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00:00:06so that was bought culture well guys well done yes who won
00:00:15I think I should one didn't see any way she ended up cutting yourself free from both of us and being around bus and I think I'm a mother I never coming to death of her mother said she got closer she was able to move on I don't be going to leave a swing and I have a quite sure what she's going to do office but yeah that was that was enough even though the journey was much much worse than she ever mentioned it was pretty brutal I'm running West Wesley me she's on to the next mission Shirley crazy boating things from foraging and catching insects to put in jars out of my stuff and then she'll find some political base to Sullivan
00:01:15but maybe she's not focused enough to meet you we have another is it says it's a bit like a man if something catches Arrow I should go for it via vallen the fictional United his life in lots of ways giving him something like. He's met life crisis isn't it ironic acidic list. He basically went through the physical crisis of stripping his buddy of old kind of functioning
00:02:15UPS Christina in this headlight he killed themselves this right and then like stuck new ones in believable this just made up in the feed brain of long-standing Feud and Rec summer stem cells what are the stem cells do by themselves to go to the bone marrow and do their job there in fact it has been calculated blood stem cells do enter circulation normally every once in awhile but they stay only for about 2 minutes and within 2 minutes they're back into the bone marrow and this is the same that happens during bone marrow transplantation when
00:03:15I know it says signaling Cascades that takes place at 4 and basically anything that expresses cxcr4 is just explain magnetic attraction a bit disappointed I for that kind of when did The Runway individually. Nickel and titties by themselves but they are Guided by signals now mine is 612 is taking them to the bone marrow in fact one of the things that we do with my research group during my day job is to actually look at the stem cells as they enter the Vermeer I figure out what they go and they don't go just quite anywhere they find some very specific places that are really really special them really want to find out what is special about them
00:04:11owning pot still most wanted to do it but they wouldn't harm each other and other words they know not to impinge in some way or Wednesday until they don't know they work out together so they are dispersed throughout our whole bone marrow which is the number of our bones and somehow they know between all of them so far apart within the organism how many blood cells do I need to generate every day and this is actually billions and it is done in the correct amount if you were honest with your history reductionist what would your answer be yes it is it is actually one of the biggest challenges we have at the moment so what I do in my day job is to use microscopy and to look at single blood stem cells and look at where they are and look at what they do and this is a nacelle personal business but the big question that we have is how do the few thousands of blood sensors that we have in our body manage to work together and regenerate our blood
00:05:11for the entirety of our life that we have this constant tension between the Sea and the population and you can you look at things different things and Trojan 80 because when we look at many single says they're all a little bit different and yet today after the date that says what if we need more if you are perfect
00:05:45can I ask a question I can head home then if you remember couple episodes again cuz we not is the people from West Africa to swim in the UK with an unreasonable and people from the date the Caribbean people from pots of Greece have a 1 and 100 chunks which across a large population is pretty high Greek ancestry yeah I'm just saying that's why I tried dryers in South Africa is Amazon and Google that. Thanks a lot of money into researching longevity longevity program it's just that's what friends
00:06:45they can't find that's that's definitely more than one of my one of the cookies CEOs with whom I've had dealings actually hired me and I was the professor for the public understanding of signs in the think-tank in Belgium in one of the things was going to the did not doing away of death I doing away with gas and I used to come to debate jenevizian mortality a good thing or a bad thing because you know expect to live forever that would be an insult to the flower nevertheless it's something that makes people want it is a guy could Ray Kurzweil I'm sure you will never tell him I saw him speak actually he takes over 200 tablets pills a day
00:07:31to stay alive and actually Google if I had him he's convinced that we don't have to die protect but yes I know it is a dream it's it's weird this is the this is the era when we really think we're coming close to being good like I'm not convinced but that's the idea so to answer your question yes to be a vengeful it doesn't matter what kind of God you are absolutely
00:08:03radiation room recognize how much kind of Nicki material in the center of your back behind the scenes with the actually need to get all this done I'm not seen but I've been told by someone who did Sienna radiator be moving moved in real life and this was done overnight and it involved the whole lot of military a whole lot of roads being closed and that yeah it was really a mission that was not something that you just do one day to the other by yourself
