We Discuss: Catchers Blinking, Toto & Weezer, Mia Khalifa's Hockey Injury & Will Smith Bungee Jumping Into The Grand Canyon 

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00:00:00Alan Gerry's postgame podcast is brought to you by the veterans crisis line confidential support for veterans and their families is available by dialing one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five and pressing one can't get enough of the I am a morning show now because this
00:00:19is nothing like that working Allen carrier here with stories they never get the call from the morning show very sexy role naked yoga my mother had a bad experience with the skull let's hope the fence it's our Jerry game the podcast today Monday the podcast will hide out
00:00:43why I recently have started focusing on this %HESITATION involves Major League Baseball okay and it involves us seeing things in slow motion all right so when I was in little league they one time tried to convert me to a catcher I'm not sure why why I'm not sure
00:01:01what you're a dynamic center fielder I was an excellent center fielder but for some reason this one coach try to convert me to catcher kai and I never caught an actual game but I caught in practice I had a very hard time when the ball was when I
00:01:15was being the catcher and the ball was coming and this happens even in slow pitch song share I I wince yeah and I see major league catchers wincing on every pitch right they they blink blink but not just the regular casual blink it's a intense wincing a blank
00:01:36wall when you slow it down you're right when you slow down do you think but to me that is that your body preparing for war impact to get hit in the face of the baseball yeah over and over again throughout a game however many pages go on over
00:01:56the long lifetime of a catcher do you think of I tested say who's like some of the greatest catchers of all time Johnny bench Johnny bench Benito Santiago him yogi Berra well that was so long ago I don't think they winced back then do you think there that's
00:02:15taking a toll on their system the constant wincing their sister again in their nervous systems their nervous systems possible how do I get a study to go in our one you have to start with catchers and quite have the first one find the scientist yes this would be
00:02:33very expensive study because I'm not a scientist now although you of a good poll I do love a good Paul I would've honored you do one thing to this great at Quinnipiac why don't you just all one hundred catchers all right and see if they have had any
00:02:48change in their routine or their quote unquote system right with the years of catching it's a great idea Pudge Rodriguez I'd love to get him for the study are you go where's Mike piazza in a way you're John Stearns classic met catcher siad Mackey sass Sir yeah do
00:03:10you think if you went up to a catcher and book scared of real quick book they wins more or less than a regular person I have an idea wanted you up to Gary Sanchez and all right to arm and see what happens do just a blue it looks
00:03:26like Brody down if I was Gary Sanchez you know he's had terrible games are passed balls all stuff I do like to them back there wincing on every built an excuse to yeah you'll go back there all the guys the constant wind you know that's due to my
00:03:41system yeah I mean it's definitely reaction I caught a little bit and you are a catcher a little bit and %HESITATION I don't know how you I don't know how you teach little kids to be catcher I do it all the time I needed to do it I
00:03:54would close my eyes at every it had to be in the U. it's a quick blink for shore but you've got to have the meat in position I mean that's just now the here nor there I mean it's not a matter of in most cases the catcher does
00:04:08not look the ball and was gonna swing and miss we see that with the replace do you think the umpires are wincing home plate I'm I'm gonna say no yeah I don't think so is I think the %HESITATION and I am tired when I was you know seventeen
00:04:21or sixteen a long time ago I don't remember my guess would be you have trust that the guy that's actually going to catch the ball is going to catch the ball and though the foul ball that comes off your mask it's rare so I don't think you're bracing
00:04:34for that on every artillery is get a quick rundown of what I need for this link the study I'm gonna need a scientist a third to a pole not all polls that's nonsense Jerry alright this is science I need a scientist I'm gonna need catcher so long time
00:04:51cabinet catchers yes and good and also need umpires to see their wincing or not wincing you how you need umpires and then what do you call that a group that %HESITATION has nothing to do with catching that I would study baseball players not I'll be like after you
00:05:07called in science like you have the your group of Eusebio group yes the placebo group something like that what is something like that it's not the placebo group but it's it's that that thing there were I would study regular people who are not once okay regular people on
00:05:26a regular on a regular basis got it you're you're familiar with the band Weezer again I am and I was sorry that I didn't get to see them last week yeah they are later the arts center yet would've my niece went to what was it like a Randall
