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00:00:13will never be able to afford that Greg give me something that will melt my face
00:00:57congratulations you just started listening to bad the battery Star Wars chat show this is a show by fans for fans and featuring fans you might be surprised how much we all have in common
00:01:16hello and welcome to banten Banter a Star Wars chat show the triumphant return I know it's been awhile since we've had a show we took an unexpected Hiatus but we're back and we're better than ever and speaking of better than ever I'm doing. One of my favorite people in the world I'm here with moose say hi moose some housekeeping today
00:01:42I like to dig this weekend so maybe you don't do this for anyone who's new. We finished our first round of interviews last year and everyone who was on the show answers 6 questions for my Star Wars Trivial Pursuit pack and for every question you got right your name got entered in a drawing and we're going to have that drawing tonight for a fabulous prize so I've got a hat here it's really it's it's a it's an X-Wing fighter pilot helmet it's not really a hat so moose is going to pick out a name out at random and she's going to read it so moves to take a name unfolded
00:02:22listen to that show you should be mr. teacher man everybody is one of the Mondo glasses Mondo are glasses bad Alamo Drafthouse released when the force awakens came out last year so I know you next Wednesday is for this person to Dan I will get that in the mail to you ASAP congratulations
00:03:15I remember I got to do my porch for stripper with the the power Droid and then yeah you got a picture with the the forest Trooper as you call it so
00:03:40team the first to getting Star Wars Empire and Jedi at that point right I was pretty
00:03:54it was pretty and it was fancy and it was cool and Han Solo dies commercial you just stared at me and you wake up I'm going to be fine just watch the movie but you enjoy the movie are you looking forward to email you say why didn't you have an Epic Fantasy funeral for Han Solo is probably like the most awesome person in this entire movie series I think that's a good idea so before we will it's just talk a little bit about about our experience of moose and I are we watched the entire Saga together we didn't we watch the force awakens but we watched the first six film
00:04:53we watch them in machete order to watch Star Wars The Empire then I showed her the prequels when she would never seen and then we watch Return of the Jedi do you like watching it in that order did you find that was interesting
00:05:05thing as prequels are weird
00:05:09if you telling me that you liked the prequels better than the original trilogy when we get done do you like which of those do I know which one is your favorite so I'm going to ask you which of those two did you like better Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
00:05:43where do you have an opinion I don't really have an opinion there okay Star Wars I love drama foot lot of Star Wars references in that you know we talked about one the other day when we were watch it on you so
00:06:06so when we got to the prequel to watch The Phantom Menace and I have some notes really cracked me up the first time jar jar. Your response was
00:06:16you don't like jar jar
00:06:20no I kind of want to punch him sometimes it just keeps him you just gave me the creeps what was creepy about him
00:06:39what muscle
00:06:41we are just creepy going to say it looks like he is a button is mouth on her head looks like I'm actually terrified but the fight at least favorite animal to me the scariest of all animals in the entire world hammerhead shark describe fancy a lot of the characters so explain to me how that works
00:07:41all the characters were terrible that's why I mean except for Obi-Wan the older guy who I forgot to say on you so you could you thought it was adorable you wanted to give him a hug for kids children all the older kids hate me and then I'm the slave guy the big fly
00:08:33so moving on to attack of the Clones you didn't really care for that one very much at all the only the only note I have for Attack of the Clones is at one point you said is this over yet
00:08:43it went on way too long I know the Clone Army and everything to do at least like that part
00:08:59I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure you're wrong let's face it take me to Murray views represented as presented by Moose tonight or any of that cows get to Revenge of the Sith
00:09:38which was episode 3 Anakin turn into Darth Vader was in a robot you didn't realize that he was like an animal like a cyborg parking stall robot you remember that and I explain to you that he's got a heart he's like basically Darth Vader 1.0 when you
00:10:07what was I going to get to Return of the Jedi Margo and Archie are on patrol I do apologize for any Kenobi Wan crossword as a lava hits and goes up behind them I roll the back and pause it so you can just look at it cuz you and you know that's a lot of Anakin and Obi Wan just facing off with light-up swords when Mount Etna erupted a few few months before filming