00:08:50let me go to Kohl's and use any sources of radiation is a huge Security in the UK the military he needs to close roads he needs a team of students to 10 ASL this Blood
00:09:12yeah that's a secret kept this quiet by go to get small slices of information that's believable isn't it so lost the drummer's been playing out have people been investigative and go into + - culture.com which is your Deming which is you area they might have found something quite nervous if that's right if they applied for position with Meta Meta Pizza websites run the Mitchell blood culture websites then they can get caught up in playing an interactive text game
00:10:04which enables than to help just staying and going through all kinds of Adventures so you basically just send me a text this is part of your application process and kind of get drawn into a bit of a bit of us for the yourself when you get your partner in crime to this young woman Justine as she dances around the metal building and do you think she also you two should have sent things and absolutely or whoever but she can get through and get into someone's office or something like that and you director going for you help her with Justin
00:10:53has been one of the problems is that people want to chat box to her all the time she's running around trying to get these exceptional simple simple layout sucker Choose Your Own Adventure like a few more options and people keep asking out for drinks would you know if you're mad or something I say go to Millennium cool Justine SMS thing you've been sweetheart try out for drinks then I found out that we buy Steve and I Beyonce age group of the man who do this middle-aged friends have been trying it but I got an intimacy to it doesn't seem to me that they think they can just talk to me like a normal person and it is a very crude simple IRA that spinning you for this story
00:11:53so you say if someone says I'm busy I'm down the pub or do you intend to someone said to have some would say that and then she get so confused I just been seeing a friend of mine's son in trouble he's had my last before you can build in some sort of weird scam before the head monster because he had they were these weird texts on his phone for some strange woman this is a big yeah that sounds great. Hopefully
00:12:53using everyone understands that it's fiction but this place is not that I do to work for so it's their part of the game they know you'll know it's fiction but people seem to I tell people you know when we've been testing it
00:13:11I am not testing it with flying jet with people and they still very quickly scintific at Shorty are they looking for employment know that they know that it's it it's a guy even if you know. They start chatting and really surprising ways and it's I think it's because of the intimacy of the agent if it was if you were just on a computer game of some of that in a simple screen that it was a choose-your-own-adventure but you put on some of text and I think it's a person does not come for the presidents of people using this combination of Technologies they have the engine hood and SMS so it's kind of little bit and if it's just like that keeps on breaking
00:13:59as an engineer friend of mine once it's a feature not at fault repetitive Justine
00:14:21and I'm done hiding under bosses desk whatever happens if you sniff around the website you should be able to find us on Twitter if it got up and running if you don't find it we happen
00:14:37Simon says we going through this story part of what's made it very massive has been the fact that it's not just people talking there's a whole world around them on this since the space there in a little bit about the process of kind of building that world I suppose it's Isabel Creighton that must have experience and invite her for quite a long time and this is quite unusual to have the opportunity to do that because normally the kind of drama I will look on the sound is used in a very basic way and no reason for that because there was no time to really get into the details sound design and I think it is probably the simplest way to supersprings competitors to is it it's closer to put me a TV program for film where that level of detail was really important and you know me and Lauren
00:15:37aquatic sensitive about these fangs and enjoy ourselves Madden and we both lost about the amount of diesel and sound will put in so for example if a character is it's just sitting having a conversation but it's important to give a sense of movement. Physicality that in the back of his car and I'll just used the Creeks of Legacy occasionally just to give that fade into that's that's people in that other people moving around and play some music to me but it's interesting because you think that the the big set pieces of the hard ones to do with all their kind of crazy weird stuff going on back
00:16:37stuff that takes the time that might Bug Barrier waste footsteps because you know without having to do you agree he is using items objects to create sounds Indonesian film and TV because there's nobody note film there's nobody knows sound recording on Sat when you're recording TV program or film so you actually be performing footsteps specialist tall is not let me pay money Foley artist heels and boots in the footsteps of Roy and TV and film I think it's a sentence with him anyways
