The jovial host of late night's most iconic program reflects on his journey from doing childhood impersonations to appearing on 'SNL,' how Lorne Michaels recruited him to 'Late Night' (despite opposition from network suits) and then Johnny Carson's old job and, in an emotional exchange, how his infamous 2016 interview with Donald Trump has — and hasn't — changed him and his show.

Credits: Hosted by Scott Feinberg, recorded by Gary O'Keefe and produced by Matthew Whitehurst.

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00:00:08hi everyone and thank you for tuning into the two hundred and twenty sixth episode of awards chatter the Hollywood reporter's awards podcast I'm the host Scott Feinberg and this episode is presented by HBO's the defiant ones a docu series that chronicles the unlikely yet unbreakable bond of trust
00:00:24and friendship between Jimmy Iovine and Dr tray for your consideration in all categories including outstanding documentary series my guest today is the current and only the sixth permanent occupant of one of the most iconic and coveted jobs in all of entertainment host of The Tonight Show America's longest
00:00:43running talk show in regularly scheduled entertainment program Jimmy Fallon felling of course has a long and rich history at NBC dating back twenty years he made his name as one of the all time great members of the cast of the peacock network's variety sketch series Saturday Night Live
00:00:59on which he appeared from nineteen ninety eight through two thousand four spending his last three seasons as co anchor with Tina fey of weekend update even briefly tried his hand at a movie career before returning to thirty rock at the behest of Lorne Michaels to host late night
00:01:14at twelve thirty AM talk show which he anchored from two thousand nine through two thousand thirteen then when Jay Leno retired in two thousand fourteen Fallon took over The Tonight Show now in his fifth season there he is at forty three still the youngest of the three host
00:01:29of eleven thirty PM network variety talk shows and is according to Leno quote probably closer to what Johnny was like than anybody close quote Johnny of course being the standard bearer himself Johnny Carson who hosted his version of The Tonight Show from the same thirty rock studio where
00:01:46Fallon host is Fallon is at least on the air always sunny upbeat and fun he does impersonations games and music and when moved to do so he speaks from the heart just go back and look at his remarks after Robin Williams is death David letterman's last show the
00:02:03insanity in Charlottesville and most recently last November thirteenth the death of his beloved mother felons work has long been celebrated by fans colleagues and Emmy voters for SNL he was twice nominated for an twice won best guest actor in a comedy series in two thousand twelve and two
00:02:21thousand fourteen for late night he received best variety series noms in two thousand eleven two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen a best writing for a variety series nam in two thousand eleven and best creative achievement in interactive social media non fiction noms in two thousand nine two
00:02:38thousand ten and two thousand eleven winning the first two for his best of late night with Jimmy Fallon primetime special he was nominated for best variety special in two thousand fourteen in and for the tonight show he received best variety series noms in two thousand fourteen two thousand
00:02:54fifteen and two thousand sixteen a best writing for a variety series nam in two thousand fourteen a nom for Best interactive program in two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen and two thousand seventeen winning the first and a nom for Best creative achievement in interactive media social TV experience
00:03:11in two thousand fifteen winning that as well all of which makes the past year and nine months all the more jarring for Fallon it was on Thursday September fifteenth two thousand sixteen that the famously jovial host interviewed Donald Trump then the Republican nominee for president and in the
00:03:29midst of a relatively softball exchange asked for and was granted permission to ruffle trump's hair a massive backlash began almost immediately with many criticising Fallon for humanizing a man whom they regarded as an existential threat to America an incident that might have been forgiven and forgotten had Hillary
00:03:46Clinton won the White House was instead revisited with even greater anger than before when trump upset her and Fallon's fortunes in the hyper politicize new era took a hit the show lost about a fifth of its viewers Stephen Cole bear is the late show overtook it in the
00:04:01ratings while Jimmy Kimmel's Jimmy Kimmel live close in on it as well and an Emmy nomination day a year ago called there and Kimmel landed best variety talk series noms but Fallon was left out of the category all together over the years since Fallon a husband and father
00:04:18of two has focused on the future not the past as one must when one has to put out a new show five times a week the show that we should know still goes viral as much as any late night show and is the most popular with people under
00:04:30the age of fifty but now in only his second interview since the trouble so he opens up as never before about the good the bad and the ugly sides of his journey to this point and so without further ado let's go to that conversation thank you so much
00:04:49for doing this really appreciate it very quiet for New York City that's sure and we're in the belly of the beast this is can you tell where we are we're in my office right here this is on the sixth floor of thirty Rockefeller plaza here in New York
00:05:01City right it's a very old building but I've been here for a long time yes well I want to begin by asking what we we begin every up so where were you born and raised in what your folks do for a living I was born in Brooklyn New
00:05:12York bay ridge and I was raised in Saugerties New York upstate New York very cute town it's five Woodstock people know it now as like a a place for like there's like it as a question place like horses competing and stuff I'd never grow but I I C.
00:05:31as he may be seen a horse twice throwing him in it like it in a parade maybe give that wrist yeah so like that to be now my home town is like all horses is kind of us and I and my mom and dad my dad worked at
00:05:42IBM for a long time you had a bunch of jobs but IBM was a big deal and he used to do is fix machines and then as a technical writer for awhile at IBM and my mom raised us she was a homemaker and she's young ones of one
00:05:56I have one set a sister named Gloria Fallon to super funny and we're still very close yeah I know this is probably question yet as much as any but where you %HESITATION funny kid were you the class clown you know going out yeah I I mean I think
00:06:09I was class clown I think I got that but I I don't really remember you know I I remember my parents like have me do Rodney Dangerfield there was a big thing that we kind of do an impression of him so like we have a party and they'd
00:06:20have me do Rodney and then I do like you know they give you like a dollar and I do like three right just like %HESITATION Terry moe is cooking so badly since when is toast of bones in does a great job that's because you were finding just yourself
00:06:36that you were drawn to impersonations and things of that young Asian presentations of my first big thing I remember I got to have a tape of me at the %HESITATION maybe two years old doing impressions of James Cagney just saying like you dirty rat you know and I
00:06:50think don ho was my other one could arise sailor aloha and so I'd open with Cagney and close it down at what point did late night sort of cross your radar that there were these shows that operated in the ways that yours now those eyes to watch Johnny
00:07:06Carson all the time that was at my first big thing probably in late night as far as I remember like that was like my variety show since between him and ed Sullivan and so my grandparents but I was all you know and sell them was the best you
00:07:20guys he had sold in what he used to do and it showed me that impressionists on any day of yeah juggler is in that fuel spinning plates and you sit down and you'd see we know what Johnny Carson we doing I go like I don't really quite understand
00:07:34but I love it I love like I was wearing a wig and he's doing its thing and it was amazing I was bizarre but I remember watching a lot of Johnny Carson thank and asking my parents I could stay up late to watch Johnny car there was a
00:07:47big deal if I could do that you know to go like all right to step just for the monologue and then you go to bed after that like or if there's a guest to really want to see kind of step in as a big deal and then then
00:07:58Sarah live was just something I remember my parents talking about all the time in imitating and they would have you know parties and their friends would talk about it too and then we were one of the first families to get a VCR this back in the day when
