Tantra is an ancient art that conjures up a whole range of descriptions.

And as an ancient art, for some its application and meaning is not so easy to grasp.

So what is Tantra?

After 2 years of debating whether I was ready to explore Tantra on this podcast, Sarrah Rose reached out to me on Instagram. With an accessible approach to the esoteric practice, Sarrah Rose makes Tantra easy for the rest of us (but by no means less powerful).

 Confused about Tantra? Here’s a definition that you’ll actually understand.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Eurydice Dixon: how one woman’s death put focus on ‘male rage’ in Australia

  • What is Tantra? Hint: it’s not the Kama Sutra.

  • Yogic Tantra, Tibetan Tantra, Doaist Tantra and Egyptian Tantra - what’ the difference?

  • What is western Tantra?

  • The different sects of Tantra

  • How Tantra helps us explore our shadow selves

  • What is a Jade egg?

  • Semen retention

  • Sexual energy as creative energy

  • How to heal sexual trauma through Tantra

  • What is generational trauma, and how does it affect your life NOW

  • What is somatic experiencing?

  • Who is Tantra for? Couples? Singles?

  • The different types of orgasms

  • How to cultivate deep connections during a casual sex encounter

  • Can you/should you persuade your partner to practice Tantra with you?

  • Science versus religion and spirituality. Can we have both?

  • How to use Tantra to neutralise anger

  • How to regulate your emotions using Tantra

  • Tantric relationships

  • The must-read books you need to start your Tantric journey

  • Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas

  • The link between your jaw and your orgasmic potential

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