Episode 31 marks the first birthday of this podcast. We catch up on what happened over Christmas, how you handle the (spoiler alert) truth about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and what the future holds for this podcast. Having … Continue reading →
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00:00:15I like Nick how you doing hello how you doing the Christmas cold and flu so yeah probably better I'm glad to see from you for Christmas. Christmas is being brought to you by something like them safe and antibiotics it was a possum on them set and antibiotics were like join us the party you would like they weren't for me they were for Toby that's not a good addition to the festive. Know we kind of had that the two-week Christmas holiday was pretty much forcing off to illness by skrux the family has he talked about last week
00:01:07we did Christmas at home so for the first week yeah it was just the four of us in the house
00:01:15various stages of illness is colds but I don't come across like man flu but this was the worst cold it was easy as just a migraine and sinus headaches. Well for about a week which was a fun and they're not sending tonsillitis for me which was a great time we had an infection which was great and anyway but Christmas was fun despite what about this
00:01:52how are you thank you I had something gastric I'm going to get norovirus cuz I think that's been doing the rounds and I had to listen to me and that was a price on a couple weeks I have for Christmas but since you families and came back for all of his birthday and New Year's fall on the same day it was nice he's not that one ready old enough to appreciate birthdays or even quite as much as excited about Christmas but yeah the dad of a 1 year old tree
00:02:52will be one in that second week of February so if it's a month from now so I'll be the father of a four-and-a-half-year-old school boy and not still freaks me out when I hit the school boy and yes Lauren will be changed I think well and I know those 3 a.m. wake Up's when it feels like it's not flying by but I think sitting here every week 2 game with me and heavy couple of weeks since it's been fun so just tracking tracking how things are going this first year I'm looking forward to set the first first episodes of Veggie tots
00:03:51off the babies himself because they said he wasn't in any sort of routine of sleep at that point
00:04:04we have to say congratulations to all friends John and Lucy who recently had a baby after I picked up Martha Riddell for the first time last week and I'd forgotten how small little babies are you can hold them in one hand that's funny because we don't have something to eat be up on their feet and moving around and it did bring back in a flood of memories of holding on to the tiny humans born evil thing to Alexander Benedict Ashton was born in death pool at 1:55 a.m. on the 7th of December after 5 Hour labor
00:05:02notepad 5 hours that's pretty good for the congratulations to pull on your partner he says that he would like to say thanks for all the tips discussions and collect experience that they wanted to take you to UC says for the NCT sessions the tommee tippee kit when a coast on the tips on photo books and videos together baby.. Let us his son is clearly the most peaceful and greatest child in existence so thank you very much. Your wife and little
00:05:39baby dance from Phil Saunders regular contributor to show his will not die on his Twins and I'm 6 months old and he says they're started baby LED weaning we tried direct feeding rice but found the check just sit back and expect to the constant stream of food while Zach quickly tried to grab the spoon before becoming frustrated we found the boys responding well too baby LED weaning not for the faint-hearted of the house proud what is messy I think it works well especially for twins as it could potentially cut down 3 times I've realized that the boys are minions of entropy seems to be bringing the soda by breaking it down into individual friends and spreading these as far as possible tips for baby LED weaning plastic sheet to cover the floor I wish I knew before April ends with sleeves and a pouch come in very handy how much we need to buy pouch
00:06:39Untitled Hendrix it does catch stuff that goes down the front of the front to catch the catch the food we tend to double up one of these to get the sleeves on the arms and then a proper babe where the Tri-City to a good one of those boots don't forget to check in the mouth squirreled away food yeah.. Can be funny when you you think that finished you pick them up and Counting the way and then they said they just empty that mouth I mean he says again to me we might maybe mentioned in the nurseries be prepared for unpleasant gagging sounds as they first get used to solids that called the right track reflex out for themselves
00:07:39searching but yeah it's so good learning I do know I'm out. I'm just testing lost it from Philly says it's some cool boiled water is nice way to finish a snack which makes sense to me I think I might have a drink and yeah I'm fine during a meal will reach for his two people to cover himself to drink now so ugly flea drops food on the floor and she said she's got caught cheeky about it good luck with that she'll pick up her cup have a drink holders help for you
00:08:30you could reach and she'll take it back have another drink and then she will just throw it on the floor and she has started throwing up just dropping at throwing velocity and yeah the deposit unless you move house beforehand in about 3 or 4 years to just rip up these carpets. Again we were just saying tonight. Yeah I've actually but once he's maybe another year or so.
