Join us for our second annual Kwanzaa Spectacular, live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY!  First, NPR Code Switch host Gene Demby brings us some forgotten Kwanzaa principles.  Then MacArthur Genius and New York Times investigative reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones celebrates the silver linings of 2017.  And later, DJ extraordinaire Donwill serenades us with some Kwanzaa carols.  Plus a Kwanzaa tale, Drunken Debates, some special guests, and more!

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00:00:00however I'm having another round
00:00:08hey hey hey
00:00:14hey hey hey hey hey
00:00:29so first and foremost thank you to the most famous DJ that I know God will
00:00:35okay thanks again we have NPR code switch is Gene Demby
00:00:53you love him he's back I had an actual gas if I don't know what is this and you already know her and love her MacArthur genius actual genius nikole hannah-jones and the bell then and now
00:01:16and I do believe we might be playing a little drunk in the beta 2
00:01:21I don't know about y'all but nothing says holiday to me like reading a poem out of a comically large storybook
00:01:35poem children's is called
00:01:39Twas the night before cons
00:01:46what are dreamy hardcore Heaven are you ready him and him Twas the night before Kwanza when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse the kinara was set on the mantle so black but the kids just wanted Santa Claus to come back
00:02:12that wasn't part of the pain management the yunginz were nestled all snug in their beds while nightmares of Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake dance and then um I cannot I cannot scary shit
00:02:29when out in the driveway there arose such a roar a spring from the bed when I heard a car door it was a Cutlass Supreme from 1988
00:02:40it had dark tinted windows and Georgia plate
00:02:48I snuck into the living room to see what was happening and they're so a man in fantastic fashion avalor tracksuit a kente cloth do-rag and African Medallion he trips with swag
00:03:04this man said A man was ever so flashy and when he stepped out the chimney he wasn't even ask you where
00:03:13Chris do not smudge his skin how it gleamed he was born in a vat of cocoa butter theme
00:03:21the room smelled of menthols Old Spice and bourbon
00:03:26so much so that I thought it was my uncle Herman
00:03:30how do you season a while so you know Uncle Herman that asked him in a voice to and it's small and is go to Clinton as he simply said now
00:03:43unexpected reindeer and sleigh and Santa not this old head and Old Spice from the city of Atlanta
00:03:51demanded explain yourself you just some random black dude not a jolly old elf watch your mouth you said and I saw his go-to it's time someone told you that the truth
00:04:05you need to know that your precious Santa Claus is a fake and a liar a phony and a fraud it's true that's what it says he told me a story from the days of his youth when he was very young chaput holiday school the tag create a holiday a brand new tradition and a black ass day with his special ambition in African culture devoid of racism no superficiality no capitalism we make our own gift and honor ancestors the true meaning of love and giving weed remember
00:04:40what a bomb ass I did something everyone need it well Santa Claus heard it and apparently agreed did
00:04:51you know my whole idea started calling at Christmas and then he turned it into a billion dollar business his face was everywhere on billboards and Coke bottles he got rich off my shit Youngblood now ain't that awful
00:05:05I wasn't in it for the money my picture wasn't that small I wanted you to be some termination Collective work and responsibility corporate economics perfect creativity and say for us
00:05:18come through with that vision
00:05:20I appreciate the snap how much out of my wife cheating and now the hero from millions of kids and me nobody even knows my black ass exists he yelled all ideas come from the black man I asked what about women but he waved his hand kind of
00:05:41we don't what's up by then later we don't need to message
00:05:48he simply gave me an odd instead of an answer he even stole his reindeer names he said my cat is named is Prancer
00:05:56no honor among Thieves
00:06:00as well they should be
00:06:03stood there in the doorway unsure of what I've seen does classic Claus really exist or was it all just a dream
00:06:11I thought I made it up but there beneath the tree was a bottle of cocoa butter with the tag made out to me
00:06:19he was real I would put as I lotion my bowl
00:06:24and I'll tell his story so that everyone know
00:06:28and he yelled at the drove his caddy out of sight hohoho tap to all
00:06:35and to all a good-night
00:06:45World alright
00:06:50it has the highest drinks is this playing
00:06:58when are you going to come over
00:07:25wow karazhan and hooked up to you all
00:07:28so jeans then we have it here at the house man so for the folks who can see there's a man in a red velour I believe it is a Fila or feel I depend on where you from
00:07:54so hot in this day we appreciate it so much last year after doing some extensive research you share with us some long-forgotten Kwanzaa principles he remember you Okie which is the practice of being hit by a being struck by a smooth criminal.....
