Michael Bott – Marathon Man
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Why do I say Michael Bott is a Marathon Man? Because it seems to me he embodies the notion that an acting career is ‘a marathon not a sprint’. He’s in for the long haul.
With 35+ years experience in stage and film acting with credits such as the National Theater and the Royal Shakespeare Company in addition to a number of film and television roles (most recently a 15 episode stint on the BBC daytime drama DOCTORS) Michael Bott has a resume to be proud of.
This actor’s journey hasn’t been all in a straight line, however. After about twenty years in ‘the game’ Michael stepped away temporarily from acting to work as a videographer and documentary filmmaker. One of his projects is an outstanding documentary called STANDING WITH STONES. More about that project a bit farther down the page.
Michael Bott – Actor Chat

I first became aware of Michael via the BLAB.IM live streaming platform. I had heard about BLAB while listening to a podcast and I decided to see what all the stir was about.
Of course I went there searching for content about acting and filmmaking and one of the first shows I happened upon was one called Actor Chat, with Michael Bott as the host and discussion leader. I found the Actor Chat sessions to be absolutely terrific and I was hooked on them and I suppose to an extent on Blab.
I recall being absolutely shocked while listening to one of the Actor Chat recordings when I heard the discussion veer onto a topic that included a reference to some content from an episode of this podcast. Wow! I always HOPE that some helpful information is being distributed through Actors Talk, but to hear something referenced in a live chat happening across the Atlantic was pretty cool indeed.
Michael Bott – Actor Notes Podcast

As I began to search for more information about Michael Bott and his career, I soon learned that, like myself, he produces a podcast.
Once I had found and subscribed to his ACTOR NOTES podcast, I became an even bigger fan. The presentation skills Michael Bott possesses are top notch. With a smooth delivery and a wonderful tone to his voice, I quickly ‘binge listened’ to (at the time) all nine episodes of Actor Notes. I never miss an episode.
As a bonus, not only is the listener treated to Michael’s thoughts about acting and ‘the business’ but he also has a series of shows featuring his wife, Sharon Bott, who is a life coach and a terrific podcaster in her own right.
If you check out just one episode, I think you’ll become a regular listener.
Michael Bott – Standing With Stones
One of his documentaries, a film called STANDING WITH STONES, which he photographed and directed, is particularly impressive. Imagine packing up in a motor home and hitting the road to through Britain, Ireland and Scotland to shoot a film about prehistoric stone structures. That’s what he did, along with fellow traveler on this project, writer, Rupert Soskin.
Here’s what Michael Bott has to say about the project:
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00:00:00actors Talk podcast episode 66 or this episode we are venturing across the pond as we say in to Shakespeare country for a conversation with British stage film and television actor a man with over 35 years experience on his actor's Journey mr. Michael bot
00:00:34welcome everybody to actors Talk podcast episode 66 my name is Tommy G Kendrick I am the producer and host of our our digital get together and I want to thank you so very much for joining me wherever you are in this big wide world of ours the Fantastic thing about podcasting one of them is that the reach is indeed Global so I have no idea where you're listening right now I would love to know where you're listening so get in touch and tell me but thank you for being here I really really do appreciate it I had some really good fortune recently I stumbled upon a show that I want you to know about because if you're an actor no matter where in the world you are this show can be one that you can enjoy
00:01:26and participate in on this blab. I am platform it's called actor chat the host is my guest for this episode Michael Bond I stumbled upon it recently when I just first learned of the blab. I am platform and I found the actor Chat Show there and it is terrific it's a fairly simple show actually it's just sort of a discussion show its freewheeling sometimes there are specific topics sometimes more general of nature it can be informative it is informative it's also a lot of fun and it really gives one the sense of community that we can have on a global basis as actors as creative people and I want you to check that out so just go to the blab. I am platform and look for actor Chad I think you're going to enjoy what you find there so once I was hooked on these actor chats and I was really intrigued by this Michael Bots character who was
00:02:26Post in the facilitator then I went checking to see what more I could find out about this guy and it was easy to find out because he's really has a nice presents on the internet I was soon to find out that not only is he a skilled actor he is a very well-rounded individual indeed he is a skilled photographer a guitarist a video producer and director of several documentaries including one that I find incredibly fascinating it's called standing with stones and it's about prehistoric stone structures in and around Great Britain what what a project that was I maybe I'll get a chance to talk to Michael at some length about that in another show but standing with stones I'll have links to that and all of the places you can find out about him in the show notes I'm just very very pleased to bring to the actress talk audience is terrific artist and someone that I'm very happy to say is a new friend mr. Michael bot
