The second Q&A session for 3blue1brown. We chose the questions that we thought made for the best discussion, which includes whether or not a knack for math is innate, favorite improv games, whether IT will always be an industry approachable to people who are self-taught without degrees, and many more.

Question thread, with many more shorter answers from Grant.

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00:00:00everyone been either here it's a new year and I find the New Year's always a good time for reflection it because this episode of the podcast is a very similar sort of format to our very first episode I've been reflecting on how the podcast has gone so far and high level I'd say it's certainly been a lot of fun to make at least least for me since I really enjoy chatting with Grant and Ben and hopefully it's been fun and interesting for for you to to to listen to it on the one hand it feels like we just started the podcast yesterday it really doesn't feel like work already done 12 episodes it also doesn't feel like it'll be time to do another Q&A episode which is what this episode is you know we're going to answer a bunch of questions that were submitted by you or listeners away it is a bit of a return to where we started in that very first episode of the podcast but what's really remarkable is the reason we're doing another Q&A you know Grant's YouTube channel three blue one brown has really been blowing up recently in a couple weeks ago he crossed the 500,000 subscribers Mark half a million subscribers which is huge right and at the time I I congratulated him on the
00:00:59I was done and he said thanks but he kind of deflected the congratulations and said you don't know really waiting for the real Milestones is 524288 subscribers and of course he's right you know half of the scribers it's completely arbitrary Milestone it you know only makes sense if you happen to be representing numbers in base ten network most humans happen to have 10 fingers but 524288 is much more fundamental Milestone he not represent starting out with a single subscriber I'm doubling that 2 subscribers and Dublin the end for subscribers 8 16 32 and so on and eventually after doubling 18 * Grant head 262144 subscribers and did you use that Milestone did to try to do that first Q&A which was the very first episode of this podcast and so here we are at 22 weeks later it's doubled again to this 524288 and so Grant put out a call for more questions and today we've got more answers and we try to keep a pretty tight clock on each question so we could
00:01:59as many as possible but we definitely got distracted and didn't didn't get to as many as we would have liked so Grant answered even more of them in the Reddit thread in a particular some of the ones that were more specific to him so if I don't do that in the description somewhere but anyway let's Dive In
00:02:24in light of recent subscriber Milestone I went ahead and ask people to submit questions to do kind of a Q&A with three blue one brown but the hope is actually that this is not just questions towards me I think I said this in the very first one right it's a little bit awkward to have a podcast that's three of us getting together to chat with questions all entirely targeted at me I was hoping you'd her that we would have done a Q&A with been here by now look at their did you just just Milestone okay so to the 19th which is like 524288 and this last week has been freaking insane it just blew through that you're almost to the 20th that I crossed over 500,000 was like oh that's nice and then a couple days later that it sort of got up to that Milestone sound like oh boy I got to put out something for Q&A by the time I put out the video that was with either kind of announcing hey I'll do the Q&A thing is like another 20,000 there and then now I don't understand
00:03:23something something clicked inside the YouTube algorithm we're just decided to recommend the crap out of a certain video so I'm thankful for that is that how you explained it louder than this so they're all there are a couple different factors so this last week it's completed with a couple other good things that happened One Destin of smarter every day was kind enough to sort of let me contribute to one of his videos he for those who don't know it's like dramatically more popular than I am so that obviously introduce more people to the channel there's also a cgp grey video that it didn't like explicitly mentioned me but people sort of talked about machine learning video that I did in the comments and also he added in the description cuz he actually reached out to me a little before to let me look over the script as if I was an expert on machine learning but I'm not I mean I know enough to feel comfortable making it a couple videos about it but I feel like I was at least able to be helpful to give a vote of confidence on certain things there that was another Avenue by which them
00:04:23end up getting Point pointed towards the channel also there was like a project for awesome live stream that again like maybe not a ton so bunch of other little things that kind of trickled in that happened to happen around the same time of year but the main one when you dig into the YouTube analytics it's just most views come because YouTube chooses to put the video in that little suggested videos bar on the right side or on your homepage and in this case it was just the recent video that I put out that had a kind of quick baby title just fell into the good graces of the algorithm to the decides to put videos there and I think and you can actually see the percentage of people watching horses scribers versus nonsubscribers and that percentage started shifting heavily towards nonsubscribers as the week went on video that that comes and goes from from the as you said the good graces of the YouTube algorithm and it's it drives a ton of people to to my channel and it's in my opinion not that great a video video video I did that
00:05:23machine language and see or something like that and they said that it was kind of like a little all contacts setting thing where I took you know this person that I wrote and see that just computer Bonacci numbers and then I disassembled it and just got to walk through the use x86 assembler for that same program just kind of see like yours but you know any modern computer with Intel processor you know makes of this program, anytime was under compare that to spread bore computer that I built in her to me I'd like didn't really make sense on its own it was sort of like here's a thing that is going to help you connect this bed board computer that project that doesn't you know maybe look like a computer you're familiar with two to a real computer but but on its own for some reason that one's really popular YouTube algorithms gone will arrive this isn't a great video but you seem to think that I was like I can recommend some
