The return of the BangTheBook Radio daily show is back! Host Adam Burke will be on five days a week from now through the end of March Madness chatting with a variety of sports betting experts and sportswriters to give you the best chance at turning a profit during the football and basketball seasons. To make the transition nice and easy, Adam started with an abbreviated version of The Bettor's Box to chat some Major League Baseball. He touched on the Red Sox sweep of the Yankees, the World Series rematch between the Astros and Dodgers, and the Rockies vs. Brewers series. He hit on a listener question during the Monday Mailbag segment and also gave out his top pick for Monday.
Kyle Hunter of HunterSportsPicks.com joined us next to chat college football during the College Football First Look segment. The guys talked about setting up power ratings and preparing for the season. They also chatted about the Pac-12 and Big 12, which have seen a lot of turnover for the 2018 season. Finally, they touched on the Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State and talked about its betting impact.
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00:00:03Bankbook that go hello everybody thank you for joining me here on this monday august sixth edition of bankable greedy oh my name is adam burke your host the next hour and fifteen hour and twenty minutes or so to go for all kinds of things in the world of
00:00:18sports from a betting focus good have you with me as we bring back the daily show's the daily editions of bankbook radio we're gonna do this five days a week now through the end of march madness basically up until the national championship game so lots of handicapping insight
00:00:35and analysis coming away over the next several months very happy to be bringing these back because as some of my listeners have pointed out on twitter here the return ofthe the daily show means the return ofthe football season nfl preseason starting last thursday another round of nfl preseason
00:00:50games coming up here this week that the majority of them coming your way on thursday and then obviously what about three weeks away one hundred three weeks away now from the start of the college football season so definite looking forward what should be another successful year here on
00:01:03the program if you're new to the show thank you for finding us if yuri returned lister and we've had we've got a phenomenal listener base so many loyal people out there to listen to us every single day glad to have you back hopefully you've been along for the
00:01:16ride with the betters box if you haven't been because baseball's it's not your thing i certainly understand that but good to have you back here with us for the program and i'll go ahead and stop in today's show and you know sort of run through what we do
00:01:29here on this daily radio show we have different guests in the sports betting industry or just in the sports writing industry in general a lot of times we've got professional handicappers and join us on the show other times we've got some writers that can provide a different type
00:01:43of analysis because we're always looking at things from a handicapping standpoint maybe some of them looking from a scouting standpoint or evaluation standpoint something like that so we try to bring you a well rounded collection of guests here on the program the regulars that you know in love
00:01:59from last year if you are a returned list are should all be back here with us this year no joe ever today we usually have him on for nfl week in review and monday night football preview but he's got something to do here today we'll have him on
00:02:10the program again next monday kyle hunter who you know in love he'll be on every monday here this season rough michaels will be back probably on tuesdays every day here throughout the season along with brian blessing brian leonard hopefully get west reynolds on the program on wednesdays as
00:02:26well Brad powers on thursdays once we get into the football season's who have brent from the sports book and also our super contest segments on fridays so a lot of times we do you know have recurring guests here in you know these these are people that have gotten
00:02:42a dedicated following from the shows so we try to keep them on the same days whenever we can but we've got other guests we can plug in play we're gonna have to bang on tomorrow's show from the power rank we've got philip ross and right for orlando magic
00:02:54daley who joins us a lot chris stone has joined us in the past talks in college football i've had alex nicholas from the espy nation blawg minor rushed to talk some conference yusa college football in college basketball with us so we bring a lot of different variety to
00:03:09the programme here and personally for me i love the way that we do this show you a lot of shows are just going to run through picks and basically give you free picks and that's fine if that's what you're into that's perfectly fine but a lot of times
00:03:21here on this show will give you those pics We'll talk about those games but we're going to talk about how to be a handicapper we're talking about how to be a better we're somewhat bankroll management and when to hit the market and what to expect in the market
00:03:35what you want to be looking at for may handicapping standpoint ah lot of the nuts and bolts of the industry that really separate those that have a chance at making money at this from those that don't will be talking about a lot of that stuff here as we
00:03:48go throughout the course of the football season because what There are a lot of things that happened over the course of a week that you know having a daily show allows us to cover all of those different things when it comes the line moves when it comes to
00:04:02looking at where the money's coming from differences in the lines of different sports books all this stuff is very very important to your bottom line you want to make sure that you've got a full spectrum of the information that's out there so that's what we look to do
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00:09:41at bang the book dot com all right so what i wanted to do here today along with the fact that joe couldn't make it on this show i did want to sort of transition smoothly over to the daily show's by spending some time here talking about major league
00:09:53baseball with an abbreviated version of the betters fox man will be betting podcast that i've been doing since the start of april still tryingto work in baseball betting content as often as i can here but again with the recurring guest rotation that we've got a lot of the
00:10:09content here moving forward will be of the football variety you'll still see my picks and tips peace over a bankbook dot com and when i get some time either is a transition between guests or if someone can't make the show i'll talk some baseball here on the program
00:10:22of course we've got handicappers and do baseball as well kyle hunter having a solid baseball season brian leonard having a phenomenal baseball season ralph michael's also does baseball so we'll work some of it in here as we can but we want to make sure that you're prepared for
00:10:35the football season because that is the cash cow here in this industry that's what everybody wants to play everyone's ready for football to come back so it will be talking a lot of football here in the month of august but for now we will chat a little bit
00:10:47of baseball here today and the obvious starting point is to look at what the boston red sox did to the new york yankees and yesterday three run come back off aroldis chapman in the ninth inning walked it off in the tent off jonathan holder and that completes the
00:11:02sweep here for the boston red sox who are now eight games clear for the best record in baseball houston that seventy one and forty to boston at seventy nine and thirty for almost a seven hundred win percentage for the red sox here this season and you know i
00:11:20gotta say i'm pretty i'm pretty surprised to be totally honest with you i thought this was a good team coming into the year but what they have been able to do here particularly the way that they beat the hell out of right handed pitchers they're sixty two and
00:11:33twenty three against a right handed starter here so far this season and yeah they had some problems masahiro tanaka wasn't exactly efficient but did strike out nine and foreign two thirds yesterday had some trouble getting to roberts and getting to bataan sis then they get to chapman so
00:11:49just a team that's finding ways to win here this season and you've got to give them a lot of credit for that especially with some of the injury problems they've had to content with some pictures that have gone down chris sale in the deal right now then also
00:12:01drew pomerantz you've got to give them a lot of credit for what they've been able to do here over the course of the season but this win for in particular you sort of wonder now what happens with boston going forward because now you're nine and a half games
00:12:17clear in the division and as i mentioned your eight games clear in the race for home field advantage for the overall playoffs because again keep in mind that it's no longer the all star game that determines home field advantage so the question that i have with boston and
00:12:32then this isn't my scepticism this is just kind of abetting angle that i'm considering here can they keep their foot on the gas pedal that's what i'm really curious to find out because again and now you've made it pretty clear that you are the cream of the crop
00:12:45maybe not just in the american league east but quite possibly in all of baseball that a four game sweep you patted the standings by four games now you go on play toronto in baltimore on the road and neither one of those teams air going anywhere credit to the
00:13:02blue jays were playing pretty well against the seattle team in line for a lot of regression but toronto is not really going anywhere baltimore is clearly not going anywhere and an interesting to gamer with the phillies to wrap up that road trip and when you look at things
00:13:16the rest of the way for the boston red sox here they still have seven games left with cleveland they've got six more with the yankees coming up in september they have to play houston at home they've already played houston on the road but they have to play houston
00:13:29at home what is going to happen going forward here for this boston red sox team that's what i'm not sure you because you made your head to head statement and alex cora get this team to continue to have that killer instinct i'm not really sure so i think
00:13:45i'd be very wary of the boston red sox here in their siri's against toronto if they were playing today there would be an easy fade candidate they're playing tomorrow up there at rogers centre for a tuesday wednesday thursday set but that's one of the things that you kind
00:13:58of wonder about its one of things that you sort of look at with a team like the houston astros for example now this year of course the astros on lee up by four games in the west division oakland the surging still seattle kind of falling off the pace
00:14:11a little bit here you know when you look at the houston astros this is a team that has really avoided those pretty dangerous laws of you know kind of playing at a at an average clip or maybe a forty percent win percentage over a prolonged period of time
00:14:27can boston be a team that is cut from the same cloth and really keep playing at this high octane kind of level now when you look into yankees of course that was a devastating loss yesterday with chapman giving up the game you could've salvaged something there you could've
00:14:41salvaged a game in that siri's you've got a couple of major injury problems with aaron judge and gary sanchez your depth shy in the rotation with sonny gray not pitching very well you know i talked about this on the betters box after the trade but what happens with
00:14:54jay happ because the yankees they've really cut down on fastball usage among their starting pitchers j half throws about seventy four percent fastballs this season is he a good fit for this team I don't know louise severina getting his head caved in over his last few starts that's
00:15:11a problem for them as well strong bullpen lineups been a little bit inconsistent starting rotations got some injury issues and some other concerns what happens with the yankees now because now all of a sudden is new york yankees you're no longer chasing down the boston red sox the
