I believe in using your voice and tiny lived experienced for endless creation.
And so does Gigi Engle, All We Cannot Say alumni, writer and professional sex educator. It takes a grand supply of chutzpah to be vocal AND heard on the internet, and with the force of her words and audacious attitude, Gigi makes herself heard as a woman standing up for all women.

Haven’t heard of her? It’s a hard moment in our culture to pay attention to anyone with reverence, yet seldom is there someone as noisy. One day she’s penning an article on anal sex for Teen Vogue, the next she’s posting an image of her crystal face roller to Instagram. Both are marked displays of feminist culture in 2018.

Throughout the past year of personal growth and audio exploration, Gigi and I have DMd, sent winky faces, and she’s even vouching for me when I apply for my Masters of Sexology. When I thanked her she told me to shut up because women support women. That’s solidarity.

And that’s why I wanted her back on the podcast. What unfolds between us is typically millennial, somewhat contentious, hilarious and expansive.


In this episode we talk about:


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