Ed, Ross, Mikey and Mim talk about two books that explore insular societies making bad decisions; Clive Barker's Cabal and Can You Brexit?: Without Breaking Britain by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. Digressions include Tom Paton's Pandorica, Muppet Treasure Island and 2000AD's Dice Man. This is the penultimate show before we break up for our 2018 Summer Holidays.
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00:00:12Give him on a fire and he's warm for a day but set fire to and he's warm for the best of his life you're listening to britney words my name is ed i'm here wave on rose i'm lucky i men on on today show why don't these talking
00:00:30about two weeks we're gonna be talking about kai pulga's come about i will also go into talking about coming brexit without breaking britain by choose your invention of all my dear mom listen jamie thompson one of those books is about into a society that collapses in upon itself
00:00:46or the report of his power struggle We leave it as an exercise of listeners to which is which but before we do any of that jingle international just a quick advance notice this sure we are doing sure so big that is about current politics we don't normally touch
00:01:12politics you can probably guess we don't know we touch the books that's true so you might you know if this is something that raises your blood pressure we have no idea how the show is going to go but we're going to say you might want to skip this
00:01:26one if it's a topic that noise you we are very european however high so should we talk about books Oh jingle exchange program it was a lovely general we have a jingle exchange program you basically get one of your jingles we exchange of another jingle is a whole
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00:02:20we have an instagram which is also called pretty words which is really really lovely and pull a pictures of bodies on fluffy kitty's on the books shall we go with something about unspeakable horrors So can the brexit okay i'm wondering how appropriate is that This is being filled
00:02:39by someone with quite sore throat for a minute so way we're all tired worn out from talking about yes so dick morris and jenny thompson decided they were going to write this pretty much assume his article fifty was in vote on dh wrote and it was published in
00:02:56february the book is called kanye brexit without breaking britain you work in it article fifty was declared that invoke whatever what if at the end ofthe march two thousand sixteen seventeen sometime in the past sometimes passed yet it is there following day you are prime minister you have
00:03:18two years in which to somehow get britain out with the european union without breaking the country well this will make an amazing porking yeah well it is a game it is what it presented in game but former showing just to save your your your for a little bit
00:03:35so we expect jimmy thompson on dave more song so did morris and jim thompson full games designed this on she's your adventure games designers we've hade jeanne thompson on the show in the past as thie evil overlord his it is a bunch of kids books is evil ofthe
00:03:51lord and he loves him he has a lot of firm doing that voice as eight about it shows back from this one on his commencement it's a firm he was talking about a different project that sign but he he's stumping fantasy and easier for what white dwarf these
00:04:08that sort of focus again dr dale morse and he's a very little introduction he's the guy responsible for writing picking dragon more years yeah i mean those two are in a couple of the goat over there's mark smith and all that but they were not getting books but
00:04:27what a lot of other books were using this former so those the fabled lands theories that they contracted warriors a suitable that we call virtual reality adventures blood sold there's a whole range that they they did write a number off fighting principles and they've been republishing a lot
00:04:43of their own works as self published books of last a number of years as well they're pretty much the i mean everyone knows he's d jackson in the moments you know if you know if you fancy adventure books you know you don't we have sure was previously when
00:04:58you talk about the fact that they go back into my archive but yeah on but those these guys are the other kind of the stall warts pharmacy not constitutional adventure narrative structure genius is the sort of people that you know do teach the new generation off story design
00:05:20Yeah and they focus on what off the narrative strands of rather's so what ian livingston with frequently write a book where you turn to make a choice you tons of it and boom you're capture is dead in some immediate but and staining fashion that's i mean that's lovely
00:05:37surprise if you are invention and you want to stop okay what can turn back to the previous page and make the other choice That was funny Where is this is ok well let's see what we could go narratively day person and gentiles to see me a lot more
00:05:50on the literature side of that and the democrats were okay you know you're going to you can problem line you're going to survive to the end of this and you're gonna get a good story out today where can you go with now make sure choices are thankful on
00:06:03how to be make sure this is the narrative remembers what you've done so there will be a lot more okay his the key words to tick off borders there's a little boxes to take off if you've been to this place before they'll be taking this box to a