00:15:26boston red sox are not your concern your concern is that team that's lurking five games behind in the car chase the seattle mariners there six clear in the loss column four clear in the win column you want to host that wild target it's a disappointing thing for the
00:15:42yankees to be in that one game playoff again we're just certainly the way that it looks right now but that's your concern your concern is no longer tracking down the boston red sox so does that change the mindset for aaron boone's team Does that sort of not relax
00:15:57them necessarily but it's not an arms race with the team in your division anymore it's an arms race with the team out west where you don't have had to head meeting so you don't control your own destiny as much as you would with in the division there's a
00:16:10little bit more of a sense of urgency maybe that must win kind of factor when you play boston and you're trying to chase them down for the division at this point again not to say that it can't happen crazier things have happened but because the all star break
00:16:23was so late this year new york has to make up nine and a half games with only fifty two games left in the season so that looks like it's probably not going to happen so when your expectations and your goals shift a little bit it leads to a
00:16:39different kind of mindset so for the yankees here i'm very interested in seeing how they come out tonight and what is a very very tough spot for them coming off of that devastating loss yesterday late game that ran for powers as it usually does between these two teams
00:16:54now they go to chicago this is where you should banquet you should beat the hell out of teams like the white sox who looked me let's be honest here they're awful they are forty one and seventy on the season and they have won four in a row so
00:17:09kudos to them for that but if you're the yankees here this is a get right kind of siri's if they continue to struggle if they continue to have those problems i'll start to get a little bit worried about this team not in terms of them missing the playoffs
00:17:22because i don't think it's going to happen especially with seattle kind of falling off the pace a little bit here but you sort of wonder how much of a struggle it's actually going to be for them so you know when these two teams play with boston new york
00:17:34play it's not your traditional siri's and we already know that but what you want to look at from a handicapping standpoint and again these two teams do play each other six more times in september that syria's immediately after takes on a different kind of tone for boston again
00:17:49that urgency is just not quite there for new york every game has a sense of urgency to it now because of the way that you're playing so when you go and take on an inferior team like the white sox you should have that mentality i don't know if
00:18:03the yankees they're going to have it here tonight i would not back chicago in this spot but you know it is a very tough situational angle for the yankees here as they head into this serious but again very interesting dynamic there in the american league east especially because
00:18:18i've had to come to the realization of this boston team is just that legit you know i knew that they were a good team i knew there was a good chance they'd win the division but to be putting the keys away the way they are is a little
00:18:31bit surprising to me and again you know mad props to alex cora for really doing a fantastic job there with that boston red sox team i don't wanna talk about the rockies and brewers and also take a look at the astros and dodgers with that world siri's rematch
00:18:46but there is one other situation i want to touch on real quickly here that's the washington nationals so washington nationals there were a lot of questions heading into the trade deadline if they were going to sell if they were going to stand pat possibly moving but they probably
00:19:02don't want to put themselves behind the eight ball in terms of retaining his services as he gets a two hundred fifty or three hundred million dollar contract here this off season so they are not and they did jettison some guys that apparently they thought were some clubhouse problems
00:19:17uh sean kelly being the predominant one there and that after little temper tantrum that he had on the mound and so they kind of tried to put a different type of atmosphere together in this clubhouse and when you win team here you know they kind of turn this
00:19:33thing around they've one eight of their last eleven had that big twenty five run explosion against the mets coming out of the all star break we're out of the trade deadline excuse me and now you sort of wonder here as this team is up to fifty seven fifty
00:19:47for they are a six jerry achiever jaggery and win loss but they've had some pretty big blowout to kind of skew those numbers a little bit there's six back of the phillies there four and a half back of the braves and the phillies and the brains there two
00:20:00teams that haven't been in this position before and you sort of have to wonder how they're going to be able to sustain themselves in a pennant race they've got some young players you've got a young ace and aaron nolan who obviously now the innings get a little bit
00:20:16more significant once you're in that pennant race you've got the braves who have that young position player core and it's always interesting to me to try and figure out how these teams they're going to play late in the year when you've got a lot of young players they're
00:20:29going through the grind of the major league baseball season for the first time it tires you doubt it wears you down it whether you're a picture or a hitter playing at the highest level day after day after day is not an easy thing to do and the problem
00:20:44for the phillies and the braves right now is that because washington's hanging around and especially for the braves with that wild card spot up for grabs right now you can't give anybody a breather you can't give anybody time off so for those two teams you sort of wonder
00:20:59about the long term sustainability whereas a team like the nationals where you've got max sure giorgio gonzalez stephen strasbourg if he comes back tanner roark sean do little ryan madson then of course all they're experienced veteran hitters at daniel murphy bryce harper ryan zimmerman anthony reknown you know
00:21:18they've got guys that have been through the rigours of a full season many times over so i'm kind of looking at this thing here in the nationally yeast i do think that there may be some value in throwing a futures ticket on washington tto win the east division
00:21:33now again of course with howlett the all star break was only fifty one games left here in the second half for the washington nationals so they're going to have to figure this thing out in a hurry but they've got head to head meetings against both of those teams
00:21:48and if this falls into a situation where the nationals do use that veteran know how are a little bit more experience with managing their bodies for one hundred sixty two games they can close that gap pretty quickly now of course the braves do have three games in hand
00:22:02they've only played one hundred eight both the nationals in the phillies had played one hundred eleven but you know so i think that the nationals could be worth a look here and this was something i talk about the betters box on monday era thursday i believe it was
00:22:15i wanted to see how they came into that syria's against the reds and the red team playing some very good baseball they've been a very solid team ever since jim riggleman took over but the nationals took that seriously and they played pretty pretty solid baseball in the process
00:22:30so that was what i needed to see from washington also among the playoff contenders they're going to have waiver priority right now for that august waiver trade deadline so they have the opportunity to possibly add some reinforcements if they feel like they need thio via that waiver trademark
00:22:46it so for washington i think things are set up fairly well for them obviously they don't want to be six back at this point in time but i do think washington is a team on your future's radar two possibly come from behind here win the east i don't
00:22:59know what they would do in the playoffs necessarily but you could possibly take a world serious futures ticket if they get into the playoffs you'll have some hedging margin with them in that america in that nationally division serious or of course if they go on enough of a
00:23:13run they can make it to that second wildcard spot currently held down right now by the los angeles dodgers who are tied with arizona out there in the nl west Brewers have the top wildcard spot but the dodgers would currently get in with that second wild card and
00:23:30they can be caught as their only four games up five games up here four games up on the nationals three in the loss column but five in the win column so washington and interesting looking future stick it right now if you're so inclined to go there our let's
00:23:45talk dodgers and astros here and a pretty interesting serious chavez ravine astros with the big blowout win tto win the siri's on saturday but then lose one run game there on sunday and credit to walker buehler who came out did exactly what he had to do for this
00:24:01dodgers team that was a game that they needed they want it getting it even though they were one for eleven with a runner in scoring position in that matchup so no these are two very very strong teams and it wouldn't surprise me at all if these are the
00:24:14two teams that meat again for the world serious here this season the dodgers are getting healthy at the right time bueller's pitching very well rich hill's kind of gotten it back same thing for clayton kershaw their rotation's looking a lot better than it did just a couple of
00:24:28months ago they've got brian dozier now they've made some pretty solid trade acquisitions along with manny machado so they've put themselves in a really nice position here and what is a very wide open national league national league picture right now but what's interesting about this serious to me
00:24:45is that you know we had that big fourteen run blowout for the astros but we also had some playoff atmospheres in the friday and sunday games here the two tow one astros win on friday night ah you've justin verlander absolutely shoving with fourteen mike outs instep thirds then
00:25:02you get that close one run game yesterday where it felt like the dodgers kind of had their backs against the wall a little bit and again it's just a regular season game in in early august the dodgers are probably going to make the playoffs i don't know if
00:25:15they win The division over the diamondbacks but they're probably going to make their way into the playoffs here but to get that game you again that the silver lining of not getting swept that was what the yankees were looking for yesterday they didn't get it i think for
00:25:28the dodgers here you know you got curb stomped in the middle game and that happens it is what it is but to come back and get that sunday game very solid victory for them and that can be a building blocks can be a springboard here as head into
00:25:43their next siri's where they take on the surging oakland athletics for the doc but then they'll go out to the bay area and take on oakland there for some interleague play and one thing that's interesting about the dodgers here and you want to watch out for this you're
00:25:56late season is some teams are a lot more equipped to have a dhd and others when it comes to the national league the dodgers with all of their acquisitions with their depth they're in good shape to use a d h and they can even do something like put
00:26:08matt kemp is the d h take his poor defense out of the equation so this is a pretty decent spot here for the dodgers even though they're taking on a very solid oakland team now the houston astros you know bittersweet win on saturday plans because for something that
00:26:23looks like a farm issue he's done that all you've got to be concerned about that but this is one of those teams where you know they played the mariners they had a chance to make a statement in that siri's they got james paxton in the first game but
00:26:36then won the siri's go out west with syria against the dodgers now take on the giants you know this is a team that is going to step up when they have chances to make statements i think when they play lesser competition they'll probably win because there is so