00:08:22he did with the white man don't watch out tonight so I don't know the history and Kwanzaa principle Mufasa which means to selflessly sacrifice one's life for a child who was on some real bullshit
00:08:46I forgot about
00:08:52so you have been doing the Lord's work for the culture in the community that you have still been researching and you have some more I don't know why we're just told you yeah what bridge can you walk us through your first forgotten Kwanzaa principle is cardi B spent with me.
00:09:26just feeling you sing along with me if you do it means little bitch you can't if you want it still
00:09:35you did the bloody shoes I can get everyone stay with me cardi B cardi B is on O'Malley so okay so let's say that you are a little insecure perhaps you an awkward black girl and your best friend makes trash decisions made or her own own own Miley
00:10:16what is you doing
00:10:30are we on are We safe I feel a little awkward the show it gets bad principal
00:11:02unless Kwanzaa principle is 282 ways of answering people's calls for an end to online harassment with something that literally nobody asked for
00:11:14that is a reference ladies and gentlemen to the 280 character limit on Twitter which acting exactly and I did not write that when I don't know I thought it was good next Wednesday with me to a T
00:11:34dress Kwanzaa principle is Ivanka
00:11:44you don't have to say you don't have to you don't have to it's it's okay it's cool it's cool
00:11:58and we're not going to repeat that one so what you got swag you spill something on yourself but you make it still make it fly
00:12:15I feel Swagger
00:12:23alright we got two more I believe our next Kwanzaa principle is a lot of physical therapy
00:12:34everyone everyone blue eyes what does that mean it's a secret tradition by which the Queen Mother
00:12:44rings on members of the royal family to perform on stage with her before they're even born
00:12:52yes listen all three of them babies have one more words than I have before they were even born 30 under 30 weeks
00:13:1230 under 30
00:13:14cuz cuz pregnancy is right
00:13:17Ariel. All right in our final Kwanzaa principle we trust your Swahili
00:13:44everyone quite warm in here but I did not so I will not remove my jacket yes
00:14:23-1 is 3 quick maths
00:14:37oh my God
00:14:51yeah. No wow or more elegant Gene Demby of NPR code switch we have here
00:15:13don't be a c 2K 18 don't do it don't feel like if you get her but don't got us kicked out about house we love y'all baby burn out
00:15:34I'm so wavy we are very excited for our next guess she's an investigative reporter covering civil rights for the New York Times you may also know her as a newly minted MacArthur genius Grant winter yes we have a real life actual genius in our presents y'all and let it be known as the best and blankets parties in the Bay Area I snuck into one I wasn't invited but I got to come to the stage nikole hannah-jones
00:16:16you better
00:16:21hey hi your sock say let's get lit so we're about to get a little t2t as the children to thank you for being here with us this year it sucks it was really bad it's been real bad outside for a minute like this year was not good we were struggling to find a silver lining I just had a feeling to somebody who had the the great fortune in addition to all the hard work they got you not and MacArthur genius Grant which is crazy genius know some shit that happened that was not completely horrible someone makes me feel like maybe we did a bad job booking this second
00:17:22heaven give me something to not hate 2017 about what was a good thing I know right and okay listen let me see what did not suck in 2017 so last this time last year I was like on the America's favorite dynamic duo depression and anxiety yes answer my old friends so I feel like last Kwanzaa I was thinking mostly about the depression just called them like this was hoping society and I feel like you are like depression friend anyways
00:18:04so that your husband trash yes it's true but Silver Lining therapy 2018 therapy therapy have you heard that is a fantastic thing is also good in 2017 winner yes ma'am no I didn't know you got to work tonight in the Illuminati do you get like Genius Bar points discounts like you and lin-manuel drinking a secret bar what's going to be
00:18:54you know where we're at
00:18:57unlimited Hennessy
00:19:02I can go to any bar in America and I get free Hennessy now okay let's go buy you some Hennessy if I had the money but I don't we were recently on desus and Mero and you're talking about and obviously I know who nominated me for a MacArthur genius Grant because I am obviously a bum
