Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the sixth in the Mission: Impossible series and it goes all out on Tom Cruise stunts. It even goes a bit Uncharted in the end. Drew and Chella enjoyed Fallout, but where does it rank in the grand scheme of Mission: Impossible films? Only one way to find out.
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00:00:06Well game industry dot com i'm shelagh and i'm drew and together we're arguing about the things that really matter in games and films and stuff Indeed we are at it is season four episode sixteen indeed it is what's our topic drew today When we went to see this
00:00:26yesterday we are talking about the new mission impossible film mission Impossible fallen which came out i think last thursday yeah that way yeah say the internet kind of being a buzz about this one in they've definitely got in the marketing right for this one I think everyone's been
00:00:46talking about it Yeah yeah we went to see it it's a bit weird are sharing because when late afternoon it was quarter to five on dh Yes everyone went to see it basically with pensioners there tuesday is pensioner's day or something for going to see it but you're
00:01:06going to see it with pensions That is quite funny because they'll be like someone punched or something Oh i thought he killed him that thing That was most so yeah basically everybody's gone tio pretty much categorically say all generations of people have gone to see mission possible Wait
00:01:31when we got out of mission Impossible the movie cinema was absolutely mobbed Sure what that was all about We didn't find out Quite what what a lie I suspect mama me and more than anything but yeah be sing along things going on good grief okay back to back
00:01:52to the world I like world free from abba which is mission in full force So what were your kind of first impressions Well i think wei need to give the usual kind of argue the toss film disclaimer here and i want to say i like this film and
00:02:12i'm going to spend the next half an hour like talking about the bits i didn't like Yeah i mean it's more mission impossible it's kind of it's in the it's another film in the pattern that has now sort of bean set by sort of mission Impossible three but
00:02:27especially goes protocol on rogue nation it's very much the third in that kind of trilogy If you take my meaning and yeah that's always fun It was a long one It it's definitely the kind of biggest and flashiest of the of the mission impossible films as well I
00:02:48think maybe mission impossible to have a claim on being flash here but that's that yeah that's not really a point in its favour But yet it's the biggest one yet and i think they've bean they've been hoping that up in the market in quite a lot on its
00:03:04a serious that has now become really kind of aware of what it's known for which is to say you know practical physical stunts with kind of the added bonus that it usually actually tom cruise doing that i don't know why that's such a bonus but it is on
00:03:21dh i think it it leans into that quite a lot so what you get for that is like it has i think it has some of the best like action set pieces in the series of some really good fights in there the final activity the kind of showdown
00:03:37is maybe the best in the siri's um about what it did do is it kind of i lost some of the immersion of watching because the film can't stop making the stunts even more more outlandish and it's constantly like panning back to show you that it's actually tom
00:03:55cruise so especially in that late last night which i do cross if i that i really enjoyed it was difficult to remember that i was watching a spy film as opposed to just watching the newest mission impossible stunt and i think as much as i enjoyed the film
00:04:11i wasn't a huge fan of the way that it's kind of studied toe fetishize the stump work and the tom cruise of it all above everything else because that's not the only thing i've come to a mission impossible film for yeah i'm worried that that series is starting
00:04:26to become more and more hyper specific and taking focus away from other elements which kind of contributed more to the previous films which i enjoyed more yeah wow that was a really good first impression that was you cheerier yeah i was just going to say i enjoyed it
00:04:55but it wasn't my favorite yeah the sort of internet feed back seems to be that everybody enjoyed it a lot more than they've ever enjoyed and a mission impossible ever before on dh which i find a bit confusing because i just didn't think it was a tight as
00:05:18road and ghosts or my memories of mission possible three which i went to the cinema to see it absolutely loved and came out sort of breathless but i haven't seen it since i don't think so my memories of that kind of hazy in terms of how tight and
00:05:37pc it wass basically i enjoyed it but it's not my favorite no i i thought it had the weakest opening the opening was clever but we were saying this on the way home it felt like the opening for an episode off the tv show has opposed teo opening