00:26:51much better but i think you'll see a discernible difference with the astros because again this is a team that needs to get back to the playoffs they want to get back to the playoffs there tailor made for the playoffs and you can kind of see their mindset here
00:27:04and i touched on this a little bit last week you're the roberto soon a trade is a very difficult thing to break down but also it's a move predicated on the playoffs because you added another right hand and arm out there that you can go to in any
00:27:17high leverage situation especially with chris devinsky now going for an exam in houston but also having a pretty tough season that's their primary focus their focuses the playoffs at this point so it made play out that way they're only up for the division i think that they'll probably
00:27:32end up putting some distance in that because oakland should kind of cool off a little bit here and houston's just goingto wind up winning games because there's so much more talented than the other teams but i think you know you won't have that killer instinct for them because
00:27:45again they're eight games behind boston for home field advantage they don't have that urgency they don't have that need to go out there and try and re alof ten of twelve right now it's about managing your body it's about staying healthy for the postseason and with some of
00:28:01the bullpen you know hiccups that they've had with devinsky specifically now was the colors going the deal you probably won't see them push a garret cole push it justin verlander trying to save some of those bullets for when they get to the playoffs so houston i think when
00:28:16they played teams that challenged them should step up a little bit but when they play some of the drags i'd be a little bit worried that team here as we go throughout the rest of the regular season one of the serious i want to touch on here real
00:28:29quickly the keys in the brewers and again same thing here the rocks who are in a fight for their lives for the wild card spot you'll lose the first two games the syria's you lose the first one in ugly fashion with the blown save and saturday's game you're
00:28:42not even close throughout the game because you give up a five spot in the first inning but then you bounce back you show some tenacity you show some spunk yous joseph kony's with that extra inning winning eleven innings there on sunday and you don't again for them same
00:28:58thing blown sam and i thinning adam ottavino gives it up and then you bounce back and get that win they're in the eleventh that's a big win for a team like colorado that's building block going into tonight's match up with the pittsburgh pirates in town so these are
00:29:13the little things the little nuances that you want to look for here at this time of the baseball season because obviously you know as we transition of football here on the show you're probably doing the same thing with your personal handicapping transitioning over to the football side of
00:29:26things maybe baseball takes a back seat as you're doing your research and betting the preseason and maybe you're a little bit late to the season win total market but maybe you're doing that as well of course we've got all one hundred thirty teams previewed over a bangle book
00:29:39dot com for the upcoming college football season these are the little things that you want to look for here you can find some situational angles at this time of the year kind of is the dog days of summer even though the all star break was just two weeks
00:29:51ago you The grind you know the the grind of the season trying to catch that little bit of a breather is something that teams do try to do here at this time of the year and sometimes they will slip up and sometimes you can kind of see those
00:30:04spots coming do i think that the rockies you know i have some difficulty here today the with the pirates I certainly think that it's possible you know i wrote up my picks and tips piece very early in the morning here mostly looking at the overnight lines but you
00:30:19know that is one of the the angles that i was kind of looking at one of the angles i was sort of considering here is to take pittsburgh tonight because the market did come in on pittsburgh you've got kyle freeland remove a regression candidate you've had a couple
00:30:31of blown saves over the last three days for colorado brian shaw is still not usable jake mcgee is still not usable so you've gotta hope that wade davis adam ottavino figure this thing out whereas pittsburgh's back out in the bullpen with some of their call ups here this
00:30:46season and with the initial cockney kayla they've got a very strong back into the bullpen that's what you want to do here at this time of the year if you're looking to play dogs play on dogs that have strong bullpens because you need those guy's toe hold those
00:30:59leads you need those guys to get that ticket to the finish line for you so tonight i do like pittsburgh that's one of the pics that i've got also a couple of totals plays over in that picks and tips piece right on the front page of bankbook dot
00:31:11com so make sure you check that out had one question here today and you know i've done a monday mailbag on the betters box and you know it's uh it's something i think is very very helpful so if you ever have questions for them on a mailbag or
00:31:24overall for any of the shows i can talk to my guests about this certainly happy to oblige and ask those questions but seti sent me an e mail and he could do that adam of paying the book dot com so after hearing about how mlb favorites of minus
00:31:37one eighty and minus two hundred and higher have been profitable this year how often would you consider parlaying too heavy favorites to get closer to minus one ten or even plus money that way if one of the heavy favorites is upset you risk on lee losing your standard
00:31:51unit rather than say three units on a straight minus three hundred your thoughts and no this is something that i think you can do here and especially because at this time of the year you run into a situation where we get very very big favorites You you think
00:32:07about the football season for example you think about paying that premium paying that price on teams that are in those must win situations well we have a lot of teams here this year that are awful in major league baseball and we've got teams that are clearly in the
00:32:22playoff on so what happens going forward is that we do get a lot of really big really significant chalk lines out there so yes you can certainly look to go ahead and parlay some of those money line favorites when you look at how favorites of minus one eighty
00:32:39year hot actually favorites of let's hear favorites of minus one eighty one or higher and i'm doing this in the killer sports dot com database those favorites of minus one eighty one or higher are seventy two point three percent if your one hundred dollars better betting xto win
00:32:53one hundred you're up three thousand six hundred fifty dollars on the season so these have been a profitable angle for you it's two hundred sixty three and one hundred won and when we look back here going all the way back to twenty fourteen this has been a very
00:33:09very profitable angle for us over the last five seasons when you look back a twenty fourteen hundred dollar bettors were up twenty one hundred twenty fifteen up thirty nine sixty five twenty sixteen up thirty one forty three twenty seventeen up fifty nine hundred and twenty eighteen here up
00:33:27thirty six Fifty so because of the current state of major league baseball because we've got so many teams that are rebuilding and so many teams that are very firmly in the playoff you get a lot of these big numbers and in fact the average line here on minus
00:33:42one anyone or higher favorites minus two twenty seven point eight this season that's up three cents from last year minus two twenty four point eight and that was the highest in this sample set that we're looking at so we are seeing these big numbers we are seeing the
00:33:57need toe lay this heavier chalk because of the current state of major league baseball so with the fact that now we've already had three hundred sixty four games this season with a favorite of minus one eighty one or higher last year we had for twelve in twenty sixteen
00:34:11with for fifteen in twenty fifteen we only had two hundred forty three so this is a growing trend where we're seeing bigger and bigger favorites and with about two months or a little under two months left of the regular season we're goingto blow by that four hundred fifteen
00:34:27number here with the twenty eighteen seasons you're going tohave some very big favorites that are out there now when it comes to tips for parlaying these big money line favorites i think you want to look at bullpen you know again you want to make sure that you're betting
00:34:41on a team that's not going to blow a lead for you all that often because a lot of times you get a big favorite because of the starting pitcher matchup and then obviously of course if you've got a much stronger line up that's going to influence the linus
00:34:54well but a lot of times it's based on the starting pitcher so you want that bullpen that's going to finish that game off for you so if you are looking to parlay those money line favorites i would do so with the strongest of the bullpens on that card
00:35:08were looking to play the minus one eighties minus two hundred something like that because those are the teams that should get you to the finish line so i do think it's a profitable angle and certainly if you've got a limited bankroll or you're kind of a risk averse
00:35:21type of better where you don't want away those heavy chalk prices i think it is an angle that you could pursue i think it is an angle that you could look into and especially because if you're trying to conserve some of your bankroll for football season well you
00:35:34know obviously if you go out there and you're playing minus two fifty minus three dollars favorites worst case scenario happens you're cutting significantly into that football bankroll and you know you're somebody who's betting baseball just because it's out there you're just kind of waiting and biding your time
00:35:50for football season well then that's a whole other different thing but again you want to adhere to proper bankroll management there where it's not a sport you're comfortable with and you're just doing it for action limit your risk limit your exposure understand that if you're better at football
00:36:06you're better opportunities there in football so keep it that way you know if you're somebody who's betting baseball just because it's on the card because you've loaded your account and there are no weak night college football games yet bet accordingly when it comes to baseball be smart about
00:36:20it no don't go out there and shoot your shot on a five unit you know play just because somebody told you to like it or something like that if you're not doing your own research keep your exposure low because you don't know you're trusting somebody else and obviously
00:36:36this industry is predicated on trusting other people and you were certainly going teo asked you to do that a fair amount here with shows but you don't want to be going out there and throwing fifteen percent your bankroll on one mlb play when you've got football coming up
00:36:51and you've got mohr edges when it comes to betting on the gridiron so be smart about it yes i think that there are a lot of opportunities where those money line parlays can be a good betting opportunity for you with these favorites especially again with the rate that
00:37:06they've been cashing over the last five seasons but you also the pick and choose which ones you're going to wind up putting together and i really wouldn't do any more than two to get yourself down to minus one ten minus one fifteen minus one twenty or even plus
00:37:20money if you get lucky enough to get that i wouldn't do it with more than two because you know this is still a sport where a lot of crazy things can happen and again this has been a very profitable angle this season but still this straight off one
00:37:33percent of seventy two point three percent on those minus one eighty one or higher and they'll be favorites there's still only winning a little more than seven out of ten times so if you're trying to put three of them together at varying odds you're kind of hurting your