00:03:35all the way from London England it is such a pleasure Michael box thank you so much for being with me here on actors talk to pleasure told me it's a privilege to be invited to be on your show I've not been in the Pug casting game long and yours is one that I picked up on very very quickly and Eden to be a guest on your show so soon it is a very nice surprise thank you very much need to know you said I was speaking from lunch from London I'm not no not okay I'm right in the middle of England in stratford-upon-avon okay that shows what I know some awesome is that the part of England you grew up in actually yes not far from actually grew up in a town called bambrey which is 20 miles down the road in the state
00:04:35it's you know I'm used to having either in a large cities or medium cities are even very rural areas I'm really not familiar enough with your country to know what type of what type of situation that was what population wise what was that like about population size of a small town with villages around it and things like that it sounds incredibly inviting the way you described it everything you say to be incredibly inviting because you have such a lovely voice and I'm in a way of speaking that it's it just draws me in to everything you say so thank you it's the it's the truth in your childhood or adolescence or whenever it happened when did you first discover that you had some interest in artistic type
00:05:35thanks for going to be music or dance or movement or theater did that come to you at an early age or was it something that developed a little later on as you grew up well it didn't come to me with some kind of blinding Revelation because my father was an actor on my mother was in office isn't she won't she's 92 she's she's still with me. Unfortunately is not but yeah I kind of grew up with that kind of background even though my father didn't become an actor until he was in his forties eat already always shown an interest but he became unemployed and went well what if I got to lose and you audition for BBC Radio I'm going to accept it those were the days my goodness oh my goodness isn't that isn't that a story a man becomes unemployed and goes to acting
00:06:35rather than the other way I love it now before he became an actor though did he I mean the West Was he obviously sort of in that realm are in enjoying the did you guys go to plays growing up and that sort of thing was there some indication that this is something he would really like to do before he actually made the leap to know what Tommy no I am not from my point of you anyway I'm at you know when you're that kind of age and I will talkin and when he became an actor I wore those who know what I didn't know it was 11 or 12 or something like that okay maybe looking underneath the surface of of your parents right right Sharon my mother was a teacher
00:07:35underlying currents and so on and so forth that's right yeah so we ate since your dad was an actor when you decided to follow that path was he encouraging to you or did he say oh this is a tough life don't do it
00:07:58no he didn't say no this is a tough life may have said this is a tough life but I think I was already awake you know by the time you know he's been around the business for a bit by the time in it came from for me to be choosing what to do so and this is after I left school really done some years all not already seen the ups and downs and the lack of security in it so yeah I don't think he needed to have a conversation on that's cool but no he was incredibly supportive when I did finally make the plunge and go to drama school and afterwards as well you know I know a bit about you because I've been stalking you on the internet can hear over the past few weeks trying to find out everything I can about this Michael bought character that is so intrigues me and I
00:08:58no there for that you have some musical ability and that you're particularly I think and affection Auto of the guitar did music or was music and interest before acting or did they come simultaneously or what was I mean if I could be properly I would love to have been a jazz guitarist guitarist so I always had a thing about but but for some reason I never really picked up and took it seriously I was always what they call it a bedroom gnula I like that term but I never had
00:09:49play as fast as my fingers would let me put it down again you know that I never had a band again until just a few years ago when I did have a band but I'm fortunate to let it go because I'm actually having a band and being and I know things that mix too well is that right yeah yeah I assume both very time-consuming so if you go to bed and you want to be digging and it's to be digging you go to be pursuing the gigs and it's very odd to be pursuing things if your career acting career comes first then there's always a possibility you set up a gig and then you say actually no I can't do it because I'll go to costing that day in town or you know a job has come up
