Mel covers the disappearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain, which kicked off one of the biggest trial-by-media frenzies - of her mother, Lindy Chamberlain - the country has ever seen.

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00:00:06%HESITATION and it's working we're recording hi hello we're back with the it's either that all of the mystery Allah or the or the mystery our but it's also an ally yet is definitely Ozean as definite mysteries yes we've got unite sixty percent yet headline about this church when
00:00:36outline this is not click buy %HESITATION say it's my we sent the mystery from my non research is you have no idea what you talking actually I'd have the small idea well yeah I was gonna say sometimes we do mysteries that the other person doesn't know a like
00:00:56Frederick Valentin each last week I didn't know anything about him to tell me fascinating loved it yeah is missing plane I had everything you have a listen guys go back and listen to it yet and a day it was very good it was very good research by a
00:01:11jury lock up here my sick day yesterday %HESITATION and say my one this week there is quite well known you know a lot about it but there's still stuff that I read that I was like **** may I did not know about this star it's it's very chamberlain
00:01:25possibly the biggest I rarely in Medicaid are again in nine history I don't I can't think of well you know I like I saw a single met on a left and a side of something awful yet that like on my god **** everything's awful like everything's awful guys
00:01:40I mean like not like a genocide okay but in terms of single Matt is yeah one single person yeah like this may be is realized is there is a famous one yet in Australia %HESITATION it spawned the Simpson's **** cat like Seinfeld there's a movie with Meryl Streep
00:01:56yet so iconic she is let's get an American to play and it's really in definitely always good times even when it's not safe there's no the actresses that could apply Lindy chain got slightly not absolutely not %HESITATION but it was Meryl so you know yes get hot could
00:02:11play anyone she shared by Harold Holt story of his life a hundred percent eighty household next week so you know I'm gonna do the someone to man yes okay anyway household upcoming yes future episode anyway sermon to get into it has a lot to on an idea alright
00:02:27but she so these are the potty probably not say the family which is Michael and Lindy Chamberlin every night for ten years and the seventh day Adventists he's a seventh day Adventist Pastaza they connected to the seventh day Adventist church that's going to come back anyway %HESITATION they
00:02:43got three kids that got eight and he seeks Reagan whose fall and as there is ten weeks old at the time that a guard she's yeah she's to mount some people that two months some people say ten weeks what I saying **** when was this teeny tiny baby
00:02:55out of this is in nineteen eighty five I was like **** hot or not in nineteen eighty %HESITATION it's the end of some also like **** mate why you in the middle of the desert with a two month old baby at the end of summer I don't ****
00:03:08know the eighties will be it that's my literal nightmare I literally nightmare like I look for him you know I for all I know the outback richer it yet and I will absolutely do it in forty degree hate and have done it yet light with a two month
00:03:20yeah intense lie you know I'm cranky as hell but like if I have a ten week old baby and does not live in the house night it in the house yeah a con yet til it's ten yes ten years all know ten weeks out anyway sorry for the
00:03:36guy to have a good time they spend the day %HESITATION sorry Michael takes the older kids and like does it a climb on alert which you cannot do any good reason but back in the eighties you could %HESITATION and Lindy in you know actually sensible decision just hangs
00:03:52out in this place called the fertility cave with his area because obviously she's got a tiny **** value with her sorry that's in like humming because they're jumping ahead and back and a head but one of the things that Lindy said all this experience was that she sorting
00:04:08are watching them at the fertility came down and she said that she felt like it was chasing the baby like it was kind of following them rat is you know **** creepy anyway so then it gets to sunset and because it's like that thing with weird family camping
00:04:21trips where everyone like comes together and have a barbecue together which again was not me I don't meet these **** people I just wanna hang out my family I don't know make small tool nihilism sweaty grazes the skaters everywhere and my kids probably like doing some embarrassing ****
00:04:35yeah you know shining the family by like throwing rocks at it you know not a learning yeah exactly say nor nice things but they all have a lot of heat to get them and Lindy basically Lindy Michael what chatting to Greg and cellular to how many families with
00:04:52that I don't know why but like a few there's there's definitely multiple families them I'm great and Sally act like a noted because Sally then said that at about eight PM she walks the rubbish bin to throw out some stuff and she saw a dingo following her about
00:05:07four five paces behind so they would like you dingo you know you citing as at the time %HESITATION and then my coal say Michael chamberlain said that he and his son like what tossing bread to adding guy like Falkenstein uses in the news getting before people knew that