00:09:23how was how was Christmas in your house and did both Lauren and Toby get some new toys that you can join put some together and playing with the general experience but feeling better than we had so if it wasn't it wasn't a complete price of fun no it was good I think he was very excited that I had some stockings upstairs of some pieces to play with upstairs or how we started whatever you 6 a.m. think it was nice yes and then came down and I will let you eat breakfast and then Toby was very keen to get to the presents that he's very much of that point of excited about the source presents to unwrap he's probably
00:10:23this year in the next couple years I think you're going to be yeah just not real innocence about it it was good to hear and then the following week we went down to my parents for a few days without power for 5 days we have a second Christmas Town that give gifts from the grandparents and I like and their grandparents always overdo it with the gun show me because there are so many Octonauts toys out that we had to get him weed wants to nail down which one did he actually want and it changed every day of the week so we got him to write a Christmas list yeah that's what is Santa Claus and getting him to commit to one even if you change his mind we could go back to the evidence and say well Toby
00:11:23that you said you weren't exactly on Christmas day he would be upset that he didn't get the Oaks Mall toy he wanted to let you know you have to wait to see some of my grandpa and he was very good I think you love them up here on Christmas Day and then we went down to my parents and sure enough the two things that one is Christmas list if you haven't gone Christmas Day and he was amazed and I think he said something about these were my Christmas list. Realizing it was very cool and emails were going back and forth each time he changed his mind over what toys in ignition point actually the whole spoiler alert the whole
00:12:17weather for Christmas is real or not oh yes a good time to sell Vince the Mysteries which which pony for the grown-ups you might approach it goes like the tooth fairy and Easter bunny Lola who those characters sorry spoiler alert sound does a reason for this to exist it's a it's a beneficial I find a place in our yeah I have something felegy of the time but
00:13:17it's a it's a trade-off is not it's a reason yeah cope with and be more Brave about losing teeth and there's something in it for you as well yes I know what the going rate is for a tattoo to the Moon I know that might be something we should get some guidance on the future episode 50 PV what what's the what's what's 20 of them to come out of relevant to all over Lauren but Toby is fast coming up to Prime starting to lose teeth you know in the next couple of years so I kind of was it like five six seven around at the moment but it must be a little after his face in my mind I can fix it yet it's the sort of thing that happens once your primary school when you get secondary school so
00:14:15okay so me of a protocol for the next 3 or 4 years Wikipedia says the first permanent tooth usually pays around 6 years or they are and there's a transition time the last four wisdom teeth between 17 and 25 years up to about 13 years and then you can come from having what was it beside crazy 20 Chase for the for the baby teeth and then after your wisdom teeth come through then you're up to you. It's too
00:14:55best anime fights the Tooth Fairy cuz I think inches of hair will any of any of the parents out there with the older kids who come through that what how have you dealt with it what you do don't have to write a letter or is it just shoving a tooth under the pillow and we have to exchange the cash yes mutual friends who kind of was partially responsible for this whole book has happening so instigating motivation supposed to do that I think one who's maybe just turned 10 and the others may be 7 but that still primary school but but the able to stop he's he's got some good stories about his tooth fairy and how he is getting increasingly harder for The Elder to do the swap without waking them in the increasingly desire excuses he's having to find when he wakes them up
00:15:55when you forget to do the exchange wake up and there's still a tooth yeah that has to be another friend of ours they have taken the line the baby because they they don't want to lie to their children at or they don't have a very honest relationship with our children so they have decided not to
00:16:22treats Father Christmas has a story as a real peeing and from the outside near that explains about Christmas being yeah just a time where yeah you can celebrate family not something and you share gifts between family members but then I know that has some difficulty than when it comes to school and and things like that around
00:16:45that has to be very careful with that kids to explain the Quest for the Christmas isn't real I love the people play the game where they like to pretend he Israel oh so that had to teach the children not to spoil the game for other people don't challenge other people's beliefs too much appreciate it cuz he's been to his house he's been to Greenland flight plans somewhere quiet and visit on Christmas in Durham reindeer rides and pull behind a slow at all sorts of very fun Christmas Adventure Time so he's going into school completely confident in the belief and would argue and fight with people who have 6 or 7 he was still very very funny
00:17:45when it's a bit late because your Christmas quotes this is the post-christmas episode you can do things like the Santa tracking on the NORAD website where you can see where he is in the world on Christmas Eve in sexual space station to the pass over the the south of the UK at about 5:30 p.m. so it was dark so good if it if it will clear it was a really good past ideal time to tell your kids that's Father Christmas in his sleep last night so I don't know around him 40 because we were well the kids were fast asleep on the sofa and completely missed it but I got some friends from the city and so there wasn't much street light and call really good view of is it went over with three young boys but the room