00:10:48it's um yeah it's not wearing two heads to two hats and you'll just have to wait for the time when you can become a celebrity band you don't have to have a big-time name band as as just sort of a quaint sidegig you know he's sorry Dennis Quaid or someone in there yeah yeah it's very interesting in sort of trying to figure out what the what the likenesses are and the differences are between acting in your country and in mine and and how things are perceived I've been thinking about this a lot I just saw the the film 45 years have you seen that it was Charlotte rampling in Tom Courtney it I wouldn't say it if you're tired because it's just you know there are a lot of gun battles in it or anything you know
00:11:48but it is wonderful in the acting is so good and one of the things I really appreciate about European films what we in the states would go foreign films as if the actors so often appear to be and maybe I'm wrong about this you can correct me I appear to have been cast because they're right for the role are there and are they are good actors not because they necessarily are the best looking people on the planet and and and it seems to be you know in this early in the war commercial films produced in the states know looks are incredibly important and it seems to be not so much that way with films where you are but I may be wrong about that but what's your perception there I think that more of those types of film in existence but of course the star system is alive and Welling on kicking this side of the Atlantic
00:12:48as well and I know just an obstacle. Remember which over the industry newspaper that we have gold the stage of have it was an article by somebody been moaning the fact that some West End theater indeed has become stop Starstruck what once upon a time you used to be able to discover unknown great actors in the West End starring in the West End new shows new plays or what have you but not so much nowadays not so much now I told Tommy
00:13:29you know Shirley bensweather the money is coming from I think European made films I'm not sure which countries another Francisco's strongly supports its film industry I'm not too sure about other European countries countries book France directly supports it soon film industry so something that might come out of France you know whatever language it may be may not be so worried about the wet weather money has to come from the investors on indeed maybe not be wondering how they're going to get that money back you seem to be music night or two in the main roles the film industry isn't supported directly by the Sea of tax breaks for some production thought that doesn't negate the need for independent investment so there's always that to that?
00:14:29but your perception is correct but I'm not quite sure you know what the reasons for it unless there's some kind of Legacy effect of the kind of actors that directors look for in this country in a small maybe maybe more directors as O2 who like to rest control of the artistic side of things and that means costing right you know that that was such an important part of it you know from the control of the money people interesting that you bring that you mentioned casting cuz I was I was speaking to an actor friend of mine yesterday he's from Los Angeles and he actually said you know ask your friend Michael about casting in the UK If he understands if what the differences are and maybe do a mermaid
00:15:29don't as compared to the u.s. they are too to a great extent Gatekeepers who can select who gets in who doesn't get in for an audition they don't generally make the decisions on who gets cast but they could either get you in front of the people who do are you know not allow you to be in front of them I would assume it's a similar system there is that not well it is not having the experience of both sides of the Atlantic may come a direct comparison sure but interesting they listening to one of your area at podcasts with a kind of the name of the guy off hand one more Markus Flanagan Markus Flanagan actor the Clown
00:16:29costing Jane speaking to the everybody was afraid right you know that wasn't saying that I got from any kind of judgmental finger and it seem like that's just the way it is and it was more of a Assault 2 actors going into the room you're saying you think you're afraid going into the costume room you should stand in the constant corrective shoes all the directors choose you know because this seems to be more pressure to make the right decision that's a sense I got of your side of the Atlantic than over here something we don't think about it right now. I hadn't considered until I start pondering this sometime ago but then that casting directors they're out there when their job is finished unless they're working for us to do they're looking for the next job so they have to be
00:17:29get on jobs and their jobs come largely because of their reputation for the projects that they have cast in the past and so they have to deliver as well and certainly intellivision the casting situation here and I would suspect there as well is so pressure-packed because of time if you're on a series here they're shooting a new episode every week and so casting is constantly seeing actors for the episodes coming up and they don't have time to look you know everywhere and so they went to their searches down to a certain number of Agents upon whom they know they can depend who have clients that they know will be able to deliver and that sort of thing so it's it's very this is a very very subjective observation about my my guess is that to a degree and you know everybody's under a pressure of 1 so