00:37:45edge a little bit at that point if you're putting two together well that's a little bit more palatable for you so i do think that is something that you can look to dio and can look to achieve so again my picks and tips article every day overpaying the
00:37:58book dot com i definitely want to make sure you're checking that out again i'll talk baseball as i can here as we go throughout the month of august on bang the book radio alright i tweeted out that we're getting the band back together here on bank book right
00:38:10and i'm very happy to bring in this guest mr kyle hunter from hunter sports fix dot com for our college football first look how's it going today man that's going really well man it's been a while and great to be back on here talking college football with you
00:38:23again it has been a while so let's go ahead and catch up a little bit here i know you're having a solid baseball season and you've done extensive work with baseball and that is something i want to talk about here in a few minutes but outside of that
00:38:35man how's your summer going how's the family everybody good yeah it's been a good summer you know i have no complaints you know spend spend more time with family in the summer for sure my wife is a teacher and so she has this armor off and kind of
00:38:50you know as many hours i put in between all guest and april you know i feel like i need to spend that time with them and the quote unquote slower season so certainly spend more time with my family and kind of fuel up for the really long hours
00:39:03that i have all the rest of the season it's been a really good time and he said my baseball season's gone well and you have been able to get out and about and do some fun things so i have no complaints about summer and twenty talk aboutthe long
00:39:17hours because last night you and i were talking about three three thirty in the morning and my wife's on vacation girls trip on the on the west coast i was just kind of staying up checking with her making sure that they got back their hotel okay and everything
00:39:30and i'm just sitting here like a zombie in my chair man i just i don't know how the hell you do it i really don't know you know i'll send you some talking points for the show and we'll kind of throw some notes back and forth i'll get
00:39:42the time stamp on the things that five ten a m and i'm like are you just getting up are you just going to bed the amount of work that you put in his extensive it's impressive and that is something i could say about all of our guests on
00:39:54the show one of the reasons why i've selected the people have selected to be on our program each week you might have worked the amount of effort you guys put in it astounds me every single year and i know that i do a lot of high volume writing
00:40:06and obviously i'm doing all my own research and stuff too but you know it's uh it's very comforting to know that the people i have on this show just put in large amounts of work yeah i mean i don't think anybody could accuse me of not working hard
00:40:22you know I've been accused of a lot of things in my day but you know we'll be captured in this business you know you're always going to get negativity but i don't think anybody could accuse me of not working hard enough and i appreciate you saying that yeah
00:40:35interesting being able to tell if you like three three thirty in the morning last right Yeah it's one of those things where you know you just work as hard as you can and try to find that extra edge and you know it's not it's not very easy to
00:40:47do ah fifty three fifty four fifty five percent you know people talk about you know hitting sixty or sixty five percent you know if you needed fifty five percent in a really long sample i'm really happy you know i'm not going to be one of those guys that
00:41:00promises something ridiculous so you know i know that you gotta work hard to find his extra edges that's what i try to do when when you laid that out here because one of the things i talked about the intro to the show today is we're bringing back the
00:41:13daily show's and again for anybody it's just listening to this segment didn't listen tio my betters box segment shame on you but you were bringing back to bailey shows your five days a week and we're going to be talking ah lot about the mechanics of handicapping and most
00:41:26importantly the mechanics of being a better and proper bankroll management and getting the best of the number that you can knowing when to hit the numbers understanding where line moves air coming from and i'm glad you mentioned the fifty four fifty five percent thing because a lot of
00:41:41people are going to be finding this show now because they've got legalized sports betting their particular state or their states are very close to getting it and they may have some unattainable expectations about what you're really looking for here in this business because if you can hit fifty
00:41:56five percent over the long over the long term you're doing a damn good job and you're in the top two or three percent of people that do this on a daily basis or do it with any sort of seriousness so that's the thing that i want everyone to
00:42:08understand here is that look i mean obviously when it comes to the super contest if i don't hit seventy percent i'm probably not making any money in it but when it comes to your overall handicapping you aim for that fifty four fifty five percent and it sounds underwhelming
00:42:23but it's not you know you fifty two point three eight percent is a break even percentage at minus one ten if you're laying minus one fifteen units in the fifty three point five percent range that's what you want you want to be above that break even percentage and
00:42:36fifty five percent if you're betting properly with good bet sizing that's a good year for you yeah it is you know i understand that i have my strengths and my weaknesses and you know i talked about many times one year that totals are my strength um you know
00:42:51i think i can hit better than fifty five percent on specific types of totals but all bets overall you know you're going tohave spots where just not quite as good as others you know i i've said in the past that you know n ba was always a big
00:43:05weakness for me i'm better at that than i used to be so now what good is that compared to the other sports but you know if you're averaging out fifty four fifty five percent you're doing a good job especially if you're being careful tio not that anything with
00:43:21ridiculous juice you know that's another thing that kind of comes up with the discussion of you know sports betting legalization and seeing different books and some of the newer books that i see with the juice that you get and i have heard it from many people you know
00:43:37it doesn't matter what kind of juice it is if you win you're gonna lose a lot of bets so you better start you start thinking that it matters on that juice no i completely agree and that is one of the things about the officer mark it still is
00:43:49you know again i i understand the concerns with it and we've talked about you a lot here on the shows i talked about it over the summer as well the convenience factor of having a book and a casino up the street or maybe a half hour away you
00:44:01put money down for your ticket you get money back if it wits you know when you talk about the officer market obviously there's more gray areas there's a little bit more uncertainty but you're not going to find the same juice in the brick and mortars at least the
00:44:13draftkings and fanduel lt's in the lottery run brick and mortars that you're going to find offshore but if you've got a william hill book close by or avoid slash mgm book you're gonna get a fair line you're gonna get the same line that you're going to see out
00:44:26in vegas so by all means go right ahead and do that but the officer market you know lower juice some books offer reduced juice the bonus options as well these are all important things when it comes to managing a bankroll and again we will talk about a lot
00:44:40of these different concepts here as we go throughout the season so kind let me ask you this here you know what the guests and we talked to a couple of weeks ago over the all star break ralph michaels and brad powers doing a lot with the season wind
00:44:53total market for college football making sure they had all their ducks in a row hitting those numbers that came out of southpoint cg technology hitting the games of the year lines all those types of things ralph does baseball brad does not brad is exclusively college football on nfl
00:45:09prep here at this time of the year then of course he transitions into college basketball in the nba you'll once college football starts to wind down but you you're putting out volume of major league baseball every single day so let's sort of talk through the process a little
00:45:22bit here of you know how you try to prepare for the college football season while still putting up plays for clients and betting personal plays with major league baseball yeah that's a tough one for me you know baseball's a sport that i've done well in the long term
00:45:38ah and it's a sport where i have a decent amount of clients you know over all the websites that i'm on ah lot of people are counting on me in baseball so i have to be careful with this you know i really to be honest with you would
00:45:51prefer to prep for college football you know i love college for my light baseball i love college football you know if i just had it my way i'd spent even more time on college football preston even nfl prepped and what i do early in the early in the
00:46:05summer but i really have to devote a lot of time to baseball it's something that you know i spend pretty significant amount of time on you know i looked well stats look att every as you could possibly look at so for me you know i don't hit the
00:46:20beginning of the season when total markets or the game of the year lines because it's just not feasible for me as i said before you know i'm trying to spend extra time with my family knowing that i won't spend that much time with um when it's not summer
00:46:32so i will hit season when little i haven't done so yet i know that i won't get the best of the line on them so i won't make many plays and some of the other guys do and i won't get the very best line on the game of
00:46:43years if i hear any other i usually don't do two men either but i like to season lentils market quite it there um it's it's been a strength of mine it's something i do send out to my clients but ah it's not something that i can just jump
00:46:57on in may or june i don't wantto do that before i know the team really well and you know like i said i'm spending so much time on baseball that i feel like i owe it to both myself for my long term baseball record and all my clients
00:47:11tio spend a lot of time on baseball and he just kind of work on football little by little well that's the thing but we've talked about this a lot here on this shows is that this college football timeline is so much more accelerated than it used to be
00:47:23i mean i think nfl season win totals even we're out in april so you know it's crazy i mean credit the southpoint credit to chris andrews and jimmy would car over there and that team for going out there putting some risk out there in the market and obviously
00:47:36the cg technology as well for against helping to shape the market and the important thing to keep in mind here is maybe you are somebody you know like you who's betting baseball or maybe you're somebody who you know comfortable handicapping baseball and betting on it so you kind
00:47:52of just let your bankroll sort of sit there a little bit over the summer months you're doing family vacations and cookouts or maybe you're renovating something in the backyard whatever the case maybe you maybe you just don't have time to do all that college football prep now for
00:48:06a lot of us in this business we don't have a choice and i mean i put up tolerating in late june and bang the book that com and i would be doing a massive update here of those over the next couple of weeks you know we don't have
00:48:15a choice but one of the things that you can do even if you are a little bit slow to the market or if you don't play any season windows their games of the year is that you can use those as a guide and as a barometer to see
00:48:28not only how the oddsmakers are evaluating these teams but also see how the betting market is evaluating these teams with how some of these win totals that moved with some of the games of the year and the significant moves that they've had that is very important information for
