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00:00:07There's a lot of people here how everybody how we do in wow this is wild yeah we got from the show so we have to start with follow up is we always do um so i quit my job anyway so it's znbc time is i swear we will
00:00:40talk about that just not it's not every night on this show yeah wait stop that works here we're done so doug it's now it's happening the keynote was good i think we'll talk about it for a boring year i have lives i was going to do a visual
00:00:57aid but that's not useful remember this is a podcast eso eso there was apparently nothing happening this year yet i have three pages of notes about nothing as it turns out so it turns out nothing there was a lot of nothings and a lot of some things and
00:01:14yeah i i honestly you know we did our predictions last week we talked about like what what we expected and everything and even though there was no new hardware because always like the flashy easy thing that we all i want all the time looks just kind of unreasonable
00:01:27but you know we all like hardware even though there was no hardware it was still a really good wwdc and there was there still a lot of stuff to keep us busy at least a lot of us busy this summer and you need help well a guy like
00:01:46mike doesn't seem tested enough yeah doesn't have any prescriptions that's what it is but i guess we can try to do this in keynote order and will probably bounce around a little bit let's start with that migration video that was awesome i'm glad so i was scared because
00:02:01the internet connection there and this is the first list of first world problems with the internet connection and there was terrible on my phone on my laptop whatever so i am so i'm tweeting saying oh this was enjoyable on waiting to just see this wall of tweets about
00:02:14oh my god that was so stupid i can't believe they did that this is late and i'd actually didn't see any of it i could give you some of that now you think i'm stupid like it was so i kind of know that what the theme of this
00:02:28video would be and it's smart because you got a bunch of developers in the audience and if you want to tell like if you include developers in the video like we knew some people in the video right people the audience will feel like they're part of the experience
00:02:40it's it's not pandering so much is like how could that room full of developers dislike a video that featured developers and it was silly right in the you know got david amber to the voice and everything i try to have a good attitude about it but i also
00:02:52think if you if you wanted to like game this and say what video can we show that the room is guaranteed to like you show that video So i do think it was a good video but also kind of felt like i was played way we're all playing
00:03:06did anyone hate the video in this room the only one person one person that i hated the video but who know who is not going to like it We'll get to the video the end to it's smart smart apple pr good job well i i really enjoyed it
00:03:20and in fact i saw that you had retweeted something i'd said and i was very nervous for a fleeting moment that that was like a how did this dummy like this video kind of re tweet like one of those retweets or non endorsement kind of tweets but then
00:03:31i realized that you liked it as well it's a bit of video how could you not love it How could you not love it Yeah i would say best apple video in their events in years what was the one with the blind gentleman walking through the woods I
00:03:42thought that one was really i was excellent too but this one i think played to the audience so well that like you know if you were if you we're that kind of person to enjoy poking fun of ourselves and knowing like the developer stereotype this well that that's
00:03:55my other complaint about is that it lean pretty heavily on the or basement dwellers or hiding hiding in our houses and don't go out outside in the sun hurts us which is you know it's and it's the stereotypes are not everybody Some developers there bratton surfboards making ios
00:04:11abs jump in base jumping in there doing all sorts of things in the front row right here Look at him he's a rock climber Yeah anyway i mean yeah that's fine No i thought it was good So then we start with iowa's because that's the only thing that
00:04:25matters he stays on my right and performing who clapped for that Come on you from doing your iowa's development next code for ipad where's that expect how's that feel teach anyway way start with performance which i was very happy to hear that that performances is a real priority
00:04:45which is great And you know obviously they said you know we we i was eleven goes all the way back to these twenty thirteen air devices or whatever it was and you can kind of see that where this is going and apparently iowa's twelve will go to the
00:04:56same set of devices which i think is great and impressive and i'll believe it when i see it but hopefully the apple engineers are starting to carry these ancient phones which i kind of feel bad for them well it's only been ancient like i say that jokingly but
00:05:10it's not even that old but anyway i hope these engineers air carrying these old phones so they can see what the day to day experience is like and really live it and i feel like i've heard some rumblings that that's the case but one way or another concentrating
00:05:22on performance helps everybody even those of us with brand new phones it helps us to i think also there was some degree of like handling and damage control from the battery gay thing and from iowa's eleven adoption being not that high relative to how long it's been out
00:05:37compared to previous releases and the phone throwing where you're talking about the battery yeah yeah the battery throttling you and like you know for years we've had this problem of old phones run new os is really slowly and that really hurts apple on the ecosystem in the long
00:05:52run because it makes you will not want to upgrade their software and makes them less happy with their devices over time so anything they could do to fix that is very important and it has seemed like you know until fairly recently it seems like that has not been
00:06:04enough of a priority so for this to be like the very first thing they tell us in this conference like that's that's a pretty good sign also targeted this time they didn't have that much else and i was told what turned out to be kind of wrong because
00:06:17they did go through a lot of things but just to start on that is like oh so this is this is the o s that like where we just make things tighter and faster and remove bugs which is great i think it's a good idea but i got
00:06:28that second also that the adoption thing it was like first they did the fifty percent in seven weeks which is a weird measure like oh cares when who cares when you get to fifty percent right And then they did the other one it was like eighty one percent
00:06:39a year and is not low like it wasn't like ten in the nineties and night like it seemed a little bit low and i think part of that is the fear of like oh i upgraded the os and on my phone is slow so they're definitely counteracting that
00:06:50and regardless about also being good pr it's the right thing to do it so i'm glad they're doing it but did they actually talk about bug fixes though way right that's the thing it was it was all about performance and it would and my favorite thing was at
00:07:04the end of that segment craig said on ly after mention performance he said if this is all be done with iowa's twelve we think this would be a great release and the whole room laughed like the whole room people over that we were watching it with everyone burst
00:07:18out laughing because it was so it was like really that's there it kind of was that something was going to beginning of i think of running problem throughout this presentation granted i like the presentations content overall i think i like what we got today like what was announced
00:07:34i like what they've been working on but the presentation seem a little messy and it seemed like it really lacked editing and this was one example like this whole segment where it really did seem like they were like patting it it seemed like they didn't think they had
00:07:45enough to say and so they were just patting everything and like you know craig going through here is all the releases we've done for the last few years that one and that one there just providing context but i mean if you want to yell about something padding i
00:07:57would say the lego demo there's always something like that demo patties always a problem but but you know it did seem that they were there was a lot of like like just you know actual like intentional time wasting going on that was characterized that as this is what
00:08:11you do if you're not in a rush like remember for the last one or whatever we're in a super big russia there's gotta go go go this is what they would do if they had more time and they had more time this year then we got our stuff
00:08:22and is the u s d z that's right Right Okay All right russell seen descriptions so i don't have anything particular to say about so here's like so i didn't really get it during the keynote but in the state of the union what clarified for me was that
00:08:39like this is just like a file format that the os will be able to look at and deal with everywhere safari messages male everything so a are in general is a thing that i'm not that excited about because i haven't really seen any compelling like killer aps for
00:08:55yet except measuring things which apple just sure locked amazingly well yeah but i think what finally clicked for me is the idea of like like i was just doing backpack shopping like we all do and and one of the area time on one of the issues i had
00:09:13was i never it was hard to tell from pictures online like how big is that And this is the problem i always get when when trying to like shop for things online like how big or small something is is often hard to tell scale online and it was
00:09:24kind of cool to think like what if in a few years like on product pages of online stores in addition to having all the little photo thumbnails and you could make the photo bigger what if one of them was ah used file and i could just download i
00:09:38could like view that and see like how big that is on a table or like next to my existing backpack on the floor in my room like the idea of being able to visualize objects to be able to see it take to get it to get an idea
00:09:50of scale like when you're like when you just sees me online that i think would be a really killer feature of that it might take a while before wherever at that point where all the retailers have these things for all their products everything with that but if we
00:10:02get there that would be really cool it's coming soon and like in a couple of years it'll be i mean we'll get back to that what is that The amazon show what What whatever one that lets you try and close like you want the backpack on your back
00:10:11so our kids two years well that you put the backpack on your back and have someone like take a video of you and see how the backpack looks on you same thing with clothes not just have like oh here's a shirt that's how big would be but like
00:10:21knapp it onto your body were not there this year but come back in three years and see if we're not happen close onto our bodies already putting memo do things on our faces that was awesome that wasn't we'll get to that and some one other thing to mention
00:10:33about air kit to is you could have shared experiences which i can see being pretty need and they did that demo with like i forget what the name of the game was bustling shopping Yeah well they seem like a slingshot thing or whatever It doesn't really matter what
00:10:44the name that was and interestingly after the keynote when all of the attendees were getting lunch they actually have a couple of stations where they had tables and ipads and you could actually go and play the game now as with all things the line was forever long so
00:10:57i didn't try it but i saw this happening it did look kind of cool I could see how that would be me if you have a pool sable sable size table in your house Those tables were huge Like the slingshot table is huge The lego table Who has
00:11:08a table that big it's like a stable Not only that but empty table that big That is just joining the wood grain on it So the ark it can pick it up I don't know what kind of houses people have but there's no there's no clear horizontal surface
00:11:21that size anywhere in my house including the floor You gonna fight really hard to get your little phone spot right So i want that's all you need then photos photos there's going to be a share back suggestions which i thought was really cool So if you share a
00:11:37series of photos with a friend or whatever and it stands to reason that that friend will have some photos from the same event i guess we'll look at like the geo tag data in the time stamp and whatnot and try to figure out based on your own photo
00:11:49library Do you have things that maybe you should share back So if i took pictures of this at some point and i sent them to you guys that your phone would automatically say hey do you want to give this back to case Because it seems like it's relevant