00:05:26you start the the **** wild animals this case probably made pay will not want to fade and encouraged in guys see any of them yes because like I've pain this is our jumping outside the box I've been Fraser island which is your last name place where like wild
00:05:41thing guys that appeal Bradley it yet and there's so many **** signs about that and feed them that hard and don't even look at them just like leave maligned yet and now we know that yeah so anyway they're not doing that Lindy actually spot smiled and was like
00:05:55during charge them yet arm and yes it was a few dingo sightings and stuff a Lindy then says the words that I quoted where it's time I put Bobby down a leisurely hate attend Bobby but yes fair enough what about the baby Tom she goes back to the
00:06:11tent she makes a bad for their out ten minutes later she's like so she let leave this area that we Reagan in the tent sleeping cars back to everybody else then there's a baby's cry from the direction of the tent reported lately indeed runs back to look and
00:06:29then that's when she says the iconic line my god my god the dingoes got My Baby yeah which you are it's kind of fox how that line has turned into being Jerry give me moment really at a baby **** died yeah but we all know that line that's
00:06:45the line she died she absolutely said that line you might as huge search goes on with police and aboriginal track is %HESITATION and all they find is as there is torn and bloody jumpsuit but it's still like if you look at it it's still quiet intact which were
00:07:01gonna come back to life it's pretty it's not ripped up into pieces you know I think that and not be near dingoes lap by literary sorry the body was never actually found that's so **** awful so then Lindy actually gets tried from that all she ends up three
00:07:19years in prison I and my coal is convicted as an accessory after the fact and given a suspended sentence and sorry going into the trial said the crown which I think is like just like the federal yeah I think that Haitian which I don't even call it a
00:07:35crown apple yeah it's like when penny still existed not one sense they want one and he's yet ideas and yes the back in the day %HESITATION the crown alleged that Lindy had caught as there is thrown in the front seat of the family car which is this one
00:07:51yep yep I'm and then he did the baby's body in a large camera case and then rejoined the campus fed one of his on the can of baked beans which is a weird little additional side note from whatever I was reading something was wikipedia before going back to
00:08:07the tent and then making the dingoes ate My Baby cried and whatever and went to stop looking and old alike commotion started she disposed of the body is walks the crown was insinuating happened right was that based on evidence that they found well army they had no no
00:08:24you know to me that's perfect that's actually a but I think that way really good I thought you all really good idea but anyway it's like I ask you questions and you like can you not down feel like I don't know third they were ultraviolet photograph of the
00:08:41jumpsuit I'm James Cameron of the London hospital medical college and not it's our director don outside why would I tell a guy coming into this anyway he alleged that there was an incised wound around the neck of the jump seat in other words a cut throat and that
00:08:59there was an imprint of the hand of a small adult on the jumpsuit visible in the photographs I can't right yeah then there was this extremely contentious forensic report which are gonna come back to that said that there was evidence of fetal hemoglobin which I am thinking it's
00:09:16like basically they say it's president infant six months in young guy I don't really understand a hemoglobin is blood right yes I think it's like a specific type of like babies blood I suppose that you don't have what's your and our rights right so basically like you know
00:09:31they say that they stains on the front seat of the Toronto Star Ron I would arrive not it's actually the **** at all it's blocking why they like it or not but it's so cool to it allows leaseholder recently really I'm only just like twenty fourteen yeah ha
00:09:47ha I know there's another really could be straight to the call them and tell you later sorry **** way anyway so that how much blood I what an art like I don't know they just said that they found evidence of the stains on the in the cotton because
00:09:58they'd been like she's not that's right in the car right this is coming from the fact that with stains in the ka yeah I'd like to call it the cob having stuff in it is sauce obviously because she sang everything happened at the ten year yet so the
00:10:12head to head defense argument was that all these eyewitnesses said that would be great around which you know we've just kind of how this all these people like they were the no hitter the dingo the being like they were being kind of like you know one of the
00:10:23food and **** so that was that I'm all the witnesses claims to believe the chamberlains right arm one who is a nurse to know why that's important spoken information that like people putting the eggs whites like he gets a fight anyway she said she had a baby's cry
00:10:42after the time when they said is there had been meditating these babies crying in the yeah %HESITATION anyway there was also this evidence presented that adult blood could also possibly tests with fatal hemoglobin says basically they were basically kind of thing what is this from this something else
