Native European and Irish Tradition posits the existence of an Otherworld realm lying beyond the furthest reaches of the horizon; an island of plenty and abundance, where happiness lasts forever, and where one hundred years pass as one day. The Greek Elysium, King Arthur's Avalon, the Odainsakr of the Norse and the Irish Land of the Living all point to a long-held corpus of beliefs regarding a paradise across the ocean.
For the 16th instalment of Blúiríní Béaloidis, hosts Jonny Dillon and Claire Doohan set forth upon the waves to Teach Duinn (The House of Donn), to which the souls of Ireland's heathen dead were said to travel with the setting of the sun. Continuing their voyage, Claire and Jonny venture onwards over the seas 'flowery plains' visiting 'thrice fifty islands' with the great Connle, Mael Dúin, Bran and St. Brendan as their companions.
Our ships are coursing over the sea; strange panoramas and otherworld islands await:
'There is a distant isle,
Around which sea-horses glisten:
A fair course against the white-swelling surge,
-Four feet uphold it.
A beauty of a wondrous land,
Whose aspects are lovely,
Whose view is a fair country,
Incomparable is its haze.
Wealth, treasures of every hue,
Are in Ciuin, a beauty of freshness,
Listening to sweet music,
Drinking the best of wine.’
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00:00:02Have you shared this alleged father Yeah No I'm okay Thank you Were so good to me Johnny Starr And I'm such a liking to you sometimes What's so sorry So you are Fighting sometimes get my Bs nonsense Right them The other thing that we do sometimes is that
00:00:26while you're talking and vice versa When I say I mean you know she was going to say I don't remember you doing that You okay Front Anyway There we are rolling here with that sign and I'm I should be so shoot Santa here Ready to hit the road
00:00:52You see I just can't tell him you thought I was serious Your throat Yes The longing for land where there should be no sorrow no age death or decay The desire to escape the sadness of life Let even the Astaire and pious to seek for Happy Island Sentry
00:01:09sensualist joyous or troubled All yearned for the Blessed Island Find your heart You can get a grand Alicia the learning politician on him clearing you Just hold Jackie Johnny John Nobody We begin this episode of Blue Any Belhadj ish To which you're all very welcome folks with a
00:01:26line from an early twentieth century antiquarian The rather elaborate lovely named Thomas Johnson West Drop and Russell Westbrook will pop up again later in the absolute but by way of introduction I wanted to begin with this vivid image of a happy island or the Blessed Island free from
00:01:42earthly sorrows a site of great attraction as well See for both scents and sensual ists as Westrup notes in early Irish literature And later Lord let them decide which one we are Johnny Center sensuous You know I think it's pretty obvious but anyway from Arlen's Hy Brasil to
00:02:01Britain's Avalon to Greece is Atlantis The idea of the medical or magical island is a familiar concept and international folklore The other world realm which lies beyond the horizon here in the log cheered Chad Ingrid on this happy island is our intent to destination today Well it is
00:02:17yes So we hope you'll bear what this life bells at the ready as we journey from what The early adventures through the Great sea voyage literature off the factory and the Morena two mythical isles of beauty and abundance We also investigate the five thousand two hundred fifty three
00:02:31mythical islands off Ireland's west coast We could be some time Well it felt like it a time Sorry to be honest bidness their characteristics And the Lord which grew up around them Will and Teddy laters today some of which survives even to modern times So let's cast off
00:02:50them into the enchanted mists and speak a little about the other world that supernatural realm to which our forebears exhibited great reverence and respect Andi it's something that we've spoken about Me Recent podcast Haven't we Johnny This idea off the parallel supernatural world that lives alongside us Yes
00:03:07that's a fine introduction but thanks I'm better when I can get stuff on paper Yeah Yeah When you left me around Blank Quite useless And no no not a thing I would say so when you said that thing about the photos and islands I expected I wasn't listening
00:03:23to what you're saying is reading a bit of a milestone in here and I have no idea what you have to be sensitive or what Our daily life Yeah yes Theater world and joking the other world So yeah I'm just saying that's most would look at the idea
00:03:40of the otherworld that's locators specifically exposed on these islands on magical islands Sometimes that appear and see then disappear again Or the idea that individuals are whisked away and lead their often by a supernatural woman And then they have these kind of fantastical voyages that surprised the kind
00:03:56of whole genre in near future factory that then became the instrument which are the kind of sea voyage from talents whatever them And yeah I suppose we'll look at maybe someone in the early after some of the references DVD of what happens Why the otherworld associated with the
00:04:12fire Western Isles in in tradition that's some of the symbolism Maybe that goes along with that I mean the first time that we've looked at the other world in terms of overseas on submarine world was often skin subterranean isn't it In rats and forth that the physical landscape
00:04:30around us on the mainland Yeah and that's what we looked at before with very forts in the sense of these that the supernatural landscape exposed but part of the idea of the other world in a way that in our tradition it's often seen as a kind of neither
00:04:44heaven nor hell But this third kind of round that exists alongside us is that is the commenting on we used this term the other world a lot of the study of folk tradition or in progress sticks whatever it's not them So yeah but when we talk about it
00:04:57it's often described as being rooted in the landscape Somewhere sometimes in a fort or in a magical palace it appears in the non or I'm on this island that manifests basically And so in the sense of say in the in the Irish word for the fairies Fairy hostess
00:05:13slew a she or she Okay but the earlier I was spending that is S i d hate on the meaning is a terminus or caring or a burial mount So this kind of roots deity of the community the other world community off the day in the natural landscape
00:05:29on the idea that maybe sometimes thie sperry amends opened up a knight or their comm palaces or the East kind of fantastic visions appear and then they disappear But apart from those narratives that focus on the natural landscape on the other world is being rooted in it And
00:05:44you also had this idea off the Otherworld island that this kind of sudden fantastic vision appears off a strange island that sometimes disappears a CZ as soon as it manifest But people can be seen on a cities or towns or house is animals and women hanging clothes at
00:06:01the washing lines and people working away a woman I think that was funny because that's what women do King Sejong closing Thank you Dinner on So these are the descriptions that one finds as faras The otherworld islands are are concerned and so but when you go to the
00:06:17early literature people like Miles still in and by Hogan is out have mentioned a supposed TV the idea these mythical islands as a kind of and as you were describing like a place of no sorrow happiness feasting joy abundant there I'll read a piece from them while still
00:06:37in a lovely book Early art literature which everyone should have on DH In describing the other world and kind of comparing it to the other versions of saying he says the Irish or the world is a country where there is not a sickness nor age nor death Our
00:06:52happiness lasts forever and there's no safety say deity Is that even correcting it correctly Well you know everything is satiated where food and drink do not diminish when consumed Where to wish for something is to possess it for a hundred years are as one day it is the
00:07:10Elysium the island of the Hospira tease of the Greeks he owed on Zacher thie your death and the manner of the North Alfred North Point of Death that it finds its closest monologues in early Greek apology And he suggested that it represents ancient Indo European tradition Nice So
00:07:26this is the kind of this's the thie the conception of the other world in North Western European tradition as part of a broader in the European tradition So says offered Norton saw it was a team that will actually see some quite strong international links and parallels to go
00:07:41through the Episode twelve which we often seen the podcast just brings home thie This was not to think of Ireland is being insular and in those early periods we can if it quite easy to imagine to think of us as little isolated island But actually we were very
00:07:55forward thinking and outward looking and the influences that we had on others But as you know other nationality satin us It will probably see that today especially where you were mentioned before we were talking about it And Patrick Purgatory thie influence on Dante Yeah didn't Brendan which we'll