00:12:02and i think that's super cool and that's to me is a really great example of apple doing the things that apple does best because its intelligence that doesn't necessitate going and taking all of your data putting it in the cloud and then you know having it come back
00:12:15it's all done on device and there's no reason that shouldn't be possible so i thought that was really needs about gmail is it If i'm getting right gina let something like that Where were you when your e mailing somebody It says do you want to also email marketing
00:12:26casey the other man And i think that's incredibly dangerous someone always bring an absolutely click and send something somewhere not supposed so i get like why people like it but i worry about u i that suggests actions that i'm not actually taking the i can act selling trigger
00:12:40i don't know but this was in an additive thing right Like what i find is in iowa's messages i get a lot of the same like i'll want to email maybe are not email i want a message maybe just you john and then it'll offer marco as another
00:12:53person and i feel like that is so in line with what i'm doing that i either absent mindedly or like slipping tap and so that when you're saying snarky things about me and you accidentally brush my name right get them yeah exactly that's the last thing i want
00:13:05and so and so what ends up happening is they have to pay even closer attention but this looks like it was more additive where it was a different piece of you Why not exactly where you are already operating offending sense So i echo what you're saying but i
00:13:18think in this case it will be okay i that was the only thing about photos that i was really jazzed by i hear there's a really good e book about the photos app that you should check out sometime if you if you ever wanted to know anything about
00:13:31photos look up jason smell that guy knows a couple things but but was there anything else useful about photos I think you know a lot of people were pointing out that google photos has done a lot of this stuff either this year or last year and that's true
00:13:44but a lot of us don't use google photos or don't want to use google photos and so it's nice to have that option here the only thing that that i was a little disappointed by is that they didn't seem to mention which means before we haven't gotten sinking
00:13:56of the image recognition data between your devices yeah i was thinking about that didn't come last year no they last year they would sink like that like the collection of one of the ones you confirm that was always thinking like any data you entered they would sink that
00:14:09but they wouldn't think the baseline recognition so every time you get a new device you still have to wait for to bring a battery all day while doing all the recognition so that that part i really hope that we do get that at some point it should have
00:14:19already been there but well it seems we're not getting that but otherwise you know it's it's a solid future release i think the doesn't you know blow me away but otherwise pretty good wear sponsored this week by microsoft microsoft is right here in san jose this week to
00:14:35support all of you iowa's developers and all of our favorite podcasts they are actually right here it all come again and they're also sponsoring this show the talk show a live tomorrow and really offends connected live on wednesday microsoft they're cool i mean you know the responsible community
00:14:52and i really appreciate that so anyway they believe any developer should be able to build deploy and scale your aps without having to worry about managing services or underlying infrastructure so whether you are an object to see or swift developer azure has what you need to ship your
00:15:07aps faster and with more confidence there's all kinds of stuff that you can do with azure so for example you can build in the cloud you contest on real devices you can automatically distributed beta testers and the app store and monitor your abs with the real time crash
00:15:20reports and analytics You can even add things like pre built a i services into your aps to make the more intelligent and if you are for instance a game developer you could get a complete back and platform for your iowa's games with real time analytics power management live
00:15:34ops and more so here's we need to do they've set up a page where you can learn all about building intelligent iowa's acts that scale that's a k a dot es slash ios and azure that's once again a k a dot es slash ios and azure so very
00:15:50special thanks to microsoft for sponsoring our live show and really our entire community of developers and podcast fans for years thank you very much to microsoft for sponsoring our show so imagine you're me and you're sitting in the keynote and you're sitting next to federico on and then
00:16:13we start hearing about siri's shortcuts and way see this icon that's that just looks like it may relate to some app that federico is used from time to time and maybe has evangelized a teeny bit and suddenly it becomes clear to federico that we're looking at work flow
00:16:33but better his eyes were saucers you guys it was it was magical to be next to it s o we have syria shortcuts which is basically workflow but ball not first party but first party and system like a system integrated which looks amazing i am super excited about
00:16:53this and fully integrated with siri too because a pretty massive upgrade and we'll talk about the serie shortcuts thing more more generally but but you know the the shortcuts app looks thie fbi of making these shortcuts for the ap then there is the shortcuts app that users can
00:17:08use which that that basically work flow and you know it and so the question of what why did apple by workflow what was that what is a team been doing and you know the unfortunate answer to those things is like well they got absorbed and did something boring
00:17:22in this case this was a good answer this was absolutely they they kept doing awesome things with workflow and now it's part of the system in a really great seeming way i haven't tried it yet but it looks awesome and i think this is gonna be great i'm
00:17:35confused by siri the shortcuts thing because i can't tell how powerful it is or isn't like the demos i still don't quite understand that i kept thinking of your use case because it's the one we talked about in the show so much like you can have these little
00:17:48save siri's shortcut things in your app camped out so that you can make a short cut to that location to perform in action but if but does that mean if i wanted to tell syria to play an episode of a podcast that have to start an overcast and
00:18:01hit a button there and going toe i'm very confused so the fbi basically looks like i haven't seen this yet but it looks like i use the app developer can can tell the system what you're doing at any point and i can also like in like a u
00:18:15s activity as user activity there we go user activity and ah and this is min khun index those and then eyes after caliber can expose a vocabulary to the system so i could like i could maybe do things like expose a vocabulary of all of your playlist and
00:18:30subscribe podcast names with like the word play in front of them so i could have i gotta have you be able to tell siri play tp and well that was actually title of our show that would have you could have the vocabulary have too hard code that exception
00:18:43eyes play accidental tech podcast and then it it should then be able to launch my app with that as the trigger so that actually you know last week i was i was kind of asking for some kind of like generic like action verb object kind of system i
00:18:57think this gets us a lot of the way there this is if this works the way i hope and think it does this is a huge upgrade for sirikit and for the usability of aps with siri and in lots of ways that interact with like the serie watch
00:19:13phase and you know like the suggestion of the lock screen stuff like that I think this to me is the most exciting feature they announced today when they did that thing where it's like you know i'm heading home or whatever and did like a syriza twenty steps of
00:19:26like setting up the home get thing and turning on music and doing all that stuff that seems cool to me and i fear for the automated the people are into automation so much because this may be like a honey pot for them and they were just find themselves
00:19:39setting up these crazy automation is that but i also started thinking like a rube goldberg machine and there was once you initiate this action the boot knocks over the fish bowl in the cat chases the fishing again like this is siri's of things happen that you don't have
00:19:52any way to like pausa revoke certain sections of it or stop and it's just all gonna happen And so i fear that you make some kind of shortcut that does twenty seven steps and accidentally initiated and you're all house goes crazy That this's version loses version one i
00:20:06think we have used cautiously and if it works the way you described i think i'll provide a lot of extra functionality but we'll see what the the real enthusiasts let's say do with it I mean that that's the best thing is like this is exactly the kind of
00:20:17thing that nerds both love and probably shouldn't have way were going like you know like someone to come over the house check this out go to defcon three the thing the thing i want to know about it though and this is the one disadvantage of doing the show
00:20:34on the very first day is that it seemed like to your point it just it was just ten issues or activity but it didn't seem like there was too much extra specifically for siri involved and i don't know i haven't had a chance with the fbi so i
00:20:46might be getting dead wrong but it was in the state of the union I believe that they said hey look one one line of code where you just flip a bullying is true and you will be opted into syria looking at the things that your users do and
00:21:00it the way i read it was that it would look at you know oh i play a teepee all the time right Anyway i play it to be all the time while you play took podcast also you get my point or maybe in some other app you know
00:21:13i do the same operation over and over and over again and then it would it would see that this operation that has been opted into this serious shortcuts thing is something that you do a lot at the same time every day suggested spectacular something proactive whatever you think
00:21:28all just serious suggestions now but it was we're going call productive i mean so there is there's another fbi they said you can opt into that but then there's also the new syrian tents on expanding in that area So this is this One of those questions will have
00:21:39to actually answer next week but but it does look like it's a pretty good looking system i really underscored you implement this already Does that work wait an hour to have been made in the show He'll have like three aps that use the system already get by next
00:21:57week I expected in the app store No not really So then we talked a little bit about aps which by and large i didn't get that much that really revved my engine Except they are letting third party mapping applications usucar play which as a person who has a
00:22:13car play car that is imagining things this's one of those times that like the curmudgeon casey thinks so apple would never allow that because oh it's apple maps or nothing You know apple maps is perfect If you live in the bay area why wouldn't she want apple maps
00:22:30But but in reality that talk this's exactly talk and you just got to throw in a groovy here and there That's how california works right He's putting on a condom on it with tom cotton called not pandering to the crowd And this is the opposite of pandering to
00:22:44the grab most of them probably hard from but but but having having used car play a fair bid and erin's car i actually really really like it and it has been surprised at how much i like it but it is in fury ating if we ever try to
00:22:58use it for anything that's more than a very short trip that we can't use ways or google maps or something like that because especially ways carries advantages that i think no other mapping application really does and having apple allow third party aps third party mapping aps onto car
00:23:14play i think is a an unbelievable improvement and well and will dramatically change the usefulness of that entire feature my mind agreed it's one of those things like it seems like every year we get one or two things that we thought apple would never dio yeah this was
00:23:28one of those things like i never expected them to open up the like display of carplay to other navigation aps that seemed totally out of the question and they did it and got to give him credit for that is going to be awesome Yeah i'm really talked about
00:23:40that they talked about a lot with do not disturb unassociated technologies which seemed really good and i was really excited about it until they started showing you graphs about how it affected you are to your phone and this is something i don't want no because i'm going to
00:23:57be really embarrassed and upset about how much i used my phone and aaron is going to be so unbelievably vindicated it is not even funny So this is this is going to be a tough fall around the list household i am quite certain but as much as i
