Compare words like "thin/fin," "mouth/mouse," and "both/boat"
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00:00:00hi again and welcome back to the American English pronunciation podcast my name is Amanda and this is our 220 first episode
00:00:13I recently received an email from listener and one asking if I would do a podcast comparing the unvoiced th sound and the F sound I haven't talked about the cheetah sounds in a long time so if that sounded like a fantastic idea but the more I thought about it the more I wondered why to compare the invoice th2 just the F sound other sounds that non-native speakers often use in place of the invoice t h are the S sound and T sound so I should also include those
00:00:48before we get into comparisons though let's talk about the unvoiced th sound first why do I keep saying on voice th sound instead of just the th sound well remember that just like many other consonant sounds in English we have two versions of the th sound and on Voice version and a voice version
00:01:15floor on voice and voice sounds with an easier pair the p and v sounds
00:01:23the P sound is an invoice just put a couple of fingers on the front of your throat and say the P sound
00:01:31be sure that you're saying just the P sound and that's a p sound plus a vowel added to it you want to say and not Papa
00:01:43that does the same thing with your fingers on your throat and say the b sound
00:01:49do you feel the difference if you're doing it correctly you'll feel the vibration in your throat with the bee sound but not with the p sound
00:02:00The Voice turn on voice to th sounds are the same idea but they're a little more confusing because both sounds are usually spelled t h
00:02:11for example the th in the word this is voiced and the th in the word sing
00:02:22is unvoiced
00:02:25so how do you say the th sounds well it is very likely that you were told to put your tongue between your front cheese and to push air out okay that will work but nearly all of my students find that creating the th sounds in that way is actually much harder than keeping your tongue inside your mouth
00:02:50to create the sounds with your tongue inside your mouth use the tip of your tongue and the back side of your top Front Teeth
00:02:59oddly enough forcing air between the tip of the tongue and the back of the top front teeth creates the same sound as putting your tongue between your teeth
00:03:12keeping your tongue inside your mouth is easier for the simple reason that your tongue doesn't need to move so far to get to and from the surrounding sounds
00:03:23try it see if the invoice to th by very lightly pressing the tip of your tongue into the back of your top Front Teeth
00:03:33Pizza touch very light because you need to push air between your tongue and teeth to create the sound
00:03:44now if you're doing it correctly noticed that the air comes out of your mouth smoothly and that you can hold the sound for a long time this is because the th sounds are fricatives meaning they are created with continuous friction and not by ever completely blocking the air if you block the air of puff will happen when the air is released and you don't want that
00:04:10see the invoice th sound again and try holding it for a few seconds
00:04:19okay are you ready to compare the pronunciation of this sound to a few other son's pronunciations
00:04:27let's start with Antoine's F sound there are three similarities between the unvoiced th and the F sound both sounds are unvoiced they are both fricatives and they both use the front teeth to create their sounds
00:04:44the biggest difference between the sounds is that the envoys to th sound uses the tip of the tongue with your great the sound weather between the front cheese or just using the top front teeth on the app sounds uses the bottom lip to create the sound
00:05:01City of sound with me creating the Sound by tipping the bottom lip and slightly and pressing it so so lightly against the top Front Teeth
00:05:16Savion voiced th sound and then the app sound
00:05:28as usual we're going to practice a few minimal pairs for the sounds are two words that are the same except for one sound I'll leave time for you to repeat each pair after me
00:05:42first first
00:05:51three free
00:06:05nice job if you want more practice for these sounds listen at the end of the show for details about the new limited-time supplemental material you can get from pronuncian. Com
00:06:18before I talk about that though let's move on to comparing the unvoiced th sound to another Troublesome sound the S sound
00:06:30the S sound is also a fricative and is also on voiced lexion voice th sound the S sound uses the tongue to create the sound but it doesn't use the tip of the tongue instead of uses the front of the tongue slightly back from the tip
00:06:50the friction we need for the S sound happens between the front of the tongue and the tooth Bridge wait what's the tooth Bridge
00:07:00the tooth Ridge is that little bump right behind the top front teeth when we create the S sound the front of the tongue presses into the tooth Ridge and the air travels from Back to Front along the Centerline of the tongue it's like a tiny string of airpush between the tongue and the tooth Ridge say the S sound after me
00:07:29if you're trying to create an invoice th sound and an S sound is coming out instead that means you're using the tooth Bridge instead of the front teeth to create the sound your tongue is just too far back
00:07:45let's see the invoice th sound and Zen Diaz sound
00:08:04let's practice with 5 minimal pairs I'll stay the pair and leave time for you to repeat after me
00:08:12face face
00:08:16miss miss
00:08:21mouse mouse
00:08:26seem seem
00:08:31some some
00:08:36the supplement for this episode has 15 additional invoice THS sound minimal pairs for downloading practice
00:08:45finally let's compare the unvoiced th to sound that isn't a fricative the T sound
00:08:53all of the F sound as sound and T sound the T sound does the substitution I hear most often among my students
00:09:04the T sound is a stop sound stops are created when we briefly block the air from leaving the mouse then we release it with a little puff of air
00:09:15see the cheese sound with me
00:09:20noticed that you use the tooth Ridge in a similar place as for the S sound for the T sound
00:09:26the difference is that the T sound briefly blocks all of the air while the air stays continuous or the S sound
00:09:36let's compare Leon voiced th with the T sound I'm going to save both sounds the invoice th first and the T
00:09:49now repeat them after me
00:09:57of course we are now going to practice with some minimal pairs I'll say the word that the unvoiced th sound first then the word with the T sound ready
00:10:14thought thought
00:10:19three tree
00:10:34if you want more practice like this I just added supplemental practice PDF and MP3 audio download for all of these minimal pairs to the pronunciation. Com products page there are 10 pairs to compare the invoice th with the F sound 20 pairs to compare it with the S sound and 25 pairs 2 compared with the T sound
00:11:02in addition to supplement includes the 50 most common words in English that are pronounced with the unvoiced th sound
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00:12:32that's all for today everyone thanks for listening and thanks for your support go by

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