00:08:12talk later in another guest to the party hardened on dimensions hugely selling that advocate at the voyage Brendan which will discuss this One of the Rams are the pages that have traveled all over Europe and we'll see the physical impact that hat and in the real world I
00:08:28think yeah they had to think about when you're talking about folk tradition or the or the motifs that appear and you need to share Although items and folklore in folk tradition are often used to highlight the specificity or the specific kind of cultural identify IRS or motifs off
00:08:45of a particular people in a particular place When you zoom out you see this broader tapestry of a kind of of a cultural hole that binds us say between Britain and Ireland and then Britain Ardent and Scandinavia and the northwestern Europe And then again the broader kind of
00:08:58Indo European tradition You can see these thes commonalities and threats and it's it's so it's worth paying that kind of the international context to it Daddy Oh Hogan In his book The Sacred Island he talks about some of the reasons why the three other world was kind of
00:09:15connected with the idea of the West And he thinks it as a father Scott of C I D Of the setting sun and that this is a very fundamental and symbolic level relates to the deer that that the sun as it sets in the West kind of travels
00:09:29into the land of our dead ancestors which then manifests for us here on Earth as the world of nighttime where the results on that rises again in the east and brings with it you know all the illuminating knowledge that avoids whatever and the idea that that these the
00:09:43setting sun and the direction of West are associated with the other world and with dead come from that symbolic sense of I suppose just that that idea at the end of a certain life cycle and then beginning again whenever I was going to ask But this was when
00:09:55we mentioned it Yesterday when we were chatting I wanted to ask you to remember an earlier podcast We saw that it was It was house lock that it was talk to bring ill fortune to extend your house to the West Yeah That that's right might hear tying in
00:10:10Yeah there's the intelligence logically her shiras attacking you don't If you extend your heads westwards You think you're stronger than God You provoke the essence of that direction And the essence of West is death kind of thing Okay that's maybe too simplistic but So the idea being that
00:10:25if you if you kind of extend your home that domestic space in the direction of the day the world then different somehow manifestos it's a taboo basically symbolism And so much for our point to the competition you know colors science seen image him I mean you mentioned Avalon
00:10:44on DH King Arthur When King Arthur dies he's he's brought west on a boat to Avalon Yes OK yeah So it's the direction of even for example an Irish tradition or in popular speech when something breaks I said Suppose to go west or somebody dies Who said to
00:11:00go west were no something is something kind of breaks down on you It all went west over there So I said Well I think I've heard of it But in this sense and yet the he and the sacred oil talks about references that Julius Caesar makes todo off
00:11:18the city of night before day when he's talking about the accounts and Continental counts basically and how he says that they felt that they all descended from from one kind of great guard This father got really all alone Sometimes the digest the dagger the good God or this
00:11:33kind of horsemen all father kind of deity who has one eyed horsemen who rides across the sky who is basic and what Julius either says that the goals all assert their descend from dis potter and say that it is the druid belief For this reason they can't the
00:11:49period of time not by the number of days but by the number of nights and in wrecking birthdays In the new moon and New Year there unit of reckoning is the night followed by the day That's something that that I used to mention that you see still in
00:12:01tradition today that we celebrate for Halloween So we set about the night before the race or and meeting son that made it It's sundown is when it begins that Lloyd is before day and so does he then goes on to say that there is in fact strong evidence
00:12:13of the belief in ancient Europe that the sun when sinking in the West entered the underworld each night toe abide there with the dead So I suppose this is the kind of the conceptual framework symbolic framework or suppose that we're looking at I AM and it suggested then
00:12:29that that the Greeks largely the Greeks located and these two huge pillars at the gates of the Atlantic or pillars that held up the sky Sometimes they're connected with the rocket Gibraltar another rock And but they were They were their ideas sometimes that there were these two huge
00:12:45pitchers in the fire Western reaches that were that represented the edge of the world where the sky was held up For those at the gates the Atlantic basically on DH seem imaginative Reach will see that again Just the creativity And it is incredible name but it's ah yeah
00:13:04they're these kind of huge columns basically that is that are described And so this is the idea then that Daddy then later tries to another Otherworld island on the theory that the sun sinks through this kind of great actually in the West basically And so there's ah this
00:13:20part of the kind of again the symbolic thinking of locating this other world space where where the sun the sun sets on that that idea from the Greeks from Mediterranean's going to spread to the continental counts on it marched westward basically even clearly that Ireland was an island
00:13:37of the dead itself you know because we were on the periphery for so many them to reach us and was coming to the edge of the known world at that time in that early period before the discovery of Americans want Yeah what was there was a colony There
00:13:51was some think dimensions colony in Marseille where he thinks that there was this what kind of cross pollination of ideas and kind of from from the west of gold into Caltech regions that this Greek thie Greek ideas influenced the otherworld beliefs or the count's basically well again it's
00:14:06talking into these very old and kind of archetypal almost ideas around the life cycle of the setting sun and one in Ireland There's city off Don't tartan and this is thie There's an arch and I'll pull island off the coast of Carrie And there's a quote about him
00:14:26Yes sir Here we are Medieval Irish texts describe the belief of the heathen quote unquote to the effect that souls therein and go to Don His name just means dark on in this Edo history Donors is you memorize as one of the leaders of the gate of people
00:14:40when they came toward me Does this idea there's a quote And to meet my house you will come out to your death basically and so doneness linked with sewn in the sense that Dawn means dark But it's the setting sun and then he has other versions of himself
00:14:54He appears assed Derek or red South beauty that the sun setting sun sets in this island That's where the souls go and they traveled to the to the other world basically So those are some of the kind of the conception maybe in the tradition that form that begin
00:15:09to form around ideas of where the Otherworld Island is located on why it's in the West It's connected with because the West destruction of the death Basically you see and I think it's probably is it fair to say given the impact off Greek and Roman tradition next Certainly
00:15:25some of material I was reading as we can step into the early Irish literature section that some scholars argue that potentially our early clerics would have been aware of some of these and hence why they may have had an impact on these early stories that they were in
00:15:42transcribing into the great manuscript You think that would have been aware of which and you know the like surf and Atlantis in Avalon and just kind of already tax if you were mentioning their true Yeah I think this is just more of a knowledge of kind of many
00:15:55like that You're saying you know hard and solid Stone Island but it wasn't totally kind of could after It's lots of medieval influence or cultural influences around many will Europe especially from a supposed Christian on DH Christian kind of monks and who were going abroad whatever as they
00:16:12were But I think there was definitely a knowledge of the broader kind of cultural inheritance and traditions start speculative in a way like I feel reluctant sometimes to speak It's hard to think about anything but yeah no it's tricky But yes I guess you know what I don't
00:16:27think there's there's have many webs Teo There's somebody tangled Web trying way through I think I guess that's where that the early literature is so useful in that you can kind of come to see gives you just a certain Yes I get it Illuminates the dark of the
00:16:43past that makes that strange country slightly more familiar But it's still just this kind of tangled where basically I think that's why I prefer to just wander around in wonder rather than making kind of definitive claims You boys you do like wandering around in the old anybody under