00:05:38Wednesday night Friday night I went all the Mets Yankees instead rule yes alright well you know how Weezer did a cover of toto's Africa Africa and they also covered toto's Rosana which I did not know about Williams then a I will toto the band is returning the favor
00:05:57Jerry really they were in the studio and handed this over to okay rock in Los Angeles okay it's not officially released yet it's going to be released in a few weeks what Weezer song the sweater song total members got together and did a cover of Weezer's hash pipe
00:06:16okay I got my hands pipe was toto had me they've got a don't they have to be at this point they got to be in there right fifties so called for sure his toto had hits in the very oral actually total had he had a overly lean the
00:06:35seventies really and then they had the the hits in the early eighties the early MTV years I will be at you will hear that as a bumper music coming back from break when I know that how should I got it I don't know they did debate Jerry which
00:06:50song they wanted to do what people thought at first that they were they were kicking around Beverly hills they were like I did on but I don't think toto should be singing that yeah that's why I said the sweater song yeah that would been good I like that
00:07:01one night I'm interested in this they'll be looking for that on my spotlight for yes so I was driving in this morning hallucinate JJ after doc for a little while our number one and then for the the part the first twenty minutes I wasn't on all right maybe
00:07:15even twenty five in the last twenty five minutes music on in James the the song laid by James came on yes can you play that I radio so well you used to play on camera yeah I yeah I remembered that's how we know the song yes so you
00:07:32would not play that as a rejoin I would not because that like the lyrics are unbelievable they don not radio friendly I guess they're not curses there's no actually write this bed is on fire with passionate love the neighbors complain about the noises above blah blah blah on
00:07:47my gonna say anymore now bleep you out like it's so graphic it was a song played on the radio in the mid nineties yes yes that was an interesting time the nineties alternative movement if you think of a what was the I don't know the official name of
00:08:02that nine inch nails song oh my god I'm gonna believe you like an animal yeah with that is brutal if you listen to the lyrics and by the way still gets played yes on my right to the FCC are they still around the they are believe yes I
00:08:18don't know what they do but they are still around they used to find people left and right I haven't heard of a station getting Howard stern's got he said they all quit now what we do day the FCC guys showed up that day we can't find it again
00:08:34now what is the song okay it shouldn't be but if you say it you get suspended but it is yeah like you agree I agree strange I like those for the longest time the classic rock stations even played who are you by the who okay who always see
00:08:55here's a this clearly says who that after four years using the language Jerry which I will refuse to use here and that was played on the radio for the last time I did not know that yeah only recently well I'm telling you within the last five years they
00:09:11change that out where they were not playing that Steve Miller had a song all those funky all the funky believe goes down in the city right that was on the radio to for awhile right and they changed the kicks during the daytime hours on two tics going down
00:09:26in the city right yeah I don't understand what tell also stranger the FCC rules the real if you follow the rules Tony Paige and JJ after dark do overnights could do whatever the hell they want according to based on the rule based on the rules that that up
00:09:41from like %HESITATION at ten PM to five AM when a regulated whatever you do whatever you want for real yeah legend Tony just F. bombs all over the left and right about the mats in them it's actually no I know it all along now I can imagine the
00:09:57whole new J. jackets career for town there was a JJ was honest and why over the weekend so I caught him on Sunday morning before I went to the beach to reply there is one rejoined I thank god I wish I had my phone out I wanted to
00:10:12record it where he looks like an axe murderer JJ because he staring so weirdly into the camera is almost as if turn around you're coming on and he does is very weird look I want to have the video on he looks like he looks crazy like a creep
00:10:29yes you're gonna show though yeah I don't get called to be honest and wire in in %HESITATION I did I was not allowed these things happen sure you're familiar with porn star mia Khalifa yeah whom me army isn't overly apparel different girl this is a mia Khalifa she's
00:10:48wearing no mia Khalifa I'm gonna tell you right now from familiar you eat when you eat elsewhere she M. she does us she also does some sort of sports stuff in addition to **** it's new it's funny the first thing comes up as mia Khalifa red skins she's
00:11:06on the red car she's glasses I yeah yeah yeah I know this is yeah Google or mia Khalifa Shia is undergoing so I had to undergo surgery after her left boob was deflated after being hit with a hockey puck during a capitals game back a couple weeks ago