00:06:19recommended recommender do you think it's the title theme makes it appeal to people who are generally studying CS at all and I mean everyone that goes to that point where they're trying to understand the relation between sea and assembly do you think it's that or do you get any indication from comments I mean I think that is it and I think that my intuition about what's good it might be a little bit off because I actually didn't run into someone who found me through that video and really enjoyed the video and I was like what it was just interested in the lower level I never knew how it worked and that really explain it well okay you just never know you never know what is another super weird thing so we're all friends with Cam and a couple people who watch the channel of will also know who came is because there was an out of ordinary video that involves him getting a tattoo filmed while I buy creature is watching him on the left side of the screen
00:07:19is Brad Pitt a common misconception that for the most part was just this super low viewed video that they are going to look like white trash is this no one wants to watch this very clearly and then again in the last week it just it's just like it had a change of heart and said what if I just try showing this to everyone and very hard to answer why cuz nothing yet what is it recently in a video on my channel and it garnered a number of comments of a particular sorayo office
00:07:55some comments about Grant let's say complimenting his appearance
00:08:04so doesn't strike me is completely strange that a video on Grant's channel of a shirtless man can't tell exactly who it is
00:08:16the rocks that was super weird cuz I'm going to go ahead and let this transition to one at one of the questions it was in the cabinet cuz I like most people don't really know what I look like and had built in their minds and image of me being some old balding or bald gray haired but the nerdy kind of grey haired not the wise kind of grey haired like 50 year old man I don't know why maybe I just speak with more Authority than I add to one certain things so then the expectations were just Rock Bottom for any notion of what I might look like and as a result in this really interesting discussion with either where the central focus and all these nuances of net neutrality you just have this this trash comment section
00:09:16are people commenting on like me being way younger than they anticipated so they answer one of the questions or just like how old am I since people seem to have estimated twice as high I am 25 so so to do with that what you will about that sure so where were you guys
00:09:38and either did Grant play with the lighting a lot and it beforehand or decide in a particular place to sit he was super particular about this getting a certain size isn't letting just Rite Aid which was the first quarter score with that Lighting in the with the Shadow and the positioning of you kind of like a little bit to the side is just noticeable Exemplar I'm going to just switch the topic of conversation hard here cuz this is very weird okay okay let me let me just let me know before switching play one final thing which is everyone should know and recognize that neither is an unusually beautiful man and yet they like the centipede here for one half of the screen because of the Rock Bottom expectations like this feels this feels wrong and
00:10:38the one thing that I would like from anybody listening to this right now is to go find that net neutrality video with Ben eater on Benny ders Channel and just write a whole bunch of comments as many as you can upload all of the other ones to this effect just talking about either himself as this as this ageless Adana Adonis a dentist that the end that's my one request just so that we can we can have a symmetry of super weird Vibes my one request is to end all of this out empathy listen right as soon as I get there I can't see you right now but I can assume that the face is super red so so have a little sense of that anyway let's after like 6 minutes of Meandering discussion actually get to one of the questions that people ask and the reason people might be listening to this
00:11:38do you believe that there are people who are just not cut out for mathematics or is it a problem of delivering the subject in an effective way towards them
00:11:50so this is an interesting question because I feel like all of us probably have the knee-jerk reaction that the answer is no that like people start from similar slates and it's just a matter of nurture not nature there's not some math Gene that individuals have that others don't have and that's what accounts for them being faster instead it's something about early experience it's something about mindset it's about getting into that positive feedback loop
00:12:15I'm kind of curious to hear from you guys is
00:12:20is there any is there a component of it that might be a little bit more in a day or are there other explanatory factors in that direction and what one image that comes to mind you guys know the mathematician Terry towel I did not it doesn't make sense to talk about it like I world's best mathematician or something like that cuz it depends on the field and all of that but he is widely recognized as one of the best and unusually smart and unusually bride in his understanding of math right it's not just one field that he's an expert in he really knows his stuff in a very large Friday if ever there was a prodigy was a prodigy right he is winning this International math Olympiad for kind of getting the highest thing that you can get when he's 11 where is most most people in that are you know when they're high teens and there's this anecdote that his parents evidently would tell about how when he was too he was kind of tea
00:13:20multiplication to his four-year-old cousin and at that point you say what two year old has any conception of multiplication or math patterns like that and can it possibly be the case that in those first two years of his life there was some unusual a special experience that he had that to let him there shortly this man has some notion of an a gift even though I really like it really goes against how I like to think about these things to even reference in 1/8 gift I think I am attracted to the sort of problem with delivering the subject an effective way cuz I think there might be some amount of I don't know if it's nature and nurture bit but some combination of nature nurture leaves you in a state such that you may be more or less inclined but I think there might be other other ways of a kind of getting at math or delivering the subject I guess that might be more effective for different people and I think I'm drunk enough for my own experience here where the Traditional School
00:14:20way of delivering math was not particularly effective for me you know what kind of playing on my own and hopefully you'll solving problems through through programming and things like that kind of like me to explore different areas of I found that to be interesting if you think the fact that that was interesting to decorative apply to anyone or was there something a little bit peculiar to you that framed you to being interested in that way provoked by those types of questions I don't know I do tend to think that it is it is somewhat peculiar peculiar to me but but might not be the same everyone I guess you have for me I find a lot of interested in going to find a very practical application for something you know pyramid petitions are are the exact opposite of that if it's all about extracting it and there's no practical value at all necessarily it's just sort of the interesting pursuit of the problem or whatever that does not hold my interest at all if I if I can't get a foothold of some real world problem I'm trying to solve you know I am just not interested in in putting any effort in