00:05:59for you know a big budget fill that you're preparing for so yeah so i really like those james bond style openings they have before the credits on dh there usually just really nifty and get you just like really prepped for the for the right on this wouldn't didn't
00:06:19really not in the same way didn't i guess they were trying to set a different tone it's darker in some ways but i thought there was a lot more comedy in some ways as well so it was kind of like balancing this kind of fun quippy sort of
00:06:35the simon pegg element with this darker journey that they wanted ethan hunt to go on finding on dh denying his dark aside yeah i thought it was generally later in tone in the previous mission impossible films i thought itwas reading stuff they seem to think it's dark the
00:06:59darkest one and i don't think it is known as far as i remember the philips even sorry tau philip the phillips seymour hoffman one was really dark i haven't seen that film in ages yeah we're gonna have to revisit that so yeah but i remember because he was
00:07:18like a really good villain i mean he's just really he waas really good whatever he was in but he was really menacing and as i recall he was much more of us like he was much more of a serious villain he wasn't by film bond film villain he
00:07:33was just a kind of grouchy evil guy well yeah what really wells as i recall anyone yeah yeah yeah i did and he that kind of sets up all hiss sort of internal conflicts for the for the rest of the siri's Pretty much the whole thing with his
00:07:50wife and guilt on everything comes from full about philip seymour hoffman way only we could have it back but yes Oh do you have spoil a re we going to go show Let people know I think we're gonna have to talk about the p says the set pieces
00:08:12that there there's not a huge amount of plot to spot There is one boy lory revealed but if you think trailer you kind of already know it Yeah yeah i don't think i talk too specifically about plot because it is just a mission Impossible plot there's not a
00:08:29huge amount to discuss No they don't do anything revolutionary They don't no it's just the set pieces Yes i guess at your own discretion way will be discussing this of stunts and set pieces on dh stuff So i think probably in in discussion of it specifically one set
00:08:52piece you're going to find out who you know the who the rial kind of ultimate villain is So if you don't know that already might want yeah wait come back after you've seen so are we going to give a kind of overview of the the point is it
00:09:15yeah it is it's just a standard set of mission impossible they're like bad people trying todo break down the whole world order they used to be called the syndicate and now they are the apostles yes it's never explained why they changed their name really just different leader isn't
00:09:34it so and i guess it's kind of the sort of apocalypse type it's the sort of biblical washing of earth of you know to start against their basically plotting the downfall of science is everything yeah as we know it to start again and will rise from the ashes
00:09:56greater and better than before so yes it is that's it standard that they going to do it using nuclear weapons so they're trying to get the only three bits of plutonium three main chunks there's no bleep italian left apart from these like silver forbes which keep getting lost
00:10:22in suitcases s oh yeah ethan on dh the crew are out to try on dh thought the villains by intercepting thie plutonium by sort of intercepting the deal and the broker who's selling this plutonium off none is basically it so yeah that bean so the main villain's name
00:10:50is john locke and then there's a such a shady character she's more ambiguous is a sort of she's like a society lady she she's young though so i don't have made all her money but she's very young and beautiful called the white widow who sort of masquerade He
00:11:11has a front of being you know sort of a philanthropic sort of hosting charity raves in paris But she yeah she made her money through arms dealing that's what you know that yeah so she's like a middle person I mean the film does all of suggest her origins
00:11:33like right off the bat said she's the daughter of max the red waves character from the original film So i guess she inherited a spy network through the family lineage Yes like to you my daughter i bequeath my spy network that's it's like god i just got this
00:11:58country pile They got a spy network So it's like it's got okay so we're in paris were in cashmere were also they go through three Act kind of locations are pretty much yes Oh i guess paris the guests Should we just go through the set pieces of Yeah
00:12:32i guess a passing the first kind of main one It it has like there's two in paris that kind of opened with halo jump Yes true And then there is a quite extended kind of chasing which is split into two main parts and it kind of starts out
