On the final episode of Adulthood Made Easy, Sam shares what she's learned, what she'll miss and what she won't. Plus, a special guest appearance from her mom.
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00:00:08welcome to adulthood Made Easy a podcast from Real Simple Magazine that will not only help you navigate real life but when it real life I'm your host Sam zabell and that is the last time how do I get to say that on the air and this is what my producers calling Sam Soliloquy a k I'm just going to talk to you guys for a little bit it's my last episode I get to reflect on what I've learned and the last two years growing up with all of you last week we talked to you about your favorites this week we get to talk to you about mine I just had an idea and we're going to see if it happens because this is this is me I'm so we're just kind of going rogue I talked about my mom a lot on this show we can see if we can call her right now and see if she's around
00:00:55let's just say her name is Amanda she's really wonderful you're going to love her if she answers
00:01:04you can have the phone right now the suspense is crazy she usually answers the phone for me cuz she loves me cuz I'm her favorite daughter
00:01:11let's say she doesn't I'll be so sad if she doesn't it might it might just mean that she's in barre class and she'll call me back
00:01:19because she wouldn't be on the show if I asked her ahead of time I have to call her and surprise her
00:01:25your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging
00:01:31she'll call me back in the middle of recording this and then I'm going to pick up and that's going to be how this works anyway hello everyone and thank you so much for tuning into the final episode of adulthood Made Easy I think we figured out that we did like a hundred and two episodes or something bananas like that which is crazy because I still remember when I was asked to do this podcast and the direction I got was this new podcast thing wants to do something about Millennials and can you do a podcast about Millennials and at the time I was an editorial assistant I've been at the job for two three months I couldn't remember anything didn't know anything and I said sure I can do a podcast about Millennials didn't know about podcasting knew nothing and they set me up for my first episode which was about negotiating your salary and they made me talk to the head of HR timing and I had to sit in a podcast room with the editor
00:02:31she's at the time who is Kristen Van ogtrop who I love and the executive editor at the time who is Sarah Collins and my boss at the time so much has changed also in 2 years which is a whole other podcast for temperature on that says and my boss is how was Lori liebovich she was the editor of realsimple.com and I was her assistant and we all sat in the room together while I talked about money which is one of the most awkward things to talk about in front of your boss and your boss's boss and I listened back to a couple of the episodes this week and today and I just think I sound so funny and scared and so I think we should just play my intro from originally and hear how I sound I hope my mom doesn't call me back while we play this but if she does it'll just be part of the fun of this weird Rogue episode so let's hear it
00:03:19the best music Kylie episode of adulthood Made Easy a podcast from Real Simple Magazine that will not only help you navigate real life but when it real life my name is Sam's about and I'm here to help you tackle all of the first your first job your first apartment the first time filing your taxes and since I certainly don't have any of the answers yet I'll call in the experts to help let's start with me I'm 22 fresh out of college and I've lived in New York City for just under 6 months I'm currently at my first job is an editorial assistant for real simple and I promise you I'm clueless oh my God you guys how perfect is this my mom's calling me right now and then we'll talk about that hilarious intro
00:04:02a mom had to go well don't get mad but you can't get mad cuz my producers listening but I'm recording my last podcast right now and I just felt like I've talked about you so much on the shower I just wanted to call you so you could be part of the last episode
00:04:18that's nice she's like you didn't tell me what Mom just tell me what you said this morning about about how proud you are of me
00:04:29I'm really proud of you do you think I've grown up in the last 2 years
00:04:35I think you sound amazing things in last 2 years I think you've grown I think you reached out I think you've done good how's that sound okay I have another question are you glad that you downloaded the podcast app do you listen to any other podcasts or just mine
00:04:57the ones because they're kind of Blended so they pop up and I listen to some miscellaneous ones that are there probably because you are your sister listen to them everything shows up on my phone and what are you going to miss most about listening to me every week on Mondays on your walk
00:05:21I'm going to miss to listen to what you had up your sleeve for this week that I didn't know about and finding out new things and had I asked you in advance if you would be on the podcast would just have yes or no it was great so now you get to be on it and now dad's only one you keep a low profile you and your sister to be out there and I'm going to watch and be proud I think that's what we just wanted to hear you really quickly mom because you've been a big part of this podcast because I say how much I call you and I just wanted to prove that I do have you on speed dial and I call you all the time and I'll probably call you after I'm done to tell you how it went right
00:06:04love you and love you I'll talk to you later