00:48:40you as we start looking at week one lines and sort of sort of project out two weeks two and three no that's a good guide for you know we look at the preseason magazines and all that but you've got a wealth of information from the activity that's already
00:48:53happened out there at the sports books that's an excellent point i think that that is something that um you know most people wouldn't think of i think it's a tremendous point to drive home because you know you've got the oddsmakers telling you what they think of these teams
00:49:09already so then you can dealing and you know they say uh you know i knew the team wasn't very good but so did you you know i've done that on several cases here recently you know i'll be going through it and looking and seeing this is a team
00:49:23i think i want to go against and i looked at their futures prices that look at the game of the year lines i look at their season went only say you know the odds makers know they're not very good so this there might not mean much value there
00:49:35and i think that's a great thing to be doing if you're even if you're not betting the seasonal infertile market order them in your market or whatever every great thing to be checking i agree with you totally that that's a really good way to do it i don't
00:49:46i don't think enough people do that well i think something else it's really good to use that for it and you and i were sort of comparing some of our power things yesterday on some of the i don't want to see polarizing teams but for lack of a
00:49:57better term we'll call them that where i've got some significant differences from the market based on the first set of power things that i did and in some cases i'm off on a team by a touchdown or more and that concerns me because you want to take some
00:50:11positions you want to have some teams that you're going to the season looking to buy looking to fade you want to be a little bit higher or a little bit lower than the market at some of these because if you just mirror what the lines look like or
00:50:22line up your power ratings against the season win totals you're going to find any edges you're not goingto have that opportunity to get some action down where you feel you've got and overlay on the number so you know as i go through and reevaluate my power ratings now
00:50:37i'll be a little bit closer to what the market looks like but i'll still take some positions on some of those teams that i just don't have a high opinion on coming into the season the differences instead of my number being off by a touchdown or or even
00:50:50more than that in some cases i'll maybe off by four or five points and look to see if i'm validated over the first few weeks of the season so when it comes to the power things that you do kyle i know that we're talking a lot about pol
00:51:01a ratings here this month and i fully understand that a lot of our listeners probably don't have a set of palla ratings or a little bit unfamiliar with the process and it can't be an extensive amount of work if you just do this as a hobby and you've
00:51:15got a nine to five and a family and all that it can be hard to put together a good set of power ratings for us again like i said in this business we don't really have a choice because it's the best way of trying to get ahead of
00:51:25the line you compare your line from your palla ratings so what's out there in the market and then try to get some line value on that so walk me through your process for setting up parting kyle do you do it from scratched you go off of last year's
00:51:39numbers what do you looking to do as you put that list together yeah i know there's a lot of different ways to do this i always start from the end of last year i think it gives a good basis and you can talk from there ah what i
00:51:51like to try to do is first there and look at the coaching changes look assistance more than people would you know hiring yours is really crucial but you know then you try to look a transfers and recruiting class ranking things like that look for specific units it'll be
00:52:07better or worse than last year and you know by doing that you want to wait pretty heavily how's that the coaches for that specific unit something like an offense of line courage that has proven himself a tremendous coach year after year even if he doesn't have great talent
00:52:22you got to give that team enough you know credit and your pal a ratings and for me totals are my bread and butter said before so i've spent a lot of time looking at hank's bean paste changes things like that you know i'm probably not the single best
00:52:39that's setting up uh flat power ratings that some of the other guys you have on him basically because the power ratings far spread are not quite as important to me is getting a really good number in the total market and putting my totals for me a bit of
00:52:53work so i i would say that you know i think it's really hard like you said for the average person has a nine to five job you have a really good set of tolerating so i think it's awesome that you're putting in the panel ratings they're bearing the
00:53:05both gonna calm first of all you can find some others online as well kind of just compare and contrast where you see some differences but you know for me you know evaluate them by looking at how highly recruited guys were you know you have to wait it more
00:53:20like i said if a certain coach has been really good enough specific area and for me i was started smaller schools hers um you know i think there's bigger edges to be found there and i like doing the smaller schools together as well because who thirteen's are likely
00:53:34to be worse and have last step the ratings are going to be more similar i think if you jump around from doing the sunbelt mental of the s e c no no no bash on fun belt but obviously they're not the sec we love in fun belt but
00:53:48it's just one of those things where you know your position by position grades where you know putting them out of ten or out of fifteen and you know in the sunbelt you're not going to be able to get you know fourteen points or something so um it's just
00:54:03i think it's better to try to stay in an area where it's similar and then like i said you know i spent a lot of time looking at total things and also i think it's important to look at things like fumble up in a red zone conversion percentages
00:54:15from last year things that are way off the norm just because they should go back toward me you know you see somebody that uh you know been in the red zone x amount of times and has converted you have gotten the touchdown eighty seven percent of the time
00:54:29ninety seven percent of the time they never turned it over in the red then that's probably not gonna happen the next here they fumbled the ball twenty two times and lost five fumbles you know they're they're set to regress so it's things like that that really help you
00:54:45do you know go up or down based on what you have from the end of last season so for me that's the way i do it i know some guy started from scratch and you could argue that maybe that's a better way to do it but for me
00:54:57first of all you know it's a little bit of time to go from the end of last year and like i said i'm spending so much time trying to get the total damage that you know i feel like that's the best way for me to go about it
00:55:08three points i really want to hammer home about everything you said there and you said a lot of really good things the first one is i like how you mentioned you know i do paula ratings and i think that they're solid but i'm focused on the totals market
00:55:19and that's important it's important to know as you mentioned previously in the segment here what your strengths and weaknesses are that's not to say that betting college football spreads a weakness for you but you find that you have greater edges in the totals market so if you have
00:55:32greater edges of the totals market that the totals market and that goes for all of our listeners that are out there the second thing is that you mentioned starting with the smaller conferences and i think this is a brilliant thing to talk about here on today's show and
00:55:43we talk a lot about the sun belt the mac conference usa the a c the quote unquote group of five conferences because there is more value in those everyone's gonna watch alabama versus l s u so everyone's going to want to bet on alabama versus l s u
00:55:58no one's watching troy versus arkansas state except for people like us because we're degenerates like that but also because we know that that's where our edges are so if you are somebody that can't handicap all one hundred thirty themes we talked a lot about conference specialization you're going
00:56:13to hear us talk about that a lot in the lead up to the season and also during the season itself is it sexy to bet on your louisiana monroe and south alabama no probably not but you know what that money that you win is one of the same
00:56:27as the money that you would win on ohio state vs that team up north or oklahoma state versus iowa state something like that that money is the same and you're probably going to have a better edge there in the sun belt conference conference specialization very very important and
00:56:42the other thing you mentioned is the coordinators and that is something that people don't look at nearly enough were to talk about that in the context of urban meyer here in a couple of minutes i know i didn't put that on the notes but i'm going to throw
00:56:51it out there now you know it's coming but you know it's one of those things where to me i think the coordinators are arguably mohr important than the head coach because those are the guys with their boots on the ground closing the deal with these recruits you call
00:57:05in urban meyer or james franklin or nick stable we need to get that five star that's got three offers from other blue chip programs otherwise its position coaches and coordinators and those are also the guys who are most working with the players during practice head coaches you don't
00:57:21get me wrong they have a lot to do with the game planning and they're certainly involved but also you know they're there to be in front of the media as well the coordinator's the ones coming up with the game plans figuring out where they confessed utilized the strengths
00:57:34and weaknesses of their players the coordinators have a lot more to do i think with the game planning and with the game day situations then the head coach does may be the head coach has final say and he has that level of respect but the coordinators air so
00:57:48critically important and there aren't enough people that pay attention to those guys or you know even some of the lesser position coaches but i know that you do especially from a total standpoint because it's important to know scheme but you've got to know these coordinators man i think
00:58:02that's one of the most important things to look at especially because a lot of these coordinators nowadays you know we have we've got a lot more young head coaches i feel like that we've had in the past we've got very young coordinators i mean charlie weiss jr is
00:58:14twenty four years old he's the offense according to afford atlantic you know you have a twenty four year old offensive corner these air creative aggressive types of guys and yeah it's Great to know Bill snyder It's Great to know some of these veteran coaches that coordinators are where
00:58:30it's at One hundred percent yes and i think that you know some of these coaches that are doing a good job hiring assistants i mean it makes them look good i don't think there's any question and a head coach is really important but when you have this good
00:58:46coordinators it can make the really head coach looked really good the last thing i want to say to that i didn't mention that and you got to mention that when you talk about our ratings get dept is so important it's it's really what the sec and the big
00:59:00ten teams have at the sunbelt anak don't have you know a team in the good team has two or three deep they're just really good you know five star recruit four star recruits you get down in the you know the fun about things like that if you if
00:59:14you have a three star recruit at a certain spot it's probably just going to be one you know but the teams who have the debt i think it's really important to wait that pretty heavily because you know we look at these college football injury reports every week and