00:08:12you do come into pieces and like there's a G. like of CEOs it really a big it was almost like a getting another house it was a giant that size of this table and it came in two pieces and used to press the thing that will go up
00:08:25like a robot sh and then used so we would tape and set the timer to tape Sarant live okay that my parents would go through the tape and like edit the show and to see like what sketches were appropriate appropriate for me my sister and me and this
00:08:40is when setting a time or really that's why those you hear all those stand of colleges that setting the timer and that really was a complicated thing says a very funny joke at the times right dated now but yeah we do that and yes I was my first
00:08:53foray into it's I just kind of got really into it I remember ever record that on a reel to reel and then take the real trail to my bedroom so I just listen to the audio of Richard Pryor's monologue or Steve Martin's monologues I imitate them you like
00:09:08to wow them dread they got in distress having it lip sync in my mere you know and it was fun them is and I was all useful practice it turned out that's one thing that I think I was surprised to learn in reading this if it if it
00:09:21is in fact true is that you went to Catholic schools as a kid and that in fact that one point rather than getting into the world comedy you were thinking about pursuing the pretty certain yeah I was really into it I I I go every now and then
00:09:35I I you know that not as much as I I used to I was really %HESITATION I went to Saint Mary's Samir the snow school and %HESITATION I was an altar boy and I got just into it and I was good at it and I think I think
00:09:47I had bill Maher on the show and he said to me do you know that's probably your first foray into acting on stage mom and I didn't think about I was like oh yeah I guess I mean because being up on the altar you're kind of up on
00:09:59stage and people are in the pews looking at you and you might of certain rituals every time I I would you rather would ring the bells I was I was the best as the best that ring the bells I mean if you wanted that those bills right you
00:10:11go to Jimmy Fallon I mean that's it out that would be like and I did after I rang and I'd look out and just see the reaction like would you guys think goes pretty good there I know it's not the %HESITATION not stealing the show that it's all
00:10:23about the %HESITATION the priest and %HESITATION yeah that's his thing today his homily ice to yeah I used to get up like six thirty mass I would I would really really into it I love the smell of incense I was friends with nuns I was like I love
00:10:36the whole thing I love you know dressing up in the proper attire and just the respect from as I was really really into it and committed but then you know as the older I got I just I think comedy started to be more important well I wanted to
00:10:49ask because it seems like if there was a turning point where that came over a real focus of yours sounds like there was maybe not long after high school graduation I was a talent contest is that right there was a talent contest at this comedy club call bananas
00:11:03in Poughkeepsie New York my mom heard about this contests on the radio and said we're looking for the funniest guy in the Hudson Valley you have three minutes to do in one impression of whoever you like so my mom said to me you should totally do this and
00:11:17right I hear you do you know voices of any better all the time anyway nice what else but as you hear my bedroom all the time that they would say so I I I said are I have I but to me about doing this contest nine never done
00:11:32a talent contest during that stuff so instead of doing one voice I did a bunch of voices which turned out to be my act for ever but I leads a troll involves right what is that about someone got me a troll doll you know like a little tiny
00:11:46thing that said like happy graduation or something with like a graduation cap in a deployment it as a gift because I was graduating that year of high school and I said thank you very much yeah that's it but he said with but what do I do it that
00:11:59way I don't know what to do with the sixteen year old boy whatever is the so I did a commercial for the donnas said we're looking for the next celebrity to be the spokesperson for troll dolls so I go out let's start the additions first of John Travolta
00:12:12mac swear to god you see these things like who does hair like his his so freezy like I mean we kind of bows this'll be here you know and the guy that next up Jerry Seinfeld like who plays all those things that's all the leads what kind of
00:12:28a doll is the very good food so I did I think twelve impressions I mean as a doing Cosby right I did feel copyright news yeah I mean I know it's totally did Bill Cosby ago Lou will you look at the drug me I can have done because
00:12:45being and I did it Casey case some unbelievable is funny I did this my act in it EDU basically get an act and I remember like if you don't update your act you're in trouble especially as an impression is right because of member I've I feel a charity
00:13:02event it was but it was probably in two thousand of those before late night but I was doing a charity gig in I haven't updated my acts and I I was just bombing Elgin these impressions that like you know case a case and things if you really care
00:13:17about anymore and I remember looking and John Stewart was in the in the crowd and he was crying last watching me by %HESITATION like is like if you haven't this is hope in in a so and then as they go out next up %HESITATION cliff claimed he was
00:13:37it can be held in ninety two or whatever the signs that a few of them and I won the competition act then yeah absolutely I mean yeah and then you got the bug you just started doing other talent shows right have won like seven hundred dollars for that
00:13:51first one yeah for three minutes and already so I go wow is it that easy turns out his that buddy is done %HESITATION you end up living years off of Raman noodles and drinking the process as the beverage to go with your suit so you did go off
00:14:08to college this is in Albany college of Saint rose and I know that you were involved with Connie there why though just a semester before graduating did you decide to take the leap of leaving and trying to focus fully on comedy you're just a semester from graduating was
00:14:24that a tough call yeah I mean well the toughest because just because my parents is saying I'm going to do this %HESITATION like the you know we believe your comedy but please get a degree well enough that make you do something else to cover your **** yeah they
00:14:39actually made me take the postal exam meaning you to be a post office driver to be a mailman Allen yeah they go we really think it's college going great we think you know you have a career in comedy coming that we really to get the future's bright but
00:14:53these Mehmet business could be just check just just to the test and will do with you just Jack of justice on the fall back on they go and they ask my sister to take it to just like now we talk about this at all might do and once
00:15:10but then I did it and it was very much numbers because that at the time was in college I was doing a lot of computer science that was my major at the time I switch from that to my mind it because it really got too hard but I
00:15:22was pretty good a couple languages the cobalt I was fantastic at which people just laugh at right now is not even language C. plus plus where I got off but anyways %HESITATION mail man like in the post loves lot of zip codes in organizing in numbers and putting
00:15:35that I didn't mind it loved it then I best I'd crap I got offered like thirty jobs from the postal service I was like set I could easily have been eleven thousand work out now you still have something to fall back I might I might I might well
00:15:52so what actually precipitated the decision to leave college it was a friend of mine who what when you're out just doing stand up in trying to get discovered and recognize you send out your tapes in your head shot and so I sent tapes to Sire live a sentence
00:16:06and I've gotten return things which I live saying like we're not allowed to watch your tape unsolicited we have to go through agents or something which I don't have an agent or manager and actually it's signed Marci Klein really and I knew that was being a fan of
00:16:20the show my and they kept in years later I met my Chicago if I go you know and she Marcie actually coming hired on the survey but I go did you sinuses ratios are that's me and just sign it again next year her signature just approve it was
00:16:37right so I have no double signature of that's a rejection letter but I %HESITATION I said it to this guy worked for at a news weekly in Albany New York call metro land and I was the receptionist there and I also did the advertising section in the back
00:16:54you know I do like couples the like %HESITATION women woman seeking man to do well and I get the dating like the personal section I would do then and organize all that stuff so he he left to become a music manager in LA is name is Peter is