00:06:17okay this is turning out to be one of my favorite podcast ever that was so funny she's going to be so mad at me later but I think it was worth it because she is wonderful and there's one thing I've learned on this podcast which is you shouldn't be ashamed to call your parents and that no matter how much they call is boomerang children and how much they say we rely too much on our parents it is 100% okay to call someone and ask them for help and to call your mom and ask her to walk you through a recipe and call your dad and ask him to walk you through building Furniture because it makes it that much more satisfying when you can do something totally on your own so okay let's talk really quick back to that hilarious adorable intro when I was said and 22 I lived in the city for about 6 months and trust me I'm clueless so one thing I really like to do and it happens every year in the new year and this podcast it's February 1st right now and we're recording
00:07:08so we're just finishing that point in your life when you abandon all of your New Year's resolutions but I left to say you know where was I two years ago and I think when you look at things it's very easy to think that you haven't changed it's very very easy for me to talk to say I look the exact same as I did when I was 7 years old which is true I do look the same as I did when I was 7 except I've grown height wise and I had braces and I talk the same and I have the same interests and I have been watching friends on repeat for like 10 years I have not changed my television habits I pretty much still eat cereal and grilled cheese for dinner or not that has changed but the podcast is provided a really cool archive to say that okay Samantha some things are different and now I've lived in your car for two and a half years I'm kind of a pro guys I know where North East West so my mom just texted me and said I just walked out of bar class I told you she was at bar if she wasn't answering my phone
00:08:08answers the phone when I call and tell why does actually change the last two-and-a-half years and I thought it would look at kind of some of the big topics we we tackled in this show and talk through what I've learned about them and hopefully what you learn to and what some of my favorite episodes were so the first which is the one thing I talk to which is the one thing I just brought up which what I've learned about family and what I've learned about family is that I am incredibly lucky to have to supportive wonderful parents who pick up the phone whenever I call who are willing to help me through issues and and don't just throw me into the deep end and who have been so supportive of all the big changes I've made in the last two and a half years so I just wanted to put out there that I think there's some guilt from people who think that they have to have everything figured out and you can't call your parents and you can't turn to Mom and Dad and you know you you need to have everything you need to be able to do everything at once that is so not true no one I know does everything off
00:09:08themselves so lucky for you I'm here to give you full permission and as we know when I get permission it's basically lot okay so what have I learned let's go from family to friendships what I learned about friendships real simple which is the parent company where I work the place where this podcast comes from in conjunction with slate and panoply has taught me surprisingly a lot about friendships because that has been the main place that I've made friends after college and one of the things that I heard again and again on the show and the people are so nervous about his how do you make friends and that was a topic that we tackle before on the show and a lot of it came from you how to make friends at work what how do you make friends at work how do you get past being co-workers and being colleagues and get past that professional line and this is the advice I give to everyone
00:09:58and it's my like little piece of career advice but I think it it's how you make friends and it's it's comes from coming from the Midwest and coming from Ohio and it means you walk in every single day and every person you pass on the way to your desk from the minute you walk in the original entrance to your building you say hello you say good morning you say hello you waved you hold the door if they have hands full if there is there are eating something cool you tell them that it looks yummy and maybe they'll give you a bite and that's what you do and I'm telling you that me walking in every single day and saying hi to people started breaking down the walls of need to be professional need to stay so I can that's how I made friends in and I remember having Grace on the show who called in last week with an adorable voice memo that almost made me cry and she came out with Shasta Nelson who were the Friendship expert and Chester said that research shows were actually not great predictors of who will be friends with and you really
00:10:58two or three things in common so you might look at someone and say there's no way we're going to ever be friends if you know they're 5 years older than me or they come from a totally different place than you just need like two or three base level things and luckily your co-workers you already have one thing you work the same place now what happens when you scrub your co-worker and they don't talk to anymore I don't know but I've never done that so don't do that and then I'll be able to stay friends with them and the other thing I've learned about making friends is that after school it doesn't matter what a genuine it's like I have friends that are 5 years older than me he's six years older than me and I think that the nice thing about graduating and getting into the real world as your friend just can have so many more layers and can bring so much more to your life because you can have defensive people that are younger than you that you know keep you social and young and fun and you have enough friends are older than you who will come over and help you kill the Cockroaches when you're scared or will tell
00:11:58what all the scary finance things mean or will teach you the things that you haven't learned yet so I so far will give adulthood a 10 out of 10 on the post-grad friendships sector okay so what's the next thing we talked about
