CBS's Julie Chen stands by her man...Alan Alda revealed he has Parkinson's...and Roger Daltrey of The Who has a new book out!
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00:00:04Trash trash way brad and john talk something roger adulteries long awaited autobiography is going to come out this fall in october october twenty third if you want to write that down now the name of the book is what is interesting is called thanks a lot mr kimball white
00:00:24that's the name of roger doll trees autobiography thanks a lot mr kimble wife now mr kimball wide according to doll tree was his headmaster during his rebellious teenage years and i must have inspire him to greatness i don't know raj adultery said it's taken three years to unpick
00:00:47the events of my life to remember who did what when and why to separate the myths from reality toe unravel what really happened at the holiday inn on keith moon's twenty first birthday but mr kimball white if he's still alive well if roger adultery is seventy three i
00:01:05doubt mr kimball white still probably not yet schoolmaster over there what i want a name kibel white okay alan alda says he's been battling parkinson's disease before more than three years now he still works a lot he's eighty two years old and he did an interview on cbs
00:01:23this morning and he said he went to his doctor after he started getting some very early symptoms he says you know i've had it for three years but i've acted i have given talks i got this podcast thing that i've been doing so you khun you know you
00:01:36can still work with this he says but he said he wanted to talk about it his parkinson's because he's been doing tv interviews recently and noticed his thumb twitching in certain shots and he said i thought is probably a matter of time before somebody does a story about
00:01:52it from a sad point of view alan alda's got parkinson's and he says well that's not where i am i'm not he's getting out in front of it and a sad spot right now i'm working with it and you know that less moon this guy from cbs cbs
00:02:07the ceo and the chairman he still has his gig even though cbs board of directors met yesterday apparently they decided to keep him in place for the time being but they are going to launch a big investigation into the allegations of sexual miscount misconduct his wife is julie
00:02:24chen ci hosts one of the host of that talk show that you know sharon osborne is on and all those other ladies it's like it's not the view their chin yeah cbs's version of the view the talk is the name of so anyways they uh here's what she
00:02:41had to say about her husband yesterday i issued the one and only statement i will ever make on this topic on twitter and i will stand by that statement today tomorrow forever that here's here's the statement she says i've known my husband leslie moonves since the late nineteen
00:03:01nineties and i've been married to him for almost fourteen years Last liza good man loving father devoted husband inspiring corporate leader He has always been a kind decent and moral human being I fully support my then set last night on like homo for whatever was talking about it
00:03:17they said he pretty much turned cbs around a cbs back in the game Are they near the top running Well i don't watch much Cbs Oh yeah yeah you know they were they were doing awful in the you know in the early mid nineteen nineties and then they
00:03:33brought in all of those c i c i s is alive five o's and all those different things you know he's responsible for that All right we'll close the trash with jimmy fallon alex trebek is hinting that he might retire from jeopardy in twenty twenty when asked what
00:03:54he'll do in retirement trebek's hit what is start drinking at noon Yeah

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