Play Subtotal and Words.

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00:00:00welcome to the brain training podcast The Daily Audio account feel head in this podcast we have two games for each with three rounds would get progressively harder let's jump into our first game
00:00:16subtotal you'll hear a list of numbers of them together and when you hear this noise you need to remember the subtotal at that point but then keep on adding the numbers as they come at the end you'll need to know the subtotals pay attention
00:00:40free okay so what were the subtitles
00:00:481623 is Beyonce
00:00:52let's go again slightly harder pay attention
00:01:10what were the subtotals
00:01:152339 is the answer
00:01:22okay this round here we go pay attention
00:01:44I ate okay so what was the subtotals
00:01:511630 253 is Beyonce
00:01:59and that's the end of our first game today you're off the hook for a few seconds
00:02:10okay ready next game of three Woods Vanoss key for specific laptop from one of the woods pay attention
00:02:37what three-letter to
00:02:42is the answer for 2 latitude
00:02:49oh is Beyonce what latitude
00:02:55T is Beyonce
00:02:59next round this time there are four words pay attention
00:03:16what full letter v
00:03:21why is the answer of 4
00:03:29S is the answer what two to three
00:03:34tea is the answer
00:03:39Turn Around by attention
00:03:55shop what two letter v
00:04:02t is the onset of 3
00:04:09D is Beyonce what five nights of five
00:04:17is Beyonce
00:04:25for another day if you're enjoying the brain training podcast on social media would love to know what you think hotels.com facebook.com brain training podcast with two games

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