00:12:53almost a kind of italian job style heist where it's a vehicular heist where they kind of have to get hold of a target and get away with it And it becomes a kind of not yet it's kind of a parkour free running bit for a while And then
00:13:09it's a motorbike chase that kind of it goes over all the kind of different kinds of chase you khun do thie course of about fifteen twenty minutes It's really long it's really long I have to say that's the one piece in the entire film where by the end
00:13:27of july okay can we move on from this now Yeah i'm getting a bit bored of sort of turning another corner in paris with the cafe with people running for chess It's kind of divided into two separate plot section was one one way they're kind of retrieving the
00:13:48package who is a person and trying to escape with him on dh then the second half is it's kind of the reintroduction of the character of ilsa faust from rogue nation on dh it's her kind of in sami's off and a semi antagonised next to grill with ethan
00:14:06trying to solve stop him from doing what he's doing and it feels like that whole two part thing could have been combined into the one chase instead of dividing it up into two of almost kind of equal length yeah i think so yeah um but there is a
00:14:24there is a good of skydiving the well with henry cavil who's the sort of our again he's a cia agent isn't hey he's like angela basse it's guy who she sent in to kind of keep things under control because this lot are just wild cards and can't be
00:14:46trusted so he's there just raising a right eyebrow is henry cavil it's really good it during on on yes they jump out of planes on dh yeah it's a really good scene because tom cruise is obviously very adept at skydiving and can act must sky diving which is
00:15:10kind of ridiculous yeah he has that holds that a like russkies henry cavil and it's really cool of tense and yeah those lots of shots of yep This is definitely tom cruise rescuing someone midair i wonder how many takes it took to get all of that right yeah
00:15:34yeah yeah maybe i didn't even think of that was the one stunt where i know that mission possible trades being kind of real stunt but it would surprise me if there was not some editing and visual effects were there rather than just being straight tom cruise doing whatever
00:15:56you're seeing on screen if it feels like it would be silly teo do that as skydiving just for the sake of it when you could get kind of the exact same effect with minimal intervention but i don't know i mean i don't know speculation so yeah seeming henry
00:16:14cavil thiss we didn't get a good enough shot tom sorry henry you're gonna have to tow yeah but then again i have read like the interviews about seen that we'll probably talk about it later where he was just kind of helicopter to where he was kind of and
00:16:37he was actually in there the whole time tom cruise you know doing his thing and henry cavil it wasn't a stunt man for henry cavill either he was kind of okay i have a feeling it's one of those things that when you sign up tio play opposite young
00:16:51crews on a mission impossible film you're going to be like undo my own stunts to i think indeed is like a match tartans stunt stunt God damn it it's one of these things you tell yourself you just like yet ready for it Yeah i imagine that even if
00:17:07you come to that film not wanting to do your own stunts i imagine it's very difficult to say no to tom cruise because you saw as well that that video that's being going around on youtube where he kind of has james corden skydiving like i've always said to
00:17:24myself all i probably wouldn't be able to sky that i probably wouldn't skydive But if tom cruise asked me to do skydiving probably slide over very charismatic he has a boundless enthusiasm and confidence is hey which is actually just a point tom cruise Absolutely not So what was
00:17:50the west moment of your life with disappointment on tongue freezes face when i didn't go Yeah huh So that was paris that we went two Is it cashmere Next No it's london I mean the london scene is kind of just another on foot chases oh yeah it was
00:18:17it was it was a cool one though it was kind of had that born feel to it with simon pegg kind of sharply in structures i love scenes like that where as one of my favorite born scenes is in waterloo station where he's telling the journalist went to
00:18:33duck yeah love that scene and it was kind of a bit like that on it was funny it was really funny because you know simon pegg didn't realize where he was sending him that was like skating rooftops and stuff and yes it was funny it was london looked
00:18:53beautiful city so it's always nice to see did they put a re from the millennium millennium bridge eyes wondering what bridge is that he ran across towards the tate modern but yeah it was it was a it was a cool scene yeah it's kind of a standard yeah