00:18:29or or another both sides of the Atlantic it's slightly more relaxed
00:18:38this side that's just to let you know about a subjective from listening to people and not being able to LA or anything like that because probably for as I said Legacy Reasons from that being the baby see which of course is entirely a Public Funding in television directors still have a bit more artistic cloud
00:19:12above where the money maybe coming from and directors and produces a more Hands-On from an autistic point of view then they all from a in a watching the money point of view I think the I think was just a slight
00:19:33twist in the direction of not being so worried about the High Rockies and what is above may be worrying about in terms of money and ratings insulin side chair maybe wrong it's simply kind of a perception of directors of a head I think 10 to expect a little bit more to have more control in the costume Department in in the directing Department maybe because
00:20:13a number of them have come from theater
00:20:17I know it can work that way I don't know the situation here and I and I'll get off the subject here because I want to talk about you and you know what at the clock is ticking but the interesting thing here let's say on a series I've ever hit us series they may employ any number of directors will bless those who say they use 5 or 6 rotating directors those directors will be somewhat involved in the casting but the casting process goes on while they may be shooting another episode or something and then ultimately so why what happens is all of these people that are are narrowed down to you know they have pins in their names of these are the people we want then they have to go for a network approval and the network the network actually does the approval you know even if it's someone the director may want than the network may say yes
00:21:17Sarno FL at that point so it's a little bit different so very interesting I wanted to explore some of those likenesses and differences and I appreciate that will s let's get back to Michael bought because you have a very interesting stuff you have a very interesting story you are an actor from when did you start professionally in the early 8 late late 70s early 80s which 1976 south of 1976 was my first professional engagement I'd come away from dramas like right away from drama school early actually I got frustrated with the one I was at I can't wait at the end of 1975 but my first job was to frinton-on-sea doing weekly rap and not summer awesome so you so you went and you worked from 1976 as an actor that was your primary focus of your career and your life at that point up until
00:22:17plan isn't about 2,000 or so the year 2009. Dead halt 97. Something like that was kind of turning point where I began to I just got a bit disillusioned I think it was quite a long story behind that was quite a few aspects to it one of slight disillusionment another of something else beckoning write in a few other things as well how do you want me to do well I told you previously one of the most frequent questions I've gotten since I've been doing a blogger app on cast is from people who come to me and say and I really wanted
00:23:17to be an actor and I wanted to do that when I was younger but my parents said no or something happened I got married and life took me a different direction and I've always regretted not pursuing acting and now I'm 40 or 50 or older is it too late can I still pursue it or alternatively there are people who say I was an act I stepped away for whatever reason it was and now I want to know if I can come back in that seems to be parallel and paralleling your story so I mean
00:23:52is there a Hawaii that's that's fairly 16th of why you stepped away when you did that's why I said it again I say is there a Hawaii that you stepped away that was there a major overriding reason when you decided to step away from the acting business very nicely to two things was the first the penny finally dropped in 1997 whenever it was I was actually under studying at the National Theatre in in London and without getting into the into the whole story the penny dropped that it's not a meritocracy
00:24:30okay and explain explain that term the penny dropped that you can your socks off
00:24:38you can be regarded as in this instance recorded as doing a better job of a principal role in the National Theatre of your country than your principal and still you get still get stuck where you are it's another time yeah give it to a certain degree but also I had started writing for some reason I had sustained an injury a couple years before and I spent some time on my back wondering when I was going to do and I started writing a TV series I need to push you to getting that TV series made it ever was by the way but through the connections networking I did it became
00:25:38easy and with my wife and I fell sideways into making corporate videos training videos which was actually you know where was great working together and it was more lucrative for that time and also at night with me to pursue some other Ambitions of mine in the filmmaking we got that documentaries action drama strange
