The incoming government has pledged to abide by the rule of law in the prosecution of Najib Razak Administration. Today we ask how best to understand reports of the sealing of the Attorney-General's office, the Immigration Department's blacklist, the rumours of the impending arrest of the former prime minister for alleged crimes.

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00:00:00this is a download from B. FM eighty nine point nine the business station for Malaysia on B. FM eighty nine point nine it's two forty PM sure out into my wish you were still waiting for them to come out his cabinet announcement but we are also seeing media
00:00:20congregate outside former prime minister Najib Resnick's house in anticipation of any possible arrests nothing has been confirmed at the moment we have for IBM's Keith calm on the ground keep us up at to keep us up to date %HESITATION we're going to be a crossing over to find
00:00:34out what the sentiment is on the ground just a little bit %HESITATION but before that %HESITATION we're going to try and understand what that procedure might involve so we have in the line Erik Paulsen executive director of lawyers for liberty from Eric Clapton to Erik Paulsen welcome to
00:00:50the show every going to begin by asking the the the expression of rule of law was use quite a bit %HESITATION when a doctor Monty spoke about taking power and and subsequently in rule log this is central to the story going forward when it comes to dealing with
00:01:08that or what what we understand is happening currently we correct me if I'm wrong the AG's Jana twenty gels office has been sealed what does that actually mean in terms of secu shins into the rest and so on and so forth well I think it's part of the
00:01:24attorney general's office has been to I think the concern is that because up until he received a political appointee %HESITATION and of course that he was responsible he %HESITATION tearing at night you %HESITATION and all others involved in one piece and the amount of money I think it
00:01:40does so up but there are concerns that %HESITATION isn't the best could be and but we are so I and I think that that that is a very smart move on the part of the government %HESITATION but as far as for the idea of %HESITATION rank and file
00:01:58at a concert balls I don't think they intended to be a concern because the as far as the other ones and I let you have also been involved %HESITATION if it even affecting %HESITATION what a doctor might be a state %HESITATION if somebody got to correct I don't
00:02:13think they need to worry about because he also involved in normal day to day corral a person this is about paralyzed into any details of his I mean are we are we looking at a situation that of a kind of a limbo situation without an effectively an Attorney
00:02:27General who is in charge I don't think so from what I understand %HESITATION %HESITATION individual PPP are able to go in and out are not that then I would %HESITATION gate borrow and Bundy and I'm I'm sure on Monday would be as usual Eric I'm curious as to
00:02:46how the process works arm as he and you know before you arrest anyone someone has to issue charges etcetera if you maintaining the proper procedure can you tell us what the procedure is in something in a case that is of %HESITATION you know I'm still hypothetical this point
00:03:01exactly what I I don't think I put that because in a sense that %HESITATION you don't be up please send them to keep you have again been granted just like you know %HESITATION law enforcement personnel United country if they use other means both must be said that a
00:03:17crime is it that %HESITATION then you can you can you can press the button for you don't you don't really need a warrant it will be so does so what happens is that %HESITATION you know despicable give that you'll get in but he didn't would have been banned
00:03:33a one and and and of course that you get the idea that %HESITATION so investigation papers would have been done are Republican follow us or not he should be you know %HESITATION who would give the order to arrest Aidid Booker to default and of course the speculation was
00:03:50compounded by the fact that the immigration department has in fact blacklisted both of St Najib it up into the muscle yes yes yes because you don't even know you someone is being used auditors with lists of speech and that a crime has been committed %HESITATION Denny then I
00:04:05can be increased authority %HESITATION begin yeah right up but there must be some objective ground so that the audit from from all from the attorney general's office is all from the police that that that that that particular but says the possibility these are willing to extraordinary times within
00:04:23what if we had not been a trial is in some sense a regular democracy for decades this is really the transition to perhaps of a new way all the delivery government and a state matter is do you think that the the the %HESITATION aspiration to maintain the rule
00:04:42of law will %HESITATION will hamper the the the Pakistan government from moving foss rule of law correct me if I'm wrong sometimes a %HESITATION involves a longer process is time it takes time to do they have to will they sacrifice the ability to move fast of for keeping
