Show 3123 Death of a Nation, Facebook gets Slaughtered, Newt Gingrich on FBI abuses and Mike Rowe on Work.


Segment 1- Dinesh DSouzas New Movie Death of a Nation trailer.


Segment 2- From the Louder with Crowder Podcast. Dinesh DSouzas new Movie Death of a Nation.

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Published on Jul 27, 2018


Segment 3- From The Glenn Beck Podcast. 7/27/18    Live by the algorithm, die by the algorithm. Facebook gets Slaughtered. The greatest stock loss in history.


Segment 4- Newt Gingrich on FBI abuses.


Segment 5- Mike Rowe on the benefits of work.


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United States


00:00:02was selected to unite a country stop Democrats assassinated him now their target is he's killing they see some racist this is a white glass who are the real racists had conspired together with some Democrats news in the set up and ran welfare this is done by the do
00:00:59gooders the liberals the people who wanted to improve society which party attacks of free speech and I personally think when it's people are not free we must fight for freedom regardless of the price we pay how to tell the state could not be what talking about America it's
00:01:46now most of our lives our own you do which only a little gentle hand sort of subscribers I reckon they didn't like me on a platform on the act that data would most judges may uploading sort radioed me document camera I had not made a bed sheet in
00:02:28camera the microphones down there by then the young Turks used to my apartment is bored me do you require to be yet I got to the point right we operate cheese and biscuits four times a week but mostly I just sat out there making videos on my channel
00:02:53well worn out I would do much notes in your spare not do you do church not a brighter you radio for the electoral college are are confined much and they're trying to make up tutorials **** John R. Denmark you to the ground to see what was wrong with
00:03:15you turned out every video including restricted I've been on subscribers in the latter was crowded channel I had to re subscribe quiet Bearden but even when I did I didn't receive no notifications had they had the bell three times and they're nine she noted in whatever nobody owes
00:03:46much to DO two three in addition where you had are not Joe firefight you know I or simply put thank you jab make you can each have a hidden god how monitor straight guys in here to take our straight out decidedly here don't matter how you cut it
00:04:10out raking and it gets dull fat black dead baggage but yet she because he's advising and whatnot I have my little bill dared go on in that dog would you do with top lawyers in part I would dream about our question down much a no not the restrictions
00:04:36the monetization they just kept asking not to spend more money on advertising scream and what you do you train a bang for what you do Janet bang for I reckon that might matter to no notification bid near I had no rich many jazz are you can jump people
00:05:00dying teacher makes you can he have very I had a mark right on issues Marty's gaze out version you sure this is when I realized what I kind of think this I've been watching river monsters and when he strapped in and doing the the fishing this he does
00:05:30it Connelly because an angle I've never really very much but if I just used a five hundred and your religion apparently have to give it some wine it's it's a whole that's what people use prescribing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher and have it do
00:05:42the route would make sense that's what I was it was no one else it also makes you recomend this fighter does he will win the valley karate turn if you wash the dishes are next guest huge %HESITATION huge huge name I was in the concert went home side
00:05:54he's had some movies some of the biggest %HESITATION documentaries of all time we've had on the show before you can follow him on Twitter at the next issues that kind of spoils you know who it is his out latest the death of a nation premieres August third Mr
00:06:06d'souza how are you Sir great to be on the show I'm gone I'm glad to have you on the show now you're looking you're looking tan which I you know I know it's a weird thing because your your %HESITATION a minority but you're looking more tan than last
00:06:18time we saw him again some some I think it's because I did a family trip to Hawaii and %HESITATION I you know every now and then I have to reinforce the natural tan and so plus it's also preserves my ethnic credibility I sometimes preface my statement with as
00:06:36a person of color yes I'm going to really work if I'm not a person of color here what we really a person of a shade more self but it's funny because that's we were just talking about that I think yesterday the N. double A. C. P. you couldn't
00:06:49say color people it became races for so long but they they they just never admitted it another kind of right back into the just reversed it to people of color but that includes everyone yourself included so it's not very accurate this is true %HESITATION well you know I