00:24:09joke i think the features are really great and it seemed like they were very well thought out there showing you useful data in what appeared to be useful ways and again i joke but i do think i have an unhealthy relationship my phone and i do want to
00:24:22get better about putting my phone away and not paying attention to it when i really shouldn't be and i think that in a lot of ways this is this is going to be a really great help for people like me who recognize that i got a problem but
00:24:34but i hope that this will enable me to solve them and things like having what did they call like a nap time out or an apple limit I forget the term wass yeah it was like the biggest idiot control at limits ok so i could only use twitter
00:24:45for like an hour a day or whatever the case may be I think that even that's too long it is but that's like one twenty fourth of how much time i spend on twitter today but be that as it may i think that this is i think it's
00:24:58going to be a really great feature and i and i hope that that when it comes out i pay attention to it nice stick with it a self employed self imposed security state sounds great but i can imagine kids watching this video going Oh no because what kind
00:25:11of kid wants this kind of graft and limits Like if they make that easy as it appears to be to be able to apply those limits or even to just get a readout on them kids they're going to hate my kids They're going to hate this I don't
00:25:23know what it was like it's like ninety nine percent youtube but maybe i'll be surprised Maybe they use the calculator sometimes i don't know you know like that the whole angle of this two of like of working it and not only adds like a self productivity slash time
00:25:37management tool but also working into parental controls and tow had to have parents able to like set limits and everything this is this is an area of features that especially amazon to pretty well with with their tablets for awhile and apple was kind of getting rich over the
00:25:49coals for not doing the same thing but we did it now and it looks Pretty awesome looks pretty full featured so you know it's another example of apple kind of coming lead to something but then doing a really good job of it it seems so i hope it
00:25:58works out and it's it looks like a pretty rich feature set s o it looks pretty good and people just beat them We talked about their digital wellbeing thing that google did this is the case where it's like they they got toe do it and say it all
00:26:10first and apple had to come after and say we're also doing that apple's take was a little bit different but you know it's still configuring your devices to stop you from using them which apparently is very popular so apple smart to do it It was also nice to
00:26:21have apple's focused more on tap and like how you spend time in your phone not necessarily like you should spend less time on this device that we make all of our money from but you should maybe know how you're spending that time they have a how often you
00:26:34pick up your phone like regardless what happened was how many times you sleep and wake your phone like how much you taking your phone out of your pocket And i feel like that was sort of the overall things like not just about the absence about don't be on
00:26:44your phone yeah i thought was really good another thing that was related to that i think are around the same time in the kino was we started talking about notifications and one thing that we've all been asking for and they kind of just flashed on screen and then
00:26:56didn't really make much of it but i really am interested in is i think they called it tuning notification incident tuning there you go so i don't want to see these notifications anymore and right in the in the context of the notification itself you khun just blue blue
00:27:09and say don't ever bother me about this again or well i don't i didn't get it i didn't get a good look at what the other one was like don't make noises for this thing and one was don't show this and honestly i'm surprised it took them so
00:27:19long to this feature because how many of us you see a notification but you can't be like oh i have to go into settings and finally that app is and scroll scroll scroll and find it and turn off notifications right there is when you want to take action
00:27:30against it although they did say press into does that mean it's like express I wrote that they so craig said a couple of times he said press in instead of saying three d touch maybe they finally figure out three times a terrible name but it is three d
00:27:43touch like nobody's going to know that future exists that's true so that like you're going to tell everyone in your family if you see a notification don't like press really hard in your phones were not that hard just a little bit on Then dismissed that thing and the
00:27:55bill i go that's great And then the next question will be why does that will do that Why do you have to press hard I don't know because recently you know there's no room for a button there's no room for anything i don't know that looks really good
00:28:06though and that's one of those things that i only got a glance doing the key note but i'm really looking forward to seeing more about that and i think it's it's it's not it's not that clever inherently but i think it's it's well done and it's and it's
00:28:18the right way to handle that problem Additionally there grouping notifications now because on the as i've gotten slightly better about not using my phone constantly i will occasionally come to back to my phone to three thousand notifications and i actually have tuned a lot of my notifications already
00:28:33too to go away and i'll still have what seriously well sounds good but i guess we got a long way to go but but i will still come back to just a mountain of notifications and it's just where do i go from here like this is not helpful
00:28:46or useful how do i even know what's the most important I think on this list because of the group by ap does that help you potentially because at least i can scan and see ok which of these aps is the most important which i will inevitably conclude twitter
00:28:58but it really is probably i message or something like that but nevertheless i think that was really good and the other there was something else like deliver quietly i thought was really cool i think john you may think that it would go straight to notification center and not
00:29:12show up as like a loud but shuffle the deck chairs and this titanic but it's like like the thing where i don't want to i don't want you know my phone wakes me up in the middle of the night and i want to see all the notifications around
00:29:24you know right So hide them all until the morning they're still there they're still going to be there we have a button when you want to see them i guess like i don't know i don't know if this is this is appealing to people but like the notification
00:29:36is still going to be there in the morning I don't want to be bombarded with them in the morning I don't know i don't have a good read on you people's relationships with their i think they look at you could compare it a lot to our assess readers
00:29:47where you know people A lot of times people go through this cycle with our sex readers where they would start using our security start clean as it was two over long before they start clean and they would describe you like fifty high traffic feeds and then two days
00:29:59later they would have ten thousand on red items and they would say are ss readers are too hard to manage I'm overwhelmed right The actual solution of that is use him self control with the feeds you subscribe to but that didn't actually like that wasn't a good enough
00:30:13solution for a lot of people a lot of people like but what i want all of this sometimes but not of the times and you ap magically figure it out So notifications i think a similar thing where people want a lot of notifications like most people are not
00:30:26like me most people don't come down to the bone most people get too many notifications but what they want to do about that is not to turn off an entire absent of occasions what they want is for there to somehow be a more manageable set up to this
00:30:40and so you know i have a hard time understanding because that's not how are you feeling the same way i never had a problem with our asses reader overload but that's not everybody most people have this problem of notification overload and don't deal with it like the you
00:30:52know the quote correct way so the system has to accommodate that comment the way people actually use their phones has made a new form of anxiety though now when you wake up in the middle and i look at your phone and you don't see any notifications you're wondering
00:31:03out i wonder how the notifications aaron then i just got a text from my mother saying somebody died what's going on like that something you worry about every single night now i know where you better know what i'm saying is if you're if you're waking up you're like
00:31:15oh i seize notifications i now have to sit up in text people too i am aren't you also wondering what you're not saying I don't know i don't know that for me so having a an infant at home there are times when i pick up my phone at
00:31:28like three in the morning and just want to know what time it is and inevitably because i have no self control i'll ceo mike has already been up for three hours and he sent me like thirteen messages about something important and so i might as well answer them
00:31:42And so then the next thing i know it's like five in the morning and i've been up for two hours and i'm going and i blame it on mike but really the reality the situation is it's all my fault but it isn't that you have like the baby
00:31:51monitor notification to like you'd want those to go through i think we still need more flexibility had just grouping by app it's it's an improvement is a step in the right direction but i think this is still a lot more that could be done in terms of prioritizing
00:32:00notifications and setting up rules and help suitable work flow where we didn't even get that like it's called a short mention there was also a do not disturb enhancements It didn't seem like there was a lot of enhancement to it but there was some and some you know
00:32:13for section incredibly basic system that we had before some enhancement is nice like ever since yeah like like it was like you know it would read your counter and so one of the options you would get when he turned it on is do not disturb until the end
00:32:26of this calendar event or after until this evening or for one hour or for like if you leave a geo fence area those those air all clever things i wish the system was still a little bit more under your control and a lot more powerful but those are
00:32:39all welcome like it's better than nothing yeah i thought it was really good and then there were clever examples like i think they said the kino you know snooze until you lee are do not disturb until you leave the movie theater which i thought was a great example
00:32:51because presumably you don't want to be that person who is getting all sorts of messages and whatnot in the midst of a movie and the phone should be intelligent enough to know you're at a friggin movie theater so when you leave the movie theater that might be an
00:33:03appropriate time to start letting you see these notifications is kind of like self driving cars where this uncomfortable weird middle period where it can't do everything for you like you can people don't have the expectation that i will have my phone i won't touch it and when i
00:33:17wander into a movie theater will go to do not disturb little silence itself woman i leave it'll turn back on it'll hide things you know it'll do everything form because it knows we're not there people don't expect that but we have these features that are close to that
00:33:27it will suggest if you use this feature it makes it easy to do that but you still have to initiate it so i wonder how long it will be before phones get smart enough to be like you said where they do all that stuff for you but right
00:33:38now we're like we was had to nudge it like do the thing i'm in the movie to the movie thing maybe i could set up a short cut day i'm leaving the movie like you like this these different points where the phone is asking you to do something
00:33:48it won't do it unprompted but it wants you to like sort of lead it by the nose but it's the things that will do or more sophisticated the other thing about this that i thought was that it was another instance of force press two or three d touch
00:33:59pushing president impressing we're not pushing pushing his aggressive pressing is nice are you sure can i press you marco no but anyone but that's another example of where i thinkit's semyon discoverable and and i'm a little worried about that but all in all i am two thumbs up
00:34:15on these improvements and i think they looked really good weii response this week by aftershocks and the wait lists wireless treks air bone conduction headphones i have these right here in my hand you can see how in credibly tiny these are they weighed nothing here others having nobody
