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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.
One Third of Life is the podcast to listen to when you cannot sleep; when you are so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you cannot unwind. This will be the companion to talk you to sleep.
Sleep and Relax ASMR is a weekly podcast that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. The show uses various ASMR triggers including whispers, gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, and general ambiance to help peo...
Relaxe aqui com áudios ASMR, eles te ajudam a aliviar o estresse e recuperar seu soninho. Relax here with ASMR audios, they help relieve stress and get you back to sleep.
My name is A.J. and I am here to help you relax after a hard day with positive vibes, words, and A.S.M.R. stimulation. I hope this helps you enjoy life alittle more. Support this podcast:
A relaxing podcast to help you fall asleep or just unwind from a busy day.
Whispered stories to help you fall asleep. Sit or lie back, close your eyes and listen. Set the volume to a comfortable level that will help you fall asleep.
You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so do it well. Use this podcast as your bedtime routine to ease your mind, insomnia or sleep deprivation. WHAT TYPE OF SOUND MAKE YOU SLEEPY? To get your own sleep sound featured on our podcast, do one the foll...
Hallo und willkommen zu unserem ruhig Ort. Ich weiß mein Deutsch ist nicht am besten aber hoffe ich ich werde besser sein. Vielen Dank für hören! Cover art photo provided by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash:
Let's Find Out ASMR is here to help you nod off to something calm and interesting. Science, Philosophy, History, Maths... or personally interesting themes in each episode. ASMR just means content specifically designed to be relaxing and peaceful....
ASMR by top brands give you braingasms. #ASMR #ScrewHole #Tap #Industrial BRANDED AUDIO LABEL [SOUNDS GOOD] ( / Provider : YAMAWA ( / Speaker : CIRRRCLE (
Sensual ASMR recordings to help soothe and relax you. Lie back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and escape with me for a little while. Just you and me..... Ideal listening pleasure requires headphones as some of my recordings are whispered.
Hi, I’m Cat, and this is me trying to do ASMR. I made this because I was very jet lagged and like tapping on things. Here you go.
Relaxing ASMR audio content from a range of ASMRtists
A podcast about anything and everything produced by the ASMR Guru for Jivanka.
Short amateur ASMR clips Support this podcast:
On this channel I will be doing ASMR for example Mouth Sounds, Cryptic Sounds, Hand Sounds, and eating sounds/mouth sounds etc.
ASMr/relationships is a meditative podcast, combining soothing soundscapes and verbatim readings of posts from various reddit advice boards. The host's personal commentary is limited to one or two sentences, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ...
Where the Tingles live, come here for some magical ASMR! Support this podcast:
What is ASMR? They're sounds that feel good to hear. Sort of the opposite of nails on a chalkboard. Each week Adam Papagan and his guests use ASMR techniques to explore the connection between mind, place, and personality. Watch live every Wednesd...
On this podcast only high quality ASMR! Most are no talking audio, but occasionally I do Italian or English speaking ASMR audio. You can watch full video on youtube at