00:07:03think what it is is that the Democrats product party these days not a hunting party used to be the party of the working class right and the Republican Party was the party of the business class but now the Democratic Party has reorganized and it's essentially I believe it's
00:07:17the party of the ethnic plantation nine out of course originally %HESITATION Stephen the party of the slave plantation but today that plantation is gone multi racial and so they've got not just the black ghettos they've got the Latino barrios that got the native American reservations so they don't
00:07:36like to campaign for votes individually they just want to collect each ethnic group deposit you wanna plantation create a kind of inter generational dependency in which you trade your vote in exchange for a kind of meagre provision and then your permanently in thrall to the Democratic Party down
00:07:55one racket if you if you can make it work it is a good record especially of the buses and given free sandwiches and you take him to the voting booth where the option is Democrat or Democrat in heroin you know you put just put that on the ticket
00:08:06make an agreement that because he can't ingenious of this plantation system is that it gets people to vote democratic regardless of who is on that ticket right this is true let me ask you this have you do you have you ever referred yourself does anyone ever for you
00:08:21as Asian Americans being Indian because I always wondered about that well of course all these categories are kind of bogus I mean when you think for example I mean my wife's minutes while in right so she falls into that Latino camp but camp includes Cubans that includes %HESITATION
00:08:37Mexicans %HESITATION similarly the Asian category is very light I mean obviously Indians and Chinese don't have a whole lot in common ethnically or even historically right but we had thrown into the same barrels and %HESITATION to me the puzzle about it isn't the ethnic label it's it's why
00:08:56Asian Americans aren't voting in ratios of eighty to ninety percent for the Republican Party %HESITATION as a group Asian Americans are %HESITATION meritocratic their entrepreneurial %HESITATION they are socially to the right of Pat Robertson %HESITATION and not for reasons unknown they are still in the democratic camp I
00:09:18don't know how Asians are thought to be smart but this is one area that they're still very smart they're just misled on that %HESITATION but I always wonder because people oriental we've always said this is a much more accurate term because a lot of people they would not
00:09:31say that Estes is a duck if I'm describing you to someone I didn't know you exist he's this guys with a lot of books he's that Asian American guys not only white to Mr even if invited all these all time good any Chinatown oriental on every building said
00:09:43Asian American ago behind the Indian gentleman Palmer to the national tell us about your latest film now you've you've done a quite a few that I've been really big in this one is death of a nation we have some footage rolling here what's it about what can people
00:09:56expect well the the the poster is a little bit the provocative we marched the heads of of trump and Lincoln and of course the the never trump was the think it's %HESITATION that trump is a is a steep falling off from Reagan I think I'm going to have
00:10:11a constipation attack here because I you know how dare you compare trying to Lincoln but interestingly the situations of the two guys are not that dissimilar I mean let's think about all this political craziness we've been seeing since the election is about a major political party the Democrats
00:10:28yeah refusing to accept the result of a lawful election an outside guy comes in %HESITATION challenges for the Republican ticket knocks out the favorites and then beats a Democrat well that happened in eighteen sixty %HESITATION and so in eighteen sixty the Democrats also went nuts then they broke
00:10:45up the country this time they merely trying to stage a kind of cool so the movie it's a deep dive in to make it soon process them and racism all white supremacy and as you know these are the two incendiary tales that the left is trying to hang
00:11:01on the Republican elephant and so the movie Aspin's this challenges that takes you to your up takes you into Mussolini dives into that not just the history of the Democratic Party but where is the racism now yeah it's it's eye opening and it's it's going to blow people
00:11:18away %HESITATION so I'm very excited I haven't seen it yet I haven't seen this that we've talked about Mussolini in the show quite a bit in your movie issue rather pathetic character because he out whenever I think of Mussolini I you know Hitler terrible person obviously Stalin terrible
00:11:33person Mussolini also a terrible that Hitler's yeah but he's but but it also makes me very sad because he was kind of pathetic well he was a very strange I mean if you look at video Mussolini online it almost seems cartoonish he you know the the Talian so