00:34:30can see the markets a broadcast it is podcast but just nine hundred people can see them but they're super tiny i have a pair as well and they are great they're super great to run with especially to listen to podcasts maybe even pair them with your apple watch
00:34:43which we'll talk about later yes we will say yes to the aftershocks phone connection headphones these things are great so the way these work is they basically sit on your here you can actually i will i will model ladies and jackie's a bottle so you so he's actually
00:34:55sit in front of your ear rather than in your ear And so what this means is a man you look good news that's what decides to leave him on for the rest of shows you get a good look So what this means basically is there's nothing blocking your
00:35:09ear so you don't get all sweaty in the summertime when you're exercising and also you can hear the world around you while you also hear the podcast or the phone call that you're listening to inside the tracks air and so it it ends up being really useful for
00:35:24situations like if you're running outside or if you do the stuff around the house where you also want to hear what's going on in the world around you you need to hear ambient noise if you're outside you want to hear like if there's a car coming or something
00:35:35like that are in your house you want here if someone knocks on the door or something like that so the aftershocks are wonderful for that and it's just they're so small and so lightweight you barely even feel them this is less that this is this is one point
00:35:47o six ounces for this and everything else about it is great too the battery life is great the bluetooth reception is great of course is wireless the blue stuff is great they have a two year warranty you know it's everything you want out of a bluetooth headphone especially
00:36:00great for talk content that's what i really use mine for you know they're a little small for music but for talk content they are awesome because you could just hear everything around you as you're doing what you need to do and it's just so nice in the summer
00:36:10time as i said it you know they don't make you sweaty they're waterproof so you know you don't worry if you're sweating all over them and for working out if you get caught in the rain or the like that there was wonderful so you can check out the
00:36:20aftershocks new weightless wireless treks air bone conduction headphones they retail for one hundred eighty bucks and you can snag a pair for thirty dollars off by visiting a teepee dot aftershocks that's with a z dot com and using code eighty p thirty that's once again a teepee dot
00:36:37aftershocks dot com and code eighty p thirty to save thirty bucks off the wait list wireless treks air bone conducting headphones thank you so much aftershocks for let me hear my podcast all summer long as i walk outside and i can hear everything around me and i don't
00:36:52get all sweaty and also for supporting this show All right So we're almost through iowa We have to solve communication I am happy to report that your tone now exists for your an emoji which is extremely good news I'm very excited about that I love that deadpan delivery
00:37:12to federica did with this feature and the next one was the memo Gee i believe like his his deadpan of like we have a new feature tung detection You can now detect your tongue because anyone know if it's like this levels there was a binary tongue out her
00:37:28tongue in this is what i need to know i thought it was i thought it was i believe it was analog you could say but i actually see their computers yeah fine fine but know that it's all kidding aside i think that looks good and certainly you know
00:37:42the handful of times that like declan has played with my phone and with an emoji he tries to stick his tongue out He has confused why doesn't work and i think it adds a little bit to it but they added a few new animals let me see if
00:37:53i could read my chicken scratch the ghost the kuala the tiger and the t rex which was good and they did memo ji which was one of those moments where i was conflicted and trying to figure out do i hate this or do i think this is amazing
00:38:08And the conclusion i came to is this is probably going to be amazing and the reason tonight for good reason the reason captain karajan why i think this is going to be good is because they seem super configurable Now let me tell you if you happen to be
00:38:26friends with john syracuse and create yourself amy on a nintendo platform you better bring your a game or you will four years here about how your me looks just making me of the person they want to be so it doesn't look like them like you know everyone goes
00:38:43to the thing and it's like that their hair is a different is like darker than in your is and he goes like the like the weight slider and they make themselves how they used to be twenty years ago on that on their face has some characteristic about it
00:38:55but they don't put that characteristic campus there was hated their chins so they make a really tiny chin it doesn't look like them it looks like just a random person I think if someone comes over your house and sees your little mieze lined up they should be able
00:39:05to say who everybody is in the family they shouldn't say generic mail boy i'm gonna go home and update might intend to me to have a chip in i'm out of here casey didn't make you want to you know maybe one we need to think it means a
00:39:18relevant that was intended this first with the we you could make little avatars of yourself It was actually fairly limited configurable ity of people who've got creative with it and the xbox did at microsoft did it What do they call him xbox and remember avatars all right and
00:39:31the xbox ones or less cartoony than the nintendo ones like they looked more like these may emoji and that's where i think we're in this weird kind of uncanny valley where they start to look like like pixar people from from toy story but they didn't quite i know
00:39:44how to do people yet a little bit like like a little like you know like dolls are scary right But it's kind of scary doll people the means were so clearly cartoony and so simplified when you start making them look more photo realist especially when you put them
00:39:58on the head of people it's kind of like it's kind of like that horse head mask right I don't i'm a little bit creeped out by it I don't like them to be that photo realistic I wish they were more like the one's on nintendo platforms and less
00:40:11like the xbox ones and they wonder how many people are going to make one for themselves cause honestly anybody in your life if they made one of these and they tried to video conference the with the thing on them wouldn't the first thing to say was get that
00:40:21stupid thing off your head like you don't want to see it's not cute First of all i think it is cute but i think they i think they struck a pretty good balance of cartoony but also being expressive like having having a wide range of expression and it
00:40:34kind of fits the style of their emoji which so you basically can make your own Emoji face in apple style i think i think we're with that but like tim cook's faces long right And so when tim cook was there you could tell they wanted it to be
00:40:46him because of the glasses in the gray hair but didn't look like tim cook is tim cook's faces long but there was like a round little emoji head so it looked like tim cook wearing like a scary doll ahead I think part of that was like you could
00:40:59even candidly they're so leave me there at their system was so they don't get the references and persons i don't know you don't even hear you anyway like i feel like the emoji system looked so impressive at how expressive it could be that you could even see how
00:41:14uncomfortable tim you could see him really at a point saying wet on the side of this are really forcing that smile You could just tell like i can't wait for this to be over like you could just feel like that is not tim cook's game at all Did
00:41:26you think it uses that A lot of work You know the struggle i have with this is sitting here now Truly i'm really enthusiastic about this i think this could be really fun but i think that i have two problems number one i'll never be able to use
00:41:38those useless with john because he'll criticize all my memo gee you don't use a separate anyway you don't face time in any way would you like me to no we can start doing this podcast with group face time which is now a thing a yeah that's true well
00:41:49hold on we'll give me making youtube version that's all three of our men emojis oh my god let's do it way finally cracked youtube you guys that just happened sure no one else will have this idea now not not a single person but i'm sitting here now i'm
00:42:09really enthusiastic about it that you could be really fun especially all kidding aside like if i can dial in my memo ji in a way that looks representative of me i think it could be really fun but that being said i thought animal geez we're going to be
00:42:19really fun and i used him for a week and never looked back so i'm not convinced that this is really going to move the needle on an emoji use but sitting here now i am enthusiastic about it it does look like you could be a lot of fun
00:42:31all right so group face time that is something i think we all kind of expected to be around now it is notable hangouts right Yeah hey that's exactly what it is actually it's apple meat now isn't it something like that That sounds really weird anyway but there's a
00:42:47space there's great face time now and i would ever sitting around me was like ok yeah that's cool to be like three or four people that's great thirty two people so how is that manageable like that's great i'm excited without but how is that manageable We don't know
00:43:00that it is welfare but it did look really cool it had that apple like visual flair which i'm not sure if that's the appropriate time for visual flair like there was a lot of dead space there it looked aesthetically meat but i'm not sure that that is the
00:43:13most appropriate or useful way to represent a whole bunch of talking heads but nevertheless all told i really interested in this i think it's really cool it would be nice because i have two younger brothers both of whom live in different parts of california my parents live you
00:43:26know forty five minutes away from me it would be cool to have like ah family get together which i'm sure will never actually happen but to hypothetically in my fantasy world they it seems like it would be need to be able to do that you know what Maybe
00:43:36once a day month we could all get on you know group face time and just kind of hang out for a few months where the only person in the world who wants to create more family get together you could you could tell which squares or your parents cause
00:43:47it's like facing the table I feel like i can only see the top of your head Mom look down I think it's really cool the way the way it's integrated into messaging groups Also like if you have an eye message group you can just go into a facetime
00:44:00thing whatever that's a really will feature i'm still waiting for parity with i chat because and i chad correct me if i'm wrong used to build it like share a document and often if i'm on a face time it's like oh he took this cute picture of you
00:44:10know the dog or your grandchild take a look at it i want to serve up the picture as well It seems like it would be an easy thing to do but instead we end up like pointing the phone it like a computer screen to show them the picture
00:44:20so we're getting there but i also give me kind of a little bit of ptsd flashbacks about like a massive video conferences at work You know because they have we have those cameras with like whoever's talking it'll focus on them there's a couple of cameras that will do
00:44:31is it'll explode it they'll take the screens put it up and as the person talks they're square will get bigger it's to your point it's more space efficient than what they did but yeah this looks like i'm glad they do multi person the first person to do a
00:44:42thirty two person thing I've probably put it up on youtube speaking of but it just seems like too much I actually i don't think the demo was really cool in one of the things that a meta level that i thought was interesting is like what was that demo
00:44:54prepped like that must have been really really interesting and and you know it seemed like everything behind them was at least mildly staged of course and you have to have i mean they looked like they were fifteen twenty and engineers on the call and from what i gathered
00:45:06that is little that is legitimately the face time team that that wasn't mock ups that wasn't actors or actresses that was the face time team and just the administrator of getting that that demo don just seemed like it would be an immense amount of work but it went
00:45:20off maybe kid played really well i thought it was really awesome make the construction crew be the first to walk over the bridge they built it's that kind of thing Yeah exactly good motivation thanks to anything else anything else in iowa So i think we're good right wear