00:26:09yeah I mean the last one I did was my magnum opus is a film about the standing stones and stone circles and ancient sites of the British Isles which took two years out of my life but why does it say my magnum opus it's a feature-length documentary available for people to see our lives and stuff like that yeah awesome we should have been so how long were you involved in the corporate video and documentary filmmaking before you decided to come back to acting
00:26:51Ashwin Channel I made about 4060 I think films that you were that your way I don't know where I got that that impression but anyway so sorry but you were gone for a period of time so at some point you decided okay I'm going to give this acting thing another go what was the was there an inciting incident or something why to that decision it was kind of midlife crisis
00:27:38I had a guy come along way along way from it didn't seem achievable to get back in it didn't although I said this before it is a strange thing when you are an actor but being an actor is your comfort zone in a way it's it's what you know it's a strange thing to say because it cost going on stage of all the most terrifying and out of your comfort zone things you can do but when when be in that environment when being an actor is your comfort zone there's always a kind of sound cool but I couldn't figure out I couldn't
00:28:26think about doing it again I couldn't see a way back for me counseling the corporate stuff for quite some time ago and shine and I've been doing some other stuff you know which wasn't that inspiring right and yes I was thinking well what am I going to do next to the question of getting into act whether you're coming to it for the first time later on in life of whether you read entering it is being able to make the commitment because you come to be off in
00:29:17even though it's it's a gamble it's a risk because you're there are no guarantees all of the success you can be pretty sure it won't come unless you can be or in uncommitted we go get chips on the table with it because you do have to be focused towards it and you have to be available you you know that that's the other thing you can check out of costumes because things to do something else that day or you doing something else you know those are the things that those are the things that you have to consider I think but I did unless I just said right now okay I'm just yeah but myself I'm going to be opening that I saw interesting enough was the potential for the internet you know which one
00:30:17get on social media which wasn't around when I left in the in the same way was a potential for that to empower me you to have some say about how things went that's that's an excellent point I was going to ask you what how the business or your perception of the changes in the business of acting had occurred between the time you stepped away and the time you came back and certainly the internet social media that has to be that you know a huge part or components of of those changes so now I need that one thing I I really encourage actors are trying to encourage actors to do through the podcast and I need to take my own advice more is isn't is not to sit around and wait for the phone to ring you know wait for the agent to call because we'll all be sitting and waiting forever if we do that and with technology the way it is not only just the internet in the excessive
00:31:17body of information but the price of Technology the price of filmmaking to us for heaven sakes I've got an iPhone 6s plus that shoots 4K video now sure if if I want to go out and shoot a little short film
00:31:34I can do that there's no there's no reason I can't do that and if I don't have something to shoot I can get with a Storyteller that I know a screenwriter or whatever and get with someone and go out and do some work even if it's just creative work to keep myself working and improving my technique and in front of a camera and feeling created there's no reason now certainly if there was then there's no reason now to sit and not be productive and be creating things and that is a really exciting developments for this time in which we live on the other thing I noticed when I came back was how many more different quality of course the the days of the closed shop over here long gone once upon a time you couldn't work if you didn't have an accurate
00:32:34God and um you couldn't get an equity job unless you had work it like that so
00:32:44oh yes the union closed shop laws you couldn't have a Workers Union at a closed shop policy anymore so Equity had to open the doors and also you you didn't have to have an equity con to work in the industry so you're so I'm what I'm finding now cause there's an awful lot of actors who have not been to drama school which is not to say that you have to have been to drama school at all I'm not saying this but for a moment but I think it's all too easy the downside of social media is looks like it it's all too easy to get sucked into the idea of all of them of being on film yeah yeah you know it is sort of like you know years 20 years ago I guess now or more