00:11:02where this happened where they will like bloods these could be anything and it contains all the **** with cryptantha I had I would like it could also be a feral call yes I think rightly SO simply the fatal it wasn't like a decisive %HESITATION tests yes not a
00:11:19trust with yes essentially is what I was saying as well as I was saying that similar results can happen from you kiss from the noise chocolate milkshakes to basically like if rawhide I shaved the baby had sneezed yet that can be fatal hemoglobin you know etcetera say that
00:11:37was his engineer les Harris who had been doing Dinger Rick research for over a decade and said that contrary to James Cameron's findings the dingoes teeth ache there called the con now seal tape but I'm seeing that the shop one yet almond can like cut through material as
00:11:55tough as a motor vehicle seat belt %HESITATION he'll say said he's had he had evidence of a captive female singers like taking me out of wrapping paper but leaving the paper intact today this whole theory of like they can eat unnecessarily like they can eat something and not
00:12:12destroy the entire online at the same time I know what they're often after that me yes apparently like destroy a **** thing they just get yeah yeah arm and that that dean guys that was strong enough like he's he's this presented evidence that dean guards was strong enough
00:12:27to carry kangaroos and like all your making easily or I go could yeah right basically and easily take a baby yeah supposedly according to les Harris can eat a baby without destroying the whole item of clothing arm and yet like super tough taste could do it quickly basically
00:12:48anyway but yesterday she was convicted of murder on the twenty ninth October nineteen eighty two sentence to life imprisonment %HESITATION and but then in nineteen eighty six I English tourist David breast and felt his death from alert during an evening climb and why you should be Kantakouzenos reasons
00:13:08and they said that many reasons many of them to do with indigenous people and we should be respectful of gas but also because you can fall yeah it's a dell say that there's so many reasons to do it anyway he felt bizarrely fell right where they would like
00:13:24a dingo where and when they were looking searching the area and looking for missing barns that might've been carried off by Dinger's of him I think a because I dated I found online yeah they come across a small item of clothing is a crucial missing piece of evidence
00:13:42ten matinee jacket with you would have heard about the man yet so all the time when he's like that the man night she's wearing it was wearing and the like not found it yet this is bullshit your life and I'll things around in the bingo lay he yeah
00:13:56near Dinger so in nineteen eighty eight the northern Turkey court of criminal appeals unanimously attends all convictions against Lyndon Michael I'm and they end up getting awarded one point three million dollars in compensation which would head out to Seattle wrongful imprisonment which is lack of faith often enough
00:14:14yeah unless huge amount of money for that talk huge so that's a huge amount of money now yes like that either yeah well yeah this was in I think it was in nineteen eighty eight yet that I got that money so yeah I'm yes sorry that's the basic
00:14:32story then as a whole bunch of other **** sorry basically obviously what we talked about with the fetal hemoglobin %HESITATION something to do with they did a similar test I'm using a sound to dead in a spray which I don't know the fact that he is but essentially
00:14:48that also came through as the same type as fame fetal weapons it was essentially to say you can find it in a lot of things unconscious a strange yes so it's kind of it kind of essentially make that inconclusive evidence yes you cannot say that that's a hundred
00:15:04percent as areas fetal hemoglobin in the car yeah I'm with the blood stains in the car or did they just tested seat and find they just say I didn't I didn't see anything that **** blood some started even of the small tiny baby this that's still a good
00:15:20amount of blood that you would be saying I think that OJ when you cut the jugular yes always such a great product here with my experience when you cut a jugular up but it's a huge amount of blood that flows out like an unstoppable stream I just feel
00:15:35like they would have same more than something that could be me kiss the Quartermaine milk like yeah it would have been blocked like it seems sauce to me I think it might have just been like yes some stain yes tested in you know yeah essentially an old Toronto
00:15:51again been blood from one of the other kids when I was little yes I'm about to say one thing I did forget to say to wrap that up all nicely the tiny little bar is that technically this isn't a mystery illegally because in two thousand eleven northern Turkey
00:16:08car not Lizabeth Morris said that a fourth inquest was going to be held in for every twenty twelve I'm and they found in light of subsequent reports of dingo attacks on humans that's it was a dingo attack right that says she's officially be leavings alright and yet %HESITATION
00:16:26but it's still a mystery assets of the amount of discussion yet and is it's not lack a dingo came forward and confessed slash it can be yeah we have the bodies out there thirty five being I walked into that things are not did it another day goes on