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00:46:42millions of listeners thanks very much toe audible for sponsoring our show let's wake up the pace so keep us with a lot of time that's true competitions or things so if you're at wnbc i don't assume this is either similar or or vaguely related maybe not but if
00:47:07you want to be to be d c and you're an attendee there's actually an app written by lose it that where you khun form a group of four p up to four people and based on how much you complete your rings during the day or during the week
00:47:19you can you accumulate points and eventually you can get to the point that you can win some sort of free swag at the end of the week dubbed up this sounded at a glance very similar but it also seemed like more personal like i could challenge you since
00:47:30you never wear your watch to some sort of competition which i will obviously wait surprise irwin exactly but in principle i like it i think it's a good idea i'm just gonna keep cruising and somebody interrupt me workouts start stop automatically or some semi this's kind of thing
00:47:45nudging you it doesn't start automatically but it but it suggests you you know it looks like you're writing a letter no it says it looks like it looks like it started where i got that reference to good Thank you It looks like you started to work out and
00:47:58then when you if you say yes in retro actually counts all the parts for you but it won't actually started and who's still talking to somebody with scott mcnulty who was saying he uses fitbit because it doesn't ask him anything it just starts to work out when he
00:48:10exercised so he doesn't think about it So the apple i just still not at that point it still wants you to nudge it and say yes which is good for like not accidentally starting workouts but bed i mean so you do the whole work out and it automatically
00:48:21stops that Does that notification go away You know good credit I find it still this uneasy middle ground between complete automation and needing you to give it the go ahead to say that you're gonna work out which i feel like it should know So the next thing they
00:48:34talked about was walkie talkie When so now we can all be dick tracy which is super exciting Like legitimately we can all be dick tracy and that as as a kid to enjoy the movies and i never read the comics but after the movie anyway i think that's
00:48:47amazing that we can we can have this walkie talkie on our risk that being said i grew up in the in the northeast during the time that nextel phones were thing Do you remember this such talk Oh it was the worst and you would be in the grocery
00:48:59store Hey did you want bananas Because no i wanted apples because it was just it was like a billion decibels and it was terrible if you don't remember this consider yourself very lucky because you're probably young and b you don't have to deal with it but it was
00:49:14the worst so i'm very curious to see if if anyone ever uses this feature for any reason but i am full so i am in full support of it being a thing I just can't imagine a time that i would use it Yeah i think it's going to
00:49:27be this is like a much better solution to watch to watch quick communication the digital touch and everything I think this is a good it's a good move I don't know what what kind of adoption will get but it looks pretty good to me The only thing is
00:49:39like when when the message comes in to your watches your watches start making noise or do you have like accept it and to play it I don't know yeah that something is pre announces with the buzz and a beat but i don't know i guess you know if
00:49:50you need to like and do something to allow it to happen like if you if you know your friends are like out somewhere like sensitive and you could just make their watch start talking thirty fund this probably some kind of like you know taps you and you have
00:50:01to tap to play it It doesn't replace your walkie talkies though sadly because they said wifi and cellular so have you again with you with you without signal it's not like the watchers or radio to radio communicating with each other you need internet access it as far as
00:50:12i could tell from the kino you totally do and you know like i got like a thousand tweets when that was announced saying that they were like my walkie talkies were no longer necessary but trust me they are moving along serious serious short cuts are in the syria
00:50:24watch face which is exciting one of the things i was really looking forward to his enhancements in siri's watch face this isn't quite as much as i wanted but it's certainly a step in the right direction this to me this is a really good thing because what we're
00:50:35seeing with the watch you know and we'll get to some of the audio stuff in a second but like what I think what we've all seen as developers is that it's hard to maintain a watch us app that's a really compelling good experience for most aps for most
00:50:48after seem better served just using notifications as your you are that happens to also show on the watch so the combination of notifications getting better and getting more interactive as well as having the new syria shortcuts at being like third party capable to show up in the syria
00:51:04face and everything and the syria watch face itself which it kind of came after my time of using the watch But you know a lot of our friends love it like it seems like the syria watch faces very popular and it kind of seems like the entire model
00:51:17of having like regular watch aps like their party watch aps and even complication Everything seems like that is on the way out or being strongly de emphasize now that we've learned we know both we as developers and apple and users have learned like what is the watch really
00:51:32better at like how what's the best way to use this device it does seem like we're moving away from aps more and more and more towards smart suggesting things as part of syria face and mohr interactive notifications and i think it's a bad thing i don't know when
00:51:46i when i saw this they spent so much time though okay we have intense the syria watch face and then they should feature after future after feature all of which on lee worked as far as i could tell in the syria watch face which but it's like is
00:51:58that a watch face Or is that just how the whole watch should work now Because what if they don't want to use the syria watch face a lot of people i know you haven't up watching don't use this area watch race they can't get any of these features
00:52:07is my understanding from the demo all those features might as well not exist but a lot of them are useful features so it's like ok if you want your wife to be really useful the trick is that the technology will tell you is you have to use this
00:52:17area watch race and the like but i want to see a picture of my kid i don't want to use the syria watch race so i think they have to figure out is this how the watch works or is this just how one watch face works or you
00:52:26know make third party watch faces and let them all integrate the same way that syria watch face does Oh yeah right no i mean i think i think this is the answer to why there aren't third party watch faces and also why apple hasn't really added a lot
00:52:37of their own watch face i think what they're what they're probably seeing the same thing that our friends use the syria watch face receding which is this is actually better this actually is the watch os really This is the this is the like one default interface to the
00:52:51watch the idea of watch faces is probably on the way out too but i think most people use this area watch face i see apple watches all the time they do not use the syria watch race but the question is like if the syria watch face was the
00:53:01default what do you know what people look for syria What the watch changes they pick the ones they like how they look the syria watchers doesn't look good in the in the screen where you swipe through the things they like this one there like that when they don't
00:53:13know all the functionality that would be exposed to that maybe they'll default if they default it then that's how they'll win we'll see but i mean it's a it's a good sign no matter how you slice it moving right along web content in like text messages and things
00:53:26like that you can get basic web content in there which i'm really excited about so if somebody sends you a tweet or you know linked tio menu they i think they even said that they would be able to display good luck with that and the flat flash website
00:53:36you can see that far anymore because they replicated that strip well maybe that's why kevin lynch is on the watch it'll show flash there but they said they would use reinterview if such a thing was possible too i thought was great we could probably go on for three
00:53:48hours about this but we'll hopefully keep a pretty short but podcasts is a thing on the watch in a first party sense which is great and additionally there's a piece about a roller coaster emotions by the yeah i can imagine you had a stressful couple of minutes there
00:54:01but also there's a third party a p i for playing background audio which from what i understood from underscore when we were chatting over launched it's a pretty robust a p i and i didn't get a chance to look at the ins and outs of it i don't
00:54:13know if you have marco but it seemed like you can now do a legitimate overcast on the watch which i for one am really excited for yeah this i haven't actually tried it yet but i did look at the fbi's and they look pretty good It looks like
00:54:28apple like looked at my block closed of why i can't make a watch up and did every single thing on it that's awesome I really really hope it works out well theo down i'm going to do something but this is this isn't a very good way because i
00:54:41wanted to bring that future back ever since i killed it i get e mails every single day about it and it like it's so it's such an obvious feature that my app desperately needs Not only that but we also now have volume control widgets on the watch that
00:54:54we can embed thank goodness like to talk about a finally like literally about half of the people who have my happy who have my app and have a watch period of their phone I don't have the app installed because if you haven't installed it's actually a worst experience
00:55:10for controlling your phones audio then if you don't even have installed a role because it doesn't have volume control and now now it appears going haven't tried this yet but it appears that i could do that that that is that's almost as big of a deal as the
00:55:22standalone podcast playback yeah i'm really excited that we give a brief shout out to that woman who did a presentation Well exercising oh god yes that was thank you could not have paid me enough to do that She handled it like a public speaking on hard mode like
00:55:40way want to be out of breath and i was so like it was so tense because it should get more out of breath and she increased attention like don't really increase attention Just pretend you're doing it way won't know Yeah that was that was pretty amazing I'm not
00:55:53sure i would go to the demo it made but it was good theater very much once and we should take a moment to note that by my count there was tim There was kevin lynch there's craig there was the gentleman from adobe and there were the lego two
00:56:07or three people which is a lot of dudes for sure but every other apple person i was brought on stage i think literally every other one was a woman and in some cases not a white person which is tremendous and we've been banging this drum for a long
00:56:21time and and i was really happy to see that there was definite progress in that department it's not perfect and i got a a handful of angry tweets and reply to me you know congratulating apple on this about it will you didn't they didn't have this they did
00:56:32have that ok yes i understand that but this is a great step and it is a lot better than it was a couple of years ago when i started to be aware of it and started to pay a lot more attention to it So i'm really pleased with
00:56:43apple that that the diversity is on stage is looking is looking way out now that was great yeah we can do that way also had a apple tv update that contains nothing for developers yeah it's apple tv still thing moving on is that this is something we're like
00:57:02you know like our friend john gruber likes to sometimes say that like you know you look you look at other companies key notes that are often too long or too bloated and you can kind of see like the organ chart in the end like look it's in the
00:57:12keynote like every department has to have their say and has to have their keynote time this kind of felt like that this kind of felt like we have to say something about tv os but there it was entirely about like new consumer level features and features that are
00:57:26built into their own media players stuff like there was nothing for developers and there was another one of those releases where they are features that rely entirely on how much adoption they get from big third parties Yeah so like great another integrate with all your cable as long
00:57:39as you have charter cable comcast verizon we don't know who those people are zero sign on we'll figure out what network here on and not have you sign on if you're on charter people like like but they said that they announced thing will sign on before and nothing