00:33:45there was the Advent of screenwriting software format suddenly everyone was a screenwriter or after whatever are even at the time you know something word processing program with some you know some a keystroke set up and you could properly format your words and of what looked like a screenplay but it didn't mean that it was a good screenplay just meant that you had written something in the form of a screenplay and so there's all this rubbish out there that's being created you know because of the democratization of the process in a way but there's that means there's a lot more than noise out there as well so if you have a good product it might be a little bit tougher to Nina raise your head above the masses and say hey my thing is is actually good you know so there is there is that such as well Discerning those people that are
00:34:45just in it for the crack you know not goes for directors and and what have you in terms of film Productions North lot of independent film production that for the purpose of I don't know making you feel it's hard to discern the serious plans for the ones that actually have a direct trajectory intend on developing themselves as artists just accused of having Mega to film so yes it's it's easy to get on board but it's very it's not all that easy to just send one from the other side out here especially when you want to work when you want to put yourself when you love putting yourself in front of a camera what you love the love I've been being on a set
00:35:45if it's in the silly cost you lose track info about what about Mycroft what about you know really up she's saying something meaningful and worthwhile have that yeah that was the whole Equity card discussion I find interesting because I'm I'm a sag after I member and have been since 1978 and of course for a long time it was the same Catch-22 you couldn't get a job in a film unless you were a sag-aftra member and you couldn't be in Sac after unless you had a job in the film kind of thing you know it's all the same kind of thing and to a certain extent if you're working in a Major Market in the US where there's New York or Los Angeles maybe even in Chicago it's in these places where the union is at its strongest that might still be true but in the you ask there are pocket
00:36:45swear like Texas where I live is what's called a right-to-work state which which means that if the if some project comes in either or originated here in Texas are let's say some movie that comes in from Hollywood and wants to shoot in Texas well legally casting cannot keep from seeing anyone because they're not a side after me where they have to see everyone and they have to hire them not based on their Union affiliation and if they hire someone who is not a union member of sag after member that you know that non-union person is required to get the same pay scale and benefits that the union person gets so it's a very Sticky Wicket actually for for unions and the survival of the union and you're right it does open up the casting process to a lot more inexperienced people but then the other side of the coin is a lot of non-union people get to be experienced
00:37:45and you know then a lot of Union people you don't have to decide will do I remain a member or not and it's saying it's a tough tough situation I do remain a member because the unions you know gone to bat for me a number of times over the years and collected monies that we not work calcitran producers of otherwise. They didn't need to pay very interesting topic some people to know about actor notes have been podcasting now for a while why did you decide to make podcasting part of what you're doing now it is it is it a part of a strategy to advance your acting career I said apart from that or how do you view podcasting is part of what you're doing as an actor wow seems like I've been podcasting for 2 seconds it was only at the end
00:38:45lost yet there's a really bad picked it up and I have gone that direction up it was why you know I don't know if if people are familiar with The Blob platform but when I came back and I was surprised actually look that
00:39:12not that the Whitmore actor is using social media animal fruitful way that the one grabbing hold the tools so I can Google Hangouts on Skype on things like that to get together cuz bit literal sorts of ways I mean generally do like to talk and get together unless they're working it's it's not often that they do get the chance to get together and chew the fat and maybe learn from each other going on
00:40:02I thought well okay maybe I should have a stop at that and see see what happens I kind of cross video clip from cold and I just noticed that a lot of them have fancy microphones in other with these were the actors and stuff like that but I started noticing nice brother nice microphones and what's that about I've discovered a lot of people will using a podcast as we using this platform lab as a way of recording the interview so that it was it was simply that made me think I've been around for a long time is there anything in it for me and I started looking around and finding out what was necessary to do and I think in the back of my mind is two things really yes
00:40:59it is a way of keeping one's face whatever out there it raises your profile is no question about that lots of element all of it but also something just something to put your energy into a focus when you want is not working and being a contribution of the the major thing it's communication and helping other people you know when things are so fast move because they are out that was social media and everything you need stuff that's of the moment you need people talking about what's happening now otherwise you can feel a bit left behind out of it cuz you know things that was said yesterday can be out of date tomorrow you know that's kind of speed of time
