Best friends Carmen Alegria and Angelica Soto did everything together — and that includes saving each other from a gunman on a rampage.

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00:00:00country star Jason Aldean had just started to sing about how some days are tough when the audience heard a strange noise it wasn't %HESITATION balloon boom boom more like that's Angelica Soto her friends color Halle she was at the annual route ninety one harvest festival in Las Vegas
00:00:20with her best friend Carmen Alegria on October one two thousand seventeen when they heard that weird sound at first they thought it was fireworks to mark the end of the weekend long festival Kelly said so everybody kinda looked up and was waiting to see you know the sparkles
00:00:38and there wasn't any and so really okay interesting maybe it was just somebody driving by honor no we don't we can figure out what it was then they heard the sound again and how he felt her left arm start to burn she called out to Carmen to sell
00:00:52blood gushing from her friend's shoulder ripped off for T. shirt and held it tight against the wound people around them started around so Carmen threw herself on top of her friend to protect her from trampling feet then she felt a bullet hit her leg I knew I couldn't
00:01:09move her and I knew I wasn't gonna leave for either the bullets just didn't stop coming and so I remember thinking oh my god this is how we go and tell people I per I was playing so loud like I didn't care who heard as long as god
00:01:24her because it was just so like terrifying I don't even know how to put into words like that the terror that we found like it and it wouldn't stop like I kept telling us like why why I want this topic why isn't stopping it didn't stop for ten
00:01:42full minutes when it was over fifty eight people were dead Carmen and Holly were two of the more than four hundred people who survived gunshot wounds the Vegas shooting marked the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history the best friends made it out that day but only because
00:02:01they saved each other from the team that brought you accused in collaboration with the trace this is after math a podcast about gunshot survivors I remember hunt you've heard about the Las Vegas shooting it's the rampage that sparked talk of banning bomb stocks the devices used to modify
00:02:21semi automatic weapons into something more like automatic ones has a record this episode where nearly seven months out from the shooting and still no surprisingly little about what happened we know that the suspected killer shot himself as police closed in on him and we know that the man
00:02:39was rich and on a losing streak it's a high stakes gambler we know is girlfriend told police he had become distant and the year before the shooting which she appears tribe methodically premeditated one of his doctors told investigators he thought the man named Stephen paddock might have had
00:02:57a mental illness but paddock refused to discuss the possibility and decline medication to treat anything more than anxiety why he did what he apparently did is still a mystery which aggravates Haley and Carmen who desperately want to understand what led a sixty four year old man to open
00:03:17fire on a jubilant crowd of twenty two thousand concertgoers you start to wonder and you start to think and you like and that's for the worst thing you can do after something like this this thing can start to think about all the stuff that could possibly have been
00:03:31why and and I think that's one of the biggest things out of this that pisses me off is that we don't know why you know why would you do this to these two people in %HESITATION young people find one of the girls from mission twenty twenty years old
00:03:46just started living her life and the largest family standing husbands and wives to strollers they were the people will cherish the seven couple that we had met you know at the Grammy there was they were it's just that it's hard to understand why someone would do something like
00:04:03this so you might have noticed two voices there are maybe you didn't but because Carmen and how they are so connected even sound a bit alike we interview them together for this episode for a reason the two are inseparable they're both about the same age Carmen is forty
00:04:22one Helly thirty nine and they've been best friends for fifteen years they're so close in fact Carmen's brother Danny describes them as like system have you again you say like sisters they are sisters you know they just %HESITATION the error almost married yeah honest thinking you know your
00:04:44your significant others and how close you are with them that's how they are common in Halle are not married to be clear life would be easier if they say but alas but because they're always together it isn't surprising that they went to Vegas together that weekend each of
00:05:02the tens of thousands of people who gathered there have their own set of decisions in circumstances that led them to being at that fateful concert in this episode we want to highlight what led to these two women there what happened when a stranger opened fire on an unsuspecting
00:05:18crowd and what their lives have been like in the months since their paths intersected with the gunmen to understand how common in how we ended up there we first have to back up a bit the two met in two thousand three one Carmen was looking for a job
