Alesia is joined by some equally rude friends to discuss Donald Glover's new show Atlanta, the current state of Black folks on tv, the Black love we deserve and a lot more.
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00:02:52talking this is Alicia been awhile since you've all heard from me but I am bats and I have some guests to you'll recognize from the Beyonce round table that happens I don't know and voices in the order in which you see your name here I am Sophie
00:03:19hi I'm Julia and I'm Adrian hi I'm Janelle actually from Atlanta bad Janelle
00:03:39oh God
00:03:42if you weren't able to tell by the V music
00:03:54and we all have to Google's right now because we just found out they sent Lipstick Alley and Donald Glover is now a father
00:04:04someone what Donald Glover rawdog them that's crazy
00:04:09so you do what a man who walks out the house of the ashy knees while you and Ankle
00:04:24whose name let Jay Electronica impregnate her I'm saying you could learn some lessons on it that has like one bar at least one how many does Donald Glover have
00:04:41that's what I thought
00:04:49I love it
00:04:52I need to order the court
00:04:57alright so I felt like we were like totally normal before we found out this new
00:05:05and actually I have it's it's Tuesday night will recording this and a new episode air tonight with I haven't seen but so far we've seen what is that 6 episodes nastics I'm not sure how many are in the season I'm going to Google that right now
00:05:39Evansville call my parents hate putting on the head
00:05:50Long John's in sweatpants and a hoodie inside because he hates turning on the heat I'm like Dad it's me to put the heat on it's getting really cold this is Massachusetts and
00:06:02I can't use my black. About the heat what can I say
00:06:09so yeah I think we all have been talking about this like on social media and just to ourselves ourselves about how good the show with how it's surprisingly a good show like I think I had it I didn't when I first heard about that I was I was excited just because even though Donald Glover has a history of a fuckboy them free the guy but he's never know how to channel my creativity sometime like Donald Glover had that like breakdown where he would like riding down like he was like he was like No And I don't know what can a Motel 6 like a stack of napkins
00:07:03and I was like a boy pants and woman but go on
00:07:26are you going to be all kind of sound alike or people make it confused
00:07:34I know we have the show and it shows really good like really really good
00:07:41so I guess my first question is high caliber price all of you this that was really good
00:07:48I'm Janelle and I'm really pleasantly surprised with how not only good it is the how kind of like it feels like it Lana and it feels true to Atlanta but not only that it feels true to like black life in Atlanta at all about the Betrayal of Atlanta and how I even like all of the characters feel like people they could just you know that lives next door
00:08:27yeah everyone seems to really like it like flu or from Atlanta
00:08:34anybody else have any opinions on anybody else to cry but this is a really good show so I'm surprised that Donald Glover does anything good ever
00:08:49Walker and then like always he comes out of nowhere and he doesn't stay that's just like black as hell and he's like surprised I don't give a shit about white people except for this woman I got pregnant
00:09:03what's your name my name something okay yeah I can't even though yes I remember when you did weirdo The Comedy Zone Julia here when he did the comedy special Weirdo And he had that section where he talking about how like like having white girls home and we're in bed what the fuck for real
00:09:39you know like
00:09:41oh I'm sorry go ahead no I think that it's okay for him to have to wear The Scarlet Letter of being to borrow from South Park that Niger guy no matter I think that's fair
00:10:04aggression I have openly search this for ever in a strange turn of events
00:10:28I need on a beard moisturizer for old man
00:10:45human call the cornrows
00:10:52I'm still thinking of when he tried to hug Charlamagne looking like pigpen from the
00:11:00do you like Charlemagne about people rejecting a hug from you is a human embodiment of can I get a hug is a sentient version of James Brown's dandruff that was given a career that man's got away from Donald Glover
00:11:28episode of people who are nearby
00:11:32I don't even want you to show them and I don't I just don't you like a human Squidward
00:11:43Google Charlamagne post bleach
00:11:50hey I need that articles that his dermatologist did with that black women publication and
00:12:02I applaud you for taking this man's money yes
00:12:09I think for me it's just Pat
00:12:24fucking black as hell and I can fight at the black in a way that we haven't really seen on TV shows on TV right now when he looks like me or what you're looking for I N I just always like your other people who are very very bright skin and this season or this go-round Fireball. I need to get back into that show I fell off its bear
00:13:24I don't know if you were still watching Scandal. Another season after the one where they like kidnapped and did a trade for her was that last season because I was the last thing I watched
