of Bond Street and we had a awesome lost that turn into cuticles it was late at night or late for working 8:30 I popped up out of my cubicle prairie dog about food and every day from New Jersey and she was stressing I was her numbers then she had to hit and I don't want to be that guy when I'm 40 years old and I called Ken
01:07:25can I just do you still need somebody to be your sister-in-law but I thought you were going to do it I'm like 3 months so my plan was I had a 6-month knock and I would go a lot of three months I've come back to the competition for 3 months and then 3 months ended up turning into a year that's when he discovered the Old Vic we started at the Alameda Theater Howard Davies drugs in the Iceman Cometh was my first introduction to Theatre and never gone to Broadway Theater and I started from radon the rehearsal Hall that they had down the street in his LinkedIn from the Alameda theater watching all these great Shakespearean actors from to Tim pigott-smith to I mean Freight actors that end up becoming friends with and I really didn't even notice
01:08:20and that was kind of like my introduction into Hollywood really an entertainment was not through Hollywood but through British theater you become the president of trigger Street Productions Spacey production company is that movie that's called minis first time which is released in 2016 and star Nikki Reed Alec Baldwin in a smoothie cause controversy because of Alec Baldwin's new Memoir was just came out and in the movie Mini's first time Baldwin's character has a sexual relationship with a stepdaughter and a two of them plan to murder her mother and Nikki Reed was 16 at the time of shooting and Alec accuses you of misrepresenting the age of Nikki Reed when they shot the film and bald and says that he had no idea that she was 16 when he shot her seams together Baldwin says he wasn't aware that you FIFA's underage until the end of the film and that he flipped out because the producers you told him something different and he implied that you were shady and unethical and you tweeted that Alec Baldwin lied and new Nicki
01:09:20what's 16 you called him a fool and he called you a Hollywood idiot and a zombie and he threatened you you called him a douche this is on Twitter by the way you can read this on Twitter but how did this controversy that happen if alternate Lee resolve itself and what do you think about mold in general
01:09:38when is the excerpt from the book and normally I would just be like that whatever you're fucking line I don't care and if he would have just said she said in reality she was 16 if you would have just said I didn't know that she was 16 until the Indian Ocean Isle Maine I would have let it go and when I like whatever reason why I'm talking but when part two of that he didn't flip out on the producers and facing made it look like I done something that's why I got to call him out on it and I just basically put down factually of the reality of it and he and I actually share an agent and at the time I didn't have the same agent at a time but he
01:10:38there's three girls shortlisted one of them was at CAA the one was Nikki Reed was the director or financiers at the timer
01:10:51weather was one that was involved that was a little questionable there was a concern about the nudity in the sensitivity of the subject because it's the stepfather having an affair Nevada Avenue Fair with his stepdaughter so there was worried they might make it a little too too much they would want to hear too much and for the conversation was well for you and Nikki she's 16 she is underage so she can't be nude and Alec picked her shoes that we were faced with the others he had the same agent agency and she just come off the movie Thirteen was very well known at the time that it was based on her and her get her life now it takes time for movies to come out and be released in any of that old
01:11:51Alex said why I have to be an idiot to think they're that I must be an idiot to think that someone would know somebody's Age based on the title of the time that was what she was known for and it was a lot about being based off of her life and when I put it all out on Twitter and then he came on and I responded and I tweeted his Rod tweeted at Alec Baldwin as opposed to Alec Baldwin Foundation Sophie and Alex responded to that and said yeah because every so like he would never do anything shady or unethical
01:12:48and I was sitting at so out of all the cliche places to be and I was at a meeting with somebody from the office and I learned it was just like I'm sorry I got to deal with something so I got up went outside and I called I called our mutual agent and told him I guess you need to get control of him because you know he was like I'm staying out of it I'm not in the middle of it I'm like well unfortunately you are in the middle of this because I'm going at it and then I was Off to the Races send weeks changed quite a few blocks I still stand behind everything. I think he has a blowhard I think that
01:13:43who he is that said he's in the military and screaming yelling at people and just now walking over whoever they're going to walk over and I dealt with a lot in the military what you think I just punched in the nose I was just going to keep doing it to you but just stand up to him and don't let him steamroll you and I will always do that and if I know somebody's in the wrong I'm going I'm going to go back out and should have been measured who wrote the book on 21 is based on lunch and 21 was really your first big hit about a hundred sixty million theatrically worldwide
01:14:43you ultimately through kind of drama movies produced by with you with Scott Rudin Aaron Sorkin comes in to write the screenplay openly David Fincher came into the Rock in The Social Network comes together very quickly becomes a big hit strikes a Zeitgeist nerve is nominated for eight Oscars and it seems that is probably going to win picture and director until the movie called The King's Speech is released and kind of blind size of social networks chances and Tom Hooper Pizza David Fincher for best director and The King's Speech wins best picture best actor of beating up Jesse Eisenberg who plays upper Brookville feeling about the social network is that the movie is immaculately well maybe one of the last great Studio movies of that era at work and anti-mold money on anti Facebook movie made by Boomers and aging gen-xers and still working in Brewton have any feeling whatsoever for the possibilities of social media