00:15:20solving it I'm into until I have some reason or other people not cut out for this particularly worthwhile to focus on I think most of our differences that we see between like males and females happen from the way that we we treat them I think it's genetic difference I think that's why I decide what we can do differently to make students believes that believe in themselves and have that be a self-fulfilling prophecy and I do the best with what you got because if it's not it's not worth while to have this I hear this debate all the time with genetic variance is across racial groups and intelligence and whatever I think that's so awesome
00:16:19there's an interesting I was just Googling it cuz it's relevant but Joel are kind of got in the academic disagreement with with milgrim & Bishop where they go back and forth on kind of the validity of her research and questions around this and they didn't kind of heated they get kind of personal you can read about it online they talk about that but I think the focus on learning and growth is is really cool interest make your kind of saying that either which is you learned in a particular way and that hit you and there's an interesting research around that to that typically I think finds that students aren't visual or special the learning styles we have to learn her spatial learners auditory Learners that as far as I understand is is basically been debunked those differences don't exist then we take that level. With what you said of you found some particular curriculum for some particular way of learning to be more effective for yourself for me I honestly think the motivation for me
00:17:19if I'm not motivated to learn something if I don't see the median value I'm just not going to I know myself well enough I I know I can't force myself to learn it if I don't see you there there's some value in the do you think you would have become more interested in that if way early on you happen to be getting high scores on the test given to you or you are succeeding at the elementary school tasks put in front of you and you had this positive feedback that made you identify as someone who is good at this and because you were good at you liked it and because you liked it you're good at it and got into that do you see it is it conceivable alternate history for Maneater that that could have happened or is there something deeper seated within you wear just a matter what it never would have been the abstract problem for problem sake they got you into it it was always going to be something else like I definitely have these memories and it sort of early life of you know tinkering and Building Things and that was always really interesting you know therefore
00:18:19yeah really gay pride of positive feedback yeah maybe if someone had put math puzzles in front of me in an early age and giving me a lot of positive reinforcement you know that would have created a positive feedback loop and I would have to take me down that path so I find that fast so you're saying at the same time that learning styles are not a real thing so if you take the kids that say that they learned visually and you could take the kids that say that they learn some other way and you assign them to the way in which they say they learn it they're not going to do any better than had you randomly assign them you're saying yes that can be true but there might be a different thing where people have like motivational Styles and they differ on the degree to which they care about how it's being motivated and by targeting that and fitting the puzzle with someone's motivational style don't act in a different way that will lead to different learning outcomes but not because the learning style is different in that you learn better from something visual or something like that
00:19:19I think it ties to what is your identity right what are the things you identify as liking that can be influenced the very early on and become ossified in a certain way with in people's way of viewing themselves so things like abstract math or being good at puzzles I do that not as a learning style but an identity that people have it's not in the right like people can ship their identities but boy do we know that that takes a lot in order for anyone to legitimately shift how they view themselves should we move on to another question can I ask you I was like I don't even have like 5 minutes on clock on each question but prevent rabbit holes but holds for the entire thing do you guys think
00:20:11so on the nature on the nature-nurture thing of math how do you think it Compares on say the nature-nurture balance of basketball I think it's I think it's entirely analogous I'm saying this based on nothing I'm just giving you what my Raleigh intuitive feel is I think if you win you're young play with a ball and you have a sense for how its weight shift around and understanding like how the wind might influence as you throw it just most importantly like how it feels to throw it well and how it feels to catch it I think there's one to one analogs with playing with puzzles and patterns and doing that we're not every kid is doing it in the same way that not everyone kid every kid is throwing around a ball with his dad but when you do it just makes it feel good to do math and good to solve puzzles in the same way that feels good for some people to play basketball but it feels awkward and Stilton and painful for others is 100% analogous
00:21:09she now I'm starting to wonder because I'm looking back at one of my childhood and I remember when I was very young you know my parents I don't know they're trying to do all the things are supposed to do as a parent and expose me to different things and today he took me to some swim thing where I was supposed to swim and I hated it and then the next year they put me in some soccer league and I hated it and then the next year they took me to some science camp and I was like yes this is what I want and I was like you know first or second grade so you're saying early on there was something predestined about your aversion to swimming and to soccer or something yeah that's like the science program was he said like 2nd or 3rd grade time frame you know I I clearly had a preference for the science program versus the the swimming of the soccer I was going to bring up something I'm going to be here so the shark likes the great term that you have made this and apropos verb in a way that it was otherwise just a random thing to bring in one question on here that I'm going to go ahead and Target at Stan haug first
00:22:09I have to listen to I think it was the fourth episode we did where you were talking about playing this improv game with your grandma and they brought up a couple of other improv games and he mentions playing them as suggested by with a couple of his friends and loving it and he is asking are there any similar games that you might recommend if you want to play them live I'm down with that but even just kind of introducing what the games are I think
