"If you're not clear about what you want, your audience won't be clear either." - Julie Hansen

As Julie Hansen walked into my home, I KNEW we were going to get along. Her confident demeanor, outstanding style, and personal brand were on point - so we sat down to get to know each other on the podcast. She handed me her book, Act Like A Sales Pro, and proceeded to give me the deep dive into who she is, how she got here, and where she's going. I'll let her tell you about that journey - we packed all this goodness into 45 minutes.

Join us as Julie gives you the insider's view of your sales presentations - because everyone is selling something. Yes, even you. From ticks & distractions to habits & respecting your audience - she even confirms that my constant reminders to speakers to PRACTICE. Listen in, figure out your intention for your audience, DON'T WING IT, and go spark the magic! xoxo

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