00:11:07and keep it on my shelf so at the end of Revenge of the Sith Padme have a broken heart I'm doing ever quotes around there what did you think about that completely dependent on their bed for every single thing in the entire world
00:11:45what in a galaxy far far away galaxy far far away more to do with just being so broken-hearted and Anakin have the trailer and turn to the dark side
00:12:14but still
00:12:18what golf course
00:12:23so moving on to Return of the Jedi this is where we get the most notes on because you have a lot to say about it as soon as bib Fortuna showed up temporal that are going around in that this is probably your favorite
00:12:51right okay that'll answer a question later on Han Solo you said you said I get done can I get the quote written down here I guess they're trying to make him more disgusting but putting frosting around his mouth is that frosting
00:13:14again cracked me up so that they were eight people operate on that. It still makes him look like a gigantic slug with a face it was a lot more wrinkles in the mouth when Luke showed up did you have any thought to the fact that he might be evil now
00:13:58and so at speaking of that that's the first time that we see Princess Leia in the bikini and your response that there was oh great here comes that part with that ridiculous skimpy outfit
00:14:09yeah but I mean
00:14:28no unnecessary yeah goes to fight the rancor your comment was oh this is the most serious boss battle of all time so the rancor
00:14:41how did you feel when the rain Court died
00:14:44is it bother you at all. Did you realize cuz I think you asked who the guy was crying or did you feel sorry for him at all
00:15:02the end of the movie this was something that I was very impressed with with you you notice the similarity between the opening of Revenge of the Sith because it when they come onto the deck the bridge of Revenge of the Sith when Count Dooku know Palpatine hostage he spun around in the chair and in Return of the Jedi when Luke
00:15:22and you noticed that that what was it stuck in your mind about that you remember we just seen them so close together you just sort of remembered I have no idea about the good catch I don't have very good memory and it's been like a month-and-a-half since we did this
00:15:45but I did know that I did I did like that you noticed that no one thing folks we had this debate for a while
00:15:52I showed moose the the original theatrical editions of the original trilogy so when they go shoot up at the end we saw Sebastian Shaw alleghenys and yoga and you had no idea who is Sebastian Shaw was the old guy who was not Obi-Wan
00:16:09right so she and a lot of people my age hate the fact that if you watch it now if you watch my Blu-ray that's a new version that was right would you be confused or would you got old he's joining the fees a force ghost now with the other guys that would have made more sense to you sorry to say maybe George Lucas was not a dumb kid she's a sharp kid and she didn't catch it
00:16:37forget that some of the people won't catch it now or when I was a kid I got it
00:16:42I don't know I don't know
00:16:44I knew I knew what was going on but I had not seen Hayden Christensen that wasn't who I had in my mind is Anakin nobody likes so so what are your thoughts about it before we go into the questions that I was going to ask you any Anakin's whiny and padme's really weak and she's pretty awesome people everywhere oh God I want to think about it yeah you're right that's one of my favorite parts of the phantom menace without underwater city know a lot of people
00:17:38so you're not alone there that's like water especially what you had all sorts of stuff that he doesn't have any original trilogy like he's got the rockets and everything that he's trying to get it bother you that you didn't have those in the original trilogy which is supposed to take place after that you down on you I think it was just like oh Cooley is Rockets now let's get all the story why are some people of rockets in the sky and it makes like a big still at the bottom and then we can catch him
00:18:25and then see what would happen
00:18:33remember how old you were when you first encountered anything Star Wars related was it one of the movies your dad showed you one of the movies or something like that and I was so confused I kept asking what the rafters there still space Cal's I don't care what you say. Two legs for all terrain Scout transport so we call them 80s tees and so a lot of people people why don't you call the edits 8080
00:19:30that's just more fun to say right
00:19:33the first hours of Utah was a new hope the first one
00:19:40what is your favorite scene from any of the movies that you can think of
00:19:47the same thing
00:19:51I remember it I'll leave you alone. I don't like seeing the town, guess but I think it's amusing that he craves man into the Tom not time Gus at all so I don't collect your own any Star Wars merchandise maybe maybe maybe got burned or peed on or something but haven't you seen all of the movies that we have this far