00:05:35one day she walked into a county department of Human Services office and roll California about ninety minutes north of LA were highly worked a venturi Carmen got Haley's job when Holly got promoted the two didn't hit it off straight away Halle thought Carmen was name dropping when she
00:05:53mentioned being friends with the manager that first meeting but they got to talking more and found they had stuff in common the bus Latina they both love live music they're both the youngest of four children eventually we took a trip to the mall to to go look at
00:06:11mac makeup and we've been best friends ever since too soon became enmeshed in the other's family so much so that it usually wasn't just Carmen and Halle hanging out together it was Carmen Haley and Haley's sister Gabriela or Gabby for short Gabby was about two years older than
00:06:29Haley and the three would go on trips together they love traveling and they love the music so traveling to concerts was a pretty regular thing in two thousand sixteen in fact they all three went to the route ninety one festival in Vegas it's just the atmosphere of the
00:06:45concerts you know than just getting to meet new people and I don't know how to I like it like we've done Coachella before it was completely popular Coachella stage coach global I met up in Brownsville origin we've flown all the way to Boston to see George Strait you
00:07:03too and Boston also for Boston if you're making it was you to is for my birthday and my sister really wanted to see you and just it was a traveling it was the let's get out of California let's go see them somewhere else outside of our close knit
00:07:16area here and SO and really experience especially around Irish people again we had said she wants to see you two in the most Irish city in the U. S. and so that was a big part of why we we flew out there my sister's a fresh if you
00:07:31missed it that last one was wholly saying my sister was Irish Gabby wasn't of course parents were both born in one I watched on Mexico they moved to the U. S. worked in agriculture became legal citizens raised a family and launched a restaurant business named after Gabby that's
00:07:51morphed over the years but currently sits on interstate five and lost hills California Lawrence in customers with signs along the interstate that say attack %HESITATION a day keeps the hang gree away thank god be embraced other cultures she even named our daughter I early as in Ireland highly
00:08:10in common are similarly embracing of other cultures I asked them about it I don't automatically put Latina together with country music fan am I alone in that is that even though the data and if you go to our restaurant you'll find that that's only the music that I
00:08:28play there too and I've gotten a lot of why because that's the music I like you know they're technically in Spanish they're confronted us and it just translate northern English so it's the same type of you know music the broken heart my woman left me my you know
00:08:43my big truck is gonna run over something so you know it's all it's all the same to me anyway and I just like it how income and bought tickets for last year's route ninety one festival in the winter but Gabby wasn't going to attend she was pregnant with
00:08:59their second child which made what happened June sixth two thousand seventeen all the more tragic Gabby had been driving to the dentist when a young driver slammed into a car medics arrived and it didn't seem at first that Gabby was all that hurt she was talking and told
00:09:18emergency responders that she was just stuck inside a car she was green tact medical terminology meant to designate her as walking wounded and other words hurt but not seriously in reality though her seatbelt had wrapped around her like a tourniquet and as soon as medics cut Gabby free
00:09:38she began to bleed out she died at the hospital the baby with whom she was seven months pregnant didn't survive Gabby was a high school teacher and her death hit the whole community hard for those who knew may Soto they say her smile laughter and positivity lit up
00:09:58any room shows an inspiration for many shows a role model she was just such a great teacher while school officials say they plan on naming the school garden after Gabriel Soto in her memory settle these behind a two year old daughter boyfriend into four sisters reporting in studio
00:10:18says it right now so for Hellene Carmen the loss was incomprehensible Gabby died less than two miles from Carmen's home it was such a mundane appointment going to the dentist and to lose her life in such a pointless way they struggle with it every just have this flair
00:10:37for high school kids they dislike flocked to her and it is just it was just a personal dislike most people factor should have this amazing personality that the data does attracted you to her and %HESITATION and that's why I think her death was such an impact on all
00:10:53those students because because she was making such a difference in their lives sorry no I'm sorry no I can talk about and then again it is just is just been on my mind a lot lately them and I'm a very ugly Craig over would be proud this might
00:11:14seem unrelated to the story we're telling but it really isn't I'm learning to not put the two together but it's kind of hard not too well and that's kind of the reason I'm asking is %HESITATION because you when something dramatic happens it doesn't happen in a vacuum there
00:11:34are other things that have happened in your life that inform how you respond to it %HESITATION so that's why it's important to me if we were able to pull out or other life experiences and just deal with this one thing I would be easier to talk about these