00:16:45we when I was in jail last night will eat a confessed that he did not gonna happen load off got talk you know so it's never going to be conclusive so in that way to me it still fits the bill of being out of the mystery how tightly
00:17:00tightly like I mean I think that they have yet I've they've come up with that as a result as a ruling by that but some people still think she did all my god I mean his one ruling body says one thing yes doesn't mean that the court of
00:17:14public opinion at grace yes exactly I'm sorry one of the big things is a good as a few really spicy things that happen in the media and it's pretty fox to be honest but like in myself I'm like this is fox these are real people yes then I
00:17:33also did a really **** conspiracy so it's a I'm very conflicted I'm very conflicted Jersey that's alright I'm I'm a monster too yes fine the way months ago from the trash bin anyway so obviously this is they like there's a lot of like reports around that I like
00:17:48this is the most widely copied criminal case in Australian history and was like **** massive lack %HESITATION he usually covered in the media yet on those big argument that the media coverage created the bias that sent him to jail ride because they hate to jokes and remains in
00:18:04cartoons and stuff that really like you know painted her in a really bad light and one of the big themes which pops up often with women yes and you know crime is that she wasn't behaving like a stereo typical grieving my Bob would try lock off yeah into
00:18:22the bin I hate when people pour it expectations on people with grief yet arm and especially as a mother she's a mother she better tile she added be hysterical you know I went like **** off she's like in **** court man I get **** list I would be
00:18:39like flat FE yet a she's in shock because it's happened yet bases in court on trial for the murder out my **** but I don't know if anyone could predict how they would act in that set of circumstances yes does nor a guidebook for how you should behave
00:18:57not safe out I know I actually think I would hate it more if she was like hysterically yelling all the time then they'd be like oh she's pretty at all like that it would you can't win exactly if you cannot win as a woman in one of these
00:19:09situations I'm so that was that and I think a lot of that from what I was reading you know he said that Khan that's not conclusive evidence that this is how it how it happened but there's a lot of talk that that really lack supported to this yet
00:19:22like essentially wrongful committed and help our case yes there was heaps made of their seventh day Adventists religion so yeah Lee back then it was quiet misunderstood woods in Australia mum it's I think to this day it still got a lot of like negative connotations to it and
00:19:42like any religion that's quite like seculars as a lead nicely thank you is when you like dirt have a religion like normal I want to like secular is like a secular law rule I think it's you know no I think it's like I think it's what you thinking
00:19:56of six I think six yeah I think it is and what it's like very on the way fundamentalist so the extremely like quite religious essentially yes let's roll since yet anyway %HESITATION for their some **** like I say fantastic into it so wild way yet like allegations that
00:20:18Spondon room is one was that the church is a cult that killed infants and toddlers bizarre religious ceremonies %HESITATION and that the fact they took the newborn to the remark does doesn't like Haitian to do that to do that arm and one of the things that really that
00:20:35really tight thirteen backyard we and I don't know I like one of their sacrifice the baby while you could do it in public around I know all these other families it seems we had and I think the public tide as well to like Lou has always had like
00:20:50a bit of a mystery about it vality yeah yeah it's because got a list yes indigenous called yeah and also I think it's it's a strange moment monument in and of itself is like this giant **** rock in the wind as it and they always had a bit
00:21:04of yeah mysterious element to it arm it was also arm and anonymous tip from a dude who falsely claim to be as there is docked off per man either where they were from %HESITATION he said that the name is a argument sacrifice in the wilderness but it well
00:21:22then it means god helps but he found out of that story sounds like well you know as in the wilderness and you know I'm there with claims that Lindy was a which which is provided for us is it potion in seventeen hundreds and are at the site is
00:21:38finally like in nineteen eighty yeah lie far that's not that long ago the original guys they did that hundreds of users are about Riley Illuminati yet Satanists yet right now is that someone in one but anyway there was also likes basically was kind of like which I mean
00:22:00is interesting because it it has ties to now and the way that press operates now and some of the things that you know like I discussed about our industry of like jumping on she it yes and sensationalizing elements but I think it was back then is I think
00:22:15now like I don't know if it's a legal thing should probably gonna **** jealous but like you know it's not like we just we make **** up all the time rotten back then it was like their own newspapers is now online outlet so is this battle to sell
