For this episode, I’d like to talk about the melody of natural hair. Have you ever thought about if your natural hair had a theme song? What would it be? And how does that describe what kind of natural you are? I will discuss the different natural hair personality types and assign a song to each type. Did you think of one while listening to this podcast? Share it with me on my site: www.AskMeAboutMyHairPodcast.com!
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00:00:00this is episode 2 if your natural hair had a theme song or what is your natural hair personality type
00:00:07hi I'm firing your host and welcome to ask me about my hair podcast the podcast that talks all things natural hair and life and living life with natural hair but not because of it for this episode I'd like to talk about The Melody of natural hair have you ever thought about if your natural hair had a theme song what would it be and how does that describe what kind of natural you are oh yes there is a type isn't that the case with everything
00:00:35music has been synonymous with The Human Experience since the beginning of time is no stranger to the Black Culture we use music to tell stories we use it to convey emotion and we use music to send a message so what message does your natural hair send or rather what type of vibe do you give off when people see you and your natural hair so what do I mean type I'm not talking about the type of hair you have as a curly kinky coily Etc I'm actually talking about your natural hair as personality type yes natural hair has types just like everything else to which we assign a stereotype in life I know I know I know stereotypes are not always positive but bear with me because I want to take the natural hair stereotypes and have a little fun with them so this is going to be a bit of tongue and cheek if you will if you know me you know this is so me so instead of just talking about how you see your natural hair or how you care for your natural hair I want to look at the personality that your natural hair has or the personality that come
00:01:35when dealing with your natural hair and then just for fun I want to assign a song that specific natural hair personality says your hair Steam song If you will know my God I hope you have as much fun with this is I had when I put it together who knows you may be able to identify your natural hair personality by the time I'm through and then you'll have a song to Rock 2
00:01:59I'm getting into the spirit already I rhymed know okay moving on
00:02:05so what type of natural hair are you what's your hairs personality and how does your song describe you let's get started but first let me share that this is just for fun and not to be used as a diagnosis or true personality descriptor at all this is just for fun and to get you thinking about how your natural hair reflects your natural hair personality and vice versa so how many people view you before they get to know you there are several natural hair types and some may even be combined to form a split personality see what I did there
00:02:40I thought we'd start with the militant we all know this type and you know who you are there are so many names for you the natural not see the natural product police feminist protesters the black or white but never gray area of having natural hair actually been known to refer to this group as the Black Panther group of natural hair although I give mad respect to the history and Good Deeds of this group because you either conform to their way of thinking or you're just not natural enough to be called the true natural you use cones sulfates Combs brushes Flatiron what then you obviously aren't fully committed to the movement because natural hair is a movement in everything you do should reflect all the natural you are this personality most likely condemns others for not being totally and thoroughly natural and often accuse others of not being dedicated to the cause of natural hair relaxers are evil and should be done away with
00:03:37best personality needs to chill out wow you are turning people away from the beauty that is natural hair sure there are certain things that you probably should not use in your Strand and there are method that could probably use some tweaking I'm sure but don't be a natural hair Pharisee where the only one true follower of the one true natural religion is you there is room for creativity and individuality no Naturals journey is the same as another's and it would do this personality well to remember that natural hair is not a battle to be one it's a journey to be enjoyed
00:04:15on the other side of the spectrum is the free spirit this natural hair personality has a completely lazy Faire attitude about natural hair so where the previous creates strict rules around having maintaining natural hair this personality believes that no rules apply like it all natural hair should take on its own course without interference from anyone product or technique where we like to encourage a natural hair routine the free-spirit does what they want when they want how they want or don't want or whatever they take the belief that having natural hair should free one of the responsibilities of always having to do their hair and blow it out the water nothing is Taboo in anything is acceptable if that's what the free spirit wants to do so this is kind of a really hippie way of thinking and while not terrible as far as no stress goes this way of thinking can be dangerous to the natural hair if you don't know what your hair like sand and doesn't like then how do you know what
00:05:15used to help it driving grow healthy everyone needs some kind of road map to help us arrive at our destination right so even if you don't want to spend a lot of time on your natural hair care you can best utilize your time but at least following a routine alas even freestyle has limits
00:05:34okay you seen this hair personality and if you aren't her you know her well that natural who never has the same style never gives the same answer to the what do you use in your hair question and always seems to be all in the up-and-coming hair trends we also refer to this personality as the product junkie the natural addict if you will always waiting for the next natural hair fixed this personality gets a high from the new the experimental list that's what this personality type of called there isn't a color this natural hair personality hasn't tried or will try there isn't a curling custard or gel that hasn't been tested there isn't a conditioner that hasn't been used and there isn't a style that hasn't been worn this natural room looks like a salon and beauty supply combined and they are actually the experts on all things CurlFormers crocheted wigs and twisted if she hasn't tried it yet then she's going to when you have questions about a product a style or technique
00:06:34natural has the how to end the what to use
