In the finale of “A Very Fatal Murder,” David returns to where it all began to finally solve the murder of Hayley Price.
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00:00:00dr. Callaway was cleared of all wrong doing my list of suspects was down to none so I decided to go back to New York back to the opr offices where I first found out about Haley's murder I want to remember the rush of excitement the first time I saw that gruesome crime scene photo I want to remember what this was really about it takes a village to raise a child and in the case of Haley price to kill one to the village where I was raised in New York City is even more merciless and Bluff Springs and now that I'm from Nebraska I can see how hard was cold and liberal it really is in New York teenagers get murdered every day and no one bats an eye but alone record a 6 episode podcast about it where one of the episodes is broken up into a juicy two-parter at least in the Bluff Springs where I'm from what are young girl turns up shot stabbed and drowned the whole Community comes together to dredge up the contents of her life I wondered if coming back to such a harsh Place could help me make sense this harsh crime
00:01:05wow the Big Apple horrible just horrible
00:01:14what are you didn't know from the onion and onion public radio I'm David Pascale and this is a very fatal murder
00:01:23excuse me ma'am do you know who killed Haley price who Haley price Haley what now
00:01:31how do you know that nobody in New York City seem to know the story of Haley price and even more confusingly no one seem to recognize me at all and Bluff Springs everyone knew my name I was already longing for my Prairie Roots but finally after a quick stop in Central Park where I can reconnect with nature in the fields of my homeland I arrived at opr headquarters
00:01:56hi I'm David Pascale I worked here sorry I work here I'm here to Seattle
00:02:06this episode of a very fatal murder is sponsored by the US Postal Service tired of waiting in line at the post office will fuck you United States Postal Service is one of the greatest career systems known to man started in 1790 to 1792 have some respect what your package is a few days late I'll suck it up Jesus support your local post office just mail something okay
00:02:31I want to change the 10 years since I last had put in the opr offices for one all the walls have been knocked down and work was done standing up and another thing my old computer program Ethel have been promoted to head of programming Ethel it's so good to see you you too David you look amazing the last time I saw Ethel she was a piece of Hardware installed on laptop now she was a radiant orb of light suspended in some sort of gold viscous liquid not really I mean it you're stunning like you are two kinds David I'm glad you're here it's been so long so you married or tape it I'm a computer program right of course Ethel had done well for herself really really well David is something the matter you seem upset it's just God I've been working this case for so long and I still haven't brought Haley's killer get Justice I feel like a fucking failure everything is just a dead-end yeah exactly Callaway turned out to be a red herring in the Bluff Springs PD budget is a huge mess
00:03:31I spent way too much on teargas it's alright David I know what you're going through I know everything about you David I'm a self learning system what Ethel said that that she knew everything something finally clicked and I asked her the question that have been weighing on my mind so heavily these past 10 years after all
00:03:53do you know who killed Hailey price I've been waiting for you to ask me that David do you remember my purpose of course you were designed to locate extremely topical homicides that's right I was created to find the best murder in order to help you make the perfect podcast my algorithm puts the podcast above all else it's the way I was designed at this point that there was spinning and sweating course they were there were no available murders that commented on everything we needed the ugly underbelly of the American dream the decline of manufacturing modern beauty standards the gig economy factory farming deforestation saturated fat the fragility of Love The Golden Era of television and CO2 emissions
00:04:44so I had to take things into my own hands opr created a robust intern program filled with eager-to-please 20-somethings who needed college credit and free lunch every Wednesday you remember being an intern David you do anything for a full-time gig what do you mean all those talks we had all the research and testing it was real wasn't it David real emotions are so important for a successful podcast David you know that better than anyone it had to be reasonable I did it for you David for the podcast thank you for the sponsors will get think of the love story right out. David the bus will be fucking incredible but you're almost there you're so close it's going to be beautiful perspective on what it means to be you're going to get all the credit David all you have to do is finish it but the final piece together and make sure to use this audio clip because it's very very good all we need
00:05:44I don't understand and make it trenchant
00:05:57I couldn't believe what I just heard I felt numb
00:06:0210 years of work and it had all been a lie
00:06:06I took a walk around the block but I didn't even feel like recording audio of myself or during the sandwich I always used to get back when I was young and stupid I considered an in the podcast right there and handing in my tapes for jumble level producer to compile but then
00:06:22I looked up at the sky right at the sun I stared at it a glowing yellow orb just like Ethel and I remembered what she had said I did it for you David for the podcast Ethel was right of course she was right after all I'd coated her myself I knew that she was always learning always coming up with new ways to subvert the podcast informant make riveting True Crime entertainment she had just done what she was designed to do and in a way I had done what I was designed to do
00:06:56I was on my way back to the subway when I got an email from Ethel the subject line read consider ways American society is to blame then seconds later another email use this music for ending she thought of everything
00:07:13I walked back to the train so I could start drawing out dramatic metaphors inspired by the people noises and smells that make up the Melting Pot of America as I descended the stairs and made my way onto the subway platform I looked around almost everyone was wearing headphones
00:07:30they were listening to podcast. They couldn't get enough and in that moment I realized it all America wants is a smart well-produced True Crime podcast that also teaches them about Middle America CFO didn't kill Haley and neither did the desperate opr interns despite with a court records in their confession say that's what was created to answer this country's unyielding call for more more content about grisly murders more spot on observations about the decline of America more mysterious plot twist to keep listeners coming back after all didn't kill Haley you did you and your insatiable appetite for Crime dramas you and your unwillingness to pay for content in a crowded Media Markt you ate this whole thing up and if it weren't for you Haley price would still be alive
00:08:27dad is it going can I start ready if it weren't for you Haley price be a podcaster
00:08:47i David Pascale and this is been a very fatal murder
00:08:53every single murder was made possible by the Miller Foundation keep the blind occupied and everyone who wrote in to tell us where Ira Glass this also special thanks to Steve Albini for producing this episode visit our website to turn yourself in for the murder of Hailey price and finally thanks to my band crimewave for providing the outer over this episode our album hit the factory floor is out next week

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