00:05:01to the rule of law that is true %HESITATION I didn't expired institutional changes happens that the removal of laws and regulations I think it would pick up the most time I'm back but but then again later he is he is not a field I mean what looked like
00:05:15close to being in the field %HESITATION back back back back you know you put the cart generated is still work to go to the justice of the peace in the world %HESITATION and up and up and we thought you know you look so cool I didn't %HESITATION by
00:05:30acting quickly to prevent a perpetrator from from escaping the law you know especially if you know it %HESITATION you know you know and and operated as large as one and DB I don't think that he's accused of will to and acting in a pretty small pockets of the
00:05:44rule of law that you should not be what you should be able to find Paulson is always enlightening having you on that Erik Paulsen is the executive director full of lawyers for liberty and I think you so much for speaking to us today alright thank you guys like
00:05:59right I mean I mean I guess it paints a clear picture you know because that is the question a lot of people's mind of been watching social media for the last two days and I guess when the criticisms as well you know if you go to practice for
00:06:08of rule of law you have to make sure whatever you do is done properly as to not make the same mistakes as the previous government but also you know what but do what you must I suppose concede is that you want the government of the day that's just
00:06:22taken over to have some flexibility of maneuvering them they must have strong reasons I must communicate those reasons there's another dimension to it or my which is the the passions that we all feel and it's they communicate and social media whether you were for by some national you
00:06:36forgot that harp on forgot since the dot to the the issue of the passions and we saw that I had to give you credit for always bringing out got a sense of justice well governments and you know I I think we've got a hot what's that space very
00:06:50carefully now what we did see actors who bong and put this money with people gathered what was what the people gathering they think they were going to do what they going to prevent Najib Rosa and his wife was from months of from leaving the country physically if you
00:07:05go to Malaysiakini there are the I want to see funniest but also most awkward photos of individuals apparently it like an an Alford or one of those big van would completely tinted glasses pulled up and they're just members of the public with their hands pressed up against the
00:07:20windows trying to peer inside on the person inside was shut down because it was inside with at least I think it's also you know on something that we don't pops put in our history books which is democratic transitions in Southeast Asia over the last half a century you
00:07:34know we had those dramatic you know falls we have here Indonesia we had mark was in the Philippines and so on and so for the question is what kind of transition are we looking at for a formal Asia what we aspire what kind of the transition to we
00:07:48aspire for %HESITATION spied two for this country we've already done something very extraordinary in twenty four hours we've had a change of government it felt like it took a long time but is only twenty four hours and the it was bloodless and we haven't had a push back
00:08:03yet the of any kind except perhaps in the state of sub was all Simon maneuvering in some sort of dodgy dealing put in allegedly but love by and large we've been exemplary in I'll conduct in this transition so moving for the transition is I think something was but
00:08:21not talk about hours we talking about months and months of transition %HESITATION that is going to be an extremely opportunity for everybody to have a safe and I think that's the proudest thing that would that's the thing we can be most proud of rapidly I'm just before I
00:08:34before I go to another song can I think we've been we've been providing such CVS conversation analysis around I think I think there's time for a little bit of gossip little bit of I don't know do we do gossip just I mean this is being reporter M. study
00:08:47are credible news source %HESITATION they are saying that there is a police report by part the pretty blue me by a member of party people never sought to Malaysia who claims to have received a tip about an alleged attempt to transport and hide up to fifty book in
00:09:01hand bags that's all I'm saying it's made it ten use ten million ringgit well that's how I know how much I and that's in the report to we also know that this extraordinary times the Malaysian Malaysia the new monthly bus so all the Negri Sembilan is a former
00:09:18Malaysian anti corruption commission investigating officer while so MA CC background you know as chief minister that is something to behold this is the man perhaps committed W. need to cause get get him on at some point committed to clean government then now taking a role as the leader
00:09:38of the government alright we've got some messages coming your way and then in excess would need you tonight on B. FM eighty nine point nine thank you for listening to this podcast to find more great interviews go to B. FM dot my will find us on I tunes
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