00:06:16basement if there's no tick do this on these mechanics still apply to this particular because well question must i've done a lot of the fighting fantasy books really loves them haven't seen any realistic or based on on modern life you think this might be one of the few
00:06:39of the woman sticks in my mind i'm again we're kind of on your body in the topic but two thousand eighty the comic book people deeds i think called nisman in the eighties it was it was a comic book choose your own adventure one of their and it's
00:06:58a kind of like a splash cover i think i'm pretty sure it was put together by mills was called you're ronald reagan and it was well before we finish screaming that continues story it was it is a car too cartoony style was a solid a satirical cartoonist off
00:07:17the edge of time on it was great fun this because it was full of useful facts like how do you get communication through during june in the war well from air force one they have the smarts of steel cable that is connected to the plane which is a
00:07:35hard wire because that's not going to go wrong with doing weaker apocalypse on that sort of thing so i was that was that was a few we did well this book is intend to the it's it's set my fictional in that it covers two thousand seventeen to two
00:07:54thousand nineteen stops some of that time here it hasn't happened yet every character has been renamed so this is these are clothing not the actual people in charge ofthe brexit att or all the people around the world There is a who's who of the starter book where with
00:08:10a list of names i was for these are all these people are so for example of the name right nobody is way have dodged a p wynne drip who is the president of the united states we have bob albert who's the lead the deputy leader of the opposition
00:08:24way have calling from gayle who is the sometime leader of you know there's a a lot of ok yes you so you there are a lot of people in this you are occupied roles which exist in reality but we are not using actual names for one reason or
00:08:42other the leader of the opposition being barry squiggle which is a wonderful man from these of the opposition there's a quiet you is the accident as well there's really stepped in such a state of the extreme extinct the u yeah yeah so yeah i'm not saying it's not
00:08:59as you are the prime minister in this book so see that name is clearly yours aziz literally is the morning after article fifty is invoked the very first question is right do you know asking fifty years if so it's not up to this page and it gets of
00:09:15course and this is what article fifty years yeah now you understood that great turn to this says where you were turned if you haven't if you only knew what iwas followed by right is this is you can't do this or stop before in books like this there are
00:09:28giving some statistics that you could need to keep track of their unlike having hit point so look and things like that from the seventy ones we've got authority economy good will on popularity and it's based on the percentage yes can you remember what the percentage was that they
00:09:43gave it Yes every single statistic begins at fifty two percent yeah so you won't get you after senator what's holding percentage but as the story goes on if it ever goes blows there are over one hundred caps Those two points on there is what you'll be has Is
00:09:59your authority above such a such force your popularity below So you know i realize that for ten minutes into the show we should explain colonials and the only people who were not from the united kingdom Brexit is wherever and decided on a fifty two four years said brought
00:10:14tio form about for except the population decided that we leave the european union for reasons i'm still perplexed too but just in case you missed it on twitter get down type of the twitter type it into google on do we read out dvd columnist or for that matter
00:10:37read this book because that is kind of the point is ok not people all know sufficiently well informed about this topic The whole point of the book is well he's going to try and say here are the options better We are informed you know this is in fort
00:10:52about what these things are If you think you can do it have a go So yes you saw also fifty two said everything is divided The country divided cabinet is divided families divided ever against the rover yeah but in a literal sense so you you will start that
00:11:10each the book is roughly split into four quarters off six month intervals so each six month you said right we're heroes from immediate issues that you're going to look at you will ask for your advice for information about these various things so go on tell me about right
00:11:26you just tell me about the consequences to the hse tell me about security and defense implications do you have options to just go now I don't know about this put my fingers in my ears and make decisions without hearing anything essentially yeah because it's called goes here's the
00:11:40information that you find out about this thing on that here's the bit where you know how do you know if you know from listening to this experts know let's puts me into action but you are looking to him out of time you've got because you've only got two
00:11:52years to negotiate all this stuff so some of this stuff is which do you care up this big rock You focus on that and you might do something great i've got i sought out right for you immigrants into the u k and rights for u k people have
00:12:07broad we saw to that unfortunate because i focused on that bit i've left my advice to the foreign secretary to worry about things like immigration on so held it will put me to what is essentially an essay on on science research in driven you i could read what
