America's Test Kitchen Radio is taking a hiatus, but you can still catch us every week through our collaboration with the Splendid Table. Bridget Lancaster presents episode 624 of the Splendid Table, in which Lynne Rossetto Kasper shares her retirement announcement with The Splendid Table listeners and welcomes new show host Francis Lam. Tucker Shaw from America's Test Kitchen shares his team's tips for keeping your sink, sponges and refrigerator safe and sanitary. Writer Lisa Napoli investigates Ray and Joan Kroc, the power couple behind the beginning of the McDonald's empire. Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine take their wonderful online food show The Perennial Plate to Ireland, where they learn about turf-smoked salmon and find themselves in unique situations with chef Katie Sanderson. Plus, YouTube sensation Hannah Hart on how she unexpectedly created a online community with My Drunk Kitchen.
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00:00:00hi everyone Bridget here we want to thank you for listening to ATK radio for The Last 5 Years we're taking a Hiatus from the radio show but in the meantime you can still hear us every single week in our collaboration with the Splendid Table Hastings culinary science product reviews recipe diagnosis it is all there for you to listen to this episode of The Splendid Table and my colleague Tucker Shaw will share the test kitchens tips for keeping your kitchen clean and safe and be sure to subscribe to The Splendid Table podcast forever you get you are podcast
00:00:36this is The Splendid Table from APM American public media the show for people who love to eat
00:00:54stays the same for some 50 years and I can't believe I'm saying that Curiosity and I'd say probably outright obsessiveness has kept me going to all these different paths and exploring food will now I find myself wanting to follow some new pads and that's led to a tough decision I'm going to be retiring at the end of the year now mind you I've been lucky I have gotten to wear a lot of hats in the food world but nothing has surpassed these two decades with the Splendid Table I have had the best gate in the business isn't going anywhere you're going to continue to hear me throughout the year but you're also going to hear more and more of our new house someone that I brought into the fold some 60 years ago first it's a guest and then as a contributor of talking about Francis Lam
00:01:53that Francis is an award-winning food writer he was staff writer for Gourmet and an editor at salon and you've seen his articles in the New York Times Sunday magazine he's been a judge on Top Chef Masters and he's a cookbook editor at Clarkson Potter he's working with some great talents like Chrissy Teigen and Questlove and he can cook you graduated first in his class from The Culinary Institute of America and I have him with me today Frances good to have you with us it's incredible to be here are you blushing I am thankful we were on the radio that make up make up on this whole thing with food come from for you
00:02:47and you know it's funny cuz it's a stupid way to answer the question but food has always been important to me it's a stupid way to answer question because of course food is important everyone it's the same thing in everyone's life but when I say that I mean going back to when I was a kid it was a pretty early to like acceptance hadn't reward for my parents. My parents were kind of parents who did not shy about telling me it wasn't quite as good at this as my cousin that wasn't quite as good piano is the one thing that they would say about me to their friends and family with real price for Francis really knows how to eat
00:03:38and it sounds like a joke but they really meant it you know what's on my family's Chinese and Yuna food is important or cultural signifier many things but I remember being at a table in Hong Kong visiting family and I said the grown up table at the grown ups and when the steam fish came whole fish I picked the cheeks out of the head and eat those and that's when the parents are for Francis really knows how to eat and all the other go to the table
00:04:12you're not as smart as your cousin Albert
00:04:18King of family you have a relatively new family what's it like being a dad
00:04:24it's funny cuz I I figured out early on that every single cliche about Parenthood is true fast check if every single thing is like it's just another baby and I am just another dad and my wife is just another night like we're all kind of living the same story as everyone else at the same time it's like wow there is you know I work my wife works you know we don't get to spend all day with her back after work and then you know pretty soon it's bedtime. Few hours a day with her and some of those how much are food allergy but then like the moment the moment she goes to bed you just turn around be like