00:59:28we talked about on someone here um there's going to be a lot of injuries on the team so just be prepared for the fact that those teams that aren't very deep in a certain position i know they're going to struggle because somebody's gonna get hurt on that offensive
00:59:42line Somebody's going to get hurt in the defense of line and if there's not somebody good to follow them up uh it could be hard for you adjust your power ratings enough so i think that death is really important well let's talk about that specifically here is we
00:59:56take a look at the big twelve i know that you've done your extensive work on the big twelve you're done with your power ratings for that conference and let's talk about that point with depth here let's talk specifically about oklahoma oklahoma loses baker mayfield goes first overall the
01:00:09cleveland browns they've got cuyler murray who's already signed a baseball contract so he certainly has a life after college trip already i mean this is a kid who was a top tier recruit at taxes saying that didn't work out former texas a and m but now he winds
01:00:23up finding a very good landing place with lincoln riley in oklahoma conversely you looking a team like western kentucky who loses mike white they've got a second year head coach and mike sanford junior they have no experience at the quarterback position and their running game is an embarrassment
01:00:38so as you're going through if you're doing power ratings or if you're trying to evaluate these teams you know i was going to say oh well oklahoma lost baker mayfield and he put up all these numbers and they went to the college football playoff they still have cuyler
01:00:50murray we look at western kentucky who's going from my quite a guy who got drafted by the dallas cowboys to whoever the hell is going to be the starting quarterback for them and it's true echols or somebody like that that's a huge drop off is mayfield to maria
01:01:03drop off yeah because we don't know about cuyler murray yet but talent lies conrad murray khun ball and we know that already the guy's a place in western kentucky or you talk about a three star in the sunbelt who moves on something like that those air significant drop
01:01:18offs baker mayfield is the name value kind of drop off but ultimately for apollo reading standpoint oklahoma's still a top five top sixteen whether without baker mayfield these other teams like a western kentucky you probably shaved six points off anymore for a guy like mike white so as
01:01:35you're going through the prep period here as you're looking at power five versus group of five and looking at who's back who's not you've got to keep that in mind and i think oklahoma's a prime example where they may be even better this year than they were last
01:01:50year and they lost the first overall pick yeah well almost a really good example too just because even if kyla mary can't throw the ball around all the time they have a really good running game you know rodney and said it's going to be really good in that
01:02:02running game they have really good offensive line oklahoma might just run over everybody this year and tyler murray can just you know throw it when he has to i i think that a guy like lincoln riley is it's not going to be married to the fact that they
01:02:16have to throw it around i think helmets without pretty nicely when you get a team like western and talk to you like in your example they don't even have a head coach that i trusted this point you know i feel like he did a really poor job in
01:02:28his first year and now they lose a really good quarterback and like you said they have no running game so that's a huge difference from a team like that oklahoma is that first of all a woman has a good coach i know he's a new coats but he's
01:02:41clearly a good coach and they just have the guys that they could do it multiple different ways you know they have really good receivers they have a tremendous all offensive line i think the offensive line it's almost better than they were last year they've recruited extremely well where
01:02:56western kentucky if they leave a guy like that and they're in trouble can't run the ball um they're often divines a big weakness and like i said you know i don't even trust their coach at this point so yeah it's it's a huge difference from one one spot
01:03:09to another and again it seems obvious you know to compare oklahoma and western kentucky in the same breath i'm sure some of our listeners like well yeah you know no kidding i know that oklahoma is much better than western kentucky but again the fact that i'm making his
01:03:23as kyle mentioned if you do power ratings if you've done them in the past you go off of where you were last year so oklahoma shouldn't be a whole lot lower than they were last year western kentucky should be so ultimately the point that i'm looking to make
01:03:36and the reason why we want to talk about the big twelve will probably touched on the pac twelve here in a couple minutes as well is because i think that you have a lot of these situations in both of these conferences with a lot of turnover and turnover
01:03:47could mean players and it can also mean coaches when you look at the other team in the sooner state oklahoma state cowboys in still water it would be a very interesting season you've got justice hill who ran for fourteen hundred sixty seven yards last year in fifteen touchdowns
01:04:04but you no longer have mason right off and you no longer have james washington now oklahoma state i mean look they're they're kind of a plug and play offense when you look at the quarterbacks they've had in recent years a mason rudolph of brandon weeden even zach robinson
01:04:17was very good it's kind of a plug and play type of scheme so evaluating that i guess this will be the question i posed to you here kyle how do you evaluate that where you lose mason rudolph the career passing leader thirteen thousand six hundred passing yards in
01:04:32his four years there as the starting quarterback and still water you know my gun deacon coach he's also a man and forty and he's got a great mullet but we don't know what they're going to do from a quarterback standpoint how much trust do you put in a
01:04:46program like that where they've turned out good quarterbacks where they've got a good head coach but they've got guys in the position that we don't really know about yet yeah this is a tough one because oklahoma state gandhi's proving he's a good church like you said um but
01:05:02oklahoma state doesn't have the same luxury that oklahoma has they don't have really good offenses line where they could start running the ball to phil that i think is probably the best offense is a player right now but he's not running behind a really good line um the
01:05:14offense i think it's going to start out slowly i would expect them to recruit improved during the year now this is a team where i think that they'll try to change the way they play a little bit and the team when i think that under could have some
01:05:26value actually and in my notes i put that that i think that when they're going against run heavy teams i'd like to play the under feeling of their defense their defense is really good against the run i think that's a little bit underrated how good oklahoma state is
01:05:40against the run um but they're they're secondary is not very good so oklahoma state is one of the teams where i know that dundee's going to do with your job approaching them up it's a big drop off quarterback i have obama state exactly ten points lower than oklahoma
01:05:56so i mean a woman states a team that you know they went ten and three last year with the plus on the tone of the margin they lose mason or it all rudolph was great in this offense and like you said it is kind of a plug and
01:06:07play offense but they have a pretty big question mark at running alright quarterback this year and i have to think that at least early in the season is not just going to be smooth sailing for this offense so um you know i think ten points is a fair
01:06:22spread between us two yeah i mean right now i've got a twelve point disparity and again i need thio renovate my palla ratings a little bit here and do some updates over the course of the next couple of weeks but yeah that's the other thing too is oklahoma
01:06:33state's got a new defensive coordinator this year and jim knowles so what does that do for them against the run do they maybe improve against the past does he come in and use that as a focal point I think it's one of those things where you have to
01:06:46evaluate every team if you want to if you wanted to specialize in a certain conference because it's local or you just happen to like it that's perfectly fine but if you want to look at every team you looking a team like oklahoma state and you make some deductions
01:07:01you make some inferences you make some you formulate your opinion but you don't have to act on it if you don't want to and that's a very important thing with one hundred thirty teams with a bunch of teams playing nonconference games and f c s opponents and all
01:07:15that over the first couple of weeks you've got a ton of games at your disposal so if you don't know about oklahoma state don't bet on oklahoma state you know if you're not sure what the quarterback position is going to look like how their defense will fare with
01:07:27a new dc you can just bypass them but you still want to look at them keep them in mind and say ok i have to take notice if they go out there and beat missouri state and south alabama badly does that mean anything For their week three game
01:07:40against boise state probably not so it's so important to be evaluating these teams not just in the first part or not just in the preseason but also as we start to get some sample sizes and some data sets with some of these new players that are involved you
01:07:57know i don't think that's an important point that you know they're going to be some teams that you you know you break that came down was doing calla ratings you just say afterwards i'm not sure you know this is what this is a hard team to gauge and
01:08:08you know we've talked about which ones were difficult for us to gauge some here in the past can't the state's always hard you know bill snyder is bill snyder i mean i don't want that against kansas state but it's hard tio you know great them before the season
01:08:23because they don't look like they're going to be very good and then they're always pretty good you get a team like a kansas uh now i know a lot of people think cancer is going to be a lot better this year i think they'll be better i'm taking
01:08:34a wait and see approach on the team like kansas you know they have to prove something before i really want to go in and and back a team like kansas very much so i think it's okay to have teams that you're just kind of fun on you know
01:08:46it's it's a team where you say uh here's my initial rating and here's what i think start with but for the first couple weeks of the season i want to do anything with that because there's so many other options out there where you feel like you might have
01:08:58a better edge you can stay off from lublin it's funny you mentioned punt in kansas in the same sentence because they're gonna be doing a lot of that here again this year you know they probably will be a little bit better let's start what a team you dont
01:09:10want having to prove it right and i think that's a very important point to is that you get these teams that have all the hype you get thes teams that you know everyone wants to buy coming into the season but they have to prove it the texas longhorns
01:09:24have to prove it for all of the talent that rolls through austin they haven't won eight games in a season since twenty thirteen got the second year of tom herman he's got two quarterbacks that he can use we'll see which one he winds up preferring here for week
01:09:38one they they have all the talent the world and we know that we know that when you look at this team there they've got foreign five stars all over the field you they've got high level three star guys on special teams a team in the sun belt would
01:09:52have a three star guy you know running for twelve hundred yards but with texas i don't know you know it feels like every single year i overrate this team every year i'm just too high on them i have them sixteenth and my initial palla ratings i don't know