00:12:25that meanwhile but the game goes on so what i've read those pages i don't get to me i don't have informed decisions to make about the things i know you in a city is dealing in london not being informed about the topic doesn't stop me from making it
00:12:44is that you've only got enough time to ft act on certain as so long with things so he fires used to make it look like look if i don't you worry about risen residency rights then somebody else is going to negotiate having the negotiation strategy if i tried
00:12:59to interest international trade deals some years it could be handling the exit fee so your captain says something in your camp it's been handling some of these things and you've got stronger manage ok do i have authority over my party Don't have a good economy do have goodwill
00:13:14with the nations that are popular with the general public yeah on some of the decisions will say right well yes you sort it out this sort things out of his papers great you look commanding you you you give kate a lot popular with the public because this well
00:13:28because you certain money so they come he's gone down a couple points in response some things i'll give ye lasting fix that because such and such a sight we were handled the negotiations chatter before you you've now got their legacy and lasting effect on you how you handle
00:13:46negotiations future that's going to continue to have next fits because you would have a direct oversight sony as did and that's what you have to live with for two years of the book doesn't have a sense of humor he has a sense of this i mean this place
00:13:59is where you get some information while you are praying about given thing they want to know this thing or you have a completely dystopic vision about the image has could be if we follow that particular deal with the united states so it doesn't play with a number of
00:14:16things it doesnt sense if you america i may have really slightly quickly while i was reviewing some of this i think that's one of the reviews have you gone through this that have compared it to yes yes minister and other things along those lines so this having just
00:14:31look for it is written very charmingly it is this very very well put together quite product charming turn the froze on the book i think there's a good sense of humor and delaying everything december because you have to if you don't maybe reading out just what this little
00:14:47section which is quite tight you apply the whip but to your frustration and fury a sizable number of your own back benches to fight you make a mental note of the rebels faces their days in the party are numbered If you have anything to say about it look
00:15:02at your brexit memo pad if your popularity is seventy percent or more took two six nine five otherwise turned to fifty eight it's got back its still got that fantastic vibe of two zero in adventures that writing is lovely can tell us a bit of character in here
00:15:19for the people but it doesn't like it could be incredibly informative Yeah so the problem is people can you make it in front of you If you want to flip through it without informing the uniforms is you can do that that's the quick way through get realistic bricks
00:15:35brexit's experience and yeah you want to believe some people S o you quite take you take boxes you auntie we'll hear the ten points that you're gonna cover joining this book you know And you may not have time maybe that sometimes So you know we didn't have time
00:15:47to do one of these things or you got handled in a certain way so well i went through a lot haven't you got your story myself once But i didn't get to the second referendum i didn't get to a snap general election on i didn't really handle security
00:16:02in defense of the negotiations with europe that well oh yeah that i've tried to get residency rise in the hse sort that as soon as i could so and is written by two guys who confessed you they both both remain voters but they've tried to present it is
00:16:20noogies possible they tried to side it will hear the information go ahead just you see with is you you could go try this What they'd like to do is also you're sending a copy of this to everybody using the cabinet right now and say you know if you
00:16:33think you could do with his presentation of it tells what we got wrong but africa but this treatable sitting there after they've done their points ago How far junior well managed trucks that they start world war three what about you all got fantastic popularity and doing really well
00:16:51but i'm only a popular trey's a maze like stumps for me Yeah what came money The way he ended this book was that the former what several times former leader of ukip much to re joking the conservative party on then charge me for legitimate party on one so
00:17:08he's not prime minister so i don't think i ended this put particularly well What have you done now I would prefer the snap election close together not to live with them happened but that's not the book turned them So i'm gonna end too very popular with voters but
00:17:25not popular enough with my property to stay in ten or so Almost that jeremy corbyn problem Yeah but there's a key with units just called hemlock Yes with yes that's just for you on the wrist list that the back so you can take it off I according to
00:17:40technique he was tight rope and look bleak night long another sound like positive ways to present your presidency Sorry interest my problem Tinus privatised aerial positions through mr minister pretty minister fried with serious Yes So yeah it's also structured connors in that it does have a point if