00:11:48kind of on the mafia movies well Mussolini is that night Alex because your body of Goldfinger yes cold who's you know he is exaggerated mannerisms and so on now interestingly in its own time Mussolini was seen as a serious guy %HESITATION he was very very well read and
00:12:07sort of Marxist literature and history %HESITATION he wrote extensive I mean scholarly or at least semi scholarly articles in that sense he compares very favorably with Hitler and of course he was a man of the left the queens of Lenin online and send them a telegram congratulating him
00:12:23when he started the the the fascist party yeah in Italy and also the fact that Hitler and Mussolini came from the left we will read what I mean is he would seem kind of like a useful idiot to everyone else who was in real power and that's that
00:12:36Mussolini wasn't very good at it incompatible good at being evil in comparison you know I'm I'm not saying all of them are evil let's be really really clear everybody okay before holder comments but mostly kind of sucked at being evil well that may be true I mean even
00:12:51read the kind of scary you know you have the power that Hitler did and he recognized that but let's remember Mussolini came to power in nineteen twenty two and he wasn't ousted in nineteen forty three %HESITATION so he he had a much longer tenure Hitler did %HESITATION Hitler
00:13:10would basically lost a little over a decade %HESITATION with Lee lasted almost a quarter century killer that one hit wonder no one hit wonder that Walter PP put an end to it otherwise he wouldn't like OB I just churning out hits on no that is true and you
00:13:23know good point to contrast that doesn't mean that popular is right you know Winston Churchill was ousted immediately after wartime because people wanted socialized healthcare that was a big thing that people don't remember about Winston Churchill %HESITATION so that that he was there for a long time but
00:13:35yeah he just makes me sad because he's such a Wiener that's how I feel about Mussolini sorry for the direction with this %HESITATION what kind of push back if you got from the left with this film considering not only the cover but the theme you know going in
00:13:47with a with link in in in president trump in the Republican Party in a racist Democrats well we've held back bold on the film and on the book the book comes out on July thirty first the film is out August third %HESITATION no one's seen it and so
00:14:00it is funny that some people are attacking it without having seen it but %HESITATION and we've got a lot of screenings and things that people were able to see the movie before it came out but we're opening in one big bag and a thousand theaters next week %HESITATION
00:14:14and I expect that things will %HESITATION will get kind of lively at that point now of course is a professional cadre of critics %HESITATION who tend to go see the movie and that no matter what it says based on bashing it out and this is because they're on
00:14:29the left and and ironically the better the movie is the more effectively makes the case %HESITATION the lower these guys tend to rank it because they realize that this is going to cause them ideological pain %HESITATION so we pay no attention to the critics what we pay attention
00:14:44to is the audience and I predict the audience is gonna love the film ideas in the middle of the some of the good example of that actually was it did you watch that the mini series the Kennedys with reckon here I love that was very very very well
00:14:55they put us why it is undeniably while the because a lot of conservative stuff a lot of questions about that and not all that great we all know that the the Kennedys was really really good and I was actually very accurate and that's why that's why I like
00:15:05it Nick got panned by a lot of tricks final question we have to get going now Mister this is a full pardon from the United States president here %HESITATION without the obvious basically undoing the misdeeds of this previous administration what does that feel like and can you now
00:15:20buy a gun yes I can %HESITATION I can also put again and does well I've got my rights back I mean I feel like I got my American dream back on and of course the left with just rejoicing in the fact that they could hang the felon label
00:15:36on me so I'm not one of a very small population Steven of ex felons the normally the art bell in your fell into a light up as a small population of us apart and guys right now the funny I anyway I was on CNN and they were like
00:15:51you know a nice job that you really are the beneficiary of preferential treatment very powerful people like senator Cruz and the president %HESITATION got you off and I'm like well you know what some very powerful people named Obama and holder and we borrow got me into this in
00:16:07the first place so it took a few powerful people to get me off they were too busy getting Chelsea manning a winner yeah exactly exactly horror movie what's really all that I don't I don't know exactly something with the manning involves a winner but that is I am
