Buying your first home - either an investment or a primary residence - can be scary. This is a HUGE purchase, and no one wants to mess that up. But buying a house doesn’t have to be scary, if you’re properly prepared.

This week, Scott and Mindy sit down and talk about the process - what you need to consider BEFORE you even start looking at houses and what to REALLY look for when you’re looking at houses.

They also talk about different funding options, different purchasing strategies and even different ways to hack your housing to live for free - or make big money when you sell.

If you’re in the market for your first property - or second or third - or you’re just starting to think about buying a house, this is an episode you cannot miss!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • First step that Scott recommend someone once they decide to purchase a home
  • Consider exit options
  • Three possible exit options
  • Don't buy on a busy street
  • Don’t put yourself in an artificial urgent state on buying your first house
  • Don't spend every dime you have on your downpayment
  • How real estate agents and mortgage brokers are incentivise
  • On funding
  • Mortgage broker versus a lender
  • Adjustable versus fixed rate mortgage
  • What a mortgage insurance is 
  • FHA versus conventional loan
  • On house hacking
  • Credit score on Credit Karma
  • Pre-qualification versus pre-approval process
  • How to find a real estate agent
  • Things to inspect and to avoid on buying your first home
  • 7 step checklist for buying your first home
  • And SO much more!

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