00:19:16like running chase but it was good fun It was funny it's also the bit where tom cruise famously sol broke his ankle which who is i didn't realize i was thinking doesn't this guy ever get injured They did leave the shot in which i thought was good this
00:19:32it's the one where he kind of jumped from building to building and kind of doesn't quite make it have to grab it on his own They don't leave in the shop where they actually where he actually breaks his ankle that was replaced with something different But when he
00:19:44climbs up on the other side of the building and he's kind of running along and limping he's doing that on a broken ankle i really like the mortensen in later What happened there where he went there looking for the hobbits in in ro han and he kicks the
00:20:06helmet because they come across the place where they've been kidnapped by the erica and on he kicks a helmet he breaks his toe shots on that sort of like primal scream is him going out But they just can't you know he just like ran with the shock kind
00:20:23of thing You watched the commentary for all of the family You know i have really good actually yeah i'm sure they are And i always want to watch the director's comments on films like that but they never do because i always get five minutes in and think i
00:20:42just want to watch the film Okay Yeah i watched them assumes i caught the dvds was like the thing i looked for the most game The dvds way we've got off topic so badly Yeah which otherwise known as thie uncharted act yeah yeah no it's really well i've
00:21:07been i've dumped it yeah because i would just like it because you can imagine if uncharted was in cashmere be no snowy peaks and then you have that panning shot of the new landscape that your end that's going to be the setting for the next piece of gameplay
00:21:25and sort of like set pieces that nate going to come up against on it is shot just like that you get this shot of like there's the village there's the medical camp there are the mountains like some greens is probably gonna fall off crash into yeah it's yeah
00:21:44it just made me smile on the stunts as well the set piece in cashmere wass pure unchartered it was yeah it was fantastic people were laughing like ugo at the beginning of another uncharted game inmates just getting into more and more ridiculous things like everything he touches falls
00:22:06off i think this was another thing that was enhanced by sitting in a room full of pensioners who wouldn't kind of i have a feeling if it was a room full of like teenagers they would have been taking all that seriously Things get mohr and more ridiculous in
00:22:22that kind of final helicopter chasing Yeah it's kind of the most mission impossible that you could possibly get There is a now there are two bombs or two nuclear bombs which have been writing down to like with like a physical timer on dh yeah there's also another thing
00:22:40that has to be done and there's a chase between two helicopters and it's just it's clearly clearly the way that they approached that scene with okay how far can we push one of these stunt sequences how miraculous can get yeah yeah it's a lot of fun but again
00:22:56it goes back to that kind of think i said that the start where i really loved watching that but i hope it doesn't become the thing eyes just doing because at its best it produces the film like so over ordination all of this at its worst that is
00:23:10going that is roger moore's james bond where they yeah yeah make a comedy of it and i i i like those films i don't want them to descend into like self parody yes exactly it is just becoming a bit too kind of knowing and that sort of yeah
00:23:31almost like it's a live show between the people making it on the audience just like look we're doing this year we're going to go there and you just feel this kind of presents all the time of makers as opposed to what you say that immersion is broken because
00:23:49you know they're kind of just um playing us kind of thing yeah it's a really fine line between ethan doing those oh god what now facial reactions in the way that he does i'm doing them directly to camera Thank raja Tbe fair like fuller definitely stays on the
00:24:10good side of that Yeah yeah treacherous and it's obviously a really safe pair of hands with that director and you know the partnership they've obviously got But yeah it's it's max as they could go without otherwise It is going to be a mission impossible in space Things like
00:24:38but that sounds quite yeah now i can visualize a mission impossible in space film which i would accept they could do it better than they did moonraker yeah yeah the set ups that third act was was really great what about the stuff we it's basically talked about the
00:24:55stuff we really liked what didn't we light in terms of like the plot was just like a standard mission impossible but there wasn't anything amazing going on that it has the requisite kind of twisting turned and had a really kind of in the middle it had a really