00:13:43hello. I'm not going to watch it anyway Vine
00:13:48how we have blackish which is Anthony Anderson no one ever talks about the following letters that molester
00:14:26do it on Google that may be true in the way the more reason why it's so it's because it's his job and everybody else has been there to support down on Elliot
00:14:53but she knows what's that was ridiculous according to his interviews I don't read every don't think he cares he's just like while I'm on Fox I'm going to keep getting boxes the same network that brought us remember that dating show that reality show where they had the fake Prince Harry
00:15:16Remy Ma
00:15:18he was like hello and they lied to the girls about it no no he wasn't he wasn't really rich yo millionaire too but this was like a plumber or something he was a millionaire and then they did the other one where it's like he's a prince
00:15:42yeah right nobody can say anything about Lee Daniels Chase level on Fox like no way she is a leg to stand on your word broke Married with Children come on now
00:16:02Lolly Family Guy like you can't say it was as power is off to okay
00:16:11oh and there's Queen sugar I don't hate it I'm coming around on it I'm just not like a big like drama person but it has no Friday and it has very good looking man and it has but you know Wesley feel like everything is set up for me to love this show I'm just you know I'm still getting into it
00:16:36but I think like Atlanta's stand-alone always insecure also with Lisa Raye I cannot wait to Empire is not Empire is a novella so they can a different name but I think it's just like really really black in a way that doesn't really give a shit if you can add the only thing I can really compare it to that I couldn't drive home that point is how you can watch Blackfish every week and they literally teach lessons to White America oh yeah
00:17:29the only reason why I love the character who I love the character of Diane in a little girl who plays Diane oh yeah she's great they're so precious that's like how they get you
00:17:44I don't know the older brother my God I can't look at them
00:17:52went by and Twin Lake I feel like eating in the morning
00:18:01watch that show I've never seen blackish but the thought of a girl child empowering hurts band
00:18:19it's enough original scratch
00:18:25I want to see what I mean it's refreshing when you think about it having a period of time when you could just watch TV and not have to think about like this is what your Blackness means to society like sometimes he just wanted to be when you consider how much I call it on slots fiction TV like the Breaking Bad and The Madman where you watch it go to therapy after work it's nice to watch something that doesn't put you through all that stuff just that you want episode and where
00:19:23Blackness isn't you're not conscious of Blackness being explained in one way or another to people who are not black like I don't want to have to think about your black ass when I watch TV
00:19:48that's why I don't know I fucking drunk if your show is a good show expand if it's down its own without like kind of like I don't know what's the word
00:20:00blackish feels like a what they used to call the very special episodes in the 80s and stuff or they just want to talk about drugs or homelessness or something. But for Atlanta like I've never lived in Atlanta I lived in Augusta which is like 2 hours are there but it feels like I don't know I'm not peeking that's not the right word but I'm getting a glimpse of some body who stands to lives down the street from me or that I go to work and I only talked to him for eight hours a day but the rest of their life is like them dealing with her baby daddy or whatever he's a piece of shit but it's not like oh I'm learning so much for them but it's just like home that's their day and it'll be obvious I'll see them tomorrow that's it is not like this grand scheme were I'm just learning so much about the universe and their lives a black person in my life no it's just a regular last black person and they got their own problems and I got my own shit and we're just getting through the day like that's really all I need
00:21:00sorrowful to the woman who plays Dan like she's not some like some I can get a retail but what happens when you
00:21:15normal weight she can be your very Bland cousin who you only talk to one Christmas when you can
00:21:25that should all be kind of judging little but it's like well she's going through something she'll figure it out but okay she's a weed head I like that they at least gave her that even the most recent episode of the show van and her homegirl who again to me is more interesting than smoking in the car and
00:22:04I watch the HBO episodes of high-maintenance recently I was thinking about how much it bothers me that like all of this like the green Rush between Boo and the way that it's happening is so focused around like white people cuz it's respectable now and now you're allowed to talk and it was felt ugly refreshing to just see this very naturalistic being the first of all like after the conflict between them because their lives are so different and the way that like there's tension so early on but they're able to like kind of circle back to each other which also is its own really like really great depiction of