00:17:07one and then he called me and said Hey Jimmy this %HESITATION the company I'm with their starting a comedy division they have this great girl from that was assistant bursting gray which is either you know alarm that went off my head because I know Brill scene does a
00:17:23lot Serra live in Bernie procedures like okay is like and she sorry tape and she thinks you know your green but to love to maybe on the phone these things maybe she can matter and her name is Randy Segal and she was awesome she became my first manager
00:17:37and you did go out tele she said of these commercials what you want to do with what you what what do you where do you see something I want to be on sat lied because the really weird it what do you what would you we I say coming
00:17:49up and I don't know I don't want to be on a second I I want the answer lies using right well I'm at the %HESITATION pressing grants I know a lot of these guys and I've seen the way of a devry taking acting lessons ago no chose bart
00:18:01you got to do that because we do stand up you don't really know how to act with other people because you just by yourself for it to really comfortable by yourself on stage not necessarily with other people right so she is gonna get youth acting lessons so I
00:18:15called my parents to look its its pilot season so they think this is a good dining on talking about this is that there was I mean I go with that you know where they make TV show pass so they want me to come out to LA in addition
00:18:29for shows and get acting class going in I think I'm ready to do it now like if you feel like you're a do it go for it than everyone told his mistake the comedy club owners said I wouldn't do it Jimmy everyone's in Los Angeles don't go out
00:18:42that don't do that people do it all the time and it's a mistake just go to school and start working and well and I go okay and you know but I just did it because I just felt like it was right and it wasn't easy for a while
00:18:55out there I I mean the when you were first out there how are you living I lived in my manager's couch for at least six months and then I moved over like three roommates he don't really make money it's really hard to make friends it's really lonely stuffed
00:19:12lot of rejection I mean once the auditions come and you think that's great right because I first you there's no I didn't no does you are this is no money but then I started making seven dollars and twenty five cents a gig at the improv yeah but for
00:19:28even mark Lotto and those guys are that the Melrose improv they would book mean I get seven dollars a gig in that would that would add up to pay for a lot of Rama noodles so they would feed you all really okay this is a big deal yeah
00:19:41which is it doesn't say I mean I that's bizarre to even like but I mean you really matters in the food is fantastic then after that it's like right at my mom is so happy %HESITATION to do the impression I also have because the rating on the media
00:19:55tell but thank you give me a hug for he did he gave me a man and then but then you get auditions and then that's when you just get rejected every did is nothing but rejection and that's crusher confidence and meanwhile what what were you doing with the
00:20:11Groundlings I started at the Groundlings and I took classes from cry great teachers Jim wise was my first teacher Karamat yama Michael McDonald that the singer but the yeah in fact comedic writer I was happy I got into the basic program that I got to what they call
00:20:32lab and I was doing it all the time I get my improv skills up it was really fun yeah I loved it and as I was doing that I got a movie like %HESITATION independent movie she's just excited I was doing that and I did this movie and
00:20:46I also got a pilot to cash things call tasty sensations I think I saw you also worked at an absolute spin city or something early on right yeah so that means it was back in New York okay even before okay I I came back I got it guess
00:21:01quick thing on spin city which is exciting for me and I had to wear my own wardrobe for that we had kind of its exit like just well your petitioner it really say what what your budget by did that I got but I I remember I I got
00:21:15this pilot and I I said to you know my manager at the time and then they had a lawyer yeah we still work with Tom row and Dan roan central Rhona Martin yeah wow well he's the best love this guy these dumb still now still with and so
00:21:32I go time is there any way to put in like if I can get if I get sorry alive I can quit the show is put in the contract and he said now that's not how life for you're lucky to get this show and that's a good way
00:21:45to go because I really if I if I had the chance I use our lives really already doing right I'll ask I mean they'll never let you do it it's Warner brothers it was David general are and what and so he asked is it now actually not say
00:22:00go then I don't think I want to do this neo what I go I'm good I'm good I just wanna wait for their live and I really that's where I belong I think you know and if they came back and said okay we'll do it while you're asking
00:22:15the only time but it's that I have a contract and out that's a like if this you get a guy gets our live we can let him leave and everyone's kind of laughed and they're like Hey this guy things going as Iowa yeah whatever man I know the
00:22:27first pass at at going out for SNL was not success but can you just take us through from how you first came to their attention to how you wound up getting higher Randy Siegel who is a manager at the time I had a good relationship with Ayala Cohen
00:22:43and Marci Klein at centre live in the town department to shoot set my tape and my resume and said I love you see this guy and they go all right we'll see him and so I came in for an audition a fast at Disney did for one night
00:22:59at the comic strip here in New York City I went onstage and one was in the crowd I did impressions and I just was really it was a short bit night can get credit my side it was awful bag I want to say it was probably three minutes
00:23:15but it felt like the longest like an hour and a half and just sweating on days and no one understood what I was doing the troll dolls and quite have this sales pitch yet I go man it couldn't have been it could have been worse and it was
00:23:29a diner next to the comic strip and I remember going there with my manager after it was like that poster you see like in the mall of like you know James Dean as as the Boulevard of broken whatever they like what are your first art pieces that you
00:23:43get the all I know that are in the but I think I'm pretty Marilyn Monroe serving coffee like so but it felt so lonely and depressed you know Jake sipping on this diner coffee just come like that could have been my shot I can't believe that was in
00:23:59a blue it gosh and so I went back to LA went back to Groundlings back to this independent movie I was doing right towards the end of that movie they sound like call me back was still does the next season when it turned out that that you're there
00:24:14looking for Tracy Morgan the one that you didn't get it went to Tracy Morgan yeah yeah and now the second time they come back to you yeah and said now that they they go where we're looking to expand the cast a little bit more Lou I see Jimmy
00:24:26again but this time not to control seeing that this thing US because she's so I go this is it you know lightning strikes twice here we go man so I work to my act I went god I went on this hike gosh if I was still in LA
00:24:41I would remember where it was because in middle of nowhere and it's like Roy Rogers yeah I know you miss a possible routes road runner some cowboy has it hiking trail and went all the way up to the top and it wasn't a pet sounds because my roommate
00:24:55had this like awesome pet sounds box at that have like just the vocals and just the music so we really got into sales I also say that he got this we wanted one has is on the box as it were checked into for the they had a listen
00:25:08to this over and over again try to like almost meditating like what are you gonna do what you gotta do and so I just thought of it kind of the same bed but I changed to like a celebrity charity or celebrity walkathon where I just replaced the troll
00:25:24out with whatever charity we're doing it all the celebrities together so you could still showcase impersonations but in a more palatable yeah yeah and so I get to SNL and did this audition is at studio eight H. on the actual state the thing that I've seen the whole
00:25:39Lana I remember taking photos of the elevator just in case I never get allowed back in the building because the elevator carpeting was NBC peacock and I go I still have the photos thing was great and was a disposable camera and it kind of like this is just
00:25:54a story until my kids read I think I brought the troll with me just forgive and when I had my act already go I was staying at some hotel close to here I mean think it's open anymore and I member went to this the Stardust diner in I
00:26:11got a cheese burger and I got a quick was called the banana health shape and it's like it's so not healthy that's a milkshake divinity with wheat germ and that'll be leveraged so I got that and I went to the back to the term is going over no