00:19:39I can't reveal my sources
00:19:45either no one's asked me to nominate anyone but you would definitely be somewhere somewhere I see what you did there I just want you to know that I see you have an adorable daughter I do I've met her she's lovely what do you think her Silver Lining would be
00:20:13yeah good question we're professional
00:20:18I mean my daughter's whole life is a silver lining right
00:20:24one my dad like whoops me with a belt like once a week so I don't know where the new school. We don't we talk things out we have discussion right mad cuz she doesn't have the same number of Jordans is me like her worries I'm very different from the worries that I had right I mean literally like my dad was born on sharecropping Farm in Mississippi like my daughter her experience is just so what do I do if I tell her like my dad was very mean and I talked to her a lot about
00:21:06are you fat
00:21:14and other day she was we were putting that we have ordered it to my dad passed away two years ago we have an ornament with his picture and we were putting on the tree and she was like maybe Papa was mad because we he was growing up like you wouldn't have rights to fight Brandon my baby right
00:21:31better than over mine is old and she was like she understood maybe some of his anger and I was 7 years alarm that is amazing that's a silver lining okay so definitely knows Donald Trump probably shouldn't be in office at 7 to understand that that's not my opinion that's hers for my own opinion that is a fantastic Silver Lining that there are people who are raising their babies to be woke waking up the baby. And I have the same rainbow black as fuck
00:22:13I love it can I give a silver lining for me one of the things that is literally kept me going this year when I was just like fuck it I'm just going to sit here and Order seamless until nobody ever finds seeing both of my personal life in the fantasy life I've created for myself I know Beyonce is seeing black women glow up
00:22:42it has been such a good reminder like watching ether with insecure and her being on the red carpet to straight up like I want everyone black to win but that's what it is. Like a screw amazing watching her little up you being therapy that's a blowout
00:23:04friend of the show Nicole Perkins and Bam who is here somewhere there new show starts a kid it was just like a infant like watching that is amazing watching the black woman getting awarded am a guy through jeans brand is fucking amazing and it really is a thing that keeps me going also another blow up that actually is ruining my life a little bit but I still love it it's sza in her last album
00:23:38so the more washed I get the less I keep up with the new music that the kids are listening to right now
00:23:52I admit it I don't care whatever fight me but since his album is like the last like release I listen to when it came out and it just it tears me apart and then it puts me back together and it tears me apart again then you put me back together
00:24:13for example this is a sacrifice I'm making for y'all can we listen to a snippet of Love Galore so you can see what happens to me when sza comes on I'm not even better
00:24:42shut up that's all right all right
00:24:46how do you say can we what thank you thank you up black women blowing up have you another silver lining for us I do is bougie though
00:25:03I know y'all in the building I don't know nothing about that we got we gotta we had a woman really considering having it she loves in the first Friday and this is what dr. king fought for this year I have achieved Diamond status on Delta
00:25:29what is that mean what does that even mean now I know what that means
00:25:38Los plebes we are playing we are about to win coach like a mother fucker. All right y'all proletarians wouldn't understand what that means
00:25:49wow you're right though we are
00:25:52amphetamines I talk to coach but I ride first class
00:25:59what the fuck happens in first class yeah I have like individual like like like turkey dinners and my turkey now
00:26:09one before y'all get on the plane I'm having my Prosecco
00:26:15for y'all get all the playing time tonight before y'all get on the plane I'll have my ready way before we even start acting in the right
00:26:24we have our first class bathroom where I'm like your bathrooms back there
00:26:30and I said will you don't pay for the first class ticket to get more fucking bougie right