00:22:33monster from Just knowing what exists so I can run through this I took I told you and maybe that maybe I mentioned in the podcast to buy took the 5-day class with Dan Klein and you you're probably familiar with these games too but I've got notes on all of the different games because I think there are a couple classic improv games that are lackluster and a couple that are just gold I'll say here's my favorite I think you have two people speaking gibberish to each other and then you have a translator in between who's actually after each person speaks they stop and say something in English and then the other person responds in gibberish and a translators has to make a story but it has to also make sense with the tone of the gibberish and the non-violence fantastic podcast cuz the key to that right is you'll have two people who were up on stage doing some kind of seeing right they're actually playing out a story there physiology and where they're pointing and moving is kind of what influence
00:23:33how people translate there gibberish so you get this really fun Dynamic where a person in their translator are kind of toying with each other night like the person might do some sort of weird motion and dance and have a very clear or apparently clear object in their hands that they're having to the other person and they're challenging the translator to describe exactly what it is if I'm on the flip side you know you can have the translator feel like I don't know if a site is like my crotch really itches or whatever it might be you just have this control over the actor in front of you based on how you translate what they say and they have to justify it in the Bay Area feeder for the does improv and they were doing a scene where some a woman was running away from a vampire in Italy they said quick we need a gondola driver and a woman grabs my hand and pulls me on stage and she says you're my Gondola driver and she does I pretend like you're driving the gondola I was like a little confused if we're talking skiing or if I was in Italy in Lake rowing a boat so that I would have
00:24:33I think was right and speak speak speak Italian with me speak it and I was I just remembered back to the day I was like all man if you get lost and improper you don't stop and say what or I don't know I don't know how to say that it just Channel your inner gibberish and you just you just go so I'm just standing in front of the theater just speaking I feel like what a lot of people think when they go to an improv show or if they start to do something is that the goal of it is to be funny I think it's a lot more fun for both parties if you think of it like the goal is to fool people into thinking what you did it scripted like the measure of success should be if you have three different troops and they go up and do three little miniature shows imagine telling the audience beforehand to
00:25:33the shows are improvised and one of them was written by a famous playwright and it's just a lesser-known play the metric term success for which of those three troops wins is who did people think was doing the scripted show cousin that case rather than worrying about it like I was at the most everything I can say what matters most is kind of making it seem natural that's only applies to a lot of Life intuitive meetways classic warm-up game you guys know three things I'm not familiar by my side if you did that you did a hole in front of thing and he never touch you guys three things but I'm probably I know this one sub be fast and reasonable right it's not come up with the best things and you basically go in a circle so I'm going to give you a category stand have three things that you want to get for Christmas you just list three things as fast as you can they should be reasonable but the goal is not cleverness if it's super obvious all the better so three things you want for Christmas
00:26:33is a humidifier and a CPAP Perfect 2 eater either I want to hear about your three favorite type of types of trees pine trees coconut trees and that other kind of pine tree that's taller that's in California what are those things called you give me three things three things that technology wouldn't improve sex lives the taste of coffee and my own handwriting imagine all of that but
00:27:07I dropped the atomic great moment this Thanksgiving I was home I was playing some game with my mom and my brother my mom asks what are three things that you want for Christmas when she says that and then I just blurted out like socks that don't have stripes on them that piece of cold that's been aged for 2000 years and to Brandy and they look at me like what I'm like oh you don't know this game do you may ask what it is and I introduce for the next 3 hours or so we're just playing three things we're just going around in the circle just asking random questions you feel closer to people and you just feel more loose and spontaneous and once you get into that nice with him I really like to see in-game is new choice you have to do this once they leave it up there you know that they're doing some kind of seemed so they were one person comes on and he starts walking legs far apart and comes in with a big black Cowboy Jacks in his like now partner this town just ain't big enough for the two
00:28:07I said something like that and you say new choice and he has to say some different opening line and if you don't like the other opening line that he gives like a those cattle have been here for a week using your choice and he just keeps coming up with new lines until you like it the other person responds and you don't just have to new Choice them on the words that they say but if the person walks on in some ways a new new toys for how you walk very similar vibe to three things where you're just you're making so that they can't be planning ahead they just have to come up with something on the spot that seems obvious it's not like they're trying to make people entertained they're just trying to get you to stop saying no choice it's just so unabashedly silly the whole goal is to First evaporate any sense of judgement from your piercing from yourself looking Inward and once you let that evaporate it's just it's like being naked we all like it we just doesn't initial discomfort but once you get used to it it's just it's nice I sent someone asks I brought up the mathematicians lament in the very first one that we did I would
00:29:07this paper by Paul Walker talking about how Matt should be treated as a creative arts but then it's got the fun hammered out of it and he draws parallels imagine if you did this to music or to write it what what it would look like any pizza pretty fun picture to that effect and someone asks what I would propose to fix the issues of math education the bad addresses what is obviously crazy huge question right what what do you do to fix people's impression of math how do you fix messaging person go to the specific problem being the people don't appreciate it as a creative art how do you fix that I think the only way is if you have a separate class like an elective that is explicitly map as art and the goal is to let people create things whether that's creating a proof of something creating an application of some new idea that they came to you know you show An Elegant argument that shows some fundamental fact