00:22:56basicity tubes of women's friendships like just watching them smoke weed in the car without like oh criminalizing them or like cops are going to pull up so we have to think about police violence it's just two chicks and a car smoking trees and talking shit it was because there's this new show on it that Ethan TV which is produced by step YouTube in TV
00:23:40I bet you Snoop got some like Nuvo Girls Gone Wild but for Stoner chicks and he figured that if you bankrolls white girls getting stoned on MTV New Market
00:24:01I think they're like green
00:24:12I don't know it's up for 54 years like I asked hate to sound like a seafood down there right like it's bothersome to think about that and so that's why it's like you I just I just want to see black folks were like a long fucking day don't like how much for an eighth of my fucking phone so I'm like are you new girl you smoke before I don't know and I would be characters are most of them
00:25:06I low-key like having a show where I can actually root for most of the character yeah it's been so long I feel like that there's been a show where like the characters are actually like a ball like that's been such a thing that have these this is Adrian by the way to have as I can to Hero bullshit and one of the things I thought about it when Julia was mentioning you know this kind of like a friendship between van and I for can't remember her name but her food I just watched it sorry basketball wife type
00:25:46and how like whatever we see this pictures of women who have friendship it's like white women who actually hate each other and our total like narcissus at least if not like out right sociopaths like in girls or unreal worth a cow is it like a friendship like this isn't a complicated friendship this is just like fucked up and maybe y'all don't actually like each other and you need to move on like you know it's okay to like cutest point blank in the streets these days and like having to be on video tape and no one touched it because they think that were you know criminal or that you know subhuman complacency black folks on TV just being human and enjoying each other and not like in some weird competition like you do see with white girls on TV or white women on TV
00:26:46watch a Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ass nigger
00:26:54Carlton Banks
00:26:59you can call cuz you had me his black ass moment remember when you told that person off like
00:27:11helping you grow but I'm still a negro and when I sing Niggas in Paris ice thing the Niger
00:27:19I figured what the hell
00:27:24because I like you have shows are they have like black folks who are all different types of characters and characters you can identify with are you can identify it be no but there's no character that comes in at bike on the complete opposite of all of these these black characters because I'm from you know I'm Prime from this white neighborhood from a different world and they just showing different characters by fuzzy deliberately left they deliberately left out that one character that may connect with white audiences more than the other character in the first episode which I feel like a lot of people probably didn't recognize as themselves the one who said, but not with the night when he told the story later yeah I feel like there's a lot of people who don't know that they're being talked about when that's very much them
00:28:23the whole character right now but he calls like called those people out here like know who think they're down around their one black friends they know don't have any other boyfriend and then there's the one point where they have the man who buy you food they think of South Asian or he bike sound like racially ambiguous people say about it too which was like I don't like that that's racist
00:29:16oh yeah so they're holding their like the punches about about like yo you need to know your place and you're weird like we out of your lane and we see what the hell you're doing it's mad corny and I just love that apart of I love it when the part of the show they don't dwell on it. Just like coming back to the kids come they come around to it
00:29:38in a way that makes you realize that like these people are the joke why this isn't a joke use people are the joke back of my head is like I love my hair salon
00:30:00shut up for the salon to get was the album of the year I was going to say to that like this kind of show it kind of ties in with me where I'm thinking about so I'm just album and also Beyonce's album where it's like these things are clearly made not to be a teachable moment but just because like you know these are black people who want to make their own art and the prize it's black as hell and they don't give a shit and what do you know it's like amazing and it's super successful then meanwhile you have every cornball out here with you know Ashley as all get-out trying to appease like whatever Susie and Jan is out there and failing miserably or at least like just like meddling and just being like you know like they're just have like no