00:12:14we have to talk about love because we talked about dating a lot on the podcast and you know that I have mixed feelings while talking about dating well not mixed my feeling is I don't like to talk about it because I prefer to keep everything private but here's what I've learned about love which is that we need to put our phones away and stop looking at our phones and you need to go on real dates with real three-dimensional people and you need to just push through it and it's horrible and awkward and terrible and yes you have food in your teeth and it's super weird and I don't know who should pay but you need to do it because if you stay in the app Messaging people and you all you guys are a little Bubbles and some Nails that's you're never going to get anywhere with anything and if that's what you want out of life like if you were little and you always wanted to grow up and marry a thumbnail then great then then stay in the apps because all those little thumbnail I kind of perfect but the one thing I've learned from every time to talk about dating is that you got to get off the screen and get into a rest
00:13:14or bar or go for a walk in the park and be in person because you're just can't just talk to someone on a text message forever it's not fun
00:13:23and then the other thing I learned is that you need to have really good communication skills which I learned from my friend Carly who is currently getting her degree in Philadelphia to be a licensed marriage and family therapist and she has always advocated to me just like talk about your problems and ask them why they're so mad and think about why you're so mad and tell them why you're so mad and she's the most mature person I've ever met and she's been on the show
00:13:52plenty of times because I consider her an expert even though she's the same age as me she just has world of maturity over me but she's the epitome of just go for it like go for it if you like someone date them if you want a new job go for it if you want to go to school do it money prohibiting I understand but for the most part Carly's all about the sale Evie and I think that she has taught me that so much in my relationships and I love her alright what have we learned next up what have we learned about money does a really good question what have I learned about money what have you learned about money from the show is the real question because I might need to call my mom again because here's what I've learned about money which is that no matter how I framed it on the show I learned the same things not going to sound weird but even if I was doing a topic about taxes or loans or just regular budgeting or money resolutions or asking for a raise like the same things k
00:14:53the first thing that came up was you need to have a budget here's a controversial opinion but after two years of doing the show I'm just like not convinced that you need to write down a budget and I'm not to mention it's as easy to have a budget if you don't have like all this excess money rolling around where you can do like 10% where you invest it 10% that you put in your savings like
00:15:18I have yet to have someone convince me that me sitting down and writing all my budget out on a piece of paper is going to work or be sustainable because everything is online now and I just use the apps and I can tell when the numbers are positive and negative but I mean tweet at me if you think I'm wrong I have no one who convinced me that yet but I haven't people who have convinced me to get a credit card which you know I was very reluctant to do and that seems to be a great thing because I've already gotten free flight out of it which is super exciting so get a credit card if you have it and find something dope points like I did and the other thing we weren't about money is that we all should be setting ourselves up for retirement so if that means that your company has a 401k program get in on that and make sure that they're matching you and if you need to invest in a different way I figure it out because the one thing I've learned that sounds really amazing is that when we retire and 60 years we can have a nice little Nest Egg to retire with and I'll go to Aruba together to those who
00:16:18things I've learned about money I've learned more for sure but those are the big things I feel like anytime you talk to someone about money they talk about budgeting savings
00:16:29about credit cards and credit don't think I've great credit yet but I think for me to have had some real credit breakthrough through this podcast would have had to be like 500 episodes but I think that's mostly what I've learned about money
00:16:42iced I just don't remain convinced that there's a real way to budget I also learned that the stock market is not around Marketplace technically and you can just go to the market and get stock so that's what I learned and money gives way to what we talked about on a first episode which is career and many of you have been around for all the episodes know that by Kiki Dee who is now the VP of talent management a Time Inc was always here with career advice whether it was what you wear to work how to find a mentor how to talk about salary word negotiation I will tell you something really awesome which ties into mentorship which is that Bucky is a pretty important person to company why I never would have met had it not been for this podcast and when it came time to switch jobs I went to her office and I was like tell me if this is the right thing to do and I realized in a really adorable after school special kind of way that Bucky had become kind of a mentor to me that I