01:10:06if that's too high or not because i just don't know what the hell to expect from this team you i don't know what to expect here um i didn't know that texas is offense was just terrible last year you know five point one yards for play not not
01:10:21even close to good enough to look at explosive place to texas was really really bad last year all use an example that nineteen plays thirty yards or more last year oklahoma had sixty you know i know it's not fair to compare to oklahoma so i'm gonna give you
01:10:35the other comparison Kansas had twenty three so sexy plays for thirty years or more than chance has said this texas offense has got to be better than that you know this defense is really good i know defense i told orlando i think he's an elite you concert coordinator
01:10:52something many people would disagree with that it's probably going to be hard for them to be instead on defence that they were last year they lost a really good cop and talent obviously with texas you're gonna have five stars all over the place and they do again this
01:11:06year but you know texas is a team that i'm not gonna wanna play anything on in the first couple weeks even maybe more than that because i want to see what they can do and you and i even said last night i mean i i like tom home
01:11:19and i think he's probably a pretty good coach but you know when perception is the ties it is about him and i know there's trained about him is an underdog and i don't blame people betting texas was an underdog but just in general you know this is the
01:11:36guy still has to prove it at a big big university i mean he did it in ohio state but that was coordinated certainly different so just not the same job for taxes i was let's wait and see on texas letting texas is probably the hardest seems raid in
01:11:51the conference well that's the thing to mean tom herman supposed to be an offensive guy supposed to be an offensive guru i mean say what you will about urban meyer and again we'll talk about him here in a couple of minutes but well he isolated tom herman for
01:12:04a reason you know he isolated a guy with a coach in iowa state for a reason he respected his offensive profile have nineteen explosive players to get that badly beaten in that category by kansas that's a problem i mean obviously it's a problem you know i don't know
01:12:20i mean way talk about charlie strong and fit there in texas and obviously that just wasn't a good fit for a variety of different reasons you'd like to think that tom herman would be a good fit but again they have to show it to me before i'm willing
01:12:33to put my money on the line to do it one of the team i want to touch on here in the big twelve and this is one that somebody reached out to you via email about so i think it's a good time to talk about this one the
01:12:42west virginia mountaineers it's always fascinating to me when we get some of these teams that getsem media buzz and then we don't see the buzz on the betting side now i have probably overvalued west virginia little bit i've got them twenty first in my power things right now
01:12:58in about i think eighty two here is i'm trying to turn my head and look at the sheet that i have upside down but the west virginia they're going be good on offense and we know that defense maybe not so much so how do you evaluate a team
01:13:12like that where if they get into slow pitch softball game sort of speak they can outscore the opposition but also they're gonna have a hard time stopping that other team so how do you how do you rate a team like that that appears to be very one sided
01:13:28well you know that teams like that they're always going to slip up more often than a team that's in the balance and i think that's the best way to say it but you know the west virginia is going to be able to throw the ball all over the
01:13:39place from the teams the big twelve not really known for defense west virginia offense is going to be excellent now are they going to be the best offense we've ever seen no they're not gonna be best offense we've ever seen but it's first that it is the running
01:13:52game really is in fact that i think that they still need to be good enough to keep people on it and we'll see if that's going to be the case or not west virginia has some really good wide receivers and they picked up obama transfer and also tight
01:14:04in from miami so they're going to be really good as far as throwing the ball around well here's a really good set here i think they're going to put up some video game numbers against the bad secondary here but west virginia's defense have quite a few question marks
01:14:18you know you bring in some transfer bigger little from usc robinson from clinton um this is a team that on defense that slip quite a bit last year now they didn't return very much talent last year so it makes sense they went from five point six yards to
01:14:33play up to six point one but to me it's hard to win this you know fifty five to forty eight type games every single week it's certainly going to happen some time with them but you have to be able to win multiple ways and i don't think west
01:14:47virginia can ran multiple ways enough could be you know one of those top contenders i think west virginia is gonna be a really fun team to watch but i don't think there'll be a national contender just because they are too you know pass heavy that that's pretty much
01:15:02what they khun dio you know we know what west virginia is so does the opposition and that's kind of the problem one i like that you mentioned that they're going to be a fun team to watch because that does dr media narratives and also draws betting narratives if
01:15:14you can score points people want to bet on you you know a lot of times people don't want to watch you play a lot of under so you'd love to watch a lot of seventeen to fourteen games but people wanna bet on those teams that they trust to
01:15:26score a lot of points so because well greer is kind of getting that heisman hype is a dark horse because they've got a phenomenal crop of wide receivers they're getting that buzz because they're going to be an exciting team but four men against the spread standpoint from a
01:15:41wins and losses standpoint that may not come to fruition because they are so past happy and again you mention the running game to keep defense is honest it also keeps their defense off the field they can run the football right now looks like that could be a problem
01:15:53area for them so west virginia is again the reason i'm talking about the big twelve of the reason why i'm in transition the pac twelve here is because i think that they're just so interesting in terms of the power five conferences as we head into the upcoming here
01:16:06and every transition over the pac twelve there are some big losses i mean you lose a guy sam darnold obviously that's going toe make some waves and all that but what's interesting to me about the pac twelve is the coaching changes kevin someone mario crystal ball getting a
01:16:21full time job but oregon jonathan smith of oregon state well that chip kelly guy at u c l a disney fascinating conference herm edwards in arizona state and i'm already on the record with my thoughts on herm edwards when you talk about losing players i mean that seems
01:16:38more tangible i think two people then coaching changes so let's discuss this overall in general about the pac twelve then we'll go mohr and death probably next week a little bit more time to do so what do you do where you've got me kevin someone you know maybe
01:16:54it wasn't if you didn't maximize all of his talent in texas say them but they were still a solid team in a very tough sec west you know we don't know what chip kelly is going to look like with the roster that needs some help you know even
01:17:06even mike leach in washington trying to take the head coaching job at tennessee almost reluctantly has to go back to washington state the coaching dynamics in this conference are remarkable probably coaching dynamics in the tax well the tremendous i think this is my favorite ah conference big conference
01:17:24to watch this year just because i love seeing these changes a lot seeing what what's going to be different from one year to the next and what's it going to mean as faras spread betting totals betting and even the season season lintels market i think that the pac
01:17:37twelve in general um while it's not the greatest conference there is i think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch i think that this is a good time to drive home the point that i made earlier um about how good it was that you said
01:17:50you should look at the season when settles market and things like that so adam really made a good point when it came to you know even if you're not betting the season when total even if it's not you're not getting the game of the year lines look atyou
01:18:04for example i know we can go in depth more in future weeks but i do want to talk about you for a minute chip kelly's a really good coach i think everybody knows that um i was hoping that you would get enough buzz that i could take a
01:18:17season when settle under this year i started looking at them and i saw i need really he steps into a tough situation in here one i mean it it's going to be really impressive that they get to a bowl game this year i don't think they will but
01:18:30you threw the oddsmakers you know you look and see you know five this season when total five and a half um so you know that's one where i was hoping the oddsmakers we're going to be too high on the way i don't think they are especially when you
01:18:44look at some of their game of the year lines too um it's a team has all kinds of of issues but it looks like the oddsmakers understand that chip kelly's going to do a really good job here but just probably not near want you know we've we've had
01:18:58a lot of good takes on these episodes and in fact we're actually approaching on anniversary here we had our first show for being the book radio back on august fifteen twenty thirteen so are actually approaching anniversary here with that we've had some really good takes on this show
01:19:11i'm sure we've had some bad takes a swell although i choose not to remember them the good takes man our dearly departed punching bag friend jim mora jr we've been dead nuts on about that guy for several years in a row here and the fact that going to
01:19:27chip kelly and a program like filet with the talent that you seem to be able to recruit a season went total of five is downright criminal and it speaks to what jim mora jr did to royally f up that program yes it does i agree you know it
01:19:45may have been one of our best takes talking about jim mora jr maybe what four five years ago i think probably in the early on in our shows we were talking about how jim our junior just could not do the job that he should be able to do
01:19:57it you see ella especially with the talent that he getting and now you're the l a has the least talented roster they've had in a long time chef kelly can come in there and that there certainly got the media narrative of you know look see how chip kelly
01:20:09does right away somebody try to say it's disappointing if they go five seven or even six and six is something like that but it's not going to be your delays in a tough spot this year Um this is thought where really i mean they have huge upside with
01:20:24his higher chip kelly but everybody's got to be patient here they've got a new offense coming in a bad all sensible i'm really bad offensive line tell he says that he would like to cover up a glaring weakness of the often to blind with fast tempo that that's
01:20:38hard to do so let's see what happens with the but as you said this this pac twelve in general it's just fascinating to look at i think we've got some protein hires that everybody would agree you're really good you got her med word too i know adam's already
01:20:54said what he thinks about him and i i mean i can't disagree with them and then you've got kind of a monday end well i would say that mario possible and i'm not sure how good of a liar he was that organ i just want to wait and
01:21:05see on him uh kevin someone don't do well in arizona especially because he's just such a good recruiter but the pac twelve in general is going to be a lot of fun this year yeah and for kevin someone it doesn't hurt to have khalil tate either on ben
01:21:18tomorrow christmas it doesn't hurt to have jim leavitt who jim leavitt what he did with that organ defense was absolutely incredible so we'll talk a little more about the pac twelve as we go forward here but no one other point to make regarding coordinators and scheme changes all