00:11:48kinds of situations they were so raw from this loss that Carmen asked Halle she wanted to cancel the Vegas trap Kelly said now Gabby had been all about these types of traps she would have wanted them to carry on the Vegas trip became symbolic of the two women
00:12:06moving forward still with Gaby but in a different way Gabby was sold %HESITATION heavy with this that we can M. am I I get a motion I don't I'm not as emotional as hell you like them I'm a credit but for whatever reason that with him especially like
00:12:25right before we were leaving I mean I just kept thinking about yeah I mean I skip crime in the trip was as much to honor Gabby has a ways to relax from the stress of having lost or their plan was just to let loose and party and as
00:12:39part of that drink when they noticed an Irish pub in Mandalay bay called rira version of which they've actually gone to in Maine with Gabby on one of their last big trips together Carmen got excited like all my god how we like in three right even so we
00:12:54we we made a point to go there and and eat there and have some beers there and and just right before the concert and just you know talk about Gabby in and our experiences and and stuff so yeah so we filter really really strong with this that weekend
00:13:11this was Sunday night the final night of the three day festival Avery plated in their minds over and over they remember the mundane trying to decide what to wear the last night of the festival carmine ditched her white shirts and more route ninety one T. shirt she had
00:13:28bought that weekend they both work how boy boots the Hollies were new him quickly started to kill her feet the two tossed back during sit rira the minus five bar the hard rock cafe at some point Carmen managed to get Haley on to some of those flying swings
00:13:45like you see at amusement parks are county fairs despite Helly being I'm terrified heights one of the ways Carmen convinces her to face that fear ends up making for a macabre joke in hindsight she said don't worry this is the scariest thing you're going to go through all
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00:15:26more about simply safe today simply safe dot com slash aftermath Carmen were at the hard rock cafe chatting with the country music loving couple in their seventies when they heard Chasin L. dean take the stage here was a big draw for the two in fact resetting was one
00:15:48of the main reasons that we went to see the love him that was Haley at the end there whispering I love him so they made their way to the Las Vegas village which is basically a huge parking lot walking distance from their hotel in Mandalay bay it's a
00:16:04pretty central location near the MGM in Excalibur and looks or hotels Carmen and how he had edge through the crowd to get closer tell dean found themselves next to a group of girls dancing so much that they started bumping into the people around them the two decided to
00:16:22try to edge for it a little more to get out of the dancing girls way so they're inching forward in their posting if you Snapchat videos and then they hear that clap clap clap it wasn't a balloon there waited the sparkles in the Stanley son nine and heard
00:16:39the sound again Kelly screams that our arm burned when you hear a clack clack clack you're not expecting you look around and no one's panicking you dismiss it can't be gunfire wouldn't everyone be running away that's on the second wave came and that's and she grabbed my arm
00:16:56and she grabbed my arm here on this side and she just like Karmakar my arm my arm and I'm like Kelly what what happened like what's what's wrong with you issues just like my arm it's burning it's burning and I'm like okay house a burning like what happened
00:17:10when Halle scream Downton set our arm was burning Carmen was still thinking about fireworks in my mind because we had just heard the shots I'm thinking okay something like bounce of like like a firework bounced up in here like I thought she had been burned or something you
00:17:26know I I the gunshot was nowhere near in what I was thinking I could try and ask okay hello tell me what's wrong with the like I don't know what's wrong with you mentally pulled open her jacket and common salt blood you might hear some rustling here that's
00:17:41because she had her microphone and I was like oh my god so all I could think to do %HESITATION was I I pulled my purse off and then for my tee shirt off to put copper someone I think that that's when we went down to the ground and
00:17:54holding the Congress on her shoulder and then I started yelling for help please help us help us his you know at that point we still didn't know you know what was what was going on site and took my tee shirt off I put I put it over her
00:18:10then that's when the rapid fire started and you know we're praying I remembered thinking like why isn't this stopping like what the you know what's what's going on like we just didn't know she still didn't understand that her friend had been shot that clap clap clap Chris unrelenting
00:18:27and people started to run so Carmen truer self on top of Haley to protect her from being trampled while we're on the ground people start running at that point people start running and they start to trample her from my mobile up over her and I'm just like pushing
00:18:41people off of us because people are just like landing on us almost I think she did get stepped on a few times and some like trying to push them off and I did of the king of Assyria type thing is because people at that point everyone was in