00:26:27Mactan and a guitar now knows your musical impressions as well and I was ready to really like just show them everything I got right you know I Dave Matthews unite condemning what they're and they had a little %HESITATION the that are doing a Robert Smith from the cure
00:26:44says in some random ones %HESITATION like %HESITATION sad love food and then %HESITATION and it call my sister on violations are correct again to go I think I might add this year of believing you think you might do you do you do exactly what your little brother you
00:27:01do exactly what you just said so I went in I went to do my addition Evans the corruption they go up whose Jimmy Fallon I got its meaning okay well you realize Lorne Michaels is not go after it and in the five told the server for an ago
00:27:15okay the good just I don't want to throw us finding a a first for that the %HESITATION do you mind this guy goes before you because he's got another addition I go for so who is this great great really gonna blow you have another addition it bigger and
00:27:29then I'm sure this guy go ahead I mean this guy was ahead of me has a box full of wigs and more and I go we you can follow wigs would be giving out of it with so many with anyways they go okay humor get ready for you
00:27:43is get must make you up the microphone guy goes because the the microphone Isaac or Jimmy %HESITATION ages who we knew me %HESITATION long doesn't really laugh I go oh yeah I heard that he was at the old still it throw you and good luck to kid in
00:27:57the guy who can act as a go get your make up on sick on the make up thing and the guys like and your gym value as a just little tip you know more doesn't like to laugh I go wow what is good why would he do produce
00:28:10a comedy show if you'd like last exam I guess he's so anyways I did buy addition I was really nervous it's available I mean they released only a dense and it's I cannot watch it as very skinny and have very spiky hair I mean and I didn't impression
00:28:26of Adam Sandler which at the time no one did as he just left the shell just left just let that season that summer and so I didn't impression of Adam Sandler and %HESITATION I got I got I I you doing that yeah yeah yeah and Lawrence are laughing
00:28:44he put his head in his hand means laughing and like I go high that's like I mean that in a year in which might as well now it right and I go well if that's anything I was just %HESITATION and I made Lorne Michaels Lafayette in the studio
00:28:59eight H. where you know sat live history you know this my favorite show ever and I'm obsessed with the show so I left and I my remarks you like look at me kind of like almost well that like little tears and she was like great Japanese well and
00:29:12I was like that's pretty cool like it's good and the rest so just like kind of like well at the end of days and long story short I got the meeting to meet with Lauren and he said that can Allen out in LA %HESITATION they make you wait
00:29:24for a little bit the stories change have embellished the story is I think it was like a two weeks yeah I tell it was a that I kind of felt like that I'm sure but then I got the show and actually it was kind of fun will have
00:29:36to tell you got the show I go to his office and the paramount lot which is a great great show business Hollywood or not and if you want to feel like you're in the business I mean it is great and is like Laura rose tell me is like
00:29:51I like this to you because you know you can see like a cling on smoking or something like on his on his coffee Reagan ago yeah yes with the godfather which I got and so we went for a walk you know lonely so what can we went for
00:30:04a walk one day and there was a claim with the good Cup of coffee and a cigarette smoking and talking to another cling on to go because that they're shooting star check they go through this exciting I love it so much and I was like so I go
00:30:18in his office and that one I really did wait for probably three hours to go to meet him in the waiting room Siri was his assistant %HESITATION member her she was great and she was right has seen on a walk in and everything's white in his office it
00:30:33felt like I don't know I was going into heaven or something and see you know this is again this is like my priest coming back right I went in and goes Jimmy do you wear wigs tango third time on my hair and I don't know I just do
00:30:47this a spike it up with like jail intake no no I mean characters because I mean what we because we want you for the show and then the rest is like room real hard time dealing with he's always got to do it as a slayer at so I
00:30:59don't just move like that no but I can scrape couldn't believe that the rest of slow motion I was like yeah yeah I haven't worn weeks by well I mean a new characters and the love on that and example will work at all on me on one eight
00:31:13in New York around the movie about the details and congratulations I said I hope I make you proud that's amazing and I just want to quote that Selena Tina fey said because I believe she was in the room when you have that addition where you made Lorne laugh
00:31:26is alright yeah she said about you quote he's one of two people I've ever seen who was completely ready to be on the show Kristen Wiig is the other one and Jimmy was ready like if there had been a show to do with that night close quote now
00:31:39you join you start in September ninety eight and within a year you were full cast number after starting as a featured player and I just wonder did you immediately feel kind of comfortable and at home there was our moment or sketch where you were like all right I've
00:31:54got it now I'm I'm one where I should be my first show I had a bit in the first show my very which is rare for any brand new cast member but it was a great sketch I believe it was written by the scout when any of it
00:32:07maybe was cherry con I I gotta remember us gosh you can kill me %HESITATION they don't care they wrote the sketches with the Hollywood squares except those that present earthquake in Burbank and they squares got crashed and saw this levers are killed but they kept playing the game
00:32:23anyway so whoever's so so I was give regard for you later in a in a in a pile of rubble and I got to go over to block you know and then like I've covered in blood like I'm I'm holding my entire intestinal tract in my own hands
00:32:39it's not the great that I I also heard about one that maybe was your fourth episode with Halloween themed songs right that was my big break those the big one the big break I owe it for me was the Ben Stiller episode I think is my fear fourth
00:32:55episode and I did my Sam impression from an edition and also I got to do we can update with Colin Quinn you know when you have the feature it's a big deal for a comedian or a former you get kind your own little slot to prove to everybody
00:33:09what you do and I did that a bunch of a medley of different pop songs change the words to make him about Halloween and here's just tell you how much confidence they had in need for that that I was in the middle of update which if you watch
00:33:24if you know the show at all if you know if it's going to kill you put at the end there that you can't follow it with straight joke Collins got a file that right yeah jokes about you know I don't know who the bush or whatever I was
00:33:36present at the right and so I did it and I just it crashed and you could see how happy Conklin with you knew you were good at that that was do that was I've changed that have said yeah people started this is the internet has barely yeah yeah
00:33:50I mean something and you start making blogs about mean website and on the inside fansites and my sister was like dude this is like the coolest thing ever and my sister made a scrapbook of all the people that made things a second fan mail it's amazing and you
00:34:03get fan mail says I still have my first like one hundred letters a fellow that I'm going to send him something Wednesday nights will let me ask you I mean how did you handle it is a fairly sudden thing where you go from being a guy who's you
00:34:18know doing small clubs to being %HESITATION internationally known person there and I wonder how you handle that and just to add a little to that further I mean everybody's always talked about what a pressure cooker environment SNL is and it's driven a lot of people to do things
00:34:33that are your credible in the in the you know when they look back I guess you were very close there with ratio sands and I wouldn't be here today without him without ratio will he had this had a funny thing we're just talking about your your guys early
00:34:46years there and he says that you two were quote unquote super functioning alcoholics close quote because quote we actually took what we thought being on SNL was what people think is awesome about it and we made it happen close quote so like how did you deal with the