00:06:38so this personality has to be really careful with over manipulation and doing just too much sugar natural hair natural hair needs time to relax and a break from all the styling a product you can wear you out your natural hair and it will stop growing and being healthy if too much is thrown at it all at once it's okay to have fun with your hair but choose experimental styles that will last longer than just a couple days require you to wash more than once a week your hair will be so thankful that you did
00:07:08disc personality where is protective styles like a shield and is never caught wearing their natural hair out the more tough to the ends are the better they feel about their natural hair they will do almost anything to make sure their natural hair is not susceptible to break it or stunted growth this personality is the protector and they are futurist as in my best natural hair is coming you just wait one day I will feel that the world is worthy to see it in all its Glory you would never know how long this Personalities Hair is or even how much of it they have ever see a night protect the king or the prince that is sometimes the extreme Twitches personality will go to protect the strands of their natural hair masks deep conditioners and then Platts twist braids tucks and rolls sometimes you never see the hair underneath the roll
00:07:58I don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with protecting your natural hair and protective styles are all that and a bag of fake cats I love cats but what is the fun in having all these awesome natural hair is at no point you intend to wear it out protector sometimes miss the enjoy the journey part of this natural hair trip and they just don't let loose and have fun with afro there is a middle ground you know to doing too much to your hair and then doing nothing at all I mean when it's all said and done you may be able to brag about having retained all this length but what did you do with it let your hair out of its box to stretch once in a while you're cramping it Style
00:08:41so I was in a Sally's while ago before I recovered from my product addiction you know product junkie ISM I walked back to the natural hair products section and I was surprised to see a woman standing in the aisle with straight slipped no judgement here to each her own I figured she was thinking about going natural and maybe wanted to explore her product options so she sensed me and turned around I need my Puffs she asked what using your hair I smiled and answered well it depends on what my hair needs what specifically are you looking for she paused and said I'm natural but I go to a salon to straighten my hair every two weeks I thought oh I mean I couldn't even tell she was natural
00:09:24this personality isn't stealth mode I call it the chameleon they have natural hair most for quite some time but they covered up with straightened Styles and weaves or wigs and usually the strategies you can pass by them everyday and I bet you have no idea that they're actually sporting natural hair under all the slip down straight trusses you never know if it's because they're more comfortable with straight hair or they're Unsure how to fix their naturally textured hair or they might have a job family or friends who aren't really supportive of their natural hair texture so they hide it under straight hair because that's what's more accepted in our culture right do you always but be careful about heat damage and Harris teen challenge too much heat on those precious dresses and you will be looking at limp straight hair and no time believe me I speak from experience and lots of babying straightened natural hair that still eventually lost its curl pattern a wig is still better than putting that flat iron and blow dryer to it every month
00:10:24what is personality should also be really careful not to let that poor Harris team creep up
00:10:30that's what tells you your hair your natural texture isn't desire desirable and you look better with straight hair strands anyway so you probably heard it I have wear your hair how you want but remember what's the point of being natural if you won't be natural
00:10:47never be afraid to show others the real you most of the time the only person with the problem is you
00:10:55the Wild Child let's just get right into this one this is in direct opposition to the chameleon this natural hair personality type never wears straight hair like ever like in fact there mattress is big hair don't care or the bigger the better or even forget about it you know every style includes teasing and fluffing and pulling to get the ultimate coily stretch to do the biggest afro they can get at any time this is not quite the experimental list personality although the manipulation is right up there on that level this is the person who loves her natural hair and wants everyone to know that it is big bold and here to stay
00:11:36watch out for breakage so you don't have to be dedicated to heat to see damage to your natural hair but the constant picking and teasing and stretching to get as big as possible is also not really good for it and can cause breakage like right in the middle of the Strand so be careful and try to utilize a protective style or deep treatment once a month or so
00:11:58in so many cases the main goal of a woman having natural hair is to grow it long and healthy we all want to see how long are here can get and how much time some more than others but that's the initial goal right the tracker this personality type is serious about that hair length really really serious this is a personality with the hair ruler the ruler t-shirt and the YouTube playlist dedicated strictly to bi-weekly length checks you've seen it she watches her hair grow like a mad scientist watches his laboratory experiments and even has calculated the rate of growth expected when certain variables are in place don't be surprised if you see this personality type pull out a notebook with dates and inches scroll the cross of page because it is that serious
00:12:49wow seriously just relax it actually isn't that serious your hair will grow just be patient and let it do its thing ever heard the term a watched pot never boils it's like that with hair the more you measure it the less it will seem to grow of course it's growing at its normal rate as long as you're doing everything you should be doing to ensure that your body is healthy and therefore your share is healthy but you can't see growth I mean not really any way you can only go with the flow and enjoy the journey until one day you look up and notice hey your hair is to your shoulders and then you look up again and it's to your bra strap hair grows that's what it's supposed to do but stressing over how much and how fast will only make you miss the awesome times and Milestones in your journey so relax breathe and just let it be