00:30:07you might have been asked if I cruise in the class and you just hate trying to come up with other ways of viewing this what other things can you draw is there a fundamentally different view that you can take your call you can have longer form project almost seems silly but I think there's a lot of tools out there like Desmos where people can play around with it get nice pretty images from their grapher but what's necessary to make those pretty images is to understand the underlying functions well enough to manipulate it the way that you want and I think wow that's not necessarily math in and of itself it can be a nice little forcing function that doesn't does a couple of questions from the same person targeted at you that are on different topics you want me to jump for those accessible to people without University education's as more people with degrees enter i t or do you think they can get it can remain a field where one can enter itself pot well into the future
00:31:07change the field where someone can enter it self taught correctly hope moorefield's become become more like that and then I think regardless it's going to be a field where you can continue to to be employed in progress in your career you have for you have you got some experience like Mayfield's I think when she made some professional contacts and and build up a bit of a portfolio of work that you've done and things like that that you know that is the thing that you're really being evaluated on when you when you interview for a job as you know what have you done in the past you know what I be demonstrated your ability to do and the education is really only looked at kind of for that first job that you get that that would be my hope you know that I think my fear is that if there are a lot of people that have degrees tickly for that entry level job to kind of get a foothold in the industry I can see that being a discriminator that the people look out and see it well you know I have two candidates they both seem reasonably qualified you know both of them are in a fairly early career this one has a deer this one doesn't my hope is it and I hope is it that isn't the case because it does seem like it
00:32:07effort to put in for a fairly weak signal in my opinion I certainly agree with the Hope on that front that more things become accessible to those yourself. Rather than fewer things as at the question seems to imply he is as the industry of chores you know there might be a mean similar to you know I doctors in nursing and no other other sort established careers that require a degree I don't see that happening so that the final Associated question this one target at stenhaug what's the state of research and education and what problems and questions are people working on in that research that's an insanely large question but I will say is I think I'm going in the grad school I was either going to do PhD in statistics and then try to focus on education or do PhD in education and then focus on quantitative
00:33:07things and what's turned out to be true about education which I think is really cool is he just have such a diversity of people answering such a diverse set of research questions from people looking at Early Child Development to inequities in higher education to pedagogy to learning Sciences Neuroscience gets in there all the time online learning and all the research that goes around that so I think it's safe to say that nearly any question that you can think of providing either a qualitative or quantitative empirically based answer to related education someone's at least thinking about something or doing some research and Jason to that of the state of research and education then let's let's narrow it down like for you in particular is there a key central question that's kind of on your mind that you would classify as an educational research question
00:34:08the key central question how do you manage a large item base / determine item quality in these online environments in particular because it's really hard when you don't know anything about a student and you presume both that they're learning and the items are getting more difficult as they progress throughout the course it's very very challenging to disentangle those two things increasing inability and increasing in difficulty cuz they're always just a mess together and if you can't disentangle those two things and you don't have a measurement of increasing abilities or learning then it's really hard to get your finger on how effective particular items are so that's that's kind of the Crux of the research that question that's trying to assess some particular skill
00:35:07sizes is the structure of that occasionally it'll be a little bit of a larger experience but in general yes I questioned written to Target a specific skill you want to hit next for you did you enter a maths competition when you were young if so how did it go on the on the game of like math competitions don't answer I wasn't bad I wasn't there was like a Utah State math competition that I typically did pretty well at but that that's kind of a very localized thing and but there's there's some ones that are a little more broad-reaching like there's this thing called the AMC and if you did well on that there's the a i m e and basically I I like had past the first round and he got very close to passing the second round but didn't the shortfall ironically with geometry which I was so weird about cuz I think of everything visually but on problem solving tests and competitions like that geometry questions were just always the Pitt fall at that time that was the conclusion there but the thing is I kind of just
00:36:07I enjoyed them a lot I think there are beautiful Bank of problems just to think about and also to help motivate students to might be up there may be bored in math class or feel like they kind of like the subject but they're not letting that love be expressed through the format the homework being handed to them I have mixed feelings about competition cuz I don't like the insinuation of like winners and losers in the context of math but certainly if you just take the questions and let people take as much time as they want on them and introspect about them sort of meditate on why a certain solution work rather than not working rather than trying to plow through and say can you answer this in less than 60 seconds inspiring youth about what math really is because the people writing these questions are very often mathematicians and they they're just echoing the sentiments that they feel and enjoying their field of study into these little little nugget of cleverness
00:37:07one on here that actually do you want to hit the shift to a different question what is the most effective method in your eyes for Independent Learning the question asked her ads that he often feels himself frustrated with new material being too shallow they really get helpful information or being way over his head I have my own thoughts here but I want you to knock this out for me it's it's it's having a having a question some some motivation of something I'm trying to solve something I'm trying to do
