Talking to your partner about money can be very difficult - especially when you’re bringing up the conversation for the first time.

Today, we’ve brought Aditi Shekar back to discuss finances from a couple’s point of view. Yesterday we heard Aditi’s personal money story, and today she shares tips for speaking to your partner about your finances. 

How to go on a Money Date, all about her $20 prenup and why she feels everyone should have one, her guide to combining your finances. In fact, Aditi is so passionate about personal finance in general, and couples finance specifically, she created an app to help you share and discuss finances with your partner! 

Zeta is a personal finance app designed for couples to help you stay on top of your finances, together. 

Looking for a way to talk about money with your partner? This episode was made especially for you.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The first thing that a couple should do once they discover that they are far apart on money
  • The importance of talking about money early and often with your significant other
  • Layers of fights about money
  • Guide to combining finances
  • On prenup and how she approach the subject with significant other
  • On people who didn’t have prenups
  • How to go on a money date
  • Finding out who is the CFO in couple
  • Her relationship advice and tip for listeners
  • The importance of knowing your money personality
  • And SO much more!
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