00:11:31I capitals playoff game a pop hit her in the boob N. it deflated she told the daily star I was sitting behind the glass during a game and came shooting over the glass and it caught me off guard and had no idea it was coming I grabbed my
00:11:51chest and I didn't want to let go because I felt that I did like go the blood would be everywhere good lord she did get to take the puck home she said it was the single greatest souvenir hockey fan can get I should I see this was June
00:12:06fourth so she okay she is okay Jerry she had the surgery and she's not a porn star anymore well no more now she's moved on to a sports career as you point out she was once voted porn hubs most watched actress really yet all right there you go
00:12:24so it does happen the I would think that's an emergency situation of implant exploded goes to show if you work in the emergency room yeah the things you must see all my goodness I mean my god here is someone coming up in the emergency room with the matter
00:12:41deflated breasts inflated breasts whether you get summer **** I did see that in a description of one of your podcast that you did while I was out and I didn't know what it meant when I search it I didn't can I guess I I have no knowledge of
00:12:59this was from the website you gave me for prep stories okay I just saw the that you guys discussed something called summer **** yes and in my head I thought I bet you that's due to sun tan nude no it's not really now it's not it's that guys
00:13:17believe that their unit is bigger in the summer really because of the warm weather that expand I couldn't agree with that scientifically is not true that in the winter the body retract to the heat yeah the body more of them not imagination but it's more of in your
00:13:35mind and this is a magic and I trick yes I can optical illusion almost enough to quote today when you go home okay look down there it's more of an optical illusion then the fact that it's grown fair enough I want you to think that it's like nine
00:13:49inches now right as opposed to the standard eight got it minor good to know that's enough for me okay that's enough for me summer yes will Smith's plans on bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon for his fiftieth birthday I would not do this he stick but it you're
00:14:11not gonna do that the only way would bungee jump and I wouldn't even do this but if I had to it would have to be over water yes there's no way I'm bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon yeah your mind he's gonna do this all live on you
00:14:26too called wil Smith the jump could you imagine being the company that provides the bungee cord the clubs hope this works it better be more than we've been all but works he's bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon when that wouldn't at national copter downright wouldn't
00:14:43a jerk the helicopter al I have no idea I don't know I did see valued friends of mine are acquaintances of ours I saw went to the Grand Canyon they took few good photos yeah I'm very tempted to text them then what did you do and then what
00:15:00happened I didn't tell you they didn't bungee jump into the pit because unless you're taking a donkey down that thing which is people do I'm sure it's amazing to see and then what and then what do you do right exactly the problem I'll pass yeah like I'm going
00:15:15to Seattle for a day before my cruise in a day after my decker's there what week August the end of the week of August eight somewhere in there really yeah so you're not with me on my god all my working within the week of the thirteenth but like
00:15:31Seattle seems like one of those cities Stewart's like all right space needle that place of they throw fish original Starbucks that what happened I got to see the mariners play the angels the mariners game at Safeco field you would hope you would hope for mariners padre since I
00:15:48yes I would go you love the Padres do like the Padres V. S. you're funny Jerry let me tell you about now they're my friends I don't know if you're friends with them at the US department of Veterans Affairs yeah I would say so you would say you're
00:16:01friends with them yeah office of mental health and suicide prevention they have a confidential support line for veterans and their families it's available twenty four hours a day seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a year Jerry they never take a day off for now they
00:16:18don't it's a one eight hundred number that's toll free the what's the told me you don't pay that's right freefall means you do call toll free would mean you don't pay right so this is toll free don't pay one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five
00:16:34and you press one on your dial pad can you reach of any other way you can Jerry you can tax them eight three eight two five five I love a good text what about this online chat function all that's my favorite you go to veterans crisis line dot
00:16:50net you chat right there with someone it's confidential Jerry confidential support is available to all veterans even those that are not and rolled in the VA healthcare that's great actually now you would call this line if you or someone you know is concerned about a veteran the website