00:37:38so I'm learning a new programming language website then I need to have some project that I invest in that I care about them trying to do with that language inevitably there will be some super tricky thing that I have to do a release of tricky given that I don't know the language that I have to do as part of this project I went to an end because of that I that forces me to then kind of peel peel away the layers of the onion and two really big and and and kind of find my own way through the materials that are out there it's up for me like the path that I take through the whatever material is available is driven by your the goal that I have of of producing something specific and sewing in that sense I don't find myself following a curriculum necessarily I have found courses that do have a crazy lemon intently what I find there is and I can go through it I can do the material and I feel like I'm learning a lot and then typically at the end I kind of don't feel like I've learned that much or maybe I have time maybe I have but at that point that I need to like do my own project
00:38:38I think I put myself in a position where I'm struggling to figure out how to how to do a thing that that again that I'm kind of interested in wanting to make I agree with that 100% having some kind of project it is the driver a substantial difference and the sentiment also like going through a course and having that nicely laid out sequence of things that you're supposed to learn and you do the tasks and then the moment you feel like you learned them but at the end feeling kind of empty I think just about every student identifies with that at the end of their courses and then also every adult who's done any kind of like milk or structure in a lifelong learning thing to that effect I think I think that that's pretty universal one thing all that because in the context of computer science feel like it very clear how to have a project I think you want to build and then try to build the thing
00:39:29I need to contact the people who want to learn math independent me if it's not math as an aid to an engineering project for math as an abstraction as an art form it can be hard to think of what the appropriate analog of a project would be one thing that I found to be really helpful if you're going to just say like a textbook this isn't as good as having a project but don't start by reading the start of the chapter and then going through it until you get to the end where there might be exercises slip back to the exercises and give them all really genuine fries maybe not all of them if there's a lot depends on the book but spend some meaningful time with the exercises before having been exposed to any of the content and some of them are going to rely on vocab that you just don't know yet and that's fine and you can kind of try but you should just skip that one of them asked questions did the purpose of the question is that it's understandable before you know the material of that chapter but becomes easier to self because of that material and this ends up being way better as a motivator
00:40:29for all of the theorems and topics in that chapter then the author typically does in trying to motivated little beforehand because you have in your mind oh wait this would really help me solve that problem rather than the principle that seems like a symmetric structure that's what I would add for anybody hiring through and actually Independent Learning or learning in school I think that should also apply if if you've been assigned read this chapter 4 homework start with your problems that start with the questions at the end and don't go to the introduction and don't go to the theorems and selves and tell you have swimming around in your head a couple puzzles made a couple loose ends that need to be tied up how would your answer change in different subjects maybe it's in the context of trying to have a short story or even an anthology of short stories that feels like it would motivate as you are reading other people's works
00:41:29Peter's answer can be carried over almost word-for-word with writing it seems as if you would benefit more from having some sort of human feedback not just writing but everything maybe maybe more so like what you say this eater for computer science we're having human feedback to tell you how you're doing and what you could be doing better makes absolutely no sense I mean it when when working with a team in a Cupboard user turkey having having your senior Engineers doing code reviews for unifix or earlier in their career as well as well as vice versa even having to be there early career folks looking and reading a code that was written by you know someone with 20 years experience and trying to provide you know feedback which was awesome again you know if even if you don't have much experience in your meeting someone who's got 20 years experience on you you're the question to pop into your mind it's like wait what is this a good feedback cuz that means like maybe the code isn't clear I think that's really helpful
00:42:29I am Independent Learning maybe you don't have that option what I read into the presumption of the question is that for whatever reason you're in the situation without without a mentor and they do without. I guess find Pierce to help Duke don't don't learn independently is the answer learn independently with people let me know okay so a couple people asked whether I was planning on doing more essence of type series and I can only assume that those are people who maybe I don't know just how much I really made clear that this is something I always want to have going on in the background it to make a big part of what three blue one brown is about where is the main channels content is the Standalone things trying to make you a little interested in one of the topics of Matt starting to build out a library of places you can go if you kind of want to prime your intuitions for a course this person's question absolutely
00:43:29cuticle of - to ramp up on that in 2018 three blue one brown will be expanding and a core goal of the people coming on is to basically just output more of those hopefully you know you fast-forward 5 years from now and there's a there is a meeting for library of like essence of blank so after probability I'll probably do ones on may be a sequel to linear algebra and then maybe when I group Theory and then maybe one on some like high school topics are also in the mix like algebra and geometry have yet to prioritize those perfectly but that is the jumble of thoughts coming around I want to see High School exciting yeah okay so here's the thing on the mic High School content so do I but that's where you send me enter the domain where there is so much of it out there right you want to talk about something that has been just covered to hack on the internet high school algebra is there is no shortage of material online and obviously the hope would be to have something that adds and