00:18:06you feel like having a break just making out with this number and you can come back you know after all he wants it So there are you know very sociable You will digest this in a capable fashion on dh if they report something informational points are along lines
00:18:22of if you've read this book before we'll skip the narrative way this way we'll just give you the cliff notes again just get robert k this is the quick summary of it rather so you don't have to go through the same cycle of vision every time you imagine
00:18:35what would happen if you had to pay for the chairs instead you couldn't just go it's good is like this of one of the newspapers and here's called hey i wonder what you had today uh the average yeah there's a tv show called out then which is question
00:18:52time of now then now then i'm the former leader of ukip appears on the show quite a law yeah it's it's almost like someone was paying attention here so there's of course i mean you can you back without breaking britain i don't i think i broke well i'd
00:19:13like to think i broke and given the way you look appropriate so yeah it was a good thing everyone actually spoke to so forthcoming that's it pretty cool idea yeah what she said rubble here is this big comprehensive subject let's break it down into little chunks that you
00:19:33could understand that once on dh give you decisions right what we're hearing all these things are conflicting can you do you think you could ever know i can see this being used in school rooms you know we often used to do mock senate or mock parliament too discuss
00:19:50an issue and i very much see cheese your own event together like on the american the gateway to the west of whatever it's called mrs arden trail gregorian trail again of letting you explore to see just how they uncle too is and i will give it to politicians
00:20:09as much you complain about them exactly how difficult it is to keep on track of all the things that make modern politics which is not just having good ideas bad ideas but also being able to to get the support of the public because even incredibly intelligent people who
00:20:26are very yes this is definitely the truth that's definitely what we have discovered if no one wants to listen to them about it's the older the old joke can you imagine anyone listening to albert einstein explaining the theory of relativity was emcee squares you know because energy matter
00:20:44towards a fleet of lawyers to discover their followers downstairs in super you can't you need the authority behind what you're saying things like that so it seems like a baby interestingly tooks floor how does it do that The whole concept off i'll just do the whole contact off
00:21:04the slightly order theories about brexit because give me a life will cost it yeah like i have been down to one or two oh it's silly i just find myself in these conversations reveal people these are online physically next to us because it was all mine disconnected and
00:21:23walked away but i like them in the room at the time so i called don't do that because that is where you sit there that they'll come out with something that is so george droppingly untrue on dh nuts on old and like i just find myself saying repeatedly
00:21:41where did you get that for He told you that and they never have a clear answer because they've got it forms from right wing to senior job besides decided it st does it deal with complete lunacy Uh it addresses willens i don't know if it i don't you
00:21:59know you're sort of confronted by it to that extent i mean for example you that will put the people promise that you go on a visit to calm or two on it opens on science and technology center make us very very concerned about they're not going to get
00:22:14funding from the you anymore i mean near you make the quieter but did come will vote to leave you know what Did they not realize this was a consequence of what was gonna happen Well apparently no you having discussion with someone about the second about the possibility of
00:22:29a second referendum on it's your dentist that you're having a serious question with because this is the most sensible person you must to find about this topic so far and you know this person is curious about this stuff and you got analogy with well ok suppose on it
00:22:42was just one one with one of your teeth fifty two percent in favor off fixing it and forty eight percent in favor of extracted all the other way around Okay well you know that's no ifyou've provide continuity in a body that's not really it decides maybe a billion
00:22:57folks in the in between but it's really not very decisive overall and the some of the civic center well of course you're listening to the average person in the street as well as you listen to all these advisers who are closing their own agendas and some of them
00:23:11more power in their own ways and whether or not they're compton so there's there's a chance of living to seem okay well where you gonna have these conversations from generally i don't know how much i lose you i ve exposed tio i'm not goingto going on the show
00:23:27because the show is not about that way people way do fiction we don't do that sort of fiction yeah this is just in a sense speculative fiction about cosby about how could you and it's very very cooling and cutting edge speculative fiction duty to stop it is quite
00:23:46off fair Yeah this is s o is it funky refuting Yeah hayes i'm carl often formulated the various issues and meeting a number strange people is if for me but one of the issues with you but i don't know how safe neutral is you tend to find this