00:35:01pressure of being innocent out when we go out as like knights who go out and drink is of that never show night or the night before show but during the week we we had out in his New York City so it's so fun like I remember going to
00:35:15a bar with ratio once and he so fun and we get in the guys like oh my gosh Jimmy Fallon Horatio Sanz I'm the biggest fan of Serra live I love you guys like you do not pay for a drink in my bar ever and so we've already
00:35:31had a few and so I go out of it was like when you and I gonna have a few of my drink was at the time Sierra Nevada or something and then her issue goes out of a frozen Margarita and has a great because %HESITATION I won in
00:35:43that vase is like a flat our vet is like a giant vin because they really what you guys can I have it in that vase or it is sure that he too took the think the flower that is gonna be like a three four two for the whole
00:35:58vase cleaned it out and filled up a frozen Margarita and at it basically like shut the machine down as is at seven so race had a giant froze Margaret and I had to appear and maybe like a maker's mark chasers and we just we lifted up we went
00:36:14to dance clubs and we had so much fun and we we really did it up but when it was time to focus her yeah that performing the show we we we could levy levy straight by by Friday you were going to leave I heard after after the first
00:36:28three years maybe to pursue film but you were persuaded to stay three more what kept you around I wanted to leave because Belushi left after three years and I we use a big he's one of my favorites is the idol of mine and I think that you know
00:36:43I never liked it as a fan when I saw people staying too long because I I'd like to see the show changes or makes sorry alive fun and fresh it's all new people and you get to watch him grow and become become that person and yeah it's cool
00:36:56to watch it's enjoyable so I go I'm really Lorna's like but right firstly can't because you have six years no contract but whatever good for you but second of all we're doing we can update we need a new host of update I think you should be you should
00:37:12do we get up to and I was like I am and it's just not my thing I I really just don't make just such a big deal it's all about you and I don't know it is just didn't I I also didn't really read the news that my
00:37:23friend right I don't have suit as a lot of associate well I think I'd be great because people know who you are and young people are interested in the news in it though there's it's a perfect fit I go nap thanks but I'm good now so I I
00:37:38didn't do this as artistic to doing sketches now send they had auditions with all the cast members to be the new host the anchor of weekend update which is the fake news in the militia busy cuts of Serra high rent to peace right so everyone additions there was
00:37:55good had their own strengths and stuff like that and then this one girl audition and she just knocked out of the park and it was a writer on the show name Tina fey and she rushed it man and I don't know if anyone saw coming on you know
00:38:10if anyone knew that you could addition as right right she's dead is set up I want to try it she crushed it read so I should think out what I remember I I don't know how again stories all changed but I think everyone was into that but she
00:38:25wasn't known right so that was kind of a problem for the show and it's like we can just put an unknown writer right as it as a thing so they were thinking about getting someone else and to do with teen or have team to be a feature or
00:38:39I said lord I said what if I did it with Tina almost like a Dan Akroyd Jane curtain yeah because I think that's a good idea to basically of course and giving a one eight months yeah plus the added bonus of fifteen a genius and that can't be
00:38:53around for three more years is yeah well we we did the camera blocking axing Conan o'brien studio so that no one would see it didn't go on on their anywhere the west because we did this camera blocking thing it just see if maintaining good together and we were
00:39:06just great the chemistry was there and we just kind of took we connected to a and and a new level there is really fun was great to watch Tina explode and the world was like everyone just with what happened when from fan blogs me to like uber fan
00:39:24like that do that what American apparel is perfect just a couple quick wrap ups on SNL you were known to not infrequently break character kind of crack up on the show how did you and had warned feel about that I I think it made people laugh more because
00:39:39they realize how funny it was even a you guys but what was your take on that that all happened because I think all the sketches that people remember are the ones that I'm laughing and it's like I was in town or sketch or jet lag of course they
00:39:51just weren't finding but your memory is the funny which is good for you mark but I was out of my league to be honest and I'm in the sketch with will Ferrell and Chris could tan and Chris part now and this cow bell was the first one is
00:40:06where I lost it all I had was one lined it read and that was it I I just and I just take play the drums now so site that my big thing was I was playing the fake child but I thought I'd be cool if I like I
00:40:18would like that is %HESITATION let's thinking so you as a hazy really playing the drums like okay again I'm over thinking no no when things are really playing though for the repair but that wasn't what I was going on in my head so I try to focus on
00:40:31that to the you know Christopher Walken wants more cowbell in the song don't fear the reaper because it's there is a little cap on the side of the listener Adam McKay will Ferrell wrote this statute making fun of that and so will Ferrell wore the shirt and every
00:40:44time he bang the cab of his shirt would rise up as got would hang out and it was it was just so funny and and he was sweating and it was hilarious and on air he wore smaller shirt right and Christopher Walken was up the ante on Chris
00:40:58for what he was re even more credible I was like you will not lead guy who he was he believes that can do an impression of themselves like yeah yeah he was yeah it everyone was on their game and so I'm hitting the I'm sitting here like the
00:41:12I'm not used this big leaguers %HESITATION minor league baseball the and I'm like barely I'm like lily I'm like some looking at these guys and I'm laughing because I'm a fan of the show %HESITATION and and and you know eventually lead to go do it you're not watching
00:41:25these guys you're in this stop watching it and get it is but I'm learning you know yeah I think it's just that I'm a very easy laugh and so if you would try to make you an exaggeration was great at and we what so many good moments where
00:41:39it's like crap and I would try to keep my cool off the camera but you know the writers and like you learned in like cast members and like it I I didn't do it still focus I did because I I can help yeah yeah I think but %HESITATION
00:41:50just for whatever it's worth of one of yours I think I left artists as was the kid brothers with just when you do it right %HESITATION however at this phase %HESITATION okay to break him yeah because these like now he's back I could try I could break him
00:42:05anything fuzziness gets a and I I think it's fun to move to try to find another guy yeah yeah why not as I guess he's the new guy that I can break down that okay so as your time was coming to an end at SNL did Lorne sort
00:42:17of plant the seed in your mind that you know here's a guy who don't even wanna do weekend update which is essentially a variation of a talk show I guess news talk show did he plant the seed that maybe that's something you should consider revisiting after you go
00:42:30and try your hand at Hollywood which is what you were off to do do I so well my six years came up when I go to love you guys love everybody I want to leave on friends everyone in kind of what I did you hear the stories you
00:42:42write books and the like %HESITATION Staffel last year were throwing things at each eva thank god how do I do that so I left on a good note news bummer I was really depressed because I love everybody there but it's a good bye to Tina and ratio and
00:42:57I said yeah I'm just gonna try to do movies Laura's like okay he's like would you ever want to do it Tasha I go a music well there's something that went out Leno's commonsense India the takeover Jay Leno in six years something that is like that yeah I've
00:43:14never heard of but I go okay you in six years yeah definitely whatever so I go I don't know what I'd be good at that %HESITATION let me just try this movie thing so I tried the movie thing taxi in two thousand four favorite page two thousand five
00:43:26these are the future American film institute's top one hundred movies classics said clearly that didn't work for me but what is that about what why can people love you on TV and not in movies how can I explain that I don't know I you know I there's so
00:43:41many things that I I think I would have done differently if I really want to make it in it because now you see people they come out they have like ten flops right this I just space my flops out came away with a life though so that was
