A funny thing happened today when Lori was shopping for office supplies, and it involves an industrial-sized package of toilet paper rolls.

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00:00:00you're listening to better at English episode 43
00:00:08English Learners Lori hear your teacher from veteran english.com for your listening practice today I've got another real English conversation it's actually one of my favorite conversations from deep in the better at English archives Ivory edited it now so the new listeners can enjoy it
00:00:30this conversation features lots of idioms and slang and is a good example of a spontaneous authentic English conversation between two people who know each other well
00:00:42as always you can find the full transcript and vocabulary study guide at better at English. Com transcripts
00:00:52are you ready to practice your English listening skills here comes the conversation
00:00:59something kind of funny happened to me when I was shopping for office supplies today to buy on my way home from teaching gig because I drive right past the office supply shop and I'm always happy to do it cuz as you know I love office supplies that it's almost like my my office supply porn I can go in and get my daily mix of all the nice things for you know keeping organized in folders and notebooks and not had a whole list of things to buy and when I got up to the register and the clerk was ringing me up the total came to over a thousand Swedish Crowns which is not a problem I mean they just send us an invoice it wasn't like I had to worry about the money but then he said because you spent so much money here today you can go pick one of those rolls of toilet paper over there
00:01:59Blissful things that that you know business has to be industrial-sized packages all shrink wrapped in plastic of toilet paper Supply if I'm serious when standing on end this thing comes up almost to my chest but it was
00:02:35how to be
00:02:38maybe at least 20 packs of 6 rolls each seriously it was surprised just because I've spent you know in one unit one purchase we had spent over a thousand really are you kidding I get to take one of these not that I don't believe you I just can't believe you were giving away such a huge supply of toilet paper I was really happy there was a line of swedes standing waiting to pay for their things and they were getting their eyebrows that made you know someone getting so excited about getting to see the paper that was just a really really cool thing for the company to do
00:03:37just giving away one little pack or two little passing Old spending a thousand Crown we're on our last roll why today I came home with that you know Moms full of joy exactly that's all for this time I hope you enjoyed the conversation remember you can find more real English conversations with full transcripts on my website better at English. Com
00:04:23until next time have fun practicing your English bye for now

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