00:57:54happened because none of us have those providers so we're all still typing in those three letter code they did say fifty percent year over year growth an apple tv which i think was good and they did tell the things they have to tell which is like a tv
00:58:04We support all these standards to be new dhobi vision and now we have at most like that's all good thumbs up but they still they still face headwinds as thin would say in the market in terms of like they want to make the experience easier But comcast and
00:58:16verizon do not want them to make the experience easier and they are at an impasse so i wish them luck but i'm glad they're adding the tech features to the apple tv even if they're not able to integrate and make these experiences he's going to think they could
00:58:29fix the remote in time they want though no one stopping him they even telling you could use cable company remotes like oh how far we've fallen where people are applauding for the ability to use the comcast remote with their apple tv which by the way you can do
00:58:43now and it has always learn you can learn with your ira around but there's no track bed on this but now it's said you can also now trigger siri from thirty minutes which is something you couldn't but i don't know what the microphone you were talking to like
00:58:53that comcast some of the comcast likes to have our other cable companies do have microbes or maybe maybe they're opening up like maybe maybe like at the fall event will see a new remote from logitech that is like an alternate tv for make that includes the microphone and
00:59:05everything in town parties make the controllers let third parties to make their remote exactly that's like honestly that's not a bad solution it's not a great solution but it's better than what we have now when you're with your next match will get you ready i was going to
00:59:17say you have the biologic mouse and microsoft anymore you have anyone you use the apple mass much anyway i hope i wanted to make better peripherals so speaking of the mac yeah so how do we pronounce this John You were trying to explain this to us early already
00:59:29forgotten about in some random person on twitter said mojave people say long all right we'll do that then what did you see that The closed caption person spoiled the name apparently in the caption stream they hit the wrong button or something early on and if you were watching
00:59:46the closed captions you learn the name of the new mac os before they announced that but that was in english not chinese or whatever All right so we're going to try to speed run this and i'm gonna make it probably for four since before we get started I
00:59:59don't even think i was going I just want to say how they framed it like first of all he came out and said we love the mac which is a you know death protest Too much thing You know that is the incorrect interpretation of that phrase from shakespeare
01:00:15looking up But everybody everybody knows what i mean Everyone knows the reverse one and he said this is it really is that shock full of new features So it was like the first two sentences they said this is not zero new features is not a rebuilding year they
01:00:28tried to pitch in says chock full of new features and there were new features but i'm not going to say it was chock full i don't all right anyone go ahead so in the other thing they said thank you for that thing they said was it's inspired by
01:00:41pro users and designed for everyone so that was a great line i not i haven't decided how much they achieved that but i thought was a great line so dark mode is what we all knew was coming dynamic desktop which has things like desktop stacks which i thought
01:00:53was a very cool and clever implementation that again is a great example of apple doing apple things in a great happily wail this fax thing i was trying i was racking my brain to figure out where i had seen that before i was like they was that unlike
01:01:05mac os eight when it was copeland did they implement that and like a beta mac os ten i couldn't recall eventually figured out it was god's is a terrible name but it was the pile metaphor you have piles and this was the stomach i think what some apples
01:01:19advanced technology group in nineteen ninety two the same thing like it was like a paper on how you khun how you gonna pile things and how it's a reasonable way of organizing stuff and so now finally they've shipped this this idea they have had forever i'm i'm unconvinced
01:01:32of how good this is because you know you have a message that stopping on the ogle sort into piles and you can scrub over them but i think if you did that to someone's messing desktop they'd be like where's all my stuff would it all go it's like
01:01:44oh don't worry all your images are in the image piles like no but i hadn't arranged and lower left was these things like i feel like they don't recognize and i've said a million times the reason people use the desktop is it's the one place on their computer
01:01:56that they can always find and specially arranged thing and it's not arranged well just like people's houses and desks aren't arranged well but it's the one place they know where to find and it does not move in if you put a night on the lower left in a
01:02:07big clump of icons they're always in the lower left so i guess i could say you're going to run this experiment find some over the message desktop show them the piles feature and watching the horror on their basement but all they're icons get started piles like they're better
01:02:20being undue for that so i think it's an interesting feature anything people can use it but they're like oh you consort by tag doesn't just have to be by kind like if you were the type person who tags your images your files your best Best That doesn't look
01:02:33like that euro that's a meticulously arrange though i'm i'm not sure piles or stacks or whatever the hell they're going them is that is the greatest feature but hey at least they're doing something to the finder right It's better than nothing So then they have gallery view so
01:02:49i guess All right cover flow i guess what's going on isn't it This is like this is the triumphant return of non three d cover flo something like that but i did look good you know you had a side bar where you could get a whole bunch of
01:02:58meta data about pictures for example you could plug in autumn interactions on the side looks really nice that's a big thing that like that like quick action thing on this in that little sidebar that's new now that i think is going to be really useful long term because
01:03:10so isn't just automate Er action by the way shout out to automate err on state who's expecting that of anyway so s so it's autumn interactions or you can put in like shell script or apple scripts as those actions to and then absecon i think also exposed their
01:03:26own actions for relevant file types Everything that sounds great I like as a back Very short cuts right Oh no i forgot Not on the mac Like as a user that sounds like it's Probably going to be a really useful feature Just data usage of the mac Yeah
01:03:39definitely quick look seems like it's gotten a lot of the kind of brains of preview which is very excellent I think that looks really good It's a little it's a little weird That quick look has now become an editor there but it's like the marketplace all you know
01:03:53the iowa stuff we'll get to the screen shot stuff in a second but you quick look and now you've got the little markup icon and you can scribble on it and save it It's it's going to be and you can do lots of stuff without going into a
01:04:02nap It's like open doc resurrected in this weird way where the's little views have have all these little tools that now spring around them and different share actions and stuff But what happens if you like make some edits that you don't like necessarily I guess you don't save
01:04:14it but like what if you like click away to a different window and that one who disappears that's a quick look window like do those just get saved without you I don't know it's it's kind of odd Yeah i mean it looks neat in principle but i agree
01:04:25that it's also odd continuity camera you skipped over screenshots thing market every feature Oh my scratch again a screenshot editor coming to iowa's lever from i was living basically like that kind of feature coming the mac or you take a screenshot and kind of show little overlay of
01:04:39it and you pick it up right there and sorry editing and everything plus the additional enhancements to screenshot capture to make it easier to capture screenshots and recordings Everybody's you don't use quicktime player Yeah like that all that stuff this is again this is more stuff that i
01:04:54think we will actually really use this as mac power users I think we will trademark I think we really will use these features all the time because it just like things that enhance dated in front of the mac this this is one of the reasons why i'm actually
01:05:06very happy with the overall amount of things that we got today because for the mac in particular it really does seem like tim statement about like he said it's chock full of features inspired by preachers but designed for everyone that's what the mac always has been like the
01:05:21mac has always been you know a thing that was very powerful if you were a pro user or a power user you could really get very powerful with it but it was also like it was a progressive power like new users could get a good look at it
01:05:34and know how to use it these kinds of features we really haven't seen these added to the mac in a while like during during like the you know uncertain times in the last few years where it seemed like the mac might be really abandoned we really haven't seen
01:05:49anything like this get added in any meaningful numbers and tow have all this stuff in this release i think tim statement is actually correct i think this actually is new features may be chock full i'll leave that up to you and shocking barry to decide no but he's
01:06:02really are i think useful everyday features that like they're not going to like you know create a whole new article on nine to five mac about them necessarily like they're not like you know totally like headline grabbing things but i think these things that they're really going to
01:06:15be very useful to us every day all day as we use our mac to do things Yeah i think one of the best examples is that like the screenshot functionality most of the functionality for screen shots not the screen capture but the screen shots has been there but
01:06:26only if you know like oh command ship is a screen convention for but they had space for a switch from window to crime Nobody knows that except for like nerds right And now they just said a simple thing put it overlay on the screen with little buttons They
01:06:36still might not know what they mean but it gives you a fighting chance There's no way you're going to discover like command ship for space bar You will not You will not discover that but if you see an overlay you'll try all four buttons and eventually you'll get
01:06:47it so that's that's not just if they could have done years and years ago and they just got around to it so hopefully continuing my not so effective speed run Oh before we move on this's legit I'm not trying to this year screen recording right So the integrated
01:07:03screen recording and when i saw the screen recording feature they used to be in quick time player like you could record the screen or regions of forever now it's integrated in the screen shot like i think was that last year converting the windows server to medal this is
01:07:14what you get out of it you convert the one to serve in the metal and now you can integrate screen capture presumably in a more efficient way without having a nap because it's all building maybe i'm wrong about that but it just that's what i thought about like
01:07:24that redoing infrastructure and causing colonel parent panics on steve travels this machine constantly to rewrite the whole winter summer and metal because you know you're going to deprecate over ngo gives you stuff like now i can do system wide screen capture is like just the thing is part
01:07:38of the screen shot tool con ud camera and i didn't get why that was so excited that crappy cameras in the mac books and if you have much better camera on your phones if you want to scan a document yeah like the camera on the top of the
01:07:50math book hasn't changed it's like two thousand five hold your could hold your paper up to it but i won't be able to see in it you know i think it is a little bit questioning like bacon remotely unable to camera is that a creepy thing or a
01:08:01security problem But i think that will be another one of these just like every day useful features like so often i want to take a picture of something in my you know in my room or something to show someone like in slack or something you know there's lots
01:08:14of other uses for this and i take the picture on the phone and because photos sink is too slow i will air drop it to myself between my phone online or even you put it in dropbox and we do appear on dropbox in your bag that's all sort