00:16:57it And but he's attended and it was very good at that kind of threading a narrative through like this caused this Then this led the Greeks to say this and then accounts it here I'm picking out these kind of bits now whether or not you can kind of
00:17:09put such a such a narrative on because it's such an arc on these on these desperate kind of items is Well I can't darling But you know what I think But I suppose so Whatever send the other world is often conceived of as being rooted in the natural
00:17:25landscape alongside us sometimes in a force on a burial mound which connects it with the world of the other world community of the dead who are also the fairies Go on In other instances it's often located after the farthest western reaches As an island that suddenly appears our
00:17:38manifests But that is connected in some way with the idea of the setting sun Even the supposed the sense of having to cross the body of water to travel to the other world has personality isn't exactly It also has a kind of a Greek and I kind of
00:17:53Greek and motif in somebody like you crossing the river sticks And Plutarco mentions something about blue track where he talks about you know courting the brakes just you horny Tark Intothe No but there's a bit here Where do you start Describes Fisherman in Britain Them Come on It's
00:18:17kind of reminds presidents both off this idea Cross the sticks and crossing the river to the strange or the right of that and on the ocean strand opposite Britain to a certain fisherman they hear a voice calling them on a knock at the door rising from their beds
00:18:31they find at the shore on familiar boats Heavily laden they grasped the oars and in an hour or a cross although their own boats would require one and a half days That's Akon motif is that you get there really quickly on the time that she's time They're well
00:18:44yeah when they arrive although they see nobody they hear a voice calling out the names of those who disembarked So it's a kind of strange notion that ties and again with this dealer World Island is located and in this case the West opposite Britain to the west of
00:18:58Britain Or whatever would you be Aren't you And and this connection of although they don't see any when they hear these voices disembodied voices off the debt basically and which toys in again you start to see these little familiar markers appear over and over again because it becomes
00:19:15what would we see this Now I'm looking at the actor and the umbrella because it starts off is one of the other world we should always remember is this kind of early pre Christian idea But then isn't it true to say that later We do see this confusion
00:19:29with the more Christian Heaven Yeah yeah I think one of the things that Hunt was in the descriptions of clarified and we could meet people to remember that there two different ideas Yes you have in the and say it's from the improvement in the the human male dune
00:19:45or we should probably stop the definition if we ever want to jump in that's I'm sick of completeness Yeah and I like a definition So when we're talking about factory on DH run that desire you know genres of early Irish literature The act was some people distinguish them
00:20:04by date so that the Act three are earlier than the drama But essentially what they are are after my term This adventure's medical adventure stories where is thie Merima are for the voyage is more usually aren't they And where the voyage itself became the focus of the nerd
00:20:20yes and they're hugely famous examples that exist only in terms of the drama Think I read Only five of them exist in manuscript form to this day and all kind of look at them from Amram Bran to remove oil boom Well doing calm come look and then you
00:20:39will use an actor but there's a bit of crossover It's whether it was an after Oran Imran and then we've got St Brendan's Why you just well as an Imran But we're going to look at these and details was kind of very much buy into that team off
00:20:51travel to the other World Island the foreman Wagnalls folks or addiction in search of a copy of myself I don't have it says here in Roma literally voyages class of all dire stories in which the void itself provides the main interest That list is given of the excellence
00:21:06versions and the money scripts and they're from eleven fourteen and sixteen centuries And then it says the voyages air prompted usually either by revenge as in the case of mild doom or pure love of travel or desire to find the happy isles The voyagers visit innumerable island's inhabited
00:21:20by supernatural or otherwise marvelous men women birds or animals The voyagers land here and there or are not allowed to land They see strange things under told strange things and inevitably learn the wisdom that you do They always eventually arrive at the island more beautiful and marvelous than
00:21:35the others whose description reveals that some Christian concept of heaven has been superimposed on or adopted to the ancient Celtic visualization of the other world That's the thing with the things you find in Is it It's Ah mm brown I think I could be wrong for Brown disappears
00:21:51off Yeah but we're part part of the prophecies that are revealed to them on the adventure started to have this kind of Christian culture and overtone although their meat like say and the ancient Irish Sea god or something that modelling earlier who who's travelling across the sea and
00:22:08says that it's not It's just a flowery plane and all that sort of stuff And so you'll have that kind of pre Christian flavor and components in Panorama and then describes because you have to bear in mind the only reason that we have any of the early detector
00:22:22and the military sources is because it was transcribed and taken down by the monks Early monks with their own agenda with their own agenda christianizing texts and kind of shoehorning quotes from Patek lying and as it were into the into what was a kind of supposed to be
00:22:38the well the pagan origins of pre Christian and kind of frame But then yeah so so you have to kind of it's like an archaeological digs and I'm supposed to pick these things apart Really Mm But yeah we should be So we start by looking at some of
00:22:53the different the different descriptions in the literature You think it wouldn't hurt if they are I think I think we read thes off years ago Now I kind of remember just going through them and we used to have to do because we don't have to get through that
00:23:05one page at a time In the old Irish I'm back another island Many visits the island of women many visits the island of Sheikh When did you know Years ago and go What did you Yeah because he ever getting to where he's going I think we were just
00:23:19too young and it's the IRS trying to But we were more focused on the very word by word and I just thought large Is he ever getting to where he's going But now when I look back I realise just how vivid imagery wass creativity on just this imaginative
00:23:33flare that people had at the time But it's incredible to Rita have to seeing just the poor tree of it Well we would take it if you way better time to go through with the actor calmly after brand in room whale down and then we could look att
00:23:45more recent folk tradition examples of what The world violence and how they may be carrying on with some of the motives appeared the early literature But then we'll look at more recent items collected by the folk or commission interviews and so far this perfect And do you have
00:23:59any bets you want to start with or all right Right by here you can rant away Well I was just because we were gonna go through the and the overcoat synopsis off those and runs forty thie after Carla Yeah Do you have to come the first jump into
00:24:14brown Them crabs Okay so And so Yeah This is after Khan the eventual condom from Thea No book of liquor in the eighth century This is when this is observed from basically And it says here that one day Connor the red sun of corn of the hundred buffaloes
00:24:29was beside his father on the television He saw a woman and wonderful attired approaching This is a common motif The otherworld woman who appears and then kind of Beckett's the hero together Road Yes because he has no willpower himself at all He's just back and that's just what
00:24:42happened Which actually I think that he had suggested that that might have been indicated A kind of an echo from the idea of the sovereignty The king who marries a seventy goddess Oh yes when he takes the phone So Connor says Where do you come from Woman I
00:24:58comes to the woman from the land of the living a place in which there's neither death nor sin or transgression We enjoy lasting feasts without preparing them and pleasant company without strife We live in great piece for that were named the people of peace and then calm This
00:25:12Father Kam is their asses With whom do you speak boy Said Conda Hassan for non Saw the woman say come alone And then the woman answered He speaks to a beautiful young woman of noble Race him Another death threatens nor old age I love Connor The red I
00:25:26called I called him to the plane of delight Where reigns a king victorious and immortal king without weeping or sorrow in his land since since he became king Come with me Connor The red of the Jew of neck red as flame Your hair is yellow over the bright