00:25:10good kind of catch the villain sequence which i thought were really well in what would one of the more fun moments in the film but i don't talk about that too much but it does look like the reveal even if i saw it coming you didn't i think
00:25:25we talked about it when we when we came out andi i don't want to talk too much about it because even if you kind of see it coming it's a cool moment yeah i have too much said about that other than it's fine yeah the final final one
00:25:42yeah yeah i mean the one where they're in the sewers with yeah yeah no i did i didn't see that but yeah that was good I was very neat but i also like the elsa ethan storyline in that i really liked elsa being back because in mission impossible
00:26:05the women are kind of dispensable they're cool and then we never see them again they never get to join the team like them then who were just like like what teo s oh yeah it was really good and there was this really great scene in paris where they
00:26:26just have the you know they're two figures coming together on then they just have this dialogue he's trying to figure out why she's there and what she wants she can tell him he figures it out on dh it's basically they want the opposite things you know for their
00:26:45own reason they have their own reasons for doing everything and they understand them on it was just so lovely but you know they obviously kind of care for each other deeply or love each other or what have you want to put it but they are on both the
00:27:02same side on different sides at the same time because their missions of different and i just thought that was really nicely played it was just a really spare simple scene on dh just set up a conflict beautifully it's cool i think that was one of my favorite scenes
00:27:23in terms of dialogue and stuff like that yeah i just yeah it was really memorable scene the whole set up the visual everything of its nice but there weren't that many for furs Wei have the rinne reuniting scene with her and then later in the fallout also brings
00:27:45back the character of ethan's wife who was in she was like kind of heavily in mission impossible three and she was kind of background in mission impossible for where they kind of give her some closure by having her earthy and but that's off okay they can't be together
00:28:00anymore but like they occasionally they just walk past each other in an exotic location and just each other on dh they know they're both fine yeah which was like it was clearly intended and group goes protocol to kind of close the book on that character jizz to provide
00:28:18an ending to that thread that had been picked up for mission impossible three and now she's back in this one and it works is it finds its off revisit that but what it does is set up a quite awkward saw it's not necessary necessarily a love triangle because
00:28:33she's married to someone else now in the real romantic feeling between i mean there is romantic feeling between her anything and but there's also romantic feeling between ethan and elsa and it seems like someone like that doesn't get mentioned in the film they shy away from that quite
00:28:50a lot it's never they never have those two characters kind of no it's really are because then they have that kind of schmaltzy ending on dh and then it also whispers something teo his wife or well he's all whatever she is now on dh it's just weird like
00:29:15bite these women just of holding court over his his bed at the end of a hospital bed type it was a bit like the end of like way of taking it back to the lord of the rings again when they were gathered around photos feds it's like everybody's
00:29:34like joking and laughing so yeah it was kind of weird how they never dealt with that such a long film and you can see why they didn't because i like it a plot element on top of quite a lot of others which yeah i can see why they
00:29:53didn't choose to focus on it but it's weird that it gets just no mention a toll yeah yeah finally yeah i guess they wanted to tie up all the loose ends with the women and so i'm guessing they're not coming back next one i mean i would be
00:30:15surprised if i wouldn't be so okay i wouldn't be surprised if he also wasn't back but i think the plan is to have the mission impossible team has always chopped and changed quite a lot through through every film on i have a feeling that like so there was
00:30:29i can't remember who the character was in mission impossible four who didn't come the female character you didn't come back for the shoes was she latino a black woman she wants she will like her she was really cool she didn't come back i know but i don't get
00:30:46the sense that that's just we just won't have her back I feel like the mission impossible films that just one which led They kind of cast out of convenience more than anything you know what i mean The men get to stay Yeah thing is only the hot chick