00:17:42actually go to her office talk to her about my job talk to about my frustrations talk to her about my growth and it was like a podcast episode in real life I was very cool so Becky I owe you a lot from the show but but he was always an advocate of meeting with your manager and sitting down and being really clear about how can I map out gross at this company and developing a relationship in your man it with your manager he or she can really help you decide how you're going to succeed in 2 years and 3 years that was something dr. Meg Jay said when I had her on the podcast she was the author of defining decade and she said if you're going to do one thing today sit down and say if I keep doing the same thing I'm doing right now do I like where I'm going to end up in 2 years like if I keep living life status quo same apartment same job same relationship and this is how I will be in 2 years am I will that make me happy if the answer is yes you do you keep living your life if the answer is no
00:18:40you got any change
00:18:42and my other favorite piece of career advice came from Nell hidayat who was the journalist who worked on the Fusion Series the traffickers and she was as wonderful British journalist who was so smart and funny and intelligent which is the same as smart and she said I have almost no fear people take you as seriously as you take yourself and if that's not the best career advice I've heard on the two years I've been on the show I don't know what it's because that's true people take you as seriously as you take yourself and I've worked really really hard as I talk to more people and learn more things to try to take myself seriously too not over apologize and to feel like I belong here and I got this job because someone saw that I could do it so I'm going to take myself seriously and then she said might have been doing this for 2,000 years at the very least which I don't know a scientific but she was really funny and that made me laugh
00:19:38the last thing I wanted to talk about we talked about career we talk about love we talk about money friendship family and the last thing is what I learned about mental health and like keeping yourself happy and we talked about this so much because when you graduate college you're just kind of thrown into this weird emotional pit of I'm lonely but I'm excited but I'm nervous but I'm sad and so much of it is thanks to the wonderful world that is social media and what did I learn I learned that whatever you're doing right now is fine and that sounds almost too simple and my mantra for 2017 which I'm really trying to to live by and I came to I think because of all the advice I've gotten on this podcast is don't try to make and don't worry about making the best choice just make a good choice and I think that's something that I've come to after talking to all of these people who have gone down all
00:20:38different paths and and have changed pads and and have made a decision and related to Natalie permanent which is that you're going to look on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and you know Peach and meerkat and whatever the new thing is and you're going to see someone who it looks like has made a better choice than you and that's probably not true first of all and second of all you don't have there's no such thing as the best choice you have to make a choice that feels good at that moment and I'm really really working on that because one of the most inspiring things to me throughout the show has been seeing that what people graduate what degree people graduated with her for the first or second or third job people have had did not determine the past that they ended up going on and if there's one thing that has calmed me down kept me sane drop this show it's realizing that my journey and my past and my career and my life had there's so much there's so much that still can happen and there's so much that I can't predict and whatever I do tomorrow
00:21:38how is not a decision that is going to affect the rest of my life I mean unless like I cut off a body part or something like that and which case that will have serious long-term consequences but for the most part I've been incredibly inspired by the varied Hogs that I've seen and heard from on the show and I hope you have to and that's sort of everything I've learned it's just kind of a digest I just had a lot of fun getting to think about everything that I've learned and how I've grown in the last 2 years I think I'm kind of older and wiser and more practical or at least I talk slower which is a factor of hearing yourself in these super cool headphones for the laundry list of thank-yous but I'm going to read now but I hope everyone listens to because all these people have been really wonderful and maybe your name is in it so you should listen we have Jordan Bell Laura mayor Kristen meinzer Zach dinerstein Henry Molasky 10 Mile and Kelly and Andy Bowers they are all part of the panoply slate team and they
00:22:37take a chance on this like random Millennial that said she could do a millennial podcast and weed producers and editors and I'm just so grateful for the opportunity especially thank you Jordan Bell who is my soulmate producer and then we have the real simple team Laura Lori Grace Sarah Bridget Brenda Wendy and Ross Rebecca Brandy Kristen Dawn Hannah Liz you guys are wonderful and I love you guys and thank you for being on the show or listening to me talk about the show or being patient when I had to leave early to record the show and I just really appreciate you letting me use all of your problems in life stories for Content I would like to also think my parents
00:23:25and my mom for being on the show when I didn't give her any warning my sister who is wonderful and fabulous and super supportive my dad who gave me lots of really valuable advice on how to not say like and I'm so much my friend Carly who also has Let Me Mine her life for content and I really want to just think all the listeners who have been so supportive and patient and informative and encouraging and have kept me honest with the New York Public Library and you guys have been so fun and so wonderful and I appreciate you everyday and I hope we will still talk on Twitter all the time I'm still at Sam's Abell and I'll be there whenever you need me so thank you so much for one last time this is Sam zabell from adulthood Made Easy and I'll see you on the internet

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