00:30:49Artistry no krafta no nothing and I'm just like Gucci you not see it like what's going on here like if you just got your shit way to fuck together you had your little napkin the moment you be out here driving
00:31:08like anal so many different like like it's far as like talking about the whole life by genius by seeing it and so many different avenues that you have Beyonce who's by Queen of like you can't even holler opossum to the global pop star Ibis point and she made with an image of Lexus very like black Andy black ass album and she did it with Mike on her own terms and then you see Donald doing it like in the eye of the storm world is he like salons doing it on a different Spectrum within music and this is what you can create do its thing and it's so easy to see what it looks like when it's real cold versus up there with Beyonce and Solange but I mean this is a good first black media
00:32:07you're going to make it knowing that you want the point of you to be reflective not just of your own individual negroid experience but of a larger negroid experience than you need to hire a shit ton of black folks and pay them properly whenever you like about Atlanta there is so many like different kind of perspective of like how that kind of plays out you know what I mean like yeah I like all these characters are kind of like a little bit down on their luck or whatever but they're very like different people different backgrounds they all have different issues with one another Every Lie
00:32:47you know I love it I feel like it's like we're always so starved for like more
00:32:52then like one black character almost here and I mean at least dealing with
00:33:00turn on. Sense why television I hate being class conversation like that do we accurately that's it but like just in the reading they're like oh I learned is Princeton University drop-out and then there's his cousin the weed dealer who is also this Paperboy rapper. I'm hoping that like just from what we saw in the first episode of how Aaron is able to go into space was that his cousin can't I hope that there's
00:33:41basically I want to like sort of a come-to-jesus moments for self-important black folks to like think that they're better because they're not Hood the ones you got from mentioned like the inner cities and they were quick to be like but that's not me I'm from
00:34:08I don't like it it reminds me and I know that this is a non sequitur but like this friend of mine who is Desi and logos talking about how it annoyed her when she saw like new stories after tax or folks were like well I'm brown but not Muslim and I'd like to say and she's like the point is these motherfuckers don't care like you look close enough to me and my parents and my siblings to get this shit like what you announcing like what I'm not one of them isn't really helping shit like right I don't understand the incident like the infant need separate yourself from those wax I just kind of want to know I feel like you're just kind of confirming like these like stupid ass.
00:35:08make this a huge effort to separate yourselves from you know the working class or like the stereotypical black person you're doing nothing for anyone but yourself and your name meaning for yourself and make yourself look like a fucking ass
00:35:24I'm glad you brought that. So that's like I think I woke up yesterday and I saw like after the after the last debate but what's his face and what's her face yeah I can't speeding like either of them like you know poverty or unemployment for they think violence was busy and then God knows we can't hear over the sirens
00:35:57what was that like this tweet like a thousand times
00:36:13I just I don't understand the constant need to like Center oneself in the conversation you can sometimes it just like it's not going to be about you specifically in like your experience
00:36:29making a joke about how you couldn't hear because you were you're stuck in the ghetto me well that's very much reality for people and we're not addressing that reality because you're offended by being lumped in with them also first of all you got cousins who live there probably maybe not even that they wanted to do anything when you went to their house leaving fuk with you then and I don't fuk with you now first mention when you talk about how your hood adjacent
00:37:06John wasn't for your big cousin to you shave because they live in the hood your edges wouldn't be prospering because that bitch taught me how sick you through that
00:37:30I got your shit burnt out at the mall JCPenney salon because you thought you was with your white friends at all give the same thing
00:37:42he tried putting in your own relaxer and burn off half your follicles
00:37:56relief deserved your ass for that one
00:38:13Donald play the Earth
00:38:15what are thoughts on Earth
00:38:18spider just there episode with black Justin Bieber where he sort of like invited into the space of all the other managers being like am I supposed to be here or is anybody going to kick me out and told him like his reaction to that but I feel like some of the best most successful stories are the ones that junk focus on Mike the one with Darius or he goes to the shooting range the one where Darius is partnered with orn and it's sort of like this weird Adventure where they're both trying to you know earn money and male friendship that was at the end over fence