00:26:41I feel coach just looking at looking at me I don't want to bring my car to there today and I forgot I had not noticed that all I wonder why people have to walk past me to go to coach
00:27:02alright alright well I'm sipping my Prosecco and I'm like get your keys back there
00:27:12okay you know what at first I was mad but now I'm back on track driver that was good that's that's why I want to find first class mail Diamond stats never going to happen for no reason TSA regulations
00:27:43I don't know what that part don't work but anyways give us one more thing to be optimistic about that happened in 2017 the one that thing is so I'mma write about school segregation for about 5 years exclusively that is my beat yes
00:28:05yeah, for segregation or gasket
00:28:18show me Choppers furniture
00:28:28but what I can say is there's some movement that I didn't expect I'm very pessimistic I don't expect that you know why she will send me be like only shoot his phone let me enroll my child in school but what I can say is I have been contacted by politicians both at the local level and the federal level who now want to actually try to figure out what can I do about segregation and that's pretty amazing there is a silver lining is that we are finally like not ignoring what we're doing two children and deciding that we are at least going to in some way try to efface in a dress that and that's an actual silver lining
00:29:06it doesn't sound crazy but that honestly did give me hope for the fucking future because we took a little bit everybody feels more hopeful now yes we have is going to therapy
00:29:30so thank you once more to one of my favorite people in the world with a debate will they gave Nicole Hanna Jones is showing at the even in a trash ass year the stupid shit out there you might need a really big name in Minecraft to find it but it's out there give her a round of applause. Yes ma'am. Matt she'll be back later for drinking today so make sure you drink some more
00:30:03our unless she is DJ Don will is not just a DJ ladies and gentlemen he is one third of a mighty rap group called Tanya Morgan so she's going to come out and give you some Kwanzaa carols and we're going to go prepare for drinking tea and drink there was a better way to say that that but yeah these are like now like canonically Kwanzaa Carol so you're welcome everyone you're welcome
00:30:45so yeah
00:30:47how come there's seriously are not Kwanzaa carols I did this shit don't exist black people are super Musical and Kwanzaa is super black but we have not made music for Kwanzaa it doesn't make sense hip hop is the biggest selling genre on Earth and all Christmas carols are pretty much trash
00:31:09maybe Donny Hathaway This Christmas I'll give you that
00:31:12I'll also give you Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You
00:31:17that's not trash but everything else is trash and it's old so when Tracy heaven was like hey let's put some music I thought to myself what would Lil pump do
00:31:28Amigos do
00:31:32they would turn the fuk up is what they would do so tonight I like to give you guys what I like to call Kwanzaa caroling with Lil pump in the Migos
00:31:42do I get to the Spurs joint by Lil pump aka mean
00:31:47this joint goes out to Sandra Lee
00:31:51you know I'm saying
00:31:53put a defensive ass cake that she made I don't rock with those case I don't rock with that Kwanzaa cake
00:32:03I want the cake monster cake by the cake by the cake by the cake by the cake by Trey league with the chef who all y'all want some for the cake for the Cakewalk the cake the cake was the cake for the came for the cake for the Cakewalk cake
00:32:33party cake cake homemade urethane
00:32:59Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake by the cake by the cake by the cake by the cake by the cake come on
00:33:40bring it back to the stage having the cartoon
00:33:51thank you everyone
00:33:53alright it's time for everyone's favorite part of the night
00:34:01so you are y'all already know how drunk a bit towards
00:34:05so here's how it's going to start bring out our smartest friends and make them debate dumb ideas and yeah the whole idea is you know it's not the holidays if we're not yelling at each other
00:34:19round one we have done with
00:34:23and also here for some reason Steve Harvey
00:34:52what's up player
00:34:55how you doing all is everywhere you might want to get used to that okay miss you man we asked 87 Stone cars
00:35:12why you didn't get no gas to prevent this tragedy
00:35:17I am a car without an actual brain was the number one answer
00:35:23how did you speak to a stalled car