00:17:37differentiate. Central. Don't send me the plans but yeah you know you have to get them pinpoint right so that's kind of like that's where it can be quite difficult boy person enjoy about doing radio drama is the plural of sound design music and just it's just so nice to use music in a way that might be descriptive of some of the physical things are going on some of the characters Rob than just being there is a signpost I don't know just a selfish saying for Suncoast emotional states
00:18:36but you can do it but it's like to Italian code so you can cut the action to the musical the music to the action and they can come over to go to the fluid lay out money to people at class now you to cut the music and turn outside I am that you allowed to hit the base of the action in active way and something you can eat with done for that I have a test about what you just done that's really
00:19:04sounded so well as a as a thing it really does sound affect the reactions around headphones that moment when talking dirty to people say about this and that's what you can do a lot more I just make a huge difference actually listen to headphones and speakers and when when you got those headphones on and kiss you this incredible space around you it's excuse really going to shape a place to listen to
00:20:04is it in the theater now in the Lost come to five years it's become a big thing in the old days every once in awhile we doing visual theater we doing physical therapy and suddenly of late storytelling become very important so his sound so completely Terry and her people to buy the Seahawks and son have done shows it a completely dedicated to sounding to sound but that puts you in it I mean I swear show that each of us had the offense in it sound allows you to draw you insert a plate is very massive in Hawaii that
00:20:45show doesn't have a coin hit that level for me even if they are so you could have been way out of the four four wheeler wear them down that you can lose yourself and sound don't have anything about Bill cuz it makes a big difference probably people listen to this as I walk in around driving a car and washing up and that's what it's kind of like he conquered completely away because I honestly would instead Citadel can dream of the lights off inside that would have seen that is people listening to this that doing something else and if it has two that's why I go to learn direction to hold your hand to guide you through this region rated black. Blood but it's made to be like we are glad do you think this could happen for the Foley artist as well when we get to a point where we will no longer need to have all the different shoes and the different flooring so we will know exactly what is the note and the frequency and everything else we can just have the kids
00:21:46I had to go to just out of of of p o tons sounds ounce of Rotator it said that you can use any sounds in that way and the other day was at work at the premises. Spinosi any angle you hated video game it would make the sound it would it would be in that and then you couldn't try to If It Anyway certain frequencies make supper unit ombre so but it's just having the computing power to have enough of those frequencies and sound what sound realistic and believable
00:22:46I've been working radio probably more than any of your going to lie I'm serious how to do something like chopping a head off mate mate mate mate but we got you did not to attack any me in this song is so you just going to stay put your boots men okay then when we walked was that okay for what reason
00:23:39oh yeah did The Walking for everyone in my sayings but I did all used laundry sounds cuz I just didn't have the time budget saver Depot Foley so I got to use laundry stuff and then I would chop it up so the time would be right in the suit was going on in the in the drama and I punch myself and anyways I sure need to go to 91 at night I was attacking a leather jacket
00:24:15I don't care if someone catches me now it's just going to be so much fun so that I do ladies stones and I'm anxious runs and things I was one of my favorites I still be so what you into where is where you and Zack and Alicia and I usually have the leather jacket again for leather gloves so you could like creaking sound like she felt like there was a physical squeezing going on for 20 purposes but for some of these characters and we were thinking guessing
00:25:08can I have your sense of it but one person produce more of the rest of us Lawns what's what's happening with these people I mean he's probably trying to keep hot Richard's talking to the lawyers auctions in the hammock to figure out who she is as Souls 2 jumping around from the Silk Road and he said he'll cry classic trip which island that Rich's gun hiding on today in general are you saying we can see these characters of gas at that she tell you if you wanted to come back there's there's a chance there's things waiting to happen on that I guess so what you're saying is if you want to hear the characters come back
00:26:08just needs at reviews and I'm going to bed with you say welcome trust and tell them that we won't be able to move money for more serious and keep following us and I think people might come back alright well I know that's what I want I want to see the feather Adventures of living in it thank you to everyone I see things to join us thanks for contributions let's have any thank you. Christina edifying as ever thank you very much for saying goodbye

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