00:18:55a panic and they were just trying to get to get out of there and then when I got shot I didn't feel pain %HESITATION and she said I screamed out but I I didn't necessarily feel pain I I felt like an impact I felt like something just hit
00:19:10the back of my late %HESITATION so I think because of what had originally happened dirt bikes and she was shocked first and still not knowing what was going on my adrenaline you know was soul was so high and both on the ground and she she says she kind
00:19:26of just expand down because I knew I knew I couldn't move for at that point but I also know wasn't gonna leave her so we were just kind of there you know and so when she said Carmen get you know when we got to run ads on a
00:19:42Taurus I'm pretty sure I just got shot in the leg and she's like I know go but we gotta go so we stood up and my purse just barely slipped out of my hand so I went to to try to grab it again and that's she's like no
00:19:54just leave it who cares and and that's when we started running so there they were two friends both shocked on the ground carmine began screaming a prayer lord Jesus please watch over is like center guardian angels to take care of us like I mean it was just I
00:20:11I don't even know I'm screaming that from the top of my lungs Halle tried to will her brain to understand what the hell was happening and I was still in the blink of days and I just hear her like screaming like praying screaming I'm like trying to pre
00:20:25like where I am trying to figure out when god's name is happening and then like I have my arm like this over both of us and then something just made me snap out of it you have to run and I was like okay and I got the car
00:20:36but we have to actually chase got shot in the leg it'll make a can how they won't know we're gonna go we cannot stay here we're gonna get killed here adrenaline kicked in and with highly pulling a limping Carmen the two ran bullets fell like rain around them
00:20:52unrelenting they said videos on the scene surfaced on social media the first peppering of gunfire began at the end of Jason Aldean song and the old bar stool he noticed that he told reporters later but like everyone in the crowd he chalked it up to something else blown
00:21:11speaker maybe then he started singing when she says baby the opening lyric some days it's tough just getting up is underscored by a barrage of gunfire too rapid account it took all dean another full line before it sank in any rush from the stage after Carmen and Holly
00:21:31started running they spotted a set of cars and dove behind a little white one where a couple was also seeking cover the woman was a nurse and asked if they were hurt and I sent a shot in the then laying and she was shot in the shoulder and
00:21:45so she checked my lady she squeezed on my leg and like blood shot out of my league so she told the guy who was with the give me a shirt when he she tied to turn it on me and she checked her and %HESITATION the ashes keep putting
00:21:57questions like I think that's probably a question but just keep putting pressure so the guy who was with there was like come on we have to go we have to go and then if she was like you know we need to help them he's like I know but
00:22:08we have to go and he told us to his is you can't stay here keep running to keep your head down once the tourniquet was on Carmen's legs she couldn't run anymore Helly bagged her just like come on girl we had to move you know and I said
00:22:22honey I don't like at that point I was feeling the pain and I said I don't I don't think I can walk in she says if I have to drive your manager IQ but we got to get out here and so she did we linked arms again and
00:22:35and that's when we kind of hall more hand to the next set of vehicles that's when a young man named Shane ran up to them and he's like you know who's been shot who's been shot and aware of like when you know we have both of us have
00:22:49been shot is okay wait here I'm going to go get a car and he brought his pick up truck and it's kind of threw us in the back of the truck this moment marked the end of Carmen and Holly's immediate danger but they didn't know it for all
00:23:03they knew this man who just flung them into the back of his pickup truck was part of the attack he kept stopping to pick up other injured people a clear hero in hindsight but at that moment all Carmen and how we knew is that bodies were being piled
00:23:19on top of them highly got claustrophobic and began to panic attorney started in a moving for but he kept stopping he would go and he would stop any were going to stop and we're just please get us out of here you know we just desperate to just leave
00:23:35it at that point is when we started filling bodies like landing on top of us okay so we've got dog piled and I'd super cluster phobic finally they got to the hospital more medics decided that Haley's injury was not a flesh wound she was red tagged in common
00:23:54was yellow tags meaning they deem tallies injury the more dire at the two that also meant that the two inseparable friends had to be separated back home in California news was just starting to trickle out that something was happening in Las Vegas concert goers had been snapped chiding
00:24:13and tweeting during the concert so word spread quickly through social media and that soon made its way into the mainstream media Kelly had lost her phone in the parking lot that Carmen had hers long enough to color brother Michael from the back of Shane struck Michael in turn