00:20:41what is your least favorite component of the Star Wars Universe what is something about it that you just you just don't like you don't get it you don't like it you could do without it all fancy
00:20:58probably either way too many spaceships way too many dumb people in way too many creepy aliens
00:21:05the things you hate the most about Star Wars of the spaceships the dumb people in the creepy aliens I mean I'm not saying I hate all the spaceship I think it's really cool but those are dumb cars they all look the same so true it's worth it Cadillac
00:21:47if you had to choose one Star Wars movie to watch from now on just one which one would it be plus he walks so cute and then that's the part where everything happy
00:22:22Kissimmee this is the part you didn't know about ahead of time this is the quick fire around I'm going to give you two choices and you pick one do you prefer the aliens from Mass Eisley Cantina from the first movie or from Jabba's Palace from Return of the Jedi when it comes to spaceships
00:22:55play one is Boba Fett ship to win the prize set up account like that to make a picture of a hamburger and decided to make a ship around like that picture of a hamburger of the asteroid flying through where the asteroid and there was a potato girl as a potato girl from stop Butters dr. lemon Butters from South Park and whole bunch of other things I forgot
00:23:54Blaze from Sonic I didn't choose this and then Pinkie Pie as opposed as a My Little Pony because I mean let's face it and like the piggy pie that's all I all they friends say
00:24:14that's right quick do you like better they said when they're going
00:24:30polini Walkman adorable version is C-3PO was not shiny nothing to me I would hope you would get run over by a spaceship in the desert or like give dairy by a big pile of sand are the greatest famous robot ever in the history of the universe so when it comes to this is the last one Skywalker's you choose Luke or Anakin
00:25:13I don't know Anakin is more handsome and Luke's a baby sometimes Americans also baby
00:25:25and not knowing the consequences
00:25:29yeah you know what I should look at everything
00:25:36do you have it folks that is that is Star Wars according to Moose now you're going to get to test pilot the next round of quiz quiz book 425 Cosmic questions and answers about Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back the universe let's get into us and another episode on different podcast in another planet Maybe
00:26:11okay so I'm only going to ask 5 questions I have 6 last time but it's sensor Ford in 25 questions each person's going to get five questions so that means you have up to 5 chances to be put in the Hat to win the prize at the end of season 2 start with Jeff when I get out to hear so cool so it'll be something along the lines of a
00:26:59what Spaceport would the Cantina in in a river these are all Star Wars an Empire Star Wars questions
00:27:08the shiny metal City
00:27:17what does one for the movie you said he said the name of it was Obi-Wan Kenobi said the name of it
00:27:25jono most Eisley Spaceport where was Princess Leia from what planet from
00:27:51got to come exploded and it was I feel like it was in Spaceballs
00:27:57I love space ball I love Mel Brooks everybody he's he's the best one of the best people lied just so you know
00:28:09just tell me the answer no prize no prize for moose
00:28:17you should be able to not buy Han Solo
00:28:31seahorse man seahorse man
00:28:36what can be Kofi Horseman resistor buttface
00:28:52that's actually my favorite God in Skyrim
00:28:58I can't read it from here so don't worry about it that's one of the perks of recording in the nerd cave no wait that's the guy Cindy Gonzalez classy people classy drive on Tatooine zoomed across the desert racer San Carlos and hover
00:29:45it speeds across the land so it's called a spandex
00:29:54spandex ER
00:29:56I just gave her the answer she can come up with it landspeeder
00:30:02what days is that these names are terrible what vehicle did the Jawas drive and you said the first part of it when you were talking about the land speeder big thing that they went across this and pick up the Droids it would crawl across the sand congratulations you're on the board once you get no that's good you get one chance to win the prize you never know it could be you
00:30:32is it a cup I want you to keep it cuz I that's it
00:30:48well there you have it folks most thank you for joining me tonight to I talked about this do you have any other party thoughts about Star Wars 8 me I actually like Star Trek a little bit better it's cooler has more stuff than I like the way the chick die in the last movie does a lady who is like a folder neck and State play in the room it's really sad but it's cooler
00:31:28I'm sorry I really not a psychopath May the force be with you
00:31:50thank you for listening
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