00:05:18got to miss her already and I know you're in love when you're not into food and you're not you know a dad what are the other Passions
00:05:31man you know it's funny cuz it's it's I think when you are a new parent it's hard to see much else but when I look back to simpler times I've always been super super in the music of of of all kinds I used to think I maybe want to work in the record industry and work with bands I was so excited by that creativity in and buy all the emotions the music and driving you I always thought that was such an incredibly powerful thing
00:06:05L sports I've been a fan of most every major sport I won't put my lover by make a cereal Sports monogamist like oh I went through like my Sirius baseball is when I was a kid and then I went through a serious basketball phase was a little older and I went to a hockey phase and Atlanta football about 20 years ago and haven't walked away from football but it's like he has a rocky relationship with the complicated relationship relationship I've managed to avoid butt out of fanatical about enough other stuff looking forward to hearing your check what do you want to do with the show
00:06:47I'm an
00:06:50I mean I've got a bunch of little idea that that happens are swirling in my head and I'm sure we'll some will take root and grow into ideas that will that will want to experiment with and and some will just kind of remain there
00:07:05I think the way I want to answer this now is I know one thing
00:07:12I know that the show has been so fantastic and so beloved for so long and there are lots of reasons for that but in my mind the key reason for it is
00:07:26certainly your curiosity and the different kinds of subject in the broad range of subjects the show touches on but I every time I listen to it land I feel such an incredible sense of your generosity of spirit and I feel such a sense of your want your desire to share and what about the share the super interesting thing you start thinking about or share this really quite curious question you wanted your gas to talk to you about it and teach you about or share the knowledge you have with all the listeners were calling and writing and ask him question every time I hear
00:08:08you on the show I get such a strong feeling of generosity of spirit and for me I think the best thing I can do is
00:08:19to keep listeners feeling that feeling that there is a generosity of spirit behind the show and it's not a one-person show I not at all and it's the whole team and its listeners it doesn't want it so it's a little community that pops up in your headphones and that's right and there's so much more to be explored and I'm so excited for you I'm really looking forward to listening into finding out where you going to take us
00:08:53Francis I wish you the very best and I am so glad that you're going to be doing this but you like you so much thank you for everything you've done you're welcome but I'm blushing makeup
00:09:15that's Francis Lam our new host here at The Splendid Table now you can hear more of our conversation and learn a lot more about Francis by heading to the website splendidtable.org
00:09:27it's going to be really Dynamite
00:09:36you could say One Man created the Revolution and now we eat for good or for ill everyone knows what he created most of us are clueless about who he was Ray Kroc is the man McDonald's is his creation impact the first fast food chain to go big time and it did change how we eat ironically his wife and Silent Partner Joan maybe more well-known today than he is Lisa Napoli's new book tells why it's Ray and Joan the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away contributor rest Parsons spoke to Lisa from Los Angeles table thank you for having me here so there are so many couple Ray and Joan Kroc and the company that they built what was it that attracted you to them to begin with
00:10:35what is curious sculpture here in Southern California that was in disrepair but it turns out Joan had anonymously funded years and years ago so that kind of set me on the trail besides the fact that you hear her name recited public radio at least daily but to understand about her I don't know about her husband cheating on her husband I had to know about McDonald's so consumed the last five years of my life McDonald's usually gets credit for having Kratos or at least perfected the fast-food model that's a problem today what is it in the actually did differently they were hamburger stands all over the United States what did they bring to the game in the case of McDonald's it was pretty simply clear that what they did that the other hamburger stands didn't do is orchestrate or choreographed does hamburger dance that allowed the movement of food from creation to you and your mouth very quickly and that's what sets them apart from others and there are other things like the creation of the golden