00:24:30called one of Hayley's sisters all they were able to communicate was that both women had been shot and were headed to a hospital the phone tree had been enacted Michael call Danny another of Carmen's brothers who had already gone to bed and since my brother Michael and then
00:24:49like he never calls especially this late in else some as a with several he'll they %HESITATION only you know Carmen's okay the car was shot and immediately I was like what I go are you sure she's okay though because I don't know Danny I don't know in the
00:25:09confusion at the hospital carmine got separated from a phone that men both women had to bomb phones off of other patients and battery life was getting low they lost track of each other in the hospital and they began to panic it helps to remember Gabby story at this
00:25:27moment after the car wreck Gabby had seemed fine but it turned out %HESITATION injury was fatal each of the women had that in their minds when they lost track of the other what if the gunshot was more serious than it seemed they Beckner says for information but most
00:25:44refused to check one finally looked up Helly for Carmen but found no patient under that name Carmen began to panic even more she reached Danny again on a borrowed cellphone she was in tears I don't know where Halle is I don't know if she's alive she said it
00:26:02took some round robin style checking but eventually Danny heard from Holly sister that she was okay and Danny called Carmen she was finally able to calm down as Danny drove the four hours from his home in California Las Vegas he'll listen to the news coverage about what happened
00:26:21the death count was rising with every update twenty confirmed dead than thirty nine forty %HESITATION desperately wanted to see his sister's face to know she was really going to be okay we're getting to the hospital and there's like a lot of people remember there's been a lot of
00:26:40people trying to find the room number and all I heard was Danny and I stopped in and turns into saw Hailey as she was you know cannon with her through sling on may I give her a big hug and I think I squeezed you two are like all
00:26:56my god I'm sorry I forgot about here aren't too that's okay yeah when I saw my sister really happy he shifts as he speaks and shoots a teary glance at Carmen on the couch next to him real happy in an emotional carm yeah we were %HESITATION we're all
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00:28:29that's your first refill pack free at get quip dot com slash aftermath spelled G. ET Q. U. I. P. dot com slash aftermath when Carmen and holy reunited the two embraced and sobbed Carmen got surgery on her knee before she was allowed to leave Las Vegas highly was
00:28:53discharged earlier and told to follow up with their primary care physician at home it turns out that probably wasn't the right choice for Holly at least based on what the doctors told or sends the bullet that hit her shoulder basically caused her scapula to explode how is shoulder
00:29:11wasn't near a gated straight away and the shrapnel wasn't removed via surgery so she has countless bits of metal embedded in our joint and in the time between who discouraging arriving home to California her moon got infected delaying treatment further she can't lift her right arm very higher
00:29:31bend it behind her back she's told she will likely get full mobility back but because of the nerve damage it'll take a good two years before she knows for sure she's quick to say she doesn't fall to the hospital workers who treated her know the hospitals to everybody
00:29:48they were great stated what they could do for the people that were there while the cut because they were so overwhelmed you know people were bleeding out there and and there wasn't anything really they could've because arrests number one short staffed their work as they were calling people
00:30:01and people were coming in but you know by the time I got a lot of people died so I mean it was just because they have the night shift the night shift on the arm of the time people go out there and that's what a lot of people
00:30:12that passed away at the menu the blood out trying to get out of there but still she's angry at the situation and that the gunman once the women came home they began tackling the after care together they figured they did everything else together someone on this too right
00:30:29they scheduled the physical therapy at the same times they went to the same orthopedic surgeon even went to their first counseling session together it was tricky because they had to rely on family members for help as matter was cleared to drive only missed each other in the down
00:30:46time they had grown so used to seeing each other whenever they wanted and now they were forty year old women having to beg for rides like teenagers again just to hang out when strangers learn that the friends were shot at the route ninety one festival their reactions are
00:31:04a strange mix of humbling and Sir real friends don't like telling people who ask how they were injured but sometimes people pride and they don't want to lie they say they were shot in Vegas sometimes people react as though they're meeting a celebrity we were Vegas that shot
00:31:23then they would ask to take pictures with us they're like oh my god I never thought I would meet someone who who was there like I saw it on the news but do you mind if we take a picture with you like is it okay if there was
00:31:34a %HESITATION an army %HESITATION he was retired but yeah use of a veteran who was just like wow I can't you know I still can't believe is it okay if I take a picture with you guys and just like you know kind of weird stuff like that and