00:24:11book in the movie what we have been doing this for twenty years I understand i'm doing this and this is the duck and this is how much we trade with the eu and how much we're going to trade with korea if there's a trillion if there's a trade
00:24:23your career what we can finalized until after we leave you anyway but it makes a nice headline papers that suggest we're making progress but it's nowhere near the amount of because you cover the gdp we're gonna lose because of this that so there's all serious issues in a
00:24:39body that it's good for next month's shall we don't leave into another I think yes i so look for something a bit happier yeah most are happier is the right world over the phone about I think i have a good feeling about this for everyone doesn't know what
00:25:04kabbalah is you may have seen a movie called night breed which is released in the late eighties it's about a gentleman who finds out that he is a monster and goes to live with a bunch of other people who are masters or say ghost live he encounters them
00:25:21and interact with them harry potter these pumps off a there was miss it how great it is a bit like that it's got aspect of a slasher in that there's a masked man trying to go around and kill monsters on dh people that he he thinks so the
00:25:45human equivalent but that whole idea ofthe monsters what makes this monstrous is really what book hinges on its all to do with finding out that the reality humans are all the monsters usually and that we just have a general fear off different the outside that which is stronger
00:26:07than us or braver than i as for khun do something amazing i mean you complete it in a way to you and that there is always going to be an inside group who wants to blame problems on the outside group and thinks that the best way to do
00:26:21this is to a v a night like group eighty eight that group further on then destroy them that makes us feel better I'm not seeing any parallels the talk of the previous book no not at all it's such an easy life take it it's a trope of common
00:26:35triumph of the monster was me all along i think you can go back to frankenstein frankenstein's monster from frankenstein i don't want to do is also known as farc in stone on that this is the smallest hill that well in time at least about skin michelle are not
00:26:53commit some of the dog will very intense parts that could be so it saves him he's described is his creation you also so he's front and side he's at least beats frankenstein yeah isn't that disney adam frankenstein we serve able to franken starts so easily that since you've
00:27:11fed from inside a monster as front inside if you would be really kind of like our mini clubman stroking baby me like the monster is actually big difference if france and yes we know we've seen story what knowledge is knowing that frankenstein that the monster with frankenstein wisdom
00:27:30is knowing that the doctors for the governor from of the items on christmas is not bringing a different life yeah but they're always it's always a fun conversation to get into if you if you know someone who wants to really get angry just walk up to them and
00:27:48say oh yeah so yeah that frankenstein a horrible monster and then let them rail about how frankenstein was not the monster i know it's fine because frightened sony is a hole so i was simply talking about tall or maybe godzilla versus frankenstein it's time i default to god's
00:28:04over yeah in all things rather than marry until it was not a monster no thiss most have one with me today is a force to last the entire day not just more it is simple foolsday it's not april fool's morning much is nice and fools brooke much anything
00:28:23found thursday oh but ended up new yourself what flowers get no reservations in my restaurant sleep through it and how that we won't be pointless i mean that argument valuable fills in the morning people feel on don't start i will i will always i will die on the
00:28:39hill for middle t to midday or there from the first but he's definitely not from the state of maine i because of i believe that that's the idea that it ends at mid day is in april fool taking too seriously or a way that very smart people tried
00:28:59to get out of being april fooled because that's how we got where that notes after lunch now it's april with afternoon i'm on ross aside if he described me your birthdays and was very sure technically if you have your days in the jewish style which is because night
00:29:13came before day because black sort of so so it would be the equal april fourth one star in a week that makes more sense i feel that way but my men i'm asleep most of the more way gettinto do you think so every four days complete west so
00:29:30ice are you seeing the half day for liberal fools is actually like the fact that you know ice cream plant you know that someday make yes that sound doesn't being the brother of ice cream o i know that i used to keep her people that's basically all i
00:29:53need to get ninety nine with blake let me pivot since you know that some able fills this genius nancy all i know is when the ice cream vans used to come around my area quite late in life with music my mom made sure he didn't go out there
00:30:11because i found out when i was older apparently people mostly setting drugs but at that time of night you're not after there for a twister or a scruple you're after it's nice to know that they got a second line of income as well was yeah it was very