00:44:29just think from what others will find there and I don't know what one of the one of the people coming on I'm he currently is a high-school teacher and I think he is I think his intuitions are actually going to be a lot better for putting together like algebra geometry and trigonometry sequences response to the one hour if you could have a one-hour interview with any significant historical figure who would it be and why would you talk about I have no idea that was kind of my response to the question I don't have a clue but I was excited but they're harder to answer me personally I would be fascinated to chat with ramanuja on who or about him and his story because he came from would like the classic stories that he came from the Indian slums completely disconnected from the general at that time like Western culture of mathematics and independently Came Upon certain discoveries that had not been to
00:45:29forget and wrote this letter to the mathematician Hardy who recognized his genius and brought him to England out of the man who knew Infinity based on a book by the same title what becomes apparent is he wasn't entirely disconnected from like the general world of Matt he he had at his disposal but keep keep took math classes and he also had this this book that he learned a lot from and the nature that book is that it wasn't it wasn't meant to teach it was actually just a cram Kid full of nothing but equations tell me if I told you to this guys before
00:46:06I haven't heard this this is Frank this is great you got this you got this genius and everyone everyone acknowledges the things this man came up with are just out of this world like like he puts out this formula for computing pie where you can compute Pi out to a whole bunch of digits really efficiently and it's like the best formula known for computing pie to Italy at that time they come to like where did you come up with things and how did you find this give us your proof he says I had a vision from the gods which is infuriating you want to know if you if you look at it it's not just some formula it's got like it's coming it's just random constants in there I think starts as like the square root of 8 divided by 99 squared + somewhere like in the numerator of his term of the sounds like 20 6390 it's not this beautiful little elegant like leibnitz formula for pie or like the bezel problem Computing pie it just seems right
00:47:06to what is going on in this man's mind is very different from what's going on in other mathematicians mines wonder what is this book that he learned from right what is this thing that produced this almost god-like genius they could just pluck beautiful formulas from from the blue and it was a cram kid it was just a list of equations that was meant for Cambridge students to memorize before they went into their their main exams that I test the map that they had learned I didn't do it as a crime kit because he wasn't in an environment where the goal was to be tested keep you in each one of those little equations like a personal challenge of Gears of Truth come to an understanding with in your own head for why this is true and
00:47:53I think this is this is really interesting cuz it's almost like a recipe for genius that's guaranteed but it starts to explain a little something he was connected enough to the Western World or what is important because he had this book of the equations that were considered very important to mathematicians at that time but he wasn't so connected as to be exposed to the explanations that other people had he had to come to those explanations within his own head and that has a slight balance of not being totally off on its own but not being completely influenced by the status quo produced this uncanny originality besides freebooting on YouTube what are the predators practice you think is most harmful to your Channel or livelihood and I was shocked at how I was not able to come up with a good answer right and I feel like I should have a good answer that what is what is most harmful to my livelihood patreon shenanigans
00:48:53Shenanigans Shenanigans might be most threatening to livelihood I got your email address on our patreon I got an email about hey we're sorry we're not going to go through the fee changes but it was a it was a quiet going to give you a run. Cuz I don't think you were like following the same people on Twitter that I do or seeing the chest raw anger that some of the solicited so we'll start at the start of an aspen two creators is a hey you know how you've been paying the processing fees right like people pledge money at the end of every month we process all of those payments 5% of it goes to patreon which I think is well worth it cuz they had like a lot of value but then I'd meaningful percentage like between 5 and 10% it kind of depends on the sort of pledges that you're getting go towards payment processors
00:49:53PayPal or strike so they say a lot of people complain to us about hey I'm not getting paid at the end of the month the amount that I think I should because of these pretty wildly variable processing fees so like what we're going to do is working to make patrons pay those so if you pledge to someone need a $1 for their thing you don't pay the $1 you paid $1 plus processing fees okay maybe that's fine because one of the big value as a patreon is it rather than if I just want to like support used and how can like send you money regular late one of us is paying that transaction fee each time but if you can bundle them all so that you have all of the payments happening at the same time at the start of the month from a bunch of people and it just gets paid out in one batch that batching helps reduce the processing fees by a lot like enough to make up for the 5% cut the patreon takes the processing fee isn't just a percentage of the amount paid it's like a percentage + $0.30
00:50:52Dodger there's a fix an exact time they claim to have done the research with the conclusion that patrons are just happy to know that more of their money is going to the people there supporting I said whatever same amount of fees and I guess you're basically just telling people that their pledging more than they thought they were slightly awkward I don't like the idea of more affection towards people doing such a generous thing and potentially not showing the gratitude that they deserve it because every one of the places that I make where previously if I had 10 different $1 pledges they were all batched so that the payment processing fee was for the $10 that I sent to patreon now that fixed cost is spread across these 10 different one like that doesn't make sense I'd like why on Earth should shifting who pays the fee ship the amount of fees or eliminate the patching
00:51:52it's shifting it increased that they conflated two different changes at the same time that they shifted who is paying the processing fee they also would like we're going to switch the way that payment even happen so that instead of bashing them on the month the moment if it's a monthly person like if I'm supporting Houston how quick per month for the things that you're doing the moment I pledged I get charged immediately and then every month after that I get charged so if it was on the 15th that I pledged and it's on the 15th of every month that I get charged if it was on the 10th Dennis the 10th of every month and you are the Creator I just getting dislike continual non discrete slow of like money that's coming in right if it's a perk. Creation thing like / video for each creation that is when the charge happened so it lemonading that batching I kind of understand the reason I did that it was like I don't fall patreon for thinking about doing that there are a whole bunch of other creators for whom that would be a better model where things like it's clue