00:43:53something the best thing ever favorite pictures I'm very Nancy Juvonen yes for we're married ten years now muscle tough yet thank you my friend tax it was great to have the best time doing it was like you know this had to make a bad move now so wasn't
00:44:07like that but I know but that's kind of I think that's kind of one of the things that makes you good at this job is that I know how much work goes into all the stuff that you're selling yeah I understand it like I don't know if people
00:44:18really understand what goes into it acting in a TV show it's in saying how much you work I can't even describe it as you go nuts now you end up quitting if you cancel you go I can't take it right legal but we're paying you twenty I can't
00:44:34it's not right kept killing myself as so I know which workers enormous flop and so when people come on the show as gas and they know their movies and flatten and they go Hey did we need you to they need to help me on this that's what I'll
00:44:51do it there so definitely been there remains I go I'll just make it we can make it fun I mean to do this for a long time you gotta keep it fun and you got to you got to be out there and go and make it as just
00:45:02who knows what people like these %HESITATION Lauren though had seen something that maybe you would come back one day to do you would be open are good at late night yeah and Tina was like dude you're so Irish you go and talk to everybody at the bar as
00:45:16you talked of strangers people's mom and dad that the after party and like this would be perfect for you and I go okay but don't know and then so six years later Lauren called me we're still friends because I remember after that thing six years ago is like
00:45:29doing do then ago let me ask my my wife the now married right Nancy what do they do this just like you do you're only the third person to do this job means David Letterman color of Ryan ends of you instant maze or it was in late night
00:45:43and NBC though internally was according to things I read they were a little divided I know that learn how to kind of go to bat for you right yeah they didn't want me at all they were like two we found the guy from the fell movies and give
00:45:56him they got married that plus I don't want that and really one of the problems once you did sign on quote you loved him on SNL you hated him movies now you're ambivalent the goods yeah he wrote that you love them you love to hate love that is
00:46:12now even though there's the but so NBC was like why are we doing this and learns that he's great he's a nose you just go with people is very great to work with that you work hard his and I believe them and then they said yeah I don't
00:46:26think so and he goes well if you don't do with Jimmy then I'm out %HESITATION as the executive producer and that's a big those afflicted person go to bat for you man I I I really never forgot that many such a but he knows who he believes in
00:46:39any and really gets money is very loyal over the years that you were there that's two thousand nine to two thousand thirteen you really sort of establish the same model that you now use at The Tonight Show right I mean it was as one person put it like
00:46:52the I. maybe the beating heart beat is music mimicry and games so that now it's been copy by a lot of other people now there's so many late night shows but at the time I think mostly nails were a lot stiffer than that one thing yeah I mean
00:47:05twelve thirty especially just basically go on so your film and get off yeah yeah but I was like we have this platform just go for it do everything you ever learned ever just give them everything you got yeah do those impressions play the guitar do musical impression sing
00:47:22with Pete what everyone do but you know I also let people shine to is which is still my key I I really don't like being the guy doing the thing where you're like oh that's that's fine with me as well tia let it like it's a noun and
00:47:35bands like running I do wanna sing with us I go now yeah to die I'm this is a joke and do it I really don't you know I do really but I remember just doing that and this is you know at the time you had David Letterman and
00:47:48Jon Stewart and Conor Brian and then Jay Leno yeah and then and then K. K. yeah yeah I don't forget the order where there but and Craig Ferguson right Chelsea right hammer and it's just edging has all just change early yeah I mean either that none of those
00:48:05people are the other big contribution I think that you led the way with was the viral video which as the internet was becoming a bigger thing in people's lives I mean this the the specially and and as people are can watch things whenever they want they don't have
00:48:20to necessarily stay up that our to what you know was that always part of your thought process let's do things that will stand alone on their own as well if they're watched the next morning on YouTube or something or just happened that way it just happened that way
00:48:32because I just basically just no beginning middle and end of the sketch percent live and keep it as short as possible I mean he he really they always come in eight pages New York let's take three hour red nose like but that's the way it is you got
00:48:45to edit and make sure it's a thing it just just to make it work I was like this short of possible I can't stand it twenty minutes catcher I mean these look at some of the old SNL stuff like this is the ten minutes can't my tensions fan
00:48:58that began letter and minutes a now it is it's it's in the can all be funny either but I mean sometimes if it is it's worth it but that's too long for me is right we just kind of like edit it and give you the most up yeah
00:49:10I can do and and one and one evening and we should just remind people that with the late night years the maybe some of the most famous most viral things you guys did you intend to like doing the history of rap segments which started in two thousand ten
00:49:23you singing the original yesterday with Paul McCartney also in twenty ten slow jamming the news with president Obama and twenty twelve I wonder how it how did you pitch that he was coming on the show and %HESITATION we so would you want to do a bit is a
00:49:36%HESITATION %HESITATION please people said %HESITATION well we'll look at it say or what is it we have a big because slow jammed the news I think we did it once maybe I think I just did it by myself and so I do show them the tape and they
00:49:50said we'll we'll consider that like let's see what you got so I wrote and then they said yeah we'll we'll we'll do that and says are her scene with we've we've done it twice with Obama right when he first got elected and then at the end renews leaving
00:50:02an exit totally different yeah Brock about my first one very like yep okay I'll do that ball okay and I go and at the end can you go like %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah and you know I will not do that by okay any other room as a present as
00:50:19in the last the last %HESITATION like right at the end why one you seem like %HESITATION Riana work work rings like work work work work work ethic of low and then and now I want you to do like you like what I go I want you back work
00:50:32work work work work what we're gonna make me sound like that I got because come on your own was that dude you're almost at a year let's keep it clean that's keeping the yeah he was great and then you had his wife in there for the evolution of
00:50:45mom dancing but how early on did use did you suspect that the tonight show might be offered to you was it right from the time you took late night or did it only come along later no came along later I know there was a whole thing with Conan
00:50:57and Jay Leno and that whole thing and as friends of both of them and so I just my head down I said guys we have show to do and this is not worry about that other stuff it's none of our business run at twelve thirty let's just do
00:51:10the best job we can do and that's what we started doing you know Neil Young and always impresses came out of just just get in your head just keep doing the funny stuff you can possibly do and don't worry about the stuff and then J. took it back
00:51:23over and then he was great he was greatly then and always great god we still is give me advice and and I think everyone just sorry kind of just talking so like after this whole thing with Jenn like if it's ever going to be a transition it should
00:51:37be Jimmy let's do it the right way and Jan I talked about it and he was like I think you'd be good when they're when you know NBC's ready to do it I'm ready whenever and yeah because he was already laughed at sick I'm already left so I
00:51:49can leave again I don't care it's like and so when we made the transition was one make it as smooth as possible and he could have been a better guy Steve Burke was great yeah I mean the a lot of change happening at NBC and I don't know
00:52:01how many presidents have seen of NBC throughout the years and different owners of that you know it's been crazy with Steve Burke actually want to do it the right way and I got to give him a lot of credit and him and Lorne made and J. because we
