Blockchain Insider, hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin G Platt is a dedicated podcast specialising in Bitcoin, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Your new home for cryptocurrency news! Simon and Colin break down the week's news with expertise and enthusiasm for the blockchain and digital currency sector. Blockchain Insider is the best way to stay current in Bitcoin and Blockchain topics.
Since the price of Bitcoin has rocketed, and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have become household names, Blockchain Insider has charted their rise in a way that's accessible to new listeners.
Whether you're a cryptocurrency expert or you've been avidly following its rise from afar and need to know more - this is the podcast for you!
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Simon Taylor is back in the hosting seat and is as always joined by Colin Platt all the way from sunny France! First up, Nordea launches a blockchain-based trading platform for SMEs. The new offering is built on the we.trade platform developed by a group of 12 banks using IBM blockchain technology. Nordea hopes by building an ecosystem for the buyer and seller, the bank will take on a new role of interacting with customers as early as from the order, not just at the time of payment. Colin is largely positive to this, but is a bit more sceptical to how this will fit in with supply systems. However, were it to be successful, could it be a way of enabling trade and create an ecosystem for global trading? (01:19) Next up, NeSEC’s Crypto Czar says exchanges that list IEOs (initial exchange offerings) may face legal risks! A top Securities and Exchange Commission official has said that certain exchanges that facilitate IEO's may be breaking U.S. securities laws. The duo argues that there are a lot of rules put in place for these things, and you can't just do all that fun stuff that is regulated but without any of the regulations. Also, let's remember, the US’s arms go way pass its border, better follow the rules! (04:34). To round up, we've got a great interview with Muneeb Ali - CEO of Blockstack, who tells us all about Blockstack and what the reggae plus offering was all about. (36.37). Other stories include: Microsoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain Facebook rolls back the ban on cryptocurrency ads as it ramps up its own blockchain efforts A Loan Shark Situation’: MakerDAO Is Leaving Crypto Borrowers With Rising Bills Bitcoin's Bulls Are Revving Up the Lamborghinis We've got a great Tweet of the Week from @paoloardoin on Bitfinex's ability to raise 1b USDt in ten days! All this and so much more on this week's episode of Blockchain Insider. And why not send us your best tweets? See if you can get a shout out on the show! ​ We hope you enjoy the show and, as ever, don't forget to subscribe! ​ Want to join the conversation on all the topics discussed? Tweet the show @bchaininsider and if you really love the show, please leave us a review on iTunes. ​ This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.Special Guest: Muneeb Ali.Links:Nordea launches blockchain-based trading platform for SMEsSEC's Crypto Czar Says Exchanges That List IEOs May Face Legal Risks - CoinDeskMicrosoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain - CoinDeskFacebook rolls back ban on cryptocurrency ads'A Loan Shark Situation': MakerDAO Is Leaving Crypto Borrowers With Rising Bills - CoinDeskBitcoin's Bulls Are Revving Up the Lamborghinis Again - Bloomberg
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