Sadly, we have come to the true end of Books on the Nightstand.

Happily, this final episode is filled with bloopers!

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00:00:00books on the nightstand episode 390
00:00:02hello oops weird hello oops
00:00:10Minecraft animation leave that little part in there since it's a blue professor
00:00:29hi and welcome to this week's episode of books on the nightstand I might go kindness what is actually our final episode of books on nightstand and we're doing this little introduction as a way of saying hello to any of you who have just found us and if this is the first episode you're listening to sorry you reached us at the end but not sorry because there are 389 other episodes you can listen to it if you have not listen to books on the nightstand at this point please stop listening now and go listen to an earlier episode because the rest of this episode is going to be given over to what she always called bloopers from I don't know how long Michael do you have the last couple years ago this was maybe episode 200 so you think there'll be a lot more there are a lot of tiny little things that we didn't keep it at week at the really funny ones.
00:01:29before we get into the bloopers though we do want to say to people who are just finding books on the night stand with this podcast we're sorry you caught us on our very final episode that after eight and a half years we've decided to turn it on Mike's and go on to do some other things that we wanted to let you know that there are 389 episodes of content that you can listen to and you know I think that's the beauty of what podcasts is that a book recommendation is a book recommendation it really does not matter when the book recommendation is made so if you go back to episode 1 which I can't even remember and actually I probably tell you don't listen to episode one of those I would probably cringe but anyway the books that we recommend are still
00:02:19sure mostly and print certainly available and they're still really great being so there's there's not a whole lot of timely content on the on the podcast or time-sensitive
00:02:33content there are some news issues and things that we refer to over the years but I think we've tried to make those issues seem interesting anyway even if they've come and gone
00:02:47that makes sense Michael the other thing I wanted to say is that there are a couple ways you can or there's two ways you can get on the mailing list it to keep in touch with us we're not to be we're not promising a ton of content through this mailing list but there is a sweepstakes that's currently going on where if you're in the 50 United States you can enter to win 24 books over the course of a year each month you'll get two books one chosen by and one chosen by me and those will be shipped to you will be picking 5 winners for that headline for that Michael you know let me check while we're talking I will look that up okay because I think if you found this episode after August 2016 it's probably closed right yeah it's definitely on hold on
00:03:43I feel like the deadline is August 15th that sounds right or is that when we actually the sweepstakes ends on July 31st and we will announce we will notify the winners by August 15th so July 31st is the is the last time to enter that contest and as they did say it is only for people in the United States so if you're not in the United States and still want to join the mailing list that I mentioned there's a link about the bass Lakes will be in our show notes for this episode at books in the night stand.com so if you join the mailing list you will at least get 12 News letter receive newsletters from us starting in September where we announce the books that we have chosen for the winners of a contest because a lot of people ask to find out what those were those books would be so I hope that's that's clear
00:04:43read books on the nightstand even though there are no Morning podcast there is a very active Goodreads group so if you join Goodreads it's free to join you can just search for books on the nightstand and you'll find is a group which is in very capable hands of of volunteers and there's just a ton of great discussions over there it's a wonderful community of passionate Book Lovers and it really has not much to do with the podcast at all so it has a life of its own and it's a fun place to hang out and I know I can't speak for my goal but I will be dropping in there from time to time to share what I'm reading or just see what other people are reading
00:05:25and on the podcast is that they are always available but there's a few little pictures so I just wanted to clarify iTunes breaks if we load too many episodes in to the feed I think we currently have it set at 35 I think it broke at 50 I'm so the most recent 35 episodes should be available through iTunes but older episodes you can get to from the website if you go to books on the night stand.com and click the podcast tab they are all listed there one by one would you can click and listen or download individual episodes we've also batch them in 10 episode zip files which you can download right your computer and either load into iTunes or just listen I'm not really sure if you can do that on a mobile with zip files I don't know but we can
00:06:21what will finish loading all of the episodes into those 10 episode batches so those of you who have
00:06:29back episodes that you'd like to listen to can can I listen to them that way unfortunately we can't find a better solution that's about as best as we've come up with yeah it will have all those loaded by the end of the summer and I think what you can do is you can download the zip file extracted and then you can load those into it'll extracted to individual files and then you can just add those files to your iTunes library from like on a phone though no no you have to do it on your computer now yeah if someone has a better a better way to handle that when I post something in the Goodreads maybe people come up there to see if there's a better way or on the show notes for this episode actually
00:07:13so I think that's all the housekeeping stuff we have it's been a great run and if you are just discovering Us in are going to go back and listen to our past episodes thank you very much. We are on Twitter I'm at Auntie Megan and Michael is at em kindness and I'm I'm using with Z to a certain degree I haven't posted anything in awhile but I will be trying to use that more and I'm I am I miss on let's see as well I am not using with C I am not miserable that's completely fine it's definitely a different happening yeah I love Instagram so it's Instagram for books I'm definitely checking that out but yeah it so it it has been a great run thank you to everyone has been with us for any part of it whether you're just joining us or whether you start with episode 1 we appreciate the support and
00:08:05you will see us around you'll see us around the social media sphere and you know what maybe maybe will pop back with him with a podcast here and there so if we do if we are going to post a special podcast will definitely let people know via the email newsletter list
00:08:25so I think now onto on the bloopers I listen to these and they are there their they're pretty funny by
00:08:39so I would say that the hello I think I know this by now
00:08:50it's called the productivity project I don't know why I said it said it like that productivity productivity
00:09:10wiggle yeah
00:09:14so that's it for us this week don't remember that you don't even know or whatever you do do not remember this
00:09:24Hi man Kingman I'm a very
00:09:28who sang she's never mind I'm a very nothing very nothing
00:09:37my book for this week is one that just went on sale yesterday as this or January 8th as this podcast goes life
00:09:47Alicia doesn't matter when the podcast goes lives it's still cheaper
00:09:59hey I don't know if lots and I will give you my thoughts as soon as a garbage truck driver pulls away from the front of my house so that's what poor people listening don't have to listen to the Clank of glass bottles into the recycling bin hold on
00:10:15there it goes
00:10:19alright as fun as Bob Stacks illustrations always are they very Geographic and
00:10:29Geographic and they're very graphic in shape oriented
00:10:35because the night stand
00:10:39I thought you're saying fictional books and picture you don't have a signal
00:10:48and 2 bucks we can't wait for you to read
00:10:59to hang on
00:11:01the hell did you go
00:11:11oh my God I lost the phone follow the sound of my voice
00:11:26there you are hang up
00:11:35are you still there yeah I'm so sorry I'm so tired to my office and instead of picking up the phone which is attached to me by my headset I picked up my computer mouse so then as I left my chair that headset came unplugged from the phone but first dangled and then the phone went flying and it ended up under my desk behind the case of printer paper
00:12:09where did the phone. I couldn't find it anywhere

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