00:16:18I'm glad to hear it now to the count of Monte Cristo most people go in and they're in prison the reputations tarnished for life but you're just putting lines on the wall scratching it through you made your way out and is that men don test you put the
00:16:30other guy in the back of the cabin and send him to prison and that's just a leftist critics in the media you know they're just gonna seeds over this for ever Dinesh in joy that well I'll I'll feel that the count of Monte Cristo script this fully played
00:16:42out when Obama or Hillary occupy my now vacated bunk in the confined in center waiting for yes there you go preferably with a very angry and may I I don't I shouldn't say we don't mean that alright the film is of course definition of premieres August third there's
00:16:59a book to go along with it you can follow him at the Nash d'souza %HESITATION Dinesh D. suit de Souza just because someone like I can't find in the two ND I de Souza because like the Pollock and his people Mr d'souza thank you so much I wish
00:17:11you best of luck with the film always a pleasure thank you enjoy your freedom there it is again so strong Hey kids I see that socialism is starting to become a cool hip thing because that crazy eyed lady Alexandria Cortez and of course Bernie Sanders in is vague
00:17:44plans so I thought I'd fill you in real quick about the realities of socialism socialism is like studying and you and then another a gun to your head that's not if you ask so that it is talks about socialism forgets to mention it at all starvation and Janice
00:18:33yeah that is Janet Bernie Sanders has so it's a terrible terrible terrible idea the blaze radio network on demand hello it's still along with Mr Glenn Beck hi hi hi hi how are you our podcasts today has lots of very interesting topics is really good too yeah a
00:19:15good bill o'reilly today yes on with us for a full hour %HESITATION talking about you know everything from the media attacking trump to %HESITATION you know what it was like back in the day Donaldson and Ronald Reagan he told an interesting story about Sam Donaldson working at ABC
00:19:32back in the day when you know I think bill was probably about sixty %HESITATION and %HESITATION he said it was you know he does great story but we it started because we pulled out an amazing clip of Sam Donaldson trying to go after Reagan not so good Andy
00:19:47when you hear this clip you can be like that's why the guy was president that's way everybody loved him it's amazing how we also have a guy who %HESITATION the night before the Facebook earnings call made a bet that it was going to go down and %HESITATION was
00:20:02proven right with the largest US stock collapse in a single day in US history and we start the podcast on that's a pretty amazing also a California versus Texas this is an incredible conversation we've had over the past couple weeks here today seem a little bit of it
00:20:15on television as well be really go into depth on on the podcast I mean I I I I wondered why he does California have the rolling blackouts when it's ninety degrees and here's Texas that is just we've just increased our population this year by half a million people
00:20:32we don't have any problem with rolling blackouts in fact our our energy is five cents is ten cents cheaper in California no eight cents cheaper than California and five and three cents if this was one of my gloves residue from the numbers for his energies fifty percent over
00:20:50average Texas entities twenty percent below average even though that means seem like I if needed a little more similar force him hopefully %HESITATION your book expected outrage September eighteenth does not have you know national statistics there's no improv and stats from no no project will research really it's
00:21:08really go into a little detail on that as well coming up on today's podcast back well you live by the algorithm you die by the algorithm Facebook got straight up slaughtered yesterday by the time Wall Street closed Facebook shares were down nineteen percent wiping out one hundred and
00:21:31twenty billion dollars of the company's value one hundred and twenty billion dollars to put that into perspective that is almost four times the entire market capitalization of Twitter wow what this is the largest single day wipe out of in stock history mark Zuckerberg himself lost over fifteen billion
00:22:00dollars yesterday now the official reason %HESITATION if you're gonna hear from business analyst is the you know the the media will just say while you know this comes a day after executives forecast a year's lower profit margins due to Facebook's concerns over privacy in this role in global
00:22:18news flow yeah yeah well that's plays a little bit of a role Z. concerns are definitely real you know the Cambridge analytica thing was a nightmare but the second part of the quote that I just read where Facebook and you don't remember managing the role in the global