01:08:25of yeah like that it's just this is yet another thing that we're going to save time again a solid feature probably if it works well then they showed us news stocks voice memos and the home app and it was funny i was probably not the only well myself
01:08:41and i was sitting next chris harris on the other side in the keynote and then the two of us kind of looked at each other at the same moment and i'm sure we weren't the only ones but we realized this kind of looks like a cross plot form
01:08:51abs like there dogs like like like the one to be that made the portal these iowa's that back exactly what it looked like exactly like the ipad they were iowa's absolute title bar yeah exactly so at this point i'm starting to scratch my head and think there may
01:09:07be something here after all but anyway i really don't have any particular care for any of these aps but i'm glad that they're on the mac then they talked about security and privacy I didn't write any sub notes for that so i don't even know what they said
01:09:19but it was i'm glad to see that security privacy is still priority It surprised me that like when they were going through that here's all the things you get notified for like can i have access to your location your conduct or whatever And i was like what are
01:09:29they going to add to it And i thought all they're going to add camera but i'm like but no don't they have to ask permission of the camera already Apparently not How many people have asked before Do you think that matt caps have to have permission to use
01:09:39your camera Everyone who said yes but no so they're friendly adding tamar and mike to the permissions which is nice we'll get you skipped over monday stuff too quickly I want to go back tio open jail and open c l deprecate id not a surprise really open clr
01:09:52maybe is a little bit of surprise And maybe if you ask us here in the federal people say it is not a surprise um so it's all metal right so everything got to provides everything no more open jail they haven't updated in years anyway it's a third party
01:10:05opportunity i think that opened yellow group has like a third party open jail for the mac but that's kind of a shame what's no more or thirty two bit aps after mojave so and they listed it was kind of painful to see that list like and this means
01:10:16these thirty two frameworks are going to be there anymore and one of them was quick time and i just felt that was like end of an era the quicktime a framework no also apple job one but six nobody cares and carbon um and then the security stuff where
01:10:30you're just going into sip protection for third party app system integrity protection for their perhaps i was just getting done telling you what i was able to do my work laptop disable the mall where they installed because they can't because they can't do sip for third party app
01:10:43so if you have written in your machine you can just you know temporarily disable stuff right now they'll all these people who make institutional now where also known as anti virus software for your max and all sorts of other stuff we'll be able to prevent you on you
01:10:58know i guess you could use the firm where to turn off system integrity protection but it's making people's lives harder mac apps or still a thing who knew so that's exciting There are some very interesting entries and or maybe re entries in some cases to mac app store
01:11:14panic is coming back to the mac up store which is really exciting and interesting on and on bare bones with bb ed It is going to be in the app store and that is also really exciting and interesting So apparently apple is trying to make the app store
01:11:30thing it's it's First it was fetch and then it was the mac app store and apparently they're both stuff apple's going to cordon I think people to come back The only weird thing is like we like we were not I mean there might be good reasons why these
01:11:42acts are going back but we weren't told them any of the state of union or the kino like we have no idea what changed why he zaps going back They seem to leave for really good reasons We don't know like there's problem there has to be some good
01:11:55reason why they're all going back and why apple's putting all this new effort in the afternoon and it was like changes to them obviously one of the reasons is the mag app store app is better right I mean that's the big issue today were star is much of
01:12:05you as much better and its fans here and you'll be able to advertise your problems so that's that's they didn't connect those dots but they didn't show that but then that's that's an obvious question the u s is like why these people coming back You would think do
01:12:19they have a quote or testimonial I left next door because x y z but now that something has changed and i've changed my mind like maybe they don't have time to explain or maybe it was supposed to be self evident but i have the same questions about how
01:12:32is the mac app store now a deal that these people want to be part of I mean maybe just don't have time like sand boxing changes who might see later in the week a lot of these aps or out because of sand boxing changes so maybe there's some
01:12:43changes to the sandbox that made it feasible to come back in but in the kino where they had a lot of times the blob legos it seems like they could have put it through a three sentences about why these aps came back like oh and these aps came
01:12:55back for these reasons that if you want to learn about them see them in session's whatever whatever but anyway it's i guess it's good for apple that they're back but as a as a consumer who but has bought both of those applications i think i'll continue to do
01:13:07the direct ones and that is the real problem for the mac app stores that why people like me preferring the direct one rather than the mag app store download I don't know that i think i still have work to do but this is the first big change the
01:13:19max are mac app store in forever and so that's good it's definitely progress they talked about metal in uh coronel and what was the thing where you can make models a little easier what was i called created created i think that's pretty cool yeah it's totally cool but
01:13:33in the interest of time let's skip over that and let's talk about you i kit on the mac it is a thing and it is supposedly coming next year and if the last year's told us anything we'll see what happens but it's supposedly coming next year this is
01:13:46really exciting i'm not sure if this is good for the mac if it's great for the mac if it's bad for the mac like i can see very very many different ways that this could end up but the fact that they are publicly acknowledging something that smells a
01:13:59lot like this mars a pan thing that is i was surprised and really into it and it seems really cool and i mean the absent they show the news happened and the other ones i wouldn't say they look bad by any means say i agree with marco you'd
01:14:12said a minute ago they looked like ios aps and yes that's true but it's not like they looked bad it it looked a little bid wolf but still good design is how it works using yeah well they work like i always have some clicking on the upper left
01:14:25corner for this little back thing with little chevron's switch back in the view that's not how mack out works i mean i understand a tech demo like push the side of your screen and move over a little i'm a little bit and yes way talked about how these
01:14:38how this could go this is like a a fairly timid version of the possibilities right So as they showed it i mean it's it's a portion of you iike it coming to the max so if you have an application that uses you iike it and if it uses
01:14:52and some or all of the portion that they bring over then you can bring your ios app to the mac which i suppose is good for you making people make mac applications but their message is still not clear on like they did the thing in the state of
01:15:04the union about an apc it that's the way to make max absolute mac and we're still it is africa where they said that i know what you're thinking I can't remember the exact words you know it's weird it's not deprecate it's still a thing that they're going to
01:15:15support right So my question from when we talked about this a couple weeks goes like what is apple's opinion of the best way to make mac applications Like what is the new vision And can i thought i thought that's what they said was that the best way to
01:15:27make a backup is apt a familiar about that they were very clear that like that kids should be what you you use if you want to make the best back It seemed to me that by bringing iowa's over what they were saying is i mean yes to get
01:15:38iowa so developers to do your stuff but it almost seemed to me that like long term If people keep using you iike it on the mac and you like it and understand scrolling and re sizing and mouse events and hovering and all the things that drag and drop
01:15:49all the things that they have to understand right do they Why would you not make a back up directly And you like because you like it is easier to use more modern better fit for swift right I feel like there's a tension here between it's kind of like
01:16:02carbon and cocoa in the beginning where they seem like piers We wanted to see how it would shake out and if i was apted i'd be looking over my shoulder right now because parts of you i gotta coming over the part that i was excited about from a
01:16:13technical perspective and the state of union they talked about it is like these two operating systems are built on the same core of you know darwin and everything people don't remember is no never says darwin mckeen over the past decade But is there it's the same You know
01:16:24at some of the covers And they they said that they had drifted apart like the underpinnings of ios like Because they really had the mca hack up mac os tend to get it on the original iphone and they just drift apart because like this is suited to the
01:16:35phone that suited to that and they're going to unify those things which is something that probably shouldn't a long time ago just to have less bug service right And now the phones air like more powerful and comebacks in some cases so yeah unified that core layer and then
01:16:46that's like a level playing field for ap kid and you like it to duke it out for the soul of the mac three four absent they showed they look like iowa subs they did not look like mac caps They you know they tried to say look it behaves
01:17:00like a magpie khun select text and dragon it's like you're not a madcap yet you're not an electron apple give you that but you're not a man brother But i think i think we should really congratulate apple for dog food ing this and dog food ing it up
01:17:14front because what was it I was icloud core data That was a disaster and it was in it It wasn't until they started dog food in the other icloud stuff that really got good and so i am really enthusiastic about the tentatively but very enthusiastic about this that
01:17:25there be their dog food and there's there appear to be doing it right and that's really exciting and so all in all it was a pretty decent keynote i thought that was pretty good now admittedly i had fairly low expectations because in part because nothing really leaked in
01:17:40part because i didn't know what to make of it but i thought all told it was good it was not the best keynote i've ever seen but it is good you want to talk about the fact that the apple's doing a thing now where they tell you a
01:17:49year ahead of time something they're doing yeah it was really coming out is a go with the mac pro they do it with this they did unintentionally with their play two and messages in the cloud heir parent but yeah and air power which is never coming what But
01:18:04they like the mars van thing like all the rumors were dead on except for the part where they said yeah but apple's going to talk about it anyway when they put it that slide in the beginning that said like ios tvo i was watching west to us whatever
01:18:15mac os i knew at that point but you say if you save the best for last right what the heck did i haven't mac os is that it's like would be the best it's got to be the mars ban thing but like but they they said it wasn't
01:18:25ready maybe we're all wrong maybe it is ready and you're no not ready this year but they announced that anyway and it's not like they're reacting to rumors i just it feels like the apple feels increasingly that they need to put a stake in the ground to say
01:18:37don't worry we were going to fix this mac thing like not this year not next year but we're going to fix it and don't worry we're going to we're going to let you do you i could not this year but we're going to tell you about it anyway
01:18:47that is it's different for apple i don't know if it's bad or good like it's fun for us we learned stuff ahead of time but it's kind of like they're you know osborne affecting themselves a little bit like are people really going to be diving into making you
01:18:59know starting a new app kit based mac app right now Are they going to wait until next year and see how this whole u i kid on the mac thing shakes out Well i think this is this is them kind of realizing that that mac as a echo