00:11:35arches which made McDonald's stand out on the roads although other people were doing that too but it really was this efficient system that the Speedy system they called it Ray Kroc looked at the system and said haha that's it cuz he was a milkshake machine salesman he was before that a paper cup salesman so he'd been in hundreds of malt shops fast food stands roadside food stands and he said he knew when he saw it that this was a really super efficient system the food was pretty good too it was locally-sourced and prepared to very specific specifications but they found wasn't she didn't invent it nor did he invent franchising he just identified it and he had the gumption to go out and shop it around archetypal American character of that. Because apparently he was irresistible sales person he was a difficult either love them or hate them this hail-fellow-well-met type
00:12:35character that some people found Ray brost but he like to close the deal and even very successful and so he didn't want to take no for an answer the problem was he didn't have any business sense but he did know how to close a deal that was what fired him up yeah. How did they meet and how did their relationship stay mad because of McDonald's Ray was shopping around in the midwest the idea for McDonald's selling franchises for $950 a pop and he walked into a very elegant restaurant in St Paul Minnesota the Criterion and she wanted to sell a franchise to the owner of that restaurant to wanted to diversify he was a good businessman Jim Zayn with his name and he had hired Joan Smith young beautiful local talent to play organ in this restaurant in to entertain the diners and what I love about this we think of going out to eat
00:13:35something we've always done I mean this was it was very unusual to go out and have an elegant meals certain people might have done it more often but the regular folk didn't go out to these restaurants so there wasn't sense of Elegance to this restaurant that just really set it apart and the fact that Ray walked in and saw this beautiful woman playing organ really excited him and from there Ronica yes to the music and yeah it's amazing and interesting lately and not coincidentally John's husband at the time suddenly became the manager of the McDonald's franchise that Ray sold to Jones boss and later got the right to franchise owned franchises himself so lots of McDonald's in their early personal history even before they became a couple cuz it took him about a dozen years before that happened
00:14:32franchise operations of, they've gone to structure of operation foot few of had the staying power of McDonald's what do you think was the key to their success key to their success and Ray even said it was thanks to a man named Harry sonneborn who come over from Tastee-Freez another early iteration of these fast food stand and Harry sonneborn had this idea he said Ray you are not in the hamburger business you are in the real estate business and Harry being a very wise businessman went out and negotiated loans in the developing Suburban areas of America to buy land that have been unused and convince Banks to provide the underwriting mortgages so that they could build these McDonald from town to town to town so it was his idea that it be about the real estate and that's what keeps McDonald's McDonald's today it's not the food
00:15:31it's about the real estate and the business behind the franchising and other franchisees understood that earlier they were selling their franchisees food but Ray didn't want to do that he wanted to sell the blueprint said it was Harry who saved the day with this real estate formula McDonald's McDonald's breakfast salads that's what you think it's hard to know I think that he was at a certain point it just transition to his being mr. McDonald's and he was always a clean freak and I go into McDonald's sometimes to get coffee which is the only thing you'll have there and the bathrooms are sometimes horribly dirty and Ray would be appalled at that so I think it would be less about the food and more about how these places are run and staff
00:16:31who's all about customer service quality and service in value or his mantras but I think when you go back to the early days of McDonald's and you think the McDonald Brothers had this brilliant idea to Pare down a menu and make it as simple as possible because the idea was then you can pay attention to the food and the food could be as fresh and local as possible what you're saying today is very different than what they want it certainly and even in many ways what Ray would have wanted to Lisa thank you so much at such a fascinating story
00:17:05Lisa Napoli is author of Ray and Joan the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away rust Parsons is a longtime food writer and author of The Classic how to pick a peach yourself craving a really good burger check out a recipe for less is more Burgers you going to find it on the website you know Splendid table.org coming up a season in Ireland with the perennial plate and a lesson in food safety for my friends at America's Test Kitchen on Monroe Center Casper you're listening to The Splendid Table from APM American public media