01:15:43all of them that admitted they have no social media presence were never on Facebook and is its portrayal of Zuckerberg desordenes fantasy I'm asking you this because I can't imagine you being stupid our feeling about the possibilities of social media ominousness and a menace of this particular movie you have a different relationship with social media than the key tree does did or making up movies when I watch it that divided attention there about that and I don't think you would never definitely were definitely thinking of making such a kind of negative movie in some respect is Gucci girl is simply not true in the movie This is the Rose by that we see at the end with yes the Beatles singing baby you're a rich man which does she vaguely Boomer Ash as well
01:16:43Boomers version of a millennial origin story is kind of flawed in that that wins
01:16:54when I talk to people about it depends younger the younger Generations they see it differently than older generations and older Generations see it even more differently the younger Generations that I've spoken to 8 they love it tell me at least once I've talked to you that it's
01:17:21it's inspired them to chase after an app that they were thinking of doing push them to pursue it that's amazing I mean I have to get that from the movie was mm it's going to be what you're what you're saying and most interesting about that movie from different perspectives and every character some people think that Eduardo got screwed over and but then there's the name of the line he was a business company you should know what you were doing some people think that Mark is is a horrible person
01:18:19personally I think that is a badass Facebook they were the worst portrayed in the movie and personally I know them now has a different kind of different but I watch it now social media and see how they would perceive it when we were interesting but I I remember it was a fastest from inception
01:19:19screen on God I told sunny I got to move on this because this could be the next Myspace that's right thanks for the first person that looks on it and it said you don't get to 300 million friends without making sure it was just like a rocket taking off from when we started to what is ultimately was by the time I came out at the company of completely change in the website I completely changed but the story still there and there was a room full of attorneys and make sure that what we were doing we were we were
01:20:19secure within so that I'm not going to end up pissing contest with Mark Zuckerberg of all people but it's there's reasons for every every bit of that were very good with him and and frankly I think we made him look like a rockstar so season 5 of House of Cards premieres today on Netflix though you'll be here a little later date I show you also help reduce and the show that put Netflix on the map in 2013 at full disclosure I got in three seasons and then time just flew and I miss season for this season the evil unscrupulous Frank Underwood play by Kevin Spacey is still present in his wife Robin Wright is now the Vice Presidential nominee and all of Frank sins are coming back to haunt him there have been in the entertainment for the lot of concerns about HBO's Veep which stars of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the first female president of season 5 of House of Cards
01:21:19are the two most well-known TV shows about the political world for some reason I can't compare to the quote unquote Madness and quote on quote unending horror now occupying the White House have anything compete with the madness in the White House is this a self-fulfilling entertainment press prophecy about Trump is in the White House is totally invalidates The Comedy of the drama of House of Cards even though the shows are simply ybr I think entertainment to be consumed I never saw V Pour House of Cards as necessarily political or ideological shows want to Steve Urkel when is kind of a paranoid political drama and based on a British TV series what do you think of this ideology in this reaction from some in the entertainment for us
01:22:21the medium is the sky is falling every day and whatever the whatever the Scandal was last week already forgotten about this week
01:22:38and you may not agree with Trump as a president and may not be the best guy for the job but I don't think any of our last probably attend presents or whatever the best of all the people that political and electoral process is just so
01:22:56backwards never going to have the best guy but the fact of the matter is it's creating so much have watch House of Cards in Piqua police on that what you were asking earlier when we first started the show
01:23:28we thought that maybe we were pushing it a little too far Obama was President
01:23:47what does processes politics is politics that's going to come from it is what the media is going to feed us no matter what everything about Melania Trump pushing Trump's hand away is 2 X 0 and looking for something if they focused on any of the I think it would be a different narrative completely well I'm not saying Trump is the right I do disagree
01:24:30with the media and that's about it like but I have conserve reviews watching this is starting to push me the other way out completely it is I'm feeling a liberal guy was in West Hollywood I feel like this whole movement has been so out of control so unhinged that is absurd so yes I wish it's the season because it's it's