00:35:27they are very good conversationalist I have found all right all right everybody so we have he's Starving in the building and John will form is hosting the show do you my young brother does this bother you as well he didn't like women do that now I'm fine with me Steve say that woman's top 1 and 1/2
00:35:58your mustache look at Mike right now yes thank you I just got it Blow Drive
00:36:03in deep condition
00:36:06all right all right so we have two minutes on the clock everyone's going to draw a random topic they have to defend that topic to the death and it is not a partial 2 minutes it's just whoever speaks the loudest just like every Hollister all right quick question should I have been listening to anything that you can because that's what you got what you got what you got Young Blood I got mechanical pencils
00:36:43P what are you have on your piece of paper somebody wrote these following words on this paper the post office
00:36:55alright we have a classic mashup
00:36:59the post office versus mechanical
00:37:03Eleanor two minutes on the clock is the only man on this days we can fight brother we got we got to unite we ain't got to I got to tell you what a mechanical pencils will be no post office you can write anything so you need pictures pictures of the most important things like the mechanical pencils be
00:37:25stay right they mechanic this is what's wrong with the world today
00:37:33you got institutions that allow woman's on microphone you don't know that they are on the same team and that we work together in this relates to post offices in the following way
00:37:51why you don't
00:37:53you don't you don't you don't
00:37:57convince mistaken but the problem is nobody needs a mechanical pencil
00:38:07okay okay smart man who made that thought with his brain because he is right nobody was supposed to stamps.com what you made a mechanical pencil you can get a six pack for Family Dollar for $1 less than the cost of how much stamps cost
00:38:29a dollar whatever my accountant knows I don't know how much is a no post office
00:38:44and you know any black people like a check
00:38:48woman's like a child support check
00:38:53wow wow the way I like a mustache check to keep my mustache with him alright have African dolls
00:39:08what you doing here
00:39:12celebrating Kwanzaa was the number one answer key for that you welcome welcome
00:39:25nobody needs them survey says
00:39:30and I've heard some compelling points from him starving and I don't know somehow done will I think he's starving one
00:39:43who wants to fight
00:39:46me and all of my buttons at the same time
00:39:56coming to the stage for Round 2 it's Nicole Angie
00:40:09all right choice Virginia so does not fair
00:40:13I bet you did all that all that is like the website Juggernaut Amazon on one corner this is a Kwanzaa celebration right kente cloth so in your mind please have the Juggernaut amazon.com and kente cloth
00:40:452 minutes on the clock please Eleanor Amazon if you want to know why you have little Weavers who have to leave the machine that all men by the way that's made for like 5 an hour in a sweatshop somewhere no they don't know where this playing some shit and you not going to like this
00:41:19you're not going to fight this how much time and money would it take to go to the Ghana
00:41:24Amazon Prime get you there
00:41:32we still got a full day's a livery
00:41:40wait but I heard the cat that floppy coming from like the Netherlands or if you need if you need to get that call
00:41:57places near me
00:42:009 seconds left
00:42:18tell me how about what about self-determination
00:42:30Ergo you don't know that
00:42:35apparently I won that shit now moving on
00:42:39I feel comfortable declaring Nicole Hannah Johnson
00:42:53Starving in the cold Hannah Jones final round let's see what y'all got what y'all got all right
00:43:15what you got he he he he Leroy Spivey has selected the word milk
00:43:26milk how long
00:43:30Nicole what you got
00:43:33Twitter alright alright final final drunken debates round milk versus Twitter milk
00:43:53mother her living here
00:44:04audiences know everyone does not love most black people lactose intolerant was true is racist
00:44:20all right fighting words
00:44:23milk is racist okay ladies and what you got late and Stillman rejuvenated me now but I'm going to be big and strong that's when you do that shit was paid for by the dairy Council
00:44:53okay let's go to Twitter
00:44:55on the Congress person on Twitter first of all Twitter handle that me I had a bad day well
00:45:05how do I hide this broken me Parvati person timeline