00:22:30papers so yes thorough trying to outdo each other with these insane headlines I am probably yes defame Tesla to sell papers and now there's really strict rules in this rather around defamation yes so it wouldn't fly these days and I wish I giggled when they came in and
00:22:47I wonder if it was because this is pretty **** with the stuff that was happening so one of the big things was they had a dress armed that she had said she said she originally made a pass on a dress a little like a little baby you know
00:23:03as little eighties baby for a few things that kind of like any baby could not that anybody can wear a dress yeah well all right in the eighties before like you know your true non gender stereotypes I will my brother said Dominic on it that's how forward thinking
00:23:17my mom was I love it I have I'm sorry would like when I eventually have kids I am fully into this like gendai like no gender stereotypes whether into the fight with the doll where to to your boy kid I give a **** yes but yeah so you
00:23:35know those kinds yeah like there's any real we'd Victorian yeah yeah so it's like a little black one of that and had lads with this is the things that was like jet black it's actually I think that it's in a museum because looking up I saw a picture
00:23:48of it and it's it's jet black red ribbon bright red ribbon bread duties like Satan Satan Satan yeah play of the S. and in football club like sorry where black and red so that obviously were runs mine as well as they were like **** this little black dress
00:24:04for a baby like you know %HESITATION it that was the sacrifice stress the devil say it was fox on but actually it was just really trendy in the eighties to dress girls in black and navy would like really insane because like the fact that it was a trend
00:24:25it would be like if he said now yet like JC is wearing a red bandanna around her neck she's a Satan worshipper because red is the color of Satan but it's like Iran is wearing them so I don't understand how that happened so I am like him any
00:24:38rituals where I sacrifice my cats tonight yeah I hate I absolutely love my cats don't like not really worried that the the **** happens not gonna try to put cots and you're gonna get arrested tomorrow on and then %HESITATION yeah there's just like a lot of there was
00:24:57a lot of bullshit flying arm out in it it continues even to this day like the bullshit cases that in two thousand and five will like you know the facts that's actually **** thirteen yeah she is I feel like telling five was tomorrow yet it might yet more
00:25:14I feel like tomorrow frankly %HESITATION so this twenty five year old woman named Erin holes bro holes holds Berg sorry claims she was a very chamberlain might just **** guy wearing a %HESITATION the claims are rejected by authorities and the ABC's media watch program good I'll meet you
00:25:35at love media watch talk a lot media watch I'm stated that none of the reports linking hat to the chamberlain case at any substance but like how **** bulls beat the added just decide I'm gonna downtime is area Chambal and like I'm almost I'm almost impressed yeah except
00:25:51for the fact that obviously is really **** up that was still like pulling the is yeah like again about the scenario if she's innocent which legally is but like you know arm anyway I yes and then in like two thousand and four there was a I'm guy Frank
00:26:10call a melding pensioner who said he shot a dingo in nineteen eighty that and had found a baby in advance of the same timing is is there you and me yeah and then and didn't do anything about it well yes I guess I just didn't buy cool there's
00:26:24a baby you in looking while baby babies and just walk out and say you know it's a like you found a warm batons now find they exist in the wild together find a fable what is now hello we heard the **** police stupid I'll bomb while he's credibility
00:26:42was shot because black basically to check it out crazy old man well the baby in its mouth well off I go doing my day all the models when this happened it could be the terminally old manifold Kumar Jain Frank although it sounds like he's like yeah you know
00:27:09he's never been young and old cars one is an old grumpy come job bought it all going to die good job is going around a pub just base or a baby guards now I didn't do anything about it yet he's being put these changes at any on the
00:27:27Yom for the pub five a well yeah he he he's **** because basically windy Fazli said like the jacket that he said he saw arm the baby in the mouth wearing not even deal with that fully clothed baby other even a naked baby sorry I know it's not
00:27:50funny the actually footwear lobbying these mental image of the ad seeing a **** dingo with a cooler the baby let out an audio file about it for twenty five years knowing that like the **** case was publicized like it was basically the OJ Simpson case Australia needs anyway
00:28:08%HESITATION Lindy said like the jacket to never been done it yet factors in Chile and yet his credibility was more damage because he'd made unsubstantiated claims about other cases all right here the old cards I'm in the early everything until you before we discuss the tape on a
00:28:26discussion in which is just a wild thing it's not actually anything specifically to do with the case it's just like what the actual **** **** the torana Haiti's yet useful caught a beautiful **** cuts like yellow shirt off let got nothing made bench state it's just like I
00:28:42want a copy yet you want with chamberlain **** like dark because it became a cop and I got I mean I can on the vision of its beautiful yet two thousand a night I that cop that specific car used in the wedding of aid in chamberlain brother what