00:25:41noble face of your royal form If you come with me your beauty will not lose its youth or its fairness forever so they can hear this voice on ly comlink and see here The corner of the king is pretty freaked out Ancestors drew Trouble has come to me
00:25:55which defeats my council which defeats my power a strength which I have not known since I became king that I should meet an invisible for which strives against me to steal away my fair son by magic spells he is being lured away from me The King by women's
00:26:08wiles Take that So she then sits basically And Kamila has this kind of crisis of sorts and he begins kind of on wonder him You know what I think I might like to get out of here on DH go travel away to the other world Then at one
00:26:23point then Connor spring's away from them and he jumps into the ship of glass that's described here is a firm crystal caracal and then the crowd who are assembled to take the king And I reckon you and Drew is a song They look out farther and farther as
00:26:35Faras they're eyes could see they wrote it then over the sea away from them and they were not seen since and it is not known where they went So this is the kind of this is the doctor on Brown's The next one is um is that kind of
00:26:47doctor as well But if the's it's these narratives that starters the after or adventures that become that lead into the genre of what it's called in Rome or the voyage with this becomes the more kind of And so that's that's one of the earlier ones of Kandahar This
00:27:02the Otherworld woman and the feminine aspect supposed to describe maneuver is something that repeats quite quite a lot on the island of women And so on this party one of the syriza violence that air visited And so that's one of the early kind of off items that we
00:27:18have Then again although you know she describes that one says she says To come away although the Sun is setting that the journey will be really swift It might take an extremely kind of long amount of time they're instance but it'll be really Swift and that goes back
00:27:31again to this idea that the journey can be made extremely quickly because there's some magical component to it's true and then the time spent there seems quick but centuries of past and that will bring us as a nicely Segway into rancher Oh well finally the first fifty years
00:27:47the hardest So John using Bran is there is and speculation as to whether it should be designation as an actor are on Imran So it's kind of we see that shift I suppose from one genre into the end of the next But by way of M brief synopsis
00:28:03I suppose West Rock and it just gives it quite succinctly here where he says that Ron was the son ofthe people and he was living nearest Fort He here is sweet music and awakes to seize a magic apple branch in his hand on Unknown Woman sings of a
00:28:17glorious island round which sea horses Lesson affair course against the white swelling Sarge again they like their alliteration is well maybe maybe I should have been a wonderful country Yes and it dwells on the silent no whaling treachery death or sickness again that idea ofthe world without sorrow
00:28:38It blows many colors It glows many colored and incomparable He's with snowy cliffs and strands of dragon stones and crystals And then this woman vanishes On brand were twenty seven followers embarks upon the journey to find her You meet the cicadas she said Johnny Manana and McLear in
00:28:54his chariot visits my mail The Isle of Laughter The Isle of Women's And you would've lost was gone Freaky Yes You were seeing this yesterday They're all a bit weird Yeah they got one of his his his colleagues associates fellow adventurers But about that there's a word I'm
00:29:13looking for a contract They stepped ashore under the silent thunder's they see a crowd of people there are wandering around just shouting and laughing And honestly yeah Andi this fellow goes goes ashore and as soon as he lands there he begins to show life And they rode the
00:29:27boat towards the shore and they kind of begged him to come But he just looks at him staring and laughing and they wait there for a while Then they just throw away on that's the island of joy so called something coming to serving them Yes I think I'd
00:29:37be rolling away It just seems a bit forced Not yet but um but Dr Brant And so he finally reaches the Isle of women to which this queen has drawn him on entrance by Loved this Rose Do not know the flight of time In which case we learned
00:29:53that centuries have passed andan apparently undiminished boost and strength They returned to our land eventually It was only when they take the first step onto shore that before or that the first man falls to ashes Andi realize what's happened that they've aged It's about that idea that we're
00:30:09all very familiar with up to in the North that Ashim who went and doesn't realize that so much time has passed you back off is part of them And he's told not to get off the horses on And when he comes back he sees an old man I'm
00:30:23struggling with some load on machine goes to get off the horse to help this man on this Soon as he step onto the earth Because the age I never would have seen your hair It's that the debt of time there and suddenly becomes these nine hundred years older
00:30:38and so is that those similar patterns can continue on But that's what happened pro brand So eventually they realized and survivors sailed off never to be seen again having realized the error of their ways These thie when they come up to the to the island the other world
00:30:52our island off women where the queen is there and she calling to Brown and he's there He's afraid to land on the island whose selfless companions and she throws a ball of twine in his face and he puts up his hands to catch it and she then uses
00:31:05a polish The twine on brings the boat in so it's this kind of its by some sort of kind of magical trickery of sorts Out there they're brought there But when they're there it describes like each month there's a wife there for him and Brown This has is
00:31:19there the queen And they'll have this fantastic time They have also the food and facing north But then one of them begins to just miss home for some reason Forget about the description is there on that Eventually they motion escaping and leave and It's like the fisherman And
00:31:33having just said I was thinking that you know you haven't had too much of a good thing Yeah it throws thinking What's going through It's it is like that that joke or that story whenever where the individual who goes to heaven and then is just keeps catching the
00:31:46fish with great ease all the time and then realizes this's this's really boring There's joy in the suffering Sometimes there is three is there will be and we must find some meaning on some of the frontal again The descriptions where Brown is traveling over the water on meets
00:32:02fun on there who described it as a very plain And then when Browner's companions look over there floating over this wonderful orchard of flowering trees just get these strangers scripts in the boat kind of traveling through the traveling through the air and as you as the kind of
00:32:18day as they travel along But lots of these ideas kind of Riker as a sort of these kinds of teams like the island of Laughter and there are women and so on on the idea that there are so many of them So every now and again you'll get
00:32:30this thrice fifty islands and they keep visiting countless and countless islands and from the West Court just to give the impression that there are so many islands And for that there were off the coast of Ireland in terms of mythical sites This is five thousand two hundred sixty
00:32:46three That's why if I can get a rough estimate Well I place um some tape recording here thinking this was collected in nineteen Seventy Firing machine It's a con And this is from Father Barrett who is from Northwest Candy Mayor Beautiful Saw the world around carrying a Glock
00:33:03Teri Huyck killed Galligan This kind of we were the most beautiful part of the world On and off the orishas Well he's talking about how there was lots of magic in ardent long ago And these through these kind of other islands basically that that used to exist He
00:33:15describes how he and what he saw begin we drink some more And your medium I was there with her you know as a charm Am turns a cheer empty The day after more are for my hair I was gay herring you many ways to communicate Kiernan Hole was
00:33:47e Mei Thank you Teo Hear him Wait There been fake that when they tell you that your girls are tired and goes on with you about I know that Tell her sorority time even you know they pour gravy on the washing Good man Support jitters You know this
00:34:11is Terry Asian the Winnie Cooper I know where that are They tow you know the hit So he described You know what you see is what you believe that there were these kind of islands and that he carries on to describe that this scenery basically of seeing people
00:34:32on trees and and little houses and fall in here you know you more and no other because uh yes Kali is half the battle three years ago as you know him What you have to tell you that everyone should have a going around town with that the way
00:34:58of hiding Because having shared with her more Yeah Tower called Thank you I got uh we got a break I mean I hear No we're on a leash Agent with or the ancient went toward Have we don't have it here Tom Woody Tonight Our second year of comedy