00:39:12what kind of like strained like they have the strain relationship you don't know why but there is like this tension between them but they're still idles very like I don't like tenderness between them and you kind of see that come out when during Justin Bieber episode where is kind of you know it hanging out and I towards the end of the show and then you see it with Darius so she's like I don't know you took a very very loving care to his play by little. Loving person in general and field or as I call him this morning coming first
00:40:07stop talking about early and start talking about Wiki
00:40:17cuddly but I don't understand. I'm just like oh my God I'm a 30 year old woman is in love with this
00:40:52buy me like wings and then leave me alone to eat
00:41:02play we would get in the show for him on his phone
00:41:22storyline episode where they went to go pick up the weed from like Migos
00:41:46what was the ocean as Deliverance tribe that Darius to act right while the guys getting beat up on the other side of the trailer
00:42:03bird calls him but he wants me to transfer money over cuz he's on that broke-ass date with Dan and then like and then turned legs so how's the drizzle know I do but I don't know what you
00:42:25I'm tired of everyone around me yeah it's funny cuz I feel like earn-in to his girlfriend are like the least interesting characters on the show but then like you have these other characters in Psych I'm really interested in Darius. Just because he's fine but because you know he just seems like a legitimate free but he just seems like a weird and I love it and I also really like yes I found them whether it's right or whether it's like the messy as reality TV show or weather is anything that comes from Atlanta are always kind of like transfixed
00:43:10bike Hub looking like creativity and kind of like I don't know it's like it's like this manifests itself in a number of ways and that's why they're always like so captivated by people like different kind of like Darius gets to represent the weird black kid who isn't depicted as a nerd or an anime fan or anything like that he's cool I can't wait for Darius to have like a
00:43:52he kind of reminds me of like what the weird neighbor or they're weird friend that always comes over and he's gone to this whole crazy day and then he comes into the main story and he's just hanging out because this is playing in normal for him but you probably get some crazy shit before you came over there I want to see what that day it's like for him I want to go back to Adrian you don't want to get into relationship ruin your life will ruin your credit ready willing and able
00:44:23relationship we had the best low-maintenance boyfriend ever ever
00:44:35No Seekers check this out right all you have to do is be momentarily nice to him but leave him alone the rest of the time
00:44:48don't know where you live you just need to go over there and you leave and don't ever tell him where you live
00:44:55which one are you can't divide and Darius do your muscles burn it down on accident any of my appliances
00:45:18baby proofing your sink would start shooting out Sparks it'll be off yeah you go
00:45:43that's very dirty I'm not going to do that
00:45:55growing up I would not mind watching the kids do push-ups in fact I think that if I can quit my dreams out there I think that he and flying Motors in have a shirtless push-up competition and put it on Snapchat and then ask
00:46:23in the sentence I felt at the seven chapter of my fat I'm consistent like that Sufjan Drake fanfiction I know what it is
00:46:45and he said it was like what did you talk about I rewound it and put the caption on on my fucking god what is that what it what am I doing wrong
00:47:04I've only ever seen this man game unless I never listen to him I've never liked seen it interview of him or anything like that so it's just about Jesus and killing himself
00:47:23it still sounds like a good time maybe next week... Alfred we have earned his kind of like a black background characters don't show we have we have parents who I love I love I love you Karen I want earn and Van to give up custody to grandparents
00:47:57Grand Theft Auto say that I love La team cuz she looks like a blackhead Up Every Which Way But you just a very very cute baby just have the bike stop curly like you know man it look magical hair that's like flip down like you know what I'm Northwest like I'm very like black kid and which brings it back to how much I hate blackish episode with food around Diane or maybe she was like I don't know they never even sent her a show around Diane because he's he's the dark one ever had a conversation
00:48:47she played the eldest daughter on The Bernie Mac Show
00:48:54I noticed about her after that show I'm like I really want for them
00:49:13it's on this episode of the show I forgot what the plot was all I know is that I was so like I kept I could not help him do Min on this terrible wig they put on this poor little baby just like I don't stick with 8 or 9 or maybe 10 I don't know but they have is like a terrible wig and look like a shiny hair helmet and I was like yo you can go on you can go on Harrison cysterwigs.com right now and buy a nice kinky curly wig for a smooth 30 bucks and you have this like that free 99 and watching TV Orioles that the stuff doesn't look like it just came out