01:25:30how could I be like there before them and you did you attended the producers Guild Awards this past February and you walked out about an hour later and you post it on Instagram left an hour in when they're the only two words presented by that point and the politics were absurd the Hollywood bubble needs to be popped a podcast on in April exactly as the Hollywood hysteria over Trump's Victory where did it come from and what did it mean I never seen anything like this why would someone so affected why can't someone stop complaining about an elected president about how everyone seem to be reduced to this babbling idiot living in a self-made bubble and are you really so broken by an election where the American voters made their decision blah blah blah. He won get over it
01:26:30man I start working at 20 20 20 20 but just stop talking about impeachment and the Russians it just makes people look still in an inch I believe you have some people happy about that podcast and then other than they were very very pissed off and I do believe I was definitely disinvited unofficially a couple of dinners and people make excuses about at the gym 6 knew this was going to happen because of course supported but if you don't and it's also and everyone's been saying the same thing so they just think that everybody must be right if it's going to happen again
01:27:30what is there's no way Trump can win the polls show that the water at the electoral votes yeah I know they're doing the same thing and you look out the window that's really voting that's that's what Matt bubbles in LA and New York and other metropolitan areas elects president those people now want the electrical is done where I talked about it's on this podcast I was out with very wealthy proud Coastal elitist who said they should do away with the New York in La should decide who's President I actually fed
01:28:30you can't get over the fact that a lot of the people that I know who voted for Trump and I didn't and I knew women who voted for Obama who change their vote Trump gay men who voted for Trump but they was all about business it was about stuff like that it was a kind of pick and choose thing that this is better for me then I want this to happen more than I want that to happen it's just us ultimate disrupter because I was not enough for not being to watch do I have to vote for Hillary just because I'm in Hollywood. I could not do it
01:29:30Legacy shark give us people that actually make a difference in there aren't career politicians they did like about Trump and there's some business aspects of it too but if you knew where you stood with him while I'm going to be like every other politician like somebody else you want to hear I mean it was certainly for winning the primaries any into the into the election but people don't talk about here is that Beverly Hills voted for Trump Beverly Hills went red in a sea of blue and it's kind of like you know
01:30:30and again I don't know I mean in Hollywood perhaps is that pervasive but I ain't saw a lot of strange things going on in La about selection of course California is always going to vote for Hillary is not ever going to change the whispered secret dinners for people were single I have Hollywood on businesses and I can't really come out on Facebook or anything to say that I am going to vote for Trump and I have his dinner and talked about on this podcast it was in February of 2016 and I don't know what trump it done but I was at a dinner with for two couples in Hollywood on the other Hollywood businesses and it was the strange moment where everyone is a couple drinks into the dinner of trump it down some of that day wears on the primary and one of the women after us are glass of wine that you know I'm sick of it I I like him I want I want to go from the other couple was so relieved that I will I think we are too and this was in West Hollywood Ellicott the Beverly Hills brew and then they were in there 30
01:31:30forties and thought about how much electrons and then I remember that I went and tweeted about this when I got home that night and shocked that now this it happened to you it was funny and so anyway so this week goes out and Lily the next morning I had like 10,000 people retweeted it including Donald Trump so it was someone had really paid attention added
01:32:38movies you produce reflected to some degree your personal interest if poker order social media military professionalism and you said you like to make films a guy like you would want to see you said he wouldn't make Eat Pray Love For example and he also said that you like to read more dick lead as opposed to chick-lit books about guys doing amazing things that other guys would like to read but your approach to produce Fifty Shades of Grey listen to this podcast knows that I had Kelly Marcel the soul credit screen writer of Fifty Shades of Grey on this podcast the only interview Kelly did and what and what she talked about her experience on that movie and because of the kind of trolling prankster thing I did on Twitter about trying to get the Fifty Shades of Grey screen riding big dogs almost completely genuine people are contradictions okay I really did want to write that script I got to meet Kelly via Twitter after she got the gig and I had tweeted some jokingly angry things about what the hell is this woman getting
01:33:38Play 50 Shades of Grey and how does she get hired and Kelly reached out and we went and had drinks and got to become friends the last time we saw each other on the Sony lot where I was meeting you and Michael for a meeting about writing the Fifty Shades of Grey script I have been warned by my manager at the time that was most likely going to be a female screenwriter aka the author El James who I met later than this it wasn't meaning to offset my Twitter trolling about getting the screen writing gig because it was being picked up everywhere in the entertainment press on social media and Legions of women started following me on Twitter and it was posting pictures of hot guys with think should be playing for some gravy can kind of this the social media game I was playing I think I knew that once I was not office on an afternoon that this was but first we meeting with you guys and that whatever I pitch in terms of how I would have acted making the kids more realistically American I think was one of my one of my eye
