For less than 1 Euro, Blake booked a coworking hot desk for 1 day in Berlin. He used crypto and purchased through a blockchain coworking startup. Could this be a thing?

Invented in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, coworking is a worldwide phenomenon. 

Many are familiar with WeWork, the largest coworking operation in the world with a multi billion dollar play.

It can be a fantastic real estate play and a valuable service for startups and freelancers.

We do a deep dive on coworking and two blockchain industry startups. 

00:42 - BCH Hard Fork.

02:26 - What is coworking?

04:00 - How Brad Neuberg changed the way humans interact.

5:55 - Why should I go to the office?

07:20 - Pros and cons of coworking.

09:38 - Coworking and Real Estate

10:50 - How Blockchain can help coworking spaces?

11:35 - Tokenization of coworking Space

12:34 - What is Primalbase?

13:54 - Coffee shops vs coworking spaces.

17:06 - Is Primalbase sustainable as a business model?

19:05 - rent24: A global coworking operation.

19:40 - Coliving: Taking coworking to the next level.

23:45 - Regulations and hacking, the biggest risk of coworking tokenization.

24:58 - Matt asks Blake to book a Hot Desk for one day in Berlin.

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