00:17:10veterans crisis line dot net also has information on there that can show you signs of crisis warning signs of suicide and how to respond to a veteran loved one in crisis you look very smart when you go there and read up and you'll be helping people can be
00:17:30smart you need to use it yes it's confidential now what does that mean Jerry means no one's going to know exactly and in this world where we all know about everybody's business this is different you ever have the the you ever have the %HESITATION the thought or the
00:17:48need to talk to somebody all yes do you yes are you do I talk to someone I mean your girlfriend I'm yes someone else you have confessional yeah I have spoken to a professional I mean this is basically what they're offering you yeah for you know their their
00:18:05area for free yes take him up on it I think most people could use to speak to somebody yes about their issues and in this case of is there and available and free go for it that's right listened to Jerry and now he's not a health professional but
00:18:23he can get you in touch with health professionals yes all right by the way when we're getting our banner to fly across the beach I move the Jersey Shore down if I really do want to do that yeah I wonder how much that costs Kim asked me I
00:18:37said my guest at seven hundred fifty dollars I think less Ewing last yeah well what we do and I guess we gotta make the banner though yeah that cost money right some members of my photo you could just get the one or they like slide the letters and
00:18:50I wonder what the cartoon picture of us all okay that's what I want fair enough they'll be kind of cool and we kind of we theorize some if the if if it goes like all the way up the coast yeah people and I'll be I most people but
00:19:03what the hell is that yes what is this and then they moved up the coast will get more and more only know them all get up to point pleasant maybe more and more so I did have a guy asked me if I was any scary over the weekend
00:19:15alright classes are not quite doesn't have television clearly or social Miller man older gentleman but he did right did watch because he's recognized me from the boomer show all the boomer chef out I was a secretary Greg will appreciate that the boomers running well well as the things
00:19:31you're arguing that for ten years yes writings you're ready is aeris so I gotta go RJ warm up next to it's no one show with generate brought to you by new castle building products the only street from Scott's god in three use it on your roof already my
00:19:55god we've reached Monday actually we're just starting the week it's Monday usually our goal hollow or does he do that on Friday night Friday Friday said also Friday three day weekend you go ha got it this year ocean sponsored by indeed and I will say this deed you
00:20:10were missed last week when I hear Wednesday Thursday Friday yeah I was out and it is good to have you back though a little %HESITATION eagle maniac if you will as your where your name on your shirt well this is for the I believe the Jew came well
00:20:22whatever it said stoops do you might as well just come in with a poster board that says I am back I look back everybody yes I was busy chasing Rick Springfield we talked about it throughout Atlantic city yeah like sex sex sex fully yet a photo good for
00:20:39you that makes the trip it did make the trip Jerry show was canceled technical issues with the Rick Springfield show but I got a photo so what's better than that nothing nothing that's about as good because let's be honest you've heard Jessie's girl seven thousand times it's enough
00:20:55right with the judgment of her photo is new that is new guys pushing sixty eight years old the looks terrific easy really yeah well he is sixty is not pushing these pushing seventy one sixty eight god bless them guy still rocketed out there Jerry on the I was
00:21:10so confused and have been for years about picture J. hap confused about his name yes yeah we do not know so now that he's on the Yankees I see okay I see J. it happened Jay you know I'm saying very initially I know who he is J. a
00:21:31happy right then I hear some announcers go J. hap right so like what is the are they saying J. hap now or it right so I googled it this morning Terry right he cleared this up the other day he did yes when you are often not paying attention
00:21:48to stuff it's funny because the Rick Springfield did not mention that to me no he didn't yeah I had to go to lose wikipedia page originally hap so he a north media members like me were confused yes when he was with the Phillies Wiley's here we always referred
00:22:05to him as J. happened J. happy and then when he kind of moved on years later it very quickly with a **** **** but people that don't watch a whole lot which is fair want to know why is it not J. if his name is whatever it is
00:22:18John and time limits because some of a even headlines will use the period yes some will not so looks like a name is John hop jaw jot some John happy his wikipedia page says is Jerry guy love the way it was worded so nicely though his name is
00:22:36James Anthony and his initials are J. A. he pronounces his name J. yes I was like I said last week we got we got the economy of this kind of like you member in the beginning of the year we were told it's Sean Carlo Giancarlo it's not G.
