In this episode featuring Crypto Venture Fund Co-Founder Nick Tomaino, you’ll learn how his $26M fund, 1Confirmation, decides how to deploy their capital into blockchain investments.

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00:00:06listen.com featuring The Best of cryptocurrency in this episode mention decides how they deploy Capital into blotching projects after listening to this episode you'll be able to analyze crypto projects yourself to make smarter investing decisions so let's Jump Right In and learn how it works
00:00:34our process for evaluating new tokens
00:00:39cryptocurrencies right now for the most part the new money is investing in the context of sneaky cat images bedspread on social networks like credit spreads from person to person across the globe Bitcoin is a meme gold aetherium is a meme digital people for applications networks are complex organizational structures that can offer real value based on fundamentals the market is currently showing rentals
00:01:28if you have a decent meme you have a cryptocurrency worth a billion plus in total market value even if no one is using and there has been a great man you have a cryptocurrency worth a hundred billion dollars plus in total market value I've been thinking deeply about long-term fundamentals of Networks
00:02:04this is a process that I've shared with one confirmation LP face which includes John's in the world historically investing is the Crypt movie professional code initially attracted me to the state we're doing is highly specialized require significant time and effort to do at level space on some level
00:02:54confirmation we valuate project project team product mechanics
00:03:07every project must be exceptional in all four categories for us to pull the trigger on a new investment so let's start with the first team
00:03:18the most important question is who's the founding team project surprisingly this is a question transparent objective incapable of fostering of vibrant Global Community all token-based networks require buying from a blockchain community different
00:04:07assessment overall team score between the nine ability to overcome obstacles to success strong desire ability to attract and drown themselves with top technical Talent who were inspired by vision and Leadership their obsessive about the problem they're so deeply thoughtful. Problems
00:04:47and the team is uniquely suited to tackle the technical problem accessing especially technical skills for technical skills products
00:05:25question to consider about product products with potential to grow how many tokens Can you show me the answer to this question once again
00:05:50the product assessment
00:05:53each products received an overall score between 1 and 10
00:06:00this assessment for product is based on the technical specification that describes the product is the technical specifications customer or potential customer reference calls right now
00:06:23next to the park benefit from Network effects technical or that is likely to lead to compare the differentiation does the product surprise and Delight users crypto Community Supply Chain management real estate applications
00:07:07there are some consumer applications are ripe right now like investment speculation and work Market apps for time on prostate problems for the existing
00:07:25next revaluation community
00:07:29is there a Community Development around the project in an existing Community didn't offer to Foster of vibrant getting into the community community overall score between targets Corby and greater than
00:07:55the community assessment is based on for example Community how many subscribers you have demonstrated characteristics current objective is important for community in the early days is not necessarily important on bitcointalk and IRC in early days
00:08:47in the future may emerge from Anonymous Founders on online forums next token token token or combination digital service being offered under resources text if it's a work token is there a strong Network emerging contribute user experience through actually useful
00:09:37axed if it's a security token is there some technology underline security portable Manor considering all Market participants is are sleeping and the underlying fundamental to be strong for the value of
00:10:11team products community in Mechanicsburg important fundamental characteristics of you quickly this is just one simple framework to valuate projects between projects with fleeting mimetics value in Project M run
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