01:19:10s and the mac is a platform especially like you know with the more recent focus of mac as the pro platform by apple they're finally realizing that let you know that pros and people who use this platform for work sometimes need a road map the other companies do
01:19:24this to intel gives roadmaps microsoft gives road maps like big companies a deal of big businesses and pro customers tend to give road maps so that people can plan and make decisions and have some idea of what they're in for you know next year or you know for
01:19:38the next six months instead of just having like occasional things randomly coming blindside them So for this like if i was a mac developer and say i was i was you know i had an ipad app and made my mac app was you know a lot of work
01:19:52to maintain is i'm not that good of a mac developer and you know and maybe i'm having a new version that i'm planning for next year maybe even hold that off a little bit now you know like like maybe not do the mac maybe not put a whole
01:20:03lot of effort into a mac you i if my app doesn't really necessarily need to be the best mac app in the world and i'm gonna have to have an iowa could raise any really this is a great thing they're telling developers really major pertinent information that we
01:20:18are really going to want to know a year ahead of time that's great it helps us make good plans it helps us use our limited resource is effectively and you know there's going to be a lot of uh arguing over whether this is good for the mac or
01:20:30not we've had some of it on the show talking about the mars up in rumors i fall on the side of it being a great thing because i you know i think pragmatically speaking this isn't a question of like whether i now have to use all of ap
01:20:42kit to make on overcast mac app or whether i could you know have my ipad app ronin a little window of some kind because i was never going to do that i was never gonna put the whole thing napkin because i've already evaluated that option and decided it
01:20:55was too much work for what would be worth to me so many companies find themselves in this position that's what we have things like electron and all these like you know we're cross platform awful frameworks that make it really hard to make good aps anywhere because the cost
01:21:07of making aps on all these different platforms individually is too high for a lot of companies and indies to justify so if they make it easier and cheaper to make mac aps there will be more mac aps and mac caps that use this like you like it on
01:21:20the mac thing which i was kind of i was kind of took note they never actually named it i was going to say that they didn't give it a name which is kind of weird because like they're going to announce that you can brand it but they're not
01:21:30ready to brandon and by the way some people did disassemble it and find some symbols inside the code base is say the word mars a pan so uh so you know what Regardless of whether you're ready regardless of what this thing becomes at some point some part of
01:21:43it had the word mars been involved in it Yeah but speed isn't in new max isn't that like the not the f i but there isn't there like a teacher or something like that isn't running like a cut down version of iowa's bridge os or something right So
01:21:56you start ios to start your mac and then we've seen disassembly of there being like an iowa subsystem on your maxi use ios to start your maximum substance in this just by the way you like it framework running running on the mac that they said it was another
01:22:10fun symbol it was like you know there was some symbol of the thing that was like underscore something understood our max something underscore iowa's and a new symbol that was something underscore iowa smack like ios running on your mac have fun putting on all your pound defines for
01:22:26the million different rights there but hey good keynote john yeah they didn't have to mention one more one year like thing where they announce something and then you wait a year and it comes on i want marco to be able to use his bell so a p f
01:22:38s fusion drive thing that was announced along with the gfs like everybody's going to be f s and twenty seventeen and we're going to convert everything and we're going to support everything working to support future rise they did convert everything and for the most part it went okay
01:22:54but they did not support fusion drives and now they do a year later so good keynote belgium i mean it wasn't surprising everything in the announced things even the part that was you know supposedly surprising the mars fan like we knew all of that but it was surprising
01:23:07that they said anything about it like i fully expected all that to be true about whatever this mars van thing is and then just not say anything about it but mac os that the end of the keynote means macro as is the star kind of i'm not sure
01:23:19it's chock full of anything ah and i'm really nervous about the mac applications on making our courts you can't see it um but at least we'll get what i was going to at least we'll get over casting them act but will we wait get exclusive here on this
01:23:32podcast marco will you commit overcast on the mac and tvo us if it's is easy to port my ipad apa's they seem to indicate that it is yeah why would i not do that despite casey was hired right that would be kind of amazing the whole thing with
01:23:48overcast with mack is that was when i was sitting at a computer for forty to fifty hours of you don't even need early i don't i don't even care anymore but that's right votes market for cannot forget it you quit your job i could make overcast with malcolm
01:24:00you get your polo shirt that's true that is true way we should talk about the video of the end him yeah oh the ending video yeah that was nice miscue yeah everything that's the first part first where is going to be and this is a bunch of your
01:24:13friends up on screen is in this fun and you can relate to it in the second video is like now your mom is on screen there's like there's like pixar levels of like knife to the heart go ahead try to hate this video it's someone's mom so it
01:24:25was you know they get you get you eventually they get you in the end you're tired out it's like all right fine I mean overall i was very happy with this you know i'm very happy with everything we got I'm you know the some of the presentation parts
01:24:37of it were kind of a mess i think needed some editing but other but like the actual meat of it what we actually got the new stuff we have it looks awesome It is more than i expected I got almost all the major themes i wanted you know
01:24:49We still don't have new macbook pros and that's unfortunate but you know other than that and and you know we don't have a really sirikit audio fbi but we have a lot of good stuff i cannot do with syria They got the watch stuff you know they have
01:25:02all these cool enhancements to the mac we have mars a pan being a real thing like this's all awesome I'm really happy with this and ultimately you know i said last time what i wanted was a sign of life that the reason the mac has been so quiet
01:25:14recently is not that there that it's dead but that there was working on stuff that isn't done yet and we got that that's that's that that to me is the best that they really do seem like they have re committed to the mac as a first class platform
01:25:29that's going to continue as opposed to this like horribly neglected afterthought that is kind of annoying tim cook like it this is great i'm very very happy about this that it wasn't that it was just resting you don't get that reference case you don't laugh you don't get
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01:26:40have that guys with that on twitter while l i assessed that's casey this and a a mentee marco arment r e c wait we got it we got some else we gotta talk about we talk about these scooters these scooters man what is going on with these scooter
01:27:36So if you're not in san jose or or san francisco or what have you apparently it's a thing that the scooter fairies just fly over the cities and just deposit scooters everywhere and for almost no money you can sign up to dr slash ride slash pilot whatever these
01:27:57scooters electric scooter electric scooters around the city and so i guess you marco and tip and mike and a few others who are here before john and i signed up for this and started driving the scooters around and then yesterday you like got some for john and i
01:28:15to try i forced you to do it You forced john to do it I nto frank scooters That is fine Ok that is not how that went but anyway but there was no hesitation that wasn't like underscore like cautiously setting out it's the same thing saying goodbye to
01:28:30his wife like you never see her again What would be a fair These things are terrifying Well the thinking is they are terrified and they whole asked think this's like the progression that i went through and then watched as everyone i know went through the exact same progression
01:28:46is at first you start noticing that there are these scooters everywhere and you think well that's kind of we're like isn't that kind of littering up the whole world like and which and this apparently is a controversy in these towns cities sorry it's california's attempt anyway so there's
01:29:02a controversy there schools all over the place littering up the sidewalks and everything and so you first see them and then you might see a couple people whizzing by on them and you're like wow what jerks on And then at some point you are boarded social policy and
01:29:16you're like there's like three them sitting right there in the middle of the sidewalk not even really arranged in a particular way They're just they're being your house with kids they just don't drop it You are walking out of the room So you go on this progression from
01:29:30what are those two Those people are jerks too They're right there Maybe i should try one I don't have anything else to do and i don't worry about angering the locals because i'm only here like three days a year They're not going to remember me so let's give
01:29:43it a shot Why not I got i got some time to kill How hard could it be on the saturday before deputy d c so i signed up for the app and try to scooter and i went to this progression of you go on and you're like ah
01:29:56who and then you push the accelerator really hard you're like whoa I think these are fast they really really are like if you are in town and obviously the people i'm looking at are but if you're ever in town you should try it because they are disturbingly fast
01:30:11and you have this progression of like you know unfamiliar jerk curious trying it and then you're like oh my god this is really fun and then start rationalizing like ok this has to be a good thing because this is fun and i want it i want to rationalize
01:30:25this is a good thing so let's ignore all the problems of the littering up the sidewalk and start talking about like how this is going to change mass transit right above everything cities like you know all these like that it was really all i forgot the final stage
01:30:39which is when you pointed out to me when you were describing what it was like before i had tried to what you said was one hundred percent true is that as soon as you do it you realize immediately this should be illegal Yeah they're heavy and they are
01:30:52too fast for the sidewalk and they are too slow for the road and their wheels are too small for potholes and they like we need the law to catch up with these shooters because yes it's not house that you should work like if you if you gave these
01:31:06to everybody in the city it would be with the existing roads in a structure like it would be mass chaos And i just fear when people come whizzing bias like they're just going hit me like they're heavy they're big and heavy and they go that without faster like
01:31:17fifty miles an hour But i think you get to the mast peoples and be like these things are going to hurt you if you get hit in the in the back with them So i am not a family They're so fun to ride Wakefield tried before they become
01:31:30illegal Yeah exactly like that That's Why that's Why i'm even trying like look we're going to come back here next year There's no way he's will still be legal next year You gotta try it now because they're this is a way to fund their way too fast There's
01:31:42no way This is going to be a long term check under your seats everyone gets a freeze and the other problem i have with it is that i think if i'd stayed on the scooter another five minutes i would have gone from terrified to always think i've got
01:31:55this too I am evil Can evil already got the face They cannot take a curb like you can't get you can't go from the creator of the street Does the wheels do small riot The very first ride he took He ended it by trying to go off of
01:32:08like a six inch tall curve and just like bottom doing on a bicycle But these things the real basis to along in the wheels of your small and yeah they're not Yeah they need bigger wheels way getting anything to get a horse debut on your tell us about
01:32:20e bikes because they were like how can you talk about this Not mentioned e bikes they're going to change the world We know we know horace wait so try and before their legal you heard it here first thanks everyone Thank you

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