00:17:44this is The Splendid Table For Me p.m. American public media the show about life's appetites I'm Lynne Rossetto Kasper
00:18:05Daniel Klein chef and his partner videographer mirror fine came up with an idea to travel the world documenting how people live with food they track down the people we really get a chance to meet way off the beaten path well a hundred and fifty short films later this James Beard award winning Duo are back at it again going in-depth for season 4 now they recently spent several months in Ireland and Daniel's here to tell us about what they discovered Daniels good to have you back scratch me back so tell me about the Ireland trip
00:18:46so we spent two months in Ireland making 10 short films in that. We spend time in the wild Atlantic way and Ireland ancient east and Dublin and we came up with 10 very unique films one in particular that comes to mind is about a young Chef named Katie Sanderson in Dublin and we don't normally do films about chefs are stories tend to be more about the farmer about the unknown people and we're not just get enough attention but Katie was a little bit different in the sense that she was famous in Ireland she had done the series of pop-up dinners and totally could have settled into a restaurant in Dublin that got rave reviews etcetera but instead she stopped and thought about what she really wanted and remembered that she love to cook food you know and to nourish people and to give people that Health that comes from good food you know that's why we eat and so instead of going and doing her restaurant sheet instead while we were there
00:19:45was cooking for the dancers of a production of an Irish production of Swan Lake and just making them vegetarian organic food for 7 weeks in the kitchen of a army barracks was just cooking unknown on the side and then the next day she was making me so we found her making me so because she loves to do it and she does these pop-ups in these different dinners and she just needs to refill her lighter so she's kind of this nomadic Chef who is doing really what she loves doing and following her passion of cooking instead of following your passion to be famous star haven't had a rest celebrity so we made a really different type of film about her because she was doing so many things we can follow the traditional narrative that we usually do we made me so with her we found her with the dancers and then we also had the opportunity to go for it and harvest seaweed with her which was a great experience I mean
00:20:45then walking along the coast in Ireland in and picking all of these different delicious seaweeds and then going back and having her make a combo in a converted construction site kitchen it's just kind of fun we all like the little situations that you found yourself in with this young woman that was what the East Coast what did you find on the west coast they caught the wild Atlantic way so it really captures the at Wild imagination and and one story that we found there was about the Haven Smoke House in Donegal and what's unique about it there's a lot of smoke salmon in Ireland what's unique about it is they smoke their salmon with Turf and I don't know how familiar you are with Turf but it is the dirt below the dirt in the box of Ireland so this man Declan took us out and dug beneath the Heather beneath the soil and cut out these big chunks of what looked to me like dirt
00:21:45but the day and turn dry and use as firewood essentially it is right there so you'll find it in homes across Ireland and it's a very unique smell that in the evening as walking down the street you'll kind of say what what is that like a zit what is the smell by the time I left I really love to smell at first I was kind of like what is that at least in that part of Ireland thing for heating homes so Declan smoked salmon with this what gave him the idea
00:22:28he was really looking to capture this feeling that he had of home so he was born in Ireland moved away for some time and came back with the desire to smoke salmon and two kind of capture this feeling of like being on the river bank and cooking fish on the river bank and having the smell in that that Taste of Home and so she was trying to recapture that and he started by just building a little tiny house and then built this himself with experimentation and producing a turkey smoked salmon which it must have existed in history but doesn't currently exist on the market in in Ireland so how does he actually use the turf