00:35:22and he's like it's there It exists just like we are And he's describing the kind of what he's on Yeah houses land forests which is a common And I think too many Emma's will see these islands were very real But I think that got me when we said
00:35:38this yesterday and when we were taught that kind of eyewitness evidence was sometimes most unreliable type of evidence Nineteen year When you're doing your thing struck music how can that possibly be true Like when you see something like with your own eyes how can it be unreliable And
00:35:54then you realize And if the person the time of day the level of lighting and your level of tiredness whether you have your glasses on or glasses off actually you can be so surprised by how and what's the word Loyal vulnerable we are to mistake even with our
00:36:14own tries It's kind of sort of sea fog banks from Mirages like this someone could be completely certain fifteen cos I'd be more than trying to think of that The symbolic meaning of thes landscapes and the kind of individual way of understanding the landscape in Yeah in a
00:36:32kind of symbolic sense or imbuing it with this or even your D that that the other world in the fantastic and suddenly interrupt into Monday on dates And it's always just about to happen I remember talking to Doc Hogue on years ago and he described being on a
00:36:45boat I forget exactly where it is in far north somewhere I'm Scandinavia And he said that he saw on island like this that he and he could see animals are not current houses and kind of inside but realized it was that kind of mirage or just a weird
00:37:03vision Fogger kind Exactly Memory But it was cute but there was something on the sea that he that he might talk to B m talk to be a kind of phantom Your mind is working and taking in farm or information every second that you even realize it's probably
00:37:18doing more Teo Tune information out Exactly Exactly You know I remember going to print the Hill of Tire before the fall That's known that stunning up there weren't even under city yesterday turning around Check if you were the end starting in the fall which for listeners that screams
00:37:34if you're working So you step on a mine Just fingers crossed It was screaming right There's known they're here but it was screaming very related on DH There was anyone And then there's just a lot of applause That convenient Three weird So after the applause stopped but I
00:37:45turned around and I could see all the fields on the sun setting and some But then I saw the sea and waves on DH the ocean there beside these fields And I didn't think anything of it because I wasn't familiar with the place And when I turned around
00:37:58the moment or so later it was all just fields and greenery and realise of course it's bloody fields in green because the sea is miles away you can't see it at all So again through some kind of trick of the mind or some severely supernatural moment you turn
00:38:14around you you you you misinterpret or you don't see what's there Or else you see something else that is There is the idea you know thes air not traits for a king that I would feel confident And Johnny what part of it's good screening Yes well you know
00:38:26and but they weren't doing it Wasn't plotting on the burn Burn the school No there wasn't It wasn't a dictator Actually no I think it might have told me to burn and destroy things yet for them but yeah the idea Suppose that that the's flashes of fantastic kind
00:38:41of suddenly interrupted interfere with the mundane and the ordinary And then some of the imagine of descriptions This's a thing actually was thinking about It's her name that the photographer who took a lot of lovely follows in Connemara in the thirties and what she wrote about Karua Price
00:38:58Captain Prancing Price yes for ten points towards you for knowing the women Johnny who I was So she was a talkies only photographs and she wrote a little article on the character that you talked about It was a lovely place for artists them and she's talking to have
00:39:13high art and paintings and so on and then talks about the people there and the line's got to be able to ask it But when I was reading it I also thought the fisherman on the people working on the land and there hasn't so often are the artists
00:39:25that we have that from from the items proposition that destroyed with such imaginative beauty and power and not even the high kind of and artistry and expressive kind of power off the poets and the monks and so on and so forth in the early literature But just the
00:39:42material that could get that is passed down to us In Orel tradition it's just it's amazingly so grateful for really way Don't draw on it I need to go on but couldn't know They're sort of kind of a attention perhaps whatever people often think It's some sense that
00:39:57artists like that art in some way is a kind of them some sort of afterthought When material conditions are kind of when you reach them or to your level of comfort you can consider our But it's the opposite It's the inverse opposite The symbolic on artistic is this
00:40:11starting point of off a cultural civilization Whenever you look at say those that they K The beautiful Kay paintings in the caves in France said about thirty thousand years older is that when that where people have to crawl in pitch black through these terrifying no cracks and crevices
00:40:25to paint these beautiful images on the walls like Why the hell would do that And that's not because it's not as though you reached some sort of material cover and then decide You know what Let's paint some sort of cube oId horrific modern piece of rubbish Whenever it's
00:40:38it's the opposite is its culture and art and symbolic of the transcendent that starts And then everything comes after that down Was that your And plead to be king that was probably more successful Was yes I would go with that life Really Should we talk about while doing
00:40:53briefly It'll have to be briefly now because we have And okay should be Not Some of the descriptions are have we think we're just going to much on the under Here it was it I think it's interesting because this is certainly where the lord that will come to
00:41:08nose comes from and has kind of taken influence from her So I think it's important to mention it Well okay so we'll go as brief as we can This thie merriment voyages of male doing well done And is thie foster child to a queen the queen of Ireland
00:41:23And he thinks that he is her son in a taunt It's revealed to them that a companion taunt him And it's revealed he's actually the love child of non which is a particular disappointing And his father was killed by marauders from leash So And while doing sets off
00:41:38excuse me with his foster brothers to find these marauders concern l has Here's a drunken man boasting about how he murdered this man's fire As soon as that happens the storm comes open whips in the way and suddenly they find themselves out at sea in a boat with
00:41:49no sight of land anywhere So they let the boat float Wherever God will send us they then visit This is the kind of price fifty islands kind of scenario and they go to All these strains are Dent's where one is covered with giant ants that want to eat
00:42:01them One is where there's an old man floating on Assad that was made at the beginning of time that decided go into an island and now it's inhabited in the trees His his forebears lived there as birds that in in the trees He gives a kind of strange
00:42:15property to them It and they go At one point they see a giant beast on top of another that revolves Its bones are revolving It's but the skin stay still very skin Harry parked around the bones Stay still So there's an island full of them and kind of
00:42:30burnt black and people who are just going around screaming and wailing on one of their companions goes under that island and he just starts screaming and wailing and have to go They have to go away And but one of the interesting parts they see this kind of heat
00:42:42this other world music or the world The idea of the other world is a place of feasting and joy It says here Then they saw another island which was not large with a wall of fire all around us and that world revolved about the island There was an
00:42:55open doorway in the side of the war On each time the doorway came in front of them they saw the whole island and all that was honest with all its inhabitants Many hunts and people in lovely garments with golden cops in their hands as they feasted And they
00:43:07heard their music And they were that they were for a long time watching the wonder which they saw And they found it delightful So this is the kind of exposed again thie division of the other world that appears on which again ties in with a place of feasting
00:43:23place Of joy A place of strange magic power strange visions fantastic visions the imparting of wisdom a dangerous journey from which they narrowly escape often just others from coming God saves him or whatever where the Christians in the pre Christian overlap and intertwine where Pagan Davies and pre