00:22:53on right not John its usual sailing with Miguel and do are so confusing over there so it's been corrected once again it's J. hap J. happened right I think I'm gonna call you a dukes they do deserve a L. A. L. dukes of I your owl Jerry also
00:23:14I'm sure you saw this so well yeah I was big news last week when Irene juror ge guide to which can rehash all of last week and I'm not doing the average Joe alter the pitcher who hit him got attacked on social media sure you guys cover that
00:23:30while I was out as well I don't remember I don't think so though it happened today Saturday he was attacked on social media for being more yeah he was the beauty he was I a at his name is Jacob junis yes he said he was shocked by the
00:23:48social action yeah I would have expected by because he's playing in Kansas city that fan base is basically sleeping right now right if I would've been Darin judge and broke his hand I'd been like all my Twitter is going to blow up on I am not looking at
00:24:03that thing right exactly death threats you're gonna never make it out of the Bronx any did he made it out of course he did you find the role Twitter tough guys Jerry yeah all we know were well aware and about and I'm sure you're gonna bring it up
00:24:19but the U. although I'm breaking out by may have old news that I missed last you might want to talk about the Mets last week harm how about the the tweets for me when these guys are seventeen years old art would happen with Hayter fine we've been we've
00:24:31been through that heater but it's not so much that they did what they did it's because that stately can't excuse I'm not saying you can but haven't these tools that way for someone to actually do something good the basically tear them yet as soon as that like you
00:24:46don't want to have a great day just keep plodding along right in anonymity bill Smith hit three homers yesterday and is a racist from from nineteen eighty eight I got to tell you the looking at this so it's showing new company almost through the no hitter and then
00:25:03treat Turner and Trey Turner friend nationals both of them had tweets from when they were eighteen on earth owners racist slash homophobic tweet right why you the seventeen eighteen is whenever was like where's my Twitter stupid where where's my Twitter why me I've got to tell my wife
00:25:24and I think this came up when we did the whole hater thing yeah I am maybe was a call or maybe I'm a little was I think Twitter started I don't know this but only in the new what the hell it was it was a vast wasteland there
00:25:37was a wasteland and probably kinda like maybe Facebook in a way maybe you thought you were just for around with your friends saying stupid things again not excusing it but you get people say dumb things and so if you think you're just tweeting and no one's reading it
00:25:52right up with seeing it but then all of a sudden it takes off and you go from ten followers to a hundred to a thousand and these guys cases hundreds of thousands all of a sudden people are searching warm yes and they're holding on to them right so
00:26:05the next guy that throws a perfect game good luck yes good luck with that because here's the thing you very well might have deleted it like in the last couple weeks right but someone might be holding on to always ran grab exactly right yup also on Twitter Antonio
00:26:22brown is recruiting Dez Bryant are the Steelers recruiting does Brian no doubt I can't cut it okay but tell me if you know what this means Jerry Hollister because this might be player you know language that come play with me at Dez Bryant let's get the chip eat
00:26:45greedy big plates what does that mean sounds like what you did after your concert was cancelled the other night it's them out the poster Rick Springfield he greedy Rick with Jessie's girl let's get the chip meaning what I guess the ring or rayed time guys eat greedy I
00:27:04don't know I don't know what that is going to be hungry big plates I'm out you're confused I got nothing I have no idea here's what I take from that all right he wants does bride to play for the Steelers got it so you can catch like with
00:27:19as many balls as Antonio brown catches does bright might go there right and just be his assistant if I was a big cover see right away I don't want any lecher does runs big time receiver at this hour no one seems to want him years of rounds don't
00:27:32want him last time he had a big season Jerry a Jessie's girl was on the chart climbing right out and Tony Romo was still upright and the cowboys Europe have incorporated yoga into the air would you call this job it's a lot of teams do this mini camps