01:21:32that and then as promised we'll touch on urban meyer since both of us are ohio state fans so you know what we've we've got some thoughts we won't go deep into the legal legalistic things and legalistic a word we won't go into that you know with the situation
01:21:47urban meyer we're just going to talk about it from a betting standpoint and the impact that it could potentially have but chip kelly right so yeah you know i want to run with tempo and i want to try to hide the offensive line by running a lot of
01:21:57plays in this net when you get coaching changes and coordinator changes as well you've got not even trying to put a square peg in a round hole is trying to put square pegs into triangular hole sometimes where it just may not work you know I mean maybe it
01:22:11does work for chip kelly the guys in football genius so maybe it does work for him but there are some programs in some situations i'm sure we can come up with a list of these for future episodes where it's just not gonna work in your one and it
01:22:23may not even work in year two it's generally a three to four year process for college football head coach to recruit implement perfect everything that they want to do so if you're making large generalizations about chip kelly at u c l a this year you're doing it wrong
01:22:38and you know we'll see if he gets them to a ball game but that's the thing that you're trying to take personnel that's been playing basically a pro style offense sort of relying on josh rosen and his raw talent for three years and you're trying to go to
01:22:51that what chip kelly wants to do it's a tough sell it really is it's a very tough sell and and you know it's one of the spots where we should expect it to take time like you said you know it he's going to recruit really well we all
01:23:06know that and i think we'll start to see you here feeling here three he's gonna be wanting to play his place he's recruited quicker you're going to see people transferring out things like that and when you see that you're going to know that you feel is probably going
01:23:19to be better than extending the fat so it is something to track going forward that's an excellent point to about you tend to get in experienced teams because these coaches want to play their recruits that they feel like fit the system are somewhat urban meyer here and you
01:23:34know obviously you and i have talked off air and i'm not going toe there are things that you know i just don't want to talk about here on the show and when you talk about a situation like this and honestly it's impossible to condone the things that zach
01:23:46smith is alleged of doing and certainly of urban meyer new and you know i didn't report it to the proper channels or didn't take action himself it's gonna be very hard for ohio state to keep him around and they're going through the process now with the investigation and
01:23:59independent investigators and all that so we'll see how this thing turns out over the next two weeks but let's assume for a minute that urban meyer is either forced to resign or is fired from this whole thing how much of an impact does that have on ohio state
01:24:15because when you look at this coaching staff you've got kevin wilson former head coach greg schiano former head coach and those two guys have some of their own skeletons which is why they weren't named the acting coach ryan day maybe he's a coach in waiting at ohio state
01:24:28with this you know promotion that he's got they hired alex grinch which i know both of us loved getting him from washington state you've gotta gotta go larry johnson was a position coach there you have a strong stable foundation ofthe assistant coaches so what would it mean to
01:24:45you either from a power hitting standpoint or a perception standpoint if urban meyer is no longer the head coach at ohio state you know i think in year one it's it's a it's a pretty big hit you know how is it emotionally for those players Uh it has
01:25:03to take a toll you know they've been looking forward to urban meyer leading them they have really good assistants like you said and it's not a look ahead here it could be somewhere else bye it's urban meyer's gone i think ohio state you know have to be get
01:25:17downgraded something maybe two and a half three points at least um you could argue maybe to two to three point somewhere in that range i haven't really thought this through yet you know as the buckeyes fan i'm tryingto just wait and see what happens ah and like he
01:25:33said i don't want to go too deep into exactly what happened or anything but obviously you know as as people who we both want the right thing to happen whatever that is and is horse betting i think that it hurts a lot of state the most in year
01:25:47one just because it's a kind of you know kick in the nuts because you didn't expect it you know the players that were there it would be talking you know i think that you know i think i even saw that brad powers took the season when little under
01:26:01when he saw when he felt that that that came across i think that was a really good move think if anybody did that right away ah and it's a really smart move because ohio state's kind of probably trip up a little bit more than they would of now
01:26:14do you want a downgrade in two months no you don't because they have so much talent and like you said they have really good coaching closing in the long term the program's going to be okay no matter what but i think the initial initial here it would be
01:26:26fairly substantial there are a lot of layers to this and one thing i didn't mention i did write an article about this overpaying the book dot com and kind of word vomited my thoughts on the whole thing one thing i didn't consider they lost their coach on the
01:26:40field and j t barrett say what you will about the skill set of j t barrett but that was a guy that if you needed three yards on third and three he got you for and by the way the spot was still good in the game against a
01:26:51team of course a couple years ago um but that that's a big loss for them you know because now you go to a dwayne haskins who we know he's got the talent and again we saw that last year in the game but now you don't have bear it
01:27:06and when the chips are down and we've seen ohio state struggle at the outset of games we've seen them struggle in some of their marquee games that eventually pulled them out like dated that penn state game last year that's where it kind of comes into play i think
01:27:18when you look at the talent disparity against teams like oregon state rutgers to lane you know the teams they play from the big ten west i don't think it's a problem when you go and play tcu and what's kind of a neutral site game in arlington i mean
01:27:31the buckeyes will travel well down to texas when you play at happy valley september twenty nine when you play in east lansing november tenth to me that's where it hurts but overall this again this is still the most talented team in the big ten is a top five
01:27:46maybe even top three most talented team in the country i think they can get by i think it's maybe a two point adjustment overall extended two maybe three even three and a half for those tough road games but i mean again you're still talking about a program that
01:28:00has a rich recruiting pipeline sends guys to the nfl with regularity has all of this urban meyer talent that's there from recruiting standpoint but assistant coaches you know i just i feel like it'll probably be overblown how much of a tangible impact it has except for in those
01:28:18marquee games where i think at that point i either stay off of ohio state or i look for the overreaction in the market at that point yeah i think it could be overblown either way you know i think some ohio state's hands are quick to say you know
01:28:30it doesn't matter whose head coach here they're going to be awesome it's ohio state it's obviously going to matter at least you know i don't think i don't think we should care still there but like you said that's far of the betting angle it might be overblown in
01:28:43some in some cases and i agree with you that when they play those top teams on the road they go up against a tough opponent and it's really close to the end of the game that's where it's going to hurt him a lot more so i think that
01:28:55you know it's the best way you could say it is just try to keep a level head about and make sure that you know it's you're not cooperating at one way or the other so for our listeners here i said the enter of the show i'd probably be
01:29:08on for about an hour fifteen hour and twenty minutes and by the way i always undersell that estimate is we're now about ninety minutes into the show here for today but you know we covered a lot of good stuff it was a good introductory segment again men it
01:29:19is it's phenomenal to be talking college football with you again and you know i made the tweet that we're getting the band back together here on twitter and but you know my mentions kind of lit up with people excited to have the show back and i mean i
01:29:31i don't want to get emotional or sentimental about it but it means the world to me the way that our listeners have embraced this show have embraced you and i from the start since we've been doing this now for you coming up on our sixth year here you
01:29:45know it's just it's remarkable that the people we have that listen to us the people that sent us feedback and i know you and i have become good friends through this is well so great to have you back on the show man thank you so much and your
01:29:56website hundred sports picks dot com pany got going on over there right now yeah it was great to be back on here first of all and i love seeing this mentioned well i felt some of those mentioned some of the the gifts and things like that but uh
01:30:11that was a lot of fun to see first thing when i was going to twitter today but thanks all the listeners it's always always great to hear that everybody loves hearing our thoughts and and you know like on a gotham that it's kind of crazy it's been about
01:30:24five years now it's uh it's not a fun right but a storm is what's going on site a hundred sports chicks dot com you're looking for free picks you signed up for the newsletter that hundred sports six dot com sixty seven thirty five in my eyes one hundred
01:30:36two three ticks i also have a special for football season all football and that's college nfl total size everything from now right to the end of the super bowl nine hundred forty nine dollars and then as a bonus now for the next couple weeks i'm going to give
01:30:52the rest of the mlb season for free so i'll be making it a good amount in they'll be plays not a little over twenty one units running here and and i'll be it's been a good sport for me a long long term so if you're looking to try
01:31:04to get some mlb action the rest of the year and you want to get on on that all football special you can email me kyle a hundred sports fix dot com or you can also tweet me act tile hundred picks great to chat with you again thank you
01:31:17so much brother and talked again next monday sounds good thank you man great stuff during today's show with kyle hunter from hunter sports picks dot com again at kyle hundred picks on twitter coming up on our tuesday edition of bankbook radio just actually locked this and we're going
01:31:32to have ed fang from the power rank join us to talk about his nfl wisdom of crowds model and also talk about some nfl preseason and we'll chat with ross michaels from wager talk dot com and also cal sports about college football and you know what go is
01:31:47going to chat with ralph he's phenomenal college basketball season last year so i know that we're definitely looking ahead to november with him for that but also a very smart college football handicapping mind as well Wednesday we'll have brian leonard i'm hoping to get brian blessing Maybe we'll
01:32:00check some pga championship it's um nfl exhibition with him We'll talk college football with brian thursday brad powers will join me and then we'll see what we're going to do on friday I've got some openings here in the month of august because we're not doing the super contest
01:32:13or brent from the size of yet so we'll see what i can put together for that friday's show but uh great through back in the saddle here with the daily show's i certainly hope that you enjoyed this one so i'll do it for me Thank you so much
01:32:25Everybody and i will talk to you again tomorrow

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