00:23:09so he harvested the turf dries it brings it back and then he uses a little bit of Beachwood to keep the fire going and add a little bit of smoked a sweetness of Beachwood and then you know it's cold smoking so is separate fire that goes over where he has his organic salmon hanging and that slowly over a 24-hour period lens that settle smoke and then when it comes out it's it's like traditional cold smoke salmon like that you would find at the deli except you cut it like sushi which is quite unique meaning so instead of that lives alongside cuts by the slanted cut that that's done because it's straight down which for him gives it the full Taste of both the inside Which is less smoking as well as the salmon the smoked salmon Ring Around The Edge I like the way this man thinks what is a taste like
00:23:59I mean when your taste is all is all perception you know but when you have this piece of salmon that you've seen you no salted with care filleted with care all taking every necessary step you see that sliced and put on a piece of Irish brown bread with Irish butter and then a piece of smoked salmon that you've seen a smoked over the course of 2 days and you eat that next to the guy who smoked it obviously that tastes delicious
00:24:32and with that you have captured the entire since thanks thank you
00:24:41Mira fine and Daniel Klein are Partners behind the award-winning perennial Plate at a check out their films and learn more about their adventures in Ireland to our website splendidtable.org and while you're there look for darina Allen souffle made with goat cheese and time trust me it's delicious
00:25:09every week is a joint effort to get people happily cooking in their home kitchens we check in with the great minds behind America's Test Kitchen Tucker Shaw joins us today Tucker Heads Up The Cook's Country team there and Tucker it's so good to have you back thanks for having me today when you do a lot of research into kitchen and food safety what is your take on the sponge well okay so we live in pretty divided times right but I think we can all agree that there's nothing worse than a stinky musty sponge when you smell that kind of musty Aroma what it means is that you got some bacteria happening in your sponge and if you take that sponge and wipe it across a surface or use it to clean dishes we are basically just Distributing that bacteria a little bit more widely than you would want to but the good news is that sponges are pretty cheap and you know it's not too big a deal
00:26:09faucet and replace it but we in the Test Kitchen are ridiculously for a girl sometimes and we hate to throw things away so we look for a way to get rid of that smell out of a sponge and and I kind of get them clean again then usable again right so we tried freezing them we tried running them through the dishwasher we tried microwaving them and many of these techniques had varying degrees of success when we tested the sponges after them we would see reduction in levels of bacteria and so forth the microwave of these three options work the best but there was the unfortunate side effect of occasional spontaneous combustion of the sponge defeat the purpose of our favorite method was to drop your sponge in boiling water for 5 minutes
00:27:08and boil it at a high rolling boil and you will pretty much kill all the junk in that sponge that's making that smell great tip great if so what else do we need to know I realized the best subject but one thing you may not be thinking about is how dirty the surface of your sink is and it's bad news because you think okay I'm in here using hot soapy water all the time washing dishes I'm running clean water through this should be one of the cleaner services in the kitchen but in fact it's just the opposite the surface of your sink is the dirtiest service in your kitchen on the faucet is a close second so you got to keep it clean and that means giving it a quick scrub with hot soapy water after you're done doing your dishes and then every few days maybe once a week you want to hit it with a very mild bleach solution so we use one tablespoon of bleach
00:28:08mixed into a quart of water you give it a good wipe down a little scrub if you need to and then a good rents and then you should be good but you need to stay vigilant about your thing because it's pretty gross you you're right you don't think about that kind of thing about refrigerator temperatures what's the range of safe so the danger zone is 40 degrees to 140 degrees you basically want to be outside of this window that means making sure that the fridge is 40° you don't want to go too much lower than that because you certainly don't want to freeze things that are in the refrigerator but just make sure that the fridge is about 40 degrees what happens when you you enter that window between 40 degrees 240 degrees and I'm talking about Fahrenheit here you know that's like party time for bacterial I mean those Little Cuties just reproduce like crazy they double every 20 minutes I mean it's really you know.