00:30:28much like i excluding events they'll probably only stop when they if you are a generalized themselves when they get very annoyed by people accusing you of being a mobile deal with illicit substances in contact this review i'm sure we'd be delighted to deal with that on twitter because
00:30:46that sounds like fun i saying that a life cream band sell drugs you will be very disappointed if you can following around i've crew but i'm looking for anything more than a fantastically cool iced product that issue quite let me to be animal instead of mind if you
00:30:59fall on your screen well they don't move very quickly it's talk about that you're ready to get off topic what we talked about the brexit found a close aka yes it's an old story the man is a real monster thing but he plays it very well again perhaps
00:31:21because he writes a lot off this stuff so he can incorporate elements from a lot of different horror genre's and fancy genres because he's done everything let's face it i mean start us with wonderful great kids can he did in machaca which is also closer for children start
00:31:42us is based on no gain but you no i would explore clive barker stone because that's the world yeah because part of any kind of artist artist is weak world which is a high bar no scent difficult where this guy falls space face down into a club that's
00:32:13the worst description of one of weather because it's a magic carpet what weaved into this we've world yeah these different worlds so he finds himself in a fantasy land for the different alternative we put much like about and there are not that have creatures inside them that he
00:32:30lost putting monsters and things a hell raiser from the i think he hold held down that's it he's great with the sympathetic creature off the night the the always slightly misunderstood other and he's fantastic if we don't say that we're mantis sizing them as well because there's a
00:32:54collaborative pump it there's a little bit of monkey pompey in here so this is this is no human find sum's finds himself getting different to the other people out on the outside it's not shames ivory what's different about around then he calls into a slightly different on the
00:33:16ground society where people are just this difference here becomes a member of this club about this game is me and he's been manipulated into believing he's a different sort of monster he's a monster born he's he's always felt a connection to this mythical air idea of midian which
00:33:36he's heard from tales of madmen but it's the perfectly normal human doctor he was actually manipulating him into thinking he's a murderer the most human monster that you khun you could be that destruction of another life but there's a few and clapper is what where they things are
00:33:54different but they're not they're not long they're just maligned by agreements they angry people in the world he hear those people hate those creatures for being what they are there's nothing wrong with what or they're just differently outside this on very lazy and it's very obvious too teo
00:34:14toward big lgbt metaphor and this also on there's a king with a metaphor as well there was well that's what it is it's very obvious but clap our kisses that's what that is and he walked them so i have you drunk with power myself on bail spending down
00:34:33this well that none of the characters in this off really two dimensional they're all fantastic there's no well the definitely evil monster and even that the evil people they come across this having a goal of purpose and it's always pretty nasty nasty isn't once wrote that is a
00:34:53difficult struggle inside a monster but there's still something inside in the fact that he's led by a mask he uses something else to make himself monstrous he forces himself to there but he's a a win for winter and coward on the inside when he hasn't got that external
00:35:12caricature of his internal thoughts so it does give depth through over getting the i say something controversial that maybe not great that it's based off is i know a lot of people who lived not moving i think the movies such oh wasted opportunity it's so fraught so wass
00:35:36ruined by the process and even clive barker himself commented on it because it was marketed as a slasher film because of the human murderer that is also running rampant while these monsters just trying to live their own lives and then all nice month does either they would happily
00:35:50eat people but they've been told not to so they generally don't which is quite nice they have a real civilization but the film itself again the cabal cut was released a couple of years ago with a lot of the extra scenes add it in and it makes more
00:36:06of a story because they tried to send a slasher it's not it's a a morality tale a tale about understanding others and you can't serve in that because they tried they really wanted to make a horror movie and it's not you it's you know in a way it's
00:36:22very wholesome filled with you take out don't see that's it it's an urban fund this is story it's very early in fantasy story and what i keep having this argument about this conversation about well where did devin fantasy start Did it start with palestine in the vampire stuff
00:36:39back how do you find urban policies as a genius because i'm not sure where you really start but so me these days kabbalah will be marketed eyes and having fun casino and it might be my editor and said actually can we come up all this you have more
00:36:58the creature coming up more monsters and you go on misfired a little lost children and then say oh yes that's off a ll fix together which is a theme that's also explored by the muppet babies clive barker related treasure i was different they could possibly dio but it's