00:49:54wig on this child's head unit kinky curly wig or you know just you do her natural hair I like it was so upsetting until I saw somebody I was like oh thank God we help I get actual black baby here who's allowed to like a fucking black baby there's only so much sanctimony I can like deal with two different come stuck in her hair in like half of it as straight the other app is afrosound y'all close in the tab on that as well
00:50:25I'm going on about how great the hair looks on the show I'm like the hair on the show like it was on that show is like literally biracial like you have Tracee Ellis Ross and her eye and then you can go to the other three kids were curly bi-racial and they always say well you know rainbow look the way it looks like her except for Diane make no sense what was the black hairstyle looks like Tracy's sister like one who is it looking at the pictures of the blackish family right it's like I've never watched this show
00:51:17so Diane is the one. She looks like she has less admixture shall we say right and then there's other kids and I find it really funny that we have a real life living in the White House example times two of kids of one biracial black parent and one not biracial black parent and they are closer and skin tone to Diane than any of the other children that I mean what
00:51:58what is a terrible show I love the baby I love to talk and you know how like babies kind of like it's stuck on one phrase or when were when they when they learn and they said over and over again I love that like they like Donald like I love the chemistry between Donald and those little baby like they don't it's not baby talk it's like no I don't know I think they talk to the baby like it's an actual human it is really cute please say the baby will say like what is she doing I don't know what she's doing a tie between Alfred-Addair isn't Dennis Hearn parrot
00:52:51which brings us to the end
00:52:59Dan Mayfield's like someone that went to like Spelman and it feels like van and the other girl whose name I don't remember both went to Spelman and they were both akas and van went one way and then the other girl went the other way the more interesting way that what that's what feels like that's happened to her like her life didn't turn out the way that she planned it or the way that you know she was told it would be that you would be like the upper middle class and I think he's just dealing with that clearly jealous of her friend who can do whatever you want with her
00:53:43oh that's the best like description ever thank you for that I loved Alfred making fun of her
00:53:55what do you hate everyone but like teen Hazel the perfect I feel so close to that one or both are like the type of people who are like oh I had a lot of Promise going for me and then like I had a better like this thing happened or whatever in like they kind of are like oh shit like real life just caught up with me and then everybody else around them is like what the fuck do you think it has been like going on for the rest of us yeah
00:54:26I was the one who said I can't stand black people who lets their black in their late 20s
00:54:33definitely been his story I can only see how like a lot of the cowboy Donald is probably like telling his story through or character and it would make sense for him to be attracted to someone who is on that that same Wayne can I will that's what it feels like because okay so some background on me I'm from Stone Mountain like I was raised in Stone Mountain and pretty much like a Jason I guess like Donald Glover in terms of like experiences like we both went we're not the same age but we like went to the same school and like pretty much a similar situation where Stone Mountain got really bad we had to move out so I don't know if you know how his experiences are shaped like what he's doing on the show but to me
00:55:26it feels very light I don't know what you know class is family is but it does feel like a middle-class black voice that he's telling it from or or the story of like middle class lower-middle class that was supposed to like lift the family up or like make it for the family and then everything's just like ruined potential
00:55:48sounds like he grabbed the Baton for the relay and then dropped it and started one thing that you know you kind of have to think about with Atlanta is that like Atlanta is very much where black people go to become upper-middle-class to get like these jobs and to live and thrive in like a really functioning black middle-class the only other cities that I can think of that really have that are like Washington DC or in some respects like Washington DC adjacent cities are you have like a truly thriving black middle class you know what like black cities and like really hate upper-middle-class black neighborhood so growing up around like black money or like black wealth and NC Mountain Atlanta it's very clear that they all want to sort of like be that