00:52:52the content is a huge draw for people to be Patriots to certain pages and you would have people who would pledge let's say on the 15th get access to the Hole by the catalog of content and then like remove their pledge before the start of the month when they would be charged for anything this is where the awkward middle-ground about patreon being a way to offer people something like exclusive content versus being a platform for benevolent contributions that awkwardness Maybe started to come to come to a head things and not really announcing that in the right way you just had this whole pile of confusion and most importantly people who were like $1 patrons to a large number of people that say you're supporting like 15 people at $1 a month each you saw the amount that you're paying jumped by like 40% like these people are kind that just not like whether they would say oh well I'm happy the more money is going to the Creator
00:53:52do that to someone you don't say hey by the way you are now like going to be charged 40% more than you thought you were before sorry we didn't check in with you about that for me is as someone who is a taper like videotape Creator it would have just been meaning to Lemoore transaction fees on the whole because rather than things getting bashed monthly even if it is just like 2 to 3 video it's like that's it you just have many more of those fixed. I know some people like lost Insurance because of that people who like I'm not doing this I'm not doing anything associated with 8 Round like ending my pledges to everyone it wasn't actually a huge hit at a at least for me it was and I don't know if that goes further creators but it's a sponge to sanitize a good page full of people who dropped off and complained about not being happy with Sears the cynical things are going like because you are no longer
00:54:52that processing fee and because the people who are leaving are like the $1 the lowest ones did the math add up such that you were actually going to be taking unless I don't know I didn't run the numbers so they was it wasn't there good start to think very serious I'm going to do something different from patreon just to make sure that there is an alternate option for people right and just to make sure that there's not this hard dependency better than aspect of true blue and brown eyes like where people can they want to other apps like access to the early Compton to just be thankful or whatever it might be maybe it's best not to let that lie under the monopolistic code of a single entity and
00:55:42sorry it's alright nevermind we're not going to do it so sorry just kidding. Just kidding we'll do what we can today like
00:55:52probably I mean I don't like you a lot of the alternative is to like stick to their guns so Jack Conte the guy who runs patreon I actually like him a lot I went to the conference type thing in the picture and Brandon were they will chat with him just for a little bit and I think he is extremely genuine about wanting to do what's best for the creators and I love that just comes from his own background didn't just self-identifying of the Creator either he's a phenomenal like salesman like schmoozing me into that but I think it's comes from a very genuine place you know he had a couple of post the day after they made this change to explain why they work and I went from being like extremely confused too kind of understanding where they were coming from but still feeling like it was strictly worse for my page and the apology that you wrote about it was it was good it was sincere and it does seem like you're doing pretty
00:56:52and I you're responding to my thought of switching platforms and doing something different
00:56:59I guess I'm just responding with all my senses you just obey trying a great deal of gratitude and some slight mistake maybe knocks them down from being like absolutely the most amazing company everything about Todd really solid, do you still like to wake up right now that's what we got here because of this question of what do you think is most harmful to your livelihood and I don't know if harmful is the right word there but it's early the biggest impact on your livelihood is anything with patreon which is this thing you don't really have direct control over Stan haug super glad you brought that up because my feeling is still one of genuine like love and gratitude towards patreon and wanting things to work out for them and I don't hold that much against them after this but either to what you said that is right there's a lot of circumstances where you end up feeling a little bit depending on single and it is like a lot of us are dependent on Google likely doesn't have different branches of that that really your dependent on a lot of different things but they all just
00:57:59I under the same Corporation that's always something to be cognizant of the key there is that the incentives are aligned that yeah like what Patron I mean they structured everything so that their intentions are holy aligned with creators which I like like for example a lot of sites they want to do everything they can to keep their users on their site like YouTube wants you to stay at youtube.com no matter what they Tree on they don't care if you're on patreon.com so they're doing a lot of things to help you like in a great The Pledge Dynamics weather that is where you contribute or where you can get access to certain things into other sites I think a lot of that is a sort of in their plans for what to roll out in 2018 and that's different right that's just very different from other social media operate but it makes sense for them because based on their business model when is good for creators is good for them and the the source of money and Discovery at patreon is not through patreon.com but through the individual
00:58:59creators websites or whatever their main entry point might be Honestly though actually I know what was the practice is most harmful to the Chandler like anything that's harmful to the economy at large let's let's just look at patreon contributions people's willingness to like keep the channel going or show gratitude in the form of like having some of their hard-earned money it's a little bit like allocated towards a piece of pretty content that they consume if you have any kind of economic downturn that's like the first thing to go that's like a non non tax-deductible philanthropic donation. Com 2008 I crashed I think that would just have a very meaningful impact on people whose businesses in Lively hoods have any any substantial portion of Revenue coming from patreon
00:59:59play like Wall Street Shenanigans might be actually the the most harmful most harmful thing to do my own livelihood game clock that's it

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