01:34:38is was going to be nullified by El James who I had reached out to a couple of times on Twitter nudging her in the hiring Maids write the think she completely ignored me when I met u l James later at a birthday party at Robert Pattinson's house who was he yells first choice for Christian Grey she said she had been bothered by my social and my vocal social media presence and I hope the meeting with you Dana and Mike DeLuca would diffuse the situation and I guess it did after seen Fifty Shades of Grey The Weeknd it opened I got it it was a fantasy and lossy and it was very much much more palatable the book that was beautifully produced and it was nothing like what I had wanted to do with it which was staying completely truly action the book at making realistic just in the face of its massive financial success what a fool I was and then I guess the thing I want to ask is could Fifty Shades have been a different movie in today's Global Market and I know this is going to be a loaded question
01:35:38beside the point when I movie makes over half a billion dollars globally buddy I could have made money and maybe gotten good reviews whatever and play it was the Kelly-Moore self what was possible and Sam Taylor-Johnson thought was possible that was possible to have dinner with Dakota Johnson couple months ago said that her and Jamie Dornan were hired a point to someone to rewrite stuff but I know you're friends with E L James and I totally respect your diplomacy about what you want you going to say but it had not insisted on having as much control as she did what is it been better if the screenwriter Kelly Marcel hired by e l or the director Sam Taylor-Johnson also approved by El we're allowed to do their jobs what happened something different maybe a movie that got people were making fun of the books in the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing to see that there was something really there in the first book that could have made a really good movie I asked this yet no dude it made a fucking fortune what are you talking about who gives a shit
01:36:38people think it's a good movie or not but I have to say I also get I get Erica's control because I now take my cues from Erica Durham's of how she designed her deal and I don't know about future the adaptations of books but also my original script she made the movie that she wanted to make sure I have to respect her for that age then made badly what are your thoughts about all of this
01:37:05of course it would have been a different movie everything that you put into the process affects the the outcome of a lot of control and
01:37:28while I was difficult at times for for some people the one thing that we knew is she knew the Phantom's yes what we gave bases what Erica wanted to give them and that's what they wanted the box office shows that critical reviews Irby wasn't what it was for the desired fans best we could you read Fifty Shades different Vision completely different different characters and if I'm reading the same
01:38:28different ways and that's the one thing I've always as a producer and most of all been book adaptations this is most difficult thing is I take that story that people are reading the book of and translate it to the screen that will entertain them and meet their expectations in a way cuz you're going to disappoint people Fifty Shades just starting with the casting and we were under such a microscope from the fans at if there was such a spectrum of who they don't you be Christian Grey and they still should be Anastasia part of the decision to go with a great choice if I went there was a time for us that movie stars that was going to be
01:39:28I really preconceived notions of Dakota done some television she was in Social Network for small seen by Jamie had only done the fall and others most of the people really didn't know that works because it did allow the fans to discover these these actors as these characters at same time as opposed to whoever they thought I should be in either roll or in it for every single role in the book a lot of control ultimately it was to serve the fans as supposed to our our creative abilities because she really didn't know what was best for that movie
01:40:15what's your help denim less explain two listeners what relativity media was is was relativity is a studio founded by Ryan Kavanaugh in 2004 and it was a middleman company arranging multi-film sleep deals with Studios and then arranging financial support through banks relativity would receive film Equity producers credit and the fee is that sound about right in front of what it started out of it now what happened to Ryan Cavanagh and relativity media by the time 2015 rolls around 10 years later before you ultimately come into the scene
01:40:56is very different decade makes a huge difference in brief layman terms without getting personal that I think what happens in that decade to a place like relative what happened between 2004 and 2015 the business or what was it that I moved it into the direction combination of both of those Ryan is he is a genius in a lot of ways and to start from what relativity began as to to its high point not to when it became but you at I point was phenomenal particular get started studio in this business and have it be a successful as it was this is
01:41:48amazing forgotten that I can think of many other words what ultimately happened with it is again it's just what you read or hear I wasn't there but there are financieras movies don't work financieras people news article to bankruptcy I'm where I came in and was involved was it was in bankruptcy Rhymes trying to bring it out of bankruptcy I went in and met with him and his new Financial year at the time and they wanted me to run the studio be president and the creative control and run run the production side of business which for producer like me if you're going back to everything we're talking about before I'll just go
