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00:00:00Accuweather daily for wednesday august twenty ninth the's uncomfortable symptoms could mean you're allergic to mosquito bites by ashley williams a small red dot accompanied by a bit of itchiness are symptoms most people experience after a pesky mosquito feasts on their blood some people hardly noticed in a reaction
00:00:22at all however for others mosquito bites can escalate from a mere annoyance to a severe allergic reaction known as skeeter syndrome those most at risk for a severe reaction include people with immunodeficiency young children and people visiting areas with indigenous mosquitoes that they haven't been previously exposed to
00:00:43according to medical researchers from canada's university of manitoba when they bite you not on ly are they piercing the skin but they inject their saliva that dr karen mckinsey director of entomology at dinah trap a company that produces mosquito and other flying insect repellent devices without zapping or
00:01:02chemicals the saliva helps lubricate the mosquitoes style it or its mouth parts so it's easier to get into your scan mackenzie said the saliva then carries proteins into the body skeeter syndrome is the result of the allergic reaction to proteins in mosquito saliva according to the mayo clinic
00:01:21If people are allergic or sensitive they get a large reaction the body starts sending his domain and the body starts swelling in that area said mackenzie whose own daughter's skin reacts to mosquito bites with small bumps all over when a person's skin develops large welts in a significant
00:01:37amount of iciness it's more likely that the person is allergic to mosquito bites she added There isn't a simple blood test that detects mosquito antibodies in the blood according to the mayo clinic instead mosquito allergies air diagnosed by figuring out if the large itchy red and irritated areas
00:01:55of swelling occurred after being bitten by a mosquito Stronger reactions of skeeter syndrome are much more common in children and younger kids are more susceptible to severe reactions than older kids according to jorge perata md mph professor of medicine at loyola university chicago and medical advisor for the
00:02:14national pest management association Even people who have had bad reactions as young kids tend to have them less severely when they're older perata said i've noticed that with my son who frequently used to get a four inch welt after a mosquito bite now only gets welts that are
00:02:31about two inches perata added that severe reactions to bites don't normally become life threatening however some people can experience a rare potentially deadly condition called anaphylaxis that triggers wheezing and throat swelling said mckinsey if you start getting itchiness in your throat eyes have any kind of trouble breathing
00:02:51or have an immediate reaction like huge swelling at a bite site with any of those other factors get to the emergency room as it can escalate quickly said mckinsey whose friend once required a trip to the e r following a mosquito bite taking precautions against mosquito bites if
00:03:09bitten applying kala mine lotion or other non prescription hydrocortisone creams can reduce itching and swelling perata said Orel and histamines can also help those who experience stronger reactions to bites Mckinzie advised that people aware of a mosquito bite allergy carry an epipen with them especially if living in
00:03:28mosquito hot spots like florida Experts also advised wearing environmental protection agency approved repellents like bacharuddin Indeed higher concentrations of ditte shouldn't be used on small children according to perata Wearing long sleeves long pants and light colors are advised when outdoors in mosquito prone areas checking your home for
00:03:48standing water can also prevent mosquitoes from lingering around your yard You could buy pre treated clothing that has insect repellent said perata who recommended this option because the repellent is typically effective through about thirty washes for weather information Any time be sure to download the ac you weather
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