00:43:43Christian gods mingle with kind of monks and animals and sells the dents on thoroughly strange on and on all together Well fantastic boys basically that's what these things are Yeah each and everyone of you whatever No I agree with you I think through my crescent and and then
00:44:04sake of completeness just to round off on the violin A drinking game where every time Clarity says for the sake of completeness what did I say That a lot And then for every time I say just like other European tradition to train just like to be thorough job
00:44:18So to round off with sin Brendan's voyage which again can takes on more Christian overtones I support it's the the description off St Brendan's journey to a land of promise and as John even mentioned it many of theme rooms the parallels of the same He visits countless islands
00:44:36He has the Isle of Sheep He has sent albums I ill that he visits He encounters giant walruses that the Bureau of Walrus Well Roy and giant walruses I am He sees islands off great beauty Abundant We've got plentiful food and feast We've got birds We've got legs
00:44:56We've got fourth's running water all very idyllic and in one of them he actually comes across Judas Iscariot who has Bean exiled to hell And he has the day off sort of speak and he's sitting on the island and then Brandon and great in a ritual of charity
00:45:12He actually gives him food for the day that he's on the island and actually I won't read the whole poem What am Robin Flower who wrote the lovely book The Western Island which is only quite small I recommend everyone read it It's lovely of his time that he
00:45:25spent on the Blaster at Ivan's He actually penned a poem called Brendan But at the very end he says huge I sells ghostly in the ghostly sky loomed over his frail board and on one gleaming pinnacle there clung chained and brooding Ship Iscariot caught one day's length out
00:45:43of help so the because he would return to how But for that one day he was sitting on the silent and in exile and he was showing great charity by the lovely Brandon by giving and some food But it's the same Power lives again More Christian overtones the
00:45:59teachings of the church and what not they don't they do commit They do interrupt into the descriptions that have come down to a scene from pre Christian descriptions They do far more so don't they But Brendan is certainly one to remember because we touched on briefly at the
00:46:13end because this's thie Imran above all the others that had greater international impact We've seen it And I think when we spoke about St Patrick's Park a tree in one of this Brennan's voice had an impact on Dante's Yes well guess is true Some would argue that could
00:46:30possibly and have that him Dantes tutors would have been aware of it But will you come on this to see how we travelled across Europe given the trading links that we had in Ireland when likes to Spain and France Italy and Britain and heard these stories would have
00:46:45traveled with the Martians and Mariners back to these countries An impacted not only the kid of maps in geographical development that was happening at the time but also the narrative tails and kind of the cultural Millie that was happening in Europe at the time as well and will
00:47:00see that what Brendan's and value just certainly want to remember And then there's the lovely book by himself on a friend's voice For him Very It's repeated because there's an element of kind of historical It's taken a historical truth by many Many that's friend actually did make this
00:47:18voyage And I thought that he landed in America Canada Some said Yeah that troubled by Iceland and so on But yeah Brenda's void is one that I'm not as familiar with I think is well in in REM Whale down At one point they land on one island which
00:47:33has a lot of Brendan's monks on it And they tell wailed on that Brendan made such and such a voyage which seems to have been the kind of the roof for that To spread later on isn't as an idea as a story whatever put them But I guess
00:47:48yes Or to look at maybe again It's um sort of brought over you that you're the world is often someone rooted in actual landscape associate with the West the setting sun and the idea within that that these other world islands manifesting appear on then that there are genres
00:48:02off the early dictionary particular Sean arrested to you with first of adventures But then that focus on the voyage is themselves and these characters who have these kind of fantastical the world Jerry's and then return And that's the other thing about the other world journey as well That
00:48:15often manifest is a sort of there and back again you know that that you return from this the hero's journey with a new kind of wisdom or having defeated something or overcome some sort of again which is a huge it's symbolic Come on it If you have to
00:48:29enter into grace peril in danger and then you come back victorious whatever Unless you just stay on the island of black and wailing people or the island of laughing sharing people But you have these images in visions on then you return But but up to the to the
00:48:47kind of the present day exposed in more recent folk tradition there are number off for the World Islands which I said to exist the most famous of which is not this high brother which we should talk Yes the next This the next hour the next two weeks I
00:49:02know that we're like What We're kind of thirty minutes But it was just give down because it's I'm having a blast Well I'm always struggled with you Sorry I meant you know what I am but I'm sorry for saying editing for you will be that of a I
00:49:16don't think we're gonna have to much going at it All the bits for you say still for probably have to get them out I am so but I mean it's just you know should be but I think it's going to be an hour It could just be longer
00:49:26now Yeah sure They can always switch off or come back to That's true That's true Hello Is there anybody there So Well I think before we hold high Brussels just because we'll spend more time on that just kind of give people labor of the diversity And west drop
00:49:42goes through geographically moving from the site of Ireland the North just a little lighter because I might just lift them off And then people can do about it Further research on them because they're hugely interesting But we're going to come back to Brussels But you've got the can
00:49:55tell Ian rocks off Allie Hagan County carry with very interesting links with that family Which and that is your surname You should if you you probably are aware of it But if you're not it's worth looking up You've got the great kill stuffing near Loop Ed in County
00:50:08Clare which our director Dr Krista McCarthy writes about and an interesting chapter that we should include a link to then you've got and Gagarin which is very interesting off the coast of Galway B Did you want to see a little bit about this Because this is what's Then
00:50:25there's a very famous poem about how Brazil written by Gerald Griffin but he says that Sara is holy but hybrid basil is blessed Which am I quite the distinction Yeah Dr Goran this expose another of these mean with highbrows Olympia Gorn There's lots of similar crime motifs and
00:50:41now it has a touch of them and some of them often confuse both them in the literature which confused me even more But again it just points to the existence Overall off in a kind of symbolic framework Gus The's Islands exist that they appear to be seven years
00:50:56or seventy years this rising to the sea and that they could be disenchanted if you throw soil on them When you lander more fire for fire and then as well as that that there are often narrative surrounding not just the existence of the island or it's a manifestation
00:51:10but that fishermen when the other isn't there will often pass over this undersea world and they can see people Or there they'll catch skillets and their hooks or boiled potatoes or somebody this and that or somebody'll come up out of the water and say Can I have my
00:51:24skill it back I needed to make my dinner since we met them or us Some of the fishermen around you're going with sometimes described seeing heather and things floating in the water for it and I was like Yeah the idea being that there's another There's another world there
00:51:38basically but you're going just fits into that kind of that Overall I suppose corpus Agency and that well not identical with with my bustle say it's symbolic I think it just it fits into the same the same framework But there are different narratives that touched to both violence
00:51:54Yes in folk tradition off the particular area So whereas hard rustlers largely associated with the area and Kirk a Clean and Carrie I'm on DH record actually rounds Connemara and Kangaroo in places like this that there are different narratives that are told by the people about that place
00:52:10But they're after my family What was the doctor Lee and you know Oh yes that was very Goran That's Berger Nor is it Yeah but see this is the interesting thing because maybe it splits across It does I think it splits across And this is why you have
00:52:23so careful with the literature in scholars who are perhaps not familiar with the corpus of material But they do seem to get very easily confused and I'm very susceptible to being easily confused So this does not help me And so do confuse highbrows land but aren't quite often