00:13:42how many of us can honestly say that having natural hair especially on a great hair day makes us feel sexier more desirable more outgoing I'm raising my hand in here I'm not sure what it is but my natural hair when it's done up and looking awesome it makes me feel prettier somehow like more attractive the sex pot that is this personality type she cuts her hair and she becomes natural and she realizes how sexy her new do makes her feel so one day she's rocking her TWA and the next day she's rocking a piercing or two or three or a tattoo she's wearing more makeup maybe a little tighter fitting in the clothing maybe even shorter at the skirt you notice that are self-assurance is on point in her ass teen girl higher and higher every day I wouldn't say that she's full of herself but she's happy with herself in her self do your thing girl I'm not even mad at you in fact I have nothing to offer to
00:14:42personality accept that self confidence is attractive and she turns heads not because she looks good but because others can tell she feels good about her look it's actually infectious and it can help another woman take the plunge into the world of the natural so don't be promiscuous that reputation is far different but be attractive feel attractive and act attractive I'm still working on this but I'll get their self confidence shines so much brighter than self-doubt
00:15:14no not another natural hippie but close one of the things I love most about my natural hair journey is how I've learned what different herbs and plants do for my hair and body and being able to use these ingredients in my kitchen to make hair products let's be real that's such an awesome moment when you can tell someone that the resulting twist out is from a homemade twisting butter that you came up with in your kitchen I mean honestly the naturalist personality believe that there's nothing in the store better than the stuff she can make on her own I also called his personality the minimalists although it's very easy to obtain too many oils and potions and then you're really not minimalist anymore
00:15:54plus there are no chemicals and bad ingredients so she knows where everything comes from and every ingredient hold some benefits of the health of her natural hair I have No Reservations I do it as well and I love it I actually do research is key here though because you really have to know what you're putting into your concoctions and the effect each ingredient can have on your hair and in your body so if you are nursing children for instance will certain herbs and oils affect your ability to nurse are you on any medications because this could clash with certain herbal mixes so just do your research and know what you're using and why and how it will affect you and your loved ones
00:16:34if you can eat it you should be able to put it in your hair
00:16:39not a hair out of place the perfectionist personality types is the perfectionist and they will slick back some edges and lay every strand of hair exactly where they want it for the style they do less of the wild child look and more of the Posh and Polished polished look I get so jealous sometimes when I see these lovely ladies with the YouTube tutorials you know the one to end up with the perfect bun or the just right twist out they smooth and place and get their hair just right and then the end result is always spectacular like always they belong in this personality through personally we can all do with a little bit of messy in RG that's just my belief but I can also appreciate the need for perfection
00:17:26nobody's perfect well except those who are
00:17:31just a little while ago when people thought of natural hair I think reggae music or African tribal dance music was the soundtrack played think about it then that was reserved for those with locks and Neo-Soul with the music of the natural now it's just kind of a mixed bag it's really whatever you want to listen to where we know whatever you stand for but you still have those culturalist these are the naturals who are happy to rock their dashikis and proud to wear their black pride shirts they live in head wraps and big wooden jewelry because before you were natural you were not as proud or as aware of your black roots as you are after being natural it's like a mission statement natural black and proud
00:18:12love your roots and where you came from but don't be that stereotype and don't be something you're not if that is you then be you and that's really awesome remember that you can be a natural whatever you want to be
00:18:26who you are is only complemented by your natural hair but your hair should never Define who you are you define you no one or nothing else gets that privilege
00:18:40a small part of me knows this can fit in with another one of the natural hair personalities I talked about today but I still want to give it a separate song Just because I like the song it's pretty cool right because who doesn't know that natural who is always seen and heard I'm talking about the Instagram selfie YouTube log up front at every conference Queen who can't and won't be out shown this is the natural with all the views all the fans and all the recognition coming from other blogs if there was a Grammys of natural hair they would walk the red carpet looking spectacular every year you know the popular natural I remember when natural hair was really not a popular thing so now we actually have natural hair celebrities and people who go crazy just to catch a glimpse of one of those natural or snap a pic with her
00:19:32the spotlight personality that's what I call this when you know one and you will never forget them
00:19:40when this movie came out I about lost my mind I watch the TV series of a little girl and wanted so much to be that strong woman able to do anything a man can do and then I heard the song and for an entire summer it was my Anthem who doesn't want to be an independent woman so when it comes to Hair Care I'm all too familiar with the satisfaction that comes from learning how and actually doing your own hair the last natural hair personality is the stylist and is a natural hair personality who is not really a stylist by trade but who's learned all the basics and how to do her own hair she never needs to step foot in a salon because if she doesn't know a style she will learn it no matter how long it takes and if she can't learn it then she really kind of doesn't need to know it YouTube is her go to and she soaks up tutorials like a sponge
00:20:31but this is what being a natural is all about at least in my opinion leaving the ball and chain of the salon for relaxers is why so many women Proclaim Freedom when they become natural so why throw it all the way to latch yourself to another stylist chair honestly we should all have a little bit of the stylist in it's because it's all part of the fun that comes with having natural hair while it's someone do for you what you can learn to do for yourself
00:20:58so what do you think that I miss a natural hair personality that you've met or you feel you embody don't forget to share with me on the podcast website ask me about my hair podcast.com I'd love to hear some of your personalities and natural hair types
00:21:13but thanks for tuning in to ask me about my hair podcast check out my blog ask me about my hair. Com for more natural hair goodness also join me on Instagram Pinterest and YouTube at ask me about my hair blog and on Twitter at ask me hair and until next time love your natural hair by

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