00:22:34news flow that is I believe the entire reason why people are beginning to bail on the company you know Facebook was valuable when you could go there and you could pick and choose the type of content that you wanted to see you could choose the what was important
00:22:55to you I don't want Facebook choosing for me Facebook's algorithm has been destroying the media companies lately especially the smaller ones and even more so what a surprise those that leave comes leaned conservative the independent journal review this is a conservative side that focused on millennials they had
00:23:16to lay off almost all of their employees back in February why because Facebook algorithm was choking off their reach and I G. R. is just one of the many that are struggling because of it all of us in conservative media have fell to the algorithm changes like nobody's
00:23:35business so now why would mark Zuckerberg in Facebook do this eighty it hurts their business BC it hurts their own business model it's because it's the typical progressive mindset it's it's too that's all this is listen to this quote from Zuckerberg a few months ago when he focused
00:23:56on it we know where he laid out there there for their areas of concern in twenty eighteen he said and I quote we feel a responsibility to make sure our services are just fun to use but also good for people's well being all so we've studied this trend
00:24:18carefully by looking at the academic research in doing our own research with leading experts at universities all well if you're going to the university people he'll know you're going to be on the right path this is the same progressives in Washington it is with progressives in Silicon Valley
00:24:38it's in the universities they are you know you are just too stupid to her I don't believe you should be able to make your own decisions I mean you know a thing he will you one of the little people sit back for a minute and then let us
00:24:52in the university you know the educated Egghead types who we we we we we know what is best for you are we too stupid to be able to pick the type of content that we feel is important you are too much of an idiot to the side of
00:25:08a fake nose railroad so Facebook is going to be the gatekeeper you know so you don't hurt yourself doing run with those scissors I'm sorry but that's not why I a sign up for Facebook I don't need some progressive computer algorithm telling me the content that I should
00:25:26or should not be consuming I can do that on my own see what they were progressives never allow to happen is let the free market fix it because it will will the free market will fix it and if Facebook doesn't do it somebody else will come up and
00:25:45they'll do it white why is it that Facebook is the only one with the control of the algorithm what would you have control of the algorithm I want to see more of this less of that why well because Facebook loses its control all I thought Facebook put you
00:26:06in control there is the problem everybody is fed up being told what to do what they should be watching what they should be reading what they should be saying who they should who they should follow someone soon is gonna come along and provide the services that Facebook is
00:26:28denying the free market fixes the situations hand yesterday the free market fixed progressivism that was growing inside of Facebook go to wane in Ohio you're a publisher of a local newspaper Wayne yes I am the only media source in the county with a population of about fifty thousand
00:26:49people and about five thousand people a pro actively reached out and wiped my page presumably because I want my content but when I publish something on Facebook about five hundred people will see it and Facebook will offer me a chance to quote unquote boosted my postman might dollars
00:27:09they are holding my own readers hostage and struggling my content because they want me to pay to reach my own readers that's the problem if I want to boost my might reach it shouldn't be with the people who said they want to see it I should be paying
00:27:27to boost my reach to a bigger audience which is how it used to be that's it right now and that's the way it should be and should be and and and another layer this and I don't know if if we win is on is on this bandwagon or
00:27:38not but I mean a lot of these companies that that our publishers Facebook millions of dollars to get access to the the people in the first place so they paid Facebook to build a large audience and after they gave the money to Facebook Facebook said you no longer
00:27:55can reach that audience I don't know how it's not a gigantic scandal it's bad it's bad Wayne good luck good luck god bless thanks back when you realize that the number one leader of the FBI the number two leader of the FBI both clearly broke the law when
00:28:20you realize that there was a systematic effort to cover up for the Clintons with immunity being given to people with all sorts of weird things going on and then you look at how viciously the one after the trump supporters are you have to conclude that this was the