00:52:40I think But certainly in one there is one legend type where it tells off a man from and I actually have it here I only found out when I had to present some stuff and carry you off to go see You know the worst of it I never
00:52:56heard the story Dr Lee and was told to Goran I don't hear So it's again It's just very pretty that it touched all of these It is what I have an extract here from one of the in manuscripts from Barclay or Communion from Galway And he is speaking
00:53:13about and Thomas marking really So one of the holies and I suppose that's a certainly Miss Italy from Galway on again It the more teeth they're all the same that he travels to this other world island on DH He is given the opportunity instead ofthe he could have
00:53:30got was to go to disenchanted he does with fire from his pipe on those in the islands here Actually you could do that or you can take this book and he has a lovely line here checking Where is it Korea cream Especially the hair or the low or
00:53:45father there which I'll give you a way of life road forever and to see you through life on this man on the island gives him a book of medicine which is said to contain all the cures of the world on DH Partly our this Thomas marking really and
00:54:01says All right I'll take the book and he goes home and he's told You can't open this book for a certain amount of time on long behold it Becomes and the Great Medicine Book of Ireland which is actually it's called the police medicine book now and it's actually
00:54:16viewable in the Royal Irish Academy on DH If someone looks up Irish script screen it's a wonderful facility online with different repositories around Ireland have digitized collections with them on like It's incredible you can see the originals In the meantime you can hugely sort And if you look
00:54:33up if you think actually if you just search for Harley's medicine book or medicine book it'll come up and immediately You have this link between this ancient ancient story tradition on a very tangible book that is said to have come from this mythical island really really interesting I
00:54:49love those quirks on in the same way that as you said certain fishermen and who visited islands were given the option of taking something will come to the story More teeth again There's a story about a fisherman being offered anything in this house on the island he wanted
00:55:06on DH he said I'll actually take that skillet on in one of the recollections that we have the manuscripts someone says and that Skillet still belongs to that family don't carry which I just love that continuation of the legend basing it on a social realism from domestic Yes
00:55:21that it was Someone knew someone who went on And we still have this item that is told about Brossel Jocelyn's Well where the so sorry but no you were going on through Listen violence there or sorry Yes yes No you bought in away John Sorry Don't mind me
00:55:35So it just to finish off We have And we had Vergara then that also it's worth noting Inish boffin which actually does exist for dinner So um but people actually said that that is a disenchanted island that was once Medical Island but that it was disenchanted by fire
00:55:51and so became real Then you've got the likes of Cheer Beauty in the north near Donegal I am on DH You've got one It's your lira which is off county meal So a few islands worked well worth researching What lays off your course Really If you've never heard
00:56:07of it But a huge amount of surprising number have to say for those of us who weren't acquainted with um ofthe mythical islands offer West Coast all westerly again and the season's There's early literature from lance turf which describes that individual's going up in the battle will be
00:56:19killed them that the it's like the westward F or the which is traveling westward to talk into Don's house which mentioned that other islands that that's all Western islands of the direction of the other world of the dead And also you mentioned there about Goran on Brazil and
00:56:37suffer this that the idea of taking an object I am But there's another narrative where an individual find himself He goes ashore on this month medical id and which manifests goes to the fishermen The captain goes onto the boat the captain of the boat goes assured into a
00:56:50house on this mythical island On there's a old blind man in the house on a young woman and the blind man Extents has handed Tio Tio from magic and the young woman emotions to him not to do it And she gives him a piece of iron or something
00:57:04which he takes and he puts that into the Opens hunting the almond crushes and breaks it Go on then says my You have a really strong strong hand you have And then the woman makes him so if you'll be kind of bits and escape basically but she offers
00:57:18him everything anything that he anything that's there She's like You can You can have And he chooses some kind of silly mundane item and then goes away But she then later chases and was very displeased and kind of I suggest that he's a useless idiot because he meant
00:57:34she meant her and me that you could You could like take out They have any pick somebody skillet whatever And so again the connection of kind of the other world woman who takes him on away or something that is a kind of common team on its told There's
00:57:47a piece here from one of the main collection manuscripts that reflected in the charm This is peace from Goa as well and describes in India Goran It says visa histrionics not here against the following seshoka harness and throwing want to be not to rush it from Akshay in
00:58:05thee alone So the place that they were dried out on an island suddenly appeared the mechanic Ueland far oaks your heart because costly boundary less so They all committed the boat and this human walked around and he met a red haired woman Be sure to show a piece
00:58:19of mourn ain t home to your father Asher Unknown because Monica Pharaoh Holiday Monica Taylor Fu Who Agostina farrago Hard Too severe So the time they get back into the boat and they'll even though the tide comes up on the island disappears down in the lobby critical Hola
00:58:35Gary Hall on quid not cross or some of them the next day wanted to go back to the island and others didn't who with their on your back So they went back And then it says basically described that the young man who would have walked around with this
00:58:48other world woman on the side of his neck became hugely tangled and he throws it over his shoulder as he throws it over shoulder to try and kind of fix thie that not some things in it And he was swept over the ship the home that I just
00:59:01pulled over there to the boat And so the rest of the fisherman thought it was him It was her who took He took more basic And then it says New York is a hand on the laundry so himself or the other and were never seen again So it's
00:59:14the idea that there is this kind of other community on beauty In The Otherworld Woman is often the figure of a kind of feature writer who sweeps the motorway you see with nearly this jerk and you see it in much later folk tradition collected in the sixties seventies
00:59:26when they were about this place And there's Morty certainly in terms of my great religion So we are speaking about their scene in Scandinavian Laura's well off across times like me And that's a Viking treasure Yes like you said you and Dr McCarthy speaks about What is it
00:59:42yet the visit to the old troll the handshake and the discovery ofthe buried Viking treasure in Ireland So those stories those same motifs translated and had an influence on our other world stories here we believe Yeah and the points again it points just the international ater the artist
01:00:00that you are from Scandinavia from parts of Ireland for North Western Europe So you have kind of strange complex igniters relating between the Greek the Mediterranean you know where the pillars of the world that hold up the sky or the gate of the Atlantic There in the western
01:00:12oil you have pooch arc Mention these things You have King Arthur going going west Avlon You have the symbolism of crossing the river sticks and so on to the other world land of the dead which is located in the West faraway setting sort of over Then you have
01:00:25all the voyages which embody kind of aspects of pre Christian beliefs madam with Christianity or early Christian flavor as well All of these kinda top She's entangled threads that that manifest still into the much later folk tradition that show this mix stretching again from from from kind of
01:00:42Scandinavia all over Europe basically them that show's supposed yet that the ability of the supernatural and the symbolic of the fantastic to suddenly manifested it in the world of the mundane And so I said fantastic corpus of strand very inspiring in strange material That's true No I have
01:00:58to say and I'm just thinking of Italian with something just so I don't forget it from my notes There is the idea off So not only do you see touching on the island off Brussels not only other the narrative legends where people see it there are also those
01:01:13that they actually reach it on Then in the middle there our tails off the transportation of people to this area And what that makes me laugh That m in some of the articles bc beings so fishermen This's excellent and Dr McCarthy has a sample from I think it's