00:37:17not what it's about the muppets to vow i even that would be a bit i think the original movie was very brave because i have david cronenberg was an actor in there she saw respect between us was the special effects are absolutely amazing special effects is a bit
00:37:35of one of my hobbies on dh i love great movies and great great plays and theater is world really well and there's so many fantastic physical special effects The movie monsters are all beautiful made because clive barker is an artist From over there i thought we'd start off
00:37:53with three visits and then and his creations are phenomenal works of charity french foods peregrine miss peregrine's You know the kind of political peloquin he's thie maybe it is I know that she knows You know pat quinn is the gentleman who bytes al al hero and truly makes
00:38:21him part of the night breed folk by genetically passing on the modest of you know that's a little weird that sounds site science fiction but it's more than terrific in a way or where will think that he's the character who represents the spirit of the brief because he's
00:38:36different and he's happy about it he he's not ashamed of who years and he looks very inhuman on dh even though he breaks the rules he's somewhat the punkish rebel which sets it in the eighties he very much get the feel of golf A new raven new romantics
00:38:53They're all different people that are outside of society than homosexuality and people who really wanted to push their own sexuality out there instead of being normalized and held back uh yeah he's ideas i felt my problem with about two extent needs that it's very much off its time
00:39:13with the ease of it is about the mains the whole idea is wall forms i have again really politics is that there is a society that is separate from our society maintained and yet as a society that there is no there there was a vocal chunk of society
00:39:34that like if you're different it's fine if you're different it's more than fine coming enjoy the party way have ice cream if you can't be ice cream that's fine as well we have your realtor lives we've fed people it's it's you know you come join government could come
00:39:50enjoy i don't have seen much i haven't seen the social justice version of about i would love to see a nice idea hoping to were monsters it is getting online and it's going yeah no What come out of a meeting of the fab the fat cats in manchester
00:40:09come along it's mostly going to be rebels on dh creatures made up plants but you know everyone's welcome and you have a quick make sure you eat at home We don't want to see you eating it's ok you know that freaks people out so it can be a
00:40:26soft way with this we're not going to argue about your diet we don't we also don't want to see it's all right just looked at the special effects guy from the night breed movie and he has a hell of a resume i mean we've got the brotherhood of
00:40:41the wolf on one of the best transformation here definitely um uh games on the grill is too new batch which you know if you one of the best special effects when it ever army of darkness and everything like that so you get some really if if we've turned
00:41:00into a film review the shell right now but if you like things like climb back is the thing for a special effects that watch night free not doctor that no office i believe you if you're mixing up start us then i mean it sounds like you think this's
00:41:15why thing however if you really like clive barker what i can't recommend sadly clive barker's clive barker's jericho by bank which is a computer game which has some of the same wonderful aesthetic that he puts into his books but isn't such a great computing I think one of
00:41:31the problems that the actual movie has is that it's directed by clive barker he was is really is a bit yeah yeah if he handed his because hot mazes as a but so they are directors out tom good example tomlin even is director who writes a script creates
00:41:58his movies and has his vision but it is not working off anyone else's work it is being in his head but he's not written a novel he's made he's written it for maybe if he and he made a congressman version off one of his movies and you are
00:42:14not doing that again because it's too even discipline you have it on a steven king had the same experience with maximal overdrive he directed his own version ofthe noble lady written and he the experience it's you don't he redirected version ofthe here's johnny i didn't like the original
00:42:42was in paris that that's no that's not a little criticism because what if he wasn't very good but if you're going to redirect something which has been held to critical acclaim you better make sure that you think you're doing something likes takedown directoral to a stop of kubrick
00:43:00why not yeah oh boy you like time from the guy who likes to have a small bit part in his own movies and generally hopes someone will end them better because that's face that you are and he's and he's or better it not directly if you look at
00:43:14any stephen king thing that doesn't have him involved other than the the base material so much thinking it sorry stephen we don't need to kick you around here that you let me down let me down hard sometimes shall we usually time to go i know where we went
00:43:36wrong last time yes on dh We go wrong there get yes let's do it again but that let's let's do everything we did last time but do it hopefully this time Best do it wrong properly I think we should take it to a vote Yet somehow it's going
00:43:54before yet fifty two waves were definitely doing this

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