00:29:08it's it's their fantasy and our nightmare so don't let food linger in that zone for too long when your cooling down something some leftovers to put in the fridge that you want to leave them on the counter for about an hour no more than that to bring them down to around 70 degrees and this is to make sure that when you do put it in the fridge you aren't raising the temperature inside your fridge too much so bring them down to about 70 degrees then slide it into the fridge so that when you're ready to eat it should be good to go but here's the thing that people don't often think of which is you want it speed up the reheating process of your food
00:29:51so you would think hey I'm not going to zap this leftover soup with too much heat too quickly because I don't want to cook it again I just want to bring it up to temperature but if you bring it up to you slowly your soup is lingering in that danger zone between 40 degrees and 140 degrees for maybe longer than you would like it too so bring the food through that danger zone as quickly as you can and if you just simmer for a couple of minutes maybe 3 or 4 your soup will be plenty hot and you also be safe thanks so much and thanks for having me
00:30:35Tucker show Reigns Over The Cook's Country team at America's Test Kitchen had to Splendid table.org for a quick rundown of clean kitchen tips coming up your calls and the woman behind My Drunk Kitchen on Lynne Rossetto Kasper and you're listening to The Splendid Table from APM American public media
00:30:59this is The Splendid Table For Me p.m. American public media the show about life's appetites or Casper
00:31:20you never come on
00:31:39weed open the phone line so I can talk to you reach us at 800-537-5252 Heidi is calling from La Crescent Minnesota highly welcome thank you very much so my boyfriend's family never really celebrated birthdays and in my family birthdays are huge deal especially around food you always got to pick your meal and my mom would make and decorate the most epic cakes and so I want to make my boyfriend the perfect birthday meal haha the meal figure it out but for brownies he is very picky he likes fudgy brownies with veggie chunks and I don't have a fudgy brownie recipe and I certainly don't know how to do fudgy Chuck's okay now because I got
00:32:28brownie is his choice of cake right so you want an epic brownie about the fudgy brownie is that basically you bake it less I mean you don't want it runny but when you stick a knife into it or you know a tester to see if it's done you want some crumbs sticking to it and yeah and if you want to meet if you could sneak a test batch
00:33:00just when he's not around just to know you'll take whatever you have a favorite recipe for brownie I do but when I made it he said it was too cakey and I thought I undercooked it all all right so yeah because maybe then that means you need a bit more chocolate in it so I'll call you using cocoa in that recipe or using melted chocolate it's a cocoa recipe it's a cocoa recipe why don't you check out there's a couple recipes that are really dynamite and I think some of the run our website the teacher and cookbook author Nick malgieri has a fabulous brownie recipe and I think you'll find it on the website Splendid table.org I think it's supernatural brownies
00:33:43that is your go-to recipe okay for the fudgy part of it what you going to do is buy a bar of dynamite chocolate okay so if you can get it you know the kind of bar that has that's thin so like you know like valrhona or guittard which is often and supermarkets guittard something like that or lint Lindt and you wanted to either be sometimes he'll show percentages on the label that means the actual percentage of cocoa methods in it for instance if it's 70% it's a Bittersweet if it's 60 or 65% there's a bit more sugar but it's going to be delicious so if he likes Bittersweet then go for the 70% the or what's called Bittersweet otherwise semi-sweet chocolate sore than bacon
00:34:43eating chocolates but we are going to do is break up that bar into pieces that are maybe about a half inch or just crack it up and stir it into the batter so they'll be pockets of fudge Enos that sounds perfect and that's because it's a thinner bar you know what's on a sick one what you'll have then is just the right level of melt it will be so good I cannot tell you okay well I'll be I think birthday is going to become a very big deal in his life I hope so hey you enjoyed okay thank you so much take care bye bye I think we underestimate the power of the brownie by the way my idea of a great birthday cake I'm I go along with her boyfriend but why not two layers of brownie like a layer cake and then in between that an absolute
00:35:43Lee wonderful what they used to call a 7 minute frosting it's done with egg whites and you beated egg whites beaten with sugar over a simmering water you do it in a bowl with a hand mixer of course the other thing is you can make homemade marshmallows and just spread them between the layers and as they firm up they will be so enough enough check us out on Facebook and Twitter okay you'll find us there an early fascinating stuff there's something I've talked about before and I have to say it's become a standby and that is all the things that you can do with what is a Chinese dumpling dipping sauce which is simply soy sauce and vinegar do you mix according to taste you want to have the soy sauce that you can taste but you want to have that Zing of the vinegar and what I've discovered is you just mix up some of that I just keep it in a jar