01:01:32Carrie where the fishermen are heading out for a day's fishing on a gentleman comes up and says Would you mind bringing me Oh no where you going And they'll say over heading such and such place and he'll say All Could I journey with you Think off course pop
01:01:48on and then halfway out through the ocean with not a pic of mainland around them he says But that'll do me now takes his pots and pans and jumps overboard on the fishermen are just in disbelief as to where this man has gone but its feeds into the
01:02:02symbolism off the submarine world and he's no returning to Hence why fishermen are seen Teo and draw You know pots or pans or potatoes are pieces of catch or even to pull up children Yes yeah Yeah that's where the sinister element as often happens in some of these
01:02:18legends that you see samples where children are who hooked on their clothes or nets and they bring them up on the relies on Lord on DH they return them But not long after that you'll see certain legends and with the fishermen too whose bet and never never rules
01:02:36again So confess Dr McCarthy was seeing a lot of these narratives have various forms of some could be quite farcical and quite comical but then others can have darker overtones So it's just interesting to look at those different and types the narrative with the where the child is
01:02:52taken up on the captain of the boat very calmly says just to very carefully put it back into it with the water And then everyone just suddenly start rowing for home And they just learned in and huge Storm hears Well I read out the piece from the manuscripts
01:03:06of the guy who gets the left halfway through You will be part of it is actually one of my favorites So this is that The group of fishermen who are traveling away on then they get a lift from a strange individual Hop on the boat it says People
01:03:21from Dingle Harbor used to sail to kill Russian Limerick long ago But there was a boat leaving the harbour one day for Limerick for a load of salt There were eight men to each boat They had prepared the boat and there was no key in Dingle in those
01:03:32days or only more than the lines sip Wait not sure if more in the line slippery itself existed then But this fine strapping young man approached him carrying a part on a new partook The party looked like it came straight from the forge He addressed the boats cup
01:03:47Are you going to Limerick My good man he said I am so the captain We're just about to leave Would you mind terribly My good man he said Taking me with you some of the way I don't mind said the captain if you wish to come all the
01:03:57way He placed the parson partook in the boat and got in himself They rode away to the mouth of the harbor When conditions were right they hoisted the sail and voyaged onto They were midway between Bart earlier and the fear And that was when the man with the
01:04:10party roused himself Beg pardon My good man said he did the captain I'll be leaving now and I'm very grateful to you He took hold of US partners part of when he left into the sea and they never saw him again I suppose it was there that he
01:04:21lived Ingrassia beneath to see sometimes Afterwards the man was fishing with hand lines in the same place Boiled potato came upon its hook It's immigrants Amazing Andi also argue that the process is a place beneath nothing as well as a magical island that appears on top of it
01:04:37but that for the rest of its time it's it's beneath it So sometimes it said that it manifest every seven years You know the insensitive appears every seventy years but that on certain occasions decide will suddenly appear that it'll disappear But when it's not there it's still there
01:04:49You'll be rowing over like mild doing growing over the flowery orchards and this kind of this fruiting plane and so on beneath him Similarly fishermen traveling over certain very well see houses they'll see you know smoke rising from Jimmy's or people walking on roads beneath the sea and
01:05:05the sea This whole kind of strange power over men and horses and writing out to the sea every note again which is very interesting as well If you look back at the earliest tucked in and done the day he had horsemen Red Horseman So again think the setting
01:05:20sun red black the names of the guards would ever who rode on horses Then on they prophesied death But this they said What is it that we're the the ryders of toothless down from the tourmaline Although we're living were dead that was their kind of And then they
01:05:35would take people and they ride them back after that to the island But the idea sometimes with Sun God as riding on a horse them that kind of count because riding a horse through the sky and getting all the figures of red dark you know our black red
01:05:50on this figure that kind of travels through whatever its system It's an incredible panorama off symbolic information that we need to be aware up think about especially in the sense of the way that we think about the landscape around us in symbolic terms or in kind of in
01:06:05terms that aren't purity material is in Here is a rock clanking and avoid whatever you mean There's a kind of spiritual meaning to the landscape of the natural landscape in the way that we understand it even if that's holy symbolic orca Imagine it but that it's It's important
01:06:20that we think the last get Rennes in these ways think it's just important to me But more mindful really And just to take the time I don't I don't think we'd allow ourselves that opportunity anymore We always feel like we have to be rushing and moving forward So
01:06:33to actually take the time to look around us and like sometimes we see what we have and the beauty that surrounds us And it's taking a little joys You know you have to look for those you do You must end Should we leave it there I think that's
01:06:46a nice lying to leave Not always Just look for the little joys folks I think that's what I always imagine when you're on the periphery like our forebears were looking into the unknown Just to think that there was a land off the blessed beyond I think would have
01:07:01given them comfort I think it's about looking into the inordinate or you're going to be something positive at the end turning into your own under while steering into the strange adventures or the world Audie Unknown on DH No you're totally correct It is a thing that we should
01:07:17bear in mind doing our own lives What else we're going to do Well very true Very true Dawns writers would come and take us all away So in the meantime we should go and find a strange islands or at least travel across the sea Don't take potatoes out
01:07:33of it Um I don't think so I'll just buy mine All right Thank you That's the last piece in the archives for a treat from Jack I was at work There's a piece here which relates broadly What we've been discussing in a sense of it doesn't relate it
01:07:48to the end Even island that appears But it describes a kind of classical version of another world panorama Another world vision which manifests and it's been told in the context off again of the arts and how sometimes is a connection between musicians and singers on the other world
01:08:03that they receive their gift from well the world Beings like Junior Crean Fiddler from Hospital from Care Listen since Michael Coleman the amazing fiddle player Sligo In this instance PJ Duffy is telling us how common brothers had this strange experience where they're walking to the land one day
01:08:19and they become set astray thinking they have this this vision and they see whole landscape open up to them and then suddenly disappears So I figured it kind of worth um I suppose showing in the example an example of how some of these are the world kind of
01:08:33visions Kind of manifest Although it doesn't relate to the island part of the same corpus I think And then there's some tunes comments to finish this off So with us we shall bid people farewell and see them on I brought some presents and how very safe journey wherever
01:08:47you're headed have a dangerous and fantastical and then we can talk about it when we see you there Hi Carol was so grim Johnny What do you mean no Davis and fantastic The injuries and fantastic How is that possible It's a safe journey to another world island I
01:09:01do Well I don't Okay we'll take a vote to tell our stories when we get there Right Well I think I'll be arriving You probably won't Okay Well we should see Alright I should see you But to next year Next month Yes You're standing here No Beside that
01:09:21field where my record manners brother Jim are supposed to have their strange experience We have early years of the century Tim Those supposed to end up in a beautiful Yeah But lush grass on category is in a way and the fields and keep on walking And they talked
01:09:41up into a vast landscape So the sat down on a stone and started playing music And the music sounded the most beautiful music that ever the hair came from That fiddle that nation its sound and sound and in record across these beautiful planes Tim Just a sudden that
01:09:59came about the whole thing faded away There was an order improvements the music as a result of this Over No no Shit Hey Hey better No no Good Hey

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