00:28:35greatest abuse of bureaucratic power at any point in the history of the state and that it has the Clinton one other covered the whole thing up and we we live in a country with a very corrupted a justice department are very corrupted hero sort of in the station
00:28:53so I feel doubly rate for the top one because I think the danger of Clinton would have been so horrendous who you know the idea that we create this this false the sense of complacency when all we do is talk about somebody else's responsibility as though it's our
00:29:20own and vice versa anyhow a whole lot of things I could talk at length about the many little distinctions we made in the endless list of ways that I got it wrong but what it all comes down to is this I have formed a theory I'm gonna share
00:29:34it now in my remaining two minutes and thirty seconds it goes like this we've declared war on work as a society all of us it's a civil war it's a Cold War really we didn't we didn't set out to do it and we didn't twist arm mustache and
00:29:52some Machiavellian way but we've done it and we have wage this war on at least four fronts certainly in Hollywood the way we portray it working people on TV it's laughable if there's a plumber he's three hundred pounds he's got a giant **** crack admitted you soon all
00:30:08the time that's will plumbers look like right we turn into heroes where we turn them in the punch lines that's what TV does we try hard on dirty jobs not to do that which is why I do the work and I don't cheat but we've wage this war
00:30:23on Madison Avenue mean so many of the commercials that come out there in the way of a message what's really being said your life would be better if you could work a little less if you don't have to work so hard if you get home a little earlier
00:30:35if you could retire a little faster if you could punch out a little sooner it's all it's all in there over and over again and again Washington I can't even begin to talk about the deals and policies in place that affect the bottom line reality of the available
00:30:49jobs because I don't really know I just know that that's a front in this war and right here guys Silicon Valley I mean how many people have an iPhone on right now how many people have their blackberries on we're plugged in we're connected I would never suggest for
00:31:03second that something bad has come out of the tech revolution good grief not to this crowd but I would suggest that innovation without the imitation is a complete waste of time and nobody celebrates imitation the way dirty jobs guys know it has to be done your iPhone without
00:31:26those people making the same interface the same circuitry the same board over an over all that you know that's what makes it equally as possible is the genius that goes inside of it so we've got this new tool box you know our tools today don't look like shovels
00:31:42and picks they look like the stuff we walk around with and so the collective the fact of all of that has been this marginalisation of lots and lots of jobs and I realized you know probably too late in this game I hope not because I don't know if
00:32:01I can do two hundred more these things but we're gonna do as many as we can and to me the most important thing to know and to really come face to face with is the fact that I got it wrong about a lot of things not just the
00:32:13**** on my chin I got it I got a lot wrong so we're thinking by we I mean me that that the thing to do is to talk about a PR campaign for work manual labor skilled labor somebody needs to be out there talking about the forgotten benefits
00:32:36talking about grandfather stuff the stuff a lot of us probably grew up with but we've kinda com you know kinda lost a little Brock wants to create two and a half million jobs the infrastructure is a huge deal this war on work that I suppose exist has casualties
00:32:53like any other war the infrastructure is the first one declining trade school enrollments are the second one every single year fewer electricians fewer carpenters your plumbers fewer welders fewer pipefitters fewer steam fitters the infrastructure jobs that everybody is talking about creating are those guys the ones who have
00:33:14been in decline over and over meanwhile we got two trillion dollars at a minimum according to the American society of civil engineers that we need to expand the even make a dent in the infrastructure which is currently rated at the minus so if I were running for anything
00:33:30and I'm not I would simply say that the jobs we hope to make the jobs we hope to create aren't gonna stick unless their jobs that people want and I know the point of this conference is to celebrate things that are near and dear to us but I
00:33:45also know the clean and dirty aren't opposites the two sides of the same coin just like innovation and imitation like risk and responsibility like parapet tia an attic Norris's like that poor little lamb who I hope is an quivering anymore I like my time that's gone it's been
00:34:03great talking to you and I get back to work

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