00:31:02that gets like changed out that's Not that i don't think that's true kids like the germany of simon pagan lucy simon yes but like jeremy renner has now been lost but he was in teo and until ten until i mean europe until elsa like the women were completely
00:31:29dispensable Yeah considering it's a film that is like oh god yeah the only woman is like changed out every single time Yeah you have So be good if she gets to come back again i'm hoping she will like part of the imf shield or is she it's like
00:31:57left yeah and i like her ambiguity and the fact that she's kind of shades of gray because she's on a different side and yeah and she understands him because she's a spy or an assassin or whatever she is a swell so yeah i just like their relationship it's
00:32:16kind of cool yeah i'm disappointed that what's his name wasn't back okay yes yeah i did miss him doing from jeremy renner that's that jeremy renner was going to say his name is brent in the films that's why yeah yeah because i really liked him but i like
00:32:41him as an actor there's something charming and watchable about him it's very kind of everyman quality which is like in the avengers that's played on quite a lot of guys just kind of yeah here exactly yeah that's true yeah we did read an interview really long interview with
00:33:04christopher mcquarrie before the show on i thought it was interesting that they said they had a really loose thirty three page script for this film on dh i can kind of feel that it feels like it just didn't hang together as well as the other ones have more
00:33:24than any of the others this was a serious have stunt held together by connective tissue Exactly yeah yeah so soon as i read that i was like ah that explains a lot yeah so hope for me the next one or be tighter i mean it's something that like
00:33:43ironically enough simon pegg has always so have complained about it Zeal He didn't interview he said He always hates it when there's a lot of deleted scenes on dvds and blue rays because it means they didn't write the film before shooting on guess that comes from working with
00:33:59edgar wright alone who is famously plant All his films are all right from the often by the time i think that's the script I mean mission impossible is obviously a different beast and we're not looking for your level of precision that goes into one of those films that
00:34:16we are looking for some prison vision you know we're looking to know what they're doing before they do it yeah i just feel like there were lots of loose ends they're just little flappy bit laying on the one i really did story white widow is the one yeah
00:34:32yeah yeah like white widows character is kind of just dropped halfway through the film she's back at the end for a just a brief epilogue to say what happened to her it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense it clearly they have a lot of like plot
00:34:48thought into that objected ok she can do this and that's the yeah yeah for someone who is a major player in the first half of the film she disappears entirely half with e exactly she does on thie policewoman a swell like another thing that just there was just
00:35:07things considering we were saying on the way home goods areas a film that's called fallout there was some things in this that had no for last call so yeah but on the whole i enjoyed it but not as much as i've enjoyed previous mission impossible's keep calling it
00:35:27fallout out terrible we got a game next yeah i'd like to dwell there again like thinking i'm always trying to live without including mission impossible three i've been trying to rank among the other mission impossible's and it comes in like second from last which i don't know which
00:35:49i don't like putting it there because i enjoyed this film i thought it was a good film is on i think it's a testament to the court the quality of the series in general like it's it's mission impossible to and then all the other ones are good but
00:36:03yet yeah maybe it's the one i feel i'm going to return to least yeah me too definitely yeah one thing i did forget to mention which way heart from mission impossible tio apart from mission impossible to obviously be meaning to watch that one again because it's well after
00:36:27three because you know i haven't watched major maybe it's oh yeah save it will have to do a terrible balance revisiting mission impossible too yeah yeah i have thought maybe i should watch it again and see if it's terrible as i remember what were you going to say
00:36:46What one of the other things that i really didn't we throughout thiss won it weirdly heavy on talking ethan up is like the sole protector of civilization which is so there are multiple characters in the film who were like hey you know why i work for this agency
00:37:03would have no ethan you inspire me like oh yeah like simon pegg or michelle monaghan characters like you know even being personally connected to you with a constant barrage of danger on like i've been kidnapped seven times this week and there's a bomb planted in my head that