00:45:11no I don't know nothing about the devil thanks for seeing on Facebook you are right that is a true that I cannot discuss thank you ladies and gentlemen Twitter
00:45:26okay everybody last round of the night we had a hundred and three Christmas elves okay what's the hardest part about your job
00:45:40the terrible benefits and working out I don't know
00:45:58the arguments for milk where is good for your phone or white and then the arguments for Twitter work
00:46:12don't make me take my shoes off now don't don't make me take no I just think it's miraculous that your reason for what is Twitter's greatest View
00:46:21in all that cuz I think on that reason alone I think that's why I'm going to declare and Miss no that's why Miss declare you the winner
00:46:32if there's any reason I'm still lingering on Twitter because don't people like nikole hannah-jones are still coming up with you Twitter nicknames like I have a well that's why people think my name is Ida
00:46:50all jokes aside I don't want to say that did was raise his against the black man also know his trash so that's how much does it cost for metal I love it thank you Steve and he's starving let's give them all around of Applause milk is trash Twitter is good for a few reasons
00:47:26thank you everyone and get off my page
00:47:42masterful some guy named he was here he said that the Grumpy Cat and they don't listen to that guy sounds like he has to evacuate
00:47:57yeah man Steve Harvey baby in Collinsville You Deserve Rounds tonight
00:48:08wow that was beautiful I think I finally got drunk let's do this
00:48:17I would like to buy around first I would like to buy a round for knowing your worth wow okay
00:48:26here is the thing about
00:48:30I don't know what you said but yes girl I heard ask for that raise it because once you like work a job for a while you living life for a while and you see what the mediocre people are getting paid for the shit that they turn into the shit they pain
00:48:54hand tied behind my back in my sleep and you could and you deserve more money for that shit and this is not this is not limited to careers in your relationship let me drag some of y'all at myself for the one time cuz I'm talking to me I just eavesdropping bullshit it's usually because we don't know that we deserve more especially if you live life in the margins if you're a woman if you're a person of color if you're a woman of color at shit you think your lot in life is to help everybody else hit they Martin Stars why you stay stagnant and that's not the thing you learned your word once you learn that shit it changes your life because it's about it cannot be done wrong when you know that you are putting out fucking like engagement level relationship shit and you get like a Viking
00:49:54b i watch 90 Day Fiance
00:49:59I don't know what I meant to say when that's like in whatever his Nordic as name is that what his knee and gave his fiance a promise ring when she was expecting any gagement ring that you fucking kidding don't take that shit once you know what you're worth whether it's a raise or an engagement ring or a number 3 at McDonald's large not medium what you know that you deserve more you cannot expect less and it's so fucked up because I'm still in the process of learning when I'm worth I'm still accepting bullshit from a bunch of people living in cities and things that I don't listen message it is a project to find out what you're worth what you find out it's another project to demand it but there is a sweet spot where there's to wear those two roads meet
00:50:51that's where white men live yo
00:51:05Tracy Lawrence
00:51:09wow that's real Tracy I'm also tired of hearing about imposter Syndrome from women women of color who is the biggest imposter we all know the president of the United States we all know that I'm driving it's too even though I mean he's been impeached yet so I can tell him exactly anyways real quick I guarantee you that everybody in here especially if you're in my living in the margins you are worth more than you know and you deserve more than you know that the thing that we don't know and don't say it but you are
00:52:09oh who am I ever going to lie around for a very simple thing okay it is the GIF of Elmo on fire
00:52:22okay almost not on fire Elmo's in a world that's on Emerald
00:52:29wow wow I will allow it I will allow it I will not apologize if you can't make it so what is it about
