The Florida Keys, a famous destination for snorkelers and divers, are home to the continental U.S.’s only living coral barrier reef. Unfortunately, since about 2014, the Florida Reef Tract has been in crisis, with numerous species of corals dying from Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, the cause of which is currently unknown.

My guest today, Keri O’Neil, Senior Coral Scientist at the Florida Aquarium’s Center for Conservation in Apollo Beach, has been studying captive and wild corals for many years. Join us, as Keri describes her work at the Florida Aquarium and the work of hundreds of other collaborators who are trying to stop this devastating coral crisis.

More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Keys in Crisis: The Florida Aquarium’s Keri O’Neil Discusses Multi-Institutional Efforts to Manage Disease Devastating Florida’s Coral Reefs with Dr. Roy Yanong
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