00:31:46that's the thing like with him to take you girls are the real heroes on home or not we work in there we saved each other but we were the ones that went back in and kept pulling people out number we couldn't but those are the heroes and and
00:32:00I don't think being shot makes you a hero it makes your circumstance of the situation and a very unfortunate situation and I can not willfully take that title and I will not because there are true heroes like Shane like the kid the does the hospital like the nursing
00:32:16home six like car just all the doctors the fireman everybody that was there that did what they would normally do in their job even though they were off duty you know and the people that actually went back that weren't even public servants but they just helped those are
00:32:33the heroes to me slowly as the scars have been easier to hide from strangers life has calmed down Carmen was about to go back to work for the first time we interviewed her she's still a social worker Halley manages one of the family restaurants Gabby's grilling cafe where
00:32:51I stopped for fish tacos while driving from Oakland to LA reporting for this project things are calmer but that's not to say life is back to normal Danny Commons brother notice changes in his little sister right away in the beginning I could tell that she was really scared
00:33:09about stuff loud noises it's been around a lot of people I could see it when people come and visit like a lot of our friends and other people I can see I I could tell just looking at her face she's a little nervous little anxious she's a bring
00:33:25a little bit harder shattered nervous smile she's my sister you know both the friends are still jumpy loud noises are especially upsetting when one relatives set off fireworks to scare a friend who had fallen asleep in his car highly ran for cover she didn't know it was a
00:33:44joke the last time she heard what she thought were fireworks turned out to be a semi automatic rifle Carmen says every time I get but I take a step I remember Las Vegas because I get that pain in my late you know and the other night in class
00:34:00was walking with some of my and my classmates in one room just like took off way ahead of us and she turned just like all my gosh permanent side I mean to to just leave you should like I I just I forgot you know and it's just we
00:34:13can't forget I can't work as fast as I used to I can't run like I used to she yeah you know yeah hopefully eventually you know that's the goal but like as of right now it's just this constant reminder you know her every time she tries to lift
00:34:27our I mean it's just it's with us that we can't it's always going to be with us earlier I mentioned have things don't happen in a vacuum for Carmen and Halle Gabby's death marked the beginning of a whole string of Thomas Gabby died with her unborn baby four
00:34:46months before Vegas a few months after Vegas Carmen's ten year old nephew Danny son had a health scare that required sudden heart surgery then just a week before interview Carmen and Haley were in a car together one of the first times Carmen had been able to drive them
00:35:02anywhere and they got slammed by a truck in an accident that reinjured Carmen's knee and gave them both whiplash at first they didn't even tell their families about the crash because they didn't want to re traumatize everyone but after a few days they came clean the car was
00:35:20totaled but they're physically okay I asked if they were starting to feel cursed no they said on the contrary in the aftermath they feel blast they keep surviving there women of faith they believe in god and they believe both guiding Gabby have been watching over them even if
00:35:41they're not yet sure why I I do believe because I mean we are we're Christian we believe strongly in that god will protect you in times like this why he didn't want well you took some people and not others I that's still a question that has plagued me
00:35:56since my sister so but I do believe that I mean we there was divine intervention at least for us because of how we came out like basically and skate you know I mean yes there's damage yes but we're alive and we're function yeah they're small scars but you
00:36:19will eventually fade the trauma you take a little longer but you know I really do believe that my sister somehow this is now I call her my guardian angel because I'd like it to my to my other sister that she think she put her Wonder Woman comes on
00:36:37just what all those bullets from fitting as because they were raining down all around us and we didn't get hit again at home in it that's the thing that like shocks me because we were some of the last ones out of there we were easy targets easy you
00:36:51could have easily killed us but none of them in a second next time on aftermath not even ten minutes on her bike bull power from white light emitting it with the sound was coming from now way which I knew that Michael went down the street that way come
00:37:07up you're calling a like you are you shot because in my mind was telling me no he's not shy he can't be sure that that he had blood on it sure he had a some black Nike shorts are remembered and a white tee shirt his blood all over
00:37:17it and I'm like I can be as well %HESITATION army you just don't have the money to jump up and move into bad area better schools and all that kind of stuff I mean you live in the city and you have to roll with whatever it is aftermath
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