01:42:48the movies I'm down for just where I think the business is going in the wrong direction to Direction I think it should be going better place for me to then to have a studio picking up movies I want to make having all the creative control and basically dictating the types of films that we want to make I get to be the one to pull the trigger on unfortunately we never got the runway to pulled out of bankruptcy up and going again about the financing that we talked was on somebody going to come in and never happen so a lot of people thought that I was crazy going in and taking it just because it was tumultuous time for relativity and
01:43:33my whole thing was look it's bankrupt when I'm coming in to can't be much worse so if you come in and financing comes in and I'm able to make some movies and just make the few movies would have been a successful makers considered the Hope was that would be up and going to do was bankrupt when I when I came in so it can get any worse I was there for about 8 months and just I never got the runway that I thought I was going to get and realize that I should go back to just producing and doing what I would I do best and what I would have done that that's where I'm at now this partnership with Stacy and in terms of the crate of partnership
01:44:33brought the combination of a because we had dissolve trigger Street into relativity as I went in the chair Monroe but I continued on into into the company and you focus more on his back he's not running anymore he's doing House of Cards done a few movies and he's focusing on that and so once once and everything when I decided to leave relativity it was a great time for me now just to be on my own and do my own thing as a father you were on Twitter so the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande show last week and you kind of attacked the sentimental narrative vigils and post from celebrities about understanding and forgiveness and compassion and that you felt this was kind of misguided and illogical you tweeted something along the lines that if you love
01:45:33cancer is not going to love you back and I think Manchester was the Tipping Point because there were people have bought it Iran first of all to release a statement saying that this was an atrocity and that we need to stop at people are killing my fans with nail bomb and step up and say this is unacceptable and something needs to be done there was a kind of muted response to the share the love kind of thing that was going out to people were putting out there but there was a little bit of pushback it would seem that Manchester stepped over a line somehow and definitely Katy Perry was attacked in social media first thing everyone needs to be loved and you have to accept everyone knows our girl pop stars I get it I get what they're coming from but you tweeted first you notice at CNN and MSNBC weren't immediately dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy because they were busy covering Russian conspiracies and he didn't want to cut it to whatever and then you tweeted were told today to not be fearful of the terrorist
01:46:33110 to kill us but then told me fearful of our elected president what the fuck I think one of your tweets was in reply to something Jay duplass the brother of Mark duplass who posted a despite our fear or we owe it to all victims of Manchester of the Manchester attack to choose to act with love what was your reaction to all of this and what is your feeling about all the celebrities reaction to Manchester about Trump and the pendulum swings snow if I set it on the treats and it's it's just so much
01:47:19and you would we need to kill him with fire they need to be taken out and we can be as politically correct as everybody thinks that we need to be and it's that's not going to save Lodge unfortunately there's our decisions that need to be made remember how many weeks ago was it was protesting about Trump closing the borders to certain countries everyone forgot about that when I was in the next one there is a reason for that never that because you think that we need to put a little more scrutiny on it to show more love for asking if it's something like
01:48:19what is Proposition 8 so I have no problem with that show fucking love let's go let's do it doesn't have a different ideologies if you want to live in a country or be a part of the same desires and thoughts and wishes that the country that you want immigrate to dots this feeling that's out there isn't just generational I see older people younger people still hasn't shipped and it really does have to do with I think the exhibitionist equality of social media of revealing yourself showing signaling was a big thing look at how
01:49:18a compassionate I am what are you are or not just like should do it everything on Facebook fake neutered person was probably just a mass of contradictions and if you really sat down with me probably be on the same page but it's just this kind of the corporate ethos up in terms of how we should portrayer sells like these kind of Clockwork Orange is who you know only believe this and it's still there since all the positive and everyone is good is really part of the problem with the culture right now I think it's the biggest problem with the culture because everybody is at or you can make them good your full well you would know you were going Hollywood
01:50:11I'm we always ask every guest on the show so what do you think of the Eagles
01:50:17does such a weird question to ask one of my first guess was Stephen malkmus of the band pavement and he was talking about the music that he really didn't like any start talking about the Eagles in the kind of man I hate the Eagles Rich hippies you know their mustache Rock and I put the key sleep honey I just can't fucking stand them because I do like some Eagles song Hotel California and I'm I don't know so we can I got into a back-and-forth asking everybody this question yeah it definitely got me through some tough times I have the cassette Desperado flip it over and one side
01:51:17it's more just because I only had a few cuz that's what they had like journey and and Bon Jovi Bob Seger in concert once and Hotel California is you can't turn that off. Comes on and whatever the guy from pavement was saying Peaceful Easy Feeling whatever

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