00:28:58he was six when assisted disappeared ride arrived at the ceremony **** his father said he was proud the couple a trade in the car which was the centerpiece of the case watch the violent they thought his little babies he says throat slitting yes I'm the happiest day that
00:29:15a lot yeah that's can you imagine your boyfriend yet said tea bag are we gonna get married I would really like you to ride in this car might you stumble tiny baby sits down with may be mad at in and also the old eighties bargain cars well sorry
00:29:33their old ladies breaking tiny dresses like in a light get stuck on a boat like a hole in a fetal hemoglobin on all my guns aren't I knew that so it's just it's a it's never really a family thing than anything else to me because I'm just learned
00:29:48that shocks really with it but I don't know I suppose may be if you felt like it had a memory from a time when your little baby sister was alive I guess but like it still seems weird to me that's really all you know I know John as
00:30:02a lot of judgment actually no judgment no does your rabbit ears John running off at the spot you thought all my favorite you're not being a **** bot inset insanely BG comment right here I'm so that's kind of the story adding I don't know legally what were even
00:30:21allowed to say here I tell a story yes all my gosh plays you said you had a story yet it's a story about how I first found out about this case I was quite young and I was walking with my mom the new castle mall which kind of
00:30:35was this it was kinda hip and happening back in the nineties it was like an outdoor area where there are a lot of shops and then it kind of died in the asa now they've reinvigorating it is like twenty shops there and stuff removal walking my moment conscience
00:30:49is like early nineties I reckon mom was Billy Idol nine mid nineties my cart and I'm like what should grab my arm and I was like lunch his that's Michael chamberlain and I was like he's Jane Lynch shop you're such a she and she's like that's in her
00:31:10Lindy Chamberlin house ex husband because they broke it up yes they broke up they do bring out yet I'm and then he moved to Newcastle nine and I think he is doing is pasta yes stuff stuff in new castle and he was with one of the boys when
00:31:25I saw them and sounds like he isn't Lindy Chamberlin and mom's like the dingo the baby and I was like had no idea which was talking about Selborne eighty five so obviously missed all of it even when she was exonerated us to too young yet knows going out
00:31:41to mom tell me the whole story and I often think it's things like that a reading light Nancy Drew mysteries and just hearing about these spicy all the things that's why I'm into all of this yeah and my mom is here that's why she's going with micropayments like
00:31:56told the whole story on a nice little mother daughter of shopping trip she's like and then when they are caught my baby was slack because his radio seven always been fascinated with this case and that you know the images of her with a huge idea signees on and
00:32:13I got it she looked sorry I'm in a sense are terrible but it's a style at all really **** shriek yeah yeah at because he's very these beautiful like yeah late seventies spaghetti strap dresses yeah I like I felt the fed that had yet love it the big
00:32:29let big bowl cut yeah yeah %HESITATION yes so just I've always kind of knowing about it but I didn't know all these facts that you brought to the table like the blood in the car and things like that I think all I watch the movie as well when
00:32:43the movie come out tomorrow one I would say late eighties oil no Ellie nineties early nineties I sort twice what school he had flown about why did you know that class was about the foot to me it's the iconic one and they've changed the wedding was in Seinfeld
00:32:59yeah I can't remember why now and Maddie added him at it would kill me because he's the biggest side felt and I also am but I don't understand like I remember every single line but I just remember laying guy who may be the dingo ate your baby says
00:33:13it like that which isn't exactly what he said yeah it is kind of sad that it became a job like this a baby's car it's I think that the joke all that and the reason people felt like Hey about it was because everyone just thought she did it
00:33:27yet and Meryl said in a funny way and maybe that's when it became yeah just because the accent I love Meryl but she didn't do all the example night he did it's a hard one to nail look we've got it down Pat all totally who was trying to
00:33:42do in all the accents me the other day it was like a American passin I know some like random celeb that we had in here for some interview with all right now so it's like this is terrible stop play but yet will I think that's why people the
00:33:55fine to jerk about it because I think I thought old she **** did a yeah so then you can just write step but I don't know if I I don't know what I believe to be honest personally as a personal take yeah obviously she's legally yes she did
00:34:09not do it and we are saying that into the microphone and clearly does not winking at is a lot like thought defining battle Allah but I guess like if like there are things that still to may seem weird I still think it's weird that a dingo could eat