00:18:43primary school so today age so your ideal for for playing along I think the oldest to that no Father Christmas real but still just stop
00:18:52sense of wonder sing at Passover kwaku remember a time in my life when I was pretty convinced that he wasn't real but I didn't want to risk breaking it bite by challenging Mom and Dad left it came to continue the the make-believe because it was in my interest to go along with it I have no recollection of that make sense I have strong Recollections of my parents sneaking in to put my stocking at the foot of my bed and me catching them and saying up every year to catch them right and not being the game. So I Do by Clint since it was my parents putting these presents out maybe that was intentional to know if they sent out to fill your head with section
00:19:52imagine that they might intentionally set out to give you some some truth and honesty in your ideas
00:20:01interesting so I got it for Christmas yes I'm 21 from the International Space Station fly electronic toys have little speakers on them and sometimes they can be just very slightly too loud and price on irritating so I thought it might be from you is to just stick a little strip of set aside part of the top of the speaker you can still hear it it doesn't take away any of the phone or the enjoyment makes it slightly more tolerable think I've forgotten about it and yeah a couple of the toys I pick up the Christmas could certainly do is quite upset that I made a difference in this house in Simpson arrested on his four-year-old has been really looking Hexbugs this Christmas I'm seen these before it's like in the pool self-propelled toy
00:21:01hotstar. If I was not like a smooth insect maybe the size of you little thing up it's more than that cause them to vibrate that propels some food and then you can get big runs for them to love to hear from listens about what went down to see well at Christmas and also go see if you got any particular Christmas traditions if there are things that you deserve see something we should last about a month or so ago leaving out the mince pies plus milk is this is the extended narrative for the Christmas having to be fed when he comes into the house that's something we owe you into I did the beautiful thing of eating the mince pie and
00:22:00who unfriend her if it was now someone so they would choose for doing that bit and they broke off the character they left out for Rudolph to leave just the stuff on the street and house Wesley just threw the rest of the cartway socially apparently they got told off because I care it was actually meant to be part of them it supposed to be cold seafood they had for the dinner the next day that it was actually needed 10 to the reindeer theme peeling cutting a tree in the rising tiger what did what to do when your parents do to mock the new year
00:22:53did the CIA sort of staying up till midnight still hold as much appeal did you hear about the Netflix video of Christmas countdown I don't know if it's just for Netflix US rather than you apparently it was quite a bit with parents this year that you could show you your children up a countdown to the new year but being on the mound you could put a New Year's Eve celebrations at 9 p.m. and then off to bed nice yeah I just have time shift it and be done
00:23:28baby dad I was joking with somebody the other day I went to borrow some friend of mine who was saying that as soon as he became a dad that he instantly feel badly that was probably true for me as well as I remember maybe just as a side effect of being in the house a lot more and grazing eating when you can maybe not look after yourself as well as opposed to party wasn't until in the summer when I bike to a crocodile a she and she lost my dad's coming over this is just a isolated I think I'm even before scuppered should we say bye-bye the children yes I think for me you wanted to be coping slessor with Lauren
00:24:23more so with Toby
00:24:28maybe from about 1 to 3 where he wouldn't finish his dinner he's having a plate of food same food as I see notes cuz we always have baby LED weaning so he's not necessary getting a different mail to us but if he doesn't carry his plate I would offer myself finishing his plate for him yeah waste will not be ready but it does kind of mean I was quite often have a starter before my main course which is a bit extra room for 5 Days 7 days a week one of the hostas if he finished his plate I've got slight hunger Pang I'm so I'm waiting for my dinner waiting to get them to bed so we can have our dinner
00:25:22and if I watch him to clear his place I'm thinking that that yeah but we know we're going to be eating later so if Joe is cooking some fish fingers and waffles for the toby and darn she made put an extra waffle on with deadly hold on just a nibble on was fast for feeding them Chef things that has happened this week starting just yesterday is Lauren Hisashi started Nursery now own that counts I sent ya a couple of our own taste the sessions last couple weeks but yes
00:26:22yes you did at 8:30 to 1 I think I was off work today so we went and dropped her off at school then sit down in a day off without the kids which was Blissful went and had a grown up with me over to Parks restaurant for lunch because we're in this so nice. For the next 3 weeks where Joe doesn't go back to work until the end of January and maternity leave
00:26:57Wisconsin Northern industrialists worldly so what's the next 3 where you go this week and next two weeks off Thursdays and Fridays Lawrence and Nursery television School