00:56:48like this like Clarity because they're sort of like to two ways about it in Atlanta in open terms of like you either join like rap because there's a lot of rap in Atlanta there's I mean Jermaine Dupri's So So Def you know you have Migos coming out of Atlanta you have future all of that and then you have you know the future
00:57:21finally you know finally house sorry
00:57:25I need to turn in my Atlanta card sorry you have all of the black people that followed the right plan you know they went to like my husband went to Morehouse to Spelman or they went to Georgia Tech you know when they got these degrees they got these very very corporate jobs now they living like Dunwoody or Buckhead and drive like a a Chrysler 300 and have like a wife like a light wife you know
00:58:02yeah so that's that's essentially what Atlanta's light and I'm very much why the show feels very very authentic to me yeah that was going to makes you want to go to Atlanta now I've been wanting to go for a while but I definitely want to go now and I feel like it Lana so like slept on in terms of like things to do like I love it like I can't wait to go back because I need like restaurant Rex if you want to know the hot wing restaurant that they were acting like a tourist JR Crickets man to have the best wings
00:59:02Atlanta Lake
00:59:06imagining like half the people of being like Oh don't know you put the spot on the map we hate you we hate you we hate you don't understand we hate you now they throw their extra Ranch so they got charged $0.50 for at him a text message
00:59:39Chipotle I don't feel like van like I have for some reason I keep seeing all these bike different piece of being written about like she is very Bland and just know very relatable and that she's just a regular ass black girl but I would not go so far to say she's the fucking breakout star cuz she sure as hell is it character is boring but I also think like the person who plays her is like I kind of know where the two of them in like I did watch the interviews and I've watched like different watch different videos on YouTube
01:00:28I can wait don't grow too fast you very attractive he was unable to her in German in German
01:01:09I don't I don't think any like interation of Love & Hip Hop is recognized by their City I like the episode that was focused on banner I like the actual story line I like the storyline of the women like she made him take her out on a date and she knew damn well he was broke I like that story lines and I've enjoying the character of that I don't understand why they couldn't push that envelope that I can do it with the rest of the characters and make her. You're not like every other like yo black Villanova see on TV where she has invite light skin
01:01:57what I enjoy that van facilitates good stuff from other characters like mock the shit out of her for like oh you thought you was big and bad cuz I was weed is so bad for you like
01:02:21learn kind of like eggs butter bread the computer when she was when I tell you I want to be a boutique owner don't have any money don't do anything for your hair and send the other great moment I figure everyone's up to date on the show except for tonight's episode so it's no spoiler alerts right when she got fired that was great it was so quiet Brilliance to that like the way to fit the the higher up the pro boss was just like well like yeah everybody does it cuz I I know people have worked in education that's what it's like like a lot of people have like you know if they work with kids they have liquor in their desk or
01:03:21like they smoke mad weed or whatever but it's just like you don't talk about it and that's like to me is like one of the crazy things but it's also just like oh yeah I like the way they kind of like sneak and that's kind of like it's not like oh there's like a huge messenger PSA thing here but it's like yeah you know these kids are like fucked from Jump Street and so you have to find a way to stop being a parent means that I get to have that experience with the vice principal sign me up I can't give it to Julia I'm ready I'm ready to be at least tell me what my son did say it
01:04:13read Purple how much is record this on my phone do it you just beautiful I love that child I want my kids being exactly like that I don't know how to do it too much sugar and give it way too much free time to do what it wants I don't know like a really really great weird that I feel like you know like so yeah the kitten white face but then obviously like the black Justin Bieber and the first episode I guess what the guy that was like making the Nutella sandwich just like an oddity in a weirdness to it that I also just really really enjoy like a black Twin Peaks Twin Peaks in Atlanta
01:05:13sunset Twin Peaks she was like I just watch it for the colors like oh you watch the movie and some like yeah the movie was alright I get ahead like normal pacing to it I don't know when then there was beaten watch a series I'm like no I don't have 40 million hours on my hands and fingers of of weed to smoke and stare at colors and think about like what David Lynch was saying about I don't care like
01:05:47ignore that weird guy hiding behind the bed but I know I watch the whole thing but that's scary white guy with the long hair. Thank you
01:06:09every episode like at least three times every time you go the music supervisor on that show needs a damn award