00:34:25a baby out of its Cloyd CNN late the clothes so intact as dark knight that yeah like their animals they thought yes I know that they're saying like you know he's saying that this is this dude just yet why won't they just be like a paper bag is
00:34:38very different to Clark yet why would there be a cop Justin one pot even if that was its taste wouldn't it state the button other parts of the clothes I did it on button that outfit with its tastes like it does seem a bit soft yeah and how
00:34:53long was she gone from the camp what I think it happened in a matter of like like sailor I caught tell you for sure but it seems like half hour window kind of like it was like she put as area down to sleep in the tent went back
00:35:11to everybody else had the baby cry ran back or the baby's gone so I think like in terms of the timing of like a dingo getting like you know with dogs like if you if you don't get something and runs off with it yet run away with a
00:35:23quite quickly and it's not so much of that that we it's me out I think it's the it's the findings because I think it's very strange that they just happened to be right if I'm not aware and yet today for the camera case that no I don't know
00:35:38where the camera case came up in things like very specific very specific look as we know Jersey I'm not the best freecell yeah when not to take to see if not we'll just tell your **** yon mate yeah just cry at me with all these all right but
00:35:51no I'm actually interested to you because that's such a weed least thing to say and the baked beans and everything all yeah the bike phases out but I think it was more like time line she moved like a rat people saw her feeding yeah and these people said
00:36:03they heard a baby crying after she came back so soon it's old yeah it's I mean I think I think I do lean towards potentially aiding guard that wouldn't they be binds found we'll let Barnes and I am I am really or anyone I feel sick now I
00:36:19know I don't like the beat where I have to talk about the D. go actually eat like a phase it will act of it but I just feel like it's not like an entire thing disappears hold me yeah you know it's not a snake or a while Larry
00:36:31justice yeah so then I guess I'll eighteen months old are they buying like softer I know I'm sorry I know but like I I can kind of understand how the barns like everything could just be a sin Sonora an old baby so hellish in jail for all up
00:36:48think was three years which is a long **** time in Dublin of god I'll be hot so hot I come out to the likes doing that yeah live from Mount eyes on yes I think that's probably why to be honest I didn't care about the heat because unlike
00:37:04they live in the Haight but yes issues three years which is you know I I think I actually do have you know whatever the actual overall thing you know I only god knows is the end of all that like intensive putting her in jail with that kind of
00:37:19evidence pretty bullshit yet doesn't seem like it's all very circumstantial yet now they would say there was no physical evidence tying head to the yeah %HESITATION crime right now absolutely I just feel like this that life in prison like that's insane JYJ I feel I can be a
00:37:37very different trial today yeah they must have changed the law is right you know how now with cases that are open you Kantar round saying **** **** you're not allowed to say yes and you have to be very very clear why we wedding chapel but I would say
00:37:52yes I'm pretty sure they were not allowed to like insinuates that lead these yeah don it when she's being completely cleared but like %HESITATION I don't know I feel like we have like a Nova mob says I think I'm a lot if we had some lawyer dude come
00:38:06in and talk to that like last year to like be like Hey as Jenner because you know I always say like say to me I'm a style editor I do a lot of lifestyle content not often that I'm reporting on cases yeah but you need a higher court
00:38:18cases yeah we just need to know because I've ever anything you know it comes up that you have to write about this are many yeah rules and I feel like they would have had them if if you can sail the sheet and yeah drags on the name through
00:38:31the mud yet odds while but like you said it was it was before digital it was like you had to catch everyone with yet you call volume Littrow let massive headlines on the front page yeah yet sat like whether or not she did it it's just wasn't a
00:38:47fair trial by media %HESITATION yeah I don't know how I feel that I feel like a mom told me the story yeah I wanted to my mom and he is a bit like me I think she did I think a lot of things she did it to be
00:39:03honest I'm maybe that is that maternal thing of lack you know my mom would ever acted differently mama cry the drop of a hot little learn if someone dingo took me away Tom so maybe she just didn't like the way she reacted yeah maybe she bought into that
00:39:20media stuff yes time but yeah I don't think she was very measured was telling that story I don't know how I feel I think it's also the it does seem like a bull **** trial yeah off hundred percent hundred percent I think that was not fair is not
00:39:37enough evidence and like what what if anything was tying Michael to it here he got down to being an accessory but yeah at the camp the whole time well yeah I think that what they're saying in the what they have argument was is that it happened in the
00:39:50call Matt and then they do made ice you man it's like they made a plan way Lindy would guy and be like although it's not here in you know I think that that kind of **** but she's the one that did the any of the like motifs like
