With love in the air from Valentine's Day last week, host Andrew Rea reads an assortment of love poems.
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00:00:03good evening and welcome to a very special Valentine's Day edition of bedtime with babish tonight I'll be reading some poems about you guessed it fishing I mean love why don't we start with William Shakespeare's Immortal sonnet 18
00:00:22shall I compare thee to a summers day Thou Art more lovely and more temperate
00:00:28rough winds do shake the darling buds of May and Summer's lease hath All Too Short a date sometime too hot the eye of Heaven shines and often is his gold complexion dimmed and every fair from Fair sometime declines by chance or Nature's changing course untrimmed but thy eternal Summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou owest nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade when in Eternal lines to time thou growest
00:01:02so long as men can breathe or eyes can see so long lives this and this gives life to thee
00:01:13and now I loved you first but afterwards Your Love by Christina Rossetti
00:01:22I loved you first but afterwards Your Love out soaring mine sang such a loss to your song as drowned the friendly cooling's of my dove
00:01:33which shows the other the most my love was long and yours one moment seem to wax more strong I loved and guests at you you construed me and love me for what mites or might not be named a weights and measures do us both are wrong for verily love knows not mine or thine with separate I and thou free love has done for one is both and both are one in love
00:02:03Rich love knows nuts of the line that is not mine
00:02:10both have the strength in both have the length there of both of us of the one which makes us one
00:02:21and no bright star would I were stedfast as thou art by John Keats
00:02:29bright star would I were stedfast as Thou Art not alone Splendor on the Loft the nights and watching with eternal Lids of Hearts like Nature's patient Sleepless eremites
00:02:44the moving Waters at their priest-like task of pure ablution round Earth's human Shores or gazing on the new soft Fallen mask of snow on the mountains in the Moors
00:02:59no yes still steadfast still unchangeable pillow to pawn my fair loves ripening breast to feel forever it's soft fall and swell awake forever in a sweet unrest Still Still to hear her tender taken breath and so live ever or else wound to death
00:03:25next a glimpse by Walt Whitman
00:03:32a glimpse through an interesting Scott of a crowd of workman and drivers in a bar room around the stove lights of winter nights and I unremarked seated in a corner about youth who loves me and home I love silently approaching and seating himself near that he may hold me by the hand
00:03:54long while amid the noises of coming and going of drinking an oath and smutty jest there we two content happy and being together speaking little perhaps not a word
00:04:10and lastly a collection of poems from chamber music by James Joyce
00:04:19strings in the earth and air make music sweets strings by the river where the Willows meets there's music along the river for love wanders their tail flowers on his mantle dark leaves on his hair
00:04:35all Softly playing with head to the music bench and fingers string upon and instruments
00:04:44the Twilight turns from amethyst to deep and deeper blue the landfills with a pale green glow the Trees of the Avenue the old piano plays an air States and slow and gay she bends upon the yellow Keys her head inclines this way
00:05:04shy thoughts and Grave wide eyes and hands that wonder is they list
00:05:10the Twilight turns darker blue with lights of amethyst
00:05:16at that hour when all things have her pose a lonely Watcher of the Skies do you hear the night wind and size of harps playing on to love to enclose the pale Gates of Sunrise when all things were pose do you alone now wait to hear the sweethearts play to love before him on his way and the night-wind answering an antiphon till night is over gone
00:05:43play on invisible Hearts unto love whose way in heaven is a glow at that hour when soft lights come and go soft sweet music in the air above and in the earth below
00:05:58when the shy star Goes Forth and Heaven All maidenly disconsolate
00:06:04hear you admit The Drowsy even when I was seeing by your Gates his song as softer than the do and he is come to visit you open no more in reverie when he at Eventide is calling your Muse who made the singer B who song about my heart is falling
00:06:23no you might this the lovers chance cuz I that I'm your visitants
00:06:30lean out of the window golden hair I hear you singing Ameri air my book was closed I read no more watching the fire dance on the floor I've left my book I have left my friend heard you singing through the Gloom singing and singing a merry hair lean out of the window golden there
00:06:51I would in that sweet buzz and Bo Sweet It Is and ferret is where no root wind might visit me because of sad austerities I would in that sweet busam be I would be ever in that heart so soft I knocked and soft and treat her
00:07:08we're only peace might be my parts austerities were all the sweeter so I were ever in that heart
00:07:17my love is in a light attire among the apple trees with the game wins do most desire to run in companies there with a gay wind stay to woo the young leaves as they pass my love goes slowly bending to her shadow on the grass
00:07:35and where the skies are pale blue cup / The Laughing lands my love goes lightly holding up her dress with dainty hands
00:07:44who comes amid the Greenwood with spring tide all the dorning her Jugos amid the Merrie Greenwood to make its merrier
00:07:53passes in the sunlight by ways that no the Lightfoot full passes in the sweet sunlights with mine so virginal
00:08:03the ways of all the Woodland Glen with a soft and golden fire for whom does all the sunny Woodland carry so brave a tire so it is for my true love the woods stay Rich apparel where oh it is for my own true love that is so young and fair
00:08:22Winds of May that dance on the sea dancing a ring around in Glee from 402 Furrow will overhead the foam flies up to be a Garland in silver Birches spanning the air so you my true love anywhere well a day will a day for the Winds of May love is unhappy When Love is away
00:08:47bright cap and streamers he sings In The Hollow come follow come follow all that you love leave dreams to the dreamers that will not after that song and laughter do nothing move with ribbons streaming he sings the boulder in Troup at his shoulder the wild bees hum and the time of Dreaming Dreams is over as lover to lover sweethearts I come
00:09:14bitter to a Jew a Jew but I do to girlish days happy love is coming to woo the end woo that girlish ways the zone that Duff become the fair snood upon the yellow hair when thou Hast heard his name and pawn the bugles of the Sheridan
00:09:34begin that softly 2 on Zone that girl is supposed to come unto him
00:09:40and softly to undo the snood that is the sign of maidenhood
00:09:45what counsel has the hooded Moon put in my heart my Shiley Suites of love in ancient plenilune glory and stars beneath his feet Ice Age that is but kitten cat with the comedian Capuchin
00:10:01Believe Me Brother that my eyes and disregard of the Divine Glory candles in those eyes trembles to Starlight mine oh mine
00:10:11no more be tears and moon or Mist for the sweet sentimentalist
00:10:17go seek her out all courteously and say I come wind of spices who song as ever epithalamium
00:10:26oh hurry over the docklands and run upon the sea for seasonal and shall not divide us my love and me
00:10:36now Winds of your good courtesy I pray you go and come into her little garden and sing at her window singing the bridal wind is blowing for love is at his noon and soon will your true love be with you soon oh soon
00:10:54my Dove my beautiful one arrives arrives the night two lies upon my lips and eyes the Oderus wings are weaving the music of Sighs arise Arise My Dove my beautiful one
00:11:09I wait by the cedar tree in my sister my love white breast of the dove my breasts up your bed the pale do lies like a veil on my head my fair one my hair does arise arise
00:11:25from Dewey dreams my soul arise from loves deep Slumber and from def for low the trees are full of Sighs whose leaves the morn admonish f
00:11:36Eastward the gradual of dawn prevails were softly burning fires up here making to tremble all those veils of grey and gold and gossamer
00:11:46well sweetly gently secretly the floury bells of morn are stirred and the wise choirs of fairy begin in numerous to be heard
00:11:59oh cool is the Valley now and they're love will we go from any acquires singing now where love did sometime go
00:12:09and hear you not the thrushes calling calling us away
00:12:13oh cool and pleasant is the valet and their love will be stay

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