00:27:09and of course I come to realize 12 days of holiday to take by the end of March but for the first time Toby is only available on 5 to 5 days it's every hot tub that means I'm so I'm just random days here and there and so we had a grown-up tights they were willing to pick up north before we pick up to you but she was she was having an afternoon nap and she been asleep for an hour but so we left the nursery we left a nasty then what is it got Toby they went back to the nursery too and she just waking up when we go up there but no she's not she seems almost 1 year we've moved him to the next Formula milk so he's growing up milk I think it's cold as opposed to follow-on milk
00:28:10just about bugs accept Austin Hill wake up after an hour or so and be very hungry in the mountains of the bus leave milk out of work out the right balance of food and then a little bit of extra milk to to top up as well but yeah just like I asked you last night I slept okay but yeah just trying to get ready so struggling that line when he's only just one the one that's too tough for me and I'll call you might have one or two because of it in Italian I think about him pretty too but just something and sing the the food that everything has been brought big jumps and Emily wants to take it outside with her meals
00:29:09and when she does and she has to have an afternoon snack so that's what has the extra food and then she I'm Joe breastfeeds her a little just as part of the bedtime routine I think it's not a lot it's just part of settling her down but I think she needs it yeah PG Dad we have had two more reviews on iTunes accident warm friendly and informative will responsible ask you to a device no preachy and whether they don't know if it'll give me a good atmosphere for tips on trial and era must listen to Dad's of young kids bikes go up with what I had one in situ entertaining informative and reassuring five stars and it reads I start with confession enough to Dad I haven't gone to bed
00:30:10what am I craving is going to stink downhill since the baby is here but as a mom to a 7 month old baby I love your podcast on frozen banana puree what's my husband was listening and I was hooked up already in Georgia since you both talk about your family. So warmly I'm with lots of humor keep up the good work thank you mrs. King. Listening sometimes as well that's great it's the hosts of the show not not the intended audience isn't it is definitely not an inclusion criteria for listeners people who've Dean Smith Trucking tracking all episodes with no tits
00:31:04yeah we could probably the first 6 months or so an episode every week that was right and then I think through the summer I just start from summer break we kind of got slightly less every way you can maybe I have the other week and things will happen Carrie. Screw and again had a couple slightly longer breaks along the way just just as life is just in the way of us talking to each other but I think now we reach this one year and it is no the first episode was
00:31:46pretty much a year ago exactly we going to know I wouldn't say I'm going to say this is the last episode of any means but I think things are changing so fast every week that was so much to tell you so much for changing so much to come out and now having hit about about a year that piece of changes load in off the maybe it makes more sense to do it last week for me and I think you're right I think this is the last one by any means I think this is probably more about slowing down on finding a funny a different place. Maybe that's monthly maybe it's just every every every time you think of it every time we get together if we go
00:32:46absolutely I did eat if any of our lessons have something to contribute and yeah if it's something comes in the process to getting together and recording that said we will still be keeping our eyes peeled and I'll definitely be looking out on bus 59 on Petra's well but it would be nice to talk to people on Opie nice to keep hearing tips and questions and ideas and yeah I just met episodes 1 be quiet cause frequent all regulars that happen and I still would love to hear from you you can email us forecast updated a stalker. UK anything anything you want anything you would like to share whether it's best that was once whether it's tips whether it's any any funny stories you have about you your little ones
00:33:46yes it's too it's all good for us cuz I think I'm part of it was things have slowed down in times of the kids development week when we have less to talk about from our own kids and yeah we want we need we need feeding from from my audiences two things to talk about I think that somebody will need to record so we had to you to get in touch when he's done that this week and of course thanks to everyone else he's been talking to us and took him Baptist Church Roswell site Andrew Wheaton Ivan H lot everyone else is well thank you for coming until suggestions I think we would have stopped a long time ago if we were just chatting to each other and it was going into a black hole somewhere
00:34:46but now it's made a big difference to me hearing it from other people and impact the number of times that I've noticed that's done doing something something to have lunch with the snow this week one that really stood out to me was taking it on a break in haha poking my finger into the end until it split 3 ways because they have a three-fold symmetry from a listener maybe Anthem I think so yes it sticks if it continues to inform under the light lunch time not just us but I've run into some fights has been it's been a really good yeah yes of course we can have enough thanks to West West for the lovely lovely thing to you
00:35:32it's good and Nick it's been a pleasure I don't know when the next one will be but will be moving back home you have to do the I Ching subscribe or whatever it might be or photos at baby Dotson Twitter we will make sure it gets shared on The Shining filmed about new episodes we're not stopping we're just laying down that's it that's something

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