00:41:59it's good to have people who at least a little bit know what they're talking about getting words out there I mean that's absolutely sincerely the actor notes podcast is a must have in your Pen Air podcast Library especially if you are an actor that you do a number of shows and you have a series on going now that you're just so I think three or four episodes into I think it's going to be a 9 part series with your wife Sharon and and they're absolutely wonderful podcast in there on a variety of subjects that have to do with actors and I I binged listened to all 9 episodes as I am want to do with like Netflix when I find a series on Netflix I'll just sit there and watch episode after episode do you know and I did that with actor notes you may feel like you've been podcasting for 2 minutes but it sounds like you've been podcasting for 20 years because
00:42:59it's very very well done my compliment you thank you thank you thank you thank you we're sort of running short of time Pally I could talk to you forever I know this may take our conversation completely down the tubes she answer a question that you were things on your podcast and you talk about things that that are deeper than the surface on your podcast site I know you'll you'll have you'll either tell me I'm not so need to see a doctor right away or something but here's your something I've noticed about myself and I'm not sure this is a good quality but I find that in moments of stress are in moments of even tragedy a death for instance there's a part of me that I can I can feel as the actor part of me is almost stepping aside and observing
00:43:57what's going on even though I'm in the middle of something that might be as I say might be you know what a tragic situation have you ever experienced something like that you hit me in the is is that is that weird you know what no I don't think it's it's weird at all and in fact I think it's something of a gift I mean we could get election stencil and all the rest of it and will probably be covering some of these some of this stuff as we work through I work 3 was shown on the podcast with some of the stuff we will be covering and its foot
00:44:37we got so involved in the day-to-day and living inside I thinking in the moment and believing that what was feeling in the moment and right now is the way things is the way things are you know my fault it's just the way it is and that's right I'm having the experience of being The Observer outside the situation gives you access to noticing that actually that's just my fault
00:45:19that's not actually real that's just the meaning that I'm giving to this moment
00:45:30it's got nothing to do with the moment itself moment itself is just a moment likes. Some of it is just the meaning that I give to it
00:45:42so in some ways that experience is is a gift and revealing the fact that
00:45:52you can step outside and get in charge of the way you thinking you can get outside and reinterpret what's going on another way
00:46:04it's a very is a very strange thing in a way and something that I wasn't even conscious I have until then chill I was you know that oh wait I'm I'm I'm documenting In My Memory the smell that's in this room this is the site the way the way the covers on the bed or turned aside the look on people's faces how they're interacting at this moment I'm I'm remembering all that thing all the all of those things and part of me knows that I'm remembering them because at some point I'm going to use this information
00:46:43to create a character traits we can do strange things in the mind but that sounds like something not too far removed from being in the sun which I think it's one thing that I don't know you have had must have had this experience and I have this one of the gifts of haven't been in that particular stage act the way you do you want more prone to existential moments that experience of being in the sound of being in flow it's it's red one has been there and that is a gift it is
00:47:43it is for sure
00:47:45oh Michael I don't want to abuse your time so I'm going to call a halt to this today but I hopefully we can hopefully we can do this again you you are you are a gift to the actors Talk podcast to be here I really I really appreciate me seriously I have been looking forward to this thank you you've been an inspiration and you've helped me to think outside the box and carry on and you know you informed in so many ways what I've been doing so that's that's great hopefully we'll be able to return the compliment by having you on the actor nuts I would love I would love to be on it would be my pleasure and honor to do so Michael box can people find you on Twitter or on the Internet quickly and I'll also have these links on the show notes but go ahead and tell folks my website is Michael Buffer net so I'm pretty easy to
00:48:45actually I seem to have the advantage of having a slightly unusual surname yes and then a fox just look for the disgustingly handsome British fellow with the wonderful voice and you'll find you'll find Michael glatze I think Michael thank you God bless you hope to talk to you again soon thank you Tommy thank you so much I can't take care of you check out actor notes podcast it is a keeper. Until next time God bless you all truly I wish that for you
00:49:22that's a wrap

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