00:36:43because when I have any kind of chicken I can just throw some of that over the chicken let it marinate overnight or even for a couple of days it is so good you could add a little sugar to it by the way if you want to the other thing is I tossed all kinds of vegetables in it cabbage broccoli cauliflower potatoes green beans brussel sprouts you just cook them anyway you want you can simply steam them and you toss them with that and it's just so good serve them warm not hot because you want the vegetables to absorb those flavors and you could take this in a lot of directions grated ginger in it a little pineapple juice and you have what we euphemistically call Teriyaki now you try that with any kind of fish tilapia
00:37:33delicious you could do beef you could do lamb tofu marinated a little while and then grilled you know fabulous so soy sauce and vinegar to your taste keep it in a jar and using everything okay back to your calls 800-537-5252 Russell is calling from Troy New York Russell what is on your mind I am very good. You just want to try to hang out together weather's going to try to roast them potatoes but they came out kind of soggy
00:38:33olive oil salt pepper 450 I think she got an extra crispy before I'll tell you never would have them really dry when I mean put them in a towel and you know Adam and whatever to really dry them then toss them in the olive oil whatever seasonings you like because if they were moist when they went in the olive oil they're going to kind of steam you know and not get crispy and be almost any shape but the reason why I asked you where they spread out often people don't realize if you crowd a pan you know whether you're sauteing or you're roasting it in the oven
00:39:33things tend to steam they don't crisp up cuz you want heat surrounding all that surface but I'd say just make sure they're super dry and mint dressing with olive oil might want to add a little bit of sexy you know with smoked paprika or whatever but you don't mention and you can make this in a coffee grinder cuz it'll really be so fresh is Allspice black pepper and then just a little bit of clove so let's say 2 or 3 whole cloves about 10 or 12 whole allspice and about a teaspoon of black peppercorns in brine that down now that's going to be more maybe than you need but you can put it in the jar keep it for a little while but when they're fresh ground they're so good and motor
00:40:33you know with it the turnip and parsnip to work the same way and rutabaga believe it or not is one of those vegetable that people say wow I can't wait to go home and eat rutabaga but it's kind of good I have to say one thing though that roasted turnips have a slightly just a slightly spongy quality you know what I mean that's just what a turnip is okay from combinations of happens if you find one didn't work have more fun I could test it and see what needs to be great
00:41:33and remember you can reach us anytime 800-537-5252 always hanging out on Twitter and Facebook and if you're looking for a piece for your sweetheart head to Pinterest and check out our Valentine's recipe collection
00:41:52who says you need cheese in your grilled cheese sandwich well if you're a bit intoxicated do you might forget little things like that so began the first video in Hannah Hart's wildly popular YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen within days the video went viral and while not exactly teaching viewers how to cook she certainly made them laugh hard has written a memoir buffering unshared Tales of a life fully loaded contributor Noel Carter talk with Hannah in Los Angeles and I'm such a fan of My Drunk Kitchen thank you so much for being here today thank you for having me you know you shot to fame with your YouTube series mydrunkkitchen which premiered in 2011 in fact at the time it wasn't even a series it was kind of a video that you made I heard to cheer up a friend can you tell me a little bit about that first video and the Genesis of the series back in March of 2011 I recently moved
00:42:52from San Francisco to New York to pursue a job in Translation I was a proofreader working at a translation for it's Eddie's English literature in Japanese language in college flower you know this was a great opportunity for me moving to New York though one of my best friends really missed me a lot so one night we were talking on Gchat with one of those newfangled webcams and using video to talk to each other and I was really cool you like dude I really miss you man and I was like dude I miss you too I'll make a video for you right now so I shot a video into photo booth and edit in iMovie and send it to her at like 1 a.m. and then it went viral
