Are you ready to come down the rabbit hole?
Investing in his first property at 18, and starting his first business shortly after, Nathan Birch was able to 'retire' at just 24. He has appeared on such programs as 7 news, Sunday Night and Triple J’s Hack and his story is so incredible it’s hard to believe!
We delve into so much more than just investing today, Nathan has in his own words, some alternative views about the entire systems that we are born into and some really thought-provoking commentary in regards to money.
We cover so many things in today's episode, and it was actually recorded in the middle of last year. I have been working through a backlog to get these episodes out to you guys but it’s just about finding the time. It’s a big one today so maybe grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.
Get excited to exit the Matrix and dive into the brilliant mind of Nathan Birch!
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