00:52:12should say like it ahead of your debut was February seventeenth twenty fourteen the show had not been in New York in forty two years now they re did the same studio where you were doing late night right and you just stay there with Steve Higgins with the roots
00:52:27and so you you got going then I know is a cool thing on the first show to have Joan rivers ending that kind of blackball eras since eighty six for her but at that time the other network late night host of eleven thirty where letterman at CVS and
00:52:42camel ABC how well did you already know those guys and did you keep tabs on what was going on there as friends of the %HESITATION and I'm I'm from there now with him on that it was that because I didn't know him that well but I've done letterman
00:52:54maybe ten times yeah so I know my dad did all my I save all my bits for his show and I knew the whole everyone over there the crew and everybody and we actually did some stuff and I was a late night where he would talk to me
00:53:06through the show Meg what's the little Jimmy Fallon doing in can you show me how to do Twitter and all this stuff and I think CVS almost up mention my name and so it one of the things that really everybody remarks about when talking about you certainly in
00:53:20reference all these other guys that do this so many of them and I you know it's a form of him or whatever but they seem to have a chip on their shoulder they're angry about something %HESITATION that's that's that's their persona you are the most upbeat positive guy
00:53:34I don't think anyone's ever seen you angry and so I want to ask you because we've seen like the Larry Sanders show and stuff that shows what this job and you can reference it earlier that in some it's so hard you know having to do the same thing
00:53:47and put your face on and do this every night and act like you're just as thrilled to be there every night they can probably drive a person crazy so how do you maintain that positivity every single night I think you know leg again with Larry Sanders Larry never
00:54:04really flipped out it was when the doors close he would just kind of yell a couple things you know or complain about Hank whatever but he always had the producer of the the the bag and it honestly you have another show tomorrow so I can't really freak out
00:54:19and go like that thing didn't work out and you know if that was just a bad show man it's like you could do it for a little bit but the end of the show tomorrow and the goal of it is you want to make humans laugh I mean
00:54:31it's it's bigger now than it's ever been I mean the shows global gets bigger than New York City it's bigger than America I mean I go to on vacation a London people are you know coming up to me like can I take a picture of the %HESITATION from
00:54:44do by and I go I mean how do you even see the today show Mike to be Aaron to buy like no you too but I got %HESITATION yet what it right at that but this didn't exist you know at the time and like it's just cool to
00:54:56see that they can go and and grow and be that is just really kind of exciting and so are there is there days when you have to really force that energy and and positively I we having this yeah but I mean there's days when you're sick too but
00:55:09it's like this you have three hundred people working for answers like negative really a lot of people in the audience gonna take just take an aspirin now we get everybody where do you tend to get your ideas and and how do you record them I mean the iPhone
00:55:21has been great to me because it's just basically like a little computer in your pocket yeah so I mean either I do voice memos in the morning which is just usually in coherent and mumbling is that you're right that was your idea for Paul McCartney what the hell
00:55:40you do that thing I I but I I went with my wife %HESITATION is this is the go in the bathroom and if I have an idea for a song isn't it or is it alkyl ever know that I just been using forever or just like this is
00:55:51an idea it's something it's dumb you know I have an idea for Timberlake to coming I just thought of it over the break that who knows be funny but I have a written down so next time he's around I go Hey one do this in a what part
00:56:03of the show do you personally tend to get most hands on with this the monologue is something else a game it is yeah it's usually like it either if it's a a pre tape or or sketches my that I I I'm pretty hands on with all of it
00:56:17I mean I talked to the head writer emails and I talked to her and Arthur Meyer about the sketches and every day I have a meeting from you know is a twelve thirty on it's just meetings with people just to go through everything planned out you know we
00:56:33have things planned out of gas two months from now you know like I think that we think that all that's good about this and %HESITATION he wants to come sing this for you like %HESITATION I but if you had this word it is so you constantly was doing
00:56:44that monologue it's you're reading it I of it you know we go through no fifty jokes and or hundred jokes down to thirty and then a narrow that down I read in front of a rehearsal audience and then if I want to change different words are lines I
00:56:59change that and then I go through it in a room before the show and usually Lauren's in there and maybe changes liner now cut that as they go off we do another you know trump joker you and do another Clinton jokes is like you know that there's a
00:57:12while we did a Chris Christie jokes every single night you mentioned something that I obviously have to ask you about person I have to ask you about because it's interesting just how all of our lives have been jolted by him and that is Mr trump on September fifteenth
00:57:28twenty sixteen he came here as a candidate who nobody really thought had much of a chance of winning and you guys had a conversation not unlike all the others that you know the kind of a pleasant back and forth that culminated or in some ways also featured the
00:57:44Hera awful and I just wonder if you can take me through your mind set on that day and you know before during and after would you ever have imagined that this would cause the kind of backlash that it did it and why do you think it did all
00:57:59I could say I mean people just very upset you know the you know and and and angry if you know that the people there they can it didn't win and say that and you know if they really don't like the other person they they really don't like anything
00:58:11they're involved in I did not do it to normalize him or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff I don't do that with any guest right than anyone on whoever's on the show tonight I don't know who they believe in what they
00:58:24believe and I I just have mine as a guest and so he was already the canon and he was Donald Trump already he was the Republican candidate and I had the democratic candidate on the next night any tests are here to serve her as well and I gave
00:58:39her a bit I didn't so I didn't mean to make him an angry and I I knew would be big because I touch his hair right I think a lot of people with at the time just all they're talking about was his hair the hair the hair is
00:58:50it real easy to pay is the thing that that was it just got bigger than and just out of control when did you realize that it was a big thing I saw like other comedians from other shows thank you for a man on Twitter and I go I
00:59:05go okay now just gonna get off because now I feel like no one's using her full lower response the back yeah yeah yeah definitely because they know that the show I'm just doing five hours a week and like working I get in it you know ten the morning
00:59:18at work till seven at night I'm just trying to make a funny show you know the grind so you know and if you know me I'm not that I want to make it have all the people in the world I'm one of the good people I mean the
00:59:30fact don't think the eerie no you talk about if you say that I'm doing anything around evil or whatever it's like but he was just jump in the train and they just that some people don't even they don't even want to hear anything else it's like the you
00:59:44did that you won't just calm down and just look at the whole thing and actually see what my body of work and what I just have fun of the show you know it's like a it's a I've had in mind down trump is come on probably ten fifteen
00:59:58times yeah he was a star and NBC who's a reality star I've done so many bits with a guy I've always acid touches here I do the bit where I touch is turning barked at me yeah I he's come on the show and he's I will say this
01:00:12about him is that he's never changed his it he's just always been at least as an on we did a bit once where he came on the show we're doing charades I go down twenty sure isn't sure that what is what is your here come on what is
01:00:26sure it another game of the parlor games charades react %HESITATION they don't know what is on the job or whatever cigar and I did a bit and his partner was Little John and little Joe was doing his chest journeys brings hands in front of his belly in like