00:43:38you know in one part of the book you actually you call yourself an introvert which surprised me you spend a lot of time walking a fine line between your public and your private lives what compelled you to write the book and what compels you to do it right now but you know there's certain things in my life that I'm ready to move Beyond and I just turned 30 and I'm ready to bring my adult self into my adult life and leave what I can of my child self behind so buffering literally refers to that boundary you put in placed between the public in the private while your processing the data have your life before it's ready to be displayed like a little wheel when you're waiting for your Netflix to load
00:44:20you know it would seem like we all have stories about the power of food and the role it plays in our childhood and shaping our identity you get incredibly personal in the book about your childhood from your mother's mental health issues to hunger to even vividly picturing the kitchen and the dining room in your home growing up how did food shape your identity in these early years was a presence in our lives really you know I'm hungry we didn't have anything in my mom had to go next door to get peanut butter and a loaf of bread from the neighbor I remember feel like so guilty cuz she was so upset about her grandmother's dad and then she was like I'm sorry but yeah we didn't cook is a family the kitchen was a biohazard literally declared uninhabitable
00:45:20my step dad came and lived with us we ate like the 99-Cent menu from Wendy's that's funny cuz all my friends give me a really hard time right now because I'm like a really healthy person I eat really healthy and when I eat like an apple that's like you know from the fall like on the East Coast you like getting a fresh apple and it's juicy is like biting into an orange it's so did so rich by God you're so annoying with wanting to be healthy all the time and like no no no no no fresh produce is a privilege you know we can eat garbage food because it's cheap and there's like a Poverty of time but fresh food like fresh fruit is a gift
00:45:59you know you you've mentioned that there's this connection between cooking and comedy and I found that even when you were talking about the serious issues of childhood and other issues growing up you brought this humor to it how are cooking and comedy related I think the relationship between cooking and comedy stamps from improvisation and that it's about timing and it's about flexibility and that's how you really get to create something unique and get to create like a great dish that being said I think that a lot of cooking also involves expertise and patience which which I don't have it may not be the best dish but it will be unique but also it seems like both of them are about making people happy oh yeah oh yeah that's great it's true because laughter is like kind of spontaneous reaction like you can't help your shooting off of Your Action you get from yes absolutely absolutely and like also when you're made to laugh you're just laughing and stuff you eat some it's delicious and you're just like
00:47:00like you can't you can't help that with action reaction
00:47:04you know you have this perception of YouTubers and many people who found success on social media there often thought of his nurses us you know it's it's it's all about all about me and obsessive sharing you write in the book it's my belief that people who do YouTube do it for the ability to share they love sharing their knowledge their opinions their expertise their experience can you talk to me about your channels Evolution from My Drunk Kitchen to some of the other shows that you produced absolutely started out as a joke it was a fluke I didn't realize until I was reading the comments section that people are saying this is my new favorite show on YouTube and I was like show on YouTube what are they talking about but then I noticed that there was this whole subculture of entertainment growing in 2011 in the online space so couple weeks later I made another episode mydrunkkitchen couple weeks after that I made another and then for the fourth video I posted I didn't advise video because I noticed that the comment section was actually really focused on
00:48:04people wanting to just kind of hang out with me which is really great for me cuz I kind of just wanted to hang out with them as it wasn't about the drinking of the cooking which is great because I can't drink that much General produce more about like the relationship that's formed okay so and I'm curious were you drunk in that first video and are you drunk in the My Drunk Kitchen videos I get asked this question all the time and the answer is I am exactly as drunk as I appear so yes I'm at first I mean I'm by myself I Feel My Drunk Kitchen with a camera in my kitchen at my house so I have no reason not to drink that's true that's true
00:48:48we'll hand it was so great to chat with you I'm a big fan thank you so much thank you so much this is awesome
00:48:58had a heart is author of buffering unshared Tales of a life fully loaded Noel Carter is the Test Kitchen director at the Los Angeles Times well that's the show for this week thanks for joining us. Francis Lam will be here next week and I know he's talking to the one and only jacket back and takes on the controversy of man-made meat so be sure to tune in until next time let me leave you with this from George Bernard Shaw there is no sincere love than the love of food
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