01:06:54like it's so far back to me I'm so sorry
01:07:10and I feel like it's something that like if you're black and in the US this is something that you had to deal with at some point the assumption that because you are black person you listen to one kind of music and one kind of music Alone whether it's only listen to rap you only listen arm because you're black and a girl and I figure you're into that you only listen to like some quote-unquote white music because he grew up in the suburbs and so on and I think of you know that she reminded DJ do that the danger of a single story type situation and I think that just the music in the background shows like these are not in opposition to each other they all exist in this universe that we created in the show and they all make sense here like our music collections include all this stuff that we're not beating you over the head with it you just going to hear these like Segway Sophie's musical clips
01:08:10I feel like talking about like by Trenton in a bun
01:08:2890s music
01:08:32I love that like very much like a lot of noises like your music from my all these young dudes out of Atlanta. We're like a lot of these old like old hip hop had just wanting knowledge them is actually like you know rappers and I love it like that he likes uses that music into the show and he's like he's like oh it's 2016 like in the Wu-Tang anymore these two types of music but you said you were so I appreciate it I appreciate how rude he made the point for over an hour now what you think about the show where you want to go
01:09:32Kearns job again
01:09:37that was when she was like flipping it smacking it rubbing it down on that dude like miming it I'm like you're my person already and I want to see The Golden Girls reboot that space around TV
01:09:57sponsors and she's like yeah I work but I mostly just do it to get out of the house like I'm bugging out with a 20 year old at this job once I'm done with him imma quit this job and it's whatever
01:10:18my car is paid off and I'm not paying any of those things but I want to flush out her back story I feel like she was the last thing I think Atlanta was renewed for season 2 I read that a couple days ago but maybe we'll get like I don't know maybe he doesn't get yeah I'm like if they can have a whole ass Frankie and June on the Netflix they can give that woman have an episode when are they going to put social rockmore and rockmore yeah they need to stay if her and I love her and lucky so much they're like everyone's like brand new and I'm like no but we have located and Zoe and Love and You
01:11:18people together she is catching The Mindy Project Check so she is not that vocal about it but she's she's very special anything she needs to come get her before it you don't like their four player just like her bitching about her job got something for you and he put in that line about like South Asian saying nigga and that's what I do
01:11:54bring her on his love interest
01:12:01Flacco talking going to start doing so she rock or lakeith Stanfield fanfic
01:12:08and I'm willing to write that pornography this group if they are willing
01:12:18put bag of that beanie in my mouth and your waiting in the woods with me, I would go for that
01:12:36okay one I'm still not over that Hunter Thompson ass Migos baby I really hope that the white trash towns that's probably why
01:13:01what is a white a suburb of Atlanta
01:13:07Migos is from Gwinnett County that turn into that show Outsiders all of a sudden the one with like the white Hill people but like their ancient connected to the mountain and they have a problem the only one who seen that show cuz it's on WGN and it's not Aaron nerd
01:13:35we got to talk sometime
01:13:38no hay like we really do got to talk sometime
01:13:48a very great time
01:13:54Atlanta is a good show the pictures of the Keith open on my computer right now I just want to make sure I love him
01:14:08I'm saying like if it's text shape has two weeks
01:14:13ask you I don't have everybody's everybody tell everybody where you can reach out to the people like I'm just
01:14:27really like America is still recovering from Lake Paris Hilton's green screen I think
01:14:37I think that black love should be able to give something to sacrifice mini what was the drug dealer called The Purge and he's also in that movie that Jordan Peele made about leg in a race go on to the store
01:15:06why did he turn his therapy sessions into a horror film
01:15:13woman right
01:15:15Chelsea Peretti that's all you have to do and that's the thing I don't even think that it's her because remember Chelsea Peretti had a black step mom from like right when she was at her dad's place right cuz I don't know why I just feel like mixed kids just needs therapy like younger so that they don't do shit like this when they're in their late 30s
01:15:49and it's pretty embarrassing for him to be showing out like this and putting trash on the time while having a moment with that maybe you need some black friends baby Drake
01:16:18Sophie Julia is going to know I love you all love you and you love with Keith yes that's what I want to do so
01:16:32okay that was a hick town podcast

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