00:27:48raining camp out mini camp is in making you more well %HESITATION by the way I shot a freezer is in %HESITATION extended spring training right the other doing yoga yeah I but yeah I really do believe a lot of teams do this I don't know if it's go
00:28:04yoga because I don't think there's no I'll pack as no don't be all taxpayers that because they do ago yoga is a big thing now while you're doing yoga baby go tear on your back I don't know how that helps may be killed to keep your back straight
00:28:19cause if he knocked the baby goat off your back your clearly balancing thing yeah you're clearly not balanced about your I don't think there are goats on Ezekiel Elliott's back right now and the coaches said we were all manly men here but yoga is part of the one
00:28:34of the cornerbacks at this is getting back your brief that the argument holds back into the swing of things I was gone I come back are judges out right the Yankees FJ happened the cowboys doing yoga Zack Wheeler is winning games also getting the only RB eyes that's
00:28:56chaos here in your if he's been a weird weekend the Daily News is for paid out I've been out three days you missed a lot and three well are we going to take a break this portion sponsored by indeed are you hiring with indeed you can post a
00:29:12job in minutes set up screener questions than zero and qualified candidates in an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com jury now with you for a couple more minutes Bulmer joins us at six here on the fan instead dynamic duo Allen Jerry show brought to you by
00:29:29new castle building products in the only street free route from Scott's garden three super heroes building problem I will come back couple more minutes to the top Yankees beat the Royals took three out of four minutes earning ace cross split in Pittsburgh with Zack Wheeler beat being the
00:29:45pirates yesterday neither team place today but also got al dukes yet no base no local baseball they're known local baseball today are well sad news in the world of pro wrestling Jerry I knew you'd get to this I don't know who this one is what Volkoff we lost
00:30:03Russian Nikolai Volkoff I mean he was seventy years old lives a peaceful life was he in the time of Andre the giant mall yeah really I'll tell you when he was in the time of really when the W. W. F. at the time was kind of cartoonish where
00:30:18they had the cartoons they had the idea action figures he was the hated Russian that's when we really Russia Jerry well I think we still hate Robbie was Nikolai Volkoff the iron Sheek BRB iron Sheila the enemy Nikolai Volkoff does not ring while he was big Jerry yeah
00:30:35I remember him I always wondered of guys like that that that played well Russians or Iranian he actively White Russian I do use Yugoslavian I googled all Yugoslavia Yugoslavia right know when those guys went out to dinner did people hate them because they were Russian and back and
00:30:53we did not like the Russian war yeah Cold War yeah but he had to go around being in character yeah I would think you probably got a lot of well there was no Twitter back then so people just yell at him now he used to what make you
00:31:06stand for the Russian national anthem and the fans Jerry they did not want that %HESITATION thrall they booed right through it very disrespectful to what his country's national how many times did you see Andre Volkoff in person Nikolai Volkoff whatever I never really got to go to wrestling
00:31:22in person I never saw wrestling in Persia now see that's why you're still a slight fan yeah but that was that he was hit the era and then someone someone who works here I won't give their name out every day then claims that his body delivered pizzas with
00:31:38Nikolai Volkoff after the wrestling career hard fall that's a big fall yeah but do you order a domino's pizza is all Cogan the iron should show that I could not enter from flying Brian Pillman did you get involved did you hit hit his opponent I'm also getting did
00:31:58I don't really remember but it was a whole nother life ago Nikolai Volkoff would not have stood for that if you try to interfere with dying slowly in the national anthem of Russia Russian that no you had to boomer on other nights his country yet that the matches
00:32:11he was that you had to stand always fax line Brian people used to be a teammate of mine the bangles and he did rest Miami of Ohio is a local cafe the team from one year to year

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