00:52:43how about that okay so I really like this gift if you just type in Google Elmo on fire things I like about it it looks like I might sell photoshopped because I'm terrible at Photoshop dimensions are all off it's like you just popped in there and didn't bother to like resize anything and then you're like oh what's happening around you Elmo
00:53:15that's how I feel every day so perfect honestly I really thought a lot about like 2017 like where was I last year Kwanzaa versus this year gone so like what's happening what is he looking at
00:53:29at the end of the day all I got is just like I'm holding on to dumb memes on the internet about to pop off my God I like this just because it always works for Mike no ma'am and sir
00:53:56anyway I like this GIF because it reminds me of a tweet by one of my favorite Swedish I should take out your phone's if I let her right now her name is Vina Bean v i n a b e a n and she tweeted this Jeff and the caption was just so simple and so beautiful all capital letters it was put them in and rice then cook the rice with the man in it
00:54:25wow yeah I have heard put them in rice I did not hear the corollary that's what does that mean absolutely mood schmeared can I buy next around I know I know we're going to cry about to crash don't don't don't do any of those things I want to buy around for the pod squad
00:55:06I just like I have been ruined I can never work for or with anybody else because once you work for it do you know that there are no men on the team oh my goodness let me tell you what that mean listen that means we get to cry in meetings without people thinking they were weak or hysterical I don't know if I can. That means that we get to check in on each other each other how are you doing what do you need it means we don't have to wait give each other credit for our ideas like this in the things I cannot overstate how this team has changed my entire life not only in regards to like the work that we do the career but just like
00:55:59when I'm sad Nina sends me videos of her doing a terrible job playing the harmonica of her playing the intro to Blues Traveler it was so bad and it made me feel so good
00:56:18look like a 25 second video it was a long video so this job has given me a team yes is giving me a manager is giving me co-workers but it is giving me a Family Robinson have somewhere to God my life without y'all in it is not as fun or is bright
00:56:46okay okay okay give me out of this Tracy we made it
00:56:59I'm so we're going to do then credit the last another round show 2017 I am proud of every single one of you in here because you were able to leave your house today and there are people who can't do that sometimes I'm a people who can't do that but you're here you gotta let nothing to your lives you are spending your time with us and I just want you to know that we see that is not missing any of us without y'all we are just drunk and screaming at each other I would do it for free so thanks to all of you thank you to all of our gas oh my gosh how many cars are GM and pra time well program
00:57:51take me to the Bell House II quanta and this pace I'll keep drinking because it's Kwanzaa is Kwanzaa set up an iPod preference it is very important to me that you hear every single name but I'm going to read to you because these names are the real reason that you hear us everyday we don't know how to record shit I can't edit nothing show was produced by some of the most important people in my life Eleanor Kagan need a pasta Julia Farland who was godmother of audio at BuzzFeed she was the first person who put a microphone in my face bow down to Julia
00:58:51Alex Laughlin from her flower Kelly
00:58:56the beam in the cold right now she will drink some water take your back by yourself a gift this holiday season also you deserve don't talk to you like you're the same you from 4 years ago talk to your self like you talk to your best friend when you going through it imagine what you say to somebody else do believe DJ John will has one last over a y'all ready for this
00:59:55and this song is about the fact that so you know I celebrate both holidays and celebrate Kwanzaa celebrate Christmas and I feel like that should be a song for people like me who sells oppax so like to bring you my jam. Shiki tree
01:00:13Make some noise for having a Tracy
01:00:17oh yeah. Shiki trick Christmas Kwanzaa celebrate both with an egg on toast and red candles burning. Me I need you to turn up come on let's go let's go let's go Christmas candles Burger prices appreciate it I took them both it's lit the candles
01:01:17Audrey like it is Christmas to all your money you spend it

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