For thousands of years Howick Falls, in the South African province of Kwa-Zulu Natal has been the source of legends.

The Zulu’s believe a giant snake, known as Inkanyamba inhabits the pool at the bottom of the falls. Rock paintings from the region show that the Bushmen who lived here before the Zulus also believed in the giant snake. Inkanyamba is feared and respected by the local community.

It is believed to carry the spirits of the ancestors and bring death to anyone who sees it. Only witchdoctors or Sangomas are permitted to visit the pool where it is believed to live. Several Europeans are also convinced that a strange monster lurks in the depths.

Bob Teeney took a photograph of a plesiosaur-type animal that he claims surfaced when he visited the pool with a friend. He also claims to have found eggs belonging to a dinosaur. Experts think the eggs are more likely those of a crocodile. There is no doubt however that Howick Falls possess a mysterious allure.

This could explain the large number of people who are attracted to the falls to end their own lives.

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