00:40:09did she seem unhappy at all levels baby my heart like nothing I read I think a lot of it came down to the her behavior during the trial that people just like why she's a chill %HESITATION and also to the seventh day Adventist off yeah rap and like
00:40:25all these bullshit arounds and right spot but I'm not religious but I'm not going to cast aspersions on other religions and they lack they must have both the same thing with Islamophobia now I'll let all you don't know it sorry which is in a portal this yet down
00:40:41to the religion that's messed up yet that pot should have just never even I mean it didn't come into play in the actual trial but it the discussion of what is sick as well lance's grace yeah like that so you like it's so you discriminatory you know I
00:40:57liked and there's no evidence by a well like Satan worship is who we're gonna matter a baby as a sacrifice they just aren't **** even guy that yeah %HESITATION so yeah I'm but I think a lot of it had to do with the clothing being quite intact and
00:41:14the incision on the Iraq that I need to be on his way to me yeah because I die and I still can't wrap my head around that and then I also think it and the nasty all yeah well they just found that like finding a yeah intact thing
00:41:27yet like the dingoes such a lack descending dingo is a co I Shanti that map you can meet and talk to the great sorrow don't yeah eighties with that is essentially what they're saying it's like they're saying that the bingo is a very neat yeah and avoid eating
00:41:44any of the clients and biting into it which is like it's a **** animal one like a dog eight now yet get father's looks my dog I'm just quite neat act my dog was quite neat but it was not neat in the sense that like she could like
00:41:57yeah managed to not yet like ripped at bit of clothing that was like attached with human bait and yeah it's awful yes when windy now I don't **** know sorry I'm not I think I I did so because of him one now %HESITATION she's done a few you
00:42:17bits and pieces of things that was that was an all pro that was made about her that the holy thing and she apparently was like creatively involved comment on it %HESITATION that's just weird that they did not pro but I guess it's like such an iconic Australian story
00:42:31and you know %HESITATION but yeah she's I I do feel for her in a way because I feel like well there's actually a right I read an article I want to say it was the ID say it could have not been the ID say that was sort of
00:42:45linking her and Chapelle Colby and the sort of experience yeah who've been like you know who it who have always emphatically denied they had done the crime they were huge star of and the way that they betrayed medir in their experience and that's quite interesting yeah yeah he's
00:43:03lived a whole life pretty much being with a strong public belief that she killed her baby even though she has actually been cleared off that yeah that's pretty wild yeah heavy is heavy but you know I yeah like such a massive weight I suppose it's been this is
00:43:24not a word meet the sized met the size does not away but you know what I'm saying to you math assignments like it's being turned into a bit of a myth like the the the actual facts just yeah you know and and and that was what started out
00:43:38as a as an aside before I think it's also part of a fascination in it is this and I think some of the skepticism is because it's like this all the animal and like yeah alien on the roof yeah yeah I will route dean guy like the the
00:43:53wild yeah I like all these things about safety in that way we know bush in the outback yeah you know it is all that kind of yeah yeah it's a strange case really that's why it's been is plenty of women in Israeli who of being on trial for
00:44:11measuring the kids but I think it's all the elements of it has made it black media out catnip yep and it was just because it was so outrageous goal that this seventh day Adventists assists the so much joy yet that is spicy for want of a better word
00:44:28like interesting that is why I see I mean like I feel like we can say it spicy without paying like yeah you think dead baby is not like that like no one sitting here like all it's a great that is area chamberlain died somehow yeah it's like the
00:44:43story is wild but just a wild story yeah the setting the elements involved subsequent trial subsequent **** trial like everything to do with it you know yeah yeah was a great one yeah very well reset thank you I thirty one had really because I don't know what Lindy
00:45:01right now and I just read that she has a website of a guy in whatever she's doing something %HESITATION but yeah if you guys have Lindy Chamberlin related stories maybe adherents were at the campsite on my god in wild please like literally anything remotely to do with this
00:45:17case yeah maybe you I mates with the dude that got married and his wife was in the Toronto yeah that may be derived the trauma Tasha if you've been in that I want to know about it so he doesn't want Facebook yes share thoughts and feelings yeah about
00:45:33this case and wait will be back next episodes one of them not the case with a mountain man assignment which is old a bit but I love that stress and I like my favorite thing in the world **** right Conway this dead man is my favorite thing the
00:45:47what I'm seek any help the answer all right I %HESITATION and

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