01:00:40in that like it's a big round thing for and and truck goes boobs I go that's why we're daily with the baby is these banking at these is doing is doing a pre is it's a baby manner like we just yes you let me ask you this because
01:00:57I don't think anyone that I know thinks you're a bad guy for having done I think they were very angry and passion about him generally in this happen to fit into that but my question is just it seems like there was a period between then and the election
01:01:10a few months later where if the team somehow for some people they it was excuse to give you a hard time about a number of things New York posted this thing that they're insinuating that you're off work time was your drinking or whatever and that that it because
01:01:24these weird injuries that you had so my only question is getting through that period did it change you did it change the show in any way you've seen now that the ratings of the guys who are more political your your competitors have in in the trump tower %HESITATION
01:01:39been helped by being political did it make you think maybe I should get more political on the show did it change anything else about the way you go about your business I think if anything you know it it changed the way I think like with the %HESITATION that
01:01:52social media stuff and that you shouldn't really get that involved and don't really believe that because I don't even know how much of that is reality you really just have to think about all the people that love your show and really are the washing should to get away
01:02:06from all this and escape the problems in the world and I I think like anything trump coming in I don't know who I know what's going to happen I I don't you know support is politics but I don't make that part of my show as the tonight show
01:02:23should be for everybody so I I want to do I will make fun of the president which I did with Obama that's all I lived there all I had was about this is the first time I'm dealing with a different president so I have to learn and so
01:02:36I have to see what he does I see what Mike pence does is he with those jokes are and that changes the show the ratings never bothered me I don't really care about the rays never will just someone else's job at NBC if they you know it if
01:02:52I were but the ratings and I should have been worried when we're number one and whatever so I I never cared about that I never will I just wanna make sure we have the best show possible yeah but it was definitely a a down time and it's tough
01:03:05for morale for young people is three and people that work here and so people talking that bad of a gang up on you and really gang mentality none of it was insane it was it people you wouldn't expect their sense of the island go easy because all right
01:03:21we get it you made me feel that so now what do you have a easy I'm depressed you want pushing more what do I do analyst I mean you want to kill myself or what will make you happy get over you've said you're only regret about it really
01:03:35is a you didn't speak to quell the issue center is that right yeah I prices just talking just done interviews it merely asking like I don't do it I don't believe in what you don't do a lot of interviews and politicians I don't but it's like I I
01:03:48hope to talk why would I be on a show and the fact you have me on a side note will hopefully people do then that's what I I go yeah sorry I don't wanna make anyone angry that I never do and I never will result in the front
01:04:02of the show and I made a mistake I'm sorry if I made a one man and looking back %HESITATION do differently but you know what we eat you have five nights a week to make comedy and %HESITATION you have to make a lot of people laugh and there's
01:04:16there's more people out there that need joy in their life and his people and there's people that are really depressed and need something to laugh at night that's my job is to make people laugh so I just got a rise up out of that and in in just
01:04:29go like dude let's do another let's just take another thing to make people laugh and then it you just gotta keep moving and and don't you can keep your head down and it's it's it's tough but you gotta get morale up and you got to tell everyone that
01:04:43we have a great show we have the best show on TV I I believe we have a full on variety show we do everything we should acknowledge because as we wind down here you you've had some of the best funniest viral segments he's lip sync battle spawned its
01:04:56own show your thank you notes thing people of battle of the instance songwriters my buddy Todd Kramer was one of your participants are there that was hilarious is just great fantastic thing there's a discount to the people are right you have an hour to read it sounds fantastic
01:05:11and though you know for anyone who wants to suggest that just because you have fine you can also be serious or have have depth I want to direct them to a few different clips August twenty fourteen after Robin Williams death very emotional monologue there after letterman's last show
01:05:29a competitor in may twenty fifteen and then more recently after Charlottesville and most recently November thirteenth twenty seventeen your first show after losing your mother I mean these are some very powerful moments yeah stuff they got to do it you know you got to do the show must
01:05:47go on he goes like it's just tough yeah yeah but Siggy it's those things that I I you know I don't like doing it too much you can do for every single thing because that I again you here to make everyone laugh right but it's just you got
01:05:59it you know here person he %HESITATION he yeah and you also if people want to hear from you they really wanted did your part of their IT world I mean television is so powerful yeah you really part you people go to bed with you every single night and
01:06:13the Cup to on the street they think they they know you really well yeah soap and they do it so I gotta be honest and I go but I don't want to preach every night and tell you you know and %HESITATION here's what's wrong with the world here's
01:06:23what's and just keep hammering you okay did now make me laugh just let you also walk the walk I know that just recently your at the March for our lives and then also you get a commencement speech for the kids at parkland at aunt Marjorie Stoneman Douglas leave
01:06:37those are those a meaningful things kids were outside the ad to just so inspiring in it just for its M. Q. I can't even imagine what they went through what they're going through even the families but also the survivors and yeah that was a I want to make
01:06:52sure I I I had on that speech as well as I possibly could so I had three great writers help me out with that when we were going over and over and and just try to make sure we throw the right line of respectful but still want to
01:07:06give them a little laughter something tonight it's a graduation meant a lot to them it was a big deal last question is your basically at the top of the comedy world top the county pyramid this is the job that so many people have literally fought and clawed to
01:07:23be at and so I just wonder on the one hand that's got to be very gratifying on the other hand I wonder if it's sort of like these guys that astronauts that go to the moon and they come back and it's like you know they sometimes are the
01:07:34press like how do you where do you go from here what do you what it's it's such an elevated experience and so I just wonder for you how long do you see yourself sticking with it how will you know when it's time to stop and are you still
01:07:48enjoying I am not gonna stop until yeah I don't know why don't know when I'm with the staff when there's no more TV eggs and I'm I'm ready to go for ever I mean I wanna just get do more and more cool stuff I want more roller coasters
01:08:01I want more ice creams I want to help more people I want to raise money for things I want to do more viral moments I want to you know what someone become a huge star I want to have a nobody who is ever like who is that person
01:08:15right now be a household name that is all fun and the thing I love the business I love what I do and dude I'm such a %HESITATION I meant such an open network I know I've been twenty for two like like al Roker is by the only gonna
01:08:29has more time to me I mean I'm the last guy standing here is I love what I do I'm lucky to work with people I work with and I hope I get to do this for as long as people are watching now well you do a great job
01:08:41thank you so much for doing this this is fun thank you let thanks very much for tuning into war chatter we really appreciate taking the time to do that and would really appreciate you taking a minute more to subscribe to our podcast for free on I tunes or
01:09:00podcasts app and to leave us a rating as well if you have any questions comments or concerns you can reach me via Twitter at Twitter dot com slash stop by amber and you can follow all of my coverage between episodes AT T. H. R. dot com slash the
01:09:14rates until next time thanks for joining us

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