We sure you get a Big Thrill out of hearing Monday and Randy talk about this week’s movie! That’s right--just two of your favorite porn scholars are here this for this episode, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’re talking about eighties hair, eighties clothes, eighties mustaches, and we even have time for Monday to pitch a porn parody of Sharknado. Please follow @dirtyvhs for updates on our kickstarter for Sharkporndo. (Title still in progress.)

Big Thrill is the story of what happens at a hair salon when one of the staff--Peter North’s Manuel is a clear nod to Fawlty Towers--accidentally swaps the sugar in everyone’s coffee for some type of horniness powder. Turns out that the horniness powder makes everyone super horny! And then what happens, do you think? Bet you can’t guess!

We hope you like us as a duo, because it’s like a whole different show, kinda! And hey if you do like us, tell us on twitter or itunes or something, yeah?

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