Luna Matatas was married once. After a divorce and a sexual renaissance of sorts, she discovered a new-found energy for exploring her sexuality as a curious and empowered woman. Today, she helps singles, couples and new divorcees to traverse new, erotic terrains. From navigating anal sex etiquette, to how using Tinder for a threesome, to pegging and all manner of other taboo activities, this episode explores a wide scope of topics.
In this episode, we talk about:

O School
Kate McCombs of Tea and Empathy
Sexual renaissance after divorce
What makes a bad threesome?
What do you need to study to be a sex expert?
Sex and the City, Girls and HBO as part of the discursive construction of sexuality
Fifty Shades of Grey, erotic literature and pathologising kink as trauma
Non-sexual submission and domination
Sex as part of creative expression
How to use empathy to become a better lover
Your biggest erogenous zone - YOUR BRAIN
How do you find pleasure outside of instant gratification?
What is a fetish?
Does 'Don’t yuck my yum’ enable problematic fetishes?
Can you ever over-masturbate?
How to have an honest and open dialogue about fetishes with your conservative partner
What is age play? Is age play unethical?
How to use dating apps to find your unicorn
Should use a sex worker for your next threesome?
10 things your can do to optimise your dating profile to attract your unicorn
How to deal with jealousy during a threesome
Where does shame come from?
Everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power
Body positivity as an empowering tool in the labour force
How can men be an ally? 
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Fuck Like a Goddess - the official underwear.  
The rise of anal pay in mainstream media.
What makes a body-safe sex toy?
Can you put a crystals (yoni eggs) in your vagina?
What is Feminine Dominance (femme domme)?

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