In Today's episode we chat about:
- Giving back to the community once you have achieved FIRE
- Is the popularity of passive investing creating a bubble?
- Sharing my experience of selling IP1 myself and would I do it again?
Question (5:14)
I saw this article pop up recently (link) from the co-author of Your Money or Your Life (a great read) and was wondering what your thoughts on this are.
Have you considered or planned on finding ways to give back to your community once you achieve the RE part of FIRE?
What would some of these ways be if you did?
I know a lot of people talk about RE to have the time to spend on hobbies and family, but it's a rare thing to hear about giving our time to those around us and I think it'd be great to start that conversation in the FI community.
Question (16:52)
Hi Firebug,
Love the site and podcast. I am wondering if it concerns you how popular passive investing is becoming and the impact of large amounts of money flowing into companies somewhat blindly?
Question (21:00)
Hi Aussie Firebug,
Thanks for the blog and podcast.
Like you, we plan on transitioning from shares and real estate to all shares, EFT & LIC.
To simplify things and increase income generation. We had planned on using one of the self listing options when selling our investment properties to avoid the agent's fees, so we were interested to hear that you had done this with the sales of IP1.
Can you give us some details of the process and lessons learned? Will you do it again for IP2 and IP3?
- Bradley
United States


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