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What's up party people! So, this is a short and hopefully sweet Soundcloud episode. So, let's get to it! As you've no doubt noticed, there's not a lot going on in my Soundcloud space. It seems that soundcloud is dying, and perhaps even, that its end is near. This has been announced before, and it's possible that this time will not be substantially different than the last. But, nonetheless, I feel foreced to excersize some prudence here to prevent us from having the wool pulled out underneath us unexpectedly. As you all know, I've been spending time in the last few months trying to figure out what's the best direction for the show going forward, and I think my testing is virtually complete. So here's the plan. Let's first talk about BU. I've copied all this soundcloud content over to libsyn. You can access it via podcast.chrisderose.com. So if and when soundcloud goes dark, you can find this archive, in full, at that address. From there, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I'm being forced to rebrand. I really, really, really wanted to keep the show called Bitcoin Uncensored. But without going into a lot of detail, it seems that a handful of sour individuals are really commited to preventing that name from growing. That being said, I thought that keeping bitcoin uncensored was fairly important to people, but it seems that most people are ok with dropping the brand. That surprised me, but pleasently. So, that's the bad news. Now for the good news: Not much else is changing. The show is going to rebrand to "DeRose Uncensored", with a focus on delivering a "Joe Rogan but with the bitcoin" type content. So, if you like the long form format, you're going to be happy with that direction. Many of you in the soundcloud community have made it clear: you want unedited raw audio content. So, I'm making the audio format the primary focus for content going forward. I'll still be doing the youtube, but youtube will serve as a platform for short edited versions of the audio feed. So with that, I'm announcing the new podcast feed is available on my patreon. My tests were a big success, and so I'm committed to growing the platform. I've been producing about two shows a week since this soundcloud was last updated, and I've got about four or five long-form episodes up there right now. I think Patreon will allow the show to grow in a way that brings money in the door to grow, and continue making bigger and better content. And if you're listening this far through, you're probably going to benefit the most from this direction. . Why not head over to patreon and create an account? It doesn't take very long, and if you sign up today, you'll have a bunch of content already waiting for you, with lots more on the way. I have the FULL and UNEDITED weev interview up, as well as a one and a half hour talk with a prominent dnm guy - plus plenty more content that's not published anywhere else. So, that's the update, tell me what you think, and come on over to patreon.com/derose for even more of the content you've come to love here on Soundcloud. Later party people!
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