00:37:20will go off if you don't do what the terrorists wants but it was it's worth it because you're here to save me and also everybody else it's what it reminded me of wood like the worst part of it the recent series of doctor who where you kind of
00:37:36got this established character who is being written by a new writer who is a fan of the older work and after a while it kind of descends into like worshipful fan fiction and it's not nearly as bad here that is in doctor who they will occasionally just open
00:37:53an episode with the monologue of someone talking about how amazing doctor is it does get really bad but there is a sense that ethan has gone from being like a capable spy which he is in like the first three films to being he's got commander shepard syndrome where
00:38:10he's just like he's humanity's one guy where he's solely responsible for everything that happens in the universe and everyone else's it's just that to help him out yeah it is yeah it is does feel like he needs someone who's at least half assed competent is here because otherwise
00:38:31it's like why are these people employees it's just kind of strange yeah i mean in the last act of the film it's kind of they just need to hang around the nuclear plant and cut the wire the right time yeah i mean i think we've talked about this
00:38:50before i don't remember if we've ever talked about it on the podcast before have we ever done mission impossible four on the podcast i have a feeling we've mentioned it but eso luther who is i still love seeing him in the film he's still there he's still he's
00:39:06still dressed in brightly colored shits and a big straw hat he isthe sully yeah it's increasingly clearly the active ing raines gets to go on holiday to the mission impossible universe which i'm profoundly jealous of him for like just every food so i'm going to take a vacation
00:39:23and be in the mission impossible films and he just fills up dressed that way i love having him in the films he'd land gladis bean in all of them he's always welcome but like he doesn't get anything to do here because he's in the first mission impossible film
00:39:39he is the hacker character but that role has now been replaced by simon pegg and like the range is just he's kind of along for the ride he doesn't have anything specific that he brings to the team except sit there and do something that simon pegg could be
00:39:55doing if he wasn't busy having his face kicked in i think i'd rather have jeremy renner on dh being rains on i think we could lose simon pegg no disrespects fund peg he's very affable and all those things and fills that role But yeah i just think that
00:40:14would be a good team Jeremy radha was yeah i really liked him and he was more capable I i like some of his character and i'm kind of just a fan of simon paying anyway someone mentioned on twitter that that role was originally supposed to go to refuge
00:40:33of a wreckage of aids on dh Yeah we all dodged a bullet there Yeah Yeah that would have been a completely different tone absolutely would i doubt he would have made it a cz far in the siri's is simon pegg has now because i'm very charming and i
00:40:55think yeah because ricky joe bass doesn't well he doesn't go for that you know he might be a very nice man but his persona is no is being against basically you say yeah but i think you're right i think i could have stood to lose someone peg more
00:41:11than i could have more than we lost by losing jeremy renner for this one yeah yeah yeah kind of great counterpoint to the character yeah exactly he was just a comedic but he was just a bit more sensible about it he wasn't a character he just always had
00:41:28the like he had a very low key one liner which was he was always piercing but not you know yeah yeah but i just felt what yes exactly just wasn't there for just comic relief just larking about yeah getting into scrapes yeah but in my perfect world it's
00:41:49just all of them exactly And elsa yes i was including elsa Okay Yeah it's just the interview we read with the director have been really proud that he had nine not know five women women just say proud yeah slow hand club christopher mcquarrie for managing to have five
00:42:19within it is filled wow and on that note yeah if you haven't seen it and see if it's good fun it's a solid he he outs it Our screen was a little bit small but it was the pensioner screen and i liked it Go and see it with
00:42:41pensioners ofyou Can they add another element of gasping but you don't get otherwise that's the kind of talk in the cinema that i can absolutely deal with I'm normal but if e people go oh god e thought you killed him then it was really excellent so that one
00:43:06special impossible fallout It maintains the standard put that on the box but maintains the